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									                         UW-Whitewater Phi Beta Lambda By-Laws

                                      Article I. Name
The name of this chapter of FBLA-PBL, Inc. shall be the Zeta Mu Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda,
and may be referred to as FBLA-Phi Beta Lambda or FBLA-PBL.

                                       Article II. Purpose
Section I. Purpose.
The purpose of this Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL chapter is to provide additional opportunities for
college students in business, business related fields, and/or other majors to develop vocational
and career supportive competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher
education. Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL is an integral art of the instructional program and in addition,
promotes a sense of civic, leadership, and personal responsibility.

The mission of PBL is to bring business and education together in a positive working
relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. We bring our
mission to life through the application of our motto: Service, Education, and Progress.

Service. PBL members know the value of being community aware. Our members are encouraged
to fulfill their responsibilities as business leaders by being actively involved in the community
and contributing to the betterment of our society. At the same time, members strengthen their
business skills by developing and implementing community service events and projects.

Education. Education is the key to success. PBL is unique in that we embrace diversity by
welcoming not just business majors, but students from all majors. The best leaders and business
professionals are not born being the best––they have to continuously hone their skills if they
want to stay on top. Thus, PBL provides the tools they need in their quest for self improvement.
Our members have access to different aspects of business through competitive events,
informative workshops, and networking opportunities.

Progress. PBL is always working hard to move forward and further develop the leaders of
tomorrow. Our members are given opportunities to develop their career related skills by focusing
on leadership, communication, networking, and teamwork. This is done through our many
programs that apply classroom-based knowledge to real life experiences.

Section II. Goals.
The specific goals of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL are to:
    Develop competent, confident business leadership
    Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work
    Create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise
    Encourage members in the development of individual projects, which contribute to the
       improvement of home, business, and community.
    Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism
    Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty
    Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals
    Encourage and practice effective money management
      Facilitate the transition from school to work

                                      Article III. Membership
Section I. Membership.
Zeta Mu members will hold membership in their local, state, and national chapters. Individual
members shall be recognized through the state chapter of FBLA-PBL. In the case where there is
no state chapter, the national office shall recognize the members.

Section II. Classification.
Phi Beta Lambda is committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color,
gender, creed, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy,
political affiliation, martial or parental status, Vietnam-era veteran status, or arrest or conviction
record. The Zeta Mu Chapter of FBLA-PBL shall be open for membership to the following
three classes:

       -Active Members shall be undergraduate students interested in the field of business.
       Active members shall pay dues as established by the Zeta Mu PBL and may participate
       in local, state, and national events, serve as voting delegates, hold office, and otherwise
       represent their local and state chapters as approved by their respective local executive
       board. Through various activities and conferences, points shall be awarded for
       attendance and participation. These points shall be used to assess three different levels of
       active membership- active, super-active, and superior-active. The points for the different
       levels shall be determined by the Local Executive Board prior to the start of the semester.

       -Professional Members shall be persons associated with or participating in the
       professional development of Zeta Mu PBL as approved by the Local Executive Board.
       Such members shall include local and state chapter advisers, business teachers, state
       supervisors of business and office education, employers or council members, business
       persons, and other persons contributing to the growth and development of Zeta Mu PBL.
       They may participate in events, but may not serve as voting delegates, or hold office.

       -Zeta Mu Honorary Life Members may be elected to the Zeta Mu Chapter by a majority
       vote. They shall be persons who are assisting in the advancement of business and office
       education and/or are rendering outstanding service to Zeta Mu PBL. Honorary members
       shall not vote or hold office and shall not be required to pay dues.

                                   Article IV. Chapter Finances
Section I. Dues.
Chapter dues shall be based on the recommendation of the Local Executive Board. The Local
Executive Board has the power to grant a discount for early dues payment. National dues of
members shall be forwarded directly to the PBL National Office. State dues shall be sent to the
state adviser.

Section II. Finances.
The Chapter Adviser and Chapter Treasurer shall administer all Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL finances to
include the privileges of the tax exempt number (ES 20460, March 3, 1980), to submit an annual
financial statement to the State Office, and provide for an audit at the discretion of the Local
Executive Board. The fiscal year of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL shall be July 1 through June 30.

Section III. Personal Accounts
Individual fundraising will be divided 60/40. Sixty percent of the monies raised will be placed in
the chapter’s general fund. The other forty percent of monies raised will be placed in the
member’s personal account. Personal accounts may be contributed to as soon as a member pays
dues and will continue to remain active until graduation from UW-Whitewater OR a member
fails to pay dues or otherwise discontinues membership – whichever comes first. Money in the
personal accounts may be used for related expenses associated with FBLA-PBL organized
events. Final reimbursement and definition of “related expenses” is determined by the Local
Executive Board. Although not required, it is recommended that members get pre-approval for
expenses. All reimbursement requests must be accompanied by individual itemized receipts and
be turned in to the Local Executive Board for approval. At the conclusion of the individual’s
undergraduate career at UW-Whitewater, the remaining funds in the personal account shall be
rolled into the general fund. Note: Those members who pay dues for an entire school year and
then graduate in December are considered members until the end of the official school year.

