Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan by gdf57j


									   Pacific Beach
Redevelopment Plan

                           Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Grays Harbor County

    Commissioners        Al Carter, District 3 - - representing Pacific Beach
                         Bob Beerbower, District 1
                         Mike Wilson, District 2

         Staff           F. Paul Easter, Director
                         Department of Public Services

                         Brian Shea, Director
                         Planning & Building Division

                         Kevin Varness, Director
                         Utilities & Development Division

  North Beach Business   Marjorie Johnson, President
                         Scott Hedin, Vice-president
      Association        Pam Rasmussen, Treasurer
                         Stephen Poulakos, Secretary
                         NBBA Membership

     Special Thanks      Project Funding: Grays Harbor County,
                         Pacific Beach Business & Property Owners and
                         Community Members.

                         In-Kind Support:
                         Tom & Pam Rasmussen: lodging, logistics & on-site
                         Jim & Nancy Lyman, Pacific Tango: work &
                         meeting space, meals
                         Cindy Murdoch, Naval Base: meals
                         Ed & Patti Draheim, Paddie’s Perch: meal
                         Mim & Paul Groesse, Beach Ave. B&B: lodging

                                                      Downtown Solutions Team   1
           Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

          Downtown Solutions Team
Project   Vicki D. Dugger, Project Coordinator
          Brad Sinn, Business Development
 Team     PO Box 2912, Salem, OR 97308


          Weisman Design Group
          Andy Rasmussen, Landscape Architect
          2329 E. Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112


          Laurence Qamar, AIA
          Town Planning
          3432 SE Carlton Street, Portand, OR 97202


          Seabrook Land Company
          Stephen Poulakos, Director of Town Development
          4275 State Route 109, Pacific Beach, WA 98571


          Grays Harbor County
          Commissioner Al Carter
          100 West Broadway, Suite #1
          Montesano, WA 98563


                                      Downtown Solutions Team   2
                Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Table of

           INTRODUCTION                                           5

           WHAT MAKES A DOWNTOWN                                  9

           PURPOSE OF A DOWNTOWN                               13

           CHAPTER 1:                                          15

           CHAPTER 2:

           CHAPTER 3:
           A NEW VISION FOR
           PACIFIC BEACH

           CHAPTER 4:                                          73


                                           Downtown Solutions Team    3
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                           Downtown Solutions Team   4
                                            Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

   Introduction                            As a small, rural beachfront community, Pacific
                                           Beach faces both opportunities and challenges.
                                           Downtown boasts a compact, traditional
                                           commercial district that is interesting & walkable. The
                                           community is also growing at the same rate as the
                                           rest of the state (1.1% per year locally) and it has
                                           access to a new group of higher income residents
                                           with Seabrook Land Company’s development
                                           project. However, Pacific Beach continues to
                                           struggle with the loss of family wage logging and mill
                                           jobs and its ripple effects. In addition, its isolated
                                           location that’s ‘almost at the end of the road’ is a
                                           mixed blessing as the community is remote and not
                                           as easy to access as most other coastal communities
                                           - - but this also gives the town its own special

This old tourist map shows                 ambiance.
Pacific Beach - - which is unusual since
the town wasn’t shown on maps for many
years due to Naval Base activities.
                                           Among Pacific Beach’s best assets are the people
                                           who live there. Most residents have made a
                                           conscious decision to move to Pacific Beach, with
                                           many residents working more than one job to make
                                           ends meet. The town has been compared to the
                                           mythical Cicely, Alaska of Northern Exposure
                                           television fame - - a tight-knit community of
                                           intelligent, funny, creative, independent, yet
                                           community-minded, folks who like living in a stunning
                                           location that’s off the beaten path.

