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									July 2009                         EMPOWERING PROJECT DRIVEN BUSINESSES TO GET RID OF PROJECT FAILURE                                                                             Issue 9

Dear Readers,
                                                                                                                          POINT OF VIEW
          xecutives, whether in
          the private or public sec-
          tors, are becoming more
aware that they cannot escape the
                                                                                                                     Meeting Project
responsibility of failing projects.
Those failed projects represent
                                                                                                                   Milestone Dates For
wasted funds that organizations                                                                                 Publicly traDeD coMPanies
could have used to fund other im-
portant projects.                                                                                               Bassam Samman, PMP, PSP, EVP | CEO & Founder
    Every year, billions of funds
are wasted on failing projects. In
fiscal year 2008, the US Govern-
ment Accountability Office found
413 IT projects worth US$25 billion which were “poorly planned,
poorly performing, or both” and in 2004, it was reported that 7%
construction funds for China’s water conservation projects valued at
US$8.9 billion were mismanaged. In the Middle East, we still lack
statistics of failed project investments, nevertheless, ratios are expect-
ed to be similar to other countries, if not more.
    In many countries, senior executives cannot escape the blame for
those failures. In a recent incident in Canada, the three most senior ex-
ecutives of Ontario’s electrical utility were fired after a report found them
responsible for mismanaging the restoration of the Pickering nuclear

plant for which the cost of refurbishing four nuclear reactors rose from
                                                                                                                        here is an increasing de-      affect the estimated duration for
C$780 million in 1997 to a projected C$4 billion.                                                                       mand on publicly traded        the project activities. In addi-
    Executives responsible for project investment need reliable tools                                                   companies that their busi-     tion, those companies tend to an-
and techniques to monitor and control the performance of those in-                                              nesses be project driven to honor      nounce their project completion
vestments. Earned Value is what organizations in the USA, Canada,                                               the dates they have promised their     dates during the early dates of
                                                                                                                investors and the market to deliv-     the project and before having a
Australia, UK and other countries have adopted as their desired per-
                                                                                                                er their projects on. The successful   clear vision on what the project
formance management system. It provides an integrated approach to                                               delivery of those projects will sig-   requires.
objectively evaluate project health, forecast future trends, communi-                                           nificantly affect the value of their        Therefore, those organiza-
cate risk and develop project recovery strategies. It provides a sys-                                           stock as earnings against those        tions might elect to announce the
                                                                                                                investments can only be realized       project milestone dates based on
tematic approach to the integration and measurement of cost, sched-
                                                                                                                when those projects are complete.      a schedule that is based on the
ule and scope accomplishments on a project.                                                                     In other words, meeting milestone      most likely activity durations
                                                                                                                dates promised for those projects      or derived from an aggressive
Keep tuned to our monthly newsletter.                                                                           is of vital importance for investors   schedule that is based on activi-
                                                                                                                for assessing the fair value of the    ties that their durations are less
Best regards,                                                                                                   company stocks. Actually, failing      than their most likely durations,
Bassam Samman                                                                                                   to meet promised milestone dates       or based on a cautious schedule
                                                                                                                might result in major financial        that is derived from activities
                                                                                                                damages to the company in terms        that their durations are greater
Message from CEO ................................................................................. 1            of penalties for failing to deliver,   than their most likely, or based
Service Review ........................................................................................ 2       loss of customer confidence, de-       on a politics schedule that is
Product Review ....................................................................................... 4        layed recovery of investments, and     based on a schedule with no real-
Professional’s Corner............................................................................... 4          loss of market share to the compe-     istic duration estimates scaled so
Improving Business Performance of Project Driven Industries................... 6                                tition.                                that the project finishes on a pre-
Obtaining a CAPM certification ................................................................ 7                    The challenge that faces those    determined date such as client
CMCS News ........................................................................................... 8         project driven organizations is that   requirements or contract dates.
CMCS Wins ............................................................................................ 9        promised project milestone dates            Therefore, to come up with
CMCS Course News ..............................................................................10               are based on assumptions made          project milestone dates that have
Building Information Modelling BIM in Use ..............................................12                      in which time might prove their        high confidence level of achieve-
EMCI and GEMC: Making Engineering Manageable ............................... 13                                 validity or not. These assumptions     ment, the project schedule must
Tech Talk ............................................................................................... 14    have to be made as whatever is the     be subjected to a detailed risk
Q&A .......................................................................................................15   nature of the project, each project    assessment and analysis. As the
Course Calendar ....................................................................................16          has many uncertainties that might        Continued on page 3>>
ABOUT CMCS                                                  SERVICE REVIEW:
Our Vision                                                  ThE CERTIfIEd BuSInESS
                                                            AnAlySIS PROfESSIOnAl (CBAP)
Empowering project driven businesses to enable
them to get rid of failed project investments
                                                            Ed Shehab PMP, CBAP, CSSGB | Professional Services - Manager

Our Mission                                                          uring tough economic times, busi-         • Use of a repeatable requirements process
To help organizations deliver a complete solution                    nesses must make every effort to          that is continuously improved
to propose, prioritize and select strategic project                  minimize risk and increase profit-        • A system architecture that supports the
investments and then to plan, manage and control            ability. This means selecting the right in-        users’, customers’ and stakeholders’ current
their entire portfolio through to its successful            vestments, and including only the necessary        and planned needs
completion. Our solutions are custom tailored to            scope within those investments before we           • The ability to accommodate changes in re-
each organization’s needs. They include developing          embark on those projects. However, we still        quirements as they are progressively elabo-
policies that are in line with internationally recognized   need to address every stakeholder’s needs so       rated
standards and enabling the organization to deploy           that everybody remains committed. How              • High quality systems and products
them by developing their resources’ skills to enable        do we accomplish this fine balance? That is        • System development cost savings, accurate
them to take ownership of the solution and providing        where we need Business Analysis.                   schedules, customer satisfaction
state-of-the-art IT tools to support the solution
operation.                                                  What is Business Analysis?                         Who is the IIBA?
                                                            “Business analysis is the set of tasks and tech-        The mission of the IIBA is to develop
                                                            niques used to work as a liaison among stake-      and maintain standards for the practice of
Products That We Represent                                  holders in order to understand the structure,      business analysis and for the certification of
                                                            policies and operations of an organization,        its practitioners. It was initiated 5 years ago,
                         CERTIfIEd AdVAnTAGE
                         PARTnER                            and to recommend solutions that enable the         and has now grown to about 7,000 members
                                                            organization to achieve its goals…It includes      (including non-certified registered members
                                                            the definition of organizational goals, how        and certified CBAPs) in over 60 countries.
                                                            those goals connect to specific objectives, de-    Currently, the number of CBAPs worldwide
                                                            termining the courses of action that an organi-    is about 500. Certification was first granted
                                                            zation has to undertake to achieve those goals     in November of 2006.
                                                            and objectives, and defining how the various            The Business Analysis Body of Knowl-
                                                            organizational units and stakeholders within       edge (BABOK), produced by the IIBA has
                                                            and outside of that organization interact.         become the leading collection of knowledge
                                                                 A business analyst is any person who per-     within the profession of Business Analysis
                                                            forms business analysis activities, no matter      and reflects current generally accepted prac-
                                                            what their job title or organizational role may    tices. This is similar to the concept of the
                                                            be. Business analysis practitioners include        PMBOK used by PMI. The most recent ver-
                                                            not only people with the job title of business     sion of the BABOK (version 2.0) lists seven
                                                            analyst, but may also include business sys-        knowledge areas that the Business Analyst
Professional Education Bodies                               tems analysts, systems analysts, requirements      must get proficient at:
That We Are Certified At                                    engineers, process analysts, product man-          • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
                                                            agers, product owners, enterprise analysts,        • Elicitation
                         EduCATIOn PROVIdER                 business architects, management consultants,       • Requirements Management and Commu-
                                                            and those who also perform related disci-          nication
                                                            plines such as project management, software        • Enterprise Analysis
                                                            development, quality assurance and interac-        • Requirements Analysis
                                                            tion design.                                       • Solution Assessment and Validation
                                                                 Business analysts must analyze and syn-       • Underlying Competencies
                                                            thesize information provided by a large num-       It is the job of the Business Analyst to bridge
                                                            ber of people who interact with the business,      the gap of understanding between business
                                                            such as customers, staff, IT professionals and     needs and the technology available.
                                                            executives. The business analyst is respon-
                                                            sible for eliciting the actual needs of stake-     Certified Business Analysis Profes-
                                                            holders, not simply their expressed desires.       sional (CBAP)
                                                            In many cases, the business analyst will also           The IIBA® has created the Certified
                                                            work to facilitate communication between           Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)
                                                            organizational units. In particular, business      designation, which is awarded to candi-
                                                            analysts often play a central role in aligning     dates who have successfully demonstrated
                                                            the needs of business units with the capabili-     their expertise in this field. This is done
                                                            ties delivered by information technology, and      by detailing hands-on work experience in
Industries That We Serve                                    may serve as a “translator” between those          business analysis through the CBAP® ap-
Engineering and Construction                                groups.                                            plication process, and passing the IIBA®
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical                                                                                     CBAP® examination.
Energy and Utility                                          Benefits we can expect from Busi-                       Certified Business Analysis Professionals
Government                                                  ness Analysis include:                             are experts in identifying the business needs
IT and Telecommunication                                    • A clear understanding of the needs of users,     of an organization in order to determine the
Financial Services                                          customers and stakeholders                         best solutions, a role that is increasingly seen
Media                                                       • A collaborative relationship between the         as a vital component of any successful project.
Education                                                   users, customers and stakeholders and the          More and more companies are recognizing the
Health Care                                                 technical team                                     CBAP® designation and the value and exper-
Retail and Marketing                                        • A strong commitment of the requirements          tise that these professionals bring to their orga-
                                                            development team members to project objec-         nizations.
                                                            tives                                                   If you are working in the role of business

