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									                          C   A   N   O   N   -   M    c   M   I   L   L   A   N   S   C   H   O   O   L   D     I   S   T   R   I   C    T

                                                                                                                  NT TO EXC
                                                                                                                ME         E




                                                                                                                O N - M M IL L A


VOL. 23 WINTER 2010

                                                        SALUTE TO VETERANS

       A plaque is pre-
          sented to Mr.
         Vince Curletta
          by Mr. Chuck
         Tatum, Gifted
       and Enrichment
       Teacher at Cecil

       CECIL INTERMEDIATE                                                          also sent bookmarks for the students and staff.
                                                                                      The letter was read at the school on Dec. 7 with a
          For the second year, Cecil Intermediate School ob-                       history lesson concerning the attack on Pearl Harbor
       served Veterans Day with the help of Mr. Vince                              68 years ago on Dec. 7, 1941. The school also sent let-
       Curletta. He discussed with students his experiences                        ters to soldiers for Christmas, and cards will be sent
       in the Korean War. Mr. Curletta was a staff sergeant                        for Valentine’s Day  .
       in the U.S. Air Force at the end of his service. As a                          Throughout the year, students send cards to nurs-
       gift of appreciation, CIS gave him a plaque with a pic-                     ing homes and on Memorial Day will send cards and
       ture of the students in the                                                            letters to the National Cemetery of the Al-
       shape and color of the Ameri-                                                          leghenies to distribute to families who
       can flag.                                                                              visit.
       HILLS-HENDERSONVILLE                                                                        SOUTH CENTRAL
          Hills-Hendersonville staff                                                                  South Central Elementary held its an-
       and students use their writing                                                              nual Veterans Day program to recognize
       skills to remember various                                                                  America’s 25 million living veterans. The
       people throughout the year.                                                                 students and staff not only honored the
       They sent cards and coloring                                                                                                ,
                                                                                                   veterans with a school assembly but
       sheets to veterans on Veterans                                                              learned from them as well.
       Day Cards were sent to Veter-                                                                  The 4th-graders presented a play and a
       ans Administration (VA) Hospi-                                                              patriotic song. That was followed by a
       tals, two Veterans of Foreign                                                               presentation with the assistance of
       Wars posts, and to Pearl Har-
       bor, Hawaii.                                                                                                                           SEE PAGE NINE
          The school received a beauti-
       ful letter from the director of
       development and public rela-
       tions of the Pearl Harbor Me-                                                                       SUPERINTENDENT’S ME
       morial with appreciation for                   South Central kindergarten                                                   t studied.
       the school remembering them.                   student Cassandra Chappo
                                                                                                           Future growth of distric
       Mahalo nui loa is Hawaiian for                 stands beside her cousin, Staff                                            Page Two
       “thank you very much.” They                    Sergeant Christopher Houlihan.

                                                       HIGH SCHOOL

                                                                                 I am so impressed with the
                                                                               interaction of the students and

                                    W         ith a small glimmer of                       teachers

                                              hope that the current
                                     economic status of the area                    (at Canon-McMillan).
                                     will slowly start to reinvigo-
                                     rate itself, the Canon-McMil-                     Michael Hall,
   Dr. Helen K. McCracken            lan School District has its eye               CMHS assistant principal
                                     on the future!
  SUPERINTENDENT’S                       Residential growth, al-
  MESSAGE                            though slowed to a degree, is     MICHAEL HALL has a new son
                                     still affecting our enrollment.   and a new job, all in the same year.
                                                                          Little Clayton is only 10 months
                                         Our growth, in combina-
  Design group                       tion with the age, location
                                                                       old, but his dad is spending his
                                                                       days with teenagers as he has be-
                                     and condition of our school       come one of the High School’s as-
  studying                           facilities has been the under-    sistant principals.
                                     lying cause of our continu-          Now Mr. Hall can say that he
  future growth                      ous re-evaluation. As a           has had experience with all ages
                                     result, the Canon-McMillan        of children. For a little more than
  of district                        Board of School Directors
                                     has demonstrated its com-
                                                                       the past three years, Mr. Hall has
                                                                       taught 4th-grade at South Central Elementary School,
                                     mitment to goal-oriented,         and previously was an assistant coach for 9th-grade
   future-focused decision making.                                     baseball.
       The Canon-McMillan School District has contracted                  He graduated from high school in Ellwood City be-
   with Hayes Design Group to complete a feasibility study      .      fore receiving a B.A. in elementary education from
   This study will be used to construct the footprint for the          Marietta College in Ohio and an M.Ed. in education
   District’s upcoming capital projects.                               from California University of PA. He holds a K-12 prin-
       The firm will take into consideration the age and condi-        cipal’s certificate in administration and certifications
   tions of all of our buildings. They will implement their            in mid-level English and elementary education. His
   studies on-site to experience our needs firsthand.                  first job was teaching middle school English for five
                                                                       years in Colonial Beach, VA, where he also coached
       In addition, this firm will look at demographic
                                                                       varsity football, baseball and basketball. That’s where
   overviews, county health records, and other information
                                                                       he met his wife, Dena, who hails from Wheeling, WV      .
   sources as well as analyze census data to make reasonable
                                                                          They moved back to Pennsylvania, where he taught
   recommendations to the District. It is the expectation of the
                                                                       4th grade for one year in Propel East Charter School in
   administration that at the conclusion of this study the dis-
                                                                       Turtle Creek. His wife now teaches kindergarten at
   trict will have a defined footprint for construction projects
                                                                       Borland Manor Elementary       .
   for the next several years.
                                                                          “While coaching in Virginia, I was involved with
       Although the concrete conclusion of this effort is uncer-       the kids in high school and it was not much different
   tain at this time, I can assure our school community that           from my new position. There I also had to be involved
   our Board of School Directors, in combination with our Ad-          in all aspects of the kids’ lives,” he said. “Spending
   ministrative Staff, are committed to providing the best facil-      these past years in the elementary school has taught
   ities we can afford for our students’ continued growth into         me to realize that even though High School students
   the 21st century  .                                                 are bigger, we have to remember they are still kids.”
       This is a very special time for me both personally and             For now, he is learning his new job which includes
   professionally I can honestly remember the pride, anxious
                   .                                                   doing observations, and dealing with student affairs,
   anticipation and butterflies in my stomach when I walked            athletics and attendance. “My goal is to learn as much
   in as a student to (what used to be) the brand new “Canons-         as I can as an assistant principal and positively affect
   burg Junior High ” (over time this has become Canonsburg            as many children as possible. I still have a lot to learn,
   Middle School). That same level of enthusiasm has been re-          this being my first administrative position,” he said.
   ignited as I anticipate our progress.                                  What he has learned so far is the strength of the
       I am confident that we can offer our students and our                   .
                                                                       faculty “I’ve found what a hard-working professional
   school community the same excitement and level of antici-           staff this is. They have been very accepting and wel-
   pation for their future learning spaces!                            coming. I am so impressed with the interaction of the
                                                                       students and teachers. With this tight-knit faculty   ,
       I hope you share the exhilaration, pride and eagerness
                                                                       things run very smoothly   .
   that the Board and I embrace as we move forward into this
   important phase of our district’s development.                         “I’m excited to be in this new position. It is defi-
                                                                       nitely different from elementary I’ve enjoyed kids at
                                       Helen K. McCracken, Ed.D.       every level and knew I would enjoy the high school
                                                                       students. These are just different challenges and re-
                                                                                                              VOL. 23 WINTER 2010 PAGE THREE

