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Earnings Disclaimer Actual results may vary with the use of this product. No promises have been made, are being made or will be made.

Terms of Use You are authorized to consult this product and use the resources as a paying customer. Any unauthorized sharing of the contents, or unauthorized distribution is punishable by International copyright law. To be clear, you have not purchased any right to resell this material, or to share it in any public venue. The author and publisher of this material assume no legal responsibility for the actual use of the ideas and techniques shared in this material.

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Fiirstt Thiings Fiirstt F rs Th ngs F rs
Okay, so enough with the fluff, let’s dispense with the tradition of a ‘lengthy introduction’… But before we jump straight into the realm of the Black Cloak PPC Blueprint, it’s important that we’re all first singing off the same hymn sheet. Sometimes in order to keep going forward it’s necessary (or advisable) to first take a step sideways or even backwards before proceeding just to reflect on where we’ve come from. Let’s sum up the actions ‘you should be taking’ when entering into a new market. Here’s a look at how to control your niches; we will call it “The 1st 10 Steps on How To Dominate A Niche”… Take a look and see how you measure up (don’t worry if you’re not doing all of this yet, but you will be…You Will Be… ;-) “The 1-10 How To For Niche Domination” 1. Identify your market then select just 2 or 3 related niches to begin with and focus your efforts on becoming the dominant player in each of these. 2. Pick 3 - 7 products (in each niche) to create your sales funnel (by grouping them into "packages" - Basic, Standard, Premium, etc., I've found it easier to manage and also to increase the value of each sale) 3. Bid on Buy Terms ONLY - Product Names / Codes, Trademark Terms. These are the hottest prospects (why waste time operating a business in the slums or in the dark with hopefuls)

4. Bid to be in the top 3 (grey on M$, Blue on Google) - why? - The most traffic.
PLUS when you get in these positions the CTR is better which in turns lowers the overall cost per lead. Pay whatever it takes because you should have a sales funnel that brings in far more from each new customer than the commission from the first sale. 5. Ads are written with the specific intention of getting as much targeted traffic as possible. Usually they read something like: Product Z Do Not Buy Product Z Until After You Read This Revealing Review. -Z 6. CTR's using this negative "Enquirer-esque" approach, range between 8-12%, sometimes even higher. Elsewhere in this book are revealed methods for how to test against other people's ads to know exactly what their CTR rate is. In most

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cases you will be getting clicks at 4 times the rate they are (which means at 1/4 the cost ;-) 7. Use the Bully Tactics to push the Merchant and other top sellers around the place. This is YOUR niche so start taking their actions to heart. How dare they be encroaching on YOUR SPACE?

8. Load a Covert Cookie on each of your Landing Pages. The kind of squeeze that's introduced in this book will ratchet your sales process up about six notches - it's brilliant. Put them through the Gateway Magic / Interactive Sales Letter to learn more about their exact motivations and identify what they want, what makes them tick. 9. After you have an idea of ‘who they are’ and ‘what they want’ then you can send them direct to the Merchants site - to the exact page you want to thanks to the Covert Cookie - provided it's a good enough sales letter that's got a half decent shot at closing them. If it's not good enough then create your own sales page and at the end of it link directly to the order link (thanks to the CC) "Using the covert cookie, you don't have to send people to a page that wouldn't sell ice to an eskimo. You don't want the merchant to screw anything up. Given the chance, they usually will. This is your business. " 10. When they make the first purchase understand that they are in buying mode and at their most receptive to making more sales - so give them more offers – Upsells, Cross-sells, Bumps, etc for complimentary or related goods. Sweeten their opinion of you by giving out some GOOD freebies and make up some other "special offers". Then when they make a purchase on the Merchants site make sure they come back to your site to "complete" the transaction - i.e. become part of YOUR flock.

I trust that wasn’t ALL new to you. You should be doing many of these things already, but if there were a few things that left you scratching your head, then you can already be glad you bought into this. Read on as all will become more clear... But first… LET'S MAKE A DEAL Within these pages I am going to give you enough information that anyone with a half decent understanding of this business (PPC & Affiliate Marketing) can immediately go out and earn an extra $5 - $10k that will be directly attributable to this manuscript. And you will be able to repeat this for as long as you wish.

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I'm going to share with you the methods that us Black Cloak PPC Ninja use to dominate entire niches and control whole PPC listings. Now those of you more familiar with the Ninja will be aware that they were hired assassins and, unlike the Samurai, they seldom held an allegiance to any one single Master. They were guns for hire that operated in the shadows using stealth and cunning to deal out explosive blows at anyone their "paymasters" selected. With this in mind I want to make you an offer. Now that I am arming you with the tactics and tools to become a PPC Ninja, I would like you to form a strategic alliance with the rest of us Black Cloak Masters. The Samurai understood that there was strength and power in numbers and by acting as part of a group they remained the ruling class in Japan for many, many generations. There is presently an opportunity for a ruling elite to be established that will control the world of PPC. You've only just witnessed the tip of the iceberg for where this type of e-marketing is heading. PPC is evolving quickly and already we're coming to know it in many differing forms. The Black Cloak plans to be at the forefront of this evolution and to be the leaders we need to align ourselves together into a cohesive unit that's ready, willing and equipped to act swiftly upon the needs of our "paymasters"... ……. I want you to agree to reinvest 20% of what you earn through the knowledge you gain as a member of the Black Cloak Elite. This is not a tax or a cost of membership but is instead your investment in a new business. I’m not going to try and sell you on this point now, because as you read on in the Black Cloak Sessions you will not only be willing to, you will want to make this investment.