                                           The conversation regarding the need for, and
                                           potential of, downtown revitalization services for
                                           Pacific Beach began in August, 2005. The North
                                           Beach Business Association invited Vicki Dugger,

                                                                         Downtown Solutions Team    5
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Executive Director of the Downtown Solutions Team,
to visit the community and participate in a
downtown walking tour and follow-up meeting with
the county, local business and property owners, and
members of the community. A draft project scope
was developed based on the Resource Team
approach; where a group of downtown specialists
work with a community to explore solutions for image
and business development; property
redevelopment; streetscape improvements; and
next steps in a targeted 3-day charette format.
Once the project components for Pacific Beach
were finalized, an associated budget was
developed. To help keep project costs to a
minimum, the Seabrook Land Company offered to
donate the time of two members of the project
team, Laurence Qamar and Stephen Poulakos, and
Pacific Beach business owners volunteered to
donate lodging, work space and meals. In early
November, Vicki made another trip to Pacific Beach
to meet with the North Beach Business Association.
As a follow-up, County Commissioner Al Carter
began exploring funding options through Grays
Harbor County and a fund-raising effort was initiated
by Pacific Beach community members. By January
2006, all the funding and contractual pieces were in
place and the project was set for on-site delivery of
services January 30 – February 1.

The Pacific Beach project team was comprised of
Vicki Dugger and Brad Sinn of the Downtown
Solutions Team. Vicki coordinated the project,
facilitated meetings, participated in planning and

                            Downtown Solutions Team     6
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

code issues, and developed the final powerpoint
presentation and report. Brad’s scope of work
included an analysis of the local market area and
recommendations to strengthen and build upon
Pacific Beach’s image and business development
opportunities. Andy Rasmussen, a landscape
architect with Weisman Design Group of Seattle,
worked on issues related to pedestrian pathway and
streetscape improvements; drainage; entry signage;
and other public space improvements. Laurence
Qamar, designer and town planner, developed the
frameworks for both long- and short-term
redevelopment and worked on concepts for
improved pedestrian circulation, infill development
and rehabbed facades. Stephen Poulakos, director
of town development with Seabrook Land
Company, tackled planning and code issues and
made recommendations for upgrading existing
downtown storefronts. County Commissioner Al
Carter brought in staff to help problem solve on
specific code and public facilities issues. Tom
Rasmussen, of Pacific Beach, collected background
information, coordinated logistics and kept the
process and project running smoothly.

The Pacific Beach Resource Team gathered ideas
and feedback from the community through public
meetings and focus groups. Thirty-five participants
attended the project kick-off meeting. In addition,
six focus groups were held during the on-site visit.
Focus group participants included business owners;
owners of undeveloped land and realtors; future
business owners; county staff; and the community at-

                             Downtown Solutions Team   7
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

large. Over fifty downtown stakeholders attended
the final presentation that was held on the third
evening of the on-site work.

This focused planning effort was designed to address
the need for a more vital downtown district through
a combination of business development activities
and physical improvements. The goal is to maximize
Pacific Beach’s unique downtown assets and
advantages and address its challenges and
disadvantages. And through the implementation of
the projects and recommendations in the plan,
create a more economically vibrant, inviting, and
livable community.

The Resource Team’s guiding principles for this
project were to respond to the community’s vision
and ‘best chances for success’ opportunities with
feasible projects. The concepts and
recommendations outlined in this plan are based on
community feedback and ‘best practice’ solutions
that fit Pacific Beach.

In order for this ‘roadmap’ for downtown to be
followed and implemented, it will need to be
championed by the community and county. The
goal of this project is not the simple development of
a plan, but the articulation of agreed-upon ideas
and design concepts to guide and facilitate the
redevelopment process.

                               Downtown Solutions Team   8
                                      Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

What Makes a
 Downtown                         Perhaps before the question is answered as to what
                                  makes a downtown work, the issue should be
   Work?                          addressed as to why having an economically vital,
                                  inviting downtown is important.

