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 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
You thought Pride Season was over? Think again! in remembering 9/11, we should also acknowledge
   by: nicole lashomb/TRT Editor-in-Chief     wife, girlfriend or just your friends for an eve- those that continue to suffer in ongoing war efforts
        B right rainbow flags, after parties, ning of fun and laughter, all gay day all day
                festivals, rallies, celebrations and
                just about everything in between
         weren’t only for the summer months, at
         least not in New England. In Septem-
                                                       long! The entertainment line-up includes: Ju-
                                                       juBee, Miss Kitty Litter & Sabrina Blaze, Derek
                                                       Hartley, Khris Francis & Sherry Vine.
                                                                                                            by: jason lydon/TRT Columnist

                                                                                                            S      ept. 11, 011, marks 10 years after the plane
                                                                                                                   hijackings that were seen around the world.
                                                                                                                   Many of us watched on our televisions as
                                                                                                                                                                    ries of how Japanese-
                                                                                                                                                                    American organiza-
                                                                                                                                                                    tions joined together
                                                                                                                                                                    with Muslim Ameri-
         ber alone, we are preparing for several       RAiNBOW RiVeRFeST                                    the World Trade Center buildings crumbled to the        cans remembering
         events where you can be out and proud.        Holyoke, MA, Sept. 24                                ground and parts of the Pentagon building were          the realities of the in-
         As you peruse this issue of TRT, you            TRT will also produce the 011 Rainbow Riv-        severely damaged. Thousands of people died that         ternment of Japanese
         will notice distinctive Prideful activities   erFest Guide, which is the LGBT Coalition of         day in a great tragedy. Many families will never        Americans in 194
         happening throughout the month.               Western MA’s main fundraiser. Rainbow                get to hold, kiss, teach or learn from the loved ones   during WWII. When
   In the center pages of this month’s issue, you      RiverFest will take place at the Holyoke Canoe       they lost that day.                                     violence comes to
can check out the Latino Pride Supplement,             Club in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Crystal Waters          The loss, tragically, did not stop on that devas-    the shores of the               jason lydon
Connecticut Pride Guide and Rainbow River-             will be the main headliner of the event. Check       tating day. Through the month of September we           United States we
Fest Guide, all proudly produced by TRT. And,          out Waters’ one-on-one interview with TRT in         will be bombarded with stories and claims that          have a pattern of targeting anyone who looks like
dispersed throughout, you can find even more           this issue.                                          we were attacked that day because some faceless         those who caused us harm. As LGBTQ people we
detailed information about other annual festivi-                                                            people “hate our freedom.”We will hear the heroic       know what this is like. We know that our society
ties you don’t want to miss! I’ve summarized           2011 LATiN@ PRide                                    story of Mark Bingham, the openly gay man who           creates judgements and tries to force all of us into
them here too for your convenience.                    Boston, MA, Sept. 28-Oct. 2                          was one of those who helped to crash flight 93 be-      their particular boxes of what it means to be gay,
                                                         We have it for you! Sanctioned by Latin@           fore it could hit its intended target. We will not,     lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender.
CONNeCTiCuT PRide                                      Pride, the 011 Latin@ Supplement has all the        however, hear much about the Muslim families               The death and destruction that occurred on 9/11
Hartford, CT, Sept. 17                                 Latino Pride info you need. Be sure to check         who were torn apart after that day. We will forget      continued when President George W. Bush sent
  TRT will proudly bring you the 30th Anniver-         out the schedule of events and other relevant        to tell the stories of how young Muslim men, and        bombs and troops to Afghanistan. There were
sary CT Pride Guide, which will be inserted in         news. TRT is a proud media sponsor of Latino         non-Muslims whose families were from the Arab           many people who filled the streets of New York
TRT’s September 8th, 011 issue. And, don’t            Pride, donating partial proceeds of the Supple-      world, were forced to register with the government      with tears on their faces as they called out, “our
miss out on CT Pride’s great entertainment line        ment to Latino Pride. More details inside!           and then often deported.                                grief is not a cry for war.”The violence did not stop
up!                                                                                                            According to the U.S. Attorney General’s of-         with the attacks on Afghanistan, it was then jus-
                                                       AidS WALk FOR LiFe:                                  fice, over 15,000 people were “detained and             tified to start an internationally decried war with
AidS WALk/5k RuN & FeSTiVAL                            Providence, Ri, Oct. 2                               arrested”shortly after 9/11. The Immigration and        Iraq. The world’s largest protests occurred on Feb.
Springfield, MA, Sept. 10                                The 6th annual AIDS Walk for Life will            Naturalization Services (now renamed Immigra-           15, 003, and troops still were marched off to war
  TRT will cover the AIDS Walk/5K Run &                take place at the State House lawn on Sunday,        tion and Customs Enforcement) along with the            and a “shock and awe”attack rained down on the
Festival, with 100% of the proceeds going to           October . Participate, volunteer or sponsor this    FBI, began surveillance and and targeted attacks        people of Iraq. Thousands of people tragically and
fund the AIDS Foundation of Western Massa-             important event. The theme of this year’s walk       on Arab and Muslim communities, a practice that         maliciously died on 9/11, yet over a million have
chusetts’ projects. Mark your date, Sept. 10 at        is “Take Charge! Get Tested!” The goal is to         continues right here in Massachusetts with the          died since as a result of U.S. attacks in the Middle
11 a.m. in Forest Park, Springfield, and Walk          promote HIV testing among all Rhode Islanders        prosecution of Dr. Tarek Mehanna.                                     See Remembering 9/11 on page 4
for HIV/AIDS. TRT is a proud media sponsor             who may be at risk for HIV.                             The mainstream press will neglect to tell the sto-
of the AIDS Walk!

Six Flags New england “OuT iN THe PARk”
                                                         Have a safe September,

                                                         Nicole Lashomb                                        Letters to the Editor                                        The Rainbow Times
Agawam, MA, Sept. 18                                                                                                                                                        The Freshest LGBT Newspaper
  On September 18th, 011 all roads take you                                                                   Dear Editor,                                                         in New England
to Out in the Park, Six Flags New England                *Nicole Lashomb is a seasoned journalist              Mike Ruiz and Hector Fonseca on the cov-          
Gay Day! TRT is also a proud media sponsor             and graphic designer. She holds an MBA from           er! Yeah! I do appreciate how diverse your
                                                       Marylhurst University and a Bachelor’s degree         content and cover are. It shows that you try to     
of Out in the Park and we will have fun that                                                                                                                     
day with you! Don’t forget, the Park is OURS           from SUNY Potsdam. To send a letter to the edi-       give us all what we want. In my case, please
that day, so bring your better half, your hubby,       tor, email            can you set me up with Hector? ;)                            Phone: 413.282.8881, 617.444.9618
                                                                                                               —Adrian Gomez, Somerville                                         or Fax: 888-442-2421

 with fall fast approaching, it’s back to business!
                                                                                                               Dear Adrian,
                                                                                                               Thank you for your words. I wish I had the                   Publisher                   Columnists
                                                                                                             power to be able to introduce you to Hector                Gricel M. Ocasio               Lorelei Erisis
by: jenn tracz grace*/CABO’s Executive Director                             also gearing up for our an-      Fonseca. Good luck, however! I hear he is                   Editor-In-Chief             Deja N. Greenlaw

W          ell, it’s September and everyone is                              nual business expo and an-       lovely to deal with.                                       Nicole Lashomb                 Paul P. Jesep
           heading back to school, back to work                             niversary event, which will        The Editor                                               Assistant Editor               Jason Lydon
           and back to business. The summer                                 be on October 18th at the                                                                   Brianna Snyder
                                                                            Inn at Middletown on Main                                                                                                  Tynan Power
months bring about a relaxed nature in the work-                                                                Dear Editor,                                            Sales Associates
force and now that fall is rolling in we can all                            Street in Middletown, CT.                                                                                                   Jenn Tracz
                                                                                                                I was really impressed with Mr. Jason Ly-                Chris Gilmore
                                                                                                                                                                                                      John Verlinden
expect to be back to business very soon!                                      CABO is able to provide        don’s story on Amy Winehouse. It made me                     Liz Johnson
  CABO has had an exciting summer being                                     services to its member in        think about the double standards that we have                                               Reporters
                                                                                                                                                                       Lead Photographer
named the 011 Chamber of the Year recepient                                large part due to our cor-       as a country and how we are harder on women.                                             Chuck Colbert
                                                                                                                                                                        Glenn Koetzner
by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Com-                               porate partnerships, which       I was watching a show in which Kristin Da-                                                Clara Lefton
                                                                            include; Aetna, Foxwoods,                                                                     Webmaster
merce at the annual Out for Business Conference        jenn tracz grace Murtha Cullina LLP, Com-             vis, the Sex and the City star, spoke about the                                          Christine Nicco
                                                                                                                                                                        Jarred Johnson
in Las Vegas last month. We are still reeling a bit                                                          importance of empowering women because
                                                       cast Business Class, Bearingstar Insurance, Nut-                                                                  Lead Designer                 Tynan Power
about this award. The Rainbow Times, one of our                                                              women have such a crucial role in children’s
proud Print Media Partners did a Q&A with our          meg State Federal Credit Union, Clear Channel                                                                      Jim Curran                    Joe Siegel
                                                                                                             lives. If, she said, there were the right empow-
board president, Dena Castricone and myself. I         Radio and The Rainbow Times. Each of these            erment given to women without men feeling               The Rainbow Times is published monthly by
hope you check it out – it is in this issue!           businesses has something great to offer and their     threatened, then society as a whole would               The Rainbow Times, LLC. TRT is affiliated with the
  We are in the throws of putting together our         commitment and support to the LGBT commu-             improve. It is sad, as Mr. Lydon says, how              National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce,
01 printed member directory and CT LGBT              nity is what separates them from the rest. We         women and men show sexism toward women.                 CABO - The Connecticut Alliance for Business
buying guide. If you have been thinking about          highly encourage you to do business with one          It should embarrass us as the democratic and            Opportunity, and QSyndicate. The articles written
joining CABO but have been on the fence now is         or all of them.                                       advanced country that we are to still deal with         by the writers, columnists, and correspondents express
the time to join to take advantage of being in the                                                                                                                   their opinion, and do not represent the endorsement
                                                                                                             women is such a way. After all, there were              or opinion of The Rainbow Times, LLC or its owners.
directory for the 01 year! The new directory will      * In her role as Executive Director, Jenn is re-    no drugs found on Amy Winehouse’s body.
                                                       sponsible for maintaining and growing member-                                                                 To write letters to the editor, please send your letters,
be released in October at our anniversary event.                                                             Shame on those of you who judged!                       with your name, address and phone number to: The
  With the summer dying down CABO will be              ship, developing strategic business partnerships         —Valerie Roth, Cambridge, MA                         Rainbow Times (address shown above), or e-mail
back to our regular meetings in Westport at the        and overseeing the day-to-day operations of                                                                   any comment/s to the editor at: editor@therain-
Westport Country Playhouse on the nd Thurs-           the organization. In addition to being CABO’s            Dear Editor,                                All submissions will be edited
day of the month in the morning. We will also          executive director, she also is a small business         Your account about your FaceBook experi-             according to space constraints. The Rainbow Times,
continue to be in the Hartford area on a regular       owner specializing in planning, branding, social      ence is something I have experienced too. It is         LLC reserves the right not to print any or all content,
basis on the 1st Thursday of the month. We are         media and design services.                                                                                    or advertisements for any reason at all. TRT is not
                                                                                                             sad to know that friends of friends and fam-            responsible for advertising content. To receive The
                                                                                                             ily members are homophobic and express so               Rainbow Times at your home via regular mail, or
                                                                                                             via social networks. I think it is the religious        through electronic delivery, please visit our website.
                                                                                                             right with their bull crap who deserve to be            The whole content and graphics (photos, etc.) are the
                                                                                                                                                                     sole property of The Rainbow Times, LLC and they
                                                                                                                                      See Letters on page 4          cannot be reproduced at all without TRT’s consent. • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 3
  4 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
  Fear v. Justice: Love is the measure of justice                                                          Remembering 9/11 from page 2                        um? What do these statements say to LGBTQ
                                                                                                                                                               people here in the United States who can’t get
          by: matt ashby*/Special for TRT           and equality of LGBT people as the foundation          East. As we grieve the loss of life that occurred
in the limelight
                                                                                                           10 years ago we must do so with attention to        access to their HIV medication or who are not
             Justice Antonin Scalia is the U.S. for the legitimacy of continued discrimination.            the continuing suffering.                           getting access to HIV prevention education as
          Supreme Court’s most outspoken and, In his dissent from the ruling of Lawrence v.                  The LGBTQ press has an opportunity to join        funding gets cut? We need to recognize the
          many say, persuasive voice against pro- Texas, Scalia writes:                                    in the conversation here. Bumper-sticker slo-
          tecting the rights of Lesbian, Gay, and     “It seems to me that the societal reliance on                                                            tragedy of 9/11 within the context of U.S. im-
                                                                                                           gans are already being thrown around in prepa-      perialism. If we simply say that “they”hate our
          Transgendered people. In two LGBT the principles confirmed in Bowers and dis-                    ration for anniversary commemorations. “Free-
          discrimination cases, Romer v. Evans carded today has been overwhelming. Countless               dom isn’t free.”“United We Stand.”“God Bless
                                                                                                                                                               freedom, we will not find the justice we need
          (1996) and Lawrence v. Texas (003), judicial decisions and legislative enactments               America.”“These Colors Don’t Run.”What do           for the world to heal. I hope that our LGBTQ
          Scalia wrote scathing dissents from the have relied on the ancient proposition that a            these statements say to our LGBTQ family            family can honor the lives that were lost on
          Court’s ruling and, with much chagrin, governing majority’s belief that certain sexual           around the world? What do these statements          that Tuesday 10 years ago without allowing
          predicted the ar-                                                 behavior is immoral and                                                            the suffering that has gone on since then to be
                                                                                                           say to the Iraqi queer young people who are
          rival of Perry v. Is sexuality simply a way of                    unacceptable        consti-
                                                                                                           drinking water poisoned with depleted urani-        forgotten.
          Schwarzenegger                                                    tutes a rational basis for
          (the California acting, a choice, or, more deeply, regulation.”
          Marriage Equal- an immutable component to our                        Tradition might pro-
                                                                                                           Letters from page 2                                 what is the message sent to others through the
          ity case that is                                                  vide acceptable legal
          expected to be humanity and way of being? this reasoning, but should                             questioned. Talk about perverts! Let’s check        mistrial? That the lives of LGBT people are not
                                                                                                                                                               important. We are expendable and the system,
          appealed all the is the controversial question                    that truly rational rea-       the church first. Oh, excuse me, we have and
                                                                                                                                                               our society, says so in so many ways. To heck
          way to the Su-                                                    soning? Throughout the         there are tons of perverts there and pedophiles.
          preme Court). upon which rests—in the eyes                        history of the U.S., we                                                            with it all. Mr. Jesep, you are a great person and
                                                                                                           Also, I am always glad to see that the Times        I thank you for your story, but I am not so posi-
          I’ve read Sca- of many and the law—the                            have had laws promot-          always touches on civil rights on most of its
                                                                            ing genocide, promot-                                                              tive about the future of our community. Thanks
          lia’s opinions                                                                                   stories. It reminds me of right and wrong and
  on the matter of LGBT legitimacy of same-sex intimacy. ing slavery and slave
                                                                                                                                                               for your columns. I always enjoy reading them
                                                                                                           you guys shine at it. Thanks for giving us the      and they lift me up often.
  rights, and I don’t find                                                  trade, establishing the        Times!                                                 —Carl Summers, West Hartford, CT
  him to be an extremist bigot. He merely has a inequality of women, immigrants, people of                   —Olga Beltran, Springfield, MA
  run-of-the-mill homophobia so common it’s in- color, LGBT people, establishing the disen-
  visible to most and insidious to all. Regardless franchisement of most of the population, etc.                                                                  Dear Editor,
                                                                                                             Dear Editor,                                         I was happy to see an article on the hate
  of Perry v Schwarzenegger’s outcome, it will I’m sure Scalia could presently make a case for               Mr. Jesep’s story and his comments on Judy
  be Justice Scalia’s voice that resonates with the why most of these laws were unconstitutional                                                               crimes that are happening in PR. The island,
                                                                                                           Sheppard and Sister Jeannine Gramick were           where my cousins are from, is not a good place
  worst kind of discrimination, eloquence armor- but, at the time these laws were originally chal-         right. These women have not lost their faith
  ing ignorance. Although it would be foolish to lenged, few people did and it’s hard to imagine                                                               for LGBT people to go. It is scary and the po-
                                                                                                           and do not blame God for these other abusers        lice seems to do nothing. A recent New York
  try to make a legal argument with a Supreme he would have either. At the time, just as Scalia            (who called themselves Christians) who do
  Court Justice, I want to examine his opinions to has done now, many relied on what they call a                                                               Times article mentioned that people are scared
                                                                                                           use God’s name in vain and hurt others just         over the wave of crimes happening, especially
  determine how and what causes one to use the “rational-basis” review of traditional principles           because they live and are protected by a sys-
  law to perpetuate discrimination.                 to formulate their views on the way things are                                                             the hate crimes against the LGBT community.
                                                                                                           tem that lets them. For instance, look at what      I am glad that you had someone cover this
    Justice Scalia believes that Lesbians, Gays, (in this case, as perceived by the majority).             happened with the mistrial of Lawrence King’s
  Bisexuals, and Transgendered people are dis-                                                                                                                 important story because hatred needs to be
  criminated against lawfully. He repeatedly cites    To continue this story, please visit us online at:   case. That other kid had thought of killing King    known, even if it happens abroad.
  the Nation’s tradition of curtailing the liberty   many times prior to him actually doing it. And,        —Michael Samuels, Providence, RI