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The 80//20 Rulle The 80 20 Ru e
Maybe you have heard this one before – The Paratio Principle, but I want to get it into your head early (I’ll spare you the often) because this is a mindset to keep throughout your experience with Black Cloak PPC. That old 80/20 rule is alive and well here in PPC land. In my experience 80% of sales come from the top 20% of keywords, and 80% of profits come from just 20% of your customers. In fact it still holds true when you break that down another 2 maybe even 3 levels deep too. Of that top 20% the lions share of profits will come from the top 20% within that bunch too, which is the top 4 from the original 100. So where are we down to now? -we've moved it down to the 96/4 rule now? Keep this in mind for where you focus your energies in trying to tend to and satisfy your customer needs. Identify the top 4 in each 100 and focus more than 90% of your resources on growing your relationship with them. If you remember nothing else from this book except this one point then you probably still have enough to work with there to put you in the top 20% of the top 20% of the entire Internet Marketing niche. In other words, learn who your top 4% of customers are, look after them like royalty and learn what it is they want, then make sure to make it easy for them to get it through you when they want it. Do just this and you will virtually guarantee yourself a place in the top 4% of the Elite marketers in this industry. With your keywords you'll find probably 4-5 majorly profitable campaigns / products out of every 100 you promote and that's where you focus your budgets to mine them for all their worth. So if you are looking for big wins and profit volumes go for the obvious (Tactic #3) and muscle in on the current "Landlords" turf. Use any combination of the methods in the rest of this book to squeeze the top guys right out from them. Then get dominant and territorial and about your positions, it's your territory so fight to retain them. Don't go letting some young punk try to squeeze you back out - use the Bully tactics. There are also sometimes hidden gems to be found when researching keywords and key phrases. Sometimes I have come across terms that I thought would never ever get typed but that actually earn good money, but finding them ain't too easy and is not usually worth the time and effort, at least not using the regular Keyword Research tools. So check out the XXX Competitive Intelligence & Corporate EspionageXXX Sessions for some advanced snooping tactics to give you the edge.

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5% READERS WILL BE GETTING RICH 5% of you reading this are about to become mega rich through the information contained within the pages of these here sessions. But which 5%? If we take this same 80/20 rule (well 96/4 now) and put it against all the people that buy this book then we'll have 4 out of each hundred that have in their hands now all the information and tools they need to move up into the big league. It's the sad nature of info products in this niche that most people who buy these products never actually put the new knowledge to ANY real use. So most of you reading this book now will go out and at best make a few thousand bucks extra as a result of the new knowledge you'll gain. Most of you won't really apply these principles and so your earnings won't be measured in anything more than 4 digits, maybe $5,000 - $7,000 will be this groups average profits. These are the 80% party. To contrast these we'll then have the top 20% who will really apply themselves and will put in the time and effort to get the ball rolling, to build the momentum that will propel their earnings into the hundreds of thousands bracket.
Of this 20% there will be a subset of 20% of you that will have the right attitude and will do the right activities to take this information and use it to make yourself very rich with incomes levels on a par with top earners like Sports Stars and Movie Celebrities.

Of course a few of you are already at that stage but the vast majority are nowhere near that yet and for me I look forward to discovering which of you rising stars will make the grade. Which of you has what it takes? Which have the right mix of aptitude, ambition and persistence?

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Leverage Theiir Brand and Buiilld by Associiattiion Leverage The r Brand and Bu d by Assoc a on
"Those skilled in war subdue the enemy without battle ... . They conquer by strategy. So the greatest conqueror is he who overcomes the enemy without a blow. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." - Sun Tzu

"This is just brilliant and you can utilize this tactic in a number of ways…" The Internet is a vast ocean and it's highly likely that you find yourself to be just another one of the small fish in it. Wherever you turn you find yourself face to face with bigger and bigger fish. And you must be all too aware that many sharks are amongst the fibres too. Stay still for too long and you will be eaten up. That's the very nature of business, especially so on the Net. If you're not moving forward, if you're not continually growing and expanding, then it's only a matter of time until your business faces its own demise. So how do you survive? How do you grow into one of those big fish? Leverage my friend, you're going to use leverage off "their brand name" to catapult yourself into the big league, and build yourself a much bigger business. Look around you and take notice of the many millions that the bigger fish are spending to develop their brands. "Your competitors have spent a lot of green to build their brand into their current position and standing in the market. Upon first appearances you're likely to feel very much at a competitive disadvantage, but once you understand how to position yourself and utilize their assets, you're going to be in a very strong position." When I was first awakened to the power of leverage it was the dawning for me of a new day, and I couldn't ever look back. It's perhaps the greatest business building asset and can be used by anyone bold enough to step up and take advantage. In the past it involved making calls and asking for deals, but in today's connected world it couldn't be any easier. Almost every site has its own section with an open invitation to all to consider becoming a Partner or Affiliate.

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And it's wide open for you to go and take a ride. In fact, they are inviting you right in to dine with them on the wealth that all those other small fish are dutifully bringing in for them. “Hmm… look’s like Keyword Spying is en vogue. Must be Rich Jerk's new infomercial. I think I’ll piggy back on the hype and buzz he’s created.” “Poker is the in thing right now. It’s all over the TV and the ‘Net. Let me see if I can interview someone who’s really good at it and jump on the bandwagon with a cheap front end loss leader, and a high-ticket backend info product!”

If you're completely new to marketing or your cash flow is tight right now then it's best that you skip this chapter for the time being. While this can be a very quick route to making your millions, it's not an overnight solution to quick cash and if you aren't yet familiar with the nuances of marketing then you'll find these big fish aren't going to be overly interested in helping you through the curve. But make a note - this is the most certain path to building your business into a bigger concern and at the first opportunity you should begin the journey. “If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak" - Sun Tzu

OK so what's involved? You sell your competitors products and to seal the deal you give away your own. By using their established brand you are positioning your business to increase your sales and also leveraging your products into the hands of customers that may not have been otherwise exposed to doing business with you. You create (or have created) products that will compliment the products of the bigger fish and then offer to give them away for free (as gifts / bonuses) to anyone that buys your competitors products on your recommendation (and through your link of course). Now if you've gone so far as to create products especially for your competitors and you're co-operating on such an intrinsic level, then I guess we'll need a new term to call them by - how about the co-ompetition? Even though I first heard that term being used to describe this process about 10 years back and most of my activities since then have involved building these mutually beneficial arrangements, you'd be surprised how few "smaller fish" out here really recognise the true value in this.

