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					          Aiken Bones
 Summer/Fall 2010                                                         Volume 1 Issue 1
                    Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute , PA

1 All about CMI…
                            All about CMI…
                                   Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute, also known as CMI, now
                            conveniently offers six divisions for your complete musculoskeletal care:
2 18th Annual Bionic Golf   Orthopedics, Imaging, Rheumatology, Podiatry, Neurology, and Pain
  Tournament                Management. CMI is dedicated to providing the best comprehensive
                            musculoskeletal care to our patients through the efforts of our highly
                            trained physicians, nurses, and staff. We evaluate and treat all types of
2 “Help Mac Attack”         orthopedics, arthritic, neurologic, radiologic, and podiatric problems.
                            We also specialize in joint replacements, spine and disc surgery, hand
                            and foot surgery, sports medicine, and common emergencies such as
3 Welcome Dr. Adam C.       cuts, sprains, and fractures.
  Schaaf                            All CMI physicians are board certified or board eligible in their
                            specialties. CMI physicians and staff are committed to the providing the
                            highest level of medical care possible, and we will work with you and
4 Welcome Dr. Angela H.     your personal physician to ensure your musculoskeletal care is complete.
  Molnar                    CMI does not require a referral from your primary physician; however, it
                            is your responsibility to make sure your insurance company does not
                            require a referral.
4 Playground Safety                 CMI is located in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina. We take pride
                            in the Aiken community and we support many local businesses,
                            charities, and events. This newsletter is brought to you by the physicians
5 “Aiken” Feet?             and staff of Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute. For more information
                            about CMI please visit our website at or become our friend
                            on facebook.
6 CMI Information

                                       Play Again!
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              18th Annual Bionic Golf Tournament
                                              The 18th Annual Bionic Golf Invitational -the most original golf tournament-
                                      will be held October 10 & 11, 2010 in Aiken, South Carolina.
                                              In 1993, the Bionic Golf Invitational originated with two avid golfers in
                                      physical therapy with their recent total joints, one with a new knee and one with a
                                      new hip, discussing their return to their beloved game. Mr. Hank Ford and Mr. Dick
                                      Strohm placed a few phone calls to other „bionic‟ friends. Sixteen bionic players, all
                                      with total joint replacements, were signed up for the first Bionic Golf Invitational
                                              In December, 2001, Golf Digest magazine published a substantial article
                                      featuring the tournament and several of the bionic golfers. The tournament was also
                                      given national recognition on television. AARP sent a reporter to cover the event,
                                      resulting in a 3-page article.
                                              To qualify to play in the Bionic Golf Invitational, the golfer must have one or
                                      more total joint replacements. Amputee golfers with prosthetic limbs also qualify.
2009 Bionic Golf Tournament Players   Bionic men and “Babes” of all ages are welcome to participate in the 9-Hole
                                      tournament or the 18-Hole tournament.
                                              This nonprofit event is organized by faithful volunteers, many bionic, and is
                                      coordinated by the Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute Foundation. It is made
                                      possible by many generous sponsors. Your entry fee or donation is tax deductible.
“To qualify to play in the            The proceeds have been donated each year toward a worthy cause. This year the
 Bionic Golf Invitational,            funds will be designated towards the health care scholarship program at Aiken
the golfer must have one              Technical College.
    or more total joint                       The welcoming cocktail party will be held Sunday, October 10th at the historic
     replacements.”                   Palmetto Golf club. The 18th Annual Bionic Golf Invitational will be held at
                                      Houndslake Country Club on October 11th. A 9-hole and an 18-hole tournament will
                                      be held followed by an Awards dinner.
                                              For further information regarding eligibility and the tournament, please
                                      contact Hope Greene at 803-293-1409 or