                                                                                                                               Saturday, September 10, 2011
                                                                                                                                Forest Park · Springfield, MA
                                                                                                                                For more information about this year’s Walk,
                                                                                                                                & how you can fundraise online, please visit:
                                                                                                                             FESTIVAL IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE AIDS WALK!
                                                                                                                                     Live Music & Performers, Prizes, Food,
                                                                                                                                   Kids’ Games, Auctions, On-site HIV Testing,
                                                                                                                                         Local Vendors, & Much More!
                                                                                                                          Special thanks to our dedicated sponsors:
                                                                                          • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 5
Walk for Life: Take charge! Get Tested! 2011 Momentum Report: A milestone for
Hundreds of people will
                                                                                                           LGBT rights that keeps on evolving today
participate in the Walk                                                                                    obama administration praised by ma organization leaders for
for Life, one of the big-
gest annual fundraisers                                                                                    highlighting the many issues regarding lgbt health disparities
for HIV/AIDS. This                                                                                         by: chuck colbert/TRT Reporter                         tions for LGBT employees. And 9 states lack
year’s event will be                                                                                          Four decades after the Stonewall Rebellion ig-      non-discrimination laws prohibiting discrimina-
held at 9:00 on Sunday,                                                                                    nited gay rights and liberation, how is the LGBT       tion in employment and housing based on sexual
October  on the State                                                                                     movement doing?                                        orientation and gender identity. Those states
House lawn in Provi-                                                                                          It’s “making considerable progress” but “still      include some populous ones — Pennsylvania,
dence, RI.                                                                                                 is a long way from its goal” of ensuing full           Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Arizona.
   The purpose of the                                Morse Silva of NBC 10 will serve as emcee.            equality for LGBT Americans.                              Overall, movement towards greater LGBT
Walk for Life is to raise awareness about HIV/         According to Dr. Michelle Lally from The               That’s the bottom-line conclusion from a new        equality is most pronounced in the Northeast,
AIDS as well as money, which allows AIDS             Miriam Hospital, “The need for stepping up            study, The 011 Momentum Report, by an inde-           upper Midwest, and West coast, with the rest
Project Rhode Island to continue to provide our      HIV testing efforts is more important than ever.      pendent think tank that provides in-depth analysis     of the country lagging behind. In large measure,
community with the vital services and education      There are many people in Rhode Island who are         and research to help speed up LGBT equality.           equality depends on where you live.
needed to combat HIV/AIDS.                           infected with HIV and don’t know it. These peo-          The 8-page report, released in early August           In another important finding from The 011
   This year the theme of our event is Take          ple would greatly benefit by knowing their status     by the five-year-old Denver-based Movement             Momentum Report: “The 10 largest anti-LGBT
Charge! Get Tested! and our goal is to promote       and receiving medical care so that they can lead      Advancement Project (MAP), is available on             organizations have a combined revenue of $337
HIV testing among all Rhode Islanders who            long and healthy lives. The Walk for Life is a        line (                million, almost four times the total revenue of the
may be at risk for HIV. We plan to reach out to      great opportunity to spread this message. The            The MAP report tracks LGBT movement                 10 largest LGBT advocacy organizations ($94.3
all Rhode Island communities to ensure that we       sponsors of this event should be proud of their       progress using four key indicators. They are           million).” And “fewer than 3.4 percent of LGBT
have full representation of all individuals poten-   contributions to this important cause.”               changes in cultural, social and political climate;     adults have donated” to advocacy organizations
tially impacted by HIV/AIDS.                                                                               progress on key issues for LGBT Americans;             in the movement. In sum, the LGBT movement
   The Co-chairs for the event are Guy Abelson          To register or create a team, please follow this   improvements in the lived experiences of LGBT          is disadvantaged by under funding.
and Josiah Rich, MD, MPH. Honorary chairs            link:                            Americans; and the strength and capacity of               The report also included a short section on
are Governor and Mrs. Lincoln Chafee Barbara                                                               LGBT movement organizations.                           Health and HIV/AIDS, noting that no states
                                                                                                              Recent advances include repeal of “don’t ask,       have legislation addressing health disparities

                         thanks to you,
                                                                                                           don’t tell,” a shift in public opinion toward major-   that LGBT people face.
                                                                                                                                                                     Additionally, after the first 30 years of AIDS,

                         we’ve reached 7k ...
                                                                                                           ity support for same-sex marriage, important fed-
                                                                                                           eral court rulings against the Defense of Marriage     HIV infection “is still a significant and growing
                                                                                                           Act, and marriage equality in New York state.          problem” among men who have sex with men.
                                                                                                              But significant inequalities also exist. For ex-    In 009, 75 percent of new HIV infections were

                         meet us now on our fan page!
                                                                                                           ample, committed same-sex couples in 30 states         among men — up from 59 percent in 000.
                                                                                                           have no legal protections. Thirty-two states lack         HIV/AIDS also disproportionately affects
                                                                                                                                                                  communities of color — Latino/as and African

  search the rainbow times to join us!
                                                                                                           safe school laws that prohibit bullying and ha-
                                                                                                           rassment based on sexual orientation, with 35
                                                                                                           states lacking similar laws based on gender iden-        To continue this story, please visit us online at:
                                                                                                           tity. No federal law provides workplace protec-
  6 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
  Never doubt God’s unconditional love and famed restaurateur set to open at mohegan sun
  acceptance of you, no matter who you are joins celebrity owners bobby flay, michael jordan and todd english
           by: Paul P jesep*/TRT Columnist
                      .                                questions or share your experiences.                  UNCASVILLE, CT—John J. Tunney III, a res-               specialty BALLO cocktails and freshly prepared
in the name of god

                                                         Much of popular culture today still accepts         taurant maverick who is best known for his high-        Italian fare from the open pantry while sitting in
                   o matter the support from peers,                                                          profile, always-packed creations in New York,           a cathedral-like room replete with, Italian fixtures,
                   colleagues or straight friends, some form of hell that involves eternal punish-           Connecticut, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, will          fabrics and dramatic lighting. Move further into
                   there can remain in the LGBT ment of the worst kind. This stems, in part, from            open a 16,000 square foot masterpiece at Mohe-          BALLO and visitors to Mohegan Sun can sit at
           and Searching Community, consciously the stunning depictions of damnation by extraor-             gan Sun, to be named BALLO Italian Restaurant           one of the largest carrera marble bars ever built or
           or subconsciously, a feeling of sin, guilt, dinarily talented artists of yesteryear. Although     and Social Club this month. This will be Tunney’s       have dinner in the main dining area. Arches, stone,
           shame and unworthiness. Priests, rabbis the art is fascinating, it’s not accurate. Hell is        1th restaurant and his latest after receiving three    sensual draperies and bold materials will accent
           and other spiritual guides have made the not pitchfork-poking demons, caverns of fire             consecutive New York Times “excellent” reviews          this exuberant dining experience. But the food at
           case intellectually and theologically for and smoke, large meat grinders that grind sin-          for his current properties.                                    BALLO is the real celebration. Tunney is
           many years that to love and be loved dif- ners up for eternity. These punishments can’t              Tunney’s Besito Mexican Kitchen                                    committed to fresh, locally grown
           ferently is not a sin.                      be found in the Hebrew Scriptures nor the New
                                                                                                             and Agave Lounge, with three                                              produce and innovative Italian
              Despite research, scholarship and reli- Testament.                                             locations in New York and                                                     staples you can eat from
           gious affirmations that members of the        Colorfully written descriptions of hell are the
                                                                                                             Connecticut, was recently                                                        noon to midnight,
           LGBT and Searching Community are ramblings of illiterate monks who drank bad                      named the #1 Mexican                                                                “I’ve always loved the
           loved and accepted unconditionally by mead, ate funny mushrooms before bed, or were               restaurant in the tri-state                                                       idea of a pantry; a place
           God as families and individuals, there delirious with food poisoning. In other cases,             area by Open Table. Open                                                          where you are watching
           is doubt. Doubt festers in the deep re- talented writers like Dante penned his Inferno            Table also lists Besito                                                           the freshest ingredients
           cesses of the soul. It’s a daily, tortuous and John Milton wrote Paradise Lost, which             West Hartford as the #1                                                          being prepared with the
           and emotional struggle for some to be- provided nightmarish descriptions. They’re not             most reserved restaurant                                                        least amount of touch by the
           lieve they are accepted                                     accurate.
                                                                                                             (of any cuisine) in the state of                                            best pair of hands -- and deliv-
              I’ve been e-mailed
                                         Doubt festers in                The Birth of Satan, by T.J.
                                                                       Wray and Gregory Mobley, The          Connecticut. This is no doubt due                                       ered in an open area as if you’re in
           many times by LGBT the deep recesses Origin of Satan by Elaine Pa-
                                                                                                             to Tunney’s ability to immerse himself                             someone’s kitchen,” he said.
                                                                                                             in the culture of the cuisine and craft a property         The culinary team of Executive Chef Matthew
           munity members who of the soul. It’s a
           and Searching Com-                                          gels, and A History of the Devil
                                                                       by Gerald Messadie are among          that embodies the spirit of that particular culinary    Adler and Chef de Cuisine Shaun Golan will ex-
           regularly attend church daily, tortuous                     the books that offer excellent in-    experience.                                             ecute the creative inspiring menu at BALLO.
                                                                       sights into the historical develop-      BALLO Italian Restaurant and Social Club will           Once you’ve eaten like a high-roller, let the Bac-
  ship in a place where they admire and emotional
  or temple. Sometimes they wor-                                                                             bring Tunney’s same passion to the Italian experi-      chanal begin. At 11 p.m. on the dot, a rehearsed set
                                                                       ment of Lucifer. I don’t believe in
                                                                                                             ence with intense design combinations, exception-       of servers at BALLO will carry out a portion of the
  and respect the spiritual leader, struggle for some Satan’s existence. Hence, I don’t                      al service and a fresh, authentic menu of Italian fa-   dining room furniture and guests will literally be
  but who will marginalize their                                       believe in vampires and were-
  personhood or dismiss their lov- to believe they                     wolves. If Satan existed, why         vorites and new creations. BALLO, which means           able to “dance on tables” -- Italian night life style.
                                                                                                             dance in Italian, will also be home to one of the       BALLO will be located in Mohegan Sun’s Casino
  ing, monogamous union by con-
  demning gay, lesbian, bisexual         are accepted                  couldn’t other monsters? Many
                                                                       Christian conservatives contend       most innovative late-night concepts in the United       of the Earth and is set to open this month.
  or transgender “behavior” in ge- unconditionally.                    that Satan’s greatest strength is     States. BALLO at Mohegan Sun was inspired by               “We’re very excited about this new offering,”
                                                                       the denial of his existence. Based    San Galgano – a Gothic abbey built in the 1th          said Mitchell Etess, President and CEO of Mohe-
  neric terms before the congrega-                                                                           century and located in the hills of Tuscany. The        gan Sun. “Ballo is a unique concept that will fur-
  tion. If it comes from the spiritual leader who is on this logic the same could be said of lycans          sheer magnitude of the project fits perfectly with      ther enhance the experience we offer our guests.
  liked, it is especially painful.                     and bloodsuckers.
                                                         It’s been said, written and reinforced that joy,    the evolving grandeur and elegance of Mohegan           We’re thrilled to welcome John Tunney to our
     Folks also have e-mailed me that they’re                                                                Sun and its connection to nature.                       group of outstanding restaurateurs.”
  content with their spiritual family at a church beauty and union with God make the person com-                “San Galgano represents all that is spectacular
  or temple that completely embraced them. De- plete. An absence of joy and beauty hinder unity              about Italy – the history, the passion, the fortitude     For more information about BALLO please
  spite the warm welcome, however, some harbor with God. This is real hell. Unwanted, relentless,            of the country. What better place to worship the        visit
  doubt about God’s acceptance.                        and undeserved feelings of sin, guilt, shame or
                                                                                                             food of Italy than in a place that replicates their       To learn more about Mohegan Sun and its
     Although there are similarities in the many ex- unworthiness that may exist among members of            mastery” says Tunney.                                   wide array of guest amenities, including exclu-
  periences shared, no two are identical. There’s the LGBT and Searching Community could be a                   Once in the high-impact, high-energy abbey,          sive events for the gay community, please visit
  no one answer or solution to the unique personal call for a deeper relationship with God. It could         guests can enjoy a massive by-the-glass wine list,
  spiritual journey. Religion, life experiences and be God’s way of saying there’s always room for
  social upbringing are among the factors that you at the table. Come as you are.
  make each journey different. I welcome specific
  questions sent to the e-mail below. Your expe-         *Paul is an author, attorney, and a seminary-
                                                                                                             noh8 campaign adds 200 faces in Provincetown
  riences can help others not because you have trained ordained priest in greater Albany, N.Y.               PROVINCETOWN, MA—The NOH8
  answers for others or that I can offer any when He is author of Credit Card Usury and the Chris-           (No Hate) Campaign held its first
  you share questions, but each journey provides tian Failure to Stop It — A Call to Social Justice,         ever Provincetown open photo
  perspective. Regardless of your religious beliefs, available on He may be reached              shoot at the Boatslip Resort last
  if the “spirit” moves you, please e-mail me your at                                       month. Over 00 individuals and
                                                                                                             0 volunteers had their photo taken
                                                                                                             with the NOH8 temporary tattoo on
                                                                                                             their cheeks and duct tape on their
                                                                                                             mouths to add their faces to the in-
                                                                                                             ternational anti-discrimination me-
                                                                                                             dia campaign.
                                                                                                                The NOH8 (No Hate) Campaign,
                                                                                                             created by celebrity photographer
                                                                                                             Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff                                Photo: courtesy of Wendell Marketing, llc
                                                                                                             Parshley, started as a photograph- adam bouska, co-founder of the noh8 campaign, pho-
                                                                                                             ic silent protest to the passage of tographing the noh8 Provincetown volunteers
                                                                                                             Proposition 8 in California and
                                                                                                             has grown into an international                                          recognized 501(c)3 charity and
                                                                                                             campaign bringing awareness                                              all funds raised goes toward
                                                                                                             to marriage equality and anti-                                           promoting and raising aware-
                                                                                                             discrimination. Photos feature                                           ness for marriage equality and
                                                                                                             subjects with duct tape cover-                                           anti-discrimination through its
                                                                                                             ing their mouths, symbolizing                                            interactive media campaign.
                                                                                                             the silencing of their voices by                                           The photos taken in Provinc-
                                                                                                             anti-marriage equality legisla-                                          etown will be edited and made
                                                                                                             tion, and NOH8 painted on one                                            available for free download at
                                                                                                             cheek.                                                          in
                                                                                                                Since the campaigns incep-                                            approximately 8 weeks. Prints
                                                                                                             tion in 008, it has grown                                               will also be available for pur-
                                                                                                                                              Photo: courtesy a. Bouska/noh8 caMPaign
                                                                                                             to over 10,000 faces in over                                             chase. For more information
                                                                                                             15,000 photographs, including cape cod Philanthropist & aids on the NOH8 Campaign, visit
                                                                                                             many well-known celebrities fundraiser, nathan wagner           or
                                                                                                             and political figures. The NOH8 Campaign is a
                                                                                            • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 7

TRT Heroes: Bobby Rodriguez inspires as LGBT mentor at Baystate Health
by: gricel martínez ocasio*/TRT Publisher             people to understand that the LGBT community           the real heroes (Stephanie Houle, Kimberly Wil- that employees and patients know that we firmly
   Charismatic, classy, candid and trustworthy. is part of the communities that we serve, and is             liams and the Baystate Health Leadership). They believe that they should never be discriminated
Visael Rodriguez, the Chief Diversity Officer of part of our business. As a result, I have seen              teach me so many things; they support me, HHHH      against because of their sexual orientation, gen-

Baystate Health, is not only a loyal LGBT ally, great questions get asked, watched the dialogue              and allow me to do the work that I do.H             HH   der identity or expression.
but a man who speaks avidly about civil rights. grow and people learn, and participated in policy            TRT/GMO: How has Baystate                                   I have been able to provide learning op-


His sound support is at times mistaken. People changes taking place. I’ve had the privilege of               helped the LGBT community?                                    portunities for all employees to gain a

who listen to his words often think he belongs being part of a shift that has taken place within             How did you turn such help into                                greater understanding of the LGBT
to the LGBT community. He                                                the organization to a place of      actual programs?                                               community and issues they face. All

does. Bobby, as many know                                                understanding and embracing         BR: In 009, Baystate Health                                    of this has contributed to Baystate
him at Baystate Health, is                                               the LGBT community.                 organized the area’s first trans-                               Health’s recognition by the Human

one of the strongest allies that                                         TRT/GMO: What needs to be           gender specific conference with                                Rights Campaign Foundation as a

the LGBT community has in                                                done to increase awareness of       the goal of helping health care H                             “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equal-

