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									                            Holdfast    Model       Aero     Club      Inc.

                                                                                                     Volume 2, Issue 8

                                                                                                     August 2011

                                                HOLDFAST BUZZ
                                Steve Masters    What to do when you can’t fly

                                W      ith cold, wet and windy days continuing
                                       I’m sure we have all been in the shed or
                                spare room, working on that project you never
                                                                                  surfaces connected, motor mounted etc. so I
                                                                                  have started to think of the little extras to
                                                                                  detail a semi-scale model. With Geoff Haynes
Inside this issue:              seem to have time for otherwise. Perhaps just     excellent article on instrument panels last
                                sitting in the lounge reading the latest model    month I thought I would continue the theme
                                magazine or watching the television. There has    with a short presentation on creating stick-on
Creating Decals             1
                                been some good aircraft shows lately,             labels.
                            2   including The Worlds most Dangerous Airports
President’s Note                                                                  I have just received a disc full of photo’s of the
                                and WWII lost Films: The Air War.
                            2                                                     inaugural fun fly from Gregg Eustice so we
Club Rules                      I have certainly been able to get a few hours     should have a colourful Buzz next month, until
                                on my current project, a CMPro Cessna 182         then happy modelling and flying.
More on 2.4GHs              3
                                Skylane. The wing is completed, rear control
Instructor Roster           4

                                T  here’s a easy and cheap way of creating
                                   decals or transfers to decorate your
                                model, whether it be those warning signs
                                                                                  program such as CorelDraw is the way to go. I
                                                                                  like to do a quick print on plain paper and size
                                                                                  it against the model before finally printing to
                                found on 1:1 scale planes or just a fancy logo    the label.
                                to make your ARF stand out from the crowd.

                                Firstly you will need some inkjet printable
                                adhesive labels. Office Works has a
                                transparent label branded Ausinc and if you
                                want a white label I suggest Avery J4776
                                which is a heavy duty label although you do
        HMAC                    pay a premium price.
                                                                                  Lastly you will need to provide some sort of
   ANNUAL ACTION                Next you need your text, logo or picture by       protection to the printed label, I have used
  Friday October 14th           either creating your own, scanning or of                            both Wattyl estapol and
   Brighton Secondary School    course the internet.                                                Plasti-kote clear acrylic
                                                                                                    successfully. Ensure you
     Doors open at 7:00pm                                                                           spray a light dust coat and
                                      http://www.aerocockpit.com/decals/
                                                                                                    let that dry then spray
                                      http://www.chiefaircraft.com/aircraft/                       another light coat, you only
                                       decals-placards.html                                         need to protect the finish.

                                Scale your artwork to the plane based on your
                                model’s scale, the logo and what looks right.
                                You can get away with software like Publisher
                                or Word but ideally a dedicated graphic                     JITTERBUG - a FREE PRO-PLAN from ACM&E
Page 2

                     President’s Notes

                     Y   our Committee has decided to catch up
                         on some housekeeping in the documents
                     essential to the running of our Club. Of course
                                                                              careful consideration and try to come along to
                                                                              the October 7th meeting to register your vote.

                     the Constitution is the most fundamental of all          There is no need for me to tell you how bad
                     Club documents and it has stood us in good               the weather has been through June and July!
                     stead for quite few years. No changes are                At long last, as I write this, the forecast looks
                     proposed to the Constitution at this point in            good for the next week or so. The postponed
                     time, but it is likely that we will have to make         Fun Fly event was a great success and it was
                     some changes in the not too distant future               held in fine weather. Our thanks go to
                     due to a dispute between MAAA and MASA                   organisers Ross Lloyd and Dave Whitten.
                     regarding the 6 week grace period allowed                Kathy Paterson was an excellent starter and
  Kingsley Neumann
                     when paying affiliation fees at the end of the           organiser, as usual. She really cracks the whip
                     financial year. Obviously this has had an                and gets everyone in line on time. This event
                     immediate effect on Insurance cover. The                 promises to be lots of fun for everyone, even if
                     HMAC Committee has decided to form a                     you can’t fly solo! It was very heartening to
                     Constitutional Committee to review the                   see so many people having a go at Carrier
                     Constitution and plan any changes when the               Landings and Balloon Bursting.                And
                     time comes.                                              everybody won a prize! The whole idea of a
                                                                              Club is to get together with like-minded people
                     Meanwhile the most pressing issue as always              and enjoy our common interests. If there is
                     is that of safety. The Committee must always             enough interest we will have a Fun Fly every
                     be vigilant to ensure that all Club Members              month in addition to the Point Ten Pylon and
                     are flying safely and in accordance with the             Combat events.
                     Club Rules. A Safety Statement has been
                     drawn up and the Committee is proposing that             As the weather gradually warms up we will see
                     it should be included with the Club Rules                the grass start to grow again. Then we will be
                     book.                                                    able to get out and mow it nice and short. All
                                                                              that winter rain must have done some good. If
                     The Club Rules can be changed at an ordinary             you can help with hand mowing or tractor
                     General Meeting. Three areas have already                mowing please approach the Committee. And
                     been identified as requiring an update and               while we are on the subject watch the notice
                     that proposal is published elsewhere in this             board for the Springtime Working Bee.
                     issue of BUZZ. Please give the items your
                                                                              Kingsley Neumann

