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    MARCH 2006

Bargaining committee
recommends acceptance
Tentative agreement includes
employment security, limits
contracting out and
privatization, and provides for
fair wage increases and a $4,000
lump sum payment.
By George Heyman
Chairperson, Public Service
Master Bargaining Committee

      he public service master bargaining com-
      mittee is unanimously recommending
      acceptance of a tentative 14th Public
Service Master Agreement covering provincial
government employees.
  Negotiations are never easy, but this round was
particularly difficult and complex.
  In the fall, the finance minister spoke publicly
of the government wanting to move from “con-
frontation to conversation”, and announced that
$1 billion of the budget surplus was set aside for
lump sum payments for public sector workers
who ratified contracts prior to March 31, 2006.
  It was clear the government wanted labour            BCGEU President George Heyman (right) and David Vipond, BCGEU director of negotiations, in contract talks
peace leading up to and during the 2010 Winter         over the 14th public service agreement. Details of the tentative agreement are contained in this special bulletin.
Olympics, and appeared to be setting a new tone
in bargaining in order to achieve it.                  to put the brakes on privatization and contract-    into the 13th public service agreement, and
                                                       ing out.                                            extended in 2003. This important agreement
                                                         The government had tabled proposals targeting     guarantees no involuntary loss of employment
Highlights:                                            over 6,000 of our members. A
                                                       one-time lump sum payment
                                                                                                                                for regular employees.
                                                                                                                                  We had to step away
     stronger employment security                      wouldn’t be much of a               The wage increase                    from the table after seven
     strict limits to privatization and                severence if one in four        YEAR 1       63 cents/hr = 2.5% of       straight days of talks failed
     contracting out                                   BCGEU members no longer                      average salary              to result in a settlement.
     significant wage increases and                    had a job because theirs had    YEAR 2       3%                          We told the government’s
     protection against inflation                      been privatized or contracted   YEAR 3       2.5%                        negotiators that we would
                                                       out.                                                                     resume talks when they had
     lump sum payment of up to $4,000                                                  YEAR 4       2%
                                                         Equally important was                                                  obtained a new mandate
                                                                                       + lump sum payment of up to $4,000
                                                       getting a fair and ongoing                                               from government that
  However, even before the finance minister’s          wage increase. Our mem-                                                  adequately addressed our
announcement, it had been our intention to             bers had told us loud and clear that after a two-   members’ key issues of privatization and con-
negotiate a fair settlement by our contract’s          year wage freeze, they deserved a wage increase     tracting out and wages.
expiry on March 31.                                    that not only made up for lost earnings but           It was a strong stand and it worked. We had
  The finance minister’s billion-dollar `carrot’       kept pace with future inflation.                    the backing of an 80 percent strike mandate
injected some urgency to bargaining. Both sides          Against this background, we entered negotia-      from our members. Three days later, I received
agreed it was in everyone’s interest to try to reach   tions. We had our job cut out for us.               a call from the government inviting us to
a settlement by March 31, and scheduled bargain-         We made it a priority to renew the strong
ing dates through to the end of March.                 employment security agreement we negotiated                               See “An agreement” page 2
  We made it clear, however, from the outset of
bargaining that any tentative agreement had to

                                                          MASTER,                        he public service master bargaining committee is unanimously
address our members’ key issues.                                                          recommending members vote “YES” to accepting the tentative 14th
  We were dealing with a government whose                 COMPONENT
                                                                                          public service master agreement.
ideological agenda includes more privatization,           AGREEMENTS                 Ratification of both the master and component agreements is now
contracting out, and exclusion of our work                                         underway. Balloting is being conducted through worksite stewards and mail
from bargaining unit coverage.                            Ratification             contacts.
                                                                                     The entire package of proposed changes to the master contract are
  This is evident not only in the direct govern-
ment service, but also in the broader public              vote now                                                           www.bcgeu.ca.
                                                                                   contained in this special bulletin and at www.bcgeu.ca. Proposed changes to
sector where thousands of our members in
health and community social services have
                                                          underway                 the component agreements will be posted on the website.
                                                                                     In addition, information meetings will be held around the province starting
                                                                                   the week of March 27. A schedule of dates and locations of meetings will be
seen their wages and benefits clawed back, and
their rights stripped away by this government.
                                                                                     Deadline for return of ballots for both the master and component
  We knew that any deal had to strengthen—                                         agreements             Thursday,
                                                                                   agreements is 5pm, Thursday, April 6, 2006.
not weaken—employment security. And it had                                           If you have any questions, contact the BCGEU office in your area.
                 President George Heyman                            David Vipond, Director of                                          The settlement—every
  1-2            provides an overview of
                 the tentative agreement.
                                                           3        Negotiations, details the
                                                                    compensation package.
                                                                                                                  6-23                 change, amendment,
                                                                                                                                       addition to the contract.
2/tentative agreement

An agreement we are all proud of
 from page 1                                 We not only renewed employ-            bution Branch.                            (pro-rated).
return to the bargaining table. I          ment protections for our members,          Under this tentative agreement,            The text of the agreement is
was assured the govern-                             we strengthened them.           we strengthened protections for           reproduced in this bulletin, along
ment’s negotiators had                                 There will be no invol-      people who work in the LDB. We            with an overview by David
the substantial new                                 untary loss of employ-          achieved a tight limit on store           Vipond, BCGEU director of nego-
offer we needed to                                  ment for regular employ-        closures and conversion of over           tiations.
address our members’                                ees as of April 1, 2006         100 auxiliaries to regular status, as        I want to thank and congratu-
priority issues.                                    during the term of the          well as a commitment from the             late the members of the bargaining
   They did.                                        agreement.                      government that it will continue          committee for their hard work and
   In the end, we                                      The tentative agreement      to operate a province-wide distri-        commitment to getting the best
achieved an agreement                               places strict limits on the     bution system for the term of the         agreement possible: Darryl Walker,
that addresses our                                  government’s drive to           agreement.                                provincial vice-president; Graham
members’ key issues,                                privatize and contract out        And we achieved protections for         Trotman, Component 1; Helen
provides for improve-                               services. It ensures mem-       workers previously affected by            Lindsay, Component 2; Robin
ments to health and                                 bers will have options,         privatization whose contracts             Rutherford, Component 5; Doug
welfare benefits, premiums and             including the ability to move to a       expire and are re-tendered during         Kinna, Component 6; Sandi
allowances, strengthens our mem-           new job, and access the early            the term of the agreement.                McLean and Lori Joaquin, Compo-
bers’ rights in the workplace and          retirement incentive or voluntary          While we can’t completely stop a        nent 12; and Byron Goerz, Com-
improves working conditions,               departure packages.                      government that is hell-bent on           ponent 20.
includes new and sometimes                   We fought back on the govern-          handing over public services to the          Thanks also to BCGEU directors,
creative solutions to problems,            ment’s proposals around `alternate       private sector despite prior failures     David Vipond and Jaynie Clark,
improves our ability to provide            service delivery’ (otherwise known       and is not afraid to use legislative      for the dedication and experience
services to the public, puts money         as privatization).                       might to do it, we can—and                they both bring to our bargaining
in members’ pockets, AND includes            We negotiated protections for          have—significantly minimized the          team.
a substantial lump sum payment             our members at Riverview and             impact on our members.                       A special thanks goes to Linda
that makes up for wage freezes.            other provincial health institu-           We achieved a fair and decent           Lyttle, who provided administra-
   We believe it is an agreement           tions who are earmarked by the           wage increase for all members that        tive support to the committee.
that is worthy of your endorsation         government for devolution to             makes up for wage freezes and                I urge all members to take the
and the master bargaining com-             health authorities.                      protects against inflation, and           time to read the full text of the
mittee is unanimously recommend-             There will be no devolution for        improvements for members in               agreement, and to bring any
ing its acceptance.                        members who work at Tillicum             some classifications where inad-          questions to one of the informa-
   We could not have done it               and Veterans Care Society, Oak Bay       equate pay rates have led to prob-        tion meetings that are being
without the support and solidarity         Lodge, Forensic Psychiatric Services     lems of recruitment and retention,        scheduled around the province.
of your component representatives          Commission, B.C. Pension Corpo-          or are below the rates of workers in         This is a good agreement. While
on the committee, and you, our             ration, and Riverview.                   other jurisdictions.                      it is your choice whether to accept
members who backed our demands               Once again, we fought back the           And we secured a lump sum               the agreement, the bargaining
at the table with an 80 percent            government’s attempts to go after        payment. Full-time workers will           committee unanimously recom-
strike mandate.                            our members in the Liquor Distri-        receive a lump sum of up to $4,000        mends that you vote `yes.’

Stewards conducting ratification vote
       he BCGEU master bargaining          ponent agreements.                       fices or to Headquarters by 5pm,          will be counted.
       committee is unanimously               Stewards/mail contacts will collect   Thursday, April 6. Ballots from              Members who do not have a stew-
       recommending BCGEU mem-             completed ballots and forward them       area offices will then be shipped or      ard or mail contact at their worksite
bers vote in favour of ratifying the       to BCGEU area offices or Headquar-       delivered to Headquarters where they      should contact their area office.
               new master agreement        ters.
    Ballot and component agree-               Members on vacation or away
 deadline ments.                           from their worksites can vote at
   April 6       Ratification of both      BCGEU area offices.
               the master and compo-          Stewards/mail contacts must re-
nent agreements is now underway.           turn all ballots to BCGEU area of-
   BCGEU director of negotiations,
David Vipond, advised members to
vote as early as possible.
                                              Stewards have the
   “We want a quick turnaround in               right to conduct
the ratification process while at the       balloting on work time
same time ensuring every member
has an opportunity to vote on the
tentative agreement,” Vipond said.
   “The complete package of pro-
                                             T    he ratification vote on both
                                                  the master and component
                                             agreements is being facilitated        BCGEU President George Heyman and members of the bargaining committee an-
posed changes to the master agree-           through BCGEU stewards and             nounce a strike vote in the public service bargaining unit. Members voted 80 per-
ment is posted on the BCGEU web-             mail contacts at the worksite.         cent in favour of strike to back contract demands.
site (www.bcgeu.ca) and con-                     The union is asking stewards
tained in this special bulletin,”            to distribute ballots to their         COMPONENT AGREEMENTS
Vipond said.
   “I urge all members to participate
                                             members at the worksite, and
                                             to collect and forward them to
                                                                                      Component bargaining committees
when the vote is conducted by the
steward/mail contact at your
                                             BCGEU area offices or Headquar-          recommend tentative agreements
worksite. This is your collective agree-
   Deadline for return of ratifi-
                                                 Under Article 2.6 of the mas-
                                             ter agreement, stewards are en-        T    he component bargaining com-
                                                                                         mittees are unanimously recom-
                                                                                    mending members vote in favour of
                                                                                                                              of their component agreements.”
                                                                                                                                 Details of the tentative compo-
                                                                                                                              nent agreements have been provided
                                             titled to undertake ratification
cation ballots is 5pm, Thursday,             vote-related duties on work            the six component agreements.             in bulletins to members, and are also
April 6.                                     time without loss of pay.                 “The employer came to the compo-       available on the union’s website
   The balloting is being conducted              Stewards must first obtain the     nent tables demanding concessions         (www.bcgeu.ca).
by stewards and mail contacts at the         permission of their immediate          that our component bargaining com-           Balloting over the tentative compo-
worksite. The union has sent pack-           supervisors before leaving their       mittees refused to discuss,“ said         nent agreements is being conducted
ages of ballots and balloting instruc-       work to perform ratification du-       George Heyman, BCGEU president.           at the same time as the vote over the
tions by priority post to all stewards/      ties. Such permission shall not           “Instead, we made improvements         tentative master agreement.
mail contacts.                               be unreasonably withheld.              in component agreements to                   Component agreements cover
   Two ballots are being distributed             On resuming their normal           strengthen and improve the work-          members in: Correctional and Sher-
to each member—one ballot for the            duties, stewards must notify           ing conditions of members.                iff Services; Hospital and Allied Serv-
master agreement, and the other              their supervisors.                        “The component bargaining com-         ices; Retail Stores and Warehouse; So-
ballot for the component agree-                  Stewards/mail        contacts      mittees worked very hard to address       cial, Information and Health; Admin-
ment. Members are asked to indi-             should direct questions the            issues identified by members specific     istrative Services; and Environmental,
cate either “YES” or “NO” to ratify-         BCGEU office in their area.            to their components.                      Technical and Operational.
ing the tentative master and com-                                                      “We urge members to vote in favour
                                                                                                                                tentative agreement/3

TENTATIVE AGREEMENT. The public service master bargaining committee at the bargaining table in the final moments of bargaining on Sunday evening, March 19.

This package provides general
wage increases, classification and
market adjustments, protection
against inflation, and a
substantial lump sum payment
David Vipond                                             We also increased the top rate under our
Director of Negotiations                              agreement to grid 33 from grid 32, and resolved
                                                      an ongoing dispute for the Retail Stores and

       he public service master bargaining            Warehouse Component related to store
                                                                                                              PILING UP. Work continues in caucus as members of
        committee is pleased to report a good         closures.                                               the bargaining committee review proposals and coun-
        financial settlement in this round of            The first year increase of 63¢/hour is               ter-proposals.
bargaining.                                           equivalent to 2.5% of the average wage of
   Coming off a two-year wage freeze in our           $25.17/hour.
current agreement and with inflation in British          For many members working at lower rates, it          up to $4,000 for a member working full-time
Columbia running at an average of 2%,                 is the equivalent of:                                   over the last 24 months, will make up for lost
compensation was a top priority.                          • Grid 6 (top step) $18.69/hour            3.4%     earnings during the two-year wage freeeze
                           In addition, there             • Grid 7 (top step) $19.23/hour            3.3%     which includes this month.
      The increased hasn’t been an across-the-            • Grid 9 (top step) $20.38/hour            3.1%        All in all, the financial settlement is a good
 wages, premiums, board increase in the                   • Grid 11 (top step) $21.60/hour           2.9%     one. The increased wages, premiums, benefits,
            benefits, public service master               • Grid 13 (top step) $22.90/hour           2.8%     entitlements, expense reimbursements and grid
      entitlements, bargaining unit in five               • Grid 14 (top step) $23.59/hour           2.7%     adjustments amount to a package which we can
             expense years.                               • Grid 15 (top step) $24.29/hour           2.6%     recommend without reservation.
  reimbursements,          The effect of                 The total general wage settlement of 63                 Our thanks go to all members, stewards and
  grid adjustments consecutive percentage             cents/hour (first year), 3% (second year), 2.5%         officers who established priorities for the
and signing bonus increases is a widening             (third year) and 2% (fourth year) should be             bargaining committee. Without your support,
        amount to a dispersion of wages,              sufficient to keep up with inflation and yield          and the resolve demonstrated by the strike
package which we increasing the gap                   an increase in real income (income after                mandate, negotiations for this agreement
                                                      inflation).                                             would not have been possible.
   can recommend between higher and lower
                                                         The B.C. Consumer Price Index (CPI) all
             without paid members. We
                                                      items, has
         reservation. wanted to bargain a flat        averaged 1.9% over
                        rate increase to help the
                        bottom half of our pay        the last 12
grid; the midpoint is approximately grid 16.          months. We
   Complicating this priority is the disparity in     cannot predict
compensation between many jobs in                     what the next four
government and prevailing market rates.               years’ inflation
Serious recruitment and retention problems in         will be but since
many areas have led to contracting out at             1992, when the
exorbitant cost or, in some cases, an inability to    CPI baseline was
provide vital public services. The shortfall in       set at 100,
services like commercial transport inspection         inflation has
can have disastrous consequences. This                averaged about 2%
problem had to be addressed.                          per annum in B.C.
   In the end, our settlement addressed both             These increases
issues.                                               provide a
   After the final bargaining session over the        reasonable
weekend, we reached agreement on the                  cushion looking        The public service master bargaining committee in caucus during negotiations with the
compensation package which stretched the              forward, and the       government. The union is currently conducting the ratification vote over the tentative
government’s mandate to the fullest extent            the signing bonus, master and component agreements.

   MASTER BARGAINING COMMITTEE: George Heyman, President and Chairperson of Committee ● Darryl Walker, Vice
   President ● Graham Trotman, Component 1 ● Helen Lindsay, Component 2 ● Robin Rutherford, Component 5 ● Doug Kinna,
   Component 6 ● Sandi McLean, Component 12 ● Lori Joaquin, Component 12 ● Byron Goerz, Component 20 ● Jaynie Clark,
   Director and Secretary to the Committee ● David Vipond, Director, Negotiations
4/tentative agreement

                                                                                                                    BCGEU President George
                                                                                                                    Heyman and members of
                                                                                                                    the bargaining commit-
                                                                                                                    tee announce the tenta-
                                                                                                                    tive agreement at a news
                                                                                                                    conference on March 20.

                                                                                                                    Next step is the province-
                                                                                                                    wide ratification vote in
                                                                                                                    the public service unit.

                                                                                                                    Balloting is through
                                                                                                                    worksite stewards and

                                                                                                                    Deadline for ballots to be
                                                                                                                    returned to BCGEU
                                                                                                                    headquarters is 5pm,
                                                                                                                    April 6.