Western Massachusetts and his                                            the importance of funding for       providers learn more about this         HH             H ity.” These are just a few of the things
actions speak louder than his                                            HIV/AIDS?                           community, how to connect with                H H H H I’ve been able to do in my time here, but I
words. Such dedication is also                                           BR: Recently, I’ve seen a sig-      transgender patients, and how to better               look forward to continuing on and facilitating
representative of Baystate’s                                             nificant increase in public edu-    serve their specific needs. I have been able to a greater understanding of, and connection with,
commitment to LGBT rights.                                               cation through media in a very      work with leadership to change policies to ensure the LGBT community.
Recently, the Human Rights                                               real way. I think this is a great
Campaign, HRC, recognized                                                way to increase the dialogue
9 of Baystate’s health facilities                                        about this important issue and
as leaders in “LGBT Health-                                              encourage folks to get tested
care Equality.”                                                          and be informed. Funding for
   In this one-on-one interview                                          HIV/AIDS is important and
with The Rainbow Times, the                                              certainly needs to increase.
Puerto Rican native and Bay-                                             One of the ways I think that
state Officer shares his passion                                         will happen is by breaking
and commitment to the LGBT                                               down the persistent stereotype
community and the origin of                                              that HIV/AIDS is only a “gay
                                                     Photo: todd lajoie issue.”
such a personal and profes-
sional pledge.                       bobby rodriguez                     TRT/GMO: What can be done
                                                                         about teen suicides that happen
TRT/Gricel Martínez Ocasio: What motivates as a result of bullying or anti-gay sentiment?
your work within this community?                      BR: Bullying is a disease that affects every com-
Bobby Rodriguez: First and foremost, my moti- munity. We need to continue educating and
vation comes from my friend David. For a very creating communities of respect and inclusion.
long time, David was afraid to come out to me for We cannot be complacent or tolerant of such
fear of rejection. When I learned that, I couldn’t abuses. Bullying behavior should be confronted
believe that someone would be so willing to bury and bullies should be held accountable for their
who they are and their happiness than to lose their behavior.
friends and family. I had a hard time believing TRT/GMO: How can the average member of
that his fear of this had such a major impact on the LGBT community and/or ally make a differ-
his life. Because of this, and combined with my ence in our struggle?
work as a diversity prac-                                                       BR: I think that it makes
titioner, I strive to en- bullying behavior should be                           a huge difference when
sure that LGBT people                                                           members of the LGBT
are met with equality, confronted and bullies should                            community and their
respect, and inclusion.      be held accountable for                            allies share their stories
                                                                                and educate others. Sto-
TRT/GMO: What are
the top three issues that their behavior. …but equality                         rytelling is powerful and
affect our community is something that you work                                 helps others understand
the most?                                                                       where a person is com-
BR: (1) Communica- towards forever. to use another                              ing from. Educate those
                                                                                around you in whatever
communication should struggle as an example, women
tion. The doors for
                                                                                way is comfortable for
be opened so that we still are not seen as equal to men you – to one other per-
                                                                                son at a time or to a
stand each other across in many realms and still do not
can continue to under-
                                                                                group of people. It’s
the walls of our respec- have equal pay.                                        also important to speak
tive communities. ()                                                           out against injustice
Representation. The LGBT community needs when you see it. Don’t stand on the sidelines.
to continue to have an increased level of visible TRT/GMO: Will full LGBT equality be
representation in leadership positions – organi- achieved in this country during the next 10 years?
zationally, politically, socially, etc. (3) In-group 0 years?
competition. Like most communities, it seems BR: No. Things might look a lot better than they
that the LGBT community spends a great deal of do now in 10 or 0 years, but equality is some-
time competing against one another rather than thing that you work towards forever. To use an-
coming together for a common goal.                    other struggle as an example, women still are not
TRT/GMO: What is the best advice you have seen as equal to men in many realms and still do
ever been given to do the proactive things you do not have equal pay. There will always be a gap
today for our community?                              and we will continue to strive for true equality.
BR: When I was growing up, my mother and my TRT/GMO: Do you think that there are special
grandfather always encouraged me to understand needs in the Hispanic LGBT community that do
the importance of differences. They always en- not exist in the mainstream LGBT community?
couraged me to help those who didn’t have the BR: I believe that there are cultural differences
advantages that I do and to treat people with re- that make the struggle by Hispanic LGBT indi-
spect. I carry those messages with me today as viduals different than that of other communities.
I encourage others to understand and value dif- To me, it feels as though the Hispanic community
ferences and always treat people as they want to is decades behind in terms of their willingness to
be treated.                                           discuss LGBT issues and accept that a person’s
TRT/GMO: What have you done for the LGBT identity is part of who they are.
community individually or collectively that you TRT/GMO: Do you consider yourself a hero for
are proudest of?                                      the LGBT community?
BR: I have opened the doors and facilitated BR: No; I do the work that I do because I have
the communication within Baystate Health for a passion. I consider the people that I work with
8 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •

Fourth Annual Fundraising Event, “Celebrating NAGLY”
   On September 9th, 011, from 7-10 p.m., the ment as young adults,” he said. “True happiness
North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisex- begins with loving one’s self first.”

ual and Transgender Youth will be hosting the       For Lauletta, performing at the event required
fourth annual nAGLY Fundraiser Event. This little thought.
event is open to everyone. nAGLY’s event will       “It was fate, really. I did a show for an ani-
showcase entertainment, a silent auction, fun mal shelter fundraiser at the Hawthorne Hotel in
and inspiration all from the Historic Hawthorne Salem, MA and was asked on the spot by Coco
Hotel’s Grand Ballroom at 18                                        Cuizon-Alinsug if I would be
Washington Square, Salem,
MA 01970. The evening’s
                                                                                  doing a
                                   “I was bullied as a kid and interested inLauletta show for
                                                                    NAGLY,”                 said. “I
emcee will be Boston’s own when coco told me that                   was so flattered to be asked and

Fast Freddy from CBS Radio- this was an organization said ‘yes!’ on the spot.”
WBMX mix, and will feature                                            Freni stressed the impor-
an assortment of savory and that helped kids who                    tance for youth to know that
sweet refreshments and cash were bullied just for                   they are not alone and that they
bar. Other entertainment will being themselves, I was               have a safe place and family
                                                                                                                                  Photo: josePh sMileuski
include: DJ Marc Anthony,                                           available to them, regardless
Jazz singer, Athene Wilson,         on board in an instant”         of where they are in their lives.   scott herman
Comedy Centrals, Jim Laulet-                     —scott herman This event is considered to be           dedicated himself to the organization and urges
ta, The Upasana Indian Clas-                                        an integral part in reaching out    others to get involved too.

sical Dancers and nAGLY youth presentations to others who may not know nAGLY exists.                       “I was bullied as a kid and when Coco told
and awards ceremony.                                “I am proud to be part of hardworking and           me that this was an organization that helped kids
   nAGLY’s President, of the Board of Direc- dedicated team which includes our youth, board             who were bullied just for being themselves, I
tors, Kirsten Freni explains that “nAGLY is the and many volunteers who strive to make a differ-        was on board in an instant,” Herman said. “Sup-
North Shore gathering place that welcomes all ence,” she said. “This is our 4th Annual Event,           porting nAGLY is very important to me because
GLBTQ youth, ages 14 to 3. Meetings provide and each year it grows bigger, and I am so grate-          our youth holds the keys to our future and these
a safe, open and affirming atmosphere, where ful to all who have made this night a success.”            kids need to be able to establish themselves in a
teens explore positive ex-                                                nAGLY has been around         positive way in our everyday society.”
amples of GLBTQ identity,                                               for 19 years and has offered       Today, 50-60 youth gather weekly. Advance

peer support, safe relation-                                            19 years of support services    tickets for the event can be purchased for $35.00
ships and workshops on                                                  to youth, according to Coco     at via PayPal, via e-mail at na-
health and wellness.”                                                   Alinsug, the organization’s with the subject line of
   Boston-born comedian/                                                Executive Director.             “Tickets,” or by calling 781-913-3747. Tickets
actor Jim Lauletta speaks about the significance    “nAGLY has reached over ,000 North Shore           price at the door will be $40.00. All proceeds
of having organizations like nAGLY.               GLBT Youth,” said Alinsug. “More than 40%             from the event will go to support NAGLY youth
   “When I was a teenager, there was nothing of youth are youth of color. Many youth [that              programs and outreach.
like this around and I feel that it is something nAGLY has served through the years] are now               You can also find nAGLY via the organiza-
very helpful to our gay youth today in order to in their 30’s and 40’s.”                                tion’s FaceBook page at:
find self-acceptance early on in their develop-     Heatlh and fitness guru Scott Herman has also       northshoreglbtyouth. • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 9
  10 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
  sir elton, Glee, and Young Carrie Bradshaw Chronicles Crystal Waters set to headline Rainbow
  by: romeo san vicente* /Special for TRT
                           elton John ditches
                                                        RiverFest fundraiser, an intimate portrayal
deeP inside hollywood
                                         gnomes for trolls                                                                by: christine nicco/TRT Reporter                      CW: Fun, a little to the left, full of energy and
                                            Elton John’s movie                                                               From a young age, Music was no stranger to love.
                                         producing arm, Rock-                                                             Crystal Waters’ home. Junior Waters, her father, CN: Tell me something about you that your fans
                                         et Pictures, scored                                                              was a well-known jazz musician and her great would be surprised to know.
                                         a solid hit with this                                                            aunt, Ethel Waters, was one of the first African- CW: I’m not dead! (Laughs.) Oh let me think,
                                         spring’s Gnomeo &                                                                American vocalists to appear in mainstream I’m big time into metaphysics, I meditate every
                                         Juliet, an animated                                                              Hollywood musicals.                                   day, burn sage, light candles and send love to
                                         reworking of Romeo                                                                  A Philly native, Waters first majored in com- them every day.
                                         and Juliet featuring                                                             puter science at How-                                                            CN: In 007, you em-
                                         talking, singing gar-                                                            ard       University and                                                         barked on a world tour.
                                         den gnomes. Filled                                                               later launched what                                                              What was your best ex-
                   to the brim with John’s classic hit singles,                                                           could be perhaps the                                                             perience on that tour?
                   the film made almost $00 million world-                                                               greatest musical ac-                                                             What was your worst
                   wide. And because it’s a short leap from                                                               complishment of her                                                              experience?
                   gnomes to trolls, that’s where Rocket’s                                                                career when she landed                                                           CW: The best is al-
                   going next. Will Gallows and the Snake-                      Photo: andreW MacPherson/MiraMax          one of 1991’s Bill-                                                              ways when the crowd
                   Bellied Troll, a live-action/CGI-animated       elton john                                             board hits with “Gypsy                                                           seems to really enjoy
                   feature based on the first in a series of                                                              Woman (She’s Home-                                                               the show. I love being
                                                                  mission opens Off Broadway this fall, audiences         less).” The song, an                                                             on stage [and] my only
                   kid-aimed books by author Derek Keilty,        can expect to see a side of Jonathan Groff (Spring
                   is already in production with Gnomeo’s                                                                 creative amalgamation                                                            desire is that everyone
                                                                  Awakening/Glee) they might not have experienced         of anger, irony, and                                                             is having a good time.
                   writer/director Kelly Asbury. The story        before. The Tony nominee will be joined by True
                   combines elements of Wild West cowboy                                                                  humor garnered her in-                                                           I got a lot of love.
                                                                  Blood star Rutina Wesley (as a woman who be-            ternational household                                                            The worst is having to
                   adventure and, well, trolls from a fantasy     comes involved in Groff’s hoax) as well as by
                   universe. There’s no voice cast set up just                                                            recognition. Since then                                                          sue people who think
                                                                  Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) as Groff’s             followed her debut LP,                                                           you’re stupid.
                   yet, but it’s safe to expect that John will    boyfriend, with directing duties handled by Tony
                   contribute in some way to the film’s score.                                                            Surprise, Storyteller in                                                         CN: What is the most
                                                                  winner Walter Bobbie (Venus In Fur/Chicago) So          1994, and a self-titled                                                          important          lesson
                   No gay troll jokes please.                     if you’re planning a New York theater trip this fall,   album in 1997.                                                                   you’ve learned in life
                                                                  put it at the top of your to-see list; serious drama    This year, Water’s will                                                          or the music industry?
          Glee’s Jonathan Groff and True Blood’s                  – especially serious drama about touchy issues like
          Rutina Wesley join The Submission                                                                               be headlining the stage                                                          CW: …To love your-
                                                                  race – never sticks around as long as the ones with     at Rainbow RiverFest,                                                            self first and believe in
            When a gay white male playwright pos-                 catchy songs and cat costumes.
          es as an African-American female in order                                                                       the annual fundraising                                                           yourself. When you do
  to pen a story about an alcoholic black mother,                                                                         event for the LGBT                                                               that, so will others.
                                                                  Are you ready for The Young Carrie Bradshaw             Coalition of Western                 Photo: courtesy of t-Besttalentagency.coM CN: For all the young
  only to be discovered in that lie, the consequences             Chronicles?
  aren’t going to be the stuff of fluffy musical the-                                                                     Mass, a Northamp- crystal waters                                                 LGBT kids who want
                                                                   From this summer’s X-Men: First Class to the           ton-based 501 (c)(3)                                                             to make it in the indus-
  ater. So when the non-musical drama The Sub-                                         upcoming The Amazing               organization dedicated to improve and preserve try, what piece of advice can you give them?
                                                                                       Spider-Man, youthful re-           the well-being of LGBT and Queer-identified CW: Well to add on to what I said, don’t wait
                                                                                       boots are all the rage – but       people of all races and ethnicities through edu- for someone else to validate you. Know who
                                                                                       prequels aren’t just for su-       cation, advocacy and outreach programs.               you are, believe in yourself and the others will
                                                                                       perheroes anymore. And                In a pre-performance interview, TRT caught follow. Always be humble. You never know
                                                                                       while first there were just        up with Water’s and chatted with her about her whose hand you’re shaking. They may not help
                                                                                       rumblings, there are now           sensational career and a few other tidbits you you today but who knows how they will be in
                                                                                       more definite plans for            never knew about this acclaimed pop diva.             three years. They might just be the one. On the
                                                                                       HBO’s developing series                                                                  technical side, study songwriting/song structure.
                                                                                       (that would probably air           Christine Nicco: Your father, Junior Waters You don’t have to go to school for that. Listen
                                                                                       elsewhere, most likely the         and great aunt, Ethel Waters, were extremely closely to the music you like, break it down, and
                                                                                       CW) focusing on younger            successful in the music industry. How has your hear how it’s built. When you hand your music
                                                                                       versions of the Sex and            family legacy in music affected your drive in the to a label person all they want to hear is how
                                                                                       the City quartet. Imagine          business?                                             they are going to make money with you. Is your
                                                                                       something along the lines          Crystal Waters: Well, I think growing up music radio friendly—College, Country, Jazz,
                                                                                       of Smallville, only with           around music and around people who think etc.? If they can’t place you in category where
                                                                                       Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte         in the terms of music was very helpful. I can’t they can make money, no matter how great you
                                                                                       and Samantha instead of            imagine being in a family [that didn’t] really un- are, they won’t help.
                                                                                       Clark Kent. With two re-           derstand my music aspirations. But on the other
                                                                                       cent “Teen Carrie” books           hand, I saw some of the mistakes that were made          To learn more about Crystal Waters and her
                                                                                       by Candace Bushnell, The           and how to deal with the business side of things. upcoming performances, please visit: www.
                                                                                           See Hollywood this page        It was very nice to have that support behind me To find about
                                                                                                                          when I first started out.                             more about the Rainbow RiverFest, the LGBT
                                                                                                                          CN: At eleven years old, you started writing po- Coalition of Western Mass.’ annual fundraiser,
                                                                                                                          etry and were later inducted into the American please visit:
                                                                                                                          Poetry Society as the youngest person to ever re-
                                                                                                                          ceive that honor. Have you used any of your po-
                                                                                                                          etry as lyrics to your music? If so, which songs?       Hollywood continued from this page
                                                                                                                          CW: When I started out, I used some of my po-              Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City, fresh-
                                                                                                                          etry. On the first album, there was a song called       ly ready for adaptation, this could all get mov-
                                                                                                                          Deepest of Hearts which was a poem. Writing             ing quickly. Early casting news buzzing about
                                                                                                                          poems is a bit different structurally than writ-        Blake Lively has now grown to include talk of
                                                                                                                          ing songs so as time went on, I morphed into            Emma Roberts. Who knows, maybe Selena Go-
                                                                                                                          a songwriter. I haven’t written any poems in a          mez is looking to change her image; if so, then
                                                                                                                          while but i do jot down emotional ideas, like in a      there’s your Charlotte. And if the show wanted
                                                                                                                          poem, and use that to create a song.                    to incorporate a genuine element of the surreal
                                                                                                                          CN: Do you have a favorite song or record?              into the proceedings, they could just let Kim
                                                                                                                          Which one and why?                                      Cattrall keep playing Samantha. OK, maybe
                                                                                                                          CW: Do I have an all-time favorite song?                Samantha’s slutty grandmother.
                                                                                                                          Hmmm, that’s hard. I think Michael Jackson’s
                                                                                                                          Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ is a song I will al-           *Romeo San Vicente believes in the health
                                                                                                                          ways love to listen to. I love the energy in that       benefits of buttered toast with Nutella, no mat-
                                                                                                                          song. I like singers who put their personality in
                 As affordable as                                                                                         the song. You can hear Michael was feelin’ what         ter what anyone else at the gym has to say about
         Internet Dating with the personal                                                                                he was doing.                                           it. He can be reached care of this publication or
              touch of a Matchmaker                                                                                       CN: How would you describe your music?                  at • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 11
1 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
      • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 13

                                                             save the date!
        Latin@                                               sept. 28-oct.2
                                                              boston, ma

a program of

                      The Latin@ Pride 2011
               Supplement Producer & Media Partner
                                                            DetaILs InsIDe!
14 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement •
                                                                         2011 LATINO LGBT PRIDE CELEBRATION:
                                                                         Fostering diversity in Boston & Beyond!
                                                                         Events announced for Wed., Sept. 28 – Sun., October 2
                                                                         BoSTon, MA—Latin@ Pride, now a program of          Committee, “It’s going to be a high-spirited,
                                                                         parent organization Boston Pride, is extremely     fun, friend and family-filled week.”
                                                                         proud to announce the calendar of events for         The Community Awards Reception, a corner-
                                                                         the 2011 Latino LGBT Pride Celebration. Event      stone of the Latino LGBT Pride Celebration, will
                                                                         and activities range from their annual Commu-      take place on Saturday, october 1 at the Foun-
                                                                         nity Awards Reception and a panel discussion       dation Room on Landsdowne St. Tix $50 at the
                                                                         presented in collaboration with the Hispanic       door/$35 in advance online at
                                                                         Black Gay Coalition to a Pageant at Fran’s Place Additionally, tickets
                                                                         in Lynn and a Family picnic in the Jamaica Plain   for the Miss & Mister Latino of Massachusetts
                                                                         neighborhood.                                      Pageant are $10 at the door. Proceeds from
                                                                            Co-Chairs Marta Perrupato and Paul Carnes       both events benefit Latin@ Pride. For full calen-
                                                                         are steering the Latin@ Pride Committee and        dar, visit
                                                                         working closely with Keri Aulita, Deputy Direc-
                                                                         tor of Boston Pride, to produce the five-day          Boston Pride produces events and activities
                                                                         series of events. Says Perrupato, “our goal is     to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and
                                                                         to present a calendar of events that appeals       awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fos-
                                                                         to everyone. You want to dance, we have club       tering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity, we
                                                                         nights. You want to talk about issues affect-      educate, communicate, and advocate by build-
                                                                         ing our community, we have discussions. You        ing and strengthening community connec-
                                                                         want to spend the day with your family and re-     tions. To that end, the Boston and Latin@ Pride
                                                                         ally good food, we’ll meet together at the park    Committees merged in April 2011 with the goal
                                                                         for a picnic.”                                     of expanding Latin@ Pride’s reach and bringing
                                                                            Echoes Carnes, who is new to the Latin@ Pride   communities together.