                                                                                                  REACHING CMCS

                                                                                                  Star Holding Building, Suite 101,
analysis, systems analysis, requirements anal-  gies and help organizations in setting their      Knowledge Village, Dubai, UAE
ysis or management, project management,         PMO structure. Additionally, CMCS pro-            P.O. Box 23033 Dubai
consulting or process improvement, and have     vides OPM3 assessments and development            OFC: (+9714) 365-4850 | FAX: (+9714) 369-7518
an advanced level of knowledge and experi-      plans performed by certified OPM3 profes-         Email: Info@CMCS.ae | WEB: www.CMCS.ae
ence, you will want to consider the many        sionals.
professional benefits of earning the CBAP®          CMCS is a registered education provider
designation.                                    for Project Management Institute (PMI),
                                                American Association of Cost Engineers
Interested in applying Business Anal- (AACE), Engineering Management Certi-                         liban
ysis best practices?                            fication International (EMCI), and the In-        Tour De Lyon Building, 2nd Floor, Hamra,
    To know more about the CBAP certifica- ternational Institute of Business Analysis             Beirut, Lebanon
tion, or to setup a training session to prepare (IIBA).                                           P.O. Box 14-5855 Beirut
for certification, or find out how CMCS can                                                       OFC: (+9611) 345-111 | FAX: (+9611) 346-111
help your organization master requirements What We Offer:                                         Email: Lebanon@CMCS.ae
gathering techniques in order to deliver the • Project, Portfolio and Risk Management
most value on your projects, please contact Information System solutions for the En-
CMCS.                                           gineering & Construction, Power, Energy &
                                                Process, IT & Telecommunication and Gov-
How can CMCS help your organization? ernment sectors in the Middle East                             Qatar
    CMCS is the only Endorsed Education • Solutions to map business strategies to pro-            NBKS Complex, Salwa Road -
Provider for International Institute of Busi- grams and projects using the Balanced Score-        NBK Travel Building 2nd Floor, Doha, Qatar
ness Analysis (IIBA) in the Middle East. card framework. Our integrated solutions are             P.O. Box 6002 Doha
We offer accredited certification training based on state-of-the-art applications from            OFC: (+974) 451-5750 | FAX: (+974) 451-5737
and can help get you and your team ready to Primavera Systems, Inc.                               Email: Qatar@CMCS.ae
take the certification exam or become bet- • Cost-effective solutions for building in-
ter at applying business analysis. CMCS tegrated project management methodolo-
is a project management solution provider. gies. CMCS solutions include providing
We provide a host of project management certified products training and accredited
software, along with implementation and project management and Business Analy-                      Jordan
training. We also develop PM methodolo- sis training.                                             Amman, Shmeisani, Prince Shaker Bin Zaid Road,
                                                                                                  Building 58, Third Floor, Offices No. 13 & 14
                                                                                                  OFC: (+9626) 568-7540 | FAX: (+9626) 568-7546
             Meeting Project Milestone Dates                                                      Email: Jordan@CMCS.ae

              For Publicly traDeD coMPanies
 Continued from page 1>>                          specific day. The schedule simulation will
 nature of project schedules depend on the        also identify the activities that are likely      Oman
 duration and sequencing of interrelated          to be on the project critical path given the    Ruwi, Central Business District
 activities, assessing the exposure of risks      uncertainty in the schedule.                    Med Energy Building,
 individually will be misleading and of no            This will enable the organization to        Building 981 Way 2716 Block 127
 value. Therefore, simulating the impact of       decide on what risk response actions they       P.O. Box 18, Ruwi 112, Sultanate of Oman
 those uncertainties on the project schedule      must undertake to reduce the uncertainty        OFC: (+968) 24-705-840 x230
 by modeling the project performance many         on activities with a high criticality to im-    FAX: (+968) 24-705-831
 times will provide an assessment for the         prove the chance of completing the project      Email: Oman@CMCS.ae
 probability of meeting the project milestone     on time. This can be achieved by either try-
 dates.                                           ing to avoid the causes that might result in
      Schedule simulation is achieved by us-      the risk, or identify what preventive mea-
 ing a technique known as the Monte Carlo         sures can be taken to reduce the likelihood
 simulation. Through this technique, activi-      of the risk occurrence, or to transfer the        Kuwait
 ties are provided with three duration esti-      risks to a third party either by outsourcing
 mates being optimistic, pessimistic and most     the relevant scope of work. In addition, the    3/F Aldabboos Complex, Beirut Street
                                                  organization might elect to add buffer to the   Hawally, Kuwait
 likely. In addition, it considers the impact
                                                  project duration that will be used as a re-     OFC: (+965) 2265-1761
 of activities that might or might not exist in
                                                  serve should some of the accepted risks do      FAX: (+965) 2265-1762
 the project schedule along with the prob-
                                                  occur.                                          Email: kuwait@CMCS.ae
 ability of existing such as the existence of
 rock while excavation. Also, it allows simu-         This analysis will allow the organiza-
 lating the sequence of activities depending      tion to decide on what should be the proj-      Coming
 on the occurrence of an event such as the        ect milestone dates that provides them
 result of a required approval which could        with the level of confidence that they can      next month                   Saudi
 be acceptance, acceptance with comments          be met. Usually, organizations will select
 or rejection.                                    a confidence level that is between 70% and
      When the schedule simulation is done,       90% of the worst case scenario. In other
 the organization can review the analysis         words, they will be willing to assume 10%
 results which will determine the prob-           to 30% risk on the cautious completion             Egypt                     Bahrain
 ability of completing the project on any         dates of the project.

Venkataramana K | Professional Services - Senior Consultant

      TimeMachine (ETM) is an                                                                                            ETM and Action Request/Ser-
      Enterprise Work, Resource                                                                                          vice Desk Systems ( Remedy® &
      and Project Management sys-                                                                                        Magic®)via ETM’s personalized
tem, that puts into an Employee’s                                                                                        employee workspace and Microsoft
Workspace activities from Ora-                                                                                           Outlook. Collected data is passed
cle-Primavera, Microsoft Project,                                                                                        through ETM’s matrix based
Help Desk systems (such as BMC                                                                                           timesheet approval workflow, al-
Remedy), Workflow systems and                                                                                            lowing both functional and project
ETM itself.                                                                                                              managers to approve timesheets.
     This allows employees to re-                                                                                        Approved data is date stamped and
port real-time progress (which in                                                                                        stored into ETM’s database and
turn can also update Primavera                                                                                           then sent to the appropriate project
and MS Project), enter their time                                                                                        management.
and expenses, and submit their
timesheets for approval by both                                                                                          MS Outlook Integration
functional and/or project manag-                                                                                         Employees can now view all their
ers.                                                                                                                     assigned tasks from Microsoft
                                                                                                                         Project, Primavera®, Workflows,
Benefits                                 •ETM runs on Oracle or SQL              Employee Workspace                      Remedy® ARS, Magic® Service
•Centralized Access to Project Data      database                                Personalized employee work-             Desk and ETM in a Microsoft
•Performance Control & Status                                                    space, provides employees with          Outlook calendar view. Employ-
Monitoring                               ETM Products:                           all information needed to perform       ees can better organize and man-
•Resource & Crew Management                                                      their work: activities from various     age their activities to meet project
•Elaborate Reports and Data Mining       Project Management                      projects, tickets and workflows,        deadlines. An employee is given
•Comprehensive Business Rules            ETM Enterprise™ pulls assigned          priorities, documents from MS           the flexibility to import selected
•Flexible multi-level Approval Pro-      activities from Microsoft Project,      SharePoint, progress and actual         activities or the entire work sched-
cess, Front-End Data Validation, etc.    Primavera, Workflows and Action         spent, personal information like        ule into their Microsoft Outlook
•Employees can use ETM on the            Request/Service Desk systems            vacations, comp (lieu) time.            calendar. By simply clicking on an
web, Mobile, Timer and email             into its database; combines them                                                imported activity within Micro-
time reporting, etc.                     with ETM’s activities and then de-      Enterprise Tracking                     soft Outlook an employee can ac-
•ETM provides sophisticated au-          livers them to the appropriate per-     ETM conveniently allows employ-         cess all relevant activity informa-
dit trail for Primavera                  sonalized employee workspace for        ees to report actual hours, over-       tion including: start and end dates,
•ETM integrates with document            work execution. Within the same         time, billable, non-billable, lieu      budgeted hours, attached docu-
management systems (Microsoft            workspace the employee reports          time, expenses, percent complete,       ments, dependent activities etc.
SharePoint)                              time, expense, progress, remain-        remaining hours, issues etc, against
•ETM has a Workflow module that          ing hours, issues etc., against all     all assigned tasks from Microsoft®      Functional Management
integrates with project activities       assigned activities.                    Project Primavera®, Workflows,          ETM provides a centralized re-

MAnAGEMEnT (Part 2)
Ignacio Manzanera | Senior Project Management Consultant - Worley Parsons

         good cost manager makes             It may come as a surprise to                                                obsessive-compulsive cost control
         sure each risk response plan    many readers, but all of the above-                                             manager is capable of create by en-
         has associated activities and   mentioned activity should be devel-                                             tering the right information into the
may entail contingency reserves to       oped in the course of 2 to 3 weeks                                              project management system in such a
establish the project cost baseline.     right after contract award.                                                     short time and the corresponding and
    It is also a competence of a cost        Not having these activities de-                                             instant capacity of generating reports
manager to understand and coor-          veloped as rapidly as suggested in-                                             to allow decisions making based on
dinate costs of the activities and       creases the risk of:                                                            solid information.
reserves which are affected by the       •Early schedule slippages;                                                           So, the next time you are head-
results of ongoing risk assessments      •Understaffing of activities;                                                   hunting and someone boast of be-
continuously changing over the           •Procurement delays;                                                            ing obsessive-compulsive about
course of the project.                   •Uncoordinated disciplines;                                                     cost management, do not miss the
    In addition to his particular job    •Bad performance indicators; and        ogy has brought a monumental            chance of having one of these rare
the cost manager should also be          •Poor cash flow estimates               change to business perception by        creatures -in serious danger of ex-
aware of the cost implications of                                                allowing investors to have results on   tinction – within your team and
the following project development             Ninety percent of the Middle       the spot to be able to make decisions   train your young cost controllers
plans:                                   East projects miss the chance to make   which can save interesting amounts      after this person to develop a cul-
                                         it on time and within budget during     of capital or at the very least catch   ture based on this essential project
•Quality Assurance/Quality Con-          the first months of work due to the     costly mistakes before they eat ben-    management competence.
trol management plan;                    lack of an obsessive-compulsive cost    efits substantially.                         Alternatively, send your em-
•Procurement management plan;            control manager - a person who re-           State-of-the-art project manage-   ployees to our CMCS cost manage-
•Communications       management         ally cares about investors’ money and   ment tools, skills and software cer-    ment seminars and we guarantee
plan; and                                projects success.                       tainly help, but what project man-      you will notice the change in your
•Integration management plan.                 Project management technol-        agement cannot deliver is what an       projects and in your pocket.
                                                                                                                            Projects, Org. &    Activities, Estimates,
                                                                                                                                                                                             help desk
                                                                                                                           Work Breakdown        Start & End dates,
                                                                                                                         Structures (OBS,WBS)          Budgets                                                        Resource
                                                                                                                                                                                                Ticket Issue
source pool that is shared between                                                                                                              Actual labor hours,