The lump sum:
         How much, who gets it and why
Members eligible for the lump sum                      The bargaining committee agreed that              normal statutory deductions and union dues.
                                                    members who worked during that time should             The master bargaining committee has
should receive it in early May.                     get credit for their loss of income compared to      decided to cap the amount of an individual’s
                                                    the cost of living increases during the same         entitlement to $4,000 which would leave a
Jaynie Clark                                        time period.                                         small surplus to address those anomalies that
Director                                               Members currently on LTD are entitled to          we couldn’t have anticipated during
                                                    have increased wages flow through to increase        negotiations.

      ast fall, the finance minister announced a    their benefit level, but lump sum payments do          Finally, because the two-year period does not
      billion dollars of the 2005-2006 surplus      not flow through to them for the period of           end until March 31, 2006, we couldn’t be
      would be divided between public sector        LTD. However, if they have returned to work,         certain that the maximum $4,000 per member
employees that renewed their collective             they are entitled to the lump sum payment and        used up the entire $80.75 million to which our
agreements prior to the expiry of their             the time they were on LTD will be considered         bargaining unit is entitled. We have agreed
agreements.                                         time worked for the purpose of calculating the       that if there is any residual lump sum money
  The direct government employees’ share of         amount of their lump sum payment.                    we would have further discussions with
this money is $80.75 million.                          Members currently on maternity, parental or       government to determine how this money will
  Originally we thought that would work out         pre-adoption leave and collecting EI benefits        be allocated.
to be between $3,300 and $3,700 per employee.       would have the lump sum payment deducted
However, there were many decisions for the          from their employment insurance as though it
bargaining committee to make before we could        were wages earned.
come up with a definitive amount for each              For instance, if a member normally earns
member.                                             $800 per week and received a $4,000 lump sum
  For instance, we had to decide how should         payment, EI would treat that $4,000 as though
we allocate the bonus money: should a part-         it were five weeks’ wages and the member
time employee get as much as a full-time            would not receive benefits for five weeks.
employee? Should a new employee get as much            Maternity, parental and pre-adoption leaves
as a long-service employee? Should someone on       are all defined week plans (maternity leave is
long term disability (LTD), Employment              for a maximum of 17 weeks) so a member
Insurance (EI) or an unpaid leave of absence        currently on maternity leave would lose five
get as much as someone who continued to             weeks of EI entitlement and only receive 12
work?                                               weeks of maternity leave benefits. Therefore,
  All of these questions were researched to         the EI plan would benefit from this payment.
determine what, if any, impact this money              However, if the member has returned to
would have on other benefits being paid; it         work, there is no claw back for a previous
was then hotly debated before the bargaining        period of EI because this is a lump sum payable
committee finally reached consensus on the          after their claim had ended.
application below. Of course we knew that we           Auxiliaries on layoff, whether in receipt of EI
wouldn’t be able to anticipate every scenario,      or not, will qualify for the lump sum for
so we’ve planned to use any surplus to address      straight time hours paid in the past two years
anomalies that may arise.                           if they remain on recall.
                                                       If they are in receipt of EI, the lump sum will
Calculation of the lump sum                         be treated as earnings in the same way as the
   Members will get $1.10 for every straight time   example above (i.e.: if they had regular
hour paid for the past two years.                   earnings of $800/week and received a $4,000
   Straight time hours do not include overtime      bonus, the bonus would be treated as five
worked but will include paid leaves like family     weeks’ wages. However, in this case, the EI
illness, bereavement, STIIP, etc. and union         claim would be extended for five weeks at the
leave.                                              end of the claim, assuming they still qualify
   It will also include leaves if the member was    for EI benefits.
in receipt of LTD benefits or EI for maternity,
parental or pre-adoption leave, provided the        Recalculation
person has returned to work by March 31,              When we recalculated the lump sum after
2006.                                               determining that members currently on LTD,
                                                    maternity, parental or pre-adoption leave
Rationale for determining who will                  would not qualify for the payment, it worked
                                                    out to $1.10 per straight time hour paid for the     BCGEU President George Heyman answers
receive the payment                                                                                      questions from the media about the tentative
                                                    rest of direct government employees.
  The government’s surplus arose in part                                                                 agreement at a news conference in Vancouver.
                                                      Therefore, a member who worked 1827 hours          Webcasts of this and other news conferences
because we agreed to extend the 13th public
                                                    in each of the past two years will be entitled to    relating to public service talks are available for
service master agreement with no wage
                                                    up to $4,019.40. This money is subject to both       viewing at www.bcgeu.ca.
                                                                                                                        tentative agreement/5

A quick look at the
tentative agreement...
NOTE: For a comprehensive review of all of the
changes and additions to the collective agreement,
please see “The master agreement settlement”
in this bulletin.

Term                                             Wages                                                ● fairer process around STO2 forms;
● four-year agreement that expires March         ● general wage increases totalling 10% over
  31, 2010.                                        four years:                                        ● improved procedures at the rehabilitation
                                                                                                        committee to enhance placements.
                                                       Year 1              63 cents/hr (2.5%)
Employment security/                                   Year 2              3%                         Premiums and allowances
privatization and contracting out                      Year 3              2.5%                       ● reimbursement for qualified registered
● protection from involuntary job loss for             Year 4              2%                           professional fees;
  regular employees as of April 1, 2006 for
  the term of the agreement;                     Market/classification adjustments                    ● increase in child care expenses;
● strict limits to privatization and alternate   ● .5% allocated to market and recruitment and        ● increase in overtime meal allowance;
  service delivery;                                retention pay for targeted classifications.
                                                                                                      ● increase in accommodation and travel
● enhanced training to provide placement                                                                allowance for medical and dental care;
                                                 Lump sum
  opportunities;                                                                                      ● compassionate leave without pay to care
                                                 ● one-time lump sum payment of a minimum of
● access to early retirement incentive             $1.10 per hour for current regular and               for gravely ill family member;
  program (ERIP) and voluntary departure           auxiliary employees (as of March 31, 2006) for     ● pre-adoption leave for the purpose of
  plan (VDP) for employees affected by             all hours paid at the straight time rate for the     travel to another country;
  privatization;                                   period April 1, 2004 to and including March
                                                   31, 2006 (subject to statutory deductions);        ● increases to allowances for occupational
● protections for workers previously affected                                                           first aid certificates;
  by the government’s privatization whose        ● for full time employees, this amounts to a
  contracts expire and are re-tendered             maximum of $4,000;                                 ● increase in vehicle allowances;
  during the term of the agreement—                                                                   ● increase in meal allowances;
                                                 ● includes periods of STIIP absences;
  successful bidder must offer employment
  to incumbent members of the previous           ● includes periods of time for maternity,            ● increase in special vacation transportation
  employer’s operation to fill available           parental, pre-adoption leaves and LTD where          subsidy for severely isolated locations;
  employment opportunities;                        employees have returned to work by March           ● increase in reimbursement maximum for
                                                   31, 2006;                                            private vehicle damage;
● no devolution for workers at the Lodge of
  Broadmead, Oak Bay Lodge, Forensic             ● one-time payout of archived vacation.              ● increase in reimbursement maximum for
  Psychiatric Institute, Pension Corporation;                                                           personal property damage;
● protections for workers at Riverview in the    Health and welfare
                                                                                                      ● increase in advance payment of group life
  event of devolution, including job offers in   ● extended health benefit deductible is
  the health sector and public service, ERIP       increased by $10 a year for three years to pay
  and VDP;                                         for benefit improvements;                          ● increases in board and lodging and
                                                                                                        relocation expenses reimbursements.
● protections for employees at Liquor            ● claim for whole appointment fee after 10 visits
  Distribution Branch, including                   (previously 12) for chiropractor, physiotherapy,
                                                   podiatrist, massage therapist, naturopathic        Auxiliaries
  commitment that the LDB will continue to
                                                   physician;                                         ● in service status for applying on postings
  operate a province-wide distribution
                                                                                                        after working 30 days (210 hours) instead
  system for the term of the agreement, a        ● increase in acupuncture;                             of six months;
  tight limit on closure of retail stores,
  Sunday openings for all signature stores       ● double the lifetime maximum for extended           ● increase in pay in lieu of health and
  enhancing employment opportunities,              health benefits;                                     welfare benefits;
  and agreement that where stores are            ● increase in breast prosthetics maximum;            ● no requalification period for STIIP benefits
  being amalgamated to one signature                                                                    for the senior auxiliary if a junior auxiliary
  store, those stores won’t be closed until      ● increase in wig/hairpiece maximum;
                                                                                                        is recalled.
  the signature store is open.                   ● recognition of registered clinical counsellor in
                                                   combination with psychologist;
● 110 auxiliary employees in the retail stores                                                        Other
  will be converted to regular status under      ● addition of coverage for prostate serum            ● new expedited processes to resolve
  Article 8 of the component agreement             antigen test;                                        disputes;
  (amended) and an additional 15                 ● increase in eyeglass coverage;                     ● vacation carryover increased to a
  conversions in the distribution system.                                                               maximum of 10 days (from 5 days) per
                                                 ● increase in optional spouse and dependent
                                                   life insurance;
6/tentative agreement

            The tentative 14th public service
                   master agreement
Word for word, all of the proposed changes,
additions, deletions to the collective agreement.

 ARTICLE 10 – DISMISSAL, SUSPENSION AND                        ARTICLE 13 – LAYOFF AND RECALL                 February 28, 2006
                                                       13.3 Less Than Three Years’ Service                    Mr. George Heyman, President
March 18, 2006                                         Seniority                                              B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union

Mr. George Heyman, President                           (a) to (c) maintain current language                   Dear Mr. Heyman
B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union
                                                       (d)    Notwithstanding (a)(4) above, Providing         Re: Clause 13.5 – Joint Committee
Dear Mr. Heyman:                                       regular status is maintained pursuant to
                                                       (a)(4) above, a regular employee with service          This will confirm the following process will be
Re:     Clause 10.03 – Suspension                      seniority of less than three years and who is laid     implemented when an employee placed in a
                                                       off, will be placed on a recall list for a period of   regular position pursuant to Article 13 is rejected
The Employer has the right to suspend an               one year, for the purposes of recall to a regular      on subsequent probation:
employee without pay pending investigation if          position within the ministry in the geographic
the employee’s continued presence in the               location, or the geographic boundaries of the                  1)       Union representatives to the Article
workplace constitutes a serious and immediate          seniority block whichever is greater, from which                        13 Joint Committee will be advised.
risk to the Employer’s legitimate interests. In this   the employee has been laid off.                                         The Joint Committee may also
respect, prior to suspending, the Employer must                                                                                review and discuss situations where
take reasonable steps to ascertain if such risk can    (e)    Recall of regular employees shall be in                          a potential rejection on probation
be mitigated by closer supervision or                  order of service seniority providing the employee                       is identified in advance.
reassignment to other work which is reasonably         is qualified and able to perform the work which is
available.                                             available after a period of familiarization. Recall            2)       The Employer will expeditiously
                                                       to available work of six four months or longer                          initiate efforts to consider
The Employer’s right to suspend a bargaining           duration shall be considered to be “regular” recall                     placement of the employee in an
unit employee pending investigation as outlined        under this section rather than “auxiliary” recall                       appropriate vacancy.
above is consistent with the principles enunciated     under Clause 31.5 or (3) above. An employee
in Phillips Cable and Ontario Jockey Club decisions.   who declines an offer pursuant to this paragraph               3)       The Employer will search for an
The reasons must be included in the letter of          shall be deemed to have resigned but may, if                            appropriate vacancy for nine
suspension.                                            eligible, claim early retirement.                                       months from the date the
                                                                                                                               employee was rejected from
I trust this clarifies the Employer’s positions        (f)     (1)    Maintain current language                                subsequent probation.
respecting Clause 10.3.
                                                                (2) A regular employee who has elected                4)       The job search will be coordinated
Yours truly                                                     severance pay pursuant to this article                         by Workforce Restructuring
Paul Straszak                                                   shall be entitled to severance pay in an                       Services, Employee Relations
Assistant Deputy Minister                                       amount equal to three two weeks’ pay                           Division, BCPSA and will keep the
                                                                for every year (1827 hours at straight                         Joint Committee apprised of
                                                                time rate) of regular service seniority or                     placement efforts.
                                                                major part thereof.
                                                                                                                      5)       While subject to placement as a
                                                       13.4     Layoff - Three or More Years of                                result of a rejection on subsequent
                                                                Service Seniority                                              probation, employees will be off-
12.1 Postings
                                                                                                                               pay and not entitled to benefits.
                                                       In the event of a layoff of employees with three
(a) & (b)     Maintain current language
                                                       or more years’ seniority, the following shall apply:   Yours truly
                                                                                                              Paul Straszak
(c)    Vacancies of a temporary nature which are
                                                         (a)    Maintain current language                     Assistant Deputy Minister
known to exceed seven months shall be posted
within 30 days. Such postings will normally be
limited to the geographic area. In cases where a         (b)    Maintain current language
                                                                                                                      ARTICLE 14 – HOURS OF WORK
position is unique to the ministry or forms a
career path for ministry employees, the                  (c) An affected employee subject to layoff shall
                                                                                                              14.5 Stand-by Provisions
opportunity may be limited to a ministry within          have the right to fill vacancies and to displace
the geographic area. In those circumstances              employees in the following manner and
                                                                                                              Maintain current language
where the posting is not limited to the                  sequence:
geographic area, Memorandum of                                                                                Note #1 – For the purposes of this provision only,
                                                                (1)          Maintain current language
Understanding #2—Board and Lodging and                                                                        “…a known telephone number.”, will include mobile
Relocation Expenses, shall not apply. Where                     (2)          Maintain current language        (cell) telephone and radio telephones.
necessary to facilitate and support a
ministry’s succession planning, a deputy                        (3)          Maintain current language
                                                                                                              Note #2 – The practice in effect with respect to the
minister may approve payment of board                                                                         application of Clause 14.5 to auxiliary employees
                                                                (4)          Maintain current language
and lodging in accordance with                                                                                employed by Ministry of Forests-Fire Protection and
Memorandum of Understanding #2, Part I                          (5)           “Comparable” includes a job     Ministry of Children and Family Development-Child
providing the posting for the temporary                         with a salary range not more than four grid   Protection will continue unchanged.
vacancy contains notice that this discretion                    levels below the employee’s original
will apply.                                                     classification. For employees whose
                                                                                                                           ARTICLE 15 – SHIFT WORK
                                                                salary range has been reduced in the
For the purpose of this Clause “geographic area”                previous three years due to a layoff,
shall mean that area from which persons could                   comparable shall include grid levels          15.1    Definition of Shifts and Shift
reasonably be expected to commute.                              up to their previous classification.                  Premiums

Balance of Clause – Maintain Current Language                   (6)          Maintain current language        (b)    Shift Premium (full-time employees):
                                                                                                                      $1.20 1.15 per hour (effective
                                                                (7)          Maintain current language                beginning of 1st pay period
                                                                                                                      following date of signing)
                                                       Remainder of Article – Maintain current language
                                                                                                                      $1.25 per hour (effective April 1,
                                                                                                                              tentative agreement/7

        $1.30 per hour (effective March 30,          18.8 Vacation Leave on Retirement                       risk of dying within 26 weeks.
        2008)                                        (housekeeping)                                          Notwithstanding Clause 11.3(a), there will
        $1.35 per hour (effective March 29,                                                                  be no interruption in the accrual of
        2009)                                        An employee scheduled to retire and to receive          seniority or eligibility for benefits provided
                                                     pension benefits a superannuation allowance             for under Article 25.
        for afternoon shift;                         under the Public Service Pension Plan Rules or
                                                     who has reached the mandatory retiring age,             NOTE: It is understood that where an employee is
        $1.30 1.25 per hour (effective               shall be granted full vacation entitlement for the      on compassionate care leave and such leave ends
        beginning of 1st pay period                  final calendar year of service.                         due to death of a family member for which
        following date of signing)                                                                           bereavement leave is provided under Clause 20.1,
        $1.35 per hour (effective April 1,                                                                   the bereavement leave shall commence at the
        2007)                                          ARTICLE 20 – SPECIAL AND OTHER LEAVE                  beginning of the week following termination of
        $1.40 per hour (effective March 30,                                                                  compassionate care EI payments, except as provided
        2008)                                        20.2 Special Leave                                      for in Clause 20.1(e). There shall be no pyramiding
        $1.45 per hour (effective March 29,                                                                  of EI payments and bereavement leave with pay.
        2009)                                        (a)   1 – 9 Maintain current language
                                                                                                             Consequential amendment required to Clause 31.12
        for night shift.                             NEW 10     Child Custody Hearing – One
                                                     day per calendar year.
                                                                                                              ARTICLE 21 – MATERNITY, PARENTAL AND
           ARTICLE 16 – OVERTIME                     (b)   Maintain current language                                   PRE-ADOPTION LEAVE