         “Help Mac Attack”
 In March 2010 employees of Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute, PA began
 organizing fundraisers to support the Nephcure Foundation. “The Nephcure
 Foundation is the only non-profit organization committed exclusively to support
 research seeking a cause to two potentially devastating kidney diseases, Nephrotic
 Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), improve treatment, and
 to find a cure.” CMI has created a Nephcure Committee to organize fundraisers and
 events to raise money to support the Nephcure Foundation. CMI decided to sponsor
 the Nephcure Foundation this year in honor of Mac Massie, the son of Dr. and Mrs.
 Vaughan Massie. Mac was diagnosed with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome at the
 age of five, and he was further diagnosed with FSGS at the age of seven after a
 second biopsy. CMI has raised over $1500 so far this year for the Nepchure
 Foundation in honor of Mac through fundraisers such as, a hot dog lunch, selling
 candy, and “Knickers for Nepchure,” in which CMI employees donate $2 in
 exchange for wearing jeans to work every other Friday. Each employee who donates
 receives a “Help Mac Attack” sticker which is worn during that day. For more
 information about the Nephcure foundation please visit
 Written by: Meighan Still
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CMI Welcomes Dr. Adam C. Schaaf
       Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute is pleased to announce the addition of its
newest Orthopedic Surgeon to the group, Dr. Adam Schaaf. Dr. Schaaf specializes in
Knee, Hip and Shoulder Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Reverse
Shoulder Replacement, General Orthopedics and Fracture Care. Dr. Schaaf began
seeing patients on August 10th at CMI‟s Orthopedic office.

        When asked about his choice of Orthopedics as a career Dr. Schaaf explains,
“This is an extremely exciting time in Orthopedics. Patients are demanding faster
recoveries and are less willing to deal with pain that limits their activities. With new
technologies and procedures we have an ever-increasing number of treatments available
for our patients.”
                                                                                             Dr. Adam C. Schaaf and family
      Dr. Schaaf completed his undergraduate degree at Miami University in Oxford,
Ohio. He majored in Pre-Med and graduated from the University‟s Honors Scholars
Program. Dr. Schaaf was the first in his family to enter Medical School. He attended
The Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus, Ohio.

        While keeping an open mind in medical school about different specialties, Dr.
Schaaf‟s attention always came back to Orthopedics. “I loved the opportunity to
enhance a patient‟s quality of life and help them lead active lives.” Dr Schaaf recalls.
Deciding upon Orthopedics as a specialty, he visited several top-notch Orthopedic
programs and was very happy to train at Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio. The
residency program is well known within the Orthopedic community for graduating well-
rounded and highly trained Orthopedic Surgeons. “It was a great mix of all Orthopedic            “I love that passion
specialties and an extremely hands-on program. It wasn‟t unusual to work right beside a           that athletes of all
busy Orthopedic surgeon who performed several types of joint replacements a day. The             levels bring to their
volume of cases to learn from was amazing”, Dr Schaaf recalls. “The training in Akron               activities.” Dr.
was exceptional, we made some wonderful friends and started our family there, but we                Schaaf explains
certainly do no not miss the cold northern Ohio winters!” Dr. Schaaf states.

       When it came time to think about fellowships, Dr. Schaaf was excited to
continue his training at Orthopedic Research of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia. The
program was founded by one of the pioneers of Shoulder Arthroscopy and offered a
great mix of all sports cases as well as an emphasis on Shoulder and Elbow
Reconstruction. “It was very enjoyable to work as a team physician for the University of
Richmond, several high schools, and the Virginia Winter and Summer Special
Olympics. I love the passion that athletes of all levels bring to their activities.” Dr.
Schaaf explains.

       Dr. Schaaf and his wife Betsy have a daughter Alexa, who is 4 ½ years old, and a
son Evan, who is 2 ½ years old. In his free time Dr. Schaaf enjoys spending time with
his family, running, golfing, weightlifting and traveling. He is extremely excited to join
Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute and become involved in the Aiken Community.
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                                CMI Welcomes Dr. Angela H. Molnar
                                               C arolina Musculoskeletal Institute is pleased to welcome the addition of its
                                     newest Podiatrist to the group, Dr. Angela Molnar. Dr. Molnar is now seeing
                                     patients at CMI's Podiatry office.

                                             Dr. Molnar is a West Virginia native and Marshall University alumnus. After
                                     changing her major several times, Dr. Molnar learned about the field of Podiatry and
                                     knew it would be a great fit for her. Being able to treat different and complex
                                     problems of the foot and ankle appealed to her and allows her to incorporate her
                                     compassion for helping others. Dr. Molnar states, "My mission as a Podiatrist is to
                                     provide expert foot care by utilizing the most advanced techniques and treatment
                                     options available, and to educate my patients and people in the community. I treat
                                     patients as I would my own family members".

Dr. Angela H. Molnar and                      Dr. Molnar received her DPM degree from The Ohio College of Podiatric
husband James
                                     Medicine in Cleveland, OH. She completed her first two years of her PM&S-36
                                     Podiatric residency at the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center in Mountain Home,
                                     TN, where she gained valuable experience in Diabetic Wound and Inpatient Care. It
Dr. Molnar states, “I                is at the VA Medical Center where she met her husband James. James was starting
treat my patients as                 his new job as an Engineer on the same day Dr. Molnar began her residency. Her
   I would my own                    final year of residency was spent training in Atlanta with leading Podiatric surgeons
 family members.”                    and Wound Care specialists. She has special interest in the treatment of Chronic
                                     Wounds as well as Diabetic Care.