multiple systems including Micro-                                Resources, Actual        Projects, Activity,
                                                                                                                         Resource Allocation    Actual Costs, Project
                                                                                                                                                     Reporting                                 Action Request
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Action Response,
soft® Project, Primavera®, ETM                                      Costs, etc.          Budgets, WBS, etc.                                                                                                           Reporting

and Service Desk/Action Request
systems (Magic® & Remedy®).                                                                                         Project, Activity,
                                                                                                                   Resources, WBS,
                                                                                                                                                       Progress, Actual,                 Ticket number
                                                                                                                                                                                           & Resource
                                                                                                                                                          hours, Etc.
ETM also offers bi-directional in-                                                                                 OBS, Budgets, etc.                                                     Assignment

tegration between its resource pool
and 3rd party HR applications in           ERP                                                  Actual labor
                                                                                               hours, Employee         eTime Machine                                            Workflow
                                                                                                                                                                                Progress,          EdMS
                                                                                                  Expenses                                                                      Activities

order to provide project & function-        Project Accounting
                                                                   human Resources,
                                                                                                                           Projects, WBS,
                                                                                                                           OBS, Activities,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vault, Check In/Out
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Create / Manage

al managers with the most updated                                      Payroll                                               Workflows,

resource information. Managers                                                                                            Time & Expense,
                                                                                                                           data Integrity,
                                                                                                                                                Project, functional,                                                       logging hours,
                                                                                                                                                  and Executive
can search for resources based on            General ledger         Accounts Payable           Resource, hourly
                                                                                                Cost & Billing
                                                                                                                          Project update,
                                                                                                                             Audit Trail
                                                                                                                                                                           documents, Actual
                                                                                                                                                                                                         documents        Review, drawings,

skills, roles or organizational break-                                                             Rates                                                                        hours

down structure. Project and Func-                                                                                   WBS, OBS, Project,
tional managers are provided with                                                                                   Activity,Resources,
                                                                                                                       Budgets, etc
                                                                                                                                                       Progress, Actual
                                                                                                                                                         hours, etc.

resource usage profiles, consolidat-
ed employee schedules and detailed                            Resources, Actual
                                                                                       Projects, Activity,
                                                                                        Budgets, WBS,                  MS Project
                                                                 Costs, etc.
utilization reports.                                                                          etc.
                                                                                                                        Projects, Org. & Work   Activities, Estimates,
                                                                                                                        Breakdown Structures     Start & End dates
                                                                                                                             (OBS,WBS)                 Budgets
Resource Usage and Capac-
ity Planning                                                                                                             Resource Allocation
                                                                                                                                                Actual labor hours,
                                                                                                                                                Actual Costs, Project
ETM’s central repository carries
all resource and project related
information delivering complete          resource data from ETM, Micro-                                         the software. For example the sys-                                  fully web-enabled with wireless
enterprise-wide views of total re-       soft® Project, Primavera®, Action                                      tem can be configured to calculate                                  capability. ETM solutions allow
source capacity, availability and        Request/Service Desk applica-                                          cost of a specific resource based on                                for project statusing, time-entry,
usage across all project and non-        tions and ERP systems (Project                                         the time of the day, the resource’s                                 approvals and reporting to be
project related work. Resource           Accounting, HR and Payroll).                                           association with a wage group                                       done and viewed all on the web.
utilization information is pre-                                                                                 and/or cost group and specific                                      ETM allows employees to ex-
sented in multiple hierarchical          Reporting                                                              company rules such as overtime                                      change information with the en-
views across and throughout the          ETM’s elaborate reporting safe-                                        charges and night shift factors.                                    terprise anywhere, anytime and
organization and enterprise proj-        guards companies from being                                                                                                                anyplace.
ect structure by business unit,          forced to make decisions based                                         Data Integrity
role, individual, project, and work      on inadequate information. By                                           ETM solutions also offer a config-                                 Full Solution
group for any definable period.          collecting data directly from the                                      urable notification module that al-                                  Whether it’s a company searching
                                         source, validating information via                                     lows companies to configure the                                     for a basic timesheet or a robust
Workflows                                approvals and audit trail and stor-                                    system to send out several alerts to                                project portfolio management so-
ETM workflows are often de-              ing and consolidating all project                                      induce operational compliance.                                      lution (including resource and
scribed as “template processes”          management and resource data                                                                                                               work management, budgeting, in-
comprised of a series of sequential      into one central repository.ETM                                        Non Project Activities                                              tegration etc…), ETM can fulfill
steps/activities–allowing for elab-      provides its customers with live                                       ETM’s Project Manager Module                                        the requirements. ETM solutions
orate logic–with resources, roles        enterprise–wide reporting based                                        allows project and resource man-                                    are notable for their scalability,
and work groups pre-assigned to          on accurate and reliable data.                                         agers to create, assign resources                                   richness in features and adaptabil-
each of them. ETM allows for the                                                                                to, execute and capture actual                                      ity to any environment regardless
creation and storage of a library of     Configurable Rules                                                     hours, expenses and progress                                        of industry, scope and size.
“template” workflows.                    ETM’s Configurable Business                                            (EV) against non-project activi-                                         ETM Enterprise’s flexible
                                         Rules (CBR) is a module within                                         ties for a complete enterprise-wide                                 architecture allows the system to
Enterprise Dashboard                     ETM Enterprise that allows users                                       views of resource availability, us-                                 work as a standalone and/or hand-
ETM’s Enterprise Dashboard               to enhance and customize the sys-                                      age, demand and capacity for bet-                                   in-glove with other best of breed
is a single screen, browser based        tem’s logic to support their busi-                                     ter project planning, execution                                     systems. One of ETM’s notable
portrait of an organization, high-       ness processes. Using the CBR                                          and resource capacity planning.                                     strengths is its ability to provide
lighting the health of key perfor-       module, users can configure busi-                                                                                                          customized role-based informa-
mance indicators. The dashboard          ness rules and exceptions over and                                     Global Collaboration                                                tion & functionality to each stake-
presents consolidated project and        above those that are addressed by                                      ETM is client server based and                                      holder.

