February 2009 President's Letter – Ronnie Rushneck Dear Fellow

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					                                                                           February 2009
                                                  Mike     has    moved    on    to    other
 Charlotte Sport Modelers Society                 responsibilities. Both Frank and I had the
 AMA #3897                                        privilege of attending Mike’s installation
 Meetings: 2nd Tuesday each month (Pt.
                                                  ceremony as the 50th Commodore of the
 Charlotte Middle School, Midway Blvd.) 7 pm
                                                  Pt. Charlotte Yacht Club. Congratulations
 Flying Site: Kings Highway – 5.3 miles east of
                                                  Mike! They certainly picked the right man
 Website:                         for the job!
 President                  Ronnie Rushneck
 Vice President             Mike Conlon           Now that Mike is no longer our president
 Treasurer                  Barry Wilhite         he’s been able to do a lot more flying. I’ve
 Secretary                  Jake Blake-Haskins    got to say that the entertainment level
 The CSMS Skywriter is published monthly by       has really picked up on the flight line. It’s
 the Charlotte Sports Modelers Society. We
                                                  great to just pull up a chair and watch
 reserve the right to edit any submitted
                                                  Mike take-off and land! Always exciting!
 material. The editor of this publication or
 the officers of the CSMS club shall not be
                                                  At the next board meeting we’ll consider
 held liable for errors or omissions.             putting up the protective chicken wire

President’s Letter – Ronnie Rushneck              Speaking of excitement, it’s good to have
                                                  Ron Sormrude back once again after a
                                                  near medical ‘near miss.’ Ron was forced
                                                  to take some time off to recover from a
                                                  medical procedure and he figured the
                                                  best way to do that was at the field. He
                                                  bought a T-28 and thrilled the early bird
                                                  crowd with super low inverted passes and
                                                  one really great inverted landing! After
                                                  accepting a gracious round of applause, he
                                                  just flipped the plane over onto the
                                                  wheels and took off! Amazing! I wasn’t
                                                  there to see it, but I was told that the
                                                  day after, he flew it until the batteries
                                                  fell out of it. Ron couldn’t understand
                                                  why he didn’t have radio control when the
                                                  engine quit!
Dear Fellow Club Members,
                                                  Wilf continues his recovery from back
January’s general membership meeting              surgery. I can tell he’s feeling much
was a very special one for me. I had the          better by his attitude, which at times can
honor of presenting our past president,           be a bit chippie. We might have Mike to
Mike Conlon, with a CSMS Lifetime                 blame for that though. He put up an
Membership plaque in recognition of his           autographed picture of what he calls the
dedication to our organization and hard           Queen    Mother     in   the    clubhouse.
work throughout the years. Thanks Mike.           According to Wilf, and I quote, “It’s not
                                                  the Queen Mother…it’s the QUEEN!!!!!”
                                                                      February 2009
There’s other stuff he said about us          Hank Comacho had a really tough month.
Yanks but I can’t print it. Anyway Wilf,      I witnessed the demise of both his bipe
it’s good to have you back, too.              and Mustang in just a short time. On take
                                              off, Hank figured it was less time
Wilf has all the trainers maintained and      consuming and more fuel efficient if he
flight ready, so don’t hesitate to put them   flew his bipe though the fence rather
to good use                                   than over it. Mission accomplished. His
                                              Mustang got a little to far away and too
You know, last month I forgot to thank        slow at the same time. Been there, done
some very important people that do so         that, too, Hank.
much for our club. Thank you Bill for all
the great shots that really make our          I did a little Taylorcraft formation flying
newsletter special. We’re also so grateful    with Kevin for just a few seconds. I heard
to Mike and Brian from The Hobby Shop         the thwack just as we came out of the
for their continued support.                  turn together. One second later I’m
                                              spinning in from about 150 feet heading
Dan Lines, one of our safety officers, said   right for the middle of a herd of cattle.
that January (so far) has been a really       I lost my vertical fin and stab so all I
good month with no safety issues to speak     could do was throttle back and pray that
of. He did however, reiterate the fact        I would not have a lipo fire on impact. I
that there are still several members that     did the math and I didn’t think I could
do not adhere to the transmitter impound      pay for all that ‘barbequed’ beef! Whew,
rule. Just to let you know that ‘Thankless    that was a close one!
Dan’ plays no favorites; he did not
hesitate to admonish me for violating the     Kevin paid me back later at our last indoor
rule. You’ve got to admire his tenacity for   session at the recreation center. It’s not
safety.                                       a very pretty sight to see what a Blade
                                              CX2 heli can do to a Vapor. The words
The field looks great as the maintenance      ‘chopped liver’ comes to mind. Don’t worry
crew continues to work their magic.           Kevin, no hard feelings.
Remember that Thursday mornings are
closed to flying while they work (yes, even   Speaking of indoor flying, Fred is working
in the winter). We’ve included dragging       on some alternative sites for us. We’ll
the road weekly and it makes the ride in      update you soon.
and out much easier on our vehicles.