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OK not seeing the big picture yet? Microsoft has just brought out their new Windows Vista OS and smaller fish all over the planet have begun to write up a whole library worth of guides, books, manuals, software, etc to support the big fishes venture. Across the globe millions will be spent in this ancillary niche. A bit closer to home - M$ has also recently released their new PPC platform, adCenter, and many smart marketers will be lining up with wallets wide open to buy the first guides that are released that will show them how to utilize this new opportunity to create additional wealth. Perhaps you're starting to see things in a more devious light ;-)

THE BIG PICTURE It's all based on the fact that there's great power in brand leverage and you have the ability to rapidly build a new brand by utilizing an association with an established one. The aim is to leverage off their name to connect with customers and explore (exploit) the salient differentiators of the brand – and explore territory for brand extension. Brands exist in a ‘brandscape’ of competing and complementary offerings. Brands exist in the real world of real people and their feelings, actions and desires. Successful brands are the ones that reach their customers in a multidimensional way – tying into their lives at many levels. One of the keys to a successful brand is the creation of compelling experiences for customers. Discovery and segmentation The goal is to discover what connects them to that something intangible ‘beyond the product' ...., so create narratives that speak directly to customers about the brand and its place in their lives. I draw on some of the latest research techniques from psychology and anthropology, and use a range of strategies (a broad set of techniques) that are designed to reveal the real lives of the consumers and their deepest thoughts and feelings. This delivers powerful customer insights. With a better understanding of these customers it offers visions to drive the selection of related products and gives opportunity for innovation and / or development of breakthrough products and services in related markets.

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The goal is to find several related products that appeal to that base. Promote products with features and benefits that they will appreciate and you will be successful!

"Most of the Time it's the Best Offer that gets the Sale" "You have to do what you can to get the loyalty from those people who've made the decision to buy from your co-ompetition." Sometimes referred to as JV partnering - the truly brilliant marketers are always working from an angle such as this. "But let's be frank on this whole Affiliate / JV partner thing. As goes the status quo here, these arrangements are usually much better for the person with the product to sell than they are for the those doing the selling. I don't care what the commission is. In fact, the higher the commission the MORE you ought to know the rewards are great for the product owner.

"This depends on the market, of course, but if a company is running a good operation at least 33% of customers will buy at least one more product with them. Many will buy repeatedly. One affiliate product that I promote pays me a $30 commission per sale. That's about 20%, which happens to be on the top end of this entire niche. Well, 35% of their customers buy from them again in the future, not to mention the value of the customer when mailing joint venture deals. But get this - their average customers will buy over $600 worth of product directly from that company. My 20% commission suddenly becomes a 1.5% commission on the REAL value of that customer. That sucks. So you've got to play this game to your advantage (because they sure are). And that even goes beyond a name squeeze page. You have to do what you can to get the loyalty of people who actually buy from your competitors. How do you do that? You offer a sweat deal of a bonus, that's how. You literally give away a product - a physical product of real value. No downloadable ebooks -that just doesn't work. You tell that person, "Buy through my affiliate link, then come back to my site and fill out this form -which requests name and physical address -and I will MAIL you this fabulous bonus worth as much as what you just bought."

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Takes Money tto Make Money:: “Gett tthatt Bank Rollll” Takes Money o Make Money “Ge ha Bank Ro ”
Getting the Money to Make Money - Become a PPC Specialist is your own area or niche So maybe you're not yet experiencing an abundance of success and you may be in a position where you need to find some "spare cash" to invest in your new business, right? So where do you get the cash to make some cash? Well that's easy enough if you're willing to pimp your skills as a PPC 'expert'…
o o

SELL YOUR SKILLS 'LOCALLY' AS A PPC EXPERT Or decide on a few related and well defined niches to concentrate your efforts on and then record your results and sell your skills to businesses that would like to buy traffic in this niche.

If you’ve done any work or research in this field already, maybe you've only invested a small amount of time, money, and effort into doing the PPC thing so far – but you have a valuable resource at your fingertips. What am I talking about? Even if you’ve only carved into a few small niches that have begun to work for you then you have more 'skills' than 99.99% of business owners out there. So sell your services and expertise in this field of knowledge locally to get the ball rolling. If you’ve enjoyed some success in a couple of niche markets you can target businesses that are specifically looking to buy traffic in the niche you’re familiar with, for example. Although I’ve pointed out time and time again that you have to invest money if you plan on making money, I’m not so impractical as to suggest you gamble with your life savings and foolishly pile up mounds of debt on your credit cards. Risk without a high potential for success and reward can be stupid. If you start spending money like there’s no tomorrow and get nothing in return, you won’t know how to extricate yourself from the situation, and things will only get worse. Don’t work with borrowed money because it’s only going to come back to bite you in the ass. It’s impossible for every affiliate promotion to be a winner, so you need the means to afford some failure.