Bassam Samman, PMP, PSP, EVP | CEO & Founder

           rganizations whose exis-
                                           Early Delays Can Become
           tence and growth depend
           on investing in new proj-
ects always have the continuous            Once a program is more than
challenge of ensuring that those           15% complete and more than
projects are delivered successfully        10% over budget or behind
from the first time. Those organi-         schedule ...
zations are well aware of the fact         The program becomes
that investments made in projects          irrecoverable.
are considered as sunk cost that           The final cost variance (in
could not be recovered. Therefore,         dollars or as a percentage)
projects that fail to achieve the          will be worse than the cost
benefits sought–tangible or intan-         variance at the 20 percent
gible–are considered as failed in-         completion point.
vestments which will usually have          Source: Analysis of over 500 major US
a negative impact on the organiza-         Department of Defense Contracts by the
                                           Office of the Defense (OSD) since 1977
tion’s strategic objectives.
     Executives from project driv-
en organizations are finding it           achieved as of today on the project?
of utmost importance on how to            •How good was the performance             cost, overhead charges, financing,      budgeted cost of work scheduled
closely watch and control their           that we have achieved to date?            among others. This we call the ac-      at any point in time. This variable
projects’ performance and to de-          •How can we forecast the effect of        tual cost at the end of month four.     provides an indication if the proj-
termine what actions are needed           this achieved performance on our              The third variable is how           ect is ahead or behind schedule. A
to improve their business perfor-         project at completion estimates?          much is the value of work that          positive value will indicate that the
mance.                                        To answer those questions,            was actually achieved at the end        project is ahead of schedule while
     For instance, project driven or-     the EVM calculates and compares           of month four. The project’s            a negative value will indicate that
ganizations in the USA have start-        three pieces of information:              progress report has reported that       the project is behind schedule.
ed adopting–on a large scale–the          1. How much work you planned              the value of the achieved work is       Schedule Performance Index
Earned Value Management (EVM)             to have accomplished by now               US$5 million. In other words, the       (SPI). Ratio of work accomplished
for managing and reporting on their       called the Planned Value;                 earned value is US$5 million. For       versus work planned, for a speci-
projects’ performance. They have          2. How much you have actually spent       many, they tend to confuse be-          fied time period. The SPI is an
found that using such a systematic        by now, called Actual Cost; and           tween what they deserve to earn         efficiency rating for work accom-
performance measurement tool can          3. The value, in terms of your            based on achieved performance           plishment, comparing work ac-
not only provide an objective status      baseline budget, of the work ac-          and what it has actually cost them      complished to what should have
of the project but enable manage-         complished by now, called the             to achieve this work. If one decid-     been accomplished. If the SPI is
ment to establish trends that can         Earned Value                              ed to build a house for US$2 mil-       more than 1 then this indicates
help in identifying troubled proj-            For example, if an organiza-          lion but actually cost him to build     that the project is ahead of sched-
ects. It is a fact that the earlier the   tion has a US$10-million project          the same house US$3 million, it         ule, while if the value is below
problems are detected in a proj-          which is planned to be completed          does not mean that the value of his     one then this will indicate that the
ect’s performance, the higher is the      in 10 months and assuming that            house has become US$ 3 million.         project is behind schedule.
chance to turnaround those projects       the scope of work will be done            The value of the house remains at            The second group of KPI is
and achieve successful delivery. Ac-      equally over that period, then the        US$ 2 million. This is the mistake      known as the cost performance
tually, the EVM is now becoming           planned value for each month will         that many organizations fall into       metrics which include:
compulsory on USA Federal fund-           be US$1 million. Accordingly,             where they tend to mix between          Cost Variance (CV). The differ-
ed projects as well as for publicly       if we are assessing the project’s         actual cost and actual value. This      ence between the earned value
traded companies to enable them           performance at the end of month           US$5 million we can the earned          and the actual cost where a posi-
to comply with the Sarbanes-Ox-           four, the cumulative planned val-         value at the end of month four.         tive value will indicate that project
ley Act (SOX). The Earned Value           ue would be US$4 million. Or in               Earned Value takes these            is under budget while a negative
Management (EVM) provides an              other words, if everything goes as        three data sources and compares         value will indicate that the project
integrated approach to objectively        planned, the project will be 40% at       the planned value of work sched-        is over budget.
evaluate project health, forecast fu-     the end of the fourth month which         uled with the “earned value of          Cost Performance Index (CPI).
ture trends, communicate risk and         would also mean that the project          physical work completed” and the        Ratio of work accomplished ver-
develop project recovery strategies.      deserves to earn US$4 million for         actual value of work completed.         sus work cost incurred for a speci-
It provides a systematic approach         that performance period. This is          This comparison will provide a          fied time period. The CPI is an
to the integration and measurement        what we call the planned value at         number of key performance indi-         efficiency rating for work accom-
of cost, schedule, and scope accom-       the end of month four.                    cators that management can use          plished for resources expended. If
plishments on a project. It provides          At the end of the same peri-          to objectively assess their project’s   the CPI is more than 1 then this
project owners the ability to exam-       od, that is month four, the actual        investment performance.                 indicates that the project is under
ine detailed schedule information,        spending on the project as report-            The first group of KPI is           budget while if the value is below
critical program and technical mile-      ed by the finance department was          known as the schedule perfor-           one then this will indicate that the
stones, and cost data.                    US$6 million. This US$6 million           mance metrics which are intended        project is over budget.
     The Earned Value Method              covers all direct and indirect ex-        to measure the project’s perfor-             To Complete Performance
(EVM) will answer three impor-            penses associated with the project        mance as it relates to meeting the      Index (TCPI). Calculates the per-
tant questions in a systematic and        execution up to the end of month          project milestone dates. Those are:     formance factor (PF) that must be
objective manner. Those three             four. Those expenses would usual-         Schedule Variance (SV). The             achieved to complete the remain-
questions are:                            ly cover manpower resources, ma-          difference between the budgeted         ing work in order to stay within
•What performance have we                 terials, equipments, management           cost of work performed and the          project budget.
                                          What Have We                          How Good What We                       How Can We
                                          Achieved?                             Have Achieved?                         Forecast The Effect
                                                                                                                       On Our Project When
                                          •Planned Value                        •Schedule Performance                  Completed?
    So taking into consideration          •Earned Value                          Index
that the three EVM performance                                                                                         •Cost to Complete
                                          •Actual Cost                          •Cost Performance Index
information given for the sample                                                                                       •Estimate at Completion
project: Planned Value US$4 mil-
lion, Actual Cost US$6 million
and Earned Value US$5 million,
the KPI for this project will be:
• SV = EV – PV = 5-4 = US$1 mil-       complete remaining scheduled ac-         and the Estimate at Completion        plete of work packages is consis-
lion, in other words the project is    tivities. It is a forecast of the most   which is US$11 million, is nega-      tently measured
ahead of schedule as it had earned     likely total value based on project      tive US$1 million. This means         •Focus on comparison between
US$1 million more than what was        performance and risk quantifica-         that the project will be completed    actual performance and budget
planned.                               tion. It sums up the Estimate to         at US$1 million over budget based
• SPI = EV/PV = 5/4 = 1.25, in         Complete and the Actual Cost in-         on the current performance.           Earned Value Management (EVM)
other words the project is 25%         curred on the project to date. For           The above key performance         has yet to earn popularity among
ahead of schedule.                     our sample project the Estimate          indicators provide the organization   organizations in the Middle East in
• CV = EV – AC = 5-6 = US$ -1          to Complete is US$5 million and          with many benefits listing few:       general and in the UAE in particu-
Million, in other words the project    if we add the Actual Cost to date        •Objective measurement of proj-       lar. Similar to project management
is over budget by US$ 1 Million.       which is US$6 million, then the          ect performance in both cost and      practices, executives need to take
• CPI = EV/AC = 5/6 = 0.83, in other   Estimate at Completion will be-          time                                  the initiative in requesting those re-
words the project is only US$0.83      come US$11 million.                      •Forecasting of future perfor-        sponsible for managing and deliver-
for each US$1 spent on the project.    Variance at Completion (VAC).            mance, completion date and cost       ing their projects to adopt such an
• TCPI = (BAC-EV)/(BAC-AC) =           The variance between the origi-          at completion based on past per-      important practice to report on a
(10-5)/(10-6) = 5/4 = 1.25, in other   nally planned budget at comple-          formance                              project’s performance. Executives
words the efficiency of the project    tion and the estimate at comple-         •Objective metrics for compari-       cannot afford to not be informed
resources need to be increased by      tion. For our sample project, the        son of different projects perfor-     correctly on the status of their proj-
25% to what was originally planned     variance between Budget at Com-          mance across an organization          ect’s performance in the most reli-
for the project not to exceed the      pletion which is US$10 million           •Ensures that percentage com-         able and immediate form available.
original planned budget at comple-
tion (BAC) of US$10 million.
    The third group which is very      CAPM® CERTIFICATION
important as it provides a forecast
on how the project performance         full name:                         Certified Associate in Project Management
will be affected based on the per-     Project Role:                      Contributes to project team
formance achieved to date. These       Eligibility Requirements:          High school diploma / global equivalent AND 1,500 hours experience
KPIs include:                                                             OR 23 hours pm education
Estimate to Complete (ETC).            Steps to obtaining                 application process + multiple-choice exam
The estimate to complete the re-       credential:
maining work for an activity, work     Exam information:                  3 hours; 150 questions
package or control account. It is      fees:                              US$225 PMI member; (US$300 non-member)
the difference between the project     Credential Maintenance             5 years; re-exam
budget at completion and Earned        Cycles and Requirements:
Value to date. Since the project       how CMCS can help you:   The seminar will provide the basic knowledge required, and cover all the
original budget was set at US$10                                steps needed to pass the exam and attain the CAPM certification. This is
million and the Earned Value to                                 a vital course for junior project managers, project team members, fresh
date is US$5 million, then the Es-                              graduates wishing to learn project management industry best practices
timate to Complete the remaining                                and executives who are new to project management, and are considering
works will be US$5 million.                                     the benefits of project-driven organizations.
Estimate At Completion (EAC).          duration of course:      3 days
The cost of the amount of work to      Schedule of CAPM course: 20-22 July

CMCS conducts road show in dubai
CMCS has conducted a road show
under the theme “Empowering Proj-
                                        Osmani Consultants, Taisei, Par-
                                        sons, PMDC, SEPIL, Thompson
                                                                                  featured Employee
                                                                                  BEGY JOHN is part of the Technical Support Team of CMCS. Her job
ect Driven Businesses” in Radisson      Cole, Specialist Services and WSP         involves ensuring accurate responses and resolutions to all technical issues
Blu, Dubai Media City last June         Middle East.                              associated with Primavera products. She also provides IT support for
15, 2009. The event was attended            The road show presented               different training setups and handles CMCS internal IT-related issues as well.
by about 50 delegates representing      CMCS’ range of portfolio project          She has been living in Dubai for 10 years and is married to Sunil Sebastian.
companies such as Abu Dhabi Com-        management services and profes-           They have been blessed with kids, Sibi, 7 and Abdiel, 4. Being in Dubai, her
mercial Bank, Al Habtoor Engineer-      sional development through train-         kids get very limited exposure to India’s rich culture and traditions, so family
ing, Al Jaber Transport and Gen-        ing while emphasizing on the impor-       dinners are especially important to Begy and her husband as it is the perfect
eral Contracting, Alcatel-Lucent,       tance of Oracle Primavera solutions       opportunity to share information about their hometown Kerala, India. Begy
ALEC, ALSTOM, Aretas BIM                as well as Hard Dollar and Synchro        is also passionate about music and enjoys Beethoven’s and Mozart’s classics
Solutions, Butec, CH2M Hill, Ci-        software. An introduction to Oracle       as well as her native Indian classical Thyagaraja Krithis. She also participates
tiscape, Damac Properties, Dar Al       AutoVue as a unique solution to           in the activities of the Institution of Engineers (India) Dubai Chapter and
Handasah, Drake and Scull, Dubai        visualize and annotate hundreds of        does volunteer work for the Valley of Love, a
Contracting Company, Entiretec,         native businesses and technical doc-      non-profitable, non-religious organization which
Faithful+Gould, Gulf Landscape          uments was also presented.                was formed to render service to humanity. Begy
and Irrigation System, Hill Inter-          The event was certified by the        thinks that CMCS is a place where a great team is
national, HMC, Iso Octane Co.,          Project Management Institute and          gathered under a visionary leadership. She likes
Morganti, Nakheel, Ocean Global,        attendees earned PDUs.                    it that each team member makes a meaningful
                                                                                  contribution towards CMCS development
                                                                                  and growth regardless of their position in
                                                                                  the team. Begy earned her Electronics and
                                                                                  Communication Engineering degree from the
                                                                                  Board of Technical Education, Kerala. She is a
                                                                                  certified professional (MCP) of Microsoft and
                                                                                  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