                                                      HEALTHY GRANTS

                                                                                                                          Playing with the new Wii
                                                                                                                          games are (photo at
                                                                                                                          left), from left, Alyssa

High 5
                                                                                                                          Calabrese at far left;
                                                                                                                          Ben Hammers in front;
                                                                                                                          second row, Josiah

                                                                                                                          Weaver, Blake Lance,
                                                                                                                          Courtney Bayne and
                                                                                                                          Karly Krelic; back row,
                                                                                                                          Bryn Dami, Katelyn
                                                                                                                          Adamski, Jayden DeBar
    Teachers in two Canon-McMillan                                                                                        and Nathaniel Crum.
schools have been awarded Highmark                                                                                        N.S.I.S. 4th-graders,
Healthy High 5 School Challenge grants                                                                                    from left (photo below),
for the year.                                                                                                             Matthew Mansfield, Alex
    Cecil Elementary School 4th-grade                                                                                     Miller, Olivia Sadlek and
teachers Ms. Lucy Moninger and Mrs.                                                                                       Destiny Kelley.
Jennifer Stealey have been awarded a
$10,000 grant to implement a “Wii Are
Getting Fit at Cecil” program aimed at
addressing the growing issue of un-                                                           create an exploratory station using the
healthy lifestyles and poor eating habits                                                     Wii which has been very successful.
among our youth.                                                                                  “Students get to have fun while exer-
    North Strabane Intermediate School                                                        cising and interacting with their peers as
special education teacher Mrs. Michelle                                                       they play games on the Wii,” says N.S.I.S.
Heiser received a $9,999 grant to imple-                                                      Principal Mark Abbondanza.
ment “W.I.S.E. Kids” (Wellness Is Self                                                            “Some of the games, such as ‘The
Empowering) aimed to address the grow-                                                        Price is Right,’ require students to read
ing issue of children’s physical fitness.                                                     and exercise. As digital natives, our stu-
    Studies illustrate that the health                                                        dents are getting to use technology tools
habits children develop at a young age                                                        that they use at home on a regular basis.
will continue with them through adult-                                                                     Embracing the tools they
hood and the grants will support the                                                                         use daily has been a great
schools’ efforts in introducing programs        dents to healthy living                                      experience for N.S.I.S.
that will ultimately create healthier,          ideas, nutritious food           For more information        teachers.”
more successful students.                       choices, an active                  on the Highmark             Since 2007, the High-
    Cecil Elementary uses its grant to          lifestyle, healthy exercises         Healthy High 5          mark Foundation, through
give all of the students at the school the      and a sense of well-being          School Challenge          the Highmark Healthy
opportunity to use fitness equipment on         through a variety of activ-       grant program, visit       High 5 School Challenge,
a regular basis. This will help build a         ities.                                                       has awarded $3.5 million
sense of self-esteem and well-being by              The grant allows the            www.highmark             in grants to 496 schools in
making them aware of their current              school to purchase Nin-            47 counties across Pennsyl-
lifestyle and helping them achieve their        tendo Wii video consoles,                                     vania for programs that
fitness goals, while having fun. This pro-      Wii games, Wii Fits, DVD                             address bullying prevention and
gram will foster an improved attitude to-       players, exercise DVDs, televisions for       self-esteem, improve nutritional educa-
ward a healthy lifestyle including eating       the classrooms, and water bottles for         tion, enhance nutrition choices and pro-
habits, body image and character build-         every student.                                vide opportunities for physical activity .
ing. The program is expected to reach all           The televisions are used to broadcast         “The Highmark Healthy High 5
of the students in K-4th grade.                 morning news shows, which include an          School Challenge Grant Program is
    “We recognize the importance of pro-        exercise or wellness segment along with       geared toward helping schools address
viding our students with the resources          announcements. The Wii games and ex-          their unique health and wellness chal-
that will encourage them to adopt               ercise DVDs also will be used during the      lenges,” said Yvonne Cook, president of
healthy habits,” said Mr. Robert Klein-         students’ exploratory period when they        the Highmark Foundation.
hans, principal at Cecil Elementary   .         will have the opportunity to play with            “These grants provide Cecil Elemen-
“This grant allows us to provide children       the games as they rotate through the          tary School and North Strabane Interme-
with the ability to make positive lifestyle     schedule. The program reaches 360 stu-        diate School with the resources and tools
changes now that they will carry with           dents in grades five and six.                 to implement innovative programs that
them throughout their lives.”                       “Students at N.S.I.S. are benefiting      will help their students establish life-
    North Strabane Intermediate’s objec-        tremendously from the Highmark grant.         long, healthy habits.”
tive is to teach, promote and expose stu-       For example, teachers brainstormed to

   Highlights                 Canon-McMillan Highlights is the community newsletter published by Canon-McMillan School District. If you know of
                              anyone in the district who did not receive a copy in the mail, please call 724-746-2940 or write:
                                                  Canon-McMillan Highlights, One North Jefferson Avenue, Canonsburg, PA 15317
   DESIGNER MAUREEN STEAD                       The Canon-McMillan School District is an Equal Opportunity school district.

            CANONSBURG MIDDLE                                                            ELEMENTARY

          Video game
        students aren’t
        playing around
    Canonsburg Middle School has implemented a number
of initiatives over the past five years to provide a middle
school experience for the “whole” child. The programming
lives up to the school’s motto, “Expect the Best,” by provid-
ing educational opportunities in not only the core academic
areas, but also the arts, global awareness, problem
solving, technology education and digital citizenship.                      From left, in front, Iyanna Stevenson, Douglas Chandler,
    Principal Greg Taranto explains, “Today’s student has to have           Jonathan Hartley, David Nottingham, Jackson Kowalczyk,
the skill sets necessary to be able to live in a ‘flat’ world.” It is for   Madyson Bekkelund; in back, Attikin Rothacker, Tamara
this reason that he and Mr. Brian Herrig, technology education              Mathis, Mariah Conn, Ashlea Daniels and Celine Bengochea
teacher, brainstormed to find a way to incorporate a video game

programming component into the 7th-grade technology educa-                                                              uring this
tion curriculum. After researching several programs and litera-                                                         year’s inservice
ture, Mr. Herrig presented a unique and creative unit plan to be                                                        session before
incorporated into his Technology Applications class.                                                             school started, the fac-
    In an effort to incorporate more 21st-century skills and keep                                                ulty and staff heard a
the classroom focus firmly on the students of the digital age, a                                                 presentation by Mr.
new component was added to the 7th-grade curriculum at                                                            .J.
                                                                                                                 V Smith, author of