16.7 Overtime Meal Allowance                         (c)    For the purpose of (a)(2), (4), (5), (6), (7),   21.2    Parental Leave
                                                     (8), and (9), and (10), leave with pay will be for
(a)   When an employee is required to work in        the work day on which the situation occurs.             (a)    Upon written request an employee shall be
excess of two and one-half hours overtime                                                                    entitled to parental leave of up to 35 consecutive
immediately before or after completion of their      20.8 Educational Leave                                  weeks without pay. The leave period may be
scheduled daily hours, they shall be provided                                                                extended by an additional five weeks where the
with a meal or shall be reimbursed with an           Maintain current language except                        employee’s claim is extended pursuant to Section
overtime meal allowance, and a meal break of                                                                 12 (7) of the Employment Insurance Act.
one-half hour with pay will be given.                (c)   Applications for educational leave for
                                                     periods of four months or longer must be                (b) to (d)   Maintain current language
The overtime meal allowance shall be                 submitted to the appropriate Ministry or agency
$14.25 14.00 (effective beginning of 1st pay         two six months prior to the beginning of the            21.7    Pre-Placement Adoption Leave
period following date of signing)                    requested leave period.
$14.50 effective April 1, 2007                                                                               Upon request and with appropriate
$14.75 effective March 30, 2008                      20.11 Leave for Medical and Dental Care                 documentation, an employee is entitled to pre-
$15.00 effective March 29, 2009                                                                              adoption leave without pay of up to seven weeks
                                                     (a)   Maintain current language.                        (245 work hours) per calendar year with an
(b) to (e) Maintain current language                                                                         allowance of 85% of their basic pay during the
                                                     (b)    Employees in areas where adequate                leave period.
                                                     medical and dental facilities are not available
                                                     shall be allowed to deduct from their credit            The leave may be taken intermittently and only for
                                                     described in Clause 20.12 the necessary time            the purpose of:
17.1    Paid Holidays                                including travel and treatment time up to a
                                                     maximum of three days to receive medical and                    (1) attending mandatory pre-placement
                                                     dental care at the nearest medical centre for the               visits with the prospective adoptive child;
(a)    Maintain current language
                                                     employee, their spouse, dependent child and a
                                                     dependent parent permanently residing in the                    (2) to complete the legal process
(b)   It is understood that Heritage Day shall be
                                                     employee’s household or with whom the                           required by the child’s or children’s
recognized as a designated paid holiday upon
                                                     employee permanently resides. The Employer                      country, including travel, for an
Proclamation. Any other day holiday proclaimed
                                                     may request a certificate of a qualified medical or             international adoption while the
as a holiday by the Federal, Provincial, or
                                                     dental practitioner, as the case may be, stating                employee is in that country.
Municipal Governments for the locality in which
an employee is working shall also be a paid          that treatment could not be provided by facilities
                                                     or services available at the employee’s place of                Leave under this provision will end with
                                                     residence. An employee on leave provided by                     the placement of the adoptive child(ren)
                                                     this clause shall be entitled to reimbursement of               and may not be used for an employee to
                                                     reasonable receipted expenses for                               travel.
                                                     accommodation and travel to a maximum of
                                                     $350 ($450 effective April 1, 2007, $500                        Pre-placement visits are not normally
18.2 Vacation Earnings for Partial Years
                                                     effective April 1, 2008) $250 per calendar                      required where the adoption is a direct
                                                     year.                                                           placement. Examples of direct
(a)     (1) During the first partial year of
                                                                                                                     placement adoptions are:
        service a new employee will earn
        vacation at the   rate of one and one-       (c)   An employee otherwise entitled to leave
                                                     pursuant to (b) above who chooses to travel on a                (1) adoptions by a family member;
        quarter days for each month for which
        they earn 10 days’ pay.                      vacation day or a day of rest or to remain at
                                                                                                                     (2) adoptions by the partner of a birth
                                                     work and not accompany their spouse,
                                                                                                                     parent; and
        (2) Subject to Clause 18.6, any unused       dependent child or dependent parent, as
        vacation earned during the first partial     provided in (b) above, may claim the                            (3) adoptions by foster parents if the child
        year will be paid to the employee on the     reimbursement of receipted expenses under the                   or children were living with the foster
        final pay of that second payday of the       conditions stipulated.                                          parents immediately before the adoption
        subsequent year.                                                                                             process.
                                                     (d) Employees in receipt of STIIP benefits
(b)    Maintain current language                     who would otherwise qualify for leave
                                                     under this clause shall be eligible to claim            21.10 Entitlements Upon Return to Work
18.6 Vacation Carry-over                             expenses in the manner described above.
                                                                                                             (a) & (b)    Maintain current language
(a)    An employee may carry over up to ten five     (e) Where leave pursuant to (b) above
days’ vacation leave per vacation year except that   would be reduced, the Employer may                      (c)    Notwithstanding Clauses 18.1(b) and 18.6,
such vacation carry over shall not exceed 10 days    approve airfare payment for the employee                vacation entitlements and vacation pay shall
at any time. Employees in their first partial year   in lieu of the $350 ($450 effective April 1,            continue to accrue while an employee is on leave
of service, who commenced prior to July 1 of that    2007, $500 effective April 1, 2008)                     pursuant to Clause 21.1 and its waiting period
year, may carry over up to five days’ vacation       reimbursement, once per calendar year.                  providing:
leave into their first vacation year. Except as
provided in Clause 18.2(a)(2), an employee shall     20.18 Compassionate Care Leave NEW                              (1) the employee returns to work for a
not receive cash in lieu of vacation time except                                                             period of not less than six months, and
upon termination, resignation or retirement.         An employee who is entitled to                                  (2) the employee has not received
                                                     compassionate care benefits under the                   parental allowance pursuant to 21.6; and
(b)    Maintain current language                     Employment Insurance Act is entitled to a                       (3) the employee was employed prior
                                                     leave of absence without pay of up to eight             March 28, 2001.
                                                     weeks for the purpose of providing care or
                                                     support to a gravely ill family member at
8/tentative agreement

Notwithstanding Clause 18.6(a) Vvacation                   (d)       Maintain current language                              ARTICLE 27 – PAYMENT OF WAGES AND
earned pursuant to this clause may be carried                                                                                           ALLOWANCES
over to the following year, notwithstanding                (e)    In facilities which require an Occupational
Clause 18.6 or be paid out, at the employee’s              First Aid Attendant and where employees are                  March 8, 2006
option.                                                    represented by more than one union and the
                                                           percentage of BCGEU members is greater than                  Mr. George Heyman, President
(d)       Maintain current language.                       50% of the workforce, at least one Occupational              BC Government and Service Employees’ Union
                                                           First Aid Attendant shall be a BCGEU member,
                                                           provided the employee is qualified.                          Dear Mr. Heyman:
                 SAFETY                                                                                                 Re:     Payroll Statements
                                                                 ARTICLE 25 – HEALTH AND WELFARE
22.5 Investigation of Accidents                                                                                         The Government of British Columbia in
                                                           25.2 Extended Health Care Plan                               partnership with TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSS)
      (a)       Pursuant to Part 3, Division 10,                                                                        is compliant with the Employment Standards Act
                Accident Reporting and                     All amendments effective January 1, 2007 except              under Section 27, insofar as the Employer
                Investigation of the Workers’              where otherwise specified.                                   provides to employees all the required detail on
                Compensation Act Section 6 of the                                                                       their individual payroll statements as outlined
                Workers’ Compensation Board                      •    Increase deductible:                              from (a)-(j) of the Act, utilizing Employee Self
                Industrial Health and Safety                               January 1, 2007       $45.00                 Serve (ESS).
                Regulations, all accidents shall be                        January 1, 2008       $55.00
                investigated jointly by at least one                       January 1, 2009       $65.00                 In the event an employee does not have access to
                representative designated by the                                                                        an IDIR account, and the existing paper copy of a
                BCGEU and one management                         •    Chiropractor/Phsyiotherapy/Podiatrist/            pay stub is not meeting the employee’s needs,
                representative.                                       Massage Therapist/Naturopathic Physician          TSS is prepared to provide a complete pay
                                                                      – 80% of the $10 visit fee for first 10 visits;   statement to an employee upon request through
      (b)       Maintain current language.                            80% reimbursement of full amount payable          the TSS Call Centre.
                                                                      after 10 visits.
      (c)       In the event of a fatality of a BCGEU            •    Acupuncture – increase to $200 per                All Ministry of Forests and Range, Protection
                member, the ministry shall                            individual to a maximum of $500 per               Branch staff (Regular and Auxiliary) will be
                immediately notify the President, or                  family per year                                   granted access to an IDIR account on an as and
                designate, of the nature and                     •    Increase lifetime maximum to $100,000.00          when required basis for the purpose to access
                circumstances of the accident and                     (effective date of signing)                       Employee Self Service (ESS) for detailed payroll
                arrange as soon as possible for a joint          •    Increase breast prosthetics maximum to            information.
                investigation.                                        $1,000.00
                                                                 •    Increase wig/hairpiece maximum to                 For auxiliary Protection Branch staff, upon
22.6 Occupational First Aid Requirements                              $500.00                                           request, by calling the TSS Call Centre (1-877-
and Courses                                                      •    Recognize registered clinical counsellor in       277-0772), TSS will generate and mail a detailed
                                                                      combination with psychologist                     pay statement to each employee at the end of
(a) and (b) Maintain current language.                           •    Add prostate serum antigen test (maximum          the fire season. It will be essential that each
                                                                      1 per year) effective January 1, 2008.            auxiliary employee confirm their current mailing
(c)    Employees required to possess an                          •    Eyeglass coverage – increase maximum to           address to receive their statement in the mail.
Occupational First Aid Certificate and who are                        $225 (may be used for laser eye surgery)
designated to act as the First Aid Attendant in                       effective January 1, 2008 and to $250             If, following the 2006 fire season, the employees
addition to their normal job responsibilities shall                   effective January 1, 2009.                        are still unable to routinely access the electronic
receive the following allowance on the basis of                                                                         detailed pay statements the matter will be
the Level of certificate which they hold:                  25.4 Group Life – Maintain current language                  referred to the Ministry Article 29 committee to
                                                                                                                        discuss reasonable and timely access to payroll
      •     Level 3 Occupational First Aid Certificate -   Note: Increase the optional spouse and dependent             information.
            $52 51 per biweekly period or $113             life insurance from $8,000 to $10,000 and from
            $110.50 per month (effective                   $4,000 to $5,000 respectively.                               Yours truly
            beginning of 1st pay period                                                                                 Paul Straszak
            following date of signing);                                                                                 Assistant Deputy Minister
            $53 per biweekly period or $115 per                         INFORMATION APPENDIX I
            month (effective April 1, 2007);
            $54 per biweekly period or $117 per                                                                         27.3 - Rates of Pay
                                                           Re: Advance Payment of Group Life
            month (effective March 30, 2008);              Benefits
            $55 per biweekly period or $119 per                                                                         Year 1 (effective April 2, 2006):
            month (effective March 29, 2009).              The guidelines regarding payment of group life
                                                           benefits for terminally ill employees pursuant to            •     Rates of pay outlined in Appendix 3 to this
      •     Level 2 Occupational First Aid Certificate -   Clause 25.2 are as follows:                                        Agreement increased by $0.63 per hour; plus
            $40 39 per biweekly period or $87
            $84.50 per month (effective                    1.     Death must be “expected” within 24 12                 •     Market rates adjustments as per attached
            beginning of 1st pay period                    months. The employee’s attending physician will                    Memorandum re TMAs and Appendix A:
            following date of signing):                    be required to provide sufficient medical
            $41 per biweekly period or $89 per             information, including the employee’s diagnosis                   MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
            month (effective April 1, 2007);               and prognosis, to allow the group life insurance                              Between the
            $42 per biweekly period or $91 per             carrier to assess the life expectancy.                                   BC Public Service Agency
            month (effective March 30, 2008);                                                                                               And the
            $43 per biweekly period or $93 per             2.     Requests for advance payments must be in                  B.C. Government and Service Employees’
            month (effective March 29, 2009).              writing and should be accompanied by evidence                                     Union
                                                           of financial need.
The allowance shall be prorated for partial                                                                                                Respecting
months. For the purpose of calculating the                 3.    Authorization from the Employer must be
hourly rate, the biweekly allowance shall be               submitted with the employee’s request.                               Temporary Market Adjustments
divided by 70; however, no employee shall
receive more than the monthly allowance for the            4.      The amount of the payment will be 50% of             The parties recognize that recruitment and
Level of certificate which they hold.                      the life insurance coverage, subject to a                    retention challenges with specific
                                                           maximum of $50,000 $40,000.                                  bargaining unit positions may occur over
Employees designated to act as the Occupational                                                                         the life of the collective agreement. The
First Aid Attendant in addition to their normal job        5.     A signed release will be obtained from the            intention of this memorandum is to
duties will receive their full monthly allowance           insured employee prior to payment being made.                provide an expeditious means of
while on approved leave with pay of up to 10               A release is not required from designated                    addressing salary issues which may be
days or while on vacation leave with pay.                  revocable beneficiaries as they have no legal                associated with such recruitment and
                                                           rights to life insurance proceeds until after the            retention challenges.
Where the Employer has an additional                       insured’s death. Situations involving irrevocable
requirement for a First Aid Attendant on a                 beneficiaries or divorce judgments will require              Temporary market adjustment(s) subject to
temporary basis, then provided the employee                special releases.                                            this Memorandum are guided by the
acts as the First Aid Attendant for a minimum of                                                                        following:
10 work days in any month, they shall receive the
full monthly allowance.                                                                                                       1. Positions identified to receive a TMA
                                                                                                                                 may include specialized and/or unique
                                                                                                                           tentative agreement/9

       positions that are not part of a larger   6. Education Officer R27                    3.3          13th          Current New Grid          New Grid
       generic group; or the recruitment                                                                  Master        Grid    Effective         Effective
       challenge can be directly linked to the   7. Planning Officer R27                     3.3          Title                 April 1,          March 30,
       geographic location of the work.             Planning Officer R30                     3.3                                2007              2008
   2. The TMA is not considered as base pay,
      but is pensionable.                        8. Project Officer –                                     Deputy
                                                    Environmental Assessment Office                       Sheriff          14      15               ___
   3. An eligible employee in receipt of            (AO R27)                      6.6
      salary protection pursuant to Clause                                                                Probation
      27.7 will have the TMA reduced by the      9. Intellectual Property Managers,                       Interviewer      14      15                ___
      corresponding amount of salary                IPP, L&CS (AO R24)              9.9
      protection.                                                                                         Administrative
                                                 10. Oil and Gas Commission                               Officer (AMI) –
   4. Except in cases of temporary
                                                     as per previous MOA                                  (Investigative
      appointments and substitution pay,
      an eligible regular employee in receipt                                                             Officer)       16        17               18
      of a TMA will continue to receive the           * The TMA applies solely to those
      TMA should it be discontinued                   positions where a recognized
      pursuant to #5 below so long as they            accounting designation (i.e. C.M.A.,
                                                      C.G.A., C.A.) is a requirement of the               2. Movement to the Target Grid Level for
      remain in the position and the
                                                      position and the incumbent possesses                   Deputy Sheriffs, Probation Interviewers
      principle duties of the position remain
                                                      such designation                                       and Investigative Officers
   5. Any temporary market adjustment is                                                                      (a)   Employees in the classifications
      subject to mutual agreement                •    One time payment of $80.75 Million to be                      noted above shall be entitled to
      between the Bargaining Principals               distributed as follows, providing a                           move up one grid level on the
      for the term of the Fourteenth Master           Memorandum of Agreement confirming                            effective date specified. Each
      Agreement except that the Employer              tentative agreement subject to ratification is                employee will be implemented to the
      may terminate the payment of any                signed prior to midnight March 31, 2006:                      new grid range by moving on the
      TMA with 60 days’ notice to the                                                                               effective date to their current step
      Union. Except as provided in #4                 o    $1.10 per hour for current regular and                   of the next higher range.
      above, payment of the TMA will cease                 auxiliary employees (as of March 31, 2006)
      on the expiry or termination date.                   for all hours paid at the straight time rate       (b)   Employees impacted by this change
                                                           for the period from April 1, 2004 to and                 will retain their current increment
This Memorandum supersedes and nullifies                   including March 31, 2006 (subject to                     date and move on their increment
any former agreement(s) respecting the                     statutory deductions).                                   date to the next step of the then
matter of temporary market or wage                                                                                  current grid range.
adjustments.                                          o    Notwithstanding the above, periods of
                                                           leave without pay for union leave and STIIP        (c)   The implementation of the above is
The parties agree to temporary market                      absences shall be included for purposes of               not a general wage increase for the
adjustments as per the attached                            this one time payment. Periods of time for               purposes    of   the    collective
Appendices A and B to expire in                            maternity, parental, pre-adoption leaves                 agreement.
accordance with #5 above.                                  and LTD shall also be included where
                                                           employees have returned to work by March           (d)   An employee in the above
Appendix A: effective April 2, 2006.                       31, 2006.                                                classifications will not have the
Appendix B: effective April 1, 2007                                                                                 right to appeal the classification of
                                                      o    Any residual lump sum money to be                        his/her position for a period of one
 Note 1:    For the purposes of this                       allocated following further discussion.                  year after the effective date of a
           Memorandum, references to                                                                                grid increase applicable to his/her
           Ministries include all Agencies,                                                                         classification.
           Boards and Commissions that are       Year 2 (effective April 1, 2007):
           subject to the Fourteenth Master                                                                   (e)   All appeals respecting positions
           Agreement.                                 •    Rates of pay outlined in Appendix 3 to this              which     benefit     from  grid
                                                           Agreement increased by 3%, plus                          restructuring are withdrawn on a
 Note 2:   For all positions in receipt of a                                                                        with prejudice basis.
           newly agreed Temporary Market              •    Market adjustments as per attached
           Adjustment in the 14th Master                   Memorandum re TMAs and Appendix B;             3. New Benchmarks
           Agreement, the Union agrees all                 plus
           outstanding classification appeals                                                                 The Parties agree to include revised
           are withdrawn and there will be a          •    Classification Staging as per attached             benchmark (attached) for BM 366
           moratorium on new appeals for a                 proposal                                           Investigative Officer (MEIA) and to revise
           period of one year.                                                                                reference job DS–09 Deputy Sheriff as part
                                                      •    CTI reclassification as per attached letter        of the Public Service Job Evaluation Plan.

                                                                                                              NOTE: see MOU at bottom of page 13
                                                                   APPENDIX B TO MOU
             APPENDIX A TO MOU                            R E : T EMPORARY M ARKET A DJUSTMENTS
                                                      Position / Classification            TMA %
   Position / Classification         TMA%
                                                 1.   Biologist R27                          3.3
1. Information    Systems      R18    3.3             Biologist R30                          3.3
   Information    Systems      R21    6.6
   Information    Systems      R24    6.6        2.   Commercial Transport Inspector
   Information    Systems      R27    6.6             R21 (Scale Supervisor)                 3.3
   Information    Systems      R30    9.9

2. Economist R27                      3.3
   Economist R30                      6.6          MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
   Economist R32                      6.6                      Between the
                                                 GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH
3. Policy Analyst R27                 3.3                       COLUMBIA
   Policy Analyst R30                 6.6                   Represented by the
                                                    BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (BCPSA)
4. Financial   Officer   R18   *      6.6                        And the
   Financial   Officer   R21   *      6.6             B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE                         Through wind and rain and sleet and snow... conduct-
                                                        EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)                          ing the strike vote in Prince George.
   Financial   Officer   R24   *      6.6
   Financial   Officer   R27   *      6.6
   Financial   Officer   R30   *      6.6                     CLASSIFICATION STAGING

5. Tax Auditor R24 *                  6.6        1. The Parties agree to amend the Public
   Tax Auditor R27 *                  6.6           Service Job Evaluation Plan as follows:
   Tax Auditor R30 *                  6.6
10/tentative agreement

