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					Loss of passport: steps to undertake.

1) Declare your loss of passport in the nearest by police station.

2) Take this declaration of the police to the Exit-Entry bureau in Pudong. There you will be
    required to also make a declaration of loss or theft of your passport. From the moment that
    you have made the declaration, the Chinese authorities need 4 days to cancel the passport
    and the visa that was in it.

        Address: 1500 Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area
        Open: Mon - Sat from 09.00-17.00
        Tel: 021-2895 1900
        Fax: 021-2895 1303

3) Apply for a temporary or ordinary passport in the Consulate General of Belgium in Shanghai.

    -   The temporary passport can be issued immediately but only has a validity of 6 months
        and is not recognised as a valid document by all countries (for instance: Japan and
    -   The ordinary passport takes in general 2 to 3 weeks, from the moment that you applied
        for it.

Which documents do you need to bring in order to apply for a passport?
    -   2 (2-inch) passport photos
    -   530 RMB administration costs for a temporary passport / 837.40 RMB administration
        costs for an ordinary passport.
    -   When you are not registered in the Consulate, any other (than your passport) proof of
        identity, such as your identity card or driver’s license ….

        Address: 127, Wu Yi Road, Shanghai 200050
        Open: Mon – Fri from 09.00-12.30 and 13.30-17.00
        Tel: 021-6437 6579
        Fax: 021-6437 7041

4) You go back to the Exit-Entry Bureau with your new passport in order to apply for a new visa
there. From the moment of handing in your visa application, it takes around 5 working days to get
the new visa in your new passport.

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