                     Proposed Rule Changes.
                     Para 2.2.1 Financial HMAC Members.
                     Add new sentence: The Committee reserves the right to reject any proposal for new Membership
                     or any renewal of existing Membership. The proposer shall be notified in writing of any such deci-
                     Paragraph 3.
                     Delete existing paragraph 3.7 entirely and add new Paragraph: 3.7 Instructional flights must only
                     be given to unqualified learners by MAAA Gold Wings Instructors. However, potential new Instruc-
                     tors who are suitably qualified and approved by the Committee may give Instructional flights un-
                     der the direct supervision of a Gold Wings Instructor. The potential new Instructor must attend
                     the MAAA Instructors course as soon as practical.
                     Insert New Paragraph as follows: 3.8 Due to the proximity of public roads and other obstacles,
                     models requiring Heavy Model certificates must only be flown by persons holding MAAA Gold

                                                        Recent Achievements

                      Bronze:            Leon Vincenzi
                      (Inst. Ken Burdon, Graham Paterson)
                     NOTE: Misspelling of names and omissions may occur from time to time. If you bring any issues to the editor’s
                     attention I will rectify them in the next Holdfast buzz issue.
                                                                                                                        Page 3

                       More on 2.4 GHz – the importance of a good power supply.

                       While 2.4 GHz technology has significantly            load imposed by the servos when using 2.4 GHz
                       improved the reliability and features of R/C radio    radio equipment.
                       equipment, an often overlooked requirement for          One approach is to use a LiPo battery and
                       ensuring this reliability is the quality of the       separate regulator which will comfortably handle
                       receiver’s power source. Failure to provide a         high instantaneous current draw. Typically a 2S
                       ‘clean’ source of power to a 2.4 GHz receiver can     (7.4V) 1000-1500 maH 15C battery coupled with
                       render it even less reliable than older technology.   an 8-10A regulator will handle all but the most
                       In the 2.4 GHz world, the transmitter and receiver    demanding servo setups. It is now possible to buy
                       connect using a “binding” sequence during which       high voltage (HV) servos designed to operate
                       a free channel in the radio spectrum is chosen        directly from a 2S LiPo battery, removing the
                       and the receiver detects its mating transmitter via   requirement for a voltage regulator. Most servos
                       a bind code that is unique to that                    rated at 6V can be used with a 2S (6.6V) LiFe
                       transmitter/receiver combination. This process        battery which again eliminates the need for a
                       can take a few seconds and occurs each time the       regulator. The good thing about LiFe is that it is
                       receiver and transmitter are powered up. It also      much safer than LiPo, so charging in situ is not a
                       occurs after signal loss occurs and is then           fire risk.
                       restored, or the supply voltage to the receiver       For seriously larger models with very high torque
                       drops momentarily below the minimum operating         servos, the best power solution is to use a power
                       value.                                                distribution module such as the Smart-Fly or
                       A typical 2.4 GHz receiver has a much wider           Emcotec brands, which isolate the receiver
                       tolerance to its supply voltage (typically 3.5V –
One approach is to
                       9.6V) than older generation equipment. However,
use a LiPo battery     should the input voltage fall below the minimum
and separate           value, even for a fraction of a second, on power
regulator which will   restoration a bind sequence is initiated which
comfortably handle     means that control of the aircraft is lost for a
high instantaneous     couple of seconds until binding is restored. This
current draw.          could result in a crash which may not have
                       occurred with a 36 MHz radio, because in the
                       latter case the loss of control would have been
                       measured in milliseconds rather than seconds.
                         One major cause of power supply “glitches” is
                       the instantaneous current draw by changes in
                       servo position, particularly when multiple servos
                                                                                 Smart-Fly Power Expander Pro
                                               are     simultaneously
                                               commanded to move. The
                                               demand placed on servos
                                               to maintain control surface   voltage from the servo voltage. This provides a
                                               position under heavy load     constant voltage to the receiver regardless of any
                                               can also result in high       battery voltage variation due to servo load.
                                               current drain which will      In summary, by taking care when selecting your
                                               lower the instantaneous       power source for the flight pack, you can be
                                               battery voltage. It is        confident that this aspect of your setup will not
                                               therefore imperative that     compromise the inherent reliability of 2.4 GHz
                                               battery capacity and          technology.
                                               BEC/regulator specs be
                            Hitec 5665MH
                              7.4v servo
                                               properly matched to the                                           Geoff Haynes
                                               maximum possible power