                                                                            Meet the 2011 Latin@ Pride Co-Chairs
                                                                                                     Marta Perrupato has been a queer activist in the Boston
                                                                                                     area for the past fifteen years, collaborating with groups such
                                                                                                     as the Lesbian Avengers, MTPC and Somos Latin@s. Currently
                                                                                                     a community health worker at Fenway Health Center, Marta
                                                                                                     provides valuable resources to connect people with affordable
                                                                                                     health care. Marta’s identities as a queer and as a Cuban-Ameri-
                                                                                                     can inform her activism and her connections in her communities.
                                                                                                     Recipient of last year’s Somos Latin@s GLBT Latin@ Community
                                                                                                     Member Award, Marta is excited to be co-Chairing this year’s
                                                                                                     Latin@ Pride. Marta currently resides in the Pegasus house in
                                                                                                     Jamaica Plain and is proud to call Boston home.

                                                                                                     Paul Carnes is an engineer, author, and entrepreneur. He
                                                                                                     comes to us from the southern state of Alabama, where he
                                                                                                     spent much of his time fighting for equal rights. He is serving
                                                                                                     his second term on the Alabama State Executive Committee and
                                                                                                     was the Southeast coordinator for Equality Alabama. He has also
                                                                                                     served in the board of the Equality Fund of Alabama and as direc-
                                                                                                     tor of fundraising. Paul was an important force in getting the first
                                                                                                     openly gay politician in Alabama elected. Paul moved to Boston
                                                                                                     to attend Harvard Business School.

                                                                           2011 Latin@ Pride Committee Members
                                                                             Co-Chairs: Marta Perrupato & Paul Carnes H Deputy Director: Keri Aulita
                                                                           Committee Members: Zulma Acosta H Katherine N. Adams H Patricia Arevalo
                                                                             Isabella Cavallier H Peter Costanza H Daniela De Sousa H Lisa Harrison
                                                                          Joel Marshall H Henry Paquin H Kryzia Salgado H Jeffrey Stott H Hana Tauber
                                                                                       Adrienne Thomas H Lina Torres H Corey Yarbrough

                                                                            LATIN@ PRIDE CELEBRATION
                                                                            Wednesday, Sept. 28 - Sunday, Oct. 2
                                                                                Important Information to remember:
                                                                           · Boston Pride’s Latino Committee                · All meetings will be held
                                                                             is hard at work planning the                     at the Boston Pride Office in
                                                                             2011 Latin@ Pride Celebration.                   The Non-Profit Center
                                                                           · The Latin@ Pride Committee                       (
                                                                             meets the 1st and 3rd Monday                     at 89 South Street, Boston 02111.
                                                                             of each month at 6PM,                          · If you’re interested in joining
                                                                             beginning on July 18th.                          the committee, email
                                                    • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 15

Latino/Hispanic facts that you may not know:                                                                                                                    The 2011
¿Sabía usted que ... • Did you know that …
   · Latinos tend to support corporations and        · According to surveys, almost all adult chil-      Latin@ Pride, but are not as diverse in the activi-
                                                                                                                                                                Latin@ Pride of
businesses which specifically reach out to         dren of Latino immigrants are really comfort-         ties they hold, according to one of its founders.
them, i.e., support the causes they are involved   able with English, but their parents frequently                                                              Pageant currently
with or close to? As a general rule, these spe-
cific LGBT Latino friendly venues are where La-
                                                   are not (only 23% report being skilled English-
                                                   speakers) – making it even more important
                                                                                                           · In April 2010, Boston Pride took over Somos
                                                                                                         Latin@s LGBT Coalition to add more diversity           accepting
tinos most often interact with advertisers and
read specific LGBT programming editorial in a
                                                   for Spanish-language media to be inclusive
                                                   in order to change hearts and minds in Latino
                                                                                                         to the organization’s long-lasting support of
                                                                                                         other race and ethnic groups? Boston Pride             contestants
bilingual/bicultural manner. **                    communities.*                                         mission is to produce events and activities to
                                                                                                                        achieve inclusivity, equality, re-       The 2011 Latin@ Pride is currently accept-
  · TRT is the most read LGBTQ                                                                                          spect, and awareness in Greater        ing contestants’ applications (to enter visit:
newspaper by Latinos in new             · As of 2007, Latinos became the largest                                        Boston and beyond. Fostering  for the titles of Miss
                                                                                                                                                               and Mister Latin@ Pride of Massachusetts!
England? With a 12.2% of the
Latino LGBTQ readership in new            ethnic minority in the United States                                          diversity, unity, visibility, and
                                                                                                                        dignity, Boston Pride educates,        To apply, complete and submit the appli-
England, according to a media
survey conducted by an inde-
                                          (50 million people), surpassing African                                       communicates, and advocates by
                                                                                                                        building and strengthening com-
                                                                                                                                                               cation by September 14th. For more info,
pendent third party agency (CMI,          Americans? A CMI, Inc. research found                                         munity connections.                      The 2011 Latin@ Pride of Massachusetts
                                                                                                                                                               Pageant will take place on Sunday, octo-
Inc.), TRT holds a loyal place in the
hearts and minds of Latino LG-            that proportionately, LGBT Latinos are                                        · The former Somos Latin@s             ber 2, 2011, from 8-10 p.m. It will be held
BTQ readers.                                                                                                          LGBT Coalition held an annual            at Fran’s Place ( located
                                          also the second largest demographic                                         event recognizing Latino/His-            at 776 Washington St. Lynn, Ma 01901.
                                                                                                                                                               The door admission is $10. The event will
  · Latin@ Pride’s former organi-
zation name was Somos Latin@s
                                          in the LGBT community.**                                                    panic LGBT community members
                                                                                                                      for their outstanding job in their       be hosted by Boquita, with other special
LGBT Coalition, which ran the only                                                                                    community? The site lists the            performances. Prizes include cash prize,
Latino Pride event in the country? Founded in         · TRT runs a Spanish-language page called          recipients of the awards (http://www.somos-           crown, sash, and more to come.
2003, some of Somos Latin@s fore founders          Latin Vision? Latin Vision is written by Wilfred since 2004 and their           The Boston Pride Committee developed this
are Wilfred Labiosa along with Diego Sanchez,      Labiosa, current CASPAR Executive Director            advocacy work since then.                             pageant for entertainment purposes. Con-
Evelyn Rivera, and Emely ortiz.                    and former Boston Pride vice-president. Wil-                                                                testants can enter into whichever category
                                                   fred has served in various capacities in many           * Excerpts for some of this information came        they’d like to, based on their own defini-
  · As of 2007, Latinos became the largest eth-    organizations, some of them are: Group of La-         from GLAAD:                      tion/display of their gender identity or what
nic minority in the United States (50 million      tino Gay Men of Boston, Proyecto LUnA (proj-            **From CMI’s 5th Annual LGBT Community              they’re in the mood for that day!
people), surpassing African Americans? A CMI,      ect for the young Latino LGBT youth), Latinas         Survey™ (
Inc. research found that proportionately, LGBT     Lesbianas, member of the national Coalition
Latinos are also the second largest demo-          of LGBT Health, member and organizer of the
graphic in the LGBT community.**                   Pa’Fuera Pa’Lante Conferences and meetings,            reach out to a dedicated readership & informed community...
  · Hispanic Buying Power is projected to reach
                                                   national LLEGo, member of the Board of Di-
                                                   rectors of Boston Pride, Boston PFLAG, Ryan            advertise today @
$1.3 Trillion by 2015? According to Census Bu-     White Title I Planning Council, new England
reau, Hispanic business ownership is growing       Association of LGBT Psychologists, etc.
three times as fast as the national average.
                                                     · According to a Harris Interactive Survey com-
  · There is only a handful Latino LGBTQ news-     missioned by GLAAD, Hispanics were often more
paper publishers in the U.S., one of which is      supportive around key issues facing the LGBT
The Rainbow Times’ Publisher Gricel Martínez       community than Whites and African Americans,
ocasio? Gricel Martínez ocasio is one of the co-   even showing the most support among all seg-
founders and co-owners of TRT.                     ments on allowing openly gay military person-
                                                   nel to serve in the armed forces (76% Hispanic,
  · Latin@ Pride (orgullo Latino) was first cel-   63% White, 61% African American).*
ebrated in Boston in 2004? A few of their fore
founders are Wilfred Labiosa, Lisbeth Melen-          · Latin@ Pride of Boston was the first celebra-
dez, Evelyn Rivera, Diego Sanchez, Cristian Pi-    tion of its kind, the oldest, in the nation and the
mentel, Tish Sterling, orlando Colón, Luis Uri-    one with the longest duration (from a weekend
zandi, Javier Pagan, and many more from the        to a whole week)? Currently, there are other La-
Latino LGBT and ally communities.                  tino Pride celebrations, modeled after Boston’s

              T   he advertisers in this Latin@ Pride 2011
                  Supplement show their support to the
              Latino LGBTQ Community and embrace
              the diversity of it. Please, take a moment to
              peruse through this Special Supplement to
              TRT and thank them for their support, or visit
              their establishments/offices. They will thank
              you for it, and so will we at TRT!

16 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement •

caLenDarIo De eVentos                                                                                                                            Memorable
                                                                                                                                                 Quotes by
H De orguLLo LatIno H                                                                                                                            Important Latino
                                                                                                                                                 Leaders & Allies:
LatIn@ prIDe caLenDar                                                                                                                           “I feel confident in saying yes; there are

HHH oF eVents HHH
                                                                                                                                                often specific challenges for a person who
                                                                                                                                                is holding these two identities. one ex-
                                                                                                                                                ample is how the historically deep-seated
                                                                                                                                                homophobia and transphobia that exits
                                                                                                    ¿Qué es la                                  within the Latino community may make it
                                                                                                                                                difficult for LGBTQ Latinos to turn to their

 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28                            The Foundation Room                                 HBGC y qué                                  families in times of need, such as when
                                                                                                                                                they experience discrimination out in the

                                                15 Lansdowne Street, Boston • 7-10PM
                                                Tickets are $50 at door, $35 advance and            hace en la                                  world, or when they simply want to share
                                                                                                                                                the joys of a new love.”
                                                                                                                                                     – Marta Perrupato, Co-Chair, Latin@ Pride
 DetaIlS CoMIng Soon! Stay tuned to for all
                                                includes light fare and admission to EPIC
                                                Saturdays at the House of Blues directly            comunidad                                   “To me, it feels as though the Hispanic
                                                after the event • 21+
 the details!!
                                                To purchase tickets:                                Latina LGBTQ?                               community is decades behind in terms of
                                                                                                                                                their willingness to discuss LGBT issues and
 LATIN@ NIGHT AT RUMOR                                                                              accept that a person’s identity is part of
 Get the party started early with Boston’s      (please indicate names so that we can add          La organización HBGC (Hispanic               who they are.”
 longest running Latin night.                   you to the paid guest list at the door)            Black Gay Coalition) de Boston está              – Bobby Rodriguez, Chief Diversity Officer,
 Rumor Nightclub                                All proceeds benefit Latin@ Pride.                 dedicada a servir y unir a la comuni-                                      Baystate Health
 100 Warrenton Street, Boston                                                                      dad LGBTQ Afro Americana y Latina.
 $20 • 21+                                      EPIC @ THE HOUSE OF BLUES                          Trabajamos para inspirar y fortalecer        “We should all be welcoming of the
 A portion of the door benefits Latin@ Pride.                                                      individuos de la comunidad LGBTQ             diversity within our community, whether it
                                                Presented by Chris Harris Presents and Rafael
                                                                                                   Afro Americana y Latinos, para me-           relates to racial, ethnic, sexual orientation
                                                Sanchez/Gay Mafia • 21+
                                                                                                   jorar sus vidas a través del activismo,      or gender identity differences. Segregation
 THURSDAY, SEPT. 29                             The House of Blues
                                                15 Landsdowne Street, Boston
                                                                                                   educación, y consejería.                     of any type will only hurt our struggle and
                                                                                                   el enfoque de HBgC es:                       our quest towards universal human rights.”
 GENERACIONES:                                                                                     · Servicios de apoyo al salir del “clóset”              – Gricel Martínez Ocasio, Publisher,
 NUESTRO PASADO,                                SUNDAY, OCT. 2                                     · Consejería y prevención de las Enfer-                                  The Rainbow Times
 PRESENTE Y FUTURO                                                                                   medades de Transmisión Sexuales            “Many times Hispanic/Latino members of
 Un panel de discusión sobre la ubicación de    FAMILY PICNIC                                        (ETS) y VIH                                the LGBT community face an additional
 lo que la comunidad Boston Latino/Latina                                                          · Apoyo de crecimiento espiritual
 LGBTQ fue, lo que es hoy, donde la vemos
                                                AND POTLUCK IN THE PARK                            · oportunidades de servicios a la
                                                                                                                                                layer of discrimination because of their
                                                Bring your friends, families, loved ones,            comunidad                                  race. This can result in ostracism not just
 mañana y lo que podemos hacer para             games to play, and good food to share at                                                        within the Hispanic community, but also
 seguir adelante.                                                                                  · oportunidades de Construcción y
                                                our potluck in the park. Let’s celebrate our         Contactos de la comunidad                  the LGBT community.”
 GENERATIONS: OUR PAST,                         fabulous and diverse families and food              Visite nuestra página cibernética:
                                                                                                                                                                  – Bernadette Stark, partner,
 PRESENT & FUTURE                               while having some outdoor fun!           
                                                                                                                                                             Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys At Law
 A panel discussion about where the Boston      Some games will be provided for the little         o                “While belonging to two communities may
 Latino/Latina LGBTQ community was, where       and not-so-little kids! There will also be                                                      seem like a blessing ... more to celebrate,
 it is today, where we see it going tomorrow    tabling by local community organizations,                                                       cultural rites and passages to practice, a
 and what we can do to move forward.            so get ready for the freebies. • All ages                                                       double sense of belonging, a richness that
 Harriett Tubman House
 Lincoln House Room
                                                Location TBD • 12-4PM                               What is HBGC                                comes from blended identity, the flip side
                                                                                                                                                is also true. LGBT people of color, including
 566 Columbus Ave., Boston • 6-8PM
 Free and open to all
 Hosted by the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition
                                                MISS AND MISTER
                                                LATIN@ PRIDE OF
                                                                                                    & what does                                 our Latino/a brothers and sisters, run the
                                                                                                                                                risk of being ostracized by both communi-
 (HBGC) in collaboration with Latin@ Pride.     MASSACHUSETTS PAGEANT
                                                Hosted by Boquita with special performanc-
                                                                                                    it do in the                                ties to which they belong. Too often we
                                                                                                                                                hear stories of LGBT people of color not
 Boston’s #1 Thursday night Hosted by Ju-
                                                es by Alexis J-Matrix, Matt Leonard (Boston
                                                Pride King 2011) Lakia Mondale (Boston
                                                                                                    LGBTQ Latino                                feeling welcome in LGBT circles or being
                                                                                                                                                told that they’ve disgraced their family
 JuBee with special guest star Alexis Mateo,
 from RuPaul’s Drag Race
                                                Pride Queen 2010) and many more.
                                                Plus, music by DJ Double D. Come out
                                                                                                    community?                                  name. THIS is why we celebrate and honor
                                                                                                                                                the Latino LGBT Community, to assure that
                                                                                                                                                Latino/a LGBT people can be all of who
 Estate Nightclub                               and watch the crowing of Miss and Mister
 1 Boylston Place, Boston • 10:30PM–2AM                                                            Founded in 2009, the Hispanic Black          they are.”
                                                Latin@ Pride of Massachusetts and, when            Gay Coalition (HBGC) is one of new               – Keri Aulita, Deputy Director, Boston Pride
 $10 • 21+                                      it’s all over, stay to dance at Fran’s long-run-   non-profit organizations in Boston
 A portion of the door benefits Latin@ Pride.   ning Latin night.                                  dedicated to the unique and complex          “They [young poor LGBTQ people of color]
                                                Fran’s Place                                       needs of the Hispanic/Latino and             are having a really different experience
 FRIDAY, SEPT. 30                               776 Washington Street, Lynn • 8-10PM               Black LGBTQ community. HBGC
                                                                                                   works to inspire and empower
                                                                                                                                                coming out. There is really no place for
                                                                                                                                                them to go.”
                                                $10 • 18+
 DetaIlS CoMIng Soon! Stay tuned to             If you are interested in being a contestant,       Hispanic/Latino and Black LGBTQ                     – Nelson Román, Holyoke Para Todos, for all        complete and return the application at             individuals to improve their liveli-                                       Board President
 the details!!                         by Sept. 14            hood through activism, education,            “We as a Latino LGBT community should
                                                or contact                outreach and counseling.                     take the initiative to educate others in the
                                                                                                   Services HBgC offer includes:
 SATURDAY, OCT. 1                               All proceeds benefit Latin@ Pride.
                                                                                                   · Coming out Support
                                                                                                                                                Latino community about the diversity, and
                                                                                                                                                issues affecting the LGBT brothers and
                                                HOT MESS SUNDAY...                                 · HIV & STI Prevention and Counseling        sisters.”
 LATIN@ PRIDE COMMUNITY                                                                            · Spiritual Growth Support                   – Wilfred Labiosa, Executive Director, CASPAR
 AWARDS RECEPTION                               latIno Style!                                      · Community Service opportunities
 Join us for the annual celebration to honor    Close out the week with Destiny and DJ             · Community Building and network-            “We need to stand up to bullying and hate-
 outstanding contributors to the Latin@         Richie LaDue at Underbar.                            ing opportunities                          speech with every opportunity-not just
 LGBT community and celebrate another           Underbar                                           For more information visit:                  [LGBTQ] community members, but allies
 year of Pride. Mix, mingle, and party while    275 Tremont Street, Boston                                         too. Maybe even more importantly allies.”
 paying tribute to our do-good community        $10, 21+                                           or                       – Glenn Koetzner, Owner, Crazy Dog
 members and allies.                            A portion of the door benefits Latin@ Pride.                                                         Photography & Lead Photographer, TRT
                                                      • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 17
Éxito LGBT en Cuba se debe a CENESEX y Mariela Castro Espín
Transexual se casa con hombre gay el día del cumpleaños de Fidel Castro