                                  Downtown redevelopment, economic development
                                  and job growth are intricately connected - -
                                  especially in areas where tourism is an important
                                  economic driver. The way a downtown looks and
                                  functions does matter to economic development.
 “A community is                  These days, an attractive, viable downtown is
 characterized by civility,
 respect and neighborly           necessary to garner more visitor and resident dollars
 concern.                         and send the message to potential businesses,
 It is a place; people feel       industries, investors and residents who may locate in
 rooted, they belong, they can
 participate in civic life.       Pacific Beach, that the community values its
                                  downtown as the commercial, social and cultural
 A town supplies the heartbeat
 and signature for the area. It   center of the community.
 is where people gather to
 live, play, learn and grow.”
                                  Downtowns are not static. They are never sitting still,
            - - William Hudnut
                                  but are either moving forward or backward - -
                                  sometimes incrementally, sometimes not. Successful
                                  downtowns are active, inviting, pedestrian-friendly
                                  environments that have a range of retail, service,
                                  dining and residential options for community
                                  members and visitors alike. Successful downtowns
                                  don’t just happen. They are a complex interweaving
                                  of the following components:

                                  •     A shared vision, detailed plan and strong
                                        commitment to downtown; supporting it as the

                                                                 Downtown Solutions Team    9
    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

      vital commercial, social and cultural hub of the

•     A cooperative public/private partnership that
      works together on downtown revitalization

•     ‘Downtown champions’ - - usually an organized
      group of local sparkplugs who are the driving
      force for redevelopment and revitalization

•     An understanding that downtowns don’t go
      downhill overnight and won’t be revitalized
      overnight and that downtown redevelopment is
      an arduous process - - but one worthy of time,
      monetary and volunteer commitment;

•     A mix of private and public funding is necessary
      to undertake a variety of downtown projects;

•     A mix of uses is important in downtown, including
      upper-floor housing;

•     The right mix and clustering of locally owned
      businesses that are sensitive to the needs of
      shoppers and changing retail trends;

•     A pedestrian friendly, walkable environment that
      is conducive to ‘pulling’ shoppers down the
      street with contiguous, active storefronts that are
      built to the sidewalk and have eye-catching

                              Downtown Solutions Team    10
                                                         Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                     •     Safe, welcoming sidewalks and ‘calm’ streets
             5 Rules for a
                                                           that have clear circulation patterns identified for
       Well-Designed Downtown
                                                           both vehicles and pedestrians;
1. Create a sense of place.
   o    Reflect your natural and cultural heritage
   o    Make downtown a place that people
                                                     •     Inviting public spaces and amenities that
        remember in a positive way
2. Design the place for people.                            encourage social interaction and gathering - -
   o Downtowns need to be at a scale for
     pedestrians.                                          serving as the ‘living room’ of the community;
   o Create building details & signage for
   o Make sidewalks & public spaces enjoyable.
3. Mix in a variety of uses.                         •     Cooperative, high quality marketing to a variety
   o Mixed-uses need to be both vertical &                 of well-defined target audiences;
   o Local complementary uses should be
     adjacent to one another.
   o Have uses that keep downtown active after       •     Downtown should be the home to a variety of
     5 pm.
4. No parking lots in front of buildings.                  unique special events and activities that fall into
   o Locate parking to the side, or behind,
     buildings.                                            the categories of: image, retail, and special
   o Use on-street parking where possible to
     help shrink parking lots.
   o Make parking attractive for both cars and
5. Connect all the pieces.                           •     Perhaps, it is a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude that
   o    Storefronts – Sidewalks – Public Space - &
        Parking….they should all work together             makes all the difference in revitalization efforts - -
        and complement each other!
                                                           one of pride, cooperation and stick-to-it-ness;
                                                           where the community works together towards a
                                                           more positive future for community.

                                                                                    Downtown Solutions Team    11
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                          Downtown Solutions Team   12
                 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

 Purpose of a   When faced with issues about the future character
                and long-term success of a downtown commercial
  Downtown      district, a proactive community develops a

Redevelopment   Downtown Plan, which is intended to provide a
                roadmap for revitalization. A Downtown
     Plan       Redevelopment Plan helps ensure the community
                achieves its vision by proactively taking charge of
                downtown’s future, rather than reacting to
                challenges in a piecemeal way. The projects and
                implementation strategies contained in Pacific
                Beach’s Redevelopment Plan allow downtown
                stakeholders and the county to make informed,
                strategic decisions about future development and
                public improvements.