Private & Confidential Information - © Copyright – All Rights Reserved


Even if you don’t feel you have enough experience to sell your services locally with respect to specific niches, and want to find another way to get into the game, there are other opportunities to shove your foot in the door. I hate clients and I say NO. But in the off chance that you actually like working with people, this is a hot little niche you can carve out and some of these people are playing for some big bucks. Try setting up talks designed to be of value to small business groups in your area. And I mean small – just a few people. Trust me, this can work – even when you’re done and through with dealing with these people, moved on, and don’t want to hear from them again, they’ll probably come knocking at your door wanting another piece of you. You’d be surprised how desperate people are when it comes to getting business advice, especially when it comes to all things Internet – and they’re willing to pay for it, so take advantage of these opportunities while you still need them and you can raise the extra money you need in a flash. Many people are more than willing to take your advice and pay you a decent monthly fee if you help them beat the PPC game, blow the competition away, and get them more business and more money in their pockets! You can legitimately charge several hundred dollars per client and upwards to many thousands depending on the niche and how much business you can funnel over their way. If you are expert enough to get these people more bang for their buck, and take several clients, you’ll be on your way to PPC success in no time flat. Converting traffic and sales to a local business can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales for the client – now tell me that isn’t worth your monthly charge? This is especially true if the bulk of your clients’ business comes directly from the Internet. If this is the case, they desperately need a guru like you to stay on top of the game and help them make more and more money. I’ve already given you the tactics you need to achieve this for clients, so put this newfound knowledge to work and make some money for other people (and yourself) before you've even pushed your own game to the top. ***BE A HIRED LOCAL GUN*** You can be a hired gun, helping your neighbors (who will love, praise and glorify you in ways no other Internet marketer I know gets loved, praised and glorified by people who are otherwise clueless about what a cookie is, what an affiliate is, or how you'd ever get paid). Working locally is great – there are plenty of places that need my kind of expertise where I’m not around to help out. Plenty of fish in the sea have NO idea what anything related to Internet marketing is – so if you can help people in your local area get their business to where it needs to be – you’ll become the local hero. ***GIVING AWAY SECRETS***

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Look, if there's one thing I know about Internet marketer's it's that they are absolutely LOVE STARVED. What other business do you know where you can go to a discussion forum and find people desperately giving away their business secrets? I used to do it all the time until I decided to bitch slap myself and get paid for my considerable expertise. The demand is pretty high for a pay per click stud if you get the word out. Anyone can give away valuable information, but if customers exist that want to pay you to make their business reach a higher level – why would you give it away for free? Especially if you’re trying to make money online yourself and are in desperate need of some start-up capital? Get off your soapbox and go start CHARGING 'em for it. Expertise = money. It’s worth something to many people, so take advantage of this fact. As a genius of PPC (thanks this course) you’ll have many takers. Charge $250/month plus click fees and a $500-$1000 fee for set up. $250 may not sound like much – but it is. After initial set up there’s almost no work involved, and you can coast by with multiple clients, several accounts. If you can work in a percentage of their extra profits too then you're coasting on e-z-e street. YOUR PLAN OF ATTACK Now all you have to do is sell yourself to potential clients – it’s easier than you may believe. Stop and think for a moment about all the businesses that operate in your local neighborhood – Real Estate offices, Dental clinics, Tourism, and Hotels. The list goes on and on. They are all potential clients – and they don’t even know it yet. Market yourself as a PPC expert ready to help them make more money. Set up a presentation for these people and show them in no uncertain terms how you can help them increase sales in a short amount of time for very little investment on their part. The trick is to sell your services so that it makes sense to these people – they must understand the concept of Internet marketing you’re promoting without deciding they don’t need you to do it for them. Keep it mysterious enough that an expert like you is essential to their continued success. Don't get me wrong. Even though I am a world class PPC champ, you can become at least the 'the man 'or 'the woman' wherever you are. CERTIIFICATION You can even receive certification these days if you think this may give you more credibility in everyone’s eyes. Yahoo and Google have their own “Certified Specialist” or whatever humdum they call it. I'm sure has something similar too but I haven't come across it. Do what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Their brand names carry a lot of clout, so leverage off it as a lot of businesses would probably be sold of that impressive association.

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Pasted from <>

Run a search for some PPC outsource companies and you'll get a good idea of the market and the type of fees involved. Just set up a new site or part on your site that mirrors them. This is a hot income route for anyone who wants to go it and may be just the ticket you were looking for.

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Become a PPC Specialist in your own area or niche. A nicely laid out site to ‘mimic’ is

Another good example is this: 19 year old kid recommended by Steven Pierce

• • • •

Traffic Packages Testimonials About Contact

Adwords Advantage - 19 Yr Kid - Steven Pierce
07 March 2007

Traffic Packages
My Adwords Advantage specializes in researching, designing and managing adwords campaigns for individuals and companies that are looking to promote their product or services on the largest search engine in the world. The co-owners of My Adwords Advantage - Adam Davis and Ben Teo have spent the last four years testing and researching the best possible launch strategies for new websites and still believe Google Adwords to be the best service available for fast, cheap and measurable traffic to your website. Our service consists on 4 main parts that are all as equally important to the overall campaign and all must be done using the system that we have developed over the last four years:

Market/Keyword Research
The most important part of any campaign creation is choosing the right keywords, if you were to place your advertisements on keywords that did not resonate with your target market you will soon find you are wasting money. That's why it is crucial to hire experts to find the very best keywords list for your industry, our keyword research consists of: - Ask you to fill in an extensive questionnaire - Begin with the basic keywords your have suggested - Research up to 3000 keywords depending on your package using various techniques.

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AdWords Campaign Creation:
There are so many aspects to the campaign creation that we had to produce over 30 videos just to cover everything, however the basic campaign creation consists of: - Geographic location of advertisements - Monthly budgets - Search, Content Networks

Professional Advertisement Writing:
Our copywriters have over 20 years combined experience and their entire job is focused on making sure your advertisements attract clients like magnets! We use a copywriting technique that has a proven record of producing the best results meaning better click through rates to your website! - Benefits of your product/service - Features of your product/service - Writing URLS (Affiliate URL's acceptable)

Monthly Campaign Management/Growth:
Now that your campaigns have set up we allow 1 month for additional tweaking before we consider the account to be out of the set up phase. You now have 2 options: Allow us to manage the account, keep it stable, but not grow on what we created. Monthly Management includes: - Once a day status check on all campaigns - Keyword re-activation - Any additional changes to advertising copy - Split testing advertisements once a month - Internet Marketing consulting by a trained consultant Or Allow us to grow the account, split test advertisements, and improve your results. Monthly Growth includes: - Sign up to Hypertracker Professionals Account - Split Testing Advertisements - New AdGroups created for high performance keywords - 100 additional keywords every month - Continued improvements to impressions, bid prices and click through rates - Consulting on ways to improve your website for increased conversion rates - Internet Marketing consulting by Adam Davis or Ben Teo (if they are not available a senior consultant will be).