                                Article V. Officers and Elections
Section I. Zeta Mu officers.
The elected officers of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL shall be President or Co-Presidents, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter and Website Coordinator. The Local Executive Board shall be
composed of the offices of President or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Reporter and Website Coordinator. The Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL Advisor reserves the right to be an
active member of the Local Executive Board. The offices of the Marketer and Dean’s Advisory
Council Representative shall be made by appointment of the Local Executive Board.

Section II. Term of Office.
The elected offices shall be filled by elections held during the fall and spring semesters at a local
chapter meeting. All officers shall serve for a term of one semester, with the exception of the
President(s) and Treasurer which shall be yearly terms. Terms will commence with the initiation
ceremony of the newly elected officers.

Section III. Elected Proceedings.
Any active member in good standing may run for office. Officers shall be elected by a majority
vote of the voting members present at the meeting providing there is a quorum (See article VII,
Section 3).

Section IV. Succession.
Any officer may succeed him/herself.

Section V. Vacancy in Office.
In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, Vice President shall assume the presidential
office, except in the case where there are Co-Presidents, where the Co-President would assume
the full presidential responsibilities. In any other elected office, vacancies shall be filled by
appointment by the President subject to approval by majority vote of the Local Executive Board.

Section VI. Local Executive Board Meetings.
The Local Executive Board shall hold at least one Local Executive Board meeting per month, the
date and time of each to be decided by the Local Executive Board.

Section VII. Special Groups.
The Zeta Mu Chapter may have as many special-emphasis groups under the chapter charter as it
deems necessary to meet the interests of all the students. The Zeta Mu Chapter of FBLA-PBL
shall resume full responsibility for coordinating the program for these interest groups.

Section VIII. Adviser.
The Zeta Mu Chapter shall have an adviser who shall be a faculty member from the College of
Business and Economics of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Section IX. State and National Office
Any member of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL that wishes to run for State or National office must be
approved by a majority vote of members at a designated Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL chapter meeting
provided there is a quorum.

                                  Article VI. Duties of Officers
Section I. The President(s) shall:
        Preside over all the meetings of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL.
        Coordinate the work of the elected officers and appointed committee chairpersons to
           the extent that there is full and complete performance of their duties as said officers
           and committee chairpersons.
        With the consent of the Local Executive Board, create all committees and services
           necessary to administer Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL.
        Serve as chairperson of the Local Executive Board.
        Keep all members informed about state activities.
        Reserve and set up the meeting room every semester and make sure everything is in

Section II. The Vice President shall:
        Assume the duties of the President(s) in his/her absence(s).
        Assume the office of President(s) if the president(s) is disabled or resigns.
        Be responsible for obtaining guest speakers for the semester.
        Be responsible for coordinating homecoming activities in the fall semester.

Section III. The Secretary shall:
        Be responsible for all correspondence of this organization except that delegated to
           other members.
        Maintain an active file listing the participation of each member in FBLA-PBL
        Be responsible for sending copies of minutes and other correspondence to alumni,
           State Advisory Council members, interning/student teaching members, and members
           unable to attend meetings who so request copies.
          Determine, with approval of the Local Executive Board, the Zeta Mu entry for the
           FBLA-PBL Hall of Fame.
          Keep a list of the names of current members of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL.
          Prepare a directory with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the members
           of the chapter for distribution to the chapter.

Section IV. The Treasurer shall:
        Collect all dues and fees and keep proper books of accounts showing receipts,
          disbursements, and cash balances.
        Submit a financial report at the request of the Local Executive Board or any chapter
        Propose a budget at the first Local Executive Board meeting each fall, year, or
          semester or combination.
        Maintain accurate records of Member Personal Accounts.

Section V. The Reporter shall:
        Record the minutes of all meetings or shall appoint a member to do so in his/her
        Maintain a permanent record of all meetings.
        lf requested by the president, keep the minutes at all meetings of the Local Executive
           Board and maintain a permanent record of these meetings.
        Act as custodian of the official records of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL.
        Provide minutes to Website Coordinator to publish on the local chapter website.
        Determine, with approval of the Local Executive Board who is to receive local
           recognition (i.e. Member on the Month)
        Maintain a physical and Electronic (ie. Powerpoint) scrapbook containing newspaper
           clippings and photographs.
        Prepare the local chapter annual report for submission at the State and National
           Leadership Conferences.

Section VI. The Website Coordinator shall:
        Maintain and update the local chapter website
        Supervise the organization data storage
        Maintain the Facebook account to include the images, data and current members

Section VII. The Marketer shall:
        Construct and update chapter bulletin board.
        Advertise meetings and events of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL.
        Coordinate chapter apparel.
        Recruiting new members.