                         Ross Lloyd's electric
                         ducted fan model
                         streaking past at the
                         HMAC Field. Scratch built
                         from plans by Ross.

                         PHOTO: Dave Whitten
                                        HOLDFAST MODEL AERO CLUB        Newcomers to R/C modelling are catered for by setting
                                                                        aside every Sunday morning from 10 am when qualified
                                                                        instructors will teach all aspects required for the safe
                                          P.O. Box 94
                                          O'Halloran Hill
                                                                        operation of the model. During the training period no
                                          S.A. 5158                     other models are allowed to fly, ensuring the least
                                                                        possible distractions to the student.
                                          Club Phone: 08 83772708

                                          Newsletter Editor
                                          hmac_buzz@adam.com.au         Other than Sunday morning the field is available for
                                                                        general flying from 10 am till 7 pm every day of the week.
                                                                        Due to the reasonably close proximity of the suburbs the
                                                                        club imposes a 96 db. noise limit. However, gliders and
    We’re on the web!                                                   electric aircraft may be flown at any time.

                                        August 2011 Events Day

                                          Pylon Racing Scores                             WWI Combat
         SCHEDULE OF EVENTS               Open Class Pylon                                Merv Harris (HMAC) 1
                                          Peter Smyth (HMAC) 98                           Graham Paterson (HMAC) 1
    Friday 2nd September - Club
                                          Tom Jacobsen (Noarlunga) 95                     Max Thomas (HMAC) 1
     meeting night                        Greg Leigh (Noarlunga) 90
    Sunday 4th September - Events        Vin Pike (HMAC) 88                              WWII Combat
     day, training till 11:30             Mike Savill (Connie) 59                         Ross Lloyd (HMAC) 6
                                          Finn Kank (Noarlunga) 48                        Kingsley Everett (HMAC) 1
    Sunday 18th September - Fun                                                          John Jefferson (HMAC) 1
     Fly                                  Standard Class Pylon                            Ian Pearce (HMAC) 1
    Flight training all other Sunday     Ken Burdon (HMAC) 78
                                          Graham Paterson (HMAC) 68
     mornings till 12:00
                                          Bob McEwin (HMAC) 62
                                          John Yianni (HMAC) 62
                                          Ian Cole (HMAC) 60
                                          Peter Robertson (HMAC) 60
                                          John Jefferson (HMAC) 53
                                          James York (Noarlunga) 50

Instructor Roster (SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2011)
Date                                     Instructor                     Instructor                       Assistant
AUG 21                                   Graham Paterson                Ross Lloyd                        Max Thomas
AUG 28                                   Matt Jamieson                  John Jefferson                   Trevor Baudinette
SEP 04                                   Peter Robertson                Allan Scroop                     Kingsley Everett
SEP 11th                                 Kingsley Neumann               Graham Paterson                  Max Thomas
SEP 18                                   Ken Burdon                     Matt Jamieson                    Trevor Baudinette
SEP 25                                   Ross Lloyd                     Peter Robertson                  Kingsley Everett
OCT 02nd                                 Allan Scroop                   Kingsley Neumann                 Max Thomas
OCT 09th                                 Graham Paterson                Ken Burdon                       Trevor Baudinette
We are fortunate in having so many rated instructors and our thanks go to those keen instructors who turn up even when they are not
rostered on. We expect to see more learners now that the warm weather is here. Advanced Flying Training is available on request, so if
you want to brush up your flying for a Wings test, please arrange a session with one of the Instructors. There are still a number of “Solo
Only” flyers out there who could easily qualify for the Bronze Wings.

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