                                                                            OF THE WEEK
Canonsburg Middle School. A video game design unit was the an-                                                   “The Richest Man in
swer! The concept not only teaches critical technology skills, but                                              Town.” The book is
also does it in a vehicle that is developmentally attractive to ado-                                            about Aaron “Marty”
lescent learners. In addition, the class will provide a foundation                                              Martinson who showed
for higher-level programming skills taught in the 8th-grade Au-             how much he cared for the people he met as a cashier in
tomation Technologies class.                                                his hometown Wal-Mart. He was the richest man in
    The video game design unit begins with a reverse engineering            town because he was loved, respected, and completely
activity; the students are given a playable version of a basic video        happy with his life.
game and work to analyze the game play Once the basic game is
                                            .                                  At Cecil Elementary and First Street Elementary
analyzed, the students work to recreate it, following teacher-cre-          schools, the staff wanted to pass along that inspiration
ated technical directions. The basic concept that all actions that          to their students in conjunction with their character
need to occur in the game must be programmed by the students                education program.
is reinforced throughout the unit.                                                                        Classroom teachers read the
    Mr. Herrig says, “Helping                                               Program                   books “The Richest Man in
7th-graders at Canonsburg                                                                             Town” or “Have You Filled a
Middle School to develop a                                                  promotes                  Bucket Today?” to students.
                                                                                                      Then they reviewed with stu-
programming mindset is
being done to help prepare                                                  peace,                    dents the characteristics that
                                                                                                      made Marty special and ways to
them for future challenges
that will require the same
                                                                            empathy,                  fill someone’s invisible bucket. A
logical, sequential thought
                                                                            strength &                person can choose to fill an-
                                                                                                      other’s bucket by doing good
    Canonsburg Middle
School 8th-graders are pre-
                                                                            friendship                deeds and being kind or to dip
                                                                                                      into a person’s bucket through
sented with content related                                                 bullying or unkind acts. In the process, their own
directly to programming in                                                  bucket is filled or dipped into by their actions.
the 8th-grade Automation                                                       Each week the classroom teacher chooses one stu-
Technologies class. Though                                                  dent that has displayed the character trait for that
the Computer Numeric Con-                                                   month. That student receives a Marty badge to wear for
trol (CNC) and Agile Robot-                                                 the week.
ics units are far from the                                                     Students in kindergarten, 1st-grade and 2nd-grade
ideas presented in the video                                                help their teachers throughout the week with greeting
game design unit, the mind-                                                 students, passing out papers and other tasks. Students
set that is developed in the            Mr. Brian Herrig, Canonsburg        in grades three and four take turns reading daily guid-
7th grade provides a strong                Middle School technology         ance lessons which include student-inspiring role mod-
foundation students can use           education teacher, teaches two        els, skits and tips to be used at home and in school.
to understand concepts that            students, Jessica Francis and           This “Marty” program has promoted peace, empa-
can, at times, be very ab-           Shawn Fahey, about the gaming              ,              ,
                                                                            thy individuality strength and friendship among the
stract to them.                                               process.      students.
                                                                                                       VOL. 23 WINTER 2010 PAGE FIVE

                                                       HIGH SCHOOL

         Students part of historic Summit
W      hile the world
       was watching
the Group of 20 (G-
                                                                                                            PITTSBURGH G-20
                                                                                                            STUDENT SUMMIT
20) world financial
                                                                                                            September 17, 2009
leaders meeting in
Pittsburgh in Sep-                                                                                             Canon-McMillan
tember, another                                                                                                  High School
gathering earlier in                                                                                            Lead Teacher:
the month was fo-                                                                                              Mr. Tom Olszewski,
cusing on the same                                                                                              World History and
global issues. The                                                                                           Global Living Teacher,
Pittsburgh G-20 Stu-                                                                                        Member of World Affairs
dent Summit was                                                                                                Council of Pittsburgh
just as exciting for
students around the
world as they
worked on solutions
to the world’s prob-
   The local part of
the event was spon-
sored by the World
Affairs Council of
Pittsburgh and in-       CMHS participants in the Student G-20 Summit are, from left, front row, Hannah Patterson, Katie Galicic and
cluded eight local       Ashley Currey; second row, Kamakshi Sharma, Stephanie Scarci and Ben Lombardo; third row, Alyssa Moss,
high schools con-        Chelsea Banks and Trevor Allen; fourth row, Matthew Weldy, Mr. Tom Olszewski, Christine Gorman and Addi-
nected with schools son Galambos; back row, Josh Snyder, Grant Strimel, Alessandro Migiuolo and Steven Veydt. Missing from
in Brazil, Georgia       photo are Ashley Staedfeld, Alyssa Yarnell, Ashley Yarnell and Jessica Zupancic.
(formerly a part of
the U.S.S.R.), Italy, and South Africa.       technician.                                    dents’ questions. They wanted to know
   Canon-McMillan was paired with                Mr. Olszewski and other CMHS social more and study more when it was over.
Enrico Tosi school in Milan, Italy, and       studies teachers prepared the students         We did a video of their involvement
Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh.         in their classes with information from         which will be given to the Canon-
   CMHS juniors and seniors partici-          the World Affairs Council. The Summit          McMillan School Board and the World
pating as panelists included: Trevor          students discussed global economic re-         Affairs Council,” says Mr. Olszewski.
Allen, Chelsea Banks, Ashley Currey,                 ,
                                              covery energy and the environment,                “The Student Summit showed us dif-
Addison Galambos, Katie Galicic,              similar to talks at the G-20.                  ferent views on issues that are causing
Christine Gorman, Ben Lombardo,                  Mr. Olszewski selected seniors Grant the world troubles. One of our conversa-
Alessandro Migiuolo, Alyssia Moss,            Strimel and Christine Gorman to be             tions with the students in Italy was on
Hannah Patterson, Stephanie Scarci,           the speakers for the CMHS students                             .
                                                                                             nuclear energy The U.S. is in favor of
Josh Snyder, Ashley Staedfeld, Kamak-         who participated in the panel.                 nuclear energy and most on our panel
shi Sharma, Steven Veydt, Alyssa                 “The experience was awe-inspiring,” found it a good alternative source of en-
Yarnell, Ashley Yarnell, Matthew              says Grant. “When we first started                  .
                                                                                             ergy The Italians had banned all nu-
Weldy, Jessica Zupancic and moderator         learning about the Summit, I thought it clear facilities after the accident at
Grant Strimel.                                was like the United Nations, and just          Chernobyl,” says Grant. “Also, they
   CMHS social studies teacher, Mr.           interesting. But after the Summit, I was have socialistic tendencies and we are
Tom Olszewski, is a long-time member          even more interested in learning what          for free trade. The Italian students
of the World Affairs Council. Because         was happening at the real G-20. It was         wanted a cap on trade and the introduc-
of the cost of time and transportation        so exciting and I did just as much re-                                    .
                                                                                             tion of a world currency It was interest-
to Fox Chapel Area High School where          search after the Student Summit as be-         ing to see their solutions vs. our
the Student Summit was locally facili-        fore when I was preparing for it.”             solutions. We didn’t realize how conflict-
tated, and the fact that Canon-McMil-            “It was a great opportunity to talk to      ing our views were going to be.”
lan High School has excellent                 students half-way around the world and            Christine adds that the CMHS
technology, Mr. Olszewski chose to keep       to see how similar or different we are.        students tried to convince the Italian
his students at CMHS and connect              We liked hearing their views,” says            students about the importance of nu-
them via videoconference with their           Christine.                                                  .
                                                                                             clear energy When the focus went back
partnering schools with the help of               “I’ve taught for 38 years and I have       to the Student Summit’s facilitator, Fox
Canon-McMillan staff members Mr.              never had students more enthusiastic           Chapel Area High School, the entire
Matt Harding, Technology Coordinator,         and more involved than in this Student         group of participants from all
and Mr. Casey Thompson, computer              Summit. I was impressed by our stu-
                                                                                                                        SEE PAGE NINE