                                                                                  CMCS IN THE NEWS:
                                                                                  Al Alam Al Youm, Egypt: CMCS launches project management
CERTIFICATIONS                                                                    operations in Qatar, and prepares to open in Egypt, June 18 and 20,
                                                                                  Page 7
                                                                                  Al Sharq, Qatar: CMCS launches in Qatar, June 11, Page 2
                         OMAR SIDANI, a Consultant at CMCS
                         Liban, has earned the Project Management In-             Al Bayan, UAE: CMCS launches in Qatar, June 11, Page 12
                         stitute’s most recognized and respected global           Al Khaleej, UAE: CMCS expends in the region, June 11, Page 16
                         credential–the Project Management Profes-                Al Watan, Qatar: CMCS launches in Qatar, June 11, Page 8
                         sional or PMP, on June 16, 2009.                         Al Watan, Qatar: CMCS launches project management operations
                              To obtain a PMP credential, an individual           in Qatar, June 11, Page 3
                         must satisfy education (35 hours) and experience
                         (no less than 4500 hours) requirements, agree to         Al Watan Al Arabi, Pan Arab: Partnership between ‘CAT’ and
                         adhere to a professional code of conduct and pass        CMCS, June 10, Page 42
                         the PMP examination. The PMP Certification               Al Ghad, Jordan: ‘CAT’ contracting signs agreement with CMCS,
                         Program supports the global community of proj-           June 10, Page 5
                         ect management practitioners and is designed to          Al Alam Al Youm, Egypt: CMCS signs agreement to enhance the
objectively assess and measure professional knowledge.                            electronic surveillance operations, June 6, Page 6
CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE IN PROJECT                                                    Alam Al Binaa Wal Aqar, Pan Arab: Engineers Association in
MANAGEMENT (CAPM)                                                                 Jordan signed a cooperation agreement with CMCS, June 5, Page 8
OUSSAMA AJOUZ, Professional Services Specialist of CMCS Leba-                     Al Bayan, UAE: CAT Contracting signed a partnership agreement
non has attained his Certified Associate in Project Management certifica-         for project monitoring with CMCS, June 5, Page 6
tion (CAPM) last June 2009. Certified CAPM professionals contribute to            Al Watan, Qatar: CAT Contracting signed a partnership agreement
projects as subject matter experts and team members. They may also serve          for project monitoring with CMCS, June 4, Page 15
as project sponsors, facilitators, liaisons or coordinators. Candidates are re-   Al Morakeb Al Inmai, Pan Arab: Engineers Association signs a
sponsible for individual project tasks in their respective areas of expertise.    cooperation agreement with CMCS, June 2009, Page 218

                                        CMCS new team members WELCOmE!!

                       hiba habboub                            Bilal Itani                          Wael Ammar                              Oussama Ajouz
                       Business                                Professional                         Professional                            Professional
                       Relationship-                           Services-                            Services-                               Services-
                       Executive,                              Specialist,                          Manager,                                Specialist,
                       Jordan                                  Lebanon                              Saudi Arabia                            Lebanon

Oman Refineries and Petrochemical Company, Oman-                         days and the instructor is Ms. Laila Rojail.
CMCS has been awarded by Oman Refineries and Petrochemical               Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Company (GASCO), UAE - chose
Company (ORPC) to implement Primavera P6 Professional Project            Primavera Risk Analysis as their schedule risk analysis system across
Management, for their refineries. The contract includes providing the    the organization. The contract includes procurement of the software
software, training the users and mapping ORPC’s requirements into the    and training services.
system and implementing the solution.
Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), Qatar – CMCS has provided                  By ThE nuMBERS
QSI with a project management information solution to manage their
construction and manufacturing projects. The solution was based on        CMCS CLIENTS
Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera
                                                                          Sector                                For this period     Total to date
Contract Manager. CMCS’ scope of services included software deliv-
ery, maintenance and training for their staff.                            Engineering and Construction                   55             1,350
ALSTOM, UAE – CMCS has provided ALSTOM with a project                     Utilities, Oil and Gas                         11               120
management solution to manage their construction projects in the UAE      IT and Telecommunication                        5                80
one of their projects being RTA’s Al Sofouh Tram project in Dubai. The    Government                                      1                34
solution is based on Primavera P6 Professional Project Management         Discrete Manufacturing & Research               0                25
and CMCS’ scope of services included software delivery, installation      Education                                       0                25
and maintenance.                                                                                                Total this period   Total this year
Louis Berger Group Inc., UAE – CMCS will offer Introduction to            Overall New Clients                           22               127
Project Risk Management using Primavera Pertmaster Course to Louis
                                                                          Overall Returning Clients                     50               338
Berger Group Inc. in Abu Dhabi. The duration of the course is three

 NEW CLIENTS:                                   RETURNING CLIENTS:
• ALSTOM Transport                              • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank                        • Larsen & Toubro
• Condor Building                               • AECOM                                         • MACE
• Control Contracting & Trading Co              • Al Habtoor                                    • Maritime Industrial Services
• Dar Al Riyadh E&A                             • Al Habtoor-Murray Roberts JV                  • Mivan Depa
• Elsharief Engineering Group                   • Al Husam General Contracting                  • Murray & Roberts
• Gulf Catering Company (GCC) Services          • Al Naboodah Contracting                       • Nakilat
• IMCO Eng’g & Construction Company             • ALEC                                          • Nass Contracting
• Integrated Specialized Gen. Cont.             • Alghanim International                        • National Center for Documentation &
• International Building System Co.             • Archirodon                                      Research- Ministry of Presidential Affairs
• Leaders LLC                                   • Asiacell                                      • Oger AbuDhabi
• Medgulf                                       • Bahrain Bay-MACE                              • Petrofac
• Oman Refineries and Petrochemical             • BAPCO                                         • Pivot Engineering
  Company                                       • Bin Jabr-SCADIA                               • Projacs
• Panji Bersatu                                 • Bovis Lend Lease Int’l                        • Punj Lloyd
• Polensky & Zoellner                           • CH2M Hill                                     • QAFCO
• Prysmian                                      • Combined Group Contracting                    • Qatar Sports Investments
• Ras Girtas Power Co. (ICT))                   • Doha Petroleum Company (Dopet)                • Rasgas
• Royal Gardens Abu Dhabi                       • Dubai Petroleum                               • Saudi Binladin Group
• Verger Et Delporte                            • EC Harris                                     • SCADIA
• Zener Steward                                 • El Concord Construction                       • Schlumberger
                                                • EMDAD                                         • Serco
                                                • ETA MNE                                       • Siemens
                                                • Faithful+Gould                                • SMEC International
                                                • First Line Consultancy                        • Tabreed
                                                • Gasco- Abu Dhabi Gas Industries               • Taisei
                                                • Juma Abd Mohamed & Sons                       • Voltas
                                                • KBR                                           • Yokogawa
To receive our Collaborate monthly newsletter, send an empty email to info@cmcs.ae


                                                                                                             P102 Project Management
                                                                                                             in P6 Client-Server was held
                                      P102 Project Management in P6 Client-Server was held in the            in Kuwait in the period of June 8
P995/6 Project Management             period of June 14 to 16 in Dubai. The course was attended by Cheeran   to 10. The course was attended
Professional (PMP) Certi-             Tharu George of Dubai Petroleum, Ahmed Al-Jubouri and Salar Al-        by Muhammad Zaheer of IMCO
fication Exam Preparation             Zubaidi of Bovis Lend Lease and Tasci Gunes of KBR International and   Eng’g & Construction,Joel Famor-
Course was held in Dubai in           Sudhir Acharya of CMCS. The course was conducted by Ali Ammar.         can of GCC Services and Mohamed
the period of June 21 to 23. The                                                                             Asphahani of Alghanim Interna-
course was attended by Quentin                                                                               tional. The course was conducted
Lenormand of Schlumberger, Eisa                                                                              by Venkataramana K.
Abdulla Al Hamadi, Mohammad
Chabkoun and Sarra Ahmed Khou-
ri of National Center for Documen-
tation & Research and Bita Riahi of
CMCS. The course was conducted
by Ed Shehab.
                                      P106P Advanced Project Management in P6 Client-
                                      Server and P106R Resource Management in P6 Client-                     P201 Primavera Contract
                                      Server were held Doha, Qatar in the period of June 14 to 17. The       Manager 12.0 was held in Am-
                                      courses were attended by Faisal Vaniyanchalil, Rajesh Menon, Ra-       man, Jordan in the period of June
                                      nish K.T., Baskaran Vivian, Santoshkumar Karikkanthara, Adwait         2 to 4. The course was attended
                                      Ranade, Aneesh Mohammed, Kollanoor Joseph Thomas and Mar-              by Ahmed Nufooth Obaid, Rama
                                      thinus W. Blanche of Rasgas and Vegamoor Gopi of DOPET. The            “Mohammed Rawhi” Subeih and
                                      courses were conducted by Venkataramana K.                             Nadeem Nizar Reda Melhem of
                                                                                                             El Concord Construction and Da-
                                                                                                             rin Makki of CMCS Amman. The
P102 Project Management                                                                                      course was conducted by Ven-
in P6 Client-Server was held                                                                                 kataramana K.
in Amman, Jordan in the period
of June 7-10. The course was at-
tended by Dalia Sabih and was
conducted by Rania Khawaja.

                                      P102 Project Management in P6 Client-Server was held in
                                      Muscat, Oman in the period of June 14 to 17 for Oman Refineries and    P102 Project Management
                                      Petrochemicals Company. The course was attended by Ahmed Moh’d         in P6 Client-Server was held
                                      Hame Al-Musallami, Benjamin P. Rodis, Fahad Said Rashid Al Sinani,     in Manama, Bahrain in the period
                                      Haitham Zahir Al Shiraiqi, Muhammad Rashid Siddique, Juland Said       of June 21 to 23. The course was
                                      Al Saidi, Sultan Mohammed Nasser Al Hajri, Ali Taya Jandal, Abdul-     attended by Kallumadathil Joseph
                                      lah Salim Khalfan Al-Adawy, Badriya Al Mawali, Mubarak Rashid Ab-      Thankaraj and Yaser Juma Abd
                                      dulla Al-Ismaily, Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Rashdi, Majid Mohammed         Mohamed of Juma Abd Moham-
P102 Project Management               Al Mahrizi and Salim Al Wahaibi. The course was conducted by Kaveh     med and Sons. The course was
in P6 Client-Server was held          Boromand.                                                              conducted by Venkataramana K.
in Abu Dhabi in the period of June
22 to 24. The course was attended
by Shah Saud of Gasco-Abu Dhabi
Gas Industries, Andreas Erlenbusch
of Pollensky & Zoellner, Mohsen
Isa Aburowais of BAPCO, Noor
Attalah Abdulrazzaq and Herr Eric
Delos Santos of AECOM, Sha-
hid Bukhari of ADMAC and Safa                                                                                P106P Advanced Project
Ismail of CMCS. The course was                                                                               Management in P6 Client-
conducted by Gaganpreet Kaur.                                                                                Server and P106R Resource
                                      P102 Project Management in P6 Client-Server was held in                Management in P6 Client-
                                      Sohar, Oman in the period of June 28 to 30 for Oman Refineries and     Server were held in Dubai in
                                      Petrochemicals Company. The course was attended by Aziz Amar Khal-     the period of June 21 to 24. The
                                      fan Al Badawi, Arvind Kumar Arun, Suchithran Makutty, Nelson Asi       courses were attended by Aeneas
                                      Sarmiento, Ali Bin Khamis Al Jabri, Mohammed Salim Al-Hassani, Mo-     Cameron of Murray & Roberts
                                      hammed Hilal Al Turshi, Jamal Hamed Al Yahmadi, Khurrum Iqbal          and Mohamed Abdelbaset of
                                      Bawani, S. Karthikeyan, Ahmed Mohamed Al Jabri, Abdalla Kalfalla       Murray & Roberts and Al Hab-
                                      Saleh, Sheikha Said Abdullah Al Haddabi and Zahir Al Sinani. The       toor Engineering. The courses
                                      course was conducted by Kaveh Boromand.                                were conducted by Ali Ammar.
                                                                                          INSTRUCTOR’S PROfIlE
The overall course outline is very helpful for updating knowledge of                      VENKATARAMANA K. is a Senior Proj-
planning as a powerful tool, help customize data analysis and presen-                     ect Management Consultant with a service
tation along with primavera planning features. - Muhammad Zahee,                          record of more than 8 years. He has provided
Planning Engr., Imco Engineering & Construction Company                                   project management consulting services for or-
                                                                                          ganizations in different sectors including Con-
Gagan is very organized and explained completely the course. The                          struction, Engineering, Oil and Gas and Tele-
course is very impressive and it will make me have more control over                      com. He is thoroughly experienced in complete
the project manageement. - Shahid Bukhari , Planning Manager.,                            project management including project manage-
ADMAC                                                                                     ment control systems, computerized project
                                                                                          control software, risk analysis/management,
An excellent presentation of materials by Ed. - Mohammad                                  design and supervision, training and business development.
Chabkoun, Business Developmemnt Head, National Center for                                      He has provided trainings and implementation services on Prima-