March 19, 2006                                             27.7 Salary Protection and Downward                                          exceeds the salary which the employee is
                                                           Reclassification of Position                                                 receiving.
Mr. David Vipond, Director
B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union               (a)    Effective June 21, 1986 aAn employee shall                            When the salary of the employee’s new
                                                           not have their salary reduced by reason of:                                  classification equals or exceeds the salary which
Dear Mr. Vipond:                                                    (1) a change in the classification of their                         the employee is receiving, the employee’s salary
                                                           position; or                                                                 will be implemented at the maximum step of
Re:       Classification Commercial Transport                       (2) placement into another position with                            their new classification.
           Inspector – Shift Inspector                     a lower maximum salary,
                                                                                                                                        That employee shall receive the full negotiated
This will confirm that based on a clarification of         that is caused other than by the employee.                                   salary increases for their new classification
duties assigned to Commercial Transport                                                                                                 thereafter.
Inspector –Shift Inspector, the Employer will              That employee shall not receive negotiated salary
reclassify these positions from Grid 15 to Grid 18         increases until the salary of the employee’s new                             (b)(c) Such changes in classifications or
effective April 1, 2007.                                   classification equals or exceeds the salary which                            placements made pursuant to Article 13—Layoff
                                                           the employee is receiving.                                                   and Recall, and/or Clause 29.4(b) are covered by
The reference job CTI-01 – Shift Inspector                                                                                              (a) and (b) above.
Commercial Transport will be revised under                 When the salary of the employee’s new
factors 4 and 9 to support this classification             classification equals or exceeds the salary which
change as per the clarification of duties. The             the employee is receiving, the employee’s salary                             January 24, 2006
growth series will be revised as follows:                  will be implemented at the maximum step of
                                                           their new classification.                                                    Mr. George Heyman, President
      •     Grid 12 – 913 Hours                                                                                                         B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union
      •     Grid 14 – 913 Hours                            That employee shall receive the full negotiated
      •     Grid 15 – 913 Hours                            salary increases for their new classification                                Dear Mr. Heyman
This will confirm that the Union agrees to                                                                                              Re:     Master Agreement Article 27.7
withdraw all outstanding classification appeals            (b)   Prior to June 21, 1986 an employee shall                                       Salary Protection and Downward
relating to Commercial Transport Inspector –               not have their salary reduced by reason of:                                          Reclassification of Position
Shift Inspector positions.
                                                                    (1) a change in the classification of their                         This will confirm that there are no employees to
Yours truly,                                               position; or                                                                 whom the current 27.7(b) salary protection
Barry Turner                                                        (2) placement into another position with                            provision would apply.
A/Assistant Deputy Minister                                a lower maximum salary,
Compensation, Benefits and Policy                                                                                                       However, in the event such an employee was
                                                                 that is caused other than by the                                       identified, the employee(s) would continue to be
                                                           employee.                                                                    subject to Clause 27.7(b) of the Extension to the
                                                                                                                                        13th Master Agreement.
Year 3 (effective March 30, 2008):
                                                           That employee shall continue to receive 50% of
                                                           the negotiated salary increases applicable to the                            Yours truly
      •     Rates of pay outlined in Appendix 3 to this
                                                           employee’s new classification until the salary of                            Paul Straszak
            Agreement increased by a further 2.5%
                                                           the employee’s new classification equals or                                  Assistant Deputy Minister
Year 4 (effective March 29, 2009):
                                                           27.8 Vehicle Allowances
      •     Rates of pay outlined in Appendix 3 to this
            Agreement increased by a further 2%; plus      Vehicle allowances for all distances travelled on government business shall be paid to employees
                                                           required to use their own vehicles in the performance of their duties. The allowance shall cover
One time payment contingent upon fiscal                    distance to and from the employee’s place of residence up to a total maximum of 32 kilometers, only
performance in 2009/10. Payment following the              when the employee is required to have their vehicle at work for use in the performance of their duties.
end of the 2009/10 fiscal year based on the
bargaining unit’s share of the budget surplus in           Vehicle allowance shall be:
excess of $150 Million (to a maximum of $300               Effective April 1, 2004 .....................................................................................   45¢ per km.
Million to be shared).                                     Effective April 1, 2005: ....................................................................................   46¢ per km
                                                           Effective beginning of 1st pay period following date of signing .....                                           47¢ per km
                                                           Effective April 1, 2007 .........................................................................               48¢ per km
                                                           Effective March 30, 2008 .....................................................................                  49¢ per km
                                                           Effective March 29, 2009 .....................................................................                  50¢ per km

27.9 Meal Allowances

Employees on travel status away from their headquarters shall be entitled to a meal allowance for the time spent away from headquarters.

Meal            Effective           Effective             Effective beginning of                               Effective                   Effective                   Effective
                April 1/04          April 1/05            1st pay period following                             April 1/07                  March 30/08                 March 29/09
                                                          date of signing

Breakfast       $10.25              $10.50                       $10.75                                        $11.00                      $11.25                      $11.50
Lunch            12.00               12.25                        12.50                                         12.75                         13.00                        13.25
Dinner           21.00               21.25                        21.50                                         21.75                         22.00                        22.25

27.18 Retirement Allowance and Pre-                                         employee may opt to take the                                                 (ii)    a special cash payment of an
Retirement Leave (housekeeping)                                             allowance as equivalent paid leave of                                        amount equivalent to the cash value
                                                                            absence to be taken immediately                                              of 50% of their accumulated sick
      (a)       Upon retirement from service, an                            prior to retirement.                                                         bank credit, to be paid immediately
                employee who has completed 20                                                                                                            prior to retirement and based upon
                years of service with the Employer,             (b) (1) An employee scheduled to retire                                                  their current rate of pay.
                and who under the provisions of the                 and to receive a pension benefit
                Public Service Pension Plan Rules is                superannuation allowance under the                                             (2) Sick bank credit for the purpose of
                entitled to receive a pension                       Public Service Pension Plan Rules, shall be                                    this clause means credit accumulated
                benefit superannuation allowance                    entitled to:                                                                   prior to January 1, 1978, which has not
                on retirement, is entitled to an                                                                                                   been utilized prior to retirement.
                amount equal to their salary for one                        (i)    a special paid leave for a
                month, and for each full year of                            period equivalent to 50% of their                                      (3) Where an employee is permitted to
                service exceeding 20 years but not                          accumulated sick bank credit, to be                                    purchase a period of war service under the
                exceeding 30 years, is entitled to an                       taken immediately prior to                                             Public Service Pension Plan Rules at
                additional amount equal to one-fifth                        retirement; or                                                         retirement, they may use all or part of their
                of their monthly salary. The                                                                                                       entitlement for the purchase of war service.
                                                                                                                            tentative agreement/11

27.19 Salary Rate Upon Employment                        •     Employees will be given a one time             shall respond within 60 days of receipt of such
                                                               option for full payout (no partial payouts)    a request.
The hiring rate of pay for a new employee shall                of their archived vacation bank on a
not be higher than the rate of pay for an existing             without precedence basis.                      PART 3
employee in the same classification within the           •     This would include archived vacation, up
                                                                                                              (d) If there remains a dispute respecting the
ministry seniority block with similar work                     to and including the 2005 vacation year.
                                                                                                              classification level, the Union will complete Part
experience, training, and education.
                                                                                                              3 of the Classification Appeal Form and submit
                                                     Administration Information Notes:
                                                                                                              completed Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the form to the
27.23 Special Vacation Transportation
                                                                                                              Employer BC Public Service Agency within
Subsidy for Severely Isolated Locations                  •     TSS will create an email communication
                                                                                                              60 days of receipt of the Ministry’s written
                                                               on this process to go to all staff in
                                                                                                              response at Clause 28.3(c) or when the
Maintain current language except (b)                           October, 2006.
                                                                                                              response was due. Part 3 of the form will
                                                         •     TSS will make a page available on
                                                                                                              provide a written classification rationale
(b)   This subsidy shall be in the amount of                   Employee Self Service for a yes/no option
                                                                                                              explaining why the rating sought is more
$500 $450, and is only payable in the event that               for this payout.
                                                                                                              appropriate than the existing rating focusing
the employee actually leaves the isolated area.          •     Once an employee has logged in and
                                                                                                              on the area(s) in dispute for each appellant, or
                                                               authenticated, he/she will be presented
                                                                                                              group of appellants, including reference to
27.24 Child Care Expenses                                      with their respective balance and a yes/
                                                                                                              supporting benchmarks in the relevant
                                                               no option which will create a payroll
                                                                                                              classification/job evaluation plan. The Employer
(a)    Where an employee is requested or                       transaction line once there is a
                                                                                                              shall review the appeal and respond to the
required by the Employer to attend:                            commitment to a yes (for a full payout of
                                                                                                              Union with a comprehensive explanation of its
         (1) Employer endorsed education,                      an archived vacation).
                                                                                                              decision within 60 days of receipt of the appeal
training and career development activities, or           •     The value of the payout for each
                                                                                                              at Clause 28.3(d). The Union will be advised of
         (2) Employer sponsored activities,                    employee will be taxed at source. No
                                                                                                              the time and location of on-site interviews in
which are not included in the normal duties of                 options will be given for tax sheltering.
                                                                                                              order that a Staff Representative may attend.
the employee’s job, and are outside their                      Payouts will be completed by December
headquarters or geographic location, such that                 31, 2006.                                      (e) Maintain current language
the employee incurs additional child care
expenses, the employee shall be reimbursed for       Yours truly                                              (f) Maintain current language
the additional child care expense up to $60 $50      Paul Straszak
per day upon production of a receipt.                                                                         (g) Maintain current language
                                                     Assistant Deputy Minister

(b)    Where an employee, who is not on leave
of absence, attends a course approved by the                 ARTICLE 28 – CLASSIFICATION AND
                                                                                                                   MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
Employer outside the employee’s normal                              RECLASSIFICATION
scheduled work day such that the employee                                                                                        BETWEEN
incurs additional child care expenses, the           28.3 Classification Appeal Procedure
                                                                                                              THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
employee shall be reimbursed for the additional
child care expense up to $30 $25 per day upon        Preamble – Maintain current language                               AS REPRESENTED BY THE
production of a receipt. This reimbursement
                                                                                                                       BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY
shall not exceed 15 days per calendar year.          PART 1
                                                                                                                                 AND THE
Remainder of article – maintain current language       (a) If an employee believes that the position
                                                       they occupy is improperly classified, they shall             B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
                                                       complete and forward to their immediate                            EMPLOYEES’ UNION
27.26 Qualified Registered Professional Fees
                                                       supervisor and to the Union Part 1 of the                               REGARDING
Regular full-time employees who have completed         Classification Appeal Form requesting a written
their probationary period and who are required         job description describing duties and                       JOINT COMMITTEE FOR EXPEDITED
as a condition of employment to maintain               responsibilities, which shall be provided within                 CLASSIFICATION APPEAL
membership in an association as a qualified            30 days of the request. Such job descriptions
registered professional shall be reimbursed in         shall be consistent with the employee’s               The Parties agree to a pilot project that
full for annual membership or licensing fees           assigned duties and must be signed by an              would replace Articles 28.2 and
(not to exceed 2005 fee schedule) to a                 excluded manager or their designate. An               28.4(a)(2)—Expedited Adjudication with
maximum of $200 annually.                              organization chart will also be included              this MOU regarding a Joint Committee for
                                                       at this step.                                         Expedited Classification Appeals.
Note: It is understood that this provision will                                                              (a) A Joint Committee shall be constituted
                                                       (b) The employee and their immediate
cover Chartered Accountants, Certified                                                                       to provide an alternate dispute resolution
                                                       supervisor will review the job description and
Management Accountants, Certified General                                                                    mechanism with respect to Article 28, the
                                                       identify in writing any areas where the job
Accountants, Registered Professional                                                                         Public Service Job Evaluation Plan (PSJEP) and
                                                       description is not consistent with the assigned
Biologists, Licensed Practical Nurses and                                                                    the proper classification of employees. This
                                                       duties discrepancies between assigned
Registered Forest Technologists.                                                                             committee will also function as the Joint
                                                       duties and the job description content. If
                                                                                                             Technical Working Committee pursuant to
                                                       the excluded manager (or designate)
27.27 Travel Expense Reimbursement (NEW)                                                                     Article 28.2 for the duration of the pilot
                                                       agrees, the duties will be incorporated
                                                       into the job description and signed by
The Employer shall provide for the direct              the excluded manager or designate. Any
deposit (electronic funds transfer) of travel                                                                (b) The Joint Committee meetings will
                                                       duties in dispute will be listed in writing           review the classification documentation,
expense reimbursement in a participating               by the employee and will accompany the
chartered bank, trust company or credit                                                                      discuss the merits of the classification appeal
                                                       part 1 form.                                          and attempt to resolve the matter through
union of the employee’s choice. Employee
participation shall be compulsory except                                                                     the application of the PSJEP.
                                                     PART 2
where access to a financial institution with                                                                 (c)    Committee Composition
capability of accepting direct deposit is not          (c) If the employee believes that the position
available.                                             they occupy is improperly classified, the                    (1) The Joint Committee shall       consist
                                                       employee shall complete Part 2 of the                        of seven representatives,            three
                                                       Classification Appeal Form and forward it to the             appointed by the Union,              three
March 18, 2006                                         Ministry Personnel Office BC Public Service                  appointed by the Employer,           and a
                                                       Agency and the Union within 30 days of                       Chairperson.
Mr. George Heyman, President                           receipt of the written job description or when
B.C .Government and Service Employees’ Union           the response was due at Clause 28.3(a) or the                (2) The     Chairperson     shall        be
                                                       appeal will be deemed to have been                           appointed jointly by the Parties.
Dear Mr. Heyman                                        abandoned.       Differences between the
                                                       employee and the excluded manager or                         (3) The Chairperson of the Committee
RE:   ARCHIVED VACATION                                designate supervisor respecting any areas in                 shall, at the request of either Party, sit
                                                       the job description not being consistent with                as a mediator/arbitrator over all
The BCGEU agreement allows the carryover of 5          the assigned duties may be clarified, and                    disputes pertaining to the application
days unused vacation up to a maximum of 10             where possible, resolved at the “joint on-site”              or interpretation of Article 28 and the
days. Vacation not taken in excess of this is          interview or telephone conversation. The                     PSJEP after the Parties have reviewed
“archived” and may not be cashed except upon           Union’s classification representative will be                and attempted to resolve the dispute.
termination. When archived time is cashed out,         advised of the date, time and location of on-
it only has the value it had in the year it was        site interviews in order that they a Staff            (d) The Parties agree to a one year
earned. Archived vacation cannot be used as            Representative may attend. The Ministry               classification appeal moratorium placed on
time off.                                              Personnel Officer BC Public Service Agency            any position(s) where the Chair and/or the
12/tentative agreement

joint committee have rendered a decision,          28.5    Effective Dates                                 (c)    Auxiliary employees who have worked in
unless there are significant changes to the                                                                excess of 30 days (210 hours) successfully
job duties.                                        For appeals received after the date of signing of       completed their initial probationary period, as
                                                   the Tenth Master Agreement, tThe effective date         outlined in (b) above and who have to move
(e) The Parties agree that representatives         of any resulting change in classification level shall   from one geographic location to another after
who form part of the Joint Committee will          be the first day of the bi-weekly pay period            winning a competition, or at the Employer’s
receive job evaluation training prior to           following the date of receipt by the employee of        request, shall be entitled to relocation expenses
participating on this committee. This              the written job description or when the response        in accordance with Clause 27.16—Relocation
training will be jointly developed and             was due pursuant to Clause 28.3(a).                     Expenses.
facilitated by both Parties within 30 days of
the signing of the 14th Master Agreement.                                                                  31.5 Layoff and Recall
(f)   Joint Committee Procedure                     ARTICLE 29 – MINISTRY JOINT COMMITTEE
                                                                                                           (a) to (h(1-2)) & (n)        Maintain current
      (1) The Union will be provided an            29.4    Responsibilities of Committee                   language
      opportunity to attend the Clause
      28.3(c) “joint on-site” which results in     (a) & (b) Maintain current language                     (o)     Auxiliary employees subject to recall shall
      the Employer issuing a detailed                                                                      lose their service and classification seniority and
      classification rationale through             (c)  The Committee shall also have the power            shall be considered terminated for just cause
      application of the PSJEP based on            to make recommendations to the Union and the            where they are unavailable for or decline work
      information obtained during the joint        Employer on the following general matters:              on four separate occasions1 in the calendar
      on-site review. The job description of              (1) reviewing matters, other than                periods between April 1st and September 30th
      record and the organization chart will              grievances, relating to the maintenance          inclusive or October 1st and March 31st
      accompany the rationale.                            of good relations between the Parties;           inclusive January 1st and June 30th inclusive or
                                                          (2) discussing issues relating to the            July 1st and December 31st inclusive.
      (2) The Employer’s step C response will             workplace that affect the parties or
      include the following:                              any employee bound by this                       (p) to (s)   Maintain current language
           o   An evaluation for each of the              agreement;
               13 factors, including the                  (3) correcting conditions causing
               rationalization explaining                  grievances and misunderstanding;
               why    a    benchmark       is             (4) reviewing ways in which the
               comparable;                                Employer can reduce workplace
                                                          consumption of non-renewable and
           o   In circumstances where a                   renewable resources, increase the                31.7     Health and Welfare
               degree definition has multiple             amount of material that is reused in the
               definitions, identification of             workplace and implement recycling                In lieu of health and welfare benefits, auxiliary
               the single definition that                 programs;                                        employees shall receive compensation of 58¢
               applies.                                   (5) reviewing matters unresolved and             effective March 30, 2003; (59¢ effective April 4,
                                                          referred to it by a local occupational           2004; 60¢ effective April 3, 2005)
           o   In circumstances where                     health and safety committee except
               factors contain multiple                   where that local committee is comprised                 61¢ (effective beginning of 1st pay
               activities, identification of the          of representatives of more than one                     period following date of signing)
               activity or activities chosen.             Ministry. Upon receipt of such a referral               62¢ (effective April 1, 2007)
                                                          the Ministry Committee co-chairpersons                  63¢ (effective March 30, 2008)
      (3) No later than four weeks prior to
                                                          shall notify the Provincial Joint                       64¢ (effective March 29, 2009)
      the joint committee meeting, the Union
                                                          Occupational Health and Safety
      will provide to the joint committee a
                                                          Committee co-chairpersons. The                   per working hour, up to a maximum of
      written evaluation rationale that will
                                                          Committee may make recommendations
      contain the following:
                                                          regarding health and safety issues to the        $40.60 effective March 30, 2003: ($41.30 effective
           o   Factor(s) in dispute, including            Provincial Joint Occupational Health and         April 4, 2004; $42.00 effective April 3, 2005)
               the degree definition and                  Safety Committee. Those portions of
               where applicable, the activity;            Ministry Joint Committee and Sub-                       $42.70   (effective   beginning of 1st pay
                                                          Committee minutes and/or other record                   period   following    date of signing)
           o   Reference to benchmarks                    of proceedings, which address                           $43.40   (effective   April 1, 2007)
               rationalizing    why     a                 occupational health and safety issues,                  $44.10   (effective   March 30, 2008)
               benchmark is comparable;                   shall be forwarded to the co-chairpersons               $44.80   (effective   March 29, 2009)
                                                          of the Provincial Joint Occupational
           o   In circumstances, where a                  Health and Safety Committee, or their            per biweekly pay period.
               degree definition has multiple             designates.
               definitions, the Union will                (6) reviewing organizational health
               identify the definition or                 issues relating to the recruitment
               definition(s) that they believe            and retention of employees
               apply;                                     (7) The Committee may make
           o   In circumstances where                     recommendations on the criteria for the
               factors contain multiple                   approval of applications pursuant to
               activities, the Union will                 Clause 20.8(e).                                      MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
               identify the activity or                                                                                       #______
               activities chosen.                                                                                 Re: BCGEU Master Agreement
                                                       ARTICLE 31 – AUXILIARY EMPLOYEES                     Clause 31.12 – Eligibility Requirements for
      (4) The committee will meet every                                                                                       Benefits
      month or as often as required to review      31.2    In-Service Status for Applying for
      outstanding classification appeals filed             Regular Positions                               The purpose of this Memorandum is to
      at Article 28.3(e) for expedited                                                                     establish STIIP entitlement requirements for
      adjudication.                                (a)   Auxiliary employees who have worked in            eligible auxiliary employees who are on
                                                   excess of 30 days (210 hours) successfully              layoff and subject to recall. The
(g) Joint Committee decisions shall be of no       completed their initial probationary period, will       entitlement requirements in this
precedential value and shall not thereafter        be recognized as in-service applicants when             Memorandum apply only to claims for STIIP
be referred to by the Parties in respect of any    applying for regular positions.                         benefits.
other matter.