Package Prices:
Package Description Investment Setup: $597 + Maintenance: $150 or

AdWords Trial Package
Please note $100 - $900 monthly budget required



1 Day Keyword Research - 75 - 150 Keyword List Ad Group creation by Trained Adwords Consultant

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budget required


Group creation by Trained Adwords Consultant Incl udes a free hypertracker account for ROI Testing 3 Days Keyword Research - 600 1000 Keyword List Ad Group creation by Qualified Google Professional Incl udes a free hypertracker account for ROI Testing 1 Week Keyword Research - 1400 3000 Keyword List Ad Group creation by Senior Qualified Google Professional Incl udes a free hypertracker account for ROI Testing

Growth: $270

AdWords Advantage Package
Please note $900 - $3000 monthly budget required



Setup: $1097 + Maintenance: $250 or Growth: $470


AdWords Domination Package
Please note $3000 - $5000 monthly budget required



Setup: $1997 + Maintenance: $550 or Growth: $980


Notes: •Please note a new adgroup can contain between 1 - 50 keywords •Corporate Adwords Account Management: POA If you already have an adwords account we can almost always guarantee a restructuring of your account and additional keyword maintenance will be needed. If you're not happy in 30 days we'll refund your monthly maintenance! I mean, if you're not impressed by how my System drives traffic to your website and decreases adwords account, then I'll give you all your monthly maintenance back and we'll still be friends. You've got nothing to lose! © 2007 My AdWords Advantage | Design by jDynamic

Pastted ffrom <htttp::////> Paste d frrom <htttp://m yadword sadvanta ge c om p ackages h tm > Pas ed om <h p myadwo dsadvan age com packages h m >

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_Behiind_Enemy_Liines_Become_an_IINSIIDER _Beh nd_Enemy_L nes_Become_an_ NS DER

Behind Enemy Lines - How to become an "Insider" ?
“If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak" - Sun Tzu
So you're ready to become one of the big dogs? The tactic I'm about to reveal is one of the most powerful in this entire book. It's not a secret by any means but it's still rarely used by anyone but the top players. If you have your own product already then it can bit fitted in sweetly alongside to give you a very dominant position within your niche. If you haven't got your own product(s) yet then with this you'll have the ability to get some TODAY. BENEFITS OF THIS ROUTE a. b. c. You don't have to know what you're doing as a Marketer - you just have to find the people that do and this method helps you locate and motivate them. You will "earn while you learn" as others show you exactly what works for the niche plus you'll be assuming no real risk. You'll use existing brands as leverage to build your own credibility and by working with more established players you will develop important contacts and learn how the niche works from the inside. Once you get the start up tasks out of the way it will continue to generate residual income streams for you (with little more effort needed on your part) and these funds will form a solid financial base to capitalize your business and pay PPC costs, etc. Once you become an "Insider" you will get privileged access to the results firsthand, allowing you see "who's really making the money", "who are the top performers", and "how they are doing it"...



Once you've got your own product(s) and have become the Merchant this whole Affiliate business becomes a different game altogether.

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Instead of having to go in search of new products they start to find their way to you. Instead of having to go and find sales all the time you can recruit an army of Affiliates that will go out and do all the selling for you. Interesting opportunities to become JV partners, or access to exclusive offers, better commissions and other "inside info" starts to find its way into your inbox. Those of you reading this that are already Superstar's know exactly what I'm getting at. And the more products you've got to offer then the more connected you become and the easier it gets. There's that multiplier effect again ;-) "Important to more than just arranging a JV - you want to identify the people who influence the people who make decisions and most importantly the people who control the flow of information. As a marketer you want to identify X and become X. Power in Internet marketing is the ability to control traffic, first, and then influence what that flow of traffic does, second. That's the kind of power you want for yourself. That's the kind of power you must claim NOW if you want to be in this game later. You want to be X." … see chart from page 54 of the Affiliate Sham report But you don't need to develop a whole raft of products to put yourself in this powerful position. Why go through all that effort when you can just step in and take over what someone else has already created. There's no need to be the Owner, just as long as you are the Promoter and by managing the marketing interactions for a few products you can harness the same power. This Super Tactic involves becoming the JV / Affiliate Manager for a few existing products (ideally all related, complimentary and of course within your chosen niche(s)…) It will take a bit of bravado at first, especially if you've never managed an Affiliate campaign and if you're not intimately knowledgeable about the niche, but it's such a strong method for getting in on the inside of the market. There's tonnes of great "information" out there detailing every facet of this industry, but the best Internet marketing education you will ever get will come from participating on the inside of real promotions and by managing a real live Affiliate program.