Por: camilo garcía/Especial para TRT                  hace un par de años Marilyn Solaya realizara el y con gran valentía para desterrar prejuicios y
                                                                                                                                                                he Rainbow
                             ran revuelo ha causa-    documental “En el cuerpo equivocado”.            estigmas contra las personas trans en el país.
                             do en la prensa inter-     Pero la cacareada boda no hubiera tenido A la celebración asistieron artistas y personali-
                             nacional, alrededor      tanto revuelo internacional si Ignacio no se dades de mucho prestigio … y también estaba                  Times is a
                                                      autoproclamara “disidente” del gobierno revo- la prensa internacional acreditada en Cuba. Sin
                       del 13 de agosto, la boda
                       entre Wendy e Ignacio, su-     lucionario. De ahí que                                                 embargo, llamó la aten-        proud sponsor of
                       puestamente “la primera        los invitados de lujo a                                                ción la ausencia de cobe-      the 2011 Latin@
                  Photo: ewilfred labiosa

                       boda gay” en Cuba, en la       esta boda, declarado                                                   rtura, salvo alguna que
                       que ella es una transexual     por ellos mismos, han
                                                      sido Yoani Sánchez y
                                                                                                                             otra aislada mención y a
                                                                                                                             propósito de la public-
                                                                                                                                                            Pride celebration.
                       operada con cambio de
                       identidad—o sea, legal-
                       mente mujer—y él es de-
                                                      su esposo, las Damas
                                                      de Blanco y los funcio-
                                                                                                                             itada boda.
                                                                                                                                Sin contar el ansia de
                                                                                                                                                            TRT takes all of
                       claradamente gay.              narios de la Sección de
                                                      Intereses de los Estados
                                                                                                                             protagonismo que so-
                                                                                                                             bresale en esta historia, el
                                                                                                                                                            the diversity
   Mucho se ha dicho—y demostrado—del pa-
pel de los medios en crear una imagen alrededor       Unidos en La Habana.                                                   hecho de que una mujer         of our LGBTQ
                                                        Sin olvidar que, de-                                                 transexual operada y con
de un hecho … y mucha mentira se ha tejido
también alrededor de esta historia. Porque, a mi      jando a un lado las                                                    cambio de identidad se         communities
entender, ni esto ha sido una “boda gay” —real-
izada en el más estrepitoso estilo de revistas del
                                                      ingenuidades,       pesa
                                                      mucho el anuncio de la
                                                                                                                             case en la más tradicional
                                                                                                                             de las ceremonias nup-         seriously and
corazón, entre un hombre y una mujer—ni es la         propia administración
                                                      estadounidense        de
                                                                                                                             ciales lo que demuestra
                                                                                                                             es que la Revolución
                                                                                                                                                            advocates for those
primera transexual que se casa en Cuba.
   El calificativo de “primera boda gay” es muy       haber aprobado $300                                                    cubana, y el CEnESEX           without a voice.
relativo porque, en todo caso, sería muy sim-         mil dólares este año                                                   en particular, han hecho
bólica. Desafortunadamente, el matrimonio en-         para organizar un mov-
                                                      imiento LGBT “indepen-
                                                                                                                             un sistemático y exitoso
                                                                                                                             trabajo para el respeto
                                                                                                                                                            thank you for
tre personas del mismo sexo todavía no es legal
en Cuba y muchas personas lo habrán hecho             diente” en Cuba. ¿Inde-                                                y reconocimiento de los        reading tRt!
así en la privacidad de su casa, con mayor o          pendiente de quién?                                                    derechos de las personas
menor revuelo. Recuerdo que en 2007 fue muy           Leyendo claramente:                                                    LGBT. Y hacerlo el 13 de
conocida la ceremonia simbólica de Elizabeth y        para desacreditar el                                                   agosto, día del cumplea-
Mónica, en las instalaciones del CEnESEX y con        trabajo institucional del                                              ños de Fidel, no puede
                                                      CEnESEX, liderado por                           Photo: Wilfred laBiosa ser más que un recono-
el auspicio del grupo de mujeres lesbianas y bi-
sexuales “oremi”.                                     Mariela Castro Espín.     wendy iriepa posa con un amigo de la         cimiento a ello.
   Por otra parte, la primera transexual que fue
operada en Cuba en 1988 (Mavi Susset) ya se ha
                                                        Precisamente en esos comunidad.
                                                      días, más exactamente                                                     Para más información
casado en dos ocasiones anteriores, sin que la        el 12 de agosto, se celebró en el CEnESEX una sobre esta polémica, lea “El Desafío de una Tran-
prensa haya prestado atención y en medio de           fecha importante: el 10mo aniversario del Grupo sexual Vestida de Novia” por Dalia Acosta que se
la discreción que ha tenido su vida—hasta que         TransCuba, que ha trabajado sistemáticamente encuentra en:
 18 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement •

 Sylvia Rivera: ¡Una mujer activista para la historia!
 Por: wilfred w. labiosa*/Columnista de TRT          (“nuyorricans”) como mu-

                                     uestros pa-     jer Latina. La conocemos
latin vision
                                     dres y abue-    más por su participación en
                                     los siempre     las protestas de Stonewall
                             hablan de la historia   y su trabajo a favor de los
                             y de los “buenos        derechos humanos para
                             tiempos”. Ya que        personas transgéneros, ni-
                             vamos a celebrar        ños desamparados, jóvenes
                             el 8to Festival de      LGBT y mujeres violadas.
                          Photo: eric hess

                             orgullo Latino en       Fue considerada por el ac-
                             Massachusetts, la       tivista Riki Wilchins, “como
                             más vieja y larga       la Rosa Parks del movimien-
                             celebración en su       to transgénero”.
         índole en esta nación, quise buscar            En sus últimos años de
         alguien LGBT de esos “buenos tiem-          vida, habló sobre la nece-
         pos”. De los tiempos cuando se hacían
         protestas en las esquinas en contra de
                                                     sidad de unificar la comu-
                                                     nidad Latina y transgénero
                                                     para educar a otros/as so- sylvia rivera
                                                                                                                                      Photo: kay toBin lahusen     Did you
         alguna norma injusta o en contra de
 alguna situación política. Me vino a la mente
 la protesta de Stonewall y me recordé de Syl-
                                                     bre la riqueza de nuestra
                                                     historia LGBT. Ella siempre habló del legado           es tan malo como la furia de una draga – ‘Hell         know that
                                                                                                            hath no fury like a drag queen scorned.’”
 via Rivera, una de las pioneras en la comunidad
 LGBT en los Estados Unidos y el Mundo. nació y
                                                     histórico de las transgéneros de Stonewall.
                                                     Ella participó en la Marcha del Milenio en Ita-           Hablé con otros/as que conocían a Sylvia
                                                                                                            y todos/as me dijeron que era una persona
                                                     lia donde fue venerada como la Madre de los
 se crio en la ciudad de nueva York, de descen-
 dencia Puertorriqueña y Venezolana. nació Rey
 pero murió una Reina del activismo – una de las
                                                     Gays. En el 2001, renovó su compromiso con la
                                                     comunidad formalizando la organización lla-
                                                                                                            excepcional. Sylvia fue parte de la historia de
                                                                                                            Stonewall ya que fue una de las únicas Lati-           Health
 primeras activistas contemporáneas y la única
 en sus tiempos, Latina y transgénero. nació y
                                                     mada Las Transgeneros Revolucionarias de la
                                                     Calle en Acción – STAR por sus siglas en inglés,
                                                                                                            nas que estuvo allí y abogó por la inclusión de
                                                                                                            Transgéneros a través de los años. En la historia
                                                                                                            LGBT en los Estados Unidos se habla de Stone-
                                                                                                                                                                   has a
                                                     Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries. Esta
 fue una niña huérfana pero falleció alrededor
 de todas sus hijas adoptivas y familiares. Desde
 el cuarto grado comenzó su transición a mujer.
                                                     organización, aún existe y aboga por la acep-
                                                     tación de personas transgéneros en la sociedad
                                                                                                            wall pero no de Sylvia – es tiempo que reconoz-
                                                                                                            camos que Sylvia estuvo allí y que ella abogó
 Por muchos años vivió en las calles de nueva
 York pero falleció en los corazones de mucho/
                                                     y por la igualdad de derechos. Desde su cama
                                                     y antes de morir se reunió con legisladores y
                                                                                                            por todos/as nosotros/as como comunidad La-
                                                                                                            tina GLBT. Su legado no murió de cáncer en el
                                                                                                            2002, sino que creció. La organización Proyecto
                                                     activistas para que organizaciones y la legisla-
 as en el mundo entero, ya que hizo la diferencia
 en nuestras vidas como activista transgénero        tura incluyeran a personas trans en leyes y en
                                                     el movimiento. Ella siempre quiso incluir a las
                                                                                                            Sylvia Rivera fue formalizada en su honor para
                                                                                                            seguir abogando por la libre expresión de gé-
 Latina.                                                                                                    nero e identidad, sin discriminación ni violen-
    Desde la Guerra de Vietnam hasta su muerte,      transgéneros en todo y nunca se dio por venci-
 fue activista para un sinnúmero de causas. Par-
 ticipó en los grupos Black Panthers y gangas
                                                     do. Aunque fue rechazada por muchos/as en la
                                                     comunidad Gay y Lesbiana ella nunca decayó o
                                                                                                            cia. Ella fue incluida en el primer tomo de La
                                                                                                            Historia Lesbiana y Gay; también la esquina de
                                                                                                            las calles de Christopher y Hudson (dos bloques
                                                                                                                                                                   to reach
                                                     se bajó de “la tribuna”. Ella decía: “El infierno no
                                                                                                            de Stonewall) en Manhattan fue renombrada
                                                                                                            como La Esquina Rivera en su honor. Esta esqui-
                                                                                                            na fue a donde Sylvia comenzó el movimiento
                                                                                                            transgénero tirando sus zapatos (y botellas) a         in Spanish,
                                                                                                            los policías en aquel día de Junio 28—las pro-
                                                                                                            testas de Stonewall. En el 2007, escribieron
                                                                                                            un musical, obra de teatro y un sinnúmero de
                                                                                                            artículos y libros en su honor. Además su familia
                                                                                                            LGBT e hijas adoptivas siguen el trabajo de su         617.927.6460
                                                                                                            mamá, de nuestra mamá.
                                                                                                               Sobre su participación en la Protesta de
                                                                                                            Stonewall ella dijo que en ese momento ella
                                                                                                            se dijo a sí misma, “no voy a perder un minuto
                                                                                                            de esto, esto es la revolución que esperaba …
                                                                                                            nos han tratado como mierda todos estos años.
                                                                                                            Ahora es nuestro turno”. Es tiempo de aprender
                                                                                                            de nuestra historia, de esos “buenos tiempos” y
                                                                                                            celebrar nuestro orgullo Latino LGBT!

                                                                                                               *Escrito y editado por Wilfred Labiosa, psicólogo
                                                                                                            y representante local de Unid@s: La Organización
                                                                                                            Nacional Latina LGBT.
                                      • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 19

G     racias por leer el periódico
      predilecto de la comunidad
Latina/Hispana. The Rainbow Times                                                              T   he Rainbow Times holds 12.2% of the Latino LGBTQ
                                                                                                   readership in New England (independent third party
es el periódico que la comunidad         ¡Saludos!
Latina/Hispana LGBTQ lee más. ¡No        De parte de Lambda Legal, felicitámos a               research). If you want to reach the Hispanic/Latino LGBTQ
te sientas incomunicado! Tenemos      Massachusetts por este exitoso festival de or-
                                      gullo Latino. Lambda Legal es la organización
                                                                                               community, TRT is the best vehicle to do so! The Rainbow
las noticias LGBTQ que te interesan   sin fines de lucro nacional más grande y más             Times is 50% Hispanic owned and proud to be so!
y en español.                         antigua de defensa legal para la comunidad
                                      lesbiana, gay, bisexual y transgénero (LGBT) y
                                      para aquellos viviendo con el VIH. Cuando per-
                                      sonas LGBT y personas con el VIH son discrimi-
                                      nadas nosotros presentamos demandas para
                                      asegurar que sus derechos sean respetados.
                                      Estamos cambiando la ley para todas personas
                                      LGBT y personas viviendo con el VIH.
                                         Quisieramos compartir contigo no sólo las
                                      demandas exitosas y los derechos que se han
                                      sostenido, sino también las historias verídicas de
                                      nuestros clientes. Son esas historias de valentía
                                      frente a la injusticia y a veces frente a la tragedia,
                                      que impulsan nuestros abogados y abogacía.
                                         Pero no todo se puede lograr a través de
                                      una demanda legal. Para lograr no sólo la
   La Network                         igualdad jurídica que buscamos (y merec-
                                      emos), sino también la seguridad, la acep-
   La Red:                            tación y la equidad, necesitamos que unas tu
                                      historia a la de nuestros clientes.
                                         En Lambda Legal decimos Haz tu vida.
   El abuso                           Defendemos tus derechos. Espero que las
                                      historias de valentía de nuestros clientes te
   entre parejas                      nutran y te inspiren a seguir adelante y vivir
                                      tu vida de una forma más abierta.
   - es asunto                           Visita nuestra página web (lambdalegal.
                                      org/es/) e inscríbete para recibir nuestros
                                      informes y ordena un ejemplar de nuestra re-
   nuestro                            vista Impacto. Comunícate con nuestra Línea
                                      de Ayuda con cualquiera duda legal acerca
   acabando con el abuso en           los derechos de las personas LGBT y personas
   las comunidades lgBtQ,             con el VIH (866-542-8336 ó lambdalegal.
   sadomasoquistas y poli                ¡Únete a Lambda Legal para abogar por la
   amorosas                           igualdad!
                                         —Francisco Dueñas
  ayuda disponible a través de:
  • Línea de Crisis Bilingüe
  • Refugio de Emergencia
  • Grupos de Apoyo
  • Planes de Seguridad                  greetings!
  • Abogacía                             Lambda Legal would like to congratulate
  llama para hablar ...               the Latin@ Pride festival of Massachusetts.
                                      Lambda Legal is the largest and oldest
  línea de Crisis: 617-742-4911       nonprofit legal organizations dedicated to
  tty: 617-227-4911                   achieving the full recognition of civil rights for
                                      lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
                                      (LGBT) and those living with HIV. When LGBT
                                      people and people living with HIV are discrimi-
   The Network                        nated we sue to make sure that their rights are
                                      respected. We are looking to change the laws
   La Red:                            for all LGBT people and people living with HIV.
                                         At Lambda Legal, we not only want to