The Chair’s written decisions shall be             (b)    Subject to Clause 31.4—Loss of Seniority,        (1) Auxiliary employees on layoff and
provided within four weeks of the hearing          an auxiliary employee who has worked in                 who are unavailable to work due to illness
date.                                              excess of 30 days (210 hours) successfully              or injury and who call in to their work
                                                   completed their initial probationary period prior       unit/recall section at the times designated
The joint committee process is a pilot             to application for a regular position, or an            by the ministry, will be eligible for STIIP
project expiring on March 31, 2008, subject        auxiliary employee who is on layoff status and          benefits provided a less senior auxiliary
to renewal by mutual agreement of the              who has worked in excess of 30 days (210                employee is recalled to do the available
Parties.                                           hours) successfully completed their initial             work. STIIP benefit entitlement will be
                                                   probationary period prior to being laid off, will       based on the hours worked by the junior
                                                   have their length of service as an auxiliary            employee replacing the senior employee
                                                   employee recognized in accordance with Section          making the STIIP claim.
                                                   8(2) of the Public Service Act.
                                                                                                                             tentative agreement/13

(2)      Notwithstanding       31.5(n)(5),                     (b) Where no notice is given by either             •    Forensic     Psychiatric     Services
auxiliary employees claiming entitlement to                    Party prior to January 31, 2010 2006,                   Commission
STIIP pursuant to this Memorandum, may be                      both Parties shall be deemed to have               •    Oak Bay Lodge Society and Tillicum
required to provide the Employer proof of                      given notice under this clause on January               and Veterans Care Society
illness for each claim in accordance with                      31, 2010 2006, and thereupon Clause                •    B.C. Mental Health Society (Riverview)
Appendix 4, 1.4 criteria.                                      37.3 applies.                                      •    B.C. Pension Corporation

(3)      STIIP   benefits    under     this                    (c) Maintain current language                 In addition, the Parties agree that prior to:
Memorandum are only payable to one
auxiliary employee per recalled position in            37.6 Effective Date of Agreement                               1.   the devolution or transfer of any
accordance with (1) above.                                                                                            other employees out of the Public
                                                       The provisions of this Agreement, except as                    Service bargaining unit pursuant to
(4)      Auxiliary employees making a STIIP            otherwise specified, shall come into force and                 Clause 32.10, or
claim must call in to their work unit/recall           effect April 1, 2006 April 1, 2004.
section on a daily basis, unless the employee                                                                         2.   removal of Public Service Act
making a claim for STIIP provides acceptable                                                                          application by Order-in-Council for
medical documentation supporting an                      MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                                  agencies listed in Appendix 1 of the
extended absence.                                                    Between the                                      Master Agreement
                                                       GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH
                                                                                                             the Employer will give a minimum of 60 days
32.11 Private Vehicle Damage                                                                                 notice to the Union before job offers are
                                                                  Represented by the
                                                                                                             made and the transfer/removal occurs in
                                                          BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (BCPSA)
Where an employee’s vehicle is damaged by a                                                                  order that discussion under Clause 32.10 will
                                                                       And the
person in the care or custody of the Employer, or                                                            occur.
                                                            B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
as a direct result of the employee being
                                                              EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)
employed by the Employer, the Employer shall                                                                 The Memorandum will remain in force and
reimburse the employee the lesser of actual                                                                  effect for the term of the 14 th Master
                                                       REGARDING CLAUSE 32.10 AND APPENDIX 1                 Agreement.
vehicle damage repair costs, or the cost of any
deductible portion of insurance coverage on that
                                                       The Parties agree that the following entities
vehicle up to a maximum of $600 $500.
                                                       remain listed in Appendix 1 of the Master
32.12 Personal Property Damage

(a)    Where an employee’s personal
possession(s) is/are damaged by a person in the                                    MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
care or custody of the Employer, the Employer                                                BETWEEN THE
shall pay, up to a maximum of $150 $100, the                               GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
replacement costs or personal deductible                                                 REPRESENTED BY THE
insurance, provided such personal possessions                                      BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (BCPSA)
are of a type suitable for use while on duty. This                                             AND THE
provision shall not apply to articles of clothing or                    B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)
(b)    Maintain current language
                                                                                      THE INTRODUCTION OF GRID 33 TO
                                                                                   THE PUBLIC SERVICE JOB EVALUATION PLAN
             PRIVATIZATION                             The Parties agree that a Grid Range 33 will be added to the Public Service Job Evaluation
                                                       Plan effective April 1, 2007.
36.1     Limited Employment
                                                       Grid 33 will encompass all positions with a cumulative point rating of greater than 1044
(b)(2)(ii) Reports will be forwarded as follows:       points.

         a ) by April 30 15 for the period January     All positions currently rated at 1045 points and greater will be reclassified to Grid 33
             1 to March 31;                            effective April 1, 2007.
         b) by July 31 15 for the period April 1
             to June 30;                               The salary range for Grid 33, prior to the adjustments scheduled for the 14th Master
         c) by October 31 15 for the period July       Agreement, shall be:
             1 go September 30;
         d) by January 31 15 for the period            33                     1                         67,257.43              2,577.97             36.8281
             October 1 to December 31.                                        2                         69,432.24              2,661.33             38.0190
                                                                              3                         71,678.53              2,747.43             39.2490
36.2 Privatization                                                            4                         73,998.13              2,836.34             40.5191
                                                                              5                         77,319.81              2,963.66             42.3380
Maintain current language except

(c)(4)(i) A regular employee who continues                                         MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
employment with a private employer may, within                                               BETWEEN THE
24 12 months of leaving employment with the                                GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
Employer, apply for job vacancies with the                                               REPRESENTED BY THE
Employer and, for the purpose of such                                              BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (BCPSA)
application only, their employment with the                                                    AND THE
Employer will be deemed to have continued                               B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)
                                                        The Recruitment and Retention of Correctional Officers (R15) & Child and Youth Mental
                                                                                  Health Social Workers (SPO 24)*
                                                       The Parties agree that Correctional Officers R15 & Child and Youth Mental Health Social
37.1     Duration                                      Worker (R24) will receive an adjustment equating to Grid 16 and 25 respectively.

This Agreement shall be binding and remain in          For all purposes of the Collective Agreement, the two referenced classifications will be
effect to midnight March 31, 2010 2006.                considered to be Grid 16 and 25 respectively.

37.2     Notice to Bargain                             *This Memorandum applies solely to those positions where a recognized Master’s degree is
                                                       a requirement of the position.
         (a) This Agreement may be opened for
         collective bargaining by either Party
         giving written notice to the other Party                                 APPENDIX 3D – Inactive Trades Classifications
         on or after January 1, 2010 2006, but in
         any event not later than midnight,                                                              Delete
         January 31, 2010 2006.
14/tentative agreement

                                                                     APPENDIX 3F
                                                         SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM RATES

                                                                                                                                      Steps Used
       Level                                          Definition                                                Grid
                                                                                                                              1            3              5
       1                  Youth Employment Program
                          Students enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited educational                  G1 3          —             X             —
                          institution within the past six months at Grade 12 or below.

       2                  Youth employment Program
                          Students enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited educational                  13             X           —               X
                          institution within the past six months at post-secondary level.

       3                  Public Service Training Program
                          Employees without a post-secondary degree or certificate working                        5           X            —              —
                          in their initial work term.

                          Public Service Training Program
                          Level 1 employees working in a subsequent work term.
                          Coop Education Program
                          Employees registered in a recognized cooperative education program
                          at a participating post-secondary institution, who are working towards a               5            —             X             —
                          diploma or Bachelor’s degree.

                          First Nations Forest Technicians Training Program:
                          Provided at Nicola Valley Institute of Training from 4 to 6 months.

*The Employer is prepared to recognize the projected savings associated with this amendment.
(remainder of table — maintain current language)

     APPENDIX 4 – SHORT AND LONG TERM                  the mutually agreed STO2, Part B                       Employee Responsibility
                 DISABILITY                            Instruction Form, and where in the Union’s
                                                       view this demonstrates an abuse of process,            Employees are responsible for reporting absences
Part I – Short Term Illness and Injury Plan            a Union director and the ADM, Employee                 due to injury or illness to their supervisor.
                                                       Relations Division will expeditiously address
1.1    Eligibility                                     the issue.                                             Employees are responsible for providing evidence
                                                                                                              of medical disability through their physician so
Maintain current language except                       This is not intended to circumvent the                 the supervisor will be able to properly assess
                                                       grievance process outlined in the collective           whether an employee is unable to work because
(c)    Regular employees with three months but         agreement.                                             of illness or injury.
less than six months of service will be entitled to
15 weeks (75 work days) of coverage, consisting                                                               Physician’s Responsibilities
of the above six days, or what remains of the six
days entitlement, at 75% pay, and the remainder                           STO2 Part B                         Part B of the STO2 must clearly state the physical/
of the 15 weeks at two-thirds of pay, not to                           Instruction Form                       mental limitations impacting the employee’s
exceed a maximum weekly benefit of $413 $210                                                                  ability to perform their job. This does not require
or the Employment Insurance maximum weekly             Supervisor’s Responsibility                            detailing the actual diagnosis in Part B. It does
sickness benefit, whichever is higher.                                                                        require detailing the physical/mental limitations
                                                                                                              and restrictions resulting from that diagnosis.
                                                       Supervisors are responsible for approving STIIP        Further information may be required including
             MOA # _______
                                                       leaves for their employees.                            the expected return to work date (where
                                                                                                              applicable), and whether a follow-up treatment
                                                       The attached form STO2 may be used to obtain           program is required.
                                                       medical evidence of an employee’s inability to
                                                       work in any of the following circumstances:            When the doctor’s certificate states vague
                                                                                                              physical concerns, such as “employee is sick” or
                                                           1.      where it appears that a pattern of         “employee is unable to work”, the supervisor will
                                                                   consistent or frequent absence of          not be able to make a determination of eligibility
                                                                   work is developing;                        for STIIP benefits. Clear statements of the
                RE: STIIP CLAIMS
                                                           2.      where the employee has been                physical/mental limitations and restrictions will
                                                                   absent for six consecutive scheduled       greatly assist in facilitating positive outcomes, for
It is the Parties’ joint interest to:
                                                                   days of work;                              example “employee is unable to bend at the
                                                           3.      where at least 30 days have elapsed        knees” in situations where there is a requirement
1.     ensure appropriate and consistent
                                                                   since the last statement was obtained      to lift 20 pound boxes or “employee cannot
       adjudication of claims for STIIP;
                                                                   and the employee has been in               concentrate and is unable to drive “when driving
                                                                   receipt of plan benefits throughout        is required as part of the job duties.
2.     ensure that requests for additional
                                                                   that period.
       information on STO2 forms are
       limited to instances where the
                                                       Where an employee has provided satisfactory
       information is objectively incomplete;
                                                       evidence for a particular absence due to medical       If supervisors or employees have questions related
                                                       disability, it is not appropriate for the supervisor   to the completion of this form, they can call their
                                                       to require further STO2s other than as detailed in     Human Resource Consultant for advice.
3.     promote opportunities for voluntary
                                                       (3) above.
       rehabilitation initiatives that enable
                                                                                                              Further information can be found in Appendix 4
       earlier return.
                                                       Dependent on the nature of the illness or injury,      of the Collective Agreement.
                                                       it may be appropriate and reasonable for the
During the term of this Agreement, the
                                                       supervisor to pose specific questions of the
Parties will jointly explore a process by
                                                       employee’s physician. Such questions will be in
which the above objectives may be
                                                       writing and shall be provided to the physician
                                                       through the employee.
Where STIIP benefits have been denied
and/or management is not accepting
Doctors’ Certificates which the Union
believes are adequate and meet the criteria
for information required consistent with
                                                                                                                                 tentative agreement/15

March 1, 2006
                                                                                                               2.   The Joint Advisory Committee will
                                                          (c) Should such an employee suffer a                 make recommendations concerning the
Mr. George Heyman                                         subsequent disability that is unrelated to the       Rehabilitation Committee in order to:
B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union
                                                          previous disability and, provided the period
                                                          during which the employee returned to work is
Dear Mr. Heyman                                           longer than one month, the subsequent                MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #10
                                                          disability shall be considered a new disability      ROLE OF THE REHABILITATION COMMITTEE
Re:   Union Proposal – Appendix 4-2.1(d)                  and the employee shall be entitled to benefit
                                                          payments in accordance with the provisions of        The Parties agree to establish a Joint Committee
The Employer commits to provide LTD                       this Plan. If the period during which the            consisting of up to three representatives from
Applications to employees who are ill or injured                                                               each Party to revise the role of the Rehabilitation
                                                          employee returned to work is one month or
and in receipt of STIIP benefits by the end of the                                                             Committee to:
                                                          less, the subsequent disability shall be deemed
third month of STIIP.                                     a continuation of the preceding disability and
                                                          the disabled employee shall be entitled to             (a)
In the event the Employer is unable to comply             benefit payments in accordance with the
with the above commitment during the six                                                                             •    improve access to the rehabilitation
                                                          provisions of this Plan.                                        process for employees incapacitated for
months subsequent to the signing of the 14th
Master Agreement, the following language will             (d) Limitation of benefits for successive                       their own occupation through illness or
apply for the balance of the term of the 14th             disabilities in (b) and (c) above must be                       injury;
Master Agreement.                                         determined within one year from the
                                                          date of absence due to successive                          •    improve rehabilitation programs to
        Should the Employer fail to provide an            disability.                                                     return employees to their own or other
        employee with the LTD Application                                                                                 occupations as soon as possible;
        Form by the end of the third month of
        STIIP benefits, the Employer will               2.13    Claims                                               •    identify and address systemic causes of
        maintain the employee on STIIP                                                                                    illness and injury and consequent STIIP/
        benefits until the Plan Carrier renders         Maintain current language except                                  LTD usage.
        a decision on the application for LTD
        benefits. It is incumbent on the                (e)    LTD benefits received will be reduced by          (b) Clearly establish responsibility for case
        employee in these circumstances to              the same amount of Guaranteed Available                  management in ministries, with the Committee
        submit a completed LTD Application              Income for Need (GAIN) benefits received for the         providing advice and recommendations as
        Form to the Plan Carrier within 30              same period under the Employment and                     required. Such recommendations may include:
        days of receipt of the LTD Application          Assistance Act and/or the Employment and
                                                        Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act             •       improved placement options for those
        or by the end of the STIIP period,
                                                        (referenced in this section as the “Acts”),                      employees who are capable of performing
        whichever period is greater, unless the
                                                        except where the GAIN benefits received for that                 alternative employment, in addition to the
        employee cannot obtain the necessary
                                                        period under these Acts are repaid to                            recommendations identified in Appendix 4,
        information due to the unavailability
                                                        government GAIN. Where the employee has                          Part IV (d)(4).
        of a medical specialist or equivalent
        circumstance.                                   been deemed eligible for GAIN benefits under
                                                        these Acts, which benefits exceed the LTD                Disability Case Management Senior ministry
                                                        benefits level, LTD benefits will not be subject to      representatives are to be designated as
Yours truly
                                                        reduction for that additional amount.                    Employer representatives to the Committee for
Paul Straszak
                                                                                                                 cases from their ministries.
Assistant Deputy Minister
                                                        Part IV – Rehabilitation                                 (c) Ensure sharing of all information pertinent
                                                                                                                 to a case with the Parties involved (union,
                                                        Move current language of Clause 12.9 to Part IV (1)      employer, Occupational Health Programs,
2.2     Long Term Disability                            and current language for Rehabilitation is now under     Government Employee Health Services,
                                                        Part IV (2).                                             insurance carrier).
Maintain current language except (d)
                                                                                                                 Develop confidentiality standards specific to the
(d) An employee in receipt of long term disability                                                               process and consistent with the current
    benefits will be considered an employee for                                                                  legislation to protect the privacy of information
                                                          MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #10
    purposes of superannuation and will continue                                                                 shared.
                                                                       Between the
    to be covered by group life, extended health,       GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH                    (d) Establish responsibilities for initiating an
    dental and medical plans. Employees will not                        COLUMBIA                                 investigation of a worksite where there is a
    be covered by any other portion of a                            Represented by the                           pattern of frequent or repetitive absence which
    collective agreement but will retain the right            BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (PSA)                     significantly exceed the government average.
    of access to a Rehabilitation Committee                               And the                                Where health and safety measures may be
    established thereunder and will retain              B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE EMPLOYEES’                   indicated or where otherwise appropriate, the
    seniority rights should they return to                            UNION (BCGEU)                              Committee may coordinate their investigation
    employment within nine six months                                                                            with the Provincial Joint Occupational Health
    following cessation of benefits. A                    REGARDING JOINT ADVISORY COMMITTEE                     and Safety Committee and make
    temporary assignment or auxiliary                                                                            recommendations to the Parties depending on
    appointment will not disqualify an                  (consolidation of Appendix 4 – Part III , MOU            the findings.
    employee from the nine month access                 #10 – Role of Rehabilitation Committee, MOU
    period.                                             #12 – Illness and Injury Prevention and LOA              (e) Review current forms used for STIIP and
                                                        #1 – Illness and Injury Plan Review into                 LTD and Rehabilitation in order to make them
2.7     Successive Disabilities                         Appendix 4, Part IV Joint Advisory                       simpler and more effective and/or eliminate
                                                        Committee)                                               duplication.
  (a) If, following a period of total disability with
  respect to which benefits are paid from this          1.     There shall be a Joint Advisory Committee         (f) Develop provisions for expansion of the
  Plan, an employee returns to work on a full-          which shall consist of three two representatives         Joint Advisory Committee to include
  time basis for a continuous period of six months      appointed by the Employer and three two                  representation from the College of Physicians
  or more, any subsequent total disability              representatives appointed by the Union. The              and Surgeons on matters which relate to the
  suffered by that employee, whether related to         Employer and the Union may each appoint one              practice of occupational medicine as it relates
  the preceding disability or not, shall be             alternate Committee member. The purpose of               to the effective administration of the STIIP and
  considered a new disability and the disabled          the Committee shall be to consider and make              LTD plans.
  employee shall be entitled to benefit payments        recommendations to the bargaining principals
  in accordance with the provisions of this Plan.       on all matters related to the effective
                                                        administration of the Short Term Illness and             MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #12
                                                        Injury Plan and Long Term Disability Plans and            RE: ILLNESS AND INJURY PREVENTION
  (b) In the event the period during which such
                                                        the Rehabilitation Committee to consider
  an employee has returned to work is less than                                                                3.      The Parties share a desire to minimize
                                                        and make recommendations to the bargaining
  six months and the employee again suffers a                                                                  health risks and improve absenteeism rates due
                                                        principals on any questions which may arise
  total disability and that is related to the                                                                  to illness and injury and agree to jointly explore
                                                        related to interpretation or application of the
  preceding disability, the subsequent disability                                                              programs and processes to obtain that goal.
                                                        wording of Appendix 4. The Committee shall
  shall be deemed a continuation of the                                                                        Therefore the Joint Advisory Committee
                                                        consider and report back on all matters related to
  preceding disability, and the disabled                                                                       established pursuant to Appendix 4, Part III, shall:
                                                        the plans which may be referred to it jointly by
  employee shall be entitled to benefit payments
                                                        the bargaining principals.
  in accordance with the provisions of this Plan as                                                              (a) review and make recommendations to the
  though they had not returned to work.                 Note: The above language is current language in          Bargaining Principals regarding ministries and/
                                                        Appendix 4 – Part III                                    or branches and regions within ministries where
16/tentative agreement