Documentation and Research- Ministry of Presential Affairs                                vera products to numerous companies such as Sorouh, KEO, Kharafi
                                                                                          National, NPCC, ADNOC, Turner, Hill International, Arabtec, BAR-
                                                                                          CO, TRANSCO, RasGas, EMAL, Sama-Contracting, Leighton, Al-
By ThE nuMBERS                                                                            Habtoor Engineering, KNPC, Dolphin Energy, Nakheel, KBR, Dod-
                                                                                          sal, Schema Management, Bahrain Petroleum, Qatar Engineering &
CMCS COURSES                                                                              Construction Company, Halcrow, ABB, Costain and Armstrong.
                                                                                          He has an M.E. (Master of Engineering) with specialization in Con-
                                                    For this period   Total this year
                                                                                          struction Engineering and Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in
Courses offered                                              14            107            Civil Engineering. He is an authorized instructor for Primavera Sys-
Training days                                                37            308            tems Inc., for their products namely Primavera Project Planner, Prima-
Delegates trained                                            83            831            vera Enterprise, Primavera Contact Manager. He is also an authorized
Total PDUs granted                                        1,427       12,131.5            instructor for eTimeMachine Enterprise Software.

The CMCS Team would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to the following for attaining their PMP and CAPM Certification:

 Jayant Sathe, PMP                        Fayas Mukthar, PMP              Mark Fotheringham, PMP        Salem Nael Salamah, PMP          Alain Nohra, PMP
 Project Manager,                         Project Coordinator,            Facilities Team Leader,       Technology Solutions Engineer,   Collaborative Engagement Pro-
 Ocean Global                             Hamad Medical Corporation       Occidental Petroleum          Arabian Advance Systems          gram Manager, Oracle-Lebanon

    Najib Korban, PMP                     Nadine Sabra, PMP               Jenny James, PMP              Sunil Kumar A K, PMP             Mohamad Toka, PMP
    Senior ICT Project Manager,           Project Manager,                Customer Project Manager,     Project Manager, Engineering     Project Manager,
    Office of the Minister of State for   R.I.M.S for Engineering         Ericsson AB                   Dept., Yokogawa                  GBM Dubai
    Administrative Reform (OMSAR)         Management Services

Tahir Sharif | Managing Director of Tekla ME and founding President of buildingSMART ME

          ver recent years the Ar-                                                                                        release of the CIS. Developed to
          chitectural, Engineering                                                                                        facilitate a more integrated method
          and Construction (AEC)                                                                                          of working through the sharing and
industry has made a rapid shift                                                                                           management of information within,
from 2D drawings, first to 3D                                                                                             and between, companies involved
product modelling and then to                                                                                             in the planning, design, analysis and
Building Information Modelling                                                                                            construction of steel framed build-
(BIM). This new way of working                                                                                            ings and structures.
has the major advantage that BIM
allows multi-discipline informa-                                                                                          3.1.3 SDNF
tion to be shared through a visual                                                                                            Steel Detailing Neutral File
interface, allowing the project de-                                                                                       (SDNF) was originally defined by
sign information to be explored                                                                                           Intergraph®, for electronic data
by various design-team members,                                                                                           exchange between structural engi-
even if the players do not under-                                                                                         neer’s analysis and design systems
stand how other designers refine                                                                                          to steelwork modelling systems.
their information. For example,          area during recent years. Infor-        etc.) subset, which can include the      Version 3.0 is the current version
in a plant structure, the structural     mation dissemination is therefore       A&D (analysis & design) informa-         supported by the software indus-
engineer may not appreciate the          possible between all design team        tion, can then be used for drawing       try and this format is now also
design refinements for the ser-          members, together with being            and report production.                   used for transferring modelling
vice designers piping solution, or       able to produce value engineering                                                information between 3D systems.
their valve placing requirements.        schemes for any project.                3. Interoperability
However, by importing the plant              Technology and ways of                   The interoperability between        3.1.4 dwg
design systems, as a reference           working are changing so fast that       various software systems, is                  The dwg format is Au-
model, the various schemes can           the norm now is to go beyond the        achieved through industrial stan-        todesk’s® standard file transfer
be coordinated, refined and inter-       3D object information to deliver        dards and protocols, such as ifc(1),     vehicle mainly between 2D appli-
face comments made. No longer is         schemes with 4D information             cis/2(2), SDNF, dwg, dxf, dgn,           cations. It is also possible to create
any design team member’s scheme          (time), and really an ‘nD’ solution     DSTV or through software vendors         3D files and both formats can be
an island of interoperability, the       for pricing or any other measure-       strategic partnerships using either      used as reference files within mod-
drawing coordination process is          ment, or workflow requirement.          COM or the modern Application            elling applications.
simplified and clash checking can                                                Program Interfaces technologies.
be automatically carried out at any      2. BIM Technology                                                                3.1.5 dxf
point in the design process.                  There are two available mod-       3.1 Industry standards and pro-              The Drawing eXchange For-
     By its very nature BIM has to       elling technologies within BIM          tocols                                   mat (dxf) is mainly used to trans-
be platform independent and incor-       which can be classified as ‘bottom-     3.1.1 IFC                                fer 2D information between users
porate all the building components       up’ and ‘top-down systems’. ‘Bot-           Industry Foundation Classes          or as reference objects within 3D
(or objects) including their geom-       tom-up’ technology was originally       is the integration standard de-          modelling systems.
etry, properties and spatial relation-   driven by the mechanical and            veloped by the International Al-
ships. To be truly collaborative the     plant design industries to create       liance for Interoperability (IAI),       3.1.6 dgn
tool must allow each designer to use     models of fully detailed individ-       for improving the communication,             MicroStation’s® native file for-
the appropriate, best-of-breed solu-     ual objects and tightly integrated      productivity, delivery time, cost        mat, which can either be used to ex-
tion for their sector.                   them together in a linked relation-     and quality throughout the whole         change information with other sys-
     Also, BIM has the advantage as      ship. Problems can arise when           building life-cycle, based upon          tems or used as a reference object
it can be used as a learning tool, as    thousands of objects are linked to-     model-based construction objects         with modelling applications.
using the visual interface and auto-     gether, which is the actual condi-      and activities.
matic drawing production, years of       tion in a construction project.             The principle advantage of the       3.1.7 DSTV
construction knowledge can be con-            It can be seen that technology,    IFC is that the format supports              (Deutscher     STahlbau-Ver-
densed into a small timescale.           where the basic objects are first       multi-material objects at all stages     band) manufacturing format is the
                                         modelled without finite detail, and     of the building and construction         standard format used for manu-
1.1 Design team collaboration            the objects are refined during the      process and the latest version is 2x3.   facturing steel components on nu-
    The adoption of 3D model-            design and value engineering stage,                                              merically control (NC) machines.
ling technology started in the mid       would be a more complete process.       3.1.2 cis/2                              It also has an A&D format that
1980’s, in the structural steelwork      This is the principle behind a para-        The CIS (CIMsteel Integration        is used for transferring the A&D
sector, has progressed so far, that      metric ‘top-down’ approach.             Standards) are one of the results of     model to the physical 3D model.
today the vast majority of steel              In essence using this approach,    the Eureka CIMsteel project. The
framed structures produced glob-         a structural element (beam, col-        current version ‘cis/2’ is an extend-    >>>>Application Program Interfaces
ally, are designed and drawn with        umn, etc.) can be defined between       ed and enhanced second-generation        coming next month.
3D systems. This is due to the au-       two points, at a time when the ma-
tomatic drawing production and           terial it is made from and its size                                 Tahir Sharif is a building industry consul-
NC file creation functionalities         is not known. During the design                                     tant specializing in BIM with over 19 years
and the facility of being able to        stage the material and size can be                                  of experience on senior management
construct the structure in the com-      refined and connections applied,                                    level positions. he has written several
puter memory before any physical         which defines the member finite                                     articles and presented a number of papers
materials are involved.                  details as parametrically each ob-                                  internationally on BIM. In the Middle East,
    The architectural BIM started        ject know how it has to interact                                    he has been instrumental in promoting the
to become a viable solution dur-         with each other and itself.                                         awareness in the use of 3d/4d/5d/6d as
ing the last few years and behind             One of the most important ar-                                  central tools for construction and design
‘the three pillars of sustainability’    eas for structural engineers, and                                   process. he was influential in promoting
                                                                                                             BIM technologies for use at JGC, Bechtel,
(environmental, economic and so-         their immediate supply chain, is the
                                                                                                             OveArup & Partners and Precast Concrete
cial), is probably the most impor-       Structural BIM. This multi-materi-
                                                                                                             Software Consortium.
tant construction development            al (steel, concrete, timber, masonry,