While I’m on the subject of the road, I       I haven’t seen it yet, but a lot of you
made a mistake in last month’s letter         have. I’m talking about Dennis Kirk’s
stating that the speed limit on the road      Results Weight Loss Center commercial
was 5 mph. Apparently it caused a             on TV. We have a real-life celebrity in
commotion with a few members. The 5           our midst! Dennis has lost 74 lbs. on the
mph limit should be observed when you         program and he plans on losing a lot more.
encounter other people on foot, horses, or    I can’t believe he was once that big!
bicycles. The normal speed limit is 15        Congrats for sticking to it, Dennis.
                                                                          February 2009
Don’t forget we’ve got the February            I’d like to talk about The Hobby Shop for
Valentine’s Day Fun Fly coming up. Be sure     a minute. Yes, I work at the Hobby Shop.
to mark your calendars for Sunday,             No, I don’t consider this article a conflict
February the 15th.                             of interest. As you may know, we lost
                                               another hobby shop in the area a week or
Barry tells me that as of today (January       so ago, when The Hobby Warehouse in Ft.
21st) we have 79 paid members for 2009.        Myers closed it’s doors for good. If any
That’s only 56% of our normal                  of you have ever lived in an area where
membership. If you haven’t renewed your        there are no hobby shops, you know what
membership please do so. You’ll need the       it would be like if we lost ours. Think
new lock combinations for the gates by         about having to drive to Tampa to buy
February 15th which can only be found on       fuel.     Mike and Brian’s Hobby Shop
the back of your 2009 membership card.         remains the only full service hobby shop
                                               left in the southwest Florida area. I
By the time you read this, Jake will have      think it’s fair to say that the internet has
undergone a medical procedure that will        nearly crushed the independent hobby
put him on the side lines for awhile. We       dealers, and many other small businesses,
wish you a speedy recovery Jake. Get           for that matter. This is why we need to
back on the flight line soon.                  give every bit of support to Brain and
                                               Mike Hague we can. These guys sell their
Now that the Christmas and New Year’s          products at internet prices, pay the
holidays have past I finally have my           shipping themselves, and stand behind
garage (workshop) back. I just need to         their sales, giving lots of help, repairs and
get the CG set and put the decals on my        advice. I know how hard they work to
Extreme Flight Extra 300 (didn’t I say         keep the prices competitive, and to keep a
that in last month’s letter?). Then all I’ll   good inventory of parts and pieces, and in
need is some warmer temps and I’ll be          today’s economy, that’s tough. So try to
ready to test fly it. As I write this, the     keep your business local, and please
forecast for the next two days is              patronize Brain and Mike at The Hobby
probably the coldest in Florida history!       Shop in Pt. Charlotte, or at their new
Next up, my 50cc Yak.                          electric jet site

Fly safe.                                      The Hobby Shop gang flew at the big
                                               Warbirds over Paradise fly-in last
Ronnie Rushneck - President                    weekend in Cape Coral. Brian, Mike and I
                                               went down with our 2 trucks and a trailer
The Newsroom – Jake Blake-Haskins              filled with planes.    The weather was
As the weatherman said, the weather has        absolutely fantastic, and we had a blast
been so cold, the iguanas were dropping        flying with a big group of great fellow
out of the trees!      In response, I’ve       modelers. We flew our ¼ scale WWI
started flying in the afternoon sun. The       fighters a few times, our foam Corsairs in
wind this afternoon was almost non-            a 12 plane gaggle at noon, and later, flew
existent, and the temp was all the way up      my BAE Hawk No. 2, which was a sight to
to 61! A heat wave!                            see, and drew plenty of attention after
                                               the flight.
                                                                      February 2009
There are still a bunch of Fly-ins left this   Fifth Annual CRCS Helicopter Fun-Fly,
season. Our club has our Spring E-Fest         February 27-28 - March 1, CRCS Shell
coming up in March at our field, and there     Creek Field.
are other fly-ins coming up, as well,
including the Pt. Charlotte Heli Fun-Fly       Gathering of the Giants, March 21-22,
and Wings Over Venice, The Gathering of        Cape Coral R/Seahawks Field.
the Giants at the Cape, Florida Jets, and
Top Gun.      Grab your planes or your         CSMS Spring Break E-Fest, March 28th,
cameras and come out to some of these          CSMS field, Arcadia.
great events!
See ya’ at the field!                  Jake    Captain Kirk recently announced that
                                               breakfast is now available at the
          **********                           Navigator, so come on out!
The Hobby Shop News

The Hobby Shop is having a special sale on
Nitro and used planes for the entire
month of February. All nitro planes in
stock will be marked down 10%, and all
used planes in stock will me marked down
15%. when you mention this newsletter at
the register,
                                               Only 3 miles west of the CSMS flying

                                               Classified Ads
                                               Wanted to buy: Futaba 6 or 7 channel
                                               72 mHz radio system, with any
                                               additional receivers. Duane Service, 941-

Drop on down to the shop and say Hi.                   * * * * * * * * * *
                                               CSMS contact Information
Good Flying,                Mike and Brian     Ronnie Rushneck – President
                                               Mike Conlon – Vice President, 941-255-
      * * * * * * * * * *                      5455
Upcoming Events:                               Jake Blake-Haskins - Secretary &
                                                 Newsletter Editor 941-639-4569
IMAA Wings over Venice, February 27 –          Bill Hare - Photos and Images, 941-639-
28 - March 1, Venice RC Field.                 1557

                                                      * * * * * * * * * *
                                                                   February 2009

Recently Seen on the Flight Line:

A very slim & trim Capt. Kirk with his   Chris Hallinan poses between sorties with
electric Sopwith Camel.                  his P-51 Fighter

Dave Brown and his son recently joined   Dick Slomba recently arrived for the
the T-28 club.                           season with his colorful Extra 260. Dick
                                         has gone electric.

Frank Leggio converted this twin Saito   Frank’s twin Transall sails by on a low
powered C-160 Transall to electrics.     pass. The twin props sound cool.
                                                                    February 2009

How cool is this? Bill Hare’s great photo   Kevin Lechleidner’s E-Flite Beaver out
captured the C-160 cranking ‘n banking!     looking for some salmon fisherman to pick

Mike shows off his SAPAC RxR (receiver      Here’s Mike with another Jet from the
ready) F-22 Raptor.                         stable; a SAPAC T-45 Goshawk, which was
                                            the American version of the BAE Hawk.

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