    implementation of a program modelled on the             claims analysis, and the review of processes and               bargaining unit who has regular status as
    Employee Assistance and Health Promotion Program        discussion, and results in development of a report             of April 1, 2004 2006.
    (piloted by Region 2 of the Ministry of Social          setting findings and recommendations for
    Development and Economic Security) or other             improvement in leave recording systems,                 2.    This Memorandum does not apply to
    similar programs, may be reasonably expected            practices and procedures.                                      regular employees who are normally
    to have a positive impact on employee health and        Examples of issues that may be covered in such a               subject to layoff because of business cycle
    absenteeism rates; and                                  report include:                                                or seasonal work.

    (b) review and make recommendations to the                   •    STIIP/LTD reporting;                          3.    In order for the Employer to satisfy the
    Bargaining Principals regarding establishment or             •    short and long term disability plan                   provision of point 1 above, the Union
    modification of musculoskeletal and other injury                  documentation;                                        recognizes that workforce adjustment
    and illness prevention programs in areas where               •    submission of forms to and communication              activity will be necessary whether due to
    the incidence of such injury warrants further                     with appropriate agencies;                            reorganization, program termination,
    prevention activity.                                         •    short and long term disability follow-up              relocation, closures, etc.
    (c) review and make recommendations to the
                                                                 •    return to work procedures;                    4.    JWASC will coordinate such workforce
    Bargaining Principals on an earlier and
                                                                 •    medical intervention;                                 adjustment activity in accordance with its
    consistently applied adjudication of benefits
                                                                 •    supervisory roles and responsibilities at             mandate as outlined in Clause 13.2.
    during the STIIP period by the LTD benefit carrier
                                                                      various levels;
    under a mutually agreed plan.
                                                                 •    claims and cost monitoring; and               5.    In order to facilitate the Employer’s
The Joint Advisory Committee shall consult with                                                                             commitment and workforce adjustment
the Provincial Joint Occupational Health and                the review and analysis of past claims experience               measures necessary as a result of this
Safety Committee, the Rehabilitation Committee              should determine priorities and assist in                       commitment, it is agreed that, following
and/or Ministry Joint Committees, as appropriate.           developing strategies that will be the most                     the application of Phase 1 (Clause 13.1):
                                                            effective, and that reduce costs. It should also
                                                            identify critical issues relating to control of short               A regular employee with less than 3
           LETTER OF AGREEMENT #1                           and long term disability and the changes that                       years service seniority who refuses
       ILLNESS AND INJURY PLAN REVIEW                       are necessary to meet the government’s                              one reasonable offer of continued
                                                            objectives.                                                         employment will be deemed to have
4.      Illness and Injury Plans                                                                                                resigned.
                                                            Phase IV: Redrafting of Process/Implementation and                  A regular employee with 3 or more
The Parties agree there is a need to review illness         Training                                                            years service seniority who refuses an
and injury programs in government. These                                                                                        offer of continued employment at the
programs cover all government employees                     Policies and procedures should reflect a fair,                      same classification level and same
whether included in a bargaining unit or                    consistent and continuous process. The practices                    geographic location will be deemed
excluded. In order to involve all Parties in                flowing from the revised policies and procedures                    to have resigned.
studying this issue and making recommendations              should aid in maintaining Union and employee                        A regular employee with 3 or more
we propose a steering committee be struck to                interest as well as managerial commitment to                        years service seniority who refuses
provide leadership in this area. The committee              STIIP/LTD disability management over the long                       one offer of continued employment
should have representation from all unions,                 term.                                                               in a different classification (with the
excluded managers, ministries, the BC Public                                                                                    same maximum salary) in the same
Service Agency and Government Employee                      Note:     1. Consequential amendments to                            geographic location, will be deemed
Health Services.                                                      Appendix 4 – Part III,                                    to have resigned with applicable
                                                                      2. Replace existing MOU #10                               severance pay.
The following phases or stages should be                              3. Delete current MOU #12                                 A regular employee with 3 or more
considered in developing a long term solution to                      4. Delete current LOA #1.                                 years service seniority who refuses
the illness and injury issues.                                                                                                  two job offers in a different
                                                                                                                                geographic location or with a
Phase I: Preliminary Data Review                            March 1, 2006                                                       comparable pay range will be
                                                                                                                                deemed to have resigned with
It is appropriate to take a quick look at                   Mr. George Heyman, President                                        applicable severance pay.
government’s claim and cost experience. In this             B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union
phase, a review is made of the government’s                                                                         6.    The determination of employees to be
statistical claim data relating to the salary               Dear Mr. Heyman                                                subject to workforce adjustment will be
continuance program, to determine whether                                                                                  consistent with the seniority provisions of
there are cost savings opportunities that warrant           Re: Appendix 4, Part IV                                        Article 13.
pursuit, and to identify STIIP/LTD trends.
                                                            This will confirm that, at the request of either        7.    Greater than 3 year regulars are entitled to
Phase II: Review and Analysis of Current Process            Party, the Article 13 Joint Committee may review               displace less than 3 year regulars
                                                            and provide advice/assistance with respect to                  pursuant to Article 13. Employees who
The second phase provides a more in depth                   potential placement opportunities pursuant to                  do not immediately exercise their option
analysis of the available statistical claims data to        Appendix 4, Part IV, (d)(5). Union                             to displace will not be covered by the
determine:                                                  representatives to this Joint Committee will be                security provisions of this Memorandum
                                                            advised when an employee becomes subject to                    and Clause 13.4 shall apply. Less than 3
•     analysis of STIIP/LTD incidence in relation to both   this provision.                                                year regulars are entitled to the auxiliary
      the documented and undocumented                                                                                      recall option in lieu of a reasonable offer
      administration practices;                             Yours truly                                                    of continued employment.
                                                            Paul Straszak
•     claim types with potential for prevention and         Assistant Deputy Minister                               8.    Regular employees with more than three
      for rehabilitation initiatives.                                                                                      years service seniority who are placed
                                                                                                                           pursuant to this Memorandum shall have
It also involves a review of the policies and                        APPENDIX 7 – SENIORITY BLOCKS                         their salary protected pursuant to Clause
procedures, forms or other documents related to:                                                                           27.7 of the Master Agreement.
                                                            Seniority Blocks agreed to by the Master Bargaining
•     STIIP/LTD case management;                            Principals shall form part of this Agreement and are    9.    The Chairperson of the Article 13 Joint
•     health promotion and disability prevention;           included as Appendix 7, however, the parties agree             Committee shall, at the request of either
•     STIIP/LTD claim cost management;                      that it will not be printed as part of the general             party, sit as an arbitrator over all disputes
                                                            distribution of the Master Agreement.                          pertaining to the application or
and review of current documents for clarity,                                                                               interpretation of this Memorandum of
consistency and compatibility with the                                                                                     Agreement after the Parties have
government’s environment, and expected                      Note: The Parties agree to publish Appendix 7
                                                            separately.                                                    reviewed and attempted to resolve the
results.                                                                                                                   dispute.

This process may involve interviewing designated                                                                    10.   The provisions of Article 13 remain
personnel who have roles and responsibilities                     MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT #1                               unchanged.
relating to STIIP/LTD management to determine                    REGARDING EMPLOYMENT SECURITY
practices currently in place that are not reflected                                                                 10.   The provisions of Article 13 shall be subject
in documented policies and procedures.                      1.       During the term of this Memorandum of
                                                                      Agreement the Employer agrees not to                 to the provisions of this Memorandum of
                                                                      exercise its right to cause a layoff which           Agreement.
Phase III: Presentation of Findings
                                                                      results in the cessation of employment for
The third phase draws on the financial and                            an employee in the public service             11.   This Memorandum remains in force and
                                                                                                                             tentative agreement/17

                                                  been privatized pursuant to Master Agreement
                                                  Article 36 will be eligible for an Early Retirement
                                                  Incentive Plan (ERIP) and a Voluntary Departure
                                                  Program (VDP) as outlined below.

                                                  2.       Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP)                MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT #5
                                                                                                             RESPECTING TRANSFERS FROM ICBC TO THE
                                                       a. This Early Retirement Incentive Plan is                          PROVINCE
                                                       available to eligible employees who are at least
                                                       55 years of age (50 for staff working in
                                                       Corrections Centre) on or before the effective
                                                       date of privatization or have sufficient pre-
                                                       retirement leave into the future to reach their
                                                       55th birthday (50th birthday for staff working in a
                                                       Corrections Centre).                                     MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT
                                                       b. For employees meeting the above criteria,               The BC Public Service Agency
                                                       ERIP shall provide for an unreduced pension if                         AND
                                                       age plus years of contributory service add up to        The B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
                                                       80 (Rule of 80). For those employees eligible to                 EMPLOYEES’ UNION
                                                       retire whose combined age and service add up                        Respecting
         effect for the term of the 14th Master        to less than 80, pension is reduced by 3% for         Commercial Transport Inspection Program
         Agreement period April 1, 2004 to             every year their age is less than 60 (55 for staff                  Employees
         March 30, 2006.                               working in a Corrections Centre) or their age
                                                       plus service is less than 80, whichever is the        The memorandum pertains to the
                                                       lesser.                                               application of the Memorandum of
                REGARDING                                                                                    Agreement dated March 11, 2003
                                                       c. In addition, eligible employees who qualify        respecting “Transfer of Compliance
     ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY (ASD)                under (a) above and who are not offered a job
        AND PRIVATIZATION INITIATIVES                                                                        Operations and Motor Carrier Department
                                                       with the private employer will also receive a         Programs from the Insurance Corporation
                                                       lump sum payment equal to six months base             of BC (ICBC) to the Province”. Under the
The Employer agrees that the number of                 salary which may be used as pre-retirement
impacted employees resulting from ASD                                                                        terms of that agreement, employees
                                                       leave if they resign their employment and             receiving a salary in excess of the maximum
initiatives outlined in Memorandum #3 and              proceed to retirement. Benefits under this
Privatization initiatives pursuant to Clause                                                                 salary for the position with the Province
                                                       provision shall not exceed the time that would        are subject to further downward salary
36.2 Privatization will not exceed 400                 be required to reach the employee’s maximum
during the term of the 14th Master                                                                           adjustments on October 1, 2006 and
                                                       retirement age.                                       October 1, 2007.
                                                  3.       Voluntary Departure Program (VDP)                 It is hereby agreed that the MoA of March
The Memorandum of Agreement will be in
force and effect for the term of the 14th                                                                    11, 2003 is amended to the extent that
                                                       a. A VDP is available to eligible employees           further downward salary adjustments
Master Agreement.                                      who are not eligible to retire under ERIP             scheduled for October 1, 2006 and October
                                                       because they are not 55 years of age (50 for          1, 2007 are cancelled and instead, affected
                                                       staff working in a Corrections Centre) or do not      employees shall be afforded salary
                                                       have sufficient pre-retirement leave to reach         protection by Clause 27.7 based on salary in
                                                       their 55th birthday (50th birthday for staff          place on March 31, 2006.
                                                       working in a Corrections Centre).
                                                                                                             There shall be a moratorium on
    MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                        b. For employees meeting the above criteria           classification appeals concerning the
              Between the                              the VDP shall provide for a lump sum payment          application of the CTI classification series
GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH                  of 3 weeks of base pay for every year (1827           for one year following the date of signing.
               COLUMBIA                                hours at straight time rate) of service seniority,    Further, all current classification appeals
           Represented by the                          or major part thereof, as a regular employee to       are hereby withdrawn.
       BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY                        a maximum of 12 months base pay.
                And the
B.C GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE EMPLOYEES’             4.       Timing
             UNION (BCGEU)                                                                                           MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT
                                                  These programs will be made available prior to                                Between
       REGARDING PRIVATIZATION AND                the effective date of privatization. The Employer               THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF
     ALTERNATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY (ASD)           may establish reasonable timeframes for                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA
                                                  employees to exercise their options to retire or                        As Represented by the
This Memorandum of Understanding                  sever under these voluntary programs. The                        BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (BCPSA)
pertains to contracts for ASD initiatives         employee’s last day at work under ERIP, last day                                and
pursuant to Memorandum of Agreement #3            on pay under VDP must be no later than the                        THE BC GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
and contracts which have been minuted as a        effective date of privatization.                                     EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)
privatization pursuant to Article 36 of the
Master Agreement which expire and are re-         5.       Funding                                                    Re: Clause 32.10, Article 36 and
tendered during the term of the 14th Master                                                                           Memorandum of Agreement #3
Agreement. If re-tendered the Employer will       The cost of the Early Retirement Incentive Plan
stipulate that the successful bidder will offer   and the Voluntary Departure Program shall be               The Parties agree to apply the following provisions
employment to incumbent members of the            borne by the applicable Ministry and shall not be          to employees who accept an offer of continued
previous employer’s operation to fill available   charged to the Public Service Pension Plan.                employment with another Employer as
employment opportunities which are not                                                                       referenced in Clause 32.10, Article 36 or
assigned to the bidder’s current employees.       6.       General                                           Memorandum of Agreement #3.
Such offers shall be made in order of seniority
to staff currently performing the work of the          a. An employee receiving a lump sum                   1.     In-Service Status
available positions.                                   payment or severance payment shall repay the
                                                       payment if employed or contracted by the                       A regular employee shall be recognized as
This Memorandum of Agreement will remain               private employer or re-employed or contracted                  having in-service status for the purpose of
in effect for the term of the 14 th Master             by the Province during the period equivalent to                applying on postings for regular positions
Agreement.                                             lump sum payment or severance pay.                             in Government. This in-service status will
                                                                                                                      be recognized for a period of two years
                                                       b. Eligible employees who take advantage of                    after the effective date of the transfer to
                                                       ERIP or VDP shall waive their rights to any                    the successful proponent, private
   MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT #4                          severance payment pursuant to Articles 12, 13                  Employer or organization. For the
RESPECTING EARLY RETIREMENT INCENTIVE                  and 36 of the Master Agreement.                                purpose of such application only, their
PLAN (ERIP) AND VOLUNTARY DEPARTURE                                                                                   employment with the Employer will be
  PROGRAM (VDP) FOR PRIVATIZATION                 7.       Term                                                       deemed to have continued uninterrupted.
1.     Eligibility
                                                  This Memorandum remains in force and effect                2.     Reversal of Process
The Parties agree that regular employees in the   for the term of the 14th Master Agreement
public service bargaining unit whose work has     period April 1, 2004 to March 30, 2006.                             If, within a five year period after date of
18/tentative agreement