                                                      HIGH SCHOOL

         Helinski & Strosko: Natural leaders
      wo Canon-McMillan High School sophomores are                       “We got to sit in the House of Representatives and were
      proving themselves to be real leaders. Joseph Helinski          addressed by a Texas Congressman, all 250 of us,” said
      and Stephen Strosko, both 16, were selected to attend           Joseph. “We each had faculty advisers in our sessions and
the National Young Leaders Conference in October which                guest speakers from the National Rifle Association, Exxon
was held at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in               Mobil on green technologies, and a member of the 9/11
Washington, D.C.                                                      Commission.”
   The week-long program taught 250 sophomores, juniors                  “The best part for me was being Speaker of the House,”
and seniors from across the U.S.                                                                said Joseph. “I had to be inter-
about government and then gave                                                                  viewed and nominated by my peers.
them a chance to simulate making                                                                It was a big honor to be accepted by
high-level decisions.                                                                           my peers. I was nominated in my
   Joseph and Stephen were                                                                      LGM. Then I was in a group inter-
among a group of students who                                                                   view with the curriculum director.
were nominated by Mr. Rick Bell,                                                                They looked at how we debated. We
chairman of the Canon-McMillan                                                                  were narrowed to just three or four
social studies department. Mr. Bell                                                             who were interviewed one-on-one.
had taught both the students in his                                                             We were asked: What do you think
AP psychology class last year.                                                                  is your generation’s biggest prob-
   Joseph is the son of Dave and                                                                lem in today’s society? Do you
Maureen Helinski, and Stephen is                                                                think people care about govern-
the son of Sandra and Dennis                                                                    ment as much as they used to?”
Strosko. Both families live in                                                                      The group also had breakfast at
North Strabane Township. Each                                                                   the National Press Club where they
family was responsible for the cost                                                             saw reporters from ABC, CNN,
of the program. The students                                                                    Politico and The New York Times.
raised some of the money from                                                                       “I want to become a news jour-
outside sources.                                                                                nalist so this was really cool for me.
   Mr. Bell based his nominations                                                               We could ask questions and I was
upon his observations in the class-                                                             able to ask Elisabeth Bumiller, na-
room seeing who has leadership                                                                  tional affairs correspondent for The
qualities, maturity in discussions,                                                             New York Times: ‘What was the
activities, presentations in class                                                              biggest news story you ever covered
and levels of responsibility There                                                              and how did it affect you?’ “
have been some CMHS students                                                                        Her answer dealt with taking off
who attended in previous years.                                                                 from JFK airport at about the same
   “I’m really proud of these boys.                                                             time the first airplane hit the World

The (leaders of the program) were               The (leaders of the program) were                Trade Center on 9/11. She was in

surprised that two young men                                                                     the air over it when it happened,
from the same school were so im-               surprised that two young men from                 and immediately began spreading
pressive,” said Mr. Bell.                      the same school were so impressive.               the word.
   The program was divided into                    Mr. Rick Bell, CMSD social studies               Stephen found the friendships
three parts. First there was sight-           department chairman, about Joseph Helinski,        he made and learning about poli-
seeing in the nation’s capital. Next                above left, and Stephen Strosko              tics as the most impressive events
was Leadership in Government                                                                     during that week. “I had three
Management (LGM) in which students were placed in                     roommates from Alaska, Georgia and Philadelphia,” he said.
groups of about 20 to discuss issues. Lastly, there was the              Stephen was a Supreme Court Justice in his Judicial Sim-
LGM Simulation divided into the Executive, Judicial and               ulation, and a General Caucus Debater in the group of 250.
Legislative branches of government.                                   But the greatest learning experience for Stephen was being
   “In the Executive part, we were a president and cabinet            elected president of his LGM Simulation, and being among
during a fictional crisis,” said Joseph. “In the Judicial, we         the youngest so honored.
were testing the Constitution. I was a Justice of the Supreme            “I was given a worldwide crisis situation – Russia and
Court and had to decide on whether a ruling was constitu-             multiple other countries claimed land and oil rights in the
tional. In the Legislative, all 250 of us served in a Model Con-      Arctic region. NATO and the U.N. were involved. Russia said
gress. I was chosen Speaker of the House and got to run it.”          no matter what, they would start drilling in that region.
   During their week, the students studied a fictional bill           They were fighting over oil and thus needed the land rights
and on the last day passed the legislation. They used infor-          for the region.
mation from current issues for the discussion such as with               “I was given this the night before and all 40 of us were
immigration – What should be done with illegal immi-                  given positions – Secretary of Defense to Press Secretary to
grants? Are caps needed for new immigrants?                           ambassadors to various countries. Beforehand I heard that
   The boys met with supervisors in the offices of Rep. Tim           we had U.N. and NATO support, but I was not to provoke
Murphy, Senator Arlen Specter and Senator Bob Casey        .
                                                                                                                       SEE PAGE NINE
                                                                                                       VOL. 23 WINTER 2010 PAGE SEVEN

                                                      MIDDLE SCHOOL

                   esses or
Individuals, busin
                      ing to
  organizations wish hout
  donate items thro
                    r goodie
 the school year fo
   bag gifts, door prizes or
                    s for next
money for supplie ntact:
   year’s program,  co
   Mrs. Lori Hedderm hool

                 le Sc
  Canonsburg Midd
                                                                                             From left are Celine Loether, Abigail Parry,
                                                                                               Miranda Mills, Brooke Washington, Zoe