   Partner Abuse                      share with you information about those
                                      successful cases and the rights that have
                                      been secured, but also the true stories of our
   - it’s a                           clients. It is those stories of courage in front of
                                      injustice and sometimes tragedy that inspire
   community                          our lawyers and our advocacy.
                                         But not everything can be won through
   issue                              a lawsuit. To win not only our legal equality
                                      that we seek (and deserve), but also peace of
                                      mind, safety and acceptance, we need you to
   ending partner abuse               add your story to that of our clients.
   in lgBtQ , SM and                     At Lambda Legal we say You make your life.
   polyamorous communities            We make it legal. It is our hope that the stories
                                      of bravery of our clients will nourish and inspire
                                      you to move forward and live your life openly.
  assistance available through:          Visit our website ( and
  • Bilingual Hotline                 sign up to receive our emails and order your
  • Emergency Shelter                 copy of our newsletter Impact. Give us a call
  • Support Groups                    at our Help Desk if you have a question or
  • Safety Planning                   a doubt about the rights of LGBT people
  • Advocacy                          and people living with HIV (866-542-8336 or
  Call just to talk ...     
  Hotline: 617-742-4911                  Join Lambda Legal to make the case for
  tty: 617-227-4911                   equality!
                                         —Francisco Dueñas
0 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • Latin@ Pride 2011 Supplement •
                                                                                        • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 1
domestic violence among same-sex relationships remains major problem, particularly among women
by: joe siegel/TRT Reporter                           Research has shown some lesbian victims of          reasons. They may be dependent on their mates          gressions out on.
   According to a 008 report released by the abuse to be more willing and capable of taking on           financially, so moving out of their home is not a        “There are a lot of underlying factors,” Gor-
National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs their abuser in a physical way.                              viable option.                                         man said, noting the violence perpetrated was not
(NCAVP), 67 percent of the reported incidences        “In a heterosexual relationship, the female is         The average survivor of domestic abuse leaves       necessarily hatred for the one being abused. “It’s
of domestic abuse in the gay community came physically a lot weaker and is not able to fight              their partner a total of seven times, said Gorman.     about control, power, and dominance.”
from lesbians or gay men.                           back, but in some lesbian relationships you don’t        The majority of clients at Sojourner House are        Gorman believes abusers can learn to change
   “While overall reports of domestic violence, have that dynamic. Both partners are equally ca-          in heterosexual relationships. However, Gorman         their behavior so they don’t commit violence
which have grown steadily in the past decade, ap- pable of exerting physical control over the other,”     hopes to provide more resources for GLBTs.             against their partners, but it depends on whether or
pear to be maintaining at the                                           DeBare said.                         Internalized homophobia often plays a role in       not they are willing to do the work.
same rate, the violence has                                                DeBare said it is difficult    abuse between same-sex partners, according to            Domestic violence is not about race or gender,
increased dramatically and                                              to know if the rate of domes-     Gorman: “(The abuser) is expressing their self-ha-     Gorman explained. Entire communities are im-
interactions with the police                                            tic abuse among same-sex          tred on their partner.”                                pacted by the abuse of a group of people.
appear to be compounding                                                couples has increased the past       The abuser may have been abused themselves            “It affects everyone,” Gorman added.
issues of violence. Programs                                            few years. She notes there        at one point in their lives. Gorman said a “mu-          Sojourner House is at 386 Smith Street, Provi-
have also reported an increas-                                          have been more reports of         tual unhealthiness” exists in abusive relationships.   dence. Their web site is
ing demand from LGBTQ                                                   incidences of abuse due to the    Abusers may be seeking someone to take their ag-       They also have a Facebook and a Twitter page.
communities of color, young                                             increase in services as well as
and elder, disabled, and im-                                            the efforts to reduce the stig-
migrant victims of intimate                                             ma of people who do come
partner violence,” the report                                           forward and seek help.
said.                                                                      The Rhode Island Coalition
   “With increased violence at                                          Against Domestic Violence
                                                      Photo: joe siegel is made up of six agencies
the hands of intimate partners
and of the police, and increas- the sojourner house in Providence which provides counseling,
ingly diverse communities provides counseling services for              shelter and counseling to
seeking services, increased women who have been battered by victims of domestic abuse. A
cultural competency in main- their spouses.                             4-hour helpline is available
stream institutions and the                                             (800-494-8100).
continued presence of LGBTQ-specific anti-vio-        One of the Coalition’s member agencies is So-
lence programs are needed now more than ever.”      journer House in Providence. The organization
   Deborah DeBare, the executive director of the provides counseling services for women who have
Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Vio- been battered by their spouses and provides tran-
lence, told _The Rainbow Times_ her agency re- sitional housing.
corded  cases of same-sex domestic violence         The reasons why women stay in abusive rela-
within the past year. Of that number, 0 involved tionships vary wildly, Erin Gargurevich-Gorman,
women and  involved men. However, DeBare a bilingual advocate at Sojourner House, told _The
notes those are only the incidents that have been Rainbow Times_.
reported.                                             Some victims feel they have nowhere to go,
   “To me, what that shows is there probably is a while others stay with their partners for economic
much greater comfort level (among) lesbians com-
ing forward and seeking services than men who
may not feel traditionally comfortable going to a
mainstream domestic-violence program,” DeBare
   DeBare said the need for one partner to maintain
power and control are the causes of domestic vio-
lence in both same-sex relationships and hetero-
sexual relationships. However, what makes abuse
in same-sex relationships unique is the atmosphere
of homophobia, DeBare explained.
   The partner who is being abusive to their spouse
may threaten to “out” them to friends, family or
   “That provides an additional barrier to the vic-
tim to seek help,” DeBare said.

  know someone who works
  for the Lgbt community
  and who gives endlessly
  and selflessly to everyone?
  nominate them
  to be our next
  trt hero!
  please send your nominations to:
 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
                                                                                                     • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 3
 it’s time to tell people you are coming out as taking a thrilling and adventurous visit to one of
 transgender! are you ready for their reactions? the last old-guard bdsm houses left in the world
          by: deja nicole greenlaw*/TRT Columnist                                           they will refuse to be-     by: lorelei erisis*/TRT Columnist                       mistresses in training
trans news

         L                                                                                                              B
                  et’s talk about coming out. You’ve                                        lieve you. When they                y now, many of you have either met me           and an orbiting co-
                  finally accepted that you are trans-                                      finally see that you                in person or encountered my ubiquitous          terie of experienced,
                  gender and that you are going to                                          are serious about it,               online presence. If you haven’t, rest as-       professional and life-
          transition to your true gender. You are full                                      some will be OK with        sured, you soon will. I do get around some!             style players.
          of excitement at the thought of living as                                         it while others will           One of the questions I get when out and about           Although at any
          your true gender and you know that there                                          think you are crazy         and handing my card to folks is this:                   given time of the year
          will probably be some problems. But you                                           and headed down the            “So, Lorelei, I understand the ‘Pageant Queen’       you will find a warm
          are gung-ho and ready to finally begin to                                         wrong path. They just       and ‘Improviser’ bit. But what exactly do you           and welcoming house
          live your life as yourself! Now it’s time                                         don’t understand how        mean by calling yourself an ‘Adventurer’?”              full of the most unex-
          to tell your family and friends, the people                                       or why you want to live        Well, I’m glad you asked. If I have any sort         pected delights, the
          at work, the people at your church, the                                           as the other gender. It’s   of fetish that I can really pin down, it’s that I re-   pulse of La Domaine
          people in your golf league, bowling team,          deja nicole greenlaw really very hard to try                                                                       centers on a number             lorelei erisis
                                                                                                                        ally, really like to say “yes” to any kind of new
          book club, rock band or whatever your                                             to explain being trans-     experience or fresh adventure. I like to go places      of special parties and events held throughout
          activities are. They are all going to know       gender to these folks. If they could only see that it        I’ve never been before and meet all kinds of new        the year. There are regular “play parties” fea-
          about you and you are hoping for the best.       is what it is, we are who we are, and we need to be          folks. In fact, I also have a penchant — which          turing well-known and highly respected visit-
          Look out, world, here you come!                  who we are, maybe then they would understand.                                                                        ing mistresses. It is in this capacity that Widow
                                                              Recently, I was with a group of about a dozen             has occasionally gotten me in trouble over the
    Having been through this process and talking                                                                        years — of wanting to be in places I’m not sup-         and I first had occasion to visit. There are also
 with others who have been there too, let me tell you      transpeople and a couple of allies. During our con-                                                                  dinner parties and drink tastings with some of
                                                           versations, one of the allies, I will call her Linda         posed to be. Like, for instance, the roof of my old
 that not everyone will react the same. As a matter                                                                     high school for a midnight stroll. Or the decay-        the tastiest food and palate-pleasing, expertly
 of fact, some people who you thought would be             (not her real name), posed a question to the group.                                                                  chosen liquors I have had the pleasure of expe-
                                                           Linda asked: If there were a pill or a shot that             ing hallways and tunnels of the old Northampton
 receptive to your transition may not accept it at all.                                                                 State Hospital before it was torn down.                 riencing. R and Collette are both supremely tal-
 And some people who you think will never accept           transgenders could take that would turn us back                                                                      ented cooks. They are also skilled mycologists
                                                           into our birth genders, would we take it? We all                I’ve hung out with old-school hackers and
 you will do so without even batting an eye. You                                                                        Irish mobsters. I’ve gone alone to strange coun-        and though I normally despise mushrooms of
 think that you know someone and can predict their         said we would not take that pill or shot. Linda                                                                      any kind, the freshly picked wild mushrooms I
 reactions? You will probably be surprised no mat-         responded, “but your lives [would] be so much                tries where I did not speak the language, and I
                                                                                                                        once lived for a couple of months in a storm-           have had served at their table were hands-down
 ter how sure you are of others’ reactions.                easier.” We all tried to explain that it is just who                                                                 heavenly!
    Some people will be very OK with your plans to         we are. We are trans. That is us.                            damaged movie studio near New Orleans’ lower
                                                                                                                        9th ward, post-Katrina.                                    I absolutely love visiting Master R and Mis-
 transition, and they will tell you that they think it’s      To help her understand, I asked Linda if she was                                                                  tress Collette at their home! At the door I am
 wonderful, and that they will support you totally.        a Boston Red Sox fan. She said, emphatically, “Oh,              Over the past seven years, I have shared many
                                                                                                                        of these adventures with my girlfriend, the fabu-       greeted by the sight of naked, often smiling,
 Some of these people already know you were                yes.” I asked her if there were a pill or a needle she                                                               slaves and a comfy, welcoming living room with
 headed in this direction, and this may surprise you.      could take that would turn her into a New York               lous Widow Centauri.
                                                           Yankees fan, would she take it? Not surprisingly,               Honestly, I’m a sucker for anything that’s go-       a view of well-attended bird feeders and green
 “How did they know? Did I give off clues?” are                                                                                                                                 woods. In winter, a stately old black iron wood-
 some of the thoughts you might have about these           Linda said “No!,” again quite emphatically. I said,          ing to make a good story.
                                                           “You are a Red Sox fan and you do not want to be                As it happens, I am right this very moment in        stove radiates warmth and the full bay windows
 intuitive souls. It’s all good with this group!                                                                                                                                reveal a landscape peacefully blanketed in thick,
    Of course, there will be people who do not like        a Yankee fan. I am a woman who does not want to              the midst of another rollicking adventure with
                                                           be a man. And neither one of us wants to take that           Widow and I wanted to tell you about a place            white snow.
 this idea at all, and they will tell you so in no un-                                                                                                                             R, Collette and their extended family are al-
 certain terms. Some of these people may never,            pill or that shot. It really is the same thing. You are      we just left, a place my adventures have occa-
                                                           who you are and we are who we are.”                          sionally brought me to several times in the past.       ways welcoming and wonderful. Hugs abound
 ever speak to you again. Maybe further on down                                                                                                                                 when greeted by friends both old and new.
 the road they will come to terms with your transi-                                                                     A place called “La Domaine Esemar.”
 tion, but some may not. You have lost them for-             *Deja Nicole Greenlaw is a local transwoman                   Among other things, Widow is a famous dom-           Whether you are newly exploring the boundaries
 ever. I’m sorry, it’s awful. But that’s just the way      who has three grown children and works at a lo-              inatrix (and also a stand-up comedian!) and my          of your sexuality and totally new to the world of
 it is sometimes.                                          cal Fortune 500 company. She can be contacted at             close association with her has brought me many          SM or you have been in and around “the scene”
    Some people will think that you are kidding and                                    places that not very many people get to see. La         for years, there is a place for you and you will be
                                                                                                                        Domaine is one of those places.                         made to feel both comfortable and welcome.
                                                                                                                           Their website announces them to be the                  Make no mistake by my warm fuzzy senti-
 Queeries: have you set a date for your wedding?                                                                        “world’s oldest SM training chateau,” and I
                                                                                                                        have very little doubt of the authenticity of that
                                                                                                                                                                                ments, though. If you read Story Of O, Venus In
                                                                                                                                                                                Furs, or Anne Rice’s Exit To Eden, know that
         by: steven Petrow*/Special for TRT                A: Well, it’s true that nothing says “married”

                                                                                                                        statement.                                              many places like the ones in those stories actu-
                                                           quite like a gold band on your left ring finger. But                                                                 ally existed. There was an entire underground
         when are you getting married?                     this is another straight wedding tradition that gay             In many ways, La Domaine is one of the last
          Q: We’re going out of our minds. Ever since                                                                   remaining vestiges of a quickly disappearing old        world and culture that is sadly disappearing in
                                                           couples have been known to play around with,                                                                         the post-Madonna, SM-as-fashion world. And
          New York passed the law allowing same-           in this case by wearing our commitment rings                 guard of the BDSM community. It’s located in
          sex couples to get married there (no matter                                                                   a private home somewhere in the woods of up-            La Domaine Esemar is one of the very few
                                                           on our right hands to symbolize (and protest)                                                                        houses left in the entire world in which those
          where they live), every straight person we       the fact that we couldn’t get legally married. For           state New York. There is a fully equipped dun-
          know wants to know when we’re getting                                                                         geon, private outdoor space and a whole com-            fantasies you only dreamed about are actually
                                                           some, it’s a bit of an inside joke, a queer varia-                                                                   made real.
          hitched (and a lot of our gay friends, too).     tion on an overwhelmingly straight convention.               munity of folks with an interest in BDSM that
          It’s become oppressive. Help!                                                                                 ranges from the neophyte to folks who live the             As I said, it’s old-guard SM and there are
                                                           For others it’s an explicit political statement.                                                                     rules. Still, you are in good hands with Master
 A: You, too? I’ve joked to some friends that I            Now that six states and the District of Colum-               lifestyle 4/7.
 feel like Mary Tyler Moore in her eponymous                                                                               The Chateau is run by a couple of absolutely         R and Mistress Collette. But why take my word
                                                           bia have adopted marriage equality, the era of                                                                       for it? Have an adventure yourself! They gladly
 sitcom: the world wouldn’t be quite right until           using our rings to make in-jokes and political               wonderful folks. Master R, who founded La
 she got married (even though she never did).                                                                           Domaine Esemar some years ago and who has               welcome guests! Go to Your
                                                           statements is coming to an end. Not surprising-                                                                      most secret dreams can be made real.
 Anyway, hurrah that we’ve won the right to                ly, some couples plan to move their rings from               been immersed in the BDSM community longer
 marry in the Empire State, but let’s hold on just                                                                      than many of us have been alive. And the lovely            Slainte!
                                                           right to left when they officially tie the knot. Ac-
 a New York minute and remind our well-inten-              tor Neil Patrick Harris, who has been engaged                Mistress Collette, the skillful and charming
 tioned friends that marriage isn’t mandatory.             to his partner for five years, once joked that his           headmistress of Esemar. It is their home and the          *Lorelei Erisis, former Miss Trans New Eng-
 But how do we say it? Oddly, it’s easier to be            right hand had become calloused during the long              center of their family, which includes a range of       land, can be contacted at: loreleierisis@ther-
 snarky to a blatantly rude person than to a friend        wait. “It’d be nice to move the ring over here               house and personal slaves as well as masters and
 with foot-in-mouth disease. Still, there are a            someday,” he said, indicating his left hand.
 number of ways you can answer the altar call:
 • “You’ll be the first to know, after we decide
                                                           The bottom line is that whichever hand is right
                                                           for you is the right one. Either way, your rings              it’s tweet of you
 who has to propose in a gay relationship – but            symbolize the lifelong commitment you’re                      to follow us...