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There is an abundance of quality products out there that have been created by people with a passion for their niche but they just don't have the skills to properly or adequately sell them. In the IM sector, for example, there are Techies churning out useful Apps by the lorry load, day in day out, and most of these never see anything near their market potential. Why? Because the guys behind them just don't have the marketing prowess to create a firm foothold. These guys can do anything you want with code but ask them to write up a half decent sales piece and they fall apart. And make no mistake about this; there are a multitude of these out there. In fact, if I chose to (read had the time) I could generate several million by just tweaking existing apps, then repositioning them. After some repackaging or bundling these things can be little gold mines. OK so you want an example - we recently took a relatively unknown Diary / PIM product (essentially a spreadsheet / textpad/wordprocessor/database app), loaded it with some useful info for a specific niche with some formulas, pictures, etc and offered it to Cosmetic Surgeons to give away as a free gift to their clients. This became a big lead generator and helped us to develop some key relations in this very profitable niche plus gave us invaluable market knowledge (that has the developer now busily creating additional products to serve). BTW I have yet to find a niche where some of these existing apps couldn't be tweaked to fill a "need" and once repackaged you could easily win over an army of Affiliates to go forth and multiply your sales. Anyway that's getting a little off the point here as I'm not talking about doing anything quite as complicated as that. But keep it in mind for later - Think laterally - Think outside the box. What I'm suggesting is this: a. Find 2 or 3 underperforming products that you can see value in and are worth investing your time with. Then approach the owner with the offer to take over their Affiliate program (or it's even better if you can find a product that hasn't already got an Affiliate program so you can offer to create one for them). Essential here is that you remain focused on your niche so try to find products that are related and will complement each other. This way you spend less time developing key relations because the same products should be of interest to everyone you introduce any of them to. Contact the Owners with your offer to establish / grow their Affiliate program and agree terms - typical is 10-15% of all sales generated by Affiliates. Essentially you're becoming a 2nd Tier Affiliate. Research the niche and contact the main sites to arrange bringing them on as Affiliates and JV partners. (Recommended further reading - NicheJV by Jimmy Brown & Ryan Deiss - excellent book that will save you years of wasted effort)




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The easier you make life for Affiliates the better they'll make your life. Assume they are too busy or too lazy so if you want them to act you'll need to make it easy for them. Load up ppc adverts, banners, etc and make the registration process as simple as possible. Remind them about you and run special offers with discount codes, etc - Keep them up to date, motivate them with competitions, and so on.

You can easily use Elance to find people that will handle all the recruiting of Affiliates and making contacts with potential partners for JV's. Go this route if you'd like to grow quicker and bigger. >>>>>>>>> Working on a percentage of results produced is a win-win for all concerned. The owner carries no risk and the upside for you is unlimited. Try to build in some milestones where you have agreed that your share will increase once you've achieved these levels.
o o



The Company - only has to pay if you can produce the results - no win, no fee. The Affiliates - they get a new Affiliate Manager (you) that's motivated and knowledgeable and out to seriously help them get results (since you get a percentage). Then You - once you get this set up it won't take much of your time and you will receive a residual income plus you'll be getting further into the big dogs yard. JV Opps and other insider offers will start to find their way to you.

***FORUMS ARE WRONG*** Fact is, almost everything that people talk about in the forum's as being "the way "is totally wrong. Almost everything the general business public knows about making money online is wrong. 100% wrong? No. But closer to 100% wrong, than right. Sure, having some knowledge and confidence will go along way -learn the jargon, but the people who will produce for you already have the tools to be successful. You just have to deliver what they ask for. In short order opportunities will emerge. You will discover hot products you'd probably never hear about otherwise. That's one way to get the "in ". >>>>>>>>>>> OTHER IDEA Find products that are being advertised on Google but are not yet on adCenter and approach the owner with the offer to put them onto adCenter and manage their ongoing

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campaigns - they meet the fees, perhaps pay a monthly retainer and pay you a percentage based upon performance.
Another way to go about it rather than being Affiliate Manager is to do JV Brokering (ala Jason Cox) but you may not gain as much intimate details.

>>>>>>>> TIPS APPS - We've begun using this app to power several Affiliate Programs and integrate it with Zen Cart. Powered by JROX.COM - COMMISSIONJUNCTION - CJ merchants already pay CJ 30% on top of the Affiliate commission - if the Affiliate gets a commission of $10, then the Merchant pays CJ an additional $3 on top. This means that some CJ merchants may take some persuading to go for your offer. It's easier to get deals for Lead Generation programs than it is for Products. How To Find Struggling Programs? I say look elsewhere first but some of you are fixated on CB and CJ so here's how to find targets on them: Check ClickBank for programs with low Gravity and Affiliate Sales. On CJ look for products with high EPC but low Network Earnings. This usually means that it converts well but nobody is promoting it. INSERT IMAGE These guys might as well hang up a sign that reads - "Affiliate Manager Needed Desperately"


I regularly scan the forums for Site / Product Owners that are asking for marketing help, particularly those looking for help with Sales Letters and Conversions, or Product Launch and Partnership ideas. I look through their site and if the product seems interesting and shares some synergy with my portfolio, then I'll take the time to send them a pretty detailed response that a) tries to answer their questions, B) gives them

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new ideas, C) shows them that I'm an expert in Sales & Marketing with experience & CONTACTS within their niche. This usually results in them giving me a free sample and oftentimes leads them onto asking me to get involved at a more intimate level. "The Internet is an open book - you can easily see exactly what people do. But, think about how valuable it is to know what works and what doesn't really. Fact is, almost everything that people talk about in the forum's as being "the way" is totally wrong. Almost everything the general business public knows about making money online is wrong. 100% wrong? No. But closer to 100% wrong, then right.

Read the Blogs, Newsletters, E-zines, and what not from your niche and pay attention to the advertisers in them. Often you'll find they're a smaller operation that would welcome the chance to bring on a Professional Affiliate Manager (especially so since you're offering them a "no-win, no-fee" deal. Think about it, would you turn that down?) NOTE You will need to come across as credible, knowledgeable and experienced so take some time to put together a decent site (or new section on one of your existing sites) that's dedicated to information about your Affiliate Management interests. NOTE #2 Use PPC and the other methods at your disposal for advertising to get the word out about your new business too. It might sound like a long shot but it's very possible that you'll find them coming to you too. NOTE #3 Forum participation and sigs can help too. TIP - when you subscribe to newsletters, lists, etc do so from one of your own domains that has a catchall set up on. Then in the name field on the subscribe form enter in the name of the offer/product/owner, etc. This makes it easier to watch where messages have originated and allows you to keep and eye on the ways they are using your "name" in their sales funnel.