                                                                                             Webster, Julianna Yarosh, Laura Kulbacki,

             hat do young teenage girls like                                                         Chelsea Holmes and Taylor Linke.
             to do? Make friends? Try on
             makeup? Learn self-defense?                                                      in mathematics. It was interesting to
  For the fourth year at Canonsburg Mid-                                                      learn all the things you can do with
  dle School, teachers and staff have held                                                    math.”
  a Girls Night Out for the 7th- and 8th-                                                         Kyleigh admits that she wants to go

  grade girls. With a variety of activities,                                                  to college, but she doesn’t know in what
  snacks, and giveaways, it has become                                                        field. For now, she runs cross country    ,
  the place to be for fun and socializing …                                                   plays flute in the school band and is
  and learning. More importantly it is                                                        keeping her options open.
  about empowering females to make                                                                Emily is more set on her career path.
  healthy and positive decisions in life.                                                     She wants to be either a veterinarian or
      Mrs. Lori Hedderman, school coun-                                                       a cardiothoracic surgeon. “My Mom is a
  selor, doesn’t seem to mind the work in                                                     nurse in the cardiothoracic ICU at
  organizing the event that had 132                                                           UPMC so I’m very interested in medi-
  teenagers attending this year. She is         added that it was fun to be with so many
                                                girls her own age.                            cine,” she said, “and I like animals.”
  quick to say she didn’t originate the                                                                                         ,
                                                                                                  She also runs cross country swims,
  idea. She learned about it at a confer-          Having a younger brother and no sis-
                                                ters, this was a good place to bond with      plays golf and tennis. She’s on the year-
  ence and adapted it to CMS.                                                                 book staff, World Language Club and
      At this year’s event, the girls rotated   girls she may not have known before as
                                                each team rotated through the sessions.       MathCounts.
  through each of the five 30-minute ses-                                                         Emily added that in the self-defense
  sions that included:                             Guest speaker this year was Dr. Mon-
                                                ica VanDieren, a pure mathematician           session, the girls learned how to get out
  SAMBA DANCING, taught by Miss Meg             based at Robert Morris University In.         of situations, such as when someone at-
  Pankiewicz, 7th-grade language arts           addition to being a professor at Robert       tacks from behind. “We learned how to
  teacher                                       Morris, she is co-director of the school’s    get out of their grip. I showed my mom.
  SELF-DEFENSE, Mrs. Lori Hedderman             honors program, a wife, a mother of a         I feel more confident after learning it.”
  and Miss Sarah Kohlman, school coun-          daughter, and encourages girls to pur-        In her second year at the event, Emily
  selors                                        sue studies in math and science.              says it is easier to talk with all girls in
                                                   Dr. VanDieren talked about women           the program.
                                                who have been successful throughout               “I learned a lot about math, different
  Killmeyer, special education science,
                                                history and who persevered in what            self-defense moves, and also I liked the
  and Miss Stephanie Kubik, 7th-grade
                                                they wanted. “Women today still strug-        dancing part because I’m not a really
                                                gle but we have come a long way Mrs.
                                                                                 .”           good dancer, but it is a lot of fun,” said
  DECORATING COOKIES, Mrs. Tina Miller,                                                       Kyleigh.
                                                Hedderman also was impressed with
  Spanish, and Mrs. Jade Morgan, French                                                                 ,
                                                                                                  Emily who also has a younger
                                                the speaker who was both intelligent
  MINI-MANICURES, Mrs. Melissa DalBon,          and down to earth.                            brother and no sisters, recommends it to
  8th-grade language arts.                         “I thought the speaker was cool,”          other girls. She made friends with girls
      More than a dozen teachers helped as      said 8th-grader Emily Connor, the 13-         she didn’t know before and had an
  chaperones or taking care of the food.        year-old daughter of Michelle and Rus-        evening of fun … just with girls.
      Kyleigh Higie, 13-year-old daughter of    sell Connor of Canonsburg. “She taught            The cost for each girl attending the
  Jon and Lisa Higie of Cecil Township, is      us how to decode a message. I thought         program was $3, which helped cover the
  in the 8th grade and attended for her         she was a strong influence (on the            cost of supplies. Many parents donated
  second year.                                  girls).”                                      door prizes, cash to buy supplies, pizza,
      “A lot of my friends were going and          “The speaker was very interesting,”        desserts and snacks.
  it really sounded like fun,” said Kyleigh.    said Kyleigh. “She talked about crack-            “I think this is an important program
  “There were different activities and I        ing codes and that you need a lot of          for girls because girls at this age
  could spend time with friends.” She           math to do it. She told us about careers                                  SEE PAGE NINE

                                                        IN BRIEF

                                          SUPPLIES                                                 BREAKFAST WITH
                                          FOR SOUTH                                                MRS. CLAUS
                                          CENTRAL                                                     Borland Manor Elemen-
                                              South Cen-                                           tary students enjoyed a
                                           tral Elemen-                                            special “Breakfast with
                                           tary School                                             Mrs. Claus,” sponsored by
                                           reaped the re-                                          The Nutrition Group, the
                                           wards when                                              company that is con-
                                           Canonsburg                                              tracted to manage the dis-
Elves working on the toy          chiropractor, Dr. Scott                                          trict’s food service
drive are, from left, Christo-    Elliott, held his annual                                         department.
pher Pidro, Joshua Hrip,          School Supply Drive in August         From left are Principal       More than 135 students
Rachel Grasky and Gracie          2009.                                 Michelle Tomicek, Erin     had their choice of Mrs.
Roman.                               Dr. Elliott presented Mrs.         Lawrence, student in       Claus’s fresh-from-the-
                                  Michelle Tomicek, South Central       Mrs. Kelly Vayansky’s      oven cinnamon rolls,
MUSE TOY DRIVE                    principal, with approximately         PM Kindergarten class;     Santa’s breakfast pizza or
    Second-graders at Muse        $2,000 in supplies collected from     Dr. Scott Elliott and      Rudolph’s cereal and
Elementary conducted a            his patients and staff members.       Mrs. Jan Lawrence.         toast. They anxiously
successful annual toy drive.                                                                       awaited visiting with Mrs.
Notices were sent home ask-                                                                        Claus and giving her let-
ing students to donate to the                                                                      ters for Santa.
toy drive, which lasted                                                                               The Nutrition Group
about three weeks. All col-                                                                        provided a complimentary
lected toys were sent to the                                                                       photo of each child with
High School to be wrapped                                                                          Mrs. Claus to remember
and distributed to local fam-                                                                      this special occasion.
ilies in need.                                                                                        After breakfast, Mrs.
    The 2nd-graders enjoy                                                                          Claus thrilled the children
this charity fund drive.                                                                           with her rendition of
They wore elf hats during                                                                          “‘Twas the Night before
December and got into the                                                                          Christmas.” She also
holiday spirit of giving and                                                                       brought an early Christ-
helping others. They realize                                                                       mas gift bag from Santa
                                                                                                   which contained more
that the holiday season is        ‘READY, SET, WHAT’                                               than 15 gifts. James Butka,
much more than seeing
                                  Cecil Elementary School’s first grade was visited by Pitts-      a kindergarten student,
what they get for Christmas,
but helping others enjoy          burgh Steelers Mascot Steely McBeam and members of the           was the lucky winner.
Christmas, too.                   Steelers Kid Zone television crew. The classes of Miss Ash-         Due to the positive re-
                                  ley Knizner, Ms. Stacie Scheidler and Miss Heather Marini        sponse to this event, it is
                                  were video recorded for a segment of “Ready, Set, What”          hoped that it is the begin-
FOOD BANK                                                                                          ning of a new tradition at
                                  that was broadcast in October on WPCW. The students
   Canonsburg Middle              were asked questions pertaining to football terminology and      Canon-McMillan.
School Student Coucil             the Steelers players.
gathered 2,215 items for the
Canonsburg-Houston Food
Bank, which asked for help raising 300-400
items during a desperately low period.         FINAL TOUCHES FOR DINNER
They also donated to the food bank $1,338         Cecil Intermediate School’s
raised through a Chinese auction and CM        198 5th-graders created colorful
vs. Washington School District Turkey          placemats for residents at Town
Bowl.                                          View Health and Rehabilitation
Presenting the check to Barb Jones of the      Center in Canonsburg. Mrs. Lisa
food bank, second from left, are CMS Student   Stimpson, 5th-grade teacher, and
Council officers, from left, Josiah Hritsko,   Mr. Craig Barzan, school coun-
president; Emily Newman, secretary, and        selor, organized this service
Bianca Kienzle, treasurer.                     project with Town View’s activ-
                                               ity director, Bobbi Bower. The
                                               project was very meaningful and
                                               brightened Thanksgiving dinner
                                               for many residents at the center.
                                                                                         Holding their Thanksgiving placemats,
                                                  Students were greeted by Rose, a       from left, in front, are Ryleigh Stead-
                                               kind-hearted resident, who smiled at      man, Rose, and Hayley Timko; in
                                               the sight of eight caring 5th-graders     back, Harley Bellan, Rachel Cottrill,
                                               who were chosen to deliver the place-     Rachel Jones, Matthew Houseman,
                                               mats.                                     Kayla Hopkins and Jessica Miles.
                                                                                                    VOL. 23 WINTER 2010 PAGE NINE