 don’t hold your breath.”                                  making.
 • “We’re talking to our accountant to figure out
 whether this makes sense for us financially. It             To continue this column, please visit us
 doesn’t for everyone.”                                    online at:
 • “It ain’t broke, so we ain’t fixing it.”
 which hand do we wear our rings on?                         *Steven Petrow is the author of Steven
 Q: My boyfriend and I are planning our wed-               Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners
 ding, and I heard that gay couples often wear
 their rings on their right hands instead of their
                                                           and can be found online at www.gaymanners.
                                                           com. Got your own question? E-mail it to him at     
 left. Is that true?                                                                        therainbowtimes
4 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
                                                                                             • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 5
hiv infections remain high among gay/bisexual men, series of misleading radio ads in massachusetts
who appear to make up the majority of those infected compromise a pending transgender-rights bill
by: joe siegel/TRT Reporter                           have a unique role to play in ensuring that gay/bi-       by: chuck colbert/TRT Reporter                          lets men use women’s bathrooms … to somehow
   The rate of HIV infections remains dispropor- sexual men are equipped with the knowledge and                     For more than a month now, the Massachu-            help transgender people. ... Public bathrooms just
tionately high among gay and bisexual men in skills to prevent HIV. This has to be done at an                   setts Family Institute (MFI) has run radio ads          won’t be safe anymore.”
New England.                                          individual and community level to raise awareness         slamming a bill in the legislature that would add          A male voice then says the bill “will open all
   According to the Rhode Island Department of and equip gay men with the ability to talk to their              “gender identity and expression” to the state’s         public restrooms and school locker rooms to any-
Health, there were 54 new cases in the men having partners about their HIV status, negotiate safe sex,          civil-rights laws, outlawing discrimination in em-      one of either sex.” The narrator urges listeners to
sex with men (MSM) population in 010. That fig- and get tested for HIV regularly.”                             ployment, housing, education, credit and access to      call their legislators and tell them to “vote no on
ure represents 51percent of the total of infections.    The rate of HIV infections may actually be sig-         public accommodations. The measure would also           the Bathroom Bill,” adding, “visit www.nobath-
That number has been steadily increasing within nificantly higher among MSM, according to Ber-                  expand the state’s hate-crimes statutes to include”
the past five years. In 009, there were 59 cases trand: “Among reported cases that have risk-factor            transgender-related offenses.                              MFI spokesperson Lisa Barstow said in recent
of HIV infection among gay and bisexual men. data, gay and bisexual men represented about 73                       The proposed legislation, “An Act Relative           telephone interview, “We’re scared. We think
The percentage for that year                                              percent of the new HIV infec-         to Transgender Equal Rights,” is still before the       citizens should be scared.”
was 47. In 008, the percentage                                           tions in 010 in Rhode Island,        legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary,            She went on to explain: “But when people
was 41.                                                                   so I would expect that three          which held a hearing on June 8 at the State House.      hear about and understand what the bill will do
   Similar findings have been                                             out every four prevention dol-        The committee can recommend a yes or no vote,           to public restrooms, the chaos it can create in K-
reported in neighboring states.                                           lars are spent on programs to         or set aside the bill for further study, a move that    1 schools, the opportunity for shenanigans in
In Connecticut, 46 percent of                                             prevent HIV in gay and bisex-         in effect kills the measure, at least for the current   the school, legitimate threats in school, we’re not
HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 009                                                ual men, with a focus on adult        legislative session that runs into 01.                willing to take the chance that a sexual predator
were gay and bisexual men. Of                                             men.”                                    The radio ads are an attempt to keep the bill        will not misuse this bill.”
that total, 67 percent were white                                            Education has to play a major      bottled up in that committee.                              And yet, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan-
men. 34 percent were black.                                               role in preventing HIV infec-            MFI Action launched its ad campaign on July 1       iel F. Conley says such concerns are unfounded.
   From 007 to 009, 744 of                                              tions, according to Mark Forry,       with radio spots on Greater Boston news and ra-         In an Aug. 10 letter to the joint Judiciary Commit-
the individuals diagnosed with                                            assistant director at The Male        dio talk shows. The 30- and 60-second radio spots       tee, he wrote, “Were there any real merit to these
HIV infection in Massachu-                                                Center in Boston. The MALE            christen the nondiscrimination legislation “The         fears, as a public safety official, I would say so.
setts were exposed through                                                (Men’s Action Life Empower-           Bathroom Bill,” stroking fears of sexual predators      The reality does not support the claim.”
male-to-male sex, accounting                                              ment) Center is a community           and child molesters in women’s restrooms.                  Attorney General Martha Coakley also sent a
for 41 percent of all cases and                                           resource and wellness center             Dialogue in the minute-long ad goes like this:       letter, dated July 0, to the committee, voicing
55 percent of HIV infections                                              for gay and bisexual men.                One woman to a mother: “You know, pretty             support for the transgender bill and decrying de-
among men. An additional                                                     “I think the first piece is mak-   soon, you won’t want [your daughter] to go into a       tractors’ public safety scare tactics.
58 men were reported to have                                              ing sure people have informa-         bathroom by herself anymore.”                              Still, Barstow said, “Our hearts go out to trans-
been exposed through male-to-                                             tion that they need to navigate          Taken by surprise, the mother asks, “Oh. Why?”       gender people. That does not mean, however,
male sex and injection-drug use                                           the choices regarding their              “You will have to worry about who could be in        (that) because there is a minority group that needs
                                                       Photo: joe siegel sexual health,” Forry told The                                                                 certain kinds of provisions, that the rest of every-
(MSM/IDU), accounting for 3                                                                                     there with her.”
percent of all cases and 4 per- tom bertrand, executive director Rainbow Times. “I also think                      “What?”                                              body else has to be turned upside down.”
cent of HIV infections among of aids Project rhode island                 it’s important to make sure that         “You haven’t heard about the Bathroom Bill?”
men.                                                                      we have prevention tools and             “No.”                                                  To continue this story, please visit us online at:
   On December 31, 010, there were 6,5 men materials widely available to people, things like                    “Yeah. Beacon Hill is about to pass a bill that
living with HIV/AIDS in whom HIV infection condoms and lube that are going to reduce the risk
was attributed to male-to-male sex, representing of an HIV transmission.”
                                                        Forry says the goal is to target HIV-prevention                                                                  TOP 10 BEST SELLER VIDEOS
                                                                                                                   P-town’s carnival
35 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS in
Massachusetts and 50 percent of men living with programs for specific populations.                                                                                           Courtesy:
HIV/AIDS. An additional 575 MSM living with             “We want to make sure that the services we
HIV/AIDS were reported to have also used injec- provide to (clients) really are going to be acces-
tion drugs, accounting for 3 percent of all people sible and digestible for folks so it doesn’t present            seeks designers                                        LESBIAN TOP 10
                                                                                                                                                                           1. Big Lesbian Love
living with HIV/AIDS and 5 percent of men.            another barrier as far as getting folks information,”
   According to the Centers for Disease Control Forry explained.
                                                        There are many factors that explain why gay and
                                                                                                                   for 2012 theme                                             Collector’s Set
(CDC), by risk group, gay, bisexual and other                                                                                                                              2. Leading Ladies
MSM of all races remain the population most im- bisexual men do not take greater precautions when                 PROVINCETOWN, MA—In preparation for
pacted by HIV.                                        engaging in sexual activity. Forry said trauma, a           the Provincetown Business Guild (PBG) Car-               3. The Real L Word
   MSM account for more than half (53 percent) history of violence, and low self-esteem may play                  nival 01 themed “P-town, A Space Odys-                    Complete Second Season
of all new HIV infections in the U.S. each year, a part.                                                          sey”, the PBG is reviving its Annual Carnival
as well as nearly half (48 percent) of people liv-      “Not everyone is able to prioritize their sexual          Poster Contest. All artists interested in creat-
                                                                                                                                                                           4. The Fish Child (El niño Pez)
ing with HIV. While CDC estimates that MSM health,” Forry said, adding the statistics in Mas-                     ing a poster depicting this coming years “P-             5. Gigola
account for just 4 percent of the U.S. male popula- sachusetts reveal a high percentage of homeless               town, A Space Odyssey,” are asked to com-                6. Elena Undone
tion aged 13 and older, the rate of new HIV diag- youth identify as LGBT.                                         plete and submit a design by March 1, 01.
noses among MSM in the U.S. is more than 44             Forry noted that homeless teens are more con-               The Guidelines are as follows: Size 11 X               7. The Lovers & Friends Show
times that of other men and more than 40 times cerned with meeting basic needs of survival, such                  17; Must be original artwork; Signed letter                 Season 4
that of women.                                        as finding food and shelter, than with protecting           of Artist Approval to use; Appropriate for all
   Members of the AIDS community are alarmed themselves from HIV.                                                 ages; Deadline is March 1st, 01.                       8. Bloomington
at the statistics and hope to intensify their preven-   The MALE Center provides free, rapid HIV                    The posters should be mailed to: Provinc-              9. Room in Rome
tion efforts.                                         testing and sex counseling for men who wish to              etown Business Guild, 3 Freeman St, Unit ,
   “I find the HIV trends very concerning and I be- modify their sexual behaviors in order to cut down            P.O. Box 41, Provincetown, MA 0657.                   10. Trigger
lieve now is the time for CBOs (community-based on risk.                                                            The winner will receive  VIP Passes.
organizations) and health departments to step up        “Change is not overnight,” Forry said. “It’s a              Please note that 1. The Provincetown Busi-
our efforts to address the challenges related to HIV journey and a process.”                                      ness Guild (PBG) will retain exclusive use of           GAY TOP 10
prevention in gay and bisexual men,” said Tom                                                                     the winning poster; and . No Entries will be            1. Judas Kiss
Bertrand in an interview with The Rainbow Times.        The MALE Center is located at 571 Co-                     returned and become the sole property of the
Bertrand is the executive director of AIDS Project lumbus Ave., Boston, MA 02118. You can call                    Provincetown Business Guild (PBG).                       2. Big Gay Love Collector’s Set
R.I., which is based in Providence. “I think CBOs 617.450.1987, and e-mail                                                                             3. Latter Days
                                                                                                                                                                           4. Unhappy Birthday
  All of us here at The Rainbow Times would like to extend a                                                                                                               5. Eating out 4: Drama Camp
  warm thank you to all our Partners in Pride - Boston Pride,                                                                                                              6. Leading Ladies
  Noho Pride, CT Pride, & Rainbow Riverfest - for their trust
                                                                                                                                                                           7. Mulligans
  in us as their official Pride Guide producer. We’d also like to
  thank all of our official Pride Guide advertisers who made                                                                                                               8. Queer as Folk UK:
  these productions possible. We couldn’t do it without all of                                                                                                                The Complete Collection

  your support. Here’s to building a stronger community!                                                                                                                   9. Undertow (Contracorriente)
  HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY PRIDE! —Cheers, tRt                                                                                                                                 10. The Green
6 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •

cabo wins lgbt chamber of the year award talk to students and staff early in school year about
by: christine nicco/TRT Reporter                          award shows the power and strength of the Connecti-
NEW HAVEN, CT—Merely four years since its cut LGBT community, which is something we can
                                                                                                                  what it means to be transgender, and that it’s ok
launch, the Connecticut Alliance for Business Op- all be proud of.”                                               by: tynan Power*/TRT Columnist                              might picture Christine Jorgenson, the American GI

                                                                                                                                          E        ven though I’ve been who had one of the first sex changes in 195. They
portunity (CABO) has made a big splash, to say the          Like much business development, CABO was born
least. Under the direction of executive director Jenn out an inherent need and Castricone took the lead.                                           out of school for years, might picture the more current image of Chaz Bono
Tracz Grace and founder and President Dena Cas-             “In looking for a local LGBT chamber, I discov-                                        the school session still posing with his mother, Cher. They might even have
tricone , the Connecticut-based LGBT Chamber of ered that no such organization existed,” she said. “I                                      governs my calendar. This a plan of action in mind of what they could do to sup-
Commerce was awarded one of the highest awards attended the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of                                              year, as school begins, both of port such a student.
in the nation—Chamber of                                                           Commerce Out for Busi-                                  my two sons head to college          The trouble is, many transgender youth don’t look

                                                                                                                  Photo: glenn koetzner
the Year from the National                                                         ness conference in Montreal                             and my partner prepares to like “transgender youth.” Imagining a young trans
Gay and Lesbian Chamber                                                            where I met several chamber                             start another year of teaching. person, most people don’t imagine the young George
of Commerce (NGLCC),                                                               leaders and learned about                               My sons’ minds are consumed Jorgensen or a tiny, blond Chastity on the “Sonny &
a business advocate and                                                            the chamber movement – it                               with the excitement of new Cher” show. When I think back on my own youth,
direct link between LGBT                                                           was so much more than pro-                              classes and their extracurricu- I know there were few signs that I would someday
business owners, corpora-                                                          viding networking oppor-                                lar engagements, my partner is transition. While many trans men go through their
tions and government.                                                              tunities for LGBT profes-      thinking about seating charts and lesson plans, and teen years and early adulthood looking like tomboys
   “This award is an incred-                                                       sionals. It was about social   I’m thinking: I wish the Speakers Bureau panel at the or butch lesbians, some — like me — seem to fit the
ible honor for CABO, and                                                           change through economic        high school came at the start of the year                                Barbie-doll heels assigned at birth.
a tribute to the businesses                                                        impact. I was inspired and     instead of the end.                                                         What’s more, for as many trans peo-
across Connecticut who are                                                         decided to start a chamber        Each year, the Stonewall Center at                                    ple there are in the world, there are an
united in publicly support-                                                        in Connecticut.”               the University of Massachusetts gets                                     exponential number of family members
ing LGBT people and lever-                                                            Founded in 007, CABO       numerous requests for LGBTQ speak-                                       and friends impacted by how the world
aging the community buy-                                                           has achieved impressive        ers to speak at schools in the area. The                                 views us. You couldn’t tell by look-
                                                       Photo: shadari Moon 2011
ing power of lesbian, gay, (From left to right) sam mcclure, nglcc growth in the past year,                       need is so great and the Speakers Bureau                                 ing at me in high school that I would
bisexual and transgender director of affiliate relations, and cabo’s with a rapidly growing                       so valuable that requests come from as                                   someday identify as FTM, but you also
people,” said Tracz Grace.                                                         membership base across         far as New York and Connecticut. I’ve                                    couldn’t tell by looking at my sons in
   Castricone added that this dena castricone and jenn tracz grace.                the state. Currently, the      spoken at a number of schools over the                                   high school that their mother is now a
honor has not only affected her, but has also added to chamber has over 150 members and has focused on            years, including a local high school that                                man.
membership benefits.                                      developing significant corporate relationships with     often has a Speakers Bureau panel visit                                     It’s true that LGBTQ people seem
   “Words cannot describe how proud I am of the business members of all sizes to give an economic                 as Northampton Pride approaches in                                       to be coming out younger these days.
amazing work of our board of directors and execu- edge to those who support equality and justice for              early May. Each year, I wish it came in                                  There is a lot more support inside and
tive director,” she said. “Of course, our members are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the        September. For that matter, I wish ev-              Photo: tynan PoWer beyond our schools. Yet that doesn’t
at the center of all we do and I am most happy for our state. According to Tracz Grace, this honor will pro-      ery school had a Speakers Bureau panel the author at 20.                 guarantee people will come out, pub-
members because I know that this award increases pel CABO’s initiatives forward.                                  in September — maybe not for the stu-                                    licly or even privately, to themselves.
the value of membership.”                                   “This award will give us additional footing to grow   dents, but at least for the staff.                          Adolescence is a time of self-discovery in many
   According to Tracz Grace, being recognized with the organization in other areas of Connecticut and be-            There are many teachers and administrators whose ways. Self-knowledge doesn’t come overnight. Plus,
this award puts CABO on the national map.                 yond our 4 borders,” she said. “We’ve expanded quite    hearts are in the right place — teachers who want sex and gender identities can change, emerging or
   “… all of the hard work that we put in on the local rapidly in the almost 4 years we have been around.         school to be safe for all, principals who want LGBTQ evolving later in life.
level is being recognized nationally,” she said. “This                                                            students to be treated, like any other students, with         My partner tells a story of overhearing a teacher
                                                                                       See CABO on page 29
                                                                                                                  dignity and respect. Yet even among those with the talking to a class about different kinds of identity that
                                                                                                                  best intentions, there can be a lack of information and are “changing” or “unchanging.” Gender was labeled
                                                                                                                  hazy understanding — especially about transgender.          “unchanging.” A student shouted out “Unless you
                                                                                                                     I think most teachers could give a rough definition have a sex change.” Instead of grabbing that teach-
                                                                                                                  of transgender and could picture in their mind’s eye able moment, the teacher laughed and said that was
                                                                                                                  what a “transgender youth” might look like. They a ridiculous thing to say. Later, when asked why, she
                                                                                November 12, 2011                                                                                              said transgender wasn’t something
                                                                                                                                                                                               the students needed to know about
                                                                                 4PM-8PM                                                                                                       — it wasn’t their issue.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yet sitting in that classroom, there
                                                                                  Garden House                                                                                                 might well have been a young George
                                                                                                                                                                                               Jorgensen, a Chastity Bono, or a Tara
                                                                                  at Look Park                                                                                                 Power. There’s no way any of us,
                                                                                                                                                                                               looking around the room, could ever
                                                                                  330 N Main Street,                                                                                           know. There’s no way to begin to
                                                                                 Florence, MA                                                                                                  estimate the impact of LGBTQ invis-
                                                                                                                                                                                               ibility in schools, but talking about
                                                                                                                                                                                               it from day one — in September
                                                                                Just $5 per couple!                                                                                            — would be a good place to start.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 To learn more about bringing
                                                                                                                                                                                               a Speakers Bureau panel to your
       A gathering of gay friendly and/or gay owned local businesses in one                                                                                                                                school or organiza-
       space to assist you in the planning of your wedding/union/ceremony.                                                                                                                                 tions, or to become a
                                                                                                                                                                                                           speaker, email stone-
        Tanya Costigan of Bowties and Butterflies Event Planning is proud to                                                                                                                                wall@stuaf.umass.
          announce the very first gay wedding expo in western Mass!                                                                                                                                         edu.

                            Registration required. Register today by logging on at                                                                                                                               *Tynan Power is
                                                                                                                                                                                                              a parent, a writer, a
     ,                                                                                                                                                           progressive Muslim
                                                                                                                                                                                                              leader, an interfaith
                                    or snap the code below into your smart phone.                                                                                                                             organizer, a (very
                                                                                                                                                                                                              slow) runner, mostly
                                                                                                                                                                                                              a big goof, sometimes
                                                                                                                                                                                                              taken too seriously,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              loving, gentle, queer
                                                                                                                                                                                                              and queer-cultured,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              a pen geek, often de-