           ngineering Management         on their application in engineer-
           Certification     Interna-    ing, science and technology busi-
           tional (EMCI), though         ness environments;
           housed at the headquar-       •An efficient means to prepare for
ters of the American Society of Me-      or complement a graduate man-
chanical Engineers (ASME) in New         agement degree;
York, is a collaborative professional    •A management-focused profes-
development initiative of ASME,          sional development scheme in
the American Institute of Chemical       today’s competitive technical job
Engineering (AIChE), the Ameri-          market;
can Society of Civil Engineers           •An internationally consistent
(ASCE), the American Institute of        standard for professionals across
Mining Engineering (AIME). the           industries and technical disci-
American Society of Engineering          plines; and                              September 13 – 16, 2009                                                   GEMC Advisory Board:
                                                                                  The Fairmont, Dallas
Management (ASEM), the Soci-             •A unique network of certificants,       Dallas, Texas USA
                                                                                                                                                            Shaunna Flynn Black
                                                                                                                                                            VP, Manager of Worldwide Facilities (retired)
ety of Manufacturing Engineers           practitioners and subject matter                                                                                   Texas Instruments, Inc.
                                                                                  The fast pace of technological change, globalization and the softening    Jean-Charles Bossert
(SME), and the Society of Automo-        experts to keep you current.             of the world economy have exerted many changes in the engineering         Chief Engineering Manager
                                                                                                                                                            Applied Materials, Inc.
tive Engineers (SAE) that seeks to            CMCS has been an EMCI Re-           profession. Developed by the ASME Management Division and refined
                                                                                  by leaders in industry, the GEMC will address the challenges facing       Mike Dismukes
standardize global best practices in     gional AKP since 2006 serving pri-       mid-career engineers today and provide hands-on experiential learn-       VP & GM: Flight Systems
                                                                                                                                                            BAE Systems
                                                                                  ing from best-in-class organizations.
engineering management through           marily the UAE and the GCC coun-                                                                                   Denise Elston
two key features. The first involves     tries. Effective July 2009, CMCS                                                                                   Global Manager
                                                                                                                                                            Shell Petroleum - Global Solutions
                                                                                   Broad range of programming:
Engineering Management Certifi-          will become an EMCI Global AKP              • Technical sessions                                                   Jeff Howell
                                                                                                                                                            JSC General, USMC (retired)
cation examinations, which are ad-       in anticipation of new footprints           • Continuing education unit (CEU) accreditation tutorials              NASA
                                                                                     • Networking events
ministered worldwide by Prometric        in Lebanon, Egypt and India. In             • Professional exchange forums
                                                                                                                                                            David Hunn
                                                                                                                                                            Chief Scientist and Director Technical Staff
to qualified engineers, scientists and   February 2009, Bassam Sam-                Exciting keynote speakers include:
                                                                                                                                                            Lockheed Martin

technologists at two levels driven       man became a founding member                • Mr. John Weber, President & CEO, Remy International
                                                                                                                                                            Doug Nelson
                                                                                                                                                            Director, DAO Fulfillment Engineering
by engineering and management            of EMCI’s Curriculum Advisory               • Dr. Delores Etter, Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy
                                                                                     • Mr. Bryan Dodge, Author and President, Dodge Development, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                            DELL, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                            Colin Reid
experience. The second is EMCI’s         Committee, a multinational group                                                                                   Refining VP of Engineering
                                                                                   More hands-on experiential learning:                                     BP Gas, Power & Renewables
Authorized Knowledge Provider            of five subject matter experts and         • Exclusive tour of the Texas Instruments LEED Manufacturing facility   Jeff Schierer
(AKP) program, composed of aca-          practitioners who are working on a         • Behind the scenes engineering tour of the new Dallas Cowboys          EO Tactical Department Manager
demic and corporate training orga-       baseline curriculum template to fa-                                                                                Karl Schuetze

nizations who are approved to offer      cilitate creation of preparatory and                                                                               VP Engineering
                                                                                                                                                            Active Power
courses that facilitate preparation      maintenance coursework in support                                   For further information and to register, please visit:
for maintenance of engineering           of EMCI certification worldwide.                                  www.asmeconferences.org/gemc09
management certification based           The template is expected to be in-
on our Engineering Management            troduced when the Second Edition       world to focus on gaining knowl-                                 courses, structured networking
Certification International Body         of the EMCI-BOK is launched in         edge from best-in-class or-                                             events, and other innovative
of Knowledge (EMCI-BOK). To              Summer 2009.                           ganizations       through                                                    knowledge and profes-
date, about 300 professionals have            EMCI is centrally administered    hands-on experiential                                                          sional exchange fo-
become EMCI-certified world-             by a team employed by ASME in          learning while creating                                                        rums. The courses will
wide, and 16 organizations based in      New York that is fully dedicated       technical and econom-                                                          be taught by Dr. Jerry
the USA, Trinidad, Egypt, Qatar,         to managing relationships among        ic value for participants.                                                   Westbrook, Executive
UAE, China and Australia have be-        its AKPs and engineering manage-                                                                                Director Emeritus of the
come AKPs.                               ment constituents in academia and      The four conference tracks                                       American Society of Engineering
                                         industry, domestically and interna-    are as follows:                                                  Management and former chair of
Key benefits of EMCI certi-              tionally. EMCI also closely cooper-    •Managing New Technology                                         the Engineering Management De-
fication include:                        ates with the ASME Management          •Managing & Developing Engineers                                 partment at the University of Ala-
•A globally portable, certified          Division, and is both co-sponsoring    •Supply Chain Management                                         bama, Huntsville.
management credential endorsed           and collaborating on the division’s    within the Global Market                                              For more information about
by leading professional societies        inaugural Global Engineering Man-      •Managing Your Ecological Foot-                                  EMCI, please visit www.engi-
and designed specifically for en-        agement Conference (GEMC) from         print in the Energy & Environmental                              neeringcertification.org/about.
gineering-, science-, and technol-       September 13-16 in Dallas, Texas.      Era                                                                   To learn more about the
ogy-focused professionals;               The GEMC will bring together in-           Programming will consist of                                  GEMC and to register, please vis-
•A mastery of best practices in          dustry leaders and mid-career engi-    technical sessions, continuing edu-                              it the special website at: http://www.
management with particular focus         neering managers from around the       cation unit (CEU) accreditation                                  asmeconferences.org/gemc09.

TECH TALK: new With Primavera Contract
Manager 12.0 – E-mail Integration
Farinaz Jafari | Professional Services - Consultant

        -mail is critical for effective   figuration. E-mails can be brought
        collaboration with all project    into the system either every night
        participants and the ability to   through a batch process or spe-
capture all correspondence records is     cific schedule time or on demand
essential to fully document all project   as established by a particular user.
communication. Primavera Contract         The “Automate Import” option in
Manager 12.0 and later offers e-mail      “Project Settings” is used to set the
integration and supports any IMAP/        time of day that Contract Manager
POP-compliant e-mail servers, in-         should automatically start the im-
cluding Microsoft® Outlook, Lo-           port of the Correspondence Re-
tus® Notes and other popular e-mail       ceived. The import process can also
programs. When a new e-mail record        be initiated on demand by users
is captured, Contract Manager au-         through the “Import E-mail” option
tomatically uploads attachments, in-      in “Correspondence Received Log”.       Figure 2: Correspondence Received Log - Import Emails
cluding drawings, documents, PDFs         (See Figure 2)
and scanned documents, to the prede-                                              How the e-mail content is               e-mail account for importing e-
termined attachments directory, mak-      How to import attachments               populated in the Correspon-             mail into the “Correspondence
ing it easy to manage all important       The Contract Manager Administra-        dence Received Fields                   Received Log”. If the creden-
documents.                                tor must alter the “Project Settings”   The “To” and “From” fields will be      tials entered in “Project Set-
                                          for the project to enable the “Import   populated based on the e-mail cor-      tings” match those being used
How to enable the “Import                 of Attachments” feature.The email       respondents and the “Remarks”           in another project, the message
E-mail” feature                           attachment(s) will be populated         field be populated with the body        “This account is already used in
The Contract Manager Administra-          in the “Attachment Section” of the      of the email. The date the email        another project. Please provide
tor must alter the “Project Settings”     “Correspondence Received Log”           was received on is populated in         a different E-mail account” will
for the project to enable this feature.   and the physical files are uploaded     “Received Date” field and subject       appear.
Once the feature is enabled, then e-      to the predetermined attachments        of the email is populated in the
mails can be imported into the “Cor-      directory. Before enabling this fea-    “Subject” field. In case an email       Types of e-mail protocols
respondence Received Log” file. (See      ture, the Contract Manager Admin-       is imported manually, the name of       which are supported
Figure 1)                                 istrator must setup the attachment      the person who imported it will         The POP3, POP3S, IMAP/
                                          locations for Contract Manager          be added to “Entered by” field and      IMAPS are the available e-mail
How to import e-mails                     Projects in order to configure a path   the “Manually Entered” option           protocols in Protocol drop down
The import can be done either on          and folder in which to store file at-   will be set to “Yes”. (See Figure 3.)   list in “Project Settings”. The
demand, or via a scheduled con-           tachments.                                                                      name and port number of the
                                                                                  How the e-mail account is               server where the e-mails are
                                                                                  set for importing e-mails               stored should also be specified.
                                                                                  Each project must have a unique         (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1: Project Settings - Email Integration                                    Figure 3: Correspondence Received Fields