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Insider Trading as a JV Broker

Proof You Can Do This JV Thing

From: Marc Goldman & JP Maroney We want you to know that you CAN master the skills you need to successfully broker joint venture deals. Just take a look at this brief success story… “Joint Venture Broker entirely changed the direction of my business career. Not only did it give me some new ideas that I was able to immediately put to use in several existing business deals, but it also gave me new ideas that I have since used to create several business ventures bringing in over $300,000 in residual income… and stand to make 7 figures in 2005! I’m now the media director and head of one of the U.S.’s largest sports organization.” – Keith Cameron No matter your previous background… no matter what’s holding you back… you can start brokering successful joint ventures today. And just to help you out a little bit, here’s another idea. Bring a Product and an Audience Together: Let’s say there’s a guy named Jim who’s built a huge loyal following simply by providing them with great content. He wants to generate more money from these people, but he’s got a problem: he doesn't have a product to sell. You happen to know of another guy (Michael) who’s got a great product that would be perfect for Jim’s subscribers. All you do is bring the two together. Jim wins because he makes a lot of money from offering the product to his subscribers. Michael wins because he sells a lot of product he wouldn’t have sold otherwise. Jim’s subscribers win because they get a product they want and need. And you win because you get a piece of the action for introducing Jim and Michael to one another. There are a lot of Jims and Michaels out there. You’ve just got to keep your “JV Sixth Sense” turned on all the time… and then take action when you see a potential joint venture begin to materialize.
Pasted from <>

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Leverage Otther Peoplles'' Tiime,, Skiilllls & Resources.. Leverage O her Peop es T me Sk s & Resources

What the Big Fish know that Small Fish Don't I was pointed to James Brausch's blog when he's got this gem: "The trick is to get your ego out of the way. There is NOTHING in your business where you are critical. If there is, you can never enjoy freedom. You are enslaved to your business. " Ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks it takes to keep your business just ticking over, let alone trying to grow it? Any of these ever play out in your head? "Jeez if only I had more time available.." "Man it would be so much easier if I had a partner or some staff to offload some of this to.." "I wish I had someone close to discuss this idea with, to thrash it out a bit more, make sure I'm seeing all the angles, someone to brainstorm with.." If you see yourself in the above and you want to put an end to the craziness then finding suitable business partners will make your life so much the better. Make a commitment to talking with suitable candidates as soon as you can. When your brain is operating like this then it's not getting sufficient rest, which limits your available recuperation time, leading to anxiety, loss of perspective, and … without laboring the point too much here, because I'm sure you get it already, but you're not operating at your optimum efficiency. I'm willing to bet that 90% of you feel like this on a pretty regular basis. And almost EVERY single Internet marketer I know is in this same boat. It's one of the biggest problems that we've got to contend with and the facts are that right now you are almost certainly losing a lot of money by trying to do everything by yourself. Projects that should only take weeks to get launched instead take months, sometimes as much as a year or more - and that's if they ever see the light of day even. With the right help you could be earning a decent income from them with 4 weeks. And "Dude all this lost time and lost money - that's just plain stupid..."

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It's a fact of life that each one of us only has access to the same maximum of 24 hours in any given day. Even Einstein with all his elaborate theories about time travel still had to content himself with the fact that to each of us time is constant and finite (a limitation if you're from that school of thought ;-)… Yet somehow there is great discrepancy between the way we all leverage our time and the results we each have to show for it. To a greater or lesser extent you're always producing something. Now I'm not in a position to start lecturing anyone about the time you spend away from your business. Don't worry I won't start preaching that you need to be putting in more work hours. Anything but, in fact, it's the complete opposite that I'm proposing. No "Work Smarter, Not Harder" is always my mantra and if you can get away without having to spend even one single hour working "in" your business then I say all the more power to you. And that's the name of the game I'm constantly striving for - however, as a bonafide member of the serial Entrepreneur club I'm always within the wake that's displaced through exploring yet another new business opportunity, forever changing it up a gear or down a gear, adding more spices here, a little less sugars there, and during these transitions I'm very much needed at the helm. But with each new venture I take on I'm always mindful of putting in the right pieces that will allow me to step back and oversee it from a distance. So if you're still needed to "work IN your business, as opposed to working ON your business" then recognize that you haven't yet built yourself a business but instead you've built yourself another job. And unless you're one of "those few" that love the commitment and long work hours, your game plan needs to be set to developing a series of processes and network of people that can operate smoothly together to maintain and grow your interests without your constant and direct input - you're ultimate aim is for a system that never NEEDS you. "Not only financial freedom but total freedom - where the business no longer relies on you for anything integral for it to be able to grow. " Here's a takeaway for you:

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What is the only commodity that must be sold but cannot ever be rebought? It's your time - and it's ticking away one second, after another, after another. Here's another: There are 86,400 seconds in a day - 3,600 in an hour - how many of them do you waste by doing tasks that you should be paying someone else to carry out? We've all got the same amount of time in the day but what we do in that time and how we choose to "invest" it is what makes the difference. Once we're agreed that we all need some extra help and you recognize the need to start building a TEAM around you that can be called upon then it's also time that to start making better use of outsource partners. "I" was holding myself back … "I" cannot possibly do ALL the work … "I" working alone, will never make as much money as I would with a real organization - (even a virtual one) … Rich Schefren's road to epiphany and awakening to the realization that the popular one-man-show Net Business Dream was mostly a myth … --- trying to do way too much, with way too little resources, left spinning his wheels and continually hitting that profit ceiling... How do I get enough cash so that I can build a Team? The answer to breaking through the 'profit ceiling' to get the cash that you need to grow your business is MOMENTUM --- You need more cash coming in than you need so you can afford to bust right through that ceiling No Momentum = No Business = No Riches The 4 areas for Momentum: • • • • You the entrepreneur The right target market The right offer The right marketing methods