         disposition (Name of Initiative)               Part II – Relocation Expenses                                  excess of the above are involved, the
         Operation is returned to the Province,                                                                        Employer will pay:
         employees engaged in the returning             2.3 Living Expenses Upon Relocation at
         Operation, who were employed by the            New Location                                                           (i) the equivalent cost of moving
         Province at the time of disposition, will be                                                                          a single wide mobile trailer or
         returned to the Province.                      After the first seven days has expired at the new                      home up to the maximum width
                                                        location and the employee can establish to the                         allowed on highways with a
3.      Seniority Reinstatement                         satisfaction of the Employer that there is no                          permit; or
                                                        suitable housing available, then:
         If re-employment occurs pursuant to 1 or 2                                                                            (ii) the real estate and legal fees
         above, employees shall retain seniority          (a) the Employer shall pay an employee not                           involved in selling the extra wide
         earned while as a member of the Public           accompanied by dependents at the new                                 trailer up to a maximum of
         Service Bargaining Unit, and shall be            location, a living allowance of $25 $20 per day                      $5,000 $4,000;
         credited with seniority earned with the          up to a maximum of 30 days; or
         successful proponent, private                                                                                 (2) comprehensive insurance to
         Employer or organization for the                 (b) the Employer shall pay an employee                       adequately protect the employee’s
         purposes of layoff and recall and other          accompanied by dependents at the new                         household effects, chattels and trailer
         seniority related provisions.                    location, a living allowance of $30 $25 per day              during the move up to a maximum of
                                                          up to maximum of 60 days;                                    $60,000 $50,000;
4.      Benefit Entitlement
                                                          (c) where an employee is receiving the                       (3) the setting up and levelling of a
                                                          payment in (a) above and is later joined by                  mobile home or double wide, at the new
         If re-employment occurs pursuant to
                                                          their dependents at the new location and the                 location to a maximum of $600 $500
         1. or 2. above, employment will be
                                                          employee is still eligible for payment under this            upon production of receipts;
         deemed continuous for purposes of
                                                          Section, the payment shall be as in (b) above.
         benefit entitlements under Article 25.                                                                        (4) the packing and unpacking of the
                                                          However, the maximum period of payment
                                                          under (a) and (b) shall not exceed 60 days.                  employee’s household effects and
5.      Duration                                                                                                       chattels if required.
                                                        2.4 Moving of Household Effects and
         This Memorandum remains in force               Chattels                                               (c)    Where an employee is living in a mobile
         and effect for the period April, 2006                                                                 home and is not included in (a) above, and
         to March 30, 2010.                             On relocation, the Employer shall arrange and          chooses to move the mobile home to the new
                                                        pay for the following:                                 headquarters area, the employee shall be
                                                                                                               entitled to reimbursement for costs covered in (b)
February 28, 2006                                         (a) moving of household effects and chattels         above up to a maximum of $2,500 $2,000 upon
                                                          up to 8,165 kg. including any item(s) which the      production of receipts.
Mr. George Heyman, President                              contracted mover will accept as part of a load
                                                                                                               2.7   Incidental Expenses on Relocation
B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union              which includes household appliances and
                                                          furniture, hobbies, boats, outboard motors and
                                                                                                               The Employer shall pay to the employee upon
Dear Mr. Heyman                                           pianos;
                                                                                                               relocation only one of the following amounts, to
                                                          (b) comprehensive insurance to adequately            cover incidental expenses on relocation, and
Re: Memorandum of Agreement Article
                                                          protect the employee’s household effects and         once the employee has claimed one allowance
32.10, Article 36, MOA #3
                                                          chattels during the move up to a maximum of          no alternate further claim may be made:
This will confirm our understanding respecting            $60,000 $50,000;
                                                                                                                 (a) when an employee purchases a private
the application of in-service status under the            (c) where necessary, insured storage up to two         dwelling house in the new location - $600
above referenced Memorandum of Agreement.                 months, upon production of receipts;                   $550;
Such in-service status shall also allow an eligible       (d) the packing and unpacking of the                   (b) when the employee is moving to rental
employee to apply on a competition which is               employee’s household effects and chattels;             accommodation in the new location - $300
restricted to employees in their former ministry                                                                 $250;
providing the hiring of an external applicant             (e) when an employee is being relocated and
would not result in a surplus employee, such as           opts to move their own household effects and           (c) when an employee is moving with a
where the restriction was associated with internal        chattels, the employee shall receive one of the        mobile home - $200 $175;
workforce adjustment or reorganization. It is also        following allowances:
understood that this does not apply to temporary                                                                 (d) when the employee is moving to room and
                                                                (1) $500 $450 for a move not                     board - $150 $125.
                                                                exceeding a distance of 240 kilometers;
                                                                                                               The application for incidental expenses on
Yours truly                                                     (2) $800 $750 for a move which                 relocation must be made by the employee on the
Paul Straszak                                                   exceeds a distance of 240 kilometers;          appropriate form within 60 days of the
Assistant Deputy Minister                                                                                      employee’s arrival at the new location, unless
                                                                (3) $250 $200 where the employee is
                                                                                                               there is no available suitable housing, in which
                                                                entitled to receive the amount pursuant
                                                                                                               case application must be made within 60 days of
                                                                to Section 2.7(d).
                                                                                                               suitable housing becoming available.
     MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #2                     2.5   Moving of Mobile Homes
                                                                                                               2.10 Real Estate and Legal Fees
                                                          (a) On relocation, an employee who owns a
                 EXPENSES                                                                                      On relocation or within one year of the effective
                                                          mobile home may opt to have their mobile
                                                          home moved by the Employer in either of the          date of relocation, an employee who purchases
     Part I – Board and Lodging Regulations
                                                          following circumstances:                             and/or sells their private dwelling house, will be
1.1     Board and Lodging Regulations                                                                          entitled to claim for the following expenses upon
                                                                (1) where the employee’s new                   production of receipts:
Maintain current languages except (e)(3)                        headquarters area is on the list of isolated
                                                                areas, providing no suitable                     (a) Reimbursement of fees to a maximum of
Where employees are entitled, the per diem                      accommodation is available; or                   $8,500, $7,500, charged by a real estate
living allowance will be (1st pay period                                                                         agency for the selling of the employee’s private
                                                                (2) where an employee is living in a             dwelling home in which they resided
following ratification) $33.25, April 1, 2007
                                                                mobile home which was moved to its               immediately prior to relocation.
- $34.00, March 30, 2008 - $34.75, March
                                                                present location by the Employer, and
29, 2009 - $35.50 $32.50, per day for each
                                                                the employee’s headquarters prior to the         (b) An employee who has sold their own
calendar day in the month. This will be paid via
                                                                impending relocation is named on the             home without the aid of a realtor shall be
the payroll (subject to income tax) one month in
                                                                list of isolated locations.                      entitled to claim $2,000 $1,000.
arrears to enable the pay offices to calculate the
correct entitlement. This allowance will be paid          (b) Where an employee’s mobile home is                 (c) Allowance for legal fees encumbered upon
for the periods employed on the job and will              moved by the Employer under this Section then          the employee because of the purchase of their
include days of rest, statutory and declared              the Employer shall also arrange and pay for the        private dwelling house in which they live after
holidays, short term illness and injury absence,          following:                                             relocation will be paid in accordance with the
approved WCB leave with pay, other approved                                                                      following:
leave of absence with or without pay for periods                (1) moving of single wide mobile trailer
up to five days. Without limiting or extending                  or home up to the maximum width                             1% of the first $50,000 $40,000 of
the provisions of this Section, the per diem                    allowed on the highway with a permit                        the purchase price;
allowances will not be payable during the                       including any skirting, cabanas or
following periods:                                              attachments. Where mobile homes in
                                                                                                                     tentative agreement/19

             one-half of 1% of any amount of the     Where a project employee is retained                                     grievances at Step 2;
                purchase price above $50,000         beyond the 24 month maximum, they will                                   or
                $40,000;                             be deemed a regular employee from their
                                                     initial date of hire.                                            (2)      within 21 days after
             the total cost to the Employer under                                                                             the Employer’s reply
                part (c) shall not exceed $1,000     2.     Project employees’ terms and                                      was due
                $900.                                conditions of employment shall be those
                                                     applicable to regular employees under this              (b) The presentation at this step
  (d) Where an employee purchases a                  agreement except as provided in this                    shall include a report of the Step 2
  reasonable amount of property, secures a joint     memorandum. In-service status shall not                 meeting and the results of
  mortgage (land and private dwelling) and           apply except as provided pursuant to #3                 investigations carried out by the
  begins construction within six months of           below.                                                  Union with regard to the facts and
  relocation (i.e., foundation poured), they shall                                                           nature of the grievance. The report
  be entitled to reimbursement of legal fees not     3.     At the completion of the project,                shall not be introduced as evidence
  to exceed the amount specified in (c) above.       such employees will receive severance pay in            at any arbitration proceeding.
  In these circumstances, the reimbursement          the amount of three weeks’ pay per year of
  shall be for one transaction only.                 project service or portion thereof. Project     4.      The time limit to reply at Step 3
                                                     employees will have no residual rights in
(e)   The employee may only claim legal fee
                                                     respect of the application of any provision             (a) Within 30 days of receipt of the
reimbursement in either (c) or (d) above, not
                                                     of the Master Agreement following                       grievance at Step 3, the
                                                     severance, except that in-service status will           representative designated by the
                                                     apply for the six months following.                     Employer to handle grievances at
Part III
                                                                                                             Step 3 shall reply in writing to the
Where a regular employee is required to              4.     Projects for which these employees               grievance.
relocate:                                            may be hired shall be as mutually agreed by
                                                     the Principals, or their designates, within             (b) The reply at this step shall
  (a) as a result of the Employer moving its         five work days of request, where possible,              include a report of the Step 2
  operation from one geographic location to          but no later than 10 work days.                         meeting and the results of
  another (see Master Agreement Clause 12.8);                                                                investigations carried out by the
                                                     5.      This Memorandum is in effect from               Employer with regard to the facts
  (b) as a result of accepting a placement           April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2008, and may                and nature of the grievance. The
  pursuant to Article 13, provided the employee      be extended by agreement of the Parties.                report shall not be introduced as
  is in receipt of layoff notice;                                                                            evidence at any arbitration
  (c) as a result of a placement pursuant to           MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                           proceeding.
  Article 36;                                                        BETWEEN
                                                      THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA             5.      MOU #5—Union/Management Joint
the employee will be entitled to the following                                                               Training
reimbursements in addition to the provisions of               AS REPRESENTED BY THE
MOU #2 Part II, upon production of receipts:                 BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY
                                                                     AND THE                         In accordance with MOU #5— Union/
                                                          B. C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE               Management Joint Training , the Parties
  (a) real estate commission fees not to exceed                                                      agree to provide joint training of stewards
  $15,000. Where a claim is made under this                      EMPLOYEES’ UNION
                                                                                                     and Step 2 designates. Ministries, boards,
  section, there shall be no entitlement to MOU                                                      agencies and branches listed in the
  #2 Part II, 2.10(a);                                       REGARDING A PILOT PROJECT TO
                                                                     REINTRODUCE                     attached appendix will have priority to
  (b) except where the terms of the employee’s            STEP 3 TO THE GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE          receive this training before others.
  mortgage allow the employee to transfer the
  mortgage to a new residence without penalty,       The Parties agree to reintroduce Step 3 to
  the mortgage discharge fee not to exceed           the grievance procedure on the basis that it                   APPENDIX A
  $200 $100 and mortgage pre-payment                 is intended to assist in resolving grievances   Liquor Distribution Branch
  penalty, if any;                                   prior to arbitration.                           Adult Custody

  (c) survey certificate fee as required for the     1.     The reintroduction of Step 3 will be
  acquisition of a mortgage/purchase of a private                                                           MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT
                                                     on a trial basis, effective the date of
  dwelling at the new location;                                                                                      BETWEEN THE
                                                     signing of the 14th Master Agreement and
                                                                                                          HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF
  (d) interim financing fees and/or interest         expiring on March 31, 2008. The Parties
                                                                                                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA
  charges incurred for the purchase of the           may extend or renew this Memorandum of
                                                                                                                  AS REPRESENTED BY
  private dwelling house in the new location for a   Understanding by mutual agreement.
                                                                                                           THE LIQUOR DISTRIBUTION BRANCH
  maximum period of 60 days. The employee                                                                              AND THE
  shall provide the necessary documentation to       2.      Step 3 of the grievance procedure              B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
  demonstrate that such interim financing            will be applicable to specific ministries,                   EMPLOYEES’ UNION
  arrangements were incurred and/or duplicate        boards, agencies and branches which are
  mortgage payments have been made.                  listed at Appendix A to this Memorandum          RE: LIQUOR DISTRIBUTION BRANCH (LDB)
                                                     of Understanding. The Parties may add or                 LETTER OF COMMITMENT
Part III does not apply where the employee’s         delete ministries, boards, agencies and
private dwelling in which they resided               branches during the life of this
immediately prior to relocation is not sold.                                                              Retail Stores:
                                                     memorandum. Ministries, boards, agencies
                                                     and branches named in Appendix A to this
                                                                                                             (a)          The LDB will not close
                                                     Memorandum of Understanding agree to:
   MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                                                                                     more than five retail stores
               BETWEEN                                                                                             during the term of the 14th
                                                             a. encourage resolution at step 2;                    Master Agreement.
 THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA                             and
       BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY                              b. use step 3 as a problem solving              (b)           Where two retail stores
               AND THE                                          forum; and                                         are consolidated into a new
BC GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE EMPLOYEES’                                                                               Signature Store, this is not a
                                                             c.   commit to full participation in                  store closure pursuant to (a)
                 UNION                                            the case management process
              REGARDING                                                                                            above.
                                                                  agreed to between the Parties.
                                                     3.      The Step 3 procedure to be utilized          Distribution:
The Parties agree to establish a pilot                       is:
project to provide an alternate means of                                                                     (a)           The LDB will continue to
undertaking time limited project work. It                    (a) The President of the Union, or                    operate a province-wide
is anticipated that this pilot will also                     their designate, may present a                        distribution system for the term
facilitate a reduction in the number of                      grievance at Step 3:                                  of the 14th Master Agreement.
contractors engaged to do work which
could be performed by employees. To meet                             (1)     within 21 days after    Note:         As of the date of this MOA, the LDB
these objectives, the following provisions                                  the decision has been                  has 208 retail stores, 10 of which
will apply:                                                                 conveyed to them by                    are Signature Stores
                                                                            the representative
1.     Project employees will be engaged                                    designated by the        This Memorandum of Agreement is
for projects of 12 to 24 months’ duration.                                  Employer to handle       enforceable through commercial
20/tentative agreement

arbitration under the provisions of the               considerations in public and private retailing and       redundant, it is the objective of the Parties
Commercial Arbitration Act.                           distribution of liquor.                                  to this Memorandum to maximize
                                                                                                               opportunities for continued employment
                                                      In closing, I would like to recognize the continued      for current regular Riverview employees
                PROTOCOL AGREEMENT                    good work of our staff in our retail and                 who are declared surplus or to find
                    BETWEEN THE                       distribution systems.                                    acceptable voluntary alternatives.
                      AND THE                         Yours truly                                           B. Pre-Labour Adjustment
           B.C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE                Solicitor General
                                                                                                               The Riverview Joint Committee established
                  EMPLOYEES’ UNION
                                                                                                               under Article 29 shall work to provide
                                                                                                               continuing cooperation and consultation
                                                                                                               at the local level in providing training and
              OPENINGS                                                BETWEEN
                                                                                                               preparing employees for employment
      AND IMPACT ON EMPLOYEES                              BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY (PSA)
                                                                                                               opportunities and fashioning reasonable
                                                                                                               local solutions to problems arising from
Joint Committee                                           THE B.C.GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
                                                                                                               the downsizing.
                                                             EMPLOYEES’ UNION (BCGEU)
The Parties agree to use the Article 29 Joint                                                                  The Parties shall create effective
Committee to provide a forum for the                  REGARDING SUNDAY OPENINGS AND STORE                      communication mechanisms to assist
Parties to proactively address human                        CONSOLIDATION PROTOCOL                             employees in making choices during the
resource issues which arise as a result of                                                                     placement processes and to make current
store closures, amalgamations and the                 The Employer and the Union are committee                 accurate information available.
opening of Signature Stores.                          to working cooperatively to minimize
                                                      adverse staffing impacts resulting form                  The Article 29 Committee shall work
Process                                               store closures and store consolidations into             cooperatively:
                                                      signature stores.
      1.       Where a decision has been                                                                       (1)   to ensure training funds are
               reached to close a retail store            1.      All signature stores will open for                 equitably distributed and training
               consistent with understandings                     business on Sunday to enhance                      opportunities are not unreasonably
               between the Parties, the LDB will                  employment opportunities and                       withheld;
               notify the Union committee                         maximize operational efficiency.
               representatives in writing.                2.      Except where not possible (ie)               (2)   to assist in the identification of
      2.       The joint committee will convene                   termination of a lease, the                        placement opportunities for regular
               within 14 days of the notice of the                consolidation of stores into a                     employees and to facilitate the
               store closure.                                     signature store will not occur                     placement of employees as the
      3.       The committee, in the event of a                   until the signature store opens                    opportunities arise.
               planned Signature Store opening,                   for business. Where it is not
                                                                                                            C. Labour Adjustment Process
               will agree on an appropriate                       possible, the LDB will advise the
               human resource approach to                         Joint Committee as soon as it is             The Parties to this MOU agree that for the
               minimize impact on employees                       known. In this case, the Joint               term of the 14th Master Agreement, the
               working in the affected stores.                    Committee will implement                     following process will apply to Riverview
               The committee will implement                       reasonable measures to mitigate              Hospital regular employees, where
               labour realignment options such                    any reduction in work available.             applicable:
               as:                                        3.      Where two stores are combined
                                                                  into a signature store, the                  (1)   The ERIP/VDP program as attached
               (a)    Temporary assignments                       affected recall areas will be                      is to be made available to regular
               (b)    Realignment of Recall                       realigned as per 12.3(h) of the                    employees of Riverview/Forensic
                      Areas consistent with                       RS&W Component Agreement.                          Psychiatric Services Commission, to
                      RS&W Clause 12.3(h)                                                                            facilitate placement of Riverview
               (c)    Transfer to vacancies            MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #4 –                              Hospital employees subject to
               (d)    Collective    Agreement                     Telework                                           approval based on operational
                      modifications to facilitate                                                                    requirements.
                      appropriate        labour       Delete
                      realignment options.                                                                     (2)   Consistent with the principles and
                                                                                                                     processes outlined in the Riverview
                                                      MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #9
                                                                                                                     Redevelopment Location (RRL)
March 11, 2006                                                        BETWEEN
                                                                                                                     Memorandum of Agreement,
                                                      THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
                                                                                                                     Riverview employees may be offered
Mr. George Heyman, President                                  AS REPRESENTED BY THE
                                                                                                                     comparable            employment
B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union                BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY
                                                                                                                     opportunities with a Health
Dear Mr. Heyman                                         THE B. C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE
                                                                 EMPLOYEES’ UNION                              (3)   Should a surplus employee be offered
Re:        Liquor Distribution Branch                                   AND                                          a comparable position with a Health
                                                      THE HEALTH EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATION OF                            Authority, and refuses the offer, or
In the last round of negotiations the parties                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                                    does not apply on a comparable
recognized the importance of achieving a cost                           AND                                          position, the surplus employee will
effective business model in order to allow the            HEALTH SERVICES AND SUPPORT                                be placed into a Public Service
Liquor Distribution Branch to continue to             COMMUNITY SUBSECTOR ASSOCIATION OF                             position in accordance with Article
maintain a significant role in liquor retailing and             BARGAINING AGENTS                                    13 of the 14th Master Agreement.
distribution in the Province.                                           AND
                                                           THE ASSOCIATION OF UNIONS                           (4)   In the event no placement is made
In recognizing the continuing cost savings            HEALTH SERVICES AND SUPPORT FACILITIES                         in the Public Service, the surplus
achieved by the parties, the Government of                          SUBSECTOR                                        employee will be offered an
British Columbia commits that the LDB will                                                                           available comparable position in a
continue to maintain a prominent presence in             RE: RIVERVIEW HOSPITAL DEVOLUTION                           Health Authority within a 32 km
the retailing and distribution of alcoholic           INTERSECTORAL LABOUR ADJUSTMENT PLAN                           radius of Riverview Hospital for
beverages in the Province of British Columbia                                                                        which the employee is qualified.
during the term of the 14th Master Agreement.         A. Preamble                                                    Should the employee decline the
                                                                                                                     offer, the employee will be deemed
Furthermore, this will inform you that the                As a result of the devolution of Riverview                 to have resigned from the Public
Government of the Province of British Columbia            Hospital bed capacity to Health                            Service with severance. Employees
will be opening all of its Signature Stores for           Authorities Riverview patients will be                     who are placed in Health
business on Sundays. These openings will be               relocated to facilities operated by Health                 Authorities where an offer is made
complete by May 1, 2006. All new Signature                Authorities.                                               under this section, will retain
Stores will also be open for business on Sundays.                                                                    ‘superior benefits’ entitlements
                                                          As patients are relocated from Riverview
                                                                                                                     where the receiving collective
                                                          Hospital, existing Riverview positions
Throughout our recent review of liquor plans,                                                                        agreement provides less than
                                                          utilized to support those patients will
social policy and public safety remained a top                                                                       equivalent terms compared to the
                                                          become redundant. Recognizing that
priority of government. The Government of                                                                            Public Service in respect of pension,
                                                          there are limited opportunities in the
British Columbia remains committed to ensuring                                                                       wage compensation and health and
                                                          Public Service for Riverview Hospital
that social responsibility remains a part of                                                                         welfare benefits.
                                                          employees should their positions become
                                                                                                                    tentative agreement/21