Expedition Administrator
The Expedition Administrator              Interview with CMCS team members:
will be responsible for ensuring
that all program participants are         1. Tell us about yourself (your name,
entering and maintaining project          your job title, how long you have been
data in a timely manner. The Ex-          working with the company).
pedition administrator will also be           My name is Sara Khodayari and I have the
responsible for providing train-          role of Business Relationship Executive. I have
ing to program staff and assisting        joined CMCS a bit more than three years ago in
consultants and contractors as re-        May 2006.
                                          2. What does your job involve?
Job qualifications                            My main job, as the name indicates, is to                       SARA KhOdAyARI,
and Experience                            build and maintain relationship with clients. It              Business Relationship - Executive
Successful candidate should be            has lots of interactions with different parties and
able to demonstrate a solid techni-       also there are many coordination to be taken care       is the key to increasing the rate of success in a
cal competency and prior experi-          of. We as Business Relationship, depend a lot on        project. Also being the coordination point for the
ence in the usage and deployment          other people’s inputs to address the client’s re-       client, whatever issues and concerns they have,
on large construction projects.           quirements accurately and sufficiently. Hence,          it comes to me and then relayed to the respon-
Successful candidate should be            I have to obtain an understanding of my client’s        sible team and I monitor if the issues are being
able to demonstrate an under-             requirements, communicate those with our con-           addressed timely.
standing of all types of construc-        sulting team and tailor a solution which matches
tion documentation to include             their needs at best level; provide a comprehensive      5. What is the most challenging part of your
RFIs, Responses to RFIs, trans-           proposal and last, but not least, negotiation on the    job?
mittals, telephone records, meet-         various aspects.                                            Being the main coordination and contact
ing minutes, letters, notices, corre-                                                             point is quite challenging while there are so many
spondence sent, correspondence            3. What are some of the current projects                parties involved. Also we are in a very demanding
received, contracts, purchase or-         you are working on?                                     market with its own complexities. Understanding
ders, cost trends, requisitions for           We have just finalized the contract with Oman       these facts makes it more challenging to be effi-
payment, invoices, change orders,         Refineries and Petrochemical Company and this           cient and timely to meet my clients’ demands.
drawings, submittals, materials,          contract has various phases, from software (which
issues, and daily reports.                we delivered and installed) to training (which is       6. Which aspect of your job do you like
    Candidate must have a four            being delivered at the moment) and implementa-          the most?
year college degree or equivalent         tion which is yet to start. This needs a lot of coor-       Definitely the best part is the client interface.
experience.                               dination which I’m busy with. Also I’m in touch         I love to meet new people and see the world from
    Successful candidate must             with International Capital Trading (ICT) to help        their perspective. Being in a Business Relation-
demonstrate experience using              find the best solution for implementing Primavera       ship position, I somehow become friends or at
Expedition on previous projects.          Contract Manager on their projects and training         least close to my clients. The variety of people I
Experience in the set-up, integra-        their team. As well as these, we are finalizing new     meet is amazing and I really enjoy it. Also it is
tion, import and export of proj-          agreements with Barwa in Qatar for some more            quite fulfilling to see when I can help them solve
ect information between various           projects which I’m involved in. Other projects are      their problems and address their needs.
projects is required. Addition-           yet to be confirmed and immature to discuss at this
ally, the successful candidate must       stage.                                                  7. What do you like about working at
be experienced coordinating the                                                                   CMCS?
sharing of project data between           4. How can your job add value to your                       I believe above all is the team spirit that runs
internal and external customers in        clients?                                                through our company and the way we have to
a web based environment.                      Understanding my clients’ pains and require-        depend on each other. There are no politics in-
                                          ments and coming up with the best solution for          volved and all is very plain and simple. I don’t
For interested parties, send an email     them is how it adds value to them. We basically         have a complex personality and I like to work
with cover letter and updated CV to       map their business needs to our project manage-         in simple environments. Also there is flexibil-
kent.peasley@parsons.com.                 ment solutions and help them to be proactive in-        ity and understanding among the management
                                          stead of reactive to what happens in a project. This    which you don’t see in most companies.

                                         EVENT NAME                        PLACE                   DATE       VENUE                   PDUs OFFERED
                                         Global Engineering                Dallas, Texas           13-16 Sept The Fairmont,
                                         Management Conference             USA                                Dallas
                                         Cityscape Dubai                   Dubai, UAE              05-08 Oct Dubai Int’l
 Erratum: In last month’s issue,                                                                              Convention and
 this photo was improperly labeled.
                                                                                                              Exhibition Center
 This course is P108 Migrating from
                                         GITEX 2009                        Dubai, UAE              18-22 Oct Dubai Int’l
 Primavera Project Planner (P3) to P6
                                                                                                              Convention and
 held in Dubai last May 3 to 5. It was
                                                                                                              Exhibition Center
 attended by Eugene Kong of Taisei,
                                         CMCS Roadshow                     Abu Dhabi, UAE          29 Oct     To be announced                  2
 Donald Burdett of S.D. Concept and
 David Barnett of Proactive Project
                                         Project Driven Businesses
 Management and was conducted
                                         CMCS Roadshow                     Manama, Bahrain         9 Nov         To be announced               2
 by Venkataramana K. We regret
 having printed this error.
                                         Project Driven Businesses
COuRSE COuRSE nAME                                                                           dATE             VEnuE       PRICE ($) Pdus
 P850          Extension of Time Request                                                     19-23 Jul        Amman         1,500   21.0
 P917          Portfolio Management                                                          20-21 Jul        Beirut        1,000   12.0
 P916          The Certified Associate in Project Management Course (CAPM)                   20-22 Jul        Amman         1,200   21.0
 P203          Using Infomaker with Primavera Contract Manager                               22 Jul           Dubai           695    0.0
 P990          Organizational Project Management Maturity Model - OPM3                       22-23 Jul        Beirut        1,000   12.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                26-27 Jul        Abu Dhabi       895   13.0
 P901          Project Risk Management                                                       26-30 Jul        Amman         1,995   21.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        27-29 Jul        Doha          1,295   19.5
 P999          Project Management for NGOs Using Project/Program Cycle Management            27-31 Jul        Beirut        1,995   25.0
 P106R         Resource Management in P6 Client-Server                                       28-29 Jul        Abu Dhabi       895   13.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        02-04 Aug        Muscat        1,295   19.5
 P201          Primavera Contract Manager 12.0                                               02-05 Aug        Amman         1,295   19.5
 P999          Project Management for NGOs Using Project/Program Cycle Management            02-13 Aug        Amman         1,995   25.0
 E101          Essentials of Estimating and Budgeting                                        03-05 Aug        Abu Dhabi     1,295    0.0
 P905          PMP Exam Preparation                                                          03-07 Aug        Beirut        1,995   35.0
 P501          Project Risk Management with Primavera Pertmaster                             04-06 Aug        Dubai         1,295   19.5
 BA110         Certified Business Analysis Professional Course                               09-11 Aug        Dubai         1,500   25.0
 P901          Project Risk Management                                                       10-14 Aug        Beirut        1,995   35.0
 E201          Advanced Project Estimating and Budgeting                                     10-12 Aug        Abu Dhabi     1,295    0.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                16-17 Aug        Doha          1,295   13.0
 P912          Preparation Course for Planning & Schedule Professional (PSP) Certification   16-18 Aug        Amman         1,500   21.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        16-18 Aug        Abu Dhabi     1,295   19.5
 P995/6        PMP Exam Preparation                                                          16-18 Aug        Dubai         1,500   38.0
 P106R         Resource Management in P6 Client-Server                                       18-19 Aug        Doha            895   13.0
 P907          Project Management Leadership Skills                                          17-19 Aug        Beirut        1,000   21.0
 P971          PM Framework                                                                  25 Sept          Beirut          100    4.0
 P918          IT Project Management                                                         27-29 Sept       Abu Dhabi     1,500   21.0
 P912          Preparation Course for Planning & Schedule Professional (PSP) Certification   27-29 Sept       Amman         1,500   21.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        27-29 Sept       Doha          1,295   19.5
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        27-29 Sept       Dubai         1,295   19.5
 P201          Advanced Project Estimating and Budgeting                                     27-29 Sept       Doha          1,295   19.5
 P999          Project Management for NGOs Using Project/Program Cycle Management            27 Sept-01 Oct   Doha          1,995   25.0
 P919          Cost Management Course                                                        28-29 Sept       Dubai           895   14.0
 P972          PM Integration                                                                02 Oct           Beirut          100    4.0
 P108          Migrating from Primavera Project Planner P3 to P6                             04-05 Oct        Abu Dhabi       895   13.0
 P912          Preparation Course for Planning & Schedule Professional (PSP) Certification   04-06 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,500   21.0
 BA110         Certified Business Analysis Professional Course                               04-06 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,500   25.0
 P203          Using Infomaker with Primavera Contract Manager                               05 Oct           Doha            695    0.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                05-06 Oct        Beirut          895   13.0
 P108          Migrating from Primavera Project Planner P3 to P6                             06-07 Oct        Doha            895   13.0
 P106R         Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        07-09 Oct        Beirut          895   13.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        06-08 Oct        Riyadh        1,295   19.5
 P973          PM Scope                                                                      09 Oct           Beirut          100    4.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                10-11 Oct        Muscat          895   13.0
 P995/6        PMP Exam Preparation                                                          11-13 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,500   38.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        11-14 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,295   19.5
 P106R         Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        12-13 Oct        Muscat          895   13.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        12-14 Oct        Beirut        1,295   19.5
 P974          PM Time                                                                       16 Oct           Beirut          100    4.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                18-19 Oct        Dubai           895   13.0
 P916          The Certified Associate in Project Management Course (CAPM)                   18-20 Oct        Kuwait        1,200   24.0
 P106P         Advance Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                18-19 Oct        Doha            895   13.0
 P102          Project Management in P6 Client-Server                                        18-20 Oct        Amman         1,295   19.5
 P999          Project Management for NGOs Using Project/Program Cycle Management            18-22 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,995   25.0
 P106R         Resource Management in P6 Client-Server                                       20-21 Oct        Dubaif          895   13.0
 P106R         Resource Management in P6 Client-Server                                       20-21 Oct        Doha            895   13.0
 BA110         Certified Business Analysis Professional Course                               20-22 Oct        Doha          1,500   25.0
 P975          PM Cost                                                                       23 Oct           Beirut          100    4.0
 P995/6        PMP Exam Preparation                                                          25-27 Oct        Muscat        1,500   38.0
 P201          Primavera Contract Manager 12.0                                               25-27 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,295   19.5
 P923          Cost Engineering Certification Course                                         25-29 Oct        Dubai         2,500   40.0
 P850          Extension of Time Request                                                     26-28 Oct        Abu Dhabi     1,500    0.0
 P976          PM Quality                                                                    30 Oct           Beirut          100    4.0
For inquiries or registration, send an email to training@cmcs.ae or call (+971) 4 3654850

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