Section VIII. The Dean’s Advisory Council Representative shall:
        Attend regularly scheduled Dean’s Advisory Council meetings
        Report to chapter on new updates with the College of Business and Economics
          Promote positive image of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL to the College of Business and

Section IX. Board duties
The officers shall serve on the Local Executive Board and perform such duties as directed by the
Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL President(s) and the Local Adviser(s) and not inconsistent with these

                                    Article VII. Meetings.
Section I. Meetings.
The regular meetings of the Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL shall be held at least every other week during
the semester with some exceptions as determined by the President(s) with the approval of the
Local Executive Board and Adviser(s).

Section II. Special Meetings.
Special meetings may be called by the President(s) or by the Local Executive Board and shall be
called upon the request of the members. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.

Section III. Quorum. Twenty percent of the paid, active membership shall constitute a quorum
for all regular and special meetings.

                                 Article VII. Committees.
Section I. Fundraising. The Fundraising Chairperson shall be in charge of:
        Brainstorming ideas for different types of find raising activities.
        Gathering information about possible fundraisers and reporting back to all members.
        Ordering and distributing fundraising materials to the members.
        Planning fundraising events to meet specific needs, such as funds for State and
           National Conferences with the approval of the Local Executive Board.
        Meet a minimum of once a semester with committee members.
        Maintaining a record of those members participating in each activity.

Section II. Community Service Committee. The Community Service Committee shall be in
charge of:
        Planning and organizing community service projects to be entered in the State and
           National Leadership Conferences.
        Looking into and considering possible charities to donate to.
        Maintaining record of those members participating in each activity.
        Meet a minimum of once a semester with committee members.
        Maintain Phi Beta Lambda’s Adopt-A-Lot.

Section III. Events Committee. The Events Committee shall be in charge of;
        Planning and organizing events for the local chapter.
        Meet a minimum of once a semester with committee members.
        Be responsible for coordinating intramural teams.
          Maintaining record of those members participating in each activity.

Special Committees shall be formed as is necessary during the semester. The President shall be
an ex-officio member of all committees.

                     Article VIII. Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL Member Conduct
Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL members have a reputation of excellence. Conduct at every FBLA-PBL
function should reflect that reputation through positive attitudes and contributions by the
members. Listed below are rules of conduct. All members will be expected to:

          Behave in a courteous and respectful manner, refraining from language and actions
           that might bring discredit upon themselves, their school, other members, advisers, or
           upon FBLA-PBL.
           Obey all local, state, and federal laws.
           Avoid conduct not conducive to an educational conference. Such conduct includes,
           but is not limited to, actions disrupting the businesslike atmosphere, association with
           nonconference individuals, or activities that endanger self or others.
          Keep your Advisers and Local Executive Board members in charge informed of your
           activities and whereabouts at all times. Accidents, injuries, and illnesses must be
           reported to the Local Executive Board members, Advisors or State Advisers
          Abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages (for those under 21 years of age) and
           controlled or illegal substances of any form. These items must not be used or
           possessed at any time, or under any circumstances. Use or possession of such
           substances may subject the member to criminal prosecution. For those over 21, who
           choose to drink at FBLA-PBL events, demonstrate responsible behavior at all times.
           While attending conferences, act as guests of the hotel and conference center.
          Participants must obey the rules of these facilities. The facilities have the right to ask
           a member or members to leave. Do not throw anything out of windows or over
           balconies. Do not run down hallways. Noise should be kept at a reasonable volume,
           especially in the hotels. Remember there are other guests in the hotels that have
           rights as well. Trash (this includes pizza boxes, bottles, cans, etc.) must be placed in
           the proper receptacles and not left on guest room or meeting room floors. Individuals
           or chapters responsible for damages to any property or furnishings will be responsible
           for its repair or replacement. Local and State Advisers are responsible for the
           supervision of delegate conduct.

Disregarding or Violating the Code of Conduct
Delegates who disregard or violate this code will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but
not limited to, forfeiture of privileges to attend further events, confinement to your hotel room
while attending conferences, dismissal from a conference, and being sent home from a
conference at your own expense. Parents and/or guardians will be notified (if 18 or younger), and
FBLA-PBL reserves the right to notify law enforcement officials. The Local Executive Board
reserves the right to terminate the membership of any individual who acts outside the code of
conduct set forth.
                              Article IX. Parliamentary Authority.
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised shall govern
Zeta Mu PBL in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with
these Bylaws and any special rules of order Zeta Mu PBL may adopt.

                                  Article X. Amendments.
Section I. Proposal. Amendments to these Bylaws of Zeta Mu FBLA-PBL must be proposed in
writing by any paid member and be submitted for the approval of the Local Executive Board.

Section II. Approval. Amendments to these Bylaws shall become effective by a two-thirds vote
at a regular meeting.

Revised 11/30/08

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