D. Employment Security
                                                                  APPENDIX 1                       shall be borne by Riverview Hospital and
     (1)   Notwithstanding C(4) above, for         Respecting Early Retirement Incentive Plan      shall not be charged to the Public Service
           the term of the 14 th Master                And Voluntary Departure Program             Pension Plan.
           Agreement, Riverview employees                             For
           who have regular status effective                 Riverview Hospital/FPI                6.     General
           April 1, 2006 will not be subject to                                                            a. An employee receiving a lump
           layoff, however affected employees      1.   Eligibility
                                                                                                           sum payment or severance payment
           may be required to temporarily
                                                   The Parties agree that regular employees in             shall repay the payment if employed
           perform duties which may not
                                                   the public service bargaining unit                      or contracted by a Health Authority
           currently be contained in their job
                                                   employed by the Riverview Hospital as of                or re-employed by the Province
                                                   the date of ratification will be eligible for           during the period equivalent to the
     (2)   Despite D(1) above regular              an Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP)               lump sum payment or severance
           employees with less than three years    and a Voluntary Departure Program (VDP)                 pay.
           service seniority as a regular who      as outlined below.
                                                                                                           b. Eligible employees who take
           where converted to regular status
                                                   2.   Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP)             advantage of ERIP or VDP shall
           with    an    initial    letter   of                                                            waive their rights to any severance
           appointment specifying that they                                                                payment pursuant to Articles 12, 13
                                                          a. This Early Retirement Incentive
           were hired for the specific purpose                                                             and 36 of the Master Agreement.
                                                          Plan is available to eligible
           of Riverview Hospital downsizing
                                                          employees who are at least 55 years
           and were subject to layoff when                                                              MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #9
                                                          of age on or before a date
           operationally required will be laid                                                               RIVERVIEW DOWNSIZING
                                                          determined by Riverview Hospital,
           off. However, such employees may
                                                          but in any event no later than
           choose the options available as                                                         It is recognized that the scaling down or phasing
                                                          expiry of the Agreement, or have         out the operations of Riverview may require the
           outlined in Clause 13.3.
                                                          sufficient pre-retirement leave into     utilization of Article 36 by a significant number of
E.   Return to the Public Service                         the future to reach their 55th           employees. This unusual circumstance may result
                                                                                                   in there not being sufficient placement
     The Parties agree to apply the following                                                      opportunities available so that all employees may
     provisions to employees who accept an                b. For employees meeting the
                                                          above criteria and subject to            be placed.
     offer of continued employment with a
     Health Authority as a direct result of the           Riverview Hospital approval based
                                                          on operational requirements, ERIP          (a) Pre-placement
     Riverview Hospital devolution:
                                                          shall provide for an unreduced             Riverview shall form a local sub-committee of
     (1)   In-Service Status:                             pension if age plus years of               the Article 36 Joint Committee for the purpose
                                                          contributory service add up to 80          of continuing cooperation and consultation at
           A regular employee shall be                    (Rule of 80). For those employees          the local level in providing training and
           recognized as having in-service                eligible to retire whose combined          preparing employees for employment
           status for the purpose of applying             age and service add up to less than        opportunities and fashioning reasonable local
           on postings for regular positions in           80, pension is reduced by 3% for           solutions to problems arising from the
           Government. This in-service status             every year their age is less than 60       downsizing.
           will be recognized for a period of             or their age plus service is less than
           two years after the effective date of          80, whichever is the lesser.               The Parties shall create effective
           the appointment to a Health                                                               communication mechanisms to assist
           Authority position.                            c. In addition, employees approved         employees in making choices during the
                                                          for ERIP will also receive a lump sum      placement processes and to make current
     (2)   Seniority Reinstatement:                       payment equal to six months base           accurate information available.
                                                          salary which may be used as
           If re-employment occurs pursuant               pre•retirement leave. Benefits             The local sub-committee shall work
           to 1 above, employees shall retain             under this provision shall not exceed      cooperatively:
           seniority earned while as a member             the time that would be required to
           of the Public Service Bargaining               reach the employee’s maximum                     (1) to ensure training funds are
           Unit, and shall be credited with               retirement age.                                  equitably distributed and training
           seniority earned with a Health                                                                  opportunities are not unreasonably
           Authority for the purposes of layoff    3.   Voluntary Departure Program (VDP)                  withheld;
           and recall and other seniority
           related provisions.                            a. A VDP is available to eligible                (2) to assist in the identification of
                                                          employees who are not able to retire             placement opportunities for regular
     (3)   Benefit Entitlement:                           under ERIP because they are not 55               employees and to facilitate the
                                                          years of age or do not have                      placement of employees as the
           If re-employment occurs pursuant               sufficient pre-retirement leave to               opportunities arise.
           to 1 above, employment will be                 reach their 55th birthday.
           deemed continuous for purposes of                                                         (b) Placement
           benefit entitlement under Article              b. For employees meeting the               As reductions in staffing in a classification are
           25.                                            above criteria, and subject to             required, voluntary access to vacancy
                                                          Riverview Hospital approval based          placement and/or displacement/bumping
     (4)   Reversal of Process:                           on operational requirements, the           opportunities in accordance with Clause
           If, within a five year period after            VDP shall provide for a lump sum           36.2(c)(2)(i) and (ii) shall be offered to regular
           date of disposition, Riverview is              payment of 3 weeks of base pay for         employees in that classification in order of
           returned to the Province, in whole             every year (1827 hours at straight         service seniority.
           or in part, employees engaged in               time rate) of service seniority, or
           the returning operation, who were              major part thereof, as a regular           If the required reductions have not been
           employed by the Province at the                employee to a maximum of 12                achieved, then regular employees shall be
           time of disposition, will be returned          months base pay.                           referred to Clause 36.2 in reverse order of
           to the Province.                        4.   Timing                                       service seniority.

                                                   Riverview Hospital will consult with the          (c) Regular employees with less than three
Signed on behalf of the BCPSA:                     Union with respect to the timing, location        years service seniority as a regular and who
                                                   and duration of the ERIP and VDP                  had been converted to regular status and hired
Signed on behalf of the BCGEU:                     programs. Riverview Hospital may                  into an organization covered by this
                                                   establish reasonable timeframes for               Memorandum shall not have access to Article
Signed on behalf of HEABC:                         employees to exercise their options to retire     36 provided:
Signed on behalf of the Health Services &          or sever under these voluntary programs.                (1) The regular was hired as an auxiliary
Support Facilities Subsector - Association of      The employee’s last day at work prior to                to work in the organization scheduled for
Unions:                                            pension or pre-retirement leave under ERIP,             closure or downsizing; and
                                                   on pay under VDP will be as determined by
Signed on behalf of Health Services &              Riverview Hospital but in any event, no                 (2) The initial letter of appointment
Support – Community Subsector                      later than expiry of the Agreement.                     specified that they have been hired for
Association of Bargaining Agents                                                                           the specific purpose of closure or
                                                   5.   Funding                                            downsizing and that they will be laid off
                                                                                                           at its conclusion.
                                                   The cost of the Early Retirement Incentive
                                                   Plan and the Voluntary Departure Program
22/tentative agreement

  However, the employee may choose to take the            (2)    The Chairperson will be           (6)   The guidelines identified in
  options available to employees as outlined in                  appointed jointly by the                Clause 2.1(b) will be utilized
  Clause 13.2.                                                   Parties (to be negotiated).             by the Joint Committee to
                                                                                                         determine whether the
  (d) Any dispute regarding the interpretation,           (3)    The Union and Employer will
                                                                                                         position should be excluded
  application, operation or alleged violation of                 each appoint one Director or
                                                                                                         from the bargaining unit or
  this Memorandum shall be referred to the Joint                 Regional Coordinator to the
                                                                                                         remain included in the
  Committee referred to in Clause 36.3 for                       Joint Committee.
                                                                                                         bargaining unit.
                                                          (4)    The Chairperson of the
                                                                                                         In addition to the guidelines
Should Oak Bay, through its transition to the new                Committee will, at the
                                                                                                         in Clause 2.1(b), the
facility, require the utilization of the                         request of either Party, sit as
                                                                                                         Committee will also consider
Memorandum or Article 36 for the purpose of                      facilitator/arbitrator over all
                                                                                                         the criteria in PSLRA, s.11.3.
placement of employees, then the facility will be                disputes pertaining to the
included within this Memorandum.                                 appropriateness of any            (7)   The Committee will establish a
                                                                 exclusion request before the            schedule of meeting dates,
                                                                 Joint Committee.                        monthly or less frequently by
                                                                                                         mutual agreement, to review
  MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING #15                   (c)   Committee Procedure
                                                                                                         and make decisions.
                                                          All new exclusion requests will be
   MINISTRY OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY                                                                 (8)   Decisions of the Joint
                                                          submitted to the Committee. Each
       DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS                                                                              Committee will be without
                                                          submission will include:
                                                                                                         prejudice to positions either
       Renew for the term of the 14th Master              (1)   the official job description             Party may take on any
                   agreement.                                   with the management                      position.
                                                                compensation framework
                                                                                                   (9)   The Chair will issue a
                                                                finalized and a copy of the
  MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                                                                            precedential decision with a
                                                                job description for the
                  #____                                                                                  complete but brief written
                                                                position which supervises the
                BETWEEN                                                                                  explanation within seven days
                                                                applied for position;
 THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA                                                                      of the Committee meeting.
         AS REPRESENTED BY THE                            (2)   incumbent name, if
                                                                                                   (10) Where the Employer
        BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY                                 applicable;
                                                                                                        determines that a particular
                AND THE                                                                                 matter is more properly
                                                          (3)   the organization chart for the
     B. C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE                                relevant program;                      processed in accordance with
            EMPLOYEES’ UNION                                                                            Clause 2.1, it will so notify the
                                                          (4)   Any other information
                                                                                                        Union and this Memorandum
          RE: A JOINT COMMITTEE FOR                             deemed necessary by the
                                                                                                        will not apply.
      CASE MANAGING AND ADJUDICATING                            Committee such as
              EXCLUSION REQUESTS                                precedential decisions and         (11) An included employee who
                                                                access to appropriate                   substitutes in an excluded
The Parties agree that this Memorandum of                       supervisory managers who                position for a period up to 20
Understanding will supplement Master                            may provide relevant                    working days shall remain in
Agreement Clause 2.1 - Bargaining Unit                          information to the                      the bargaining unit for the
Defined, effective the date of signing of                       Committee; and                          duration of the temporary
the 14th Master Agreement.                                                                              assignment. For periods of
                                                          (5)   Where a position is classified          substitution exceeding 20
(a)      Committee Purpose                                      at ML6 or higher, the                   working days, an employee
                                                                Employer will provide the               shall be temporarily
         A joint Committee will be                              Union the incumbent’s name,             appointed and will be
         constituted to provide a venue to                      if applicable, the job                  excluded for the entire
         address positions which the                            description, a copy of the job          duration of the appointment
         Employer seeks to have excluded                        description for the position            period.
         from the bargaining unit. Such                         which the excluded position
         positions may be encumbered or                         will report to, and                (12) The Parties will jointly
         vacant.                                                organization chart. Should              establish terms of reference
                                                                the Union disagree that the             for use by the Committee.
(b)      Committee Composition
                                                                position is properly excluded,
                                                                                                   (13) The Parties will share equally
         (1)    The Joint Committee will                        it may bring it to the
                                                                                                        in all costs associated with
                consist of five                                 Committee for a decision by
                                                                                                        the Chairperson and other
                representatives, two                            notifying the Employer within
                appointed by the Union, two                     30 days of receipt of such
                appointed by the Employer,                      notification.
                and a Chairperson.

                        COUNTING THE
                          STRIKE VOTE.

                    BCGEU members in
                  the public service unit
                  sent a strong message
                     to the government
                    when they delivered
                    an 80 percent strike
                   vote to back contract

                        The strong strike
                   mandate enabled the
                  bargaining committee
                  to take a strong stand
                   in contract talks with
                    the government and
                      achieve a tentative
                   agreement members
                         can be proud of.
                                                                                                                               tentative agreement/23

The bargaining committee in Victoria at the start of talks with the government over the 14th public service agreement.

  MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                                            •       Documentation related to                7.        Additional information
                  #____                                                          the legitimacy of the                   required by the Committee such as
                BETWEEN                                                          Exclusion                               access to appropriate supervisory
 THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA                                      •       The current job                         managers will be available as
         AS REPRESENTED BY THE                                                   description of the                      required.
        BC PUBLIC SERVICE AGENCY                                                 position
                AND THE                                                  •       The job description of the              8. The Committee will establish a
     B. C. GOVERNMENT AND SERVICE                                                position which supervises               schedule of meeting dates, monthly
            EMPLOYEES’ UNION                                                     the position being                      or less frequently by mutual
                                                                                 reviewed                                agreement, to review and make
REGARDING A JOINT COMMITTEE TO REVIEW                                                                                    decisions.
                                                                3.   Positions will be categorized as:
   CURRENT EXCLUSIONS CLASSIFIED AS                                                                                      9. Decisions of the Joint Committee
     MANAGEMENT LEVEL 1, 2 OR 3                                          •       Appropriately excluded                  will be without prejudice to
                                                                                 from the bargaining unit                positions either Party may take on
(a) The Parties agree to establish a joint                               •       Appropriately included in               any position.
committee to review all current                                                  the bargaining unit
Management Level 1, 2 and 3 exclusions to                                •       Requiring further                       10. The Chair will issue a precedential
determine if they are appropriately                                              information                             decision with a complete but brief
excluded or more properly included in the                                                                                written explanation within seven
                                                                4. The following positions will be                       days of the Committee meeting.
bargaining unit. For this purpose, a Joint
                                                                deemed to be properly excluded:
Committee will be established to do a                                                                                    11. The Parties will jointly establish
systematic review of all positions at this                               (i)        statutory exclusions;                terms of reference for use by the
level, whether encumbered or vacant based                                (ii)       Order-in-Council                     Committee.
on the criteria outlined below.                                                     appointees;
                                                                         (iii)      where there is                       12. The Parties will share equally in
(b)                                                                                                                      all costs associated with the
            (1) The Joint Committee will                                            documentation                        Chairperson and other costs.
                consist of five                                                     indicating the parties’
                representatives, two                                                agreement to exclude
                appointed by the Union, two                                         the position unless
                appointed by the Employer,                                          there has been a
                                                                                                                      LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #2
                and a Chairperson appointed                                         significant change;
                                                                                                                  SUPPLEMENTAL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT
                jointly by the Parties.                                  (iv)       those excluded classes
                                                                                    as listed in Appendix
            (2) The Union and Employer will
                each appoint one Director or                                                                    Delete
                Regional Coordinator to the                     5. The guidelines identified in
                Joint Committee.                                Clause 2.1(b) will be utilized by the
                                                                Joint Committee to determine                           LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #3
            (3) The Chairperson will, at the
                                                                whether the position should remain                   RESPECTING THE AUTHORITY OF THE
                request of either Party, sit as
                                                                excluded from the bargaining unit                       ARTICLE 13 JOINT COMMITTEE
                facilitator/arbitrator over all
                                                                or be included in the bargaining
                disputes pertaining to the
                                                                unit.                                           The structure of the layoff and recall/employment
                appropriateness of any
                                                                                                                security provisions of the Master Agreement are
                exclusion request before the                    In addition to the guidelines in
                                                                                                                such that those regular employees with three or
                Joint Committee.                                Clause 2.1(b), the Committee will
                                                                                                                more years of service seniority have stronger
                                                                also consider the criteria in PSLRA,
                                                                                                                security than regular employees with less than 3
(c)   Committee Procedure                                       s.11.3.
                                                                                                                years seniority. Likewise, all regular employees
        1. A complete listing, detailing                        6.        Employees encumbering                 have stronger security than auxiliary employees.
        every position classified as                            positions determined to be properly
        Management Level 1, 2 and 3 will be                     included in the bargaining unit will            Consistent with the above, the Parties
        provided to the Joint Committee.                        remain excluded as long as the                  acknowledge that the Article 13 Joint Committee
        This list, by Ministry, Board or                        incumbent occupies the position.                may need to exercise its discretion as provided
        Agency, will contain the following:                     When requested by the employee,                 for in Clause 13.5(c) in order to maintain the
                                                                the incumbent will be included in               employment of regular employees over auxiliary
                 •   Management level                           the bargaining unit with salary                 employees, including regulars with less than
                 •   Name of incumbent (if                      protection and will receive all                 three years seniority.
                     any)                                       negotiated wage increases.
                 •   Organization chart.                        Appropriate union dues will be                  This letter will be effective from the date of
        2. As ministries are reviewed, the                      payable to the Union from 30 days               ratification until March 30, 2006 the expiration
        Parties will examine:                                   preceding inclusion of the position.            of the 14th Master Agreement.

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