                                              In her free time, Dr. Molnar enjoys hiking, cooking, working out and
                                     traveling. Dr. Molnar is happy to have joined Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute.
                                     She and her husband James are enjoying all that Aiken has to offer and look forward
                                     to setting roots here and being part of the community.

Playground Safety
        Playgrounds are exciting, fun places for children. Recess is the
favorite part of a school day for most small children because they get to play
on the playground. However, many times children use playground equipment
in many ways not intended by the manufacturers.
        “Each year in the United States, more than 156,000 children under age
14 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries occurring on public
playgrounds,” according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention.
        There are many ways to prevent and less the injuries that can occur on
a playground; these are just a few. Close supervision by a responsible adult
may be the most important factor in preventing playground injuries. They
must instruct children in proper use of the equipment, and monitor and
enforce playground rules. The playground should be inspected often by an
adult for any potential hazards for the children. Steer children to age-
appropriate playground equipment. Make sure you discuss the importance of
playground safety with your children.
Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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                             Do you have “Aiken” feet?
          Panel                                                      Angela H.                                  Mackie J.
                                                                    Molnar, DPM                                 Walker Jr.,
           Of                                                      CMI Podiatrist

         Experts                                                                                              CMI Podiatrist

Question 1:                                         Wear appropriate shoes! Flip flops          Summer is a tempting time to
What is the most important tip                      are great for around the pool and for       go barefoot, however, this puts
for taking care of your feet this                   short leisurely walks, however, I‟ve        you at risk for getting cuts,
summer?                                             seen patients who sustain foot and/or       abrasions, and infections,
                                                    ankle sprains from mountain climbing        especially in public pool and
                                                    or tripping on stairs in flip flops. The    showers. Walking barefoot can
                                                    summer season is short; it would be a       cause feet to dry out, which can
                                                    shame to spend the summer in a cast         lead to cracking and subsequent
                                                    because of an avoidable injury. Also,       infection. Opt for sandals and
                                                    people are more active in the summer,       open shoes, and apply hydrating
                                                    it‟s important to stretch and warm up       lotion on the feet after bathing.
                                                    prior to strenuous activities.
Question 2:                                         The foot is fairly complicated with         Laser treatment and
What do you see as a key                            28 bones and 33 joints. One of the          reconstructive surgery
innovative advancement in the                       key innovations includes body sensors       technologies continue to evolve
industry?                                           that allow more precise measurements        to treat patients who have
                                                    and analysis of the bone positioning,       experienced trauma or developed
                                                    pressure points, and joint movements        pain due to footwear. Platelet-
                                                    in the foot. In the near future, we will    rich Plasma (PRP) treatment-
                                                    see smart orthotics and shoes that can      in which blood from the patient
                                                    track the number of steps we take, and      is spun in a centrifuge to get
                                                    identify abnormal stress and pressure       concentrated platelets and then
                                                    points that may vary pending various        injected on the spot which
                                                    shoes gear and activities.                  speeds up recovery.

Question 3:                                         People are living longer lives and the      Foot specialists are in greater
Why is foot care more                               better care they take of their feet now,    demand than ever before. Our
important now than ever                             the better and healthier their life will    population is aging and people
before?                                             be later. The foot is a body part that is   are experiencing foot problems
                                                    often ignored and taken for granted.        that develop with changes to the
                                                    We forget the importance of feet until      body. Also, people are
                                                    we‟re in pain and can no longer walk.       becoming more active later in
                                                    We try our best to live healthy             life. Healthy life is protecting
                                                    lifestyles and it‟s important to take       our feet. Your feet have to last
                                                    care of our feet along with the rest of     you longer nowadays.
                                                    our body.
Source: American Podiatric Medical Association
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 Edwin Martinez de Mackie Walker Jr., DPM Angela Molnar, DPM Michelle Lyon, MD David Goltra Jr., MD   Russell Daniel, MD
   Andino, MD            (Podiatry)          (Podiatry)        (Neurology)     (Pain Management/)     (Pain Management)
 (Rheumatology)                                                                     Radiology

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       Monday - Thursday 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
            Friday 7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
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                  Imaging Division                                            Aiken Medical Center
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