Natural leaders                               back in the room and everyone was look-
FROM PAGE SIX                                 ing at me, lots of questions and cameras
violence. I went to bed thinking ‘How         going off. It was good that the Press Sec-
can I solve this peacefully because Rus-      retary got me back on track. It was
sia was essentially provoking war             pretty rough.
against all the countries of the U.N. and
                                                 “I gave my speech – cutting trade with
                                              China, opening negotiations with Rus-
   “I was up reading economic and polit-
                                              sia, NOT calling up the draft, but encour-
ical information they gave us. The adult
                                              aging industries to make materials or
leader gave me 15 minutes to meet with
                                              ships. I threatened that if Russia went to
my cabinet members – war group, trade
group, energy, ambassadors. Then it be-       any means of aggression against any
came more hectic. In three-minute inter-      countries in NATO or the U.N. that the
vals, other leaders would come in with        U.S. would go to war against them.”
confidential information for various peo-        Stephen learned that there was no
ple in the room. China would back Rus-        real answer, but that his group had come
sia. Our fleet was missing. We were           up with a good possibility .
given public support to go to war. We            The decision included equalizing
were given multiple roadblocks and sud-       funds for war preparations with funds
denly we were getting nowhere,” said
                                              for seeking alternate energy sources.              MR. PIETRAS IN BOBCAT
                                              This seemed to appease the energy                  HALL OF FAME: Ray Pietras,
   “Then we were given five minutes for
                                              groups. Negotiations with Russia had               physical education teacher at
groups to give us choices. I had to choose
                                              not taken place yet, so there was hope             both Cecil and North Strabane
three people – the Vice President, Secre-
                                              that negotiations would ameliorate the             intermediate schools, was in-
tary of Defense and the Press Secretary
– to make my final decision. Defense said     situation.                                         ducted into the Frostburg
we just lost half the fleet and need to re-      Both boys recommend the program                 State University Bobcat Hall of
institute the draft. Energy group said we           .
                                              highly “But if you don’t plan on going             Fame in October. Mr. Pietras
must preserve the region from drilling.       with an open mind and wanting to learn,            was a four-year starter on the
   “I lost my composure when I walked         then don’t go,” says Stephen.                      Frostburg State men’s basket-
                                                                                                 ball team. He holds several
Girls Night                                                                                      single-game records and in
                                                                                                 1970-71 was a member of the
                                              said the girls have to be able to protect
FROM PAGE SEVEN                               themselves by using their own gut reac-            “greatest team” in the
are struggling with who they are, who         tion. You need to use your intuition – the         university’s history.
they want to be, what they want others to     little voice in your head that says this is a
think of them,” said Mrs. Hedderman.          bad situation,” added Mrs. Hedderman.
“This program empowers them to be
                                                  Even the girls who don’t win a prize
                                              walk away from the evening with a heavy
                                                                                              Patriotic Praise
   “This forms a good bond with teachers      goodie bag filled with free items from
                                                                                              FROM PAGE ONE
they didn’t know. Mrs. Killmeyer teaches      businesses or items Mrs. Hedderman has
special education and is great fun. This      purchased at big discounts from busi-           1st Lt. U.S. Air Force Reserve Shawn
makes her accessible to other girls in        nesses supporting the event.                    M. Walleck, a South Central parent.
school, another person they can speak to          “We are grateful for help and contribu-     The students enjoyed seeing Mr.
in school. This is a safe environment and     tions throughout the year for goodie bags       Walleck place some of the equip-
place to have fun,” she said.                 or door prizes. Last year, a mother do-         ment he brought on Principal
    “In the self-defense session we also      nated enough stress balls for everyone.”        Michelle Tomicek.
                                                                                                  At the end of the program, the
                                                                                              servicemen and women who were
Historic Summit                                                                               in attendance introduced them-
                                              a classroom,” says Christine.                   selves and identified who they knew
FROM PAGE FIVE                                   “We live in a globalized society so I        at South Central. Some of the
the schools heard it mentioned how            am glad that our students are excited           guests had an interesting story to
CMHS students were using their persua-        about the future. It was a good educa-          share or explained when they
siveness.                                     tional experience, and these students           served and with which branch of
   “I also was struck by the importance       may go on to help in changing the               the service.
of compromise,” says Christine. “I real-      world,” says Mr. Olszewski.                         The South Central staff believes
ized that you must compromise more               Christine is planning to major in eco-       it is their responsibility as citizens
than you originally were willing to do so     nomics on her way to law school.                to educate the students about the
that an international solution can work.         Grant adds, “I want to major in com-         acts of servicemen and women, past
   “I want to thank everyone for this         puter engineering in college, but I am          and present, and help them under-
great learning experience and hope that       very interested in international rela-          stand how that dedication and
there will be more videoconferences like      tions. I may think about becoming a sen-        courage have made the United
this. It gives us much more than work in      ator some day .”                                States strong.