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Too confused because you're focusing on way too much when really you should just be focusing on a few key items to gain momentum and bring in cash Our "connected world" has made finding, engaging and working with suitable contractors almost as easy as ordering a pizza. Now I'm not looking to go bruising egos here, but there isn't one single function in running an Internet Business, especially one built around Affiliate Marketing and PPC, that you can't right this minute find someone else (with more skills or talents than you too) that will gladly take over this function for you in return for a reasonable fee. Everything you do can be (and many advise should be) outsourced to a specialist. OK, so what's a constraint? It's a hold up; a limiting factor. It's the bottle neck in your business. Some people are great at generating traffic, for example - but lousy at writing a sales letter and thus converting that traffic into cash. The constraint is copy. Some people are great at creating, product, but ineffective at generating enough traffic to sell it. The constraint is traffic. ----- from Adwords Moolah Map Think about this - you discover a very good product that's not being promoted because their sales materials and funnel stinks. Another gold nugget to add to your portfolio once you take care of drafting a new kick-ass sales letter. Let's say it sells for $100 with a 50% commission but it's a small market so you'd expect to only shift about 10 - 15 units per month - so it's worth about $500 - $750 for you each month. Now how long would you "invest" of your own time in drafting the new sales letter? And how long would you spend refining it? How long for the auto responder series? And what about your landing page / name squeeze? And how about integrating it with Gateway Magic / ISL and loading up links with GTT or inserting IP's? Don't include the time spent with PPC adverts here just yet because that's about the only function that pays for you to keep in house - because you're the expert on that - at least you will be by the time I get finished with you ;-)

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Would you spend 2 hours, maybe 5, perhaps 10? Hell for $500 each month I'm sure it would be worth spending 20 hours or even more at the start to make sure you nailed it right, if needs be. And what do you value your time at if you were to hire your skills out by the hour? $50 - $70 - $100 - $200 - $500??? For the sake of this example let's settle on 10 hours X $100 = $1,000 Well on Elance you'll hire a pretty decent Copywriter to do what's needed here for about half that - Sales Letter and Auto Responder Series would likely set you back only $300 - $500 on a product like the one described above. And the other tasks you could get an Admin Assistant or VA to do for less then $50. Even if you paid generously and doubled those prices you would still be coming out on top by outsourcing because your time is still available to you to "invest" on tasks that will generate more profits for you. Tasks such as finding even more suitable products or tweaking your PPC campaign conversions are infinitely more profitable, especially over the longer term. Doesn't matter if you're a Copywriting legend either, when you view it from this perspective it doesn't make sense to tie up your valuable time on such a low yield task. The point is your time cannot ever be re-bought and where you choose to invest it will be the deciding factor that governs your success. Outsourcing works brilliantly, especially in this business, so make sure you leverage it as an asset in your business. SALES COPY Vs CONVERSIONS - "Weak copy with a strong offer" will always outperform "Strong copy with a weak offer" and it's important that you are in complete control of the strength and perceived value of you offer --- Rich Schefren Your offer is only as good as the number of people that see it. MOMENTUM - There are certain steps that you need to take in the beginning of your business that will allow you to get a certain level of momentum so that you can take on people and really grow that momentum. --- Rich Schefren

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Help you build, grow and get free of a business that works - the Strategic Profits mission statement. Take every function of your business and try to quantify it - with numbers - and then find competent people to perform those tasks. Your job at first is to plan and build the processes then manage them. Finally you hire the manager and step back completely. JOINT VENTURES - Jay Abraham says that if he was forced to choose just one marketing method it would be JV's as they are without a doubt the most powerful and quickest method for building a business wealth Internet Dream - kept coming up against a Profit Ceiling with my net business because I bought into a belief with my Internet business that I didn't need any employees, that I could run it on auto-pilot, and that ultimately I'd be able to run it sitting on a beach somewhere and just getting big checks every day. The dream that I could have my cake and eat it ;-) Taken from video - Tasks for outsourcing: • • • • • • Product creation - reports, case studies, ebooks, walk-through, videos, etc Admin - customer support, delivery, technical development Partnerships - affiliates, JV,s Sales - partnership sourcing, affiliate Sales - product sourcing Writing - sales letter, articles, emails Other-anything you don’t want to or don’t have time to do

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Goiing Forward… Go ng Forward…
OK so there we go - "You've read all the rest, now this time you’ve got the best..." You've begun to get a glimpse of real genius, or pure evil, depending on how finely tuned your sense of morality is. At times I'll be brutally honest with you – no holds barred is the name of the game. By the time I’m through perhaps you'll worship the ground I walk on and revere me for opening up a road to enlightenment. The path to untold riches and freedom awaits some. Or maybe you'll end up hating my guts and see me as yet another bane of Internet marketing – even worse than SPAM or as damaging as those nasty page generators. But if you want to be successful and rake in the cash in the game of Pay Per Click, you'll need to understand this take-no-prisoners approach. Those of you that have read the Adwords Black Book will already be familiar with this dog-eat-dog, kill-or-be-killed mindset that is paramount to succeeding in the battlefield of Pay Per Click listings. It's not pretty I know but it's how the game gets played. Be warned: Black Cloak Information isn’t for wussies, wimps or cry babies. You didn't buy this book to get a "1-2-3 step guide" to beginning your journey on Adwords. This is the advanced stuff. It’s for those who really want to step up their game. Before you will be revealed some of the ways that those privy to the Black Cloak methods use to obliterate anyone stupid enough to compete. So sit back and enjoy this look inside the ingenious tactics of a successful Affiliate Advertising Mercenary. When armed with these Black Cloak tactics you too will be a dangerous weapon - a gun for hire, so to speak, a PPC Ninja Assassin operating within "the shadows", ready to take aim and annihilate any competition that dares to step in your path.

So there you have it, just a few ideas to chew on until next time where we’ll have a look at several killer tactics you can use now to build your bankroll, regardless of whether you are leveraging off an army or rockin’ solo.

Adios, for now…

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