  Official Media Sponsor                                                                                                                                                                                       hydrated, and full of
          The                                                                                                                                                                                                 wanderlust. He also
                                                                                                                                                                                                              happens to be a trans-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              gender man. He can
                                                                                                                                                                                                              be reached at tynan-
   The Freshest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Newspaper in New England
                                                                                                                                                                                                     • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 7
8 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
                                                                                                • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 9
Lesbians seeking pregnancy assistance 2011 Miss Trans New England Pageant
encounter discrimination at local hospital set for September 10th in Northampton
by: abigail levy*/Special for TRT                       drive is worth it because we are treated with re-           The 011 Miss Trans New England Pageant            keep doing this event if it hasn’t brought in mon-
   I have been trying to get pregnant with a known      spect and dignity. It has re-instilled hope that we      will be held at Northampton High School located       ey, well the answer is simple and it is because I
donor’s sperm for almost two years. We, as many         can have the family we want.                             at 380 Elm Street, Northampton, Mass 01060 on         love my community and to see what this pageant
couples struggling with infertility, didn’t expect it      I became aware of how much we felt disenfran-         Saturday, Sept. 10th from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. The         has done for many of the girls makes it all worth
take this long. We recently decided to take more        chised by this institution when speaking to my           Pageant’s mission, according to its CEO, Christa      it.”
aggressive steps from our midwife-assisted IUIs         mom in between conversations with Dr. L. My              Hilfers, is to “allow trans women to compete             But, some funds do support community activi-
(Intrauterine Inseminations) and consult with the       wife and I were worrying about what we could             for a title that honors their beauty and their tal-   ties and a new consignment store has opened to
reproductive medicine center at a local hospital.       say or do that would allow us to move to IVF.            ents-while recognizing them as both women and         alleviate contestants’ costs on gowns and other
    We met with Dr. L, who immediately told us          My mom reacted strongly, “You are acting as              transgender.”                                                              accessories they purchase for
what our health insurance would cover before            if you need these people’s permission to raise a            “Contestants must be Male to                                            the Pageant.
laying an eye on me. We told                                              family. You have every right           Female Transgender/Transsexu-                                                “Contestant also will do a
her we had a known donor
who had been tested for STIs
                                     It is when we                        to create a family the way you
                                                                          want and you don’t need their,
                                                                                                                 als from New England and New
                                                                                                                 York City,” Hilfers said. “The
                                                                                                                                                                                           fundraiser for their chosen plat-
                                                                                                                                                                                           form to which the non-profit
and HIV and with whom I had          feel oppressed,                      or anyone else’s permission.” It
                                                                          is when we feel oppressed, dis-
                                                                                                                 Miss Trans New England Pag-
                                                                                                                 eant also provides personal and
                                                                                                                                                                                           will be given the monies raised.
                                                                                                                                                                                          This is our way of giving back,”
been inseminating with for 0
months. She commented, “You                                               criminated against, and helpless       professional opportunities for                                           she added. “I recently opened a
                                                                          that we forget what is a right as      trans women and promotes their                                           thrift and consignment store and
know we don’t like that here.”
She did not look at my charts,       against, and                         a human being. (This is why we         voice in culture, politics and the                                       all contestants and members of
                                                                                                                 community. The Program em-                                              the new court will get discounts
                                     helpless that we
my cycles, my medical history,                                            need allies to remind us!)
or my wife in the eye. She told                                              I chose to marry a woman,           powers trans women to achieve                                           on gowns. I am also going to help
                                     forget what is a
us to go right to IVF (In Vitro                                           but I didn’t choose to be dis-         their personal and professional                                         cloth some of the girls who are in
Fertilization) and switch to an                                           criminated for it. I just think that   goals, and provides a forum in                                          financial difficulty and were con-
anonymous donor because it
would be more efficient. As if
                                     right as a human                     Dr. L could have been kinder. It
                                                                          was so clear we made her un-
                                                                                                                 which to express their opinions,
                                                                                                                 talents, and intelligence.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        sidering having to drop out due to
                                                                                                                                                                                        it. I don’t want any of the girls to
our donor decision has not been      being. (this is why                  comfortable, but I’m a human
                                                                          and like many others that she
                                                                                                                    To be a contestant, interested
                                                                                                                 participants need to pay $15
                                                                                                                                                                                        drop out due to financial issues.
                                                                                                                                                                                        I know it firsthand as for the first
                                     we need allies to
well thought out and emotion-
                                                                          has helped get pregnant, I want        ahead of time for entering the                                         year I lived in Mass. I was home-
ally involved, Dr. L stated nu-                                                                                  Pageant, or $0 at the door.                                          less. I know the struggle.”
                                     remind us!)
merous excuses as to why they                                             a child. She wasn’t thinking of
                                                                          what my experience was be-                This year’s contestants are:                                           Talents range from singing to
would not work with us with a                                                                                    Krystal Rash of Palmer, MA; Julia Tresvant of                         stand up and puppet based comedy
known donor unless we quaran-                                             cause she was too stuck in her
                                                        own discomfort to see past it to ours.                   New York, NY; Krista Ramos of Chicopee, MA;           and will all be on display at the Pageant. Contes-
tined the sperm ($) at a sperm bank ($$) for six                                                                 Syndi Miller of Holyoke, MA; Nicole Hamidi of         tants will be scored in the categories of interview,
months to test it twice ($$$) for STIs, and then                                                                 Pelham, MA; Samantha Cornell of Worcester,            presentation, evening gown, and talent. Lorelei
freeze the sperm and ship it ($$$$) to their facil-       *Abigail Levy, a pseudonym used by the au-
                                                        thor to protect her identity, is a psychotherapist       MA; Ashley Rogers of Chelmsford, MA and               Erisis, Miss Trans New England 009, will be
ity. Dr. L explained that due to the guidelines that                                                             Jada Sparkz of Springfield, MA.                       featured as a special guest judge. Toni Olin-Mi-
the hospital follows, while a heterosexual couple       and has been married to her spouse for 5 years.
                                                        They reside in the Pioneer Valley of Western                Funds collected at the event, according to Hil-    gnosa holds the title of Miss Trans New England
could move immediately to IVF, a lesbian couple                                                                  fers, go back into the pageant to pay for the space   010. The Rainbow Times is a proud sponsor of
has to quarantine the sperm for six months, even        Massachusetts.
                                                                                                                 and for events throughout the year.                   the Miss Trans New England Pageant.
if the individual has been exposed to the sperm                                                                     “As to date the Pageant has not made any funds
prior to IVF.                                            CABO from page 26                                       as I have put all monies out of my own pocket,          For more information about the Pageant and
   Dr. L claimed that their program could not                                                                    with the exception of a few donations the first       to get tickets, contact Christa Hilfers (C.E.O.) at
separate the social (my state-recognized mar-               We started off with a heavy focus in New Haven
                                                         County and over the past 1- years we’ve made           year,” Hilfers explained. “You may ask why I
riage) from the medical (my inseminations with
the donor) because they had a “moral obligation.”        a sizeable impact in both Fairfield and Hartford

                                                                                                                   Lgbt aging project healthy resource:
She explained this with an example of a family in        Counties. While we are active in these 3 counties
which children had been removed from the home            there are still 5 others that we haven’t tapped into
                                                         yet. With a national chamber of the year win under

                                                                                                                   community meals for Lgbt older adults
and how the hospital would have a moral obliga-
tion not to offer that couple IVF. We, as two wom-       our belt, it gives us the strength and confidence to
en with a known donor, were being compared to            move into other areas of the state and do it suc-
a family in which children were removed from             cessfully, creating opportunities for our members
the home for abuse and/or neglect. This was Dr.          involved.”
L’s attempt to have a “mutual agreement” as to              In addition to a solid infrastructure and vision        The LGBT Aging Project is pleased to have a        SOuTH SHORe:
why the hospital would eventually deny us equal          that Castricone created, she credits much of CA-         whole section dedicated to the different LGBT        Monthly Brunch for LGBT Seniors & Friends
services that would have been offered had I been         BO’s success to Tracz’s efforts.                         Community Meal Programs that are starting            When: Last Sat. of every month, 10AM-1PM
a married heterosexual woman, a single woman                 “Her passion, dedication and drive are the reason    to emerge across the state. The organization         Where: All Souls Unitarian Church, 196 Elm
with a male partner, or had I simply just come in        that CABO experienced such incredible growth in          now has a variety of offerings from weekly lun-      Street, Braintree, MA
                                                         the past two years,” Castricone said.                    cheons, monthly brunches, a monthly women’s          RSVP: Maryanne Ryan 781-848-3939 x 35
with the donor and said that we wanted to have a
                                                            Despite difficult economic times, Tracz Grace         program and two monthly supper programs.             or email for more info.
child (a.k.a. lied—kind of like we are forced to do
                                                         said that there are still many business opportunities    According to the LGBT Aging Project, there is        Sponsored by: South Shore Elder Services
on our federal tax forms, etc.). Dr. L instructed us
                                                         to seize. CABO and its members have capitalized
to go to counseling to deal with our “issue.” I in-                                                               also a nice diversity in the location for each of
                                                         on that philosophy.                                                                                           SOMeRViLLe/CAMBRidGe:
quired about the subject of “issue”—my infertility                                                                the five programs.
                                                            “Many of our member businesses are hiring and                                                              Cadbury Cafe: Somerville & Cambridge’s
or the way we are choosing to make our family
                                                         thriving in a down economy and CABO is serving           BOSTON/BACk BAY:                                     First LGBT Monthly Dining Program
and was told the latter. My wife stated that we felt
                                                         as a driving force in helping promote those oppor-       Cafe Emmanuel: “The Original LGBT Meal Site!”        When: 4th Wed. of every month, 6-8PM
discriminated by her actions and Dr. L merely re-
                                                         tunities to other members,” Tracz Grace said. “We        When: Every Thursday 11AM-1PM                        Where: Cadbury Commons, 66 Sherman
plied, “It’s okay for you to feel that way.”             have a job board available on our website where
   While Dr. L claimed they were not discrimina-                                                                  Where: Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury                   Street, Cambridge, Ma.
                                                         our members can share opportunities with one an-         Street Boston, MA                                    RSVP: by calling SCES (617) 68-601 ext.
tory because “we have been treating same-sex             other and we are often asked if we know of the right
couples as long as there have been donors,” her                                                                   RSVP: to or                605 or email
                                                         people for the job when one becomes available. If        call (617) 477-6610                                  Sponsored by: Somerville Cambridge Elder
actions speak otherwise. Dr. L has made no at-           you are with an LGBT chamber of commerce and
tempt to bridge understanding, practice compas-                                                                   Sponsored by: Ethos & The LGBT Aging Project         Services, Cambridge Council on Aging and
                                                         you are providing value to your members, even            Music Program: 1st & 3rd Thurs every month           Cadbury Commons.
sionate care, offer us a referral, explain with sound    in a down economy your members will see your
medical reason as to why they can’t offer services,      value and want to be a part of something greater.”       ROSLiNdALe:                                          NORTH SHORe:
send us the hospital’s policies that we requested,          Tracz Grace and Castricone accepted the award
or even apologize (which left me no other choice                                                                  Out to Brunch: Monthly Brunch & Social               Over The Rainbow Supper Club
                                                         on behalf of CABO at the NGLCC National Busi-            for Older LBT Women & Their Friends                  When: nd Tues. of every month, 6-8PM
than to write this column for others to know.) In        ness & Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Ne-
addition, it seems that the guidelines they fol-                                                                  When: First Sat. of every month 11AM-1PM             Where: House of Seven Gables, 115 Derby
                                                         vada last month.                                         Where: Roslindale House, 10 Poplar Street           Street, Salem MA
low (that are written by the American Society of            “CABO has far exceeded my expectations,” said
Reproductive Medicine) are not providing equal                                                                    Roslindale, MA                                       RSVP: (978) 64-61
                                                         Castricone.                                              RSVP: to or call               Sponsored by: The Old and Bold Coalition,
treatment same-sex couples as they would for het-
erosexual couples in the same situation.                                                                          (617) 5-6700 x306.                                 North Shore Elder Services’ outreach to the
                                                            For more info about CABO or to join the success-      Sponsored by: Ethos & The LGBT Aging Project         LGBT Community on the North Shore.
   On a more positive note, we have found another        ful organization, please visit:
center to work with. It is two hours away, but the
30 • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • The Rainbow Times •
                                                                                               • The Rainbow Times • September 8, 011 - October 5, 011 • 31
 The OutField: Austin Snyder’s long run destinations: traveling first class all the gay!
 by: dan woog* /Special for TRT                          tin Snyder. The track star was entering his senior       by: jorge treviano/Special for TRT

                                T      here are three    year at California’s Berkeley High School. (The            If Housewives of NY’s queen of luxury Sonja
Q sPorts
                                       keys to docu-     other three athletes were already in college.) He        Morgan were a gay travel agent, she would be
                                       mentary film-     had a great, supportive family. He was smart, pop-       Dane Steele Green.
                               making: a good sub-       ular and embraced by his teammates.                        Green’s travel tour company, Steele Luxury
                               ject, a good story line      Snyder’s story would provide a counterpoint           Travel, specializes in meeting the needs of a high
                               and good luck.            to Brenner Green, a Connecticut College runner           end, fabulously gay clientele. He says vacations
                                  Scott Bloom found      whose father had a hard time accepting his son’s         should be intriguing, inspirational, educational
                               all three.                sexuality, and who stopped being invited to team         and most of all, indulgent.
                                  His goal in making     dinners after coming out in high school; Good-             His trips are tailored with the gay traveler in
                               Out for the Long Run      man, who had difficulty coming out to teammates;         mind. Steele’s most popular summer travel ex-
                               – a movie about gay       and Liz Davenport, a soccer player from Maine            perience, The Mykonos Island Villa Escape, fea-
                               high school athletes      whose love for sports was undermined by the bul-         tures a sea-front villa with live-in chefs, a clean-
 – was to go beyond “the regular coming out sto-         lying she endured. (She ended up “probably the           ing staff, and two gorgeous house boys.
 ries.” Bloom, a former closeted wrestler who had        most heroic,” Bloom says, “after struggling and            Note to Sonja: don’t allow The Countess to plan
 been terrified of being outed, ostracized or beaten     maturing the most.”)                                     your next trip abroad. Call Dane. He’ll give you                                   Photo: gustavo Monroy
 up, knew there were “extraordinary individuals”            Snyder, a very articulate teenager, lives through     the extravagantly first class vacation you deserve.
                                                         what is in many ways a typical high school year.                                                                 dane steele green of steele luxury travel
 out there. He wanted to highlight their accom-                                                                     The Rainbow Times caught up with Mr. Green
 plishments, and provide hope to LGBT people of          He desperately hopes to get into Brown University        to discuss Steele Luxury Travel and what makes         dSG: Our company’s slogan is Live Your Indul-
 all ages, everywhere.                                   – but an injury causes both physical and emotional       this handsome young entrepreneur tick …                gence. When travelling abroad, explore the land
    The first problem was finding those young ath-       stress. The usually self-confident runner wonders                                                               the way you like. If you want to taste every type
 letes. The second was convincing them – and their       if he is being punished for his sexuality.               The Rainbow Times: Where are the hot gay des-          of gelato in Italy, do it. If you want to visit every
 parents – to be filmed for a documentary.                  It’s not easy being a senior – especially when        tinations this fall?                                   bathhouse around the world, indulge yourself.
    He asked organizations like GLSEN and                you’re gay. “I’m a big romantic,” Snyder says.           dane Steele Green: Aside from the staples - Rio,       It’s your time to be free and leave all of life’s
 PFLAG for help. But although he’d produced one          “High school is all about the guys getting the girls.    Mykonos, Ibiza and Barcelona – gay men are             stresses behind.
 film on Metropolitan Community Church founder           Running helps take away the hurt of not having           flocking to more obscure destinations around the       TRT: How did you get into travel?
 Rev. Troy Perry, and another on the “oldest gay         someone.”                                                globe, including South Africa, Courchevel (for         dSG: Travel has always been my passion. I
 organization in the world” (a motorcycle club), he         Then Snyder gets the news: He’s into Brown.           winter snowboarding), and Asian cities like Hong       worked for several airlines and tour companies
 admits he was “an unknown quantity.”                    He goes from “the lowest low to the highest high.”       Kong and Shanghai.                                     before launching my own company.
    The project stalled. Then Bloom saw a Facebook       In a scene repeated in homes across the country, he      TRT: What destination tops your list?                  TRT: DNA Magazine called you “the luckiest
 page for gay athletes. With permission from cre-        is giddy with excitement.                                dSG: Thailand is full of energy, culture and deli-     gay bastard.”
 ator Lucas Goodman, a Massachusetts Institute of           But as graduation approaches, Snyder says, “All       cious food.                                            dSG: My most recent “Oh my God, look where
 Technology rower, Bloom asked for volunteers.           my friends are happy and dating. I want that!”           TRT: There is a trend in destinations defining         I am” moment was at the Life Ball in Vienna. I
    He got a dozen or two responses. But some of            He creates a Facebook group for cross country         themselves as gay-friendly.                            was inside the most beautiful palace and I
 their parents objected. Blurring faces or filming       and track athletes heading to Brown. He joins an-        dSG: The gay dollar is powerful. During this eco-      literally got a sense of what heaven must be like.
 in shadows would undercut the idea of openness.         other group for all admitted students where, he          nomic crisis, the gay travel sector is the only one
 Plus, Bloom hoped to include the parents’ stories       says, “all the gay men have found each other.”           that has remained constant in the industry. Cities       Wanna escape New England during the cold
 too. In the end he settled on four athletes, with a        Suddenly, Snyder finds someone special: a             would be foolish not to open their doors to us.        winter months? Book a trip now to Rio de Ja-
 cross-section of experiences.                           swimmer from North Carolina. Online they flirt,          TRT: Tell us your travel philosophy.                   neiro for New Year’s at
    When he began shooting, some of Bloom’s old          then talk seriously for weeks. Then, in a plot twist
 fears resurfaced. “I worried all over again about       that would sound unbelievable in a real movie
 being ‘thrown out of the locker room,’” he says.        – except it’s true – Snyder qualifies for a national
 “But everyone was very gentle to me.”                   race. In North Carolina.
    He learned that today’s gay youth “have fewer           Bloom films their meeting. It’s a truly sweet
 hang-ups than my generation did. They define            scene. Later, his new boyfriend gives him a tender
 sexuality more fluidly. That’s refreshing. It gives     pre-race kiss.
 me hope. I was definitely not as self-aware at that
 age.”                                                    To continue this story, please visit us online at:
    Bloom’s lucky break came when he found Aus-

 To Cook is To Love: A Foodies Journal
 Kitchen as Classroom offers Teachable Moments
 by: john verlinden*/TRT Cuisine Expert                  facilitates thoughtful discussions regarding ethical

                                             o i n g     behavior, geopolitics, social justice and more.
¡mucho gusto!

                               Photo: rachel Power

                                             “back to      I know you’re thinking: “Chef Johnny has really
                                             school”     gone off the deep end this time; I haven’t got time
                                    at the end of sum-   for this?”
                                    mer vacation is        It can be difficult to work with the little darlings
                                    like a second new    – they’ll likely fuss and complain about having
                                    year’s celebration   to help and they’ll probably make a big mess of
                                    and ritual for me.   your kitchen. But hey, it’s important and it’s worth
                                    No matter how        the investment! You’re not just teaching a valu-
                                    old I get, early     able life skill – how to cook, you’re sharing your
                                    September still      values about some of the most complicated issues
                                    means a new start,   in the world around us. There’s also a bonus in it
          another chance, new resolutions. There is      for you. You’ll learn more about what’s going on
          something rejuvenating about it.               in your children’s lives in the process. Sometimes
            This year “back to school” is my re-         gathering even the scantest intelligence regarding
          minder to get back in touch with the kids      what they are up to, even when it is only minutes
          in my life. And, there’s no better way to      before they actually do the really bone-headed
          reconnect than to do a project together in     thing they’ve been planning, can help you avoid a
          the kitchen.                                   huge disaster. So, you see, this is actually going to
            Whether it’s baking cookies, grilling fish   save you time in the long run.
          or chopping vegetables, cooking with kids        Until next time – ¡Mucho Gusto!, ¡Muchas Gra-
 is an opportunity to talk with them about how the       cias! y ¡Buen Provecho!
 world works and doesn’t—where our dinner was
 grown, who’s involved in its production, harvest-         *Tells us about a teachable moment in your life,
 ing and processing, how it’s shipped, and what goes     share your experience cooking with kids, ask a
 into its marketing and sale. Cooking is a great way     question or suggest a topic for a future article –
 to reinforce school curriculum – geography, his-        contact me: or visit www.
 tory, science, math; they’re all there. And food also and join our food forum.
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