 CALENDAR                                                     HIGH SCHOOL
FEB. 1-26 Online
Kindergarten                Appearing in the
Registration                 CMHS fall play,
FEB. 10 Elementary         “Alice in Wonder-
& High School              land,” were, from
Parent/Teacher                    left, Carina
Conferences (after           Iannarelli as the
school)                        Cheshire Cat,
                            Amber Mikec as
FEB. 11 Middle                  the Queen of
School Parent/                Hearts, Ashley
Teacher                   Stadtfeld as Alice,
Conferences (after       Ryan Griffith as the
school)                  King of Hearts, and
                           Emily Dick as the
FEB. 12                         White Rabbit
Elementary Parent
Conferences (early
dismissal for ele-
mentary students)
FEB. 15 Presidents
FEB. 25
                                                          CMHS becomes ‘Wonderland’
PROGRESS                                                      The High School’s fall show was “Alice in Wonderland” with
REPORTS                                                   colorful characters larger than life. Many of the main costumes
MARCH 12 Act 80                                           were rented from the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Others were created
K-8 Staff                                                  in school with students working on them in drama technology
Development &                                            class. Mrs. Cynthia Berg, drama teacher, was in charge of the
High School                          production. After each performance, children were allowed to come onstage and talk
Graduation Project                   with the characters.
Exits for Seniors                       Students who had attained International Thespian status participated at State
                                     Thespian Conference in York, Pa., in December, where students from across the state
MARCH 12                             performed, watched performances, attended workshops, visited college representa-
Kindergarten                         tives, and competed for scholarships.
Screenings (2010-                       “Footloose,” the spring musical, will be performed March 3-6.
2011 students)                          Drama Club members also participated in Canonsburg’s Light Up Night as living
                                    window displays, and did Christmas caroling for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
MARCH 31 End of                         Also planned are a Winter Masquerade Ball Feb. 6, and Storybook Character Break-
3rd Marking Period
                                   fast for children April 24, 8-11 a.m., in which the characters will read stories while the
APRIL 1-5 Spring                  children enjoy breakfast and student-directed one-act plays.
Break (NO
APRIL 12 Report
Cards Distributed
                                                                      State Poster Winners
                                                                     Two Cecil Intermediate School 5th-graders are
MAY 5 Progress                                                    winners in the 2010 Attorney General Drug-Free Poster
Reports                                                           Contest.
                                                                     Grace Dahl and Thomas Vissman each won a $200
MAY 31 Memorial                                                   savings bond and the opportunity to have their posters
Day (NO CLASSES)                                                  in the statewide calendar along with a trip to receive
JUNE 9 Last Day of                                                their awards in Harrisburg in December. For many
School (secondary                                                 years, 5th-graders throughout Pennsylvania have par-
dismissal, 11 a.m.;                                               ticipated in the contest in which students are encour-
elementary 11:30                                                  aged to create an original work of art illustrating a
a.m.), Graduation at                                              drug-free message of their choice.
7 p.m. (if inclement                                                 Mr. Craig Barzan, guidance counselor, had his Cecil
weather, 7:30 p.m.                                                Intermediate 5th-graders take part in this activity as a
indoors)                                                          required assignment for Red Ribbon Week. The 13
                                                                  statewide winners represent each month of the 2010
JUNE 10 Clerical                                                  calendar year and the calendar cover.
Day (Teachers                                                     Grace Dahl, left, and Thomas Vissman show their winning
Only)                                                             posters. Grace’s poster appears on February and Thomas’
                                                                  on October pages of the calendar.
                                                                                                VOL. 23 WINTER 2010 PAGE ELEVEN

     GREATER CANONSBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY                                                          HIGH SCHOOL

Dear Friends,
   2010: IT’S A NEW YEAR, A NEW DECADE, AND A NEW ERA for the Greater
Canonsburg Public Library     .
   As always, there’s good news & bad news. The bad news is that the state of
Pennsylvania drastically cut funding to public libraries in the most recent           Community Scholarship Foundation of
budget. Because this community has always actively supported its library we ,         Canon-McMillan Dollars for Scholars® offi-
still plan to continue offering the best in library services and programs. Be-        cers for the 2009-2010 school year are, from
lieve me, nobody can squeeze a buck like a public librarian! In addition to the       left, Corresponding Secretary Greta Fahey,
free use of our books, magazines, DVDs and audios, we offer free Internet ac-         Past President Bev Pabian, Treasurer Tom
cess, including WiFi; free introduction to computer classes; many free chil-          Smith, President Markus Solobay, Recording
dren’s programs, and much more to our resident cardholders.                           Secretary Jill Shook and Vice President
                                                                                      Danielle Blonar.
   In the good news category our remarkable staff and the Library Board of
Trustees were honored with the 2009 Library Support Staff Recognition award
from the Pennsylvania Library Association, a membership organization that              Dollars for Scholars                      ®
serves almost 1,000 public, school, academic and special libraries in the
state. This prestigious award is in recognition of our commitment to                                     The Community Scholar-
continuing education and training for staff members, and their partici-        For more infor-       ship Foundation of Canon-
pation in professional development activities. Our goal is to be the best                            McMillan Dollars for
public library staff in the state, so that we may properly serve the needs
                                                                               mation, con-          Scholars® is a non-profit
of our community    .                                                          tact Danielle         organization which is locally
   The REALLY good news is that we look forward to an action-packed            Blonar at 724-        operated by an all-volunteer
year ahead! On December 14, 2009, the Board of Trustees was officially         344-4796 or            board of directors. Its
presented with the deed to the property on which to construct a new            dblonar@               purpose is to provide
building. Groundbreaking for the new 30,000 square foot, two-story brick or           scholarships to graduating
library on the corner of Murdock and North Jefferson, was held Janu-           write CSFSM,           Canon-McMillan High
ary 8, 2010.                                                                                           School seniors.
                                                                               PO Box 559
   The new FRANK SARRIS PUBLIC LIBRARY will offer much more space                                         The Community Scholar-
                                                                               Canonsburg              ship Foundation of Canon-
for a growing collection, comfortable spaces to read, meeting and study
                                                                               PA 15317                McMillan Dollars for
rooms for library programs and for community use, a genealogical de-
partment, a Teen department, a computer lab for classes, WiFi through-                                  Scholars® holds its
out, and so much more. All those things will finally make it possible for                               monthly meeting at 6:30
the library to be the civic, social, cultural and educational center of our                             p.m. at the Canonsburg
community And please, if you have not yet made your personal pledge to the
             .                                                                        Borough Building on the second Tuesday
building fund, now is the time to do it. Thanks to the generosity of Frank and        of every month. Interested community
Athena Sarris, who donated $2 million for the project, our dream has become a         members are welcome to attend to learn
reality It’s time now for our community to show its support. We still have not
        .                                                                             more about the foundation.
reached 100 percent of our fundraising goal, and we need your pledges of sup-             Fundraisers in the 2009-2010 school
port and continued contributions, both during the construction and for ongo-          year include the Jack-O-Lantern Jog in
ing operations.                                                                       October, a ticket raffle for “Two Nights of
                                                                                      Champions” (Steelers/ Penguins) that was
   Coming up this spring and summer: For adults, 2010 will bring an adult
                                                                                      held in November, Max and Erma’s
book discussion program entitled “Detecting Women,” thanks to grant funding
                                                                                      Dining Fund Raiser, the ongoing Buy-A-
provided by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council. This four-session program
                                                                                      Brick program, and other events to be
will begin in mid-March, and will feature mystery books by and about women.
                                                                                      announced. Funds also come from the
We’ve also received grant funding for some science programming for the older
                                                                                      generous support of local businesses,
kids, and will be developing that program. Our annual Summer Reading Club
                                                                                      service organizations and individuals who
this year will invite students to “Make a Splash @ Your Library Hmmm …
                                                                                      desire to sponsor a scholarship in their
wonder what field trips will go along with that theme?
                                                                                      name. The Awards Banquet is held in
   As always, the key to all the FREE resources that your library has to offer is     conjunction with Canon-McMillan High
your library card. It’s FREE to residents of the Canon-McMillan School Dis-           School prior to the end of the school year.
trict, so get yours today.                                                                Scholarship applications for seniors
   Follow the building project and everything that’s happening @ your Library         going on to postsecondary education are
at                                                                 available on the district's Web site:
                             Sincerely, Lyn Crouse, Library Director                  

68 EAST PIKE STREET, CANONSBURG, PA 15317 • (724)745-1308 •
Highlights                                                                                                            Nonprofit Organi-
One North Jefferson Avenue                                                                                             U.S. Postage
Canonsburg, PA 15317                                            LOCAL POSTAL PATRON
Web site:
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 50
DIRECTORY                                                                                                              Canonsburg, PA
ADMINISTRATION OFFICE             724-746-2940
Superintendent: Dr. Helen K. McCracken
Assistant to the Superintendent:
   Mr. Michael Daniels                                                           DISTRICTWIDE
Director of Business and Finance:
   Mrs. Joni Mansmann
Director of Curriculum and Instruction:
   Dr. Dawn Nicolaus
                                                       Mini-Grant Award winners
Director of Special Education:                       Six projects were awarded Canon-
   Ms. Betsy Somerville                           McMillan School District Mini-Grants
Special Education Coordinator: Mr. Robert Chuey   for the 2009-2010 school year. Each proj-
Psychologist: Ms. Lydia Kruse
                                                  ect received $800 for implementation.
Network Administrator: Mr. Matthew Harding
                                                  They are:
Director of Buildings and Grounds:
   Mr. Randy Huddart              724-745-1502    EARTH AWARENESS DAY: A day-long sci-
Director of Transportation:                       ence enrichment workshop at Canons-
   Mr. Jonn Mansfield             724-745-1502    burg Middle School focused on
                                                  earth/environmental science for gifted
HIGH SCHOOL                      724-745-1400
Principal: Mr. David Helinski                     and advanced students at the middle
Assistant Principal: Ms. Marella Kazos            school. They will learn about environ-
Assistant Principal: Mr. Michael Hall             mental protection, global warming, en-
Athletic Director: Mr. Guy Montecalvo             dangered species and climate changes.
                                                  Teachers are Mrs. Tera Brownlee, High
CANONSBURG MIDDLE                724-745-9030     School English, and Mrs. Julie Gae-
Principal: Mr. Greg Taranto                       tano, Middle School English.
Assistant Principal: Mr. Kenneth Schrag
                                                                   EDIBLE ECOSYSTEMS: A
CECIL INTERMEDIATE              724-745-2623                       project to create a gar-
Principal: Mr. Scott Chambers                                      den on the grounds of
                                                                   South Central Elemen-        North Strabane Intermediate School 5th-
                                                                  tary School to teach          graders James Zukowski and Kayla
Principal: Mr. Mark Abbondanza 724-873-5252
                                                                  ecosystems. It will be        Ruslavage are involved in “Exploratory:
BORLAND MANOR ELEMENTARY                                        tended and harvested by         Problem Solved.”
Principal: Mrs. Grace Lani         724-745-2700   4th-graders with hands-on lessons
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Christina Unitas        woven into regular classroom curricu-         so that students can observe and review
                                                  lum to meet science anchors. Mrs.             the real-time presentation of concepts
CECIL ELEMENTARY                   412-221-6808                                                 at home. High School teachers in
                                                  Bethany West is the supervising
Principal: Mr. Robert Kleinhans                                                                 charge of this project are Mr. Steve
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Tula Dziak              teacher.
                                                                                                Kropinak, science, and Ms. Kelly
                                                  POETRY AND ART THEMATIC UNIT PLAN:            Brownlee, math.
FIRST STREET ELEMENTARY           724-745-3130    Selected students from Mrs. Shana
Principal: Mr. Robert Kleinhans                   Porter’s 8th-grade English class at           EXPLORATORY: PROBLEM SOLVED: Ms.
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Tula Dziak                                                            Lynne Douglas’s project is to provide
                                                  Canonsburg Middle School will expand
                                                  on knowledge gained in the poetry unit        challenging problem-solving experi-
Principal: Mr. Tom Theodore       724-745-8390    by incorporating art. They will experi-       ences for all 5th-graders at North Stra-
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Shelley Brose           ence the connections between art and          bane Intermediate School during the
                                                  poetry by virtually visiting The Mu-          30-minute period following lunch. The
MUSE ELEMENTARY                    724-745-9014                                                 problem-solving games and activities
                                                  seum of Modern Art in New York City
Principal: Mr. Tom Theodore                                                                     would allow the students to participate
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Shelley Brose           online through education podcasts and
                                                  visiting The Carnegie Museum of Art           in cooperative learning activities
SOUTH CENTRAL ELEMENTARY 724-745-4475             and The Mattress Factory both in Pitts-
                                                                              ,                 rather than participate in passive
Principal: Mrs. Michelle Tomicek                  burgh, for a specially designed guided        learning. Ms. Douglas teaches math,
                                                  tour.                                         science and wellness to the 5th-graders.
Principal: Mrs. Grace Lani                                 I’LL JUST GET THE NOTES: This        EVERYONE CAN LEARN: Miss Ashley
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Christina Unitas                 project will use the Livescribe      Knizner, 1st-grade teacher at Cecil Ele-
                                                         Smartpen, a technology tool that       mentary School, will provide 1st-grade
CANON-McMILLAN BOARD                                      records written notes, pictures       students with fun and unique learning
OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS                                                                             materials for the classroom to engage
Mr. Manuel Pihakis, President                                 and diagrams along with
                                                               audio, and converts the in-      every type of learner. The materials
Mr. Eric Kline, Vice President                                                                  will be used in center activities as well
Mr. Robert Malwitz, Treasurer                                  formation to a computer
                                                              file. The recorded files can be   as throughout the day to help students
Mrs. Darla Bowman-Monaco                                                                        learn and retain the basics needed as
Mrs. Zeffie Carroll        Mr. Paul Scarmazzi         uploaded to the Livescribe Web site
                                                                                                building blocks for future concepts.
Mrs. Laura Grossman        Mr. Joseph Zupancic
Mrs. Debbie Link

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