                A community that is actively implementing a
                Downtown Redevelopment Plan has a competitive
                edge opposed to those who do not have a
                roadmap to guide them (or whose plans sit idly on
                shelves) - - as these communities are also seen as
                better business and redevelopment risks because
                local stakeholders have articulated a proactive
                vision and plan for their future.
                Finally, when looking for project funding,
                communities who work from an overall plan tend to
                have more success than those who don’t because
                funders like projects that are part of a
                comprehensive vision and redevelopment strategy.
                Pacific Beach’s Downtown Redevelopment Plan
                outlines a framework for revitalization and identifies a
                range of business development actions; streetscape
                improvements; and redevelopment opportunities to

                                             Downtown Solutions Team   13
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

implement that will best capitalize on existing assets
and opportunities. The plan also includes strategies
for implementation.

                           Downtown Solutions Team   14
              Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Chapter 1:   Streetscape & Open Space

 Existing    Gateways

Conditions   As travelers approach Pacific Beach, there are few
             architectural or gateway features at the intersection
             of the Highway 109 and Main Street to announce
             downtown. This is primarily due to the fact that about
             thirty years ago the highway was relocated several
             blocks east of downtown after the Joe Creek bridge
             washed out. A recent entry sign at the intersection
             of the highway and Main Street is the only feature
             that encourages visitors to venture off the highway
             and explore Pacific Beach. Compounding the issue
             is the fact that the wetlands area adjacent to the
             highway and school are overgrown and do not offer
             a welcoming entry into the community. In addition,
             between the highway and the downtown core, low-
             density development and an abundance of ‘front
             loaded’ parking lots dilute the sense of place. It’s not
             until the first time traveler reaches the downtown
             core that he or she realizes a great little downtown
             exists that has an amazing relationship to the ocean.

             Open Space
             The town of Pacific Beach has an outstanding
             natural connection with the beach and ocean and
             this relationship makes the community uniquely
             special. However, the chain link fencing that is part
             of Naval Base separates Main Street from the beach
             - - making it a barrier for visitors, as they can see the
             ocean, but don’t know how to access it. Existing

                                          Downtown Solutions Team    15
                                            Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                          pathways and linkages to the beach are out of the
                                          way and ill-defined. However, there appears to be
                                          excellent potential to provide improved pedestrian
                                          connections to the beach and these will be
                                          discussed later in the report. Right now, the beach
                                          offers many amenities and experiences that are not
                                          obvious or accessible. However, improved
                                          wayfinding and connections to the beach could
                                          enhance the identity, livability and visitor draw to
                                          Pacific Beach.

                                          General Streetscape
                                          The formal streetscape of Pacific Beach, which
                                          includes sidewalks and curbs, is found along Main
                                          Street in the downtown core - - with the most intact
The raised curb between the roadway and
sidewalk presents a tripping hazard for   streetscape and building fabric along the south side
                                          of the street. As commercial development trickles
                                          out from the downtown core toward the highway
                                          intersection, the streetscape becomes much more
                                          informal, falling away to pathways and parking lots.

                                          Functionally, the sidewalks in the downtown core are
                                          dangerous in some places due to tripping hazards
                                          caused by protruding curbs between the street and
                                          sidewalk. In other places, the sidewalks are simply
                                          beat up and due to for replacement due to their
                                          age and the harsh marine climate. Currently, the
                                          downtown streetscape is lacking several of the
                                          essential elements that help define and support a
                                          successful and pedestrian friendly commercial

                                                                      Downtown Solutions Team    16
                                           Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                          An interesting and fun component of the downtown
                                          streetscape is the pole with signs that point to the
                                          different businesses in downtown. This directional sign
                                          pole has a historical precedent and helps celebrate
                                          Pacific Beach’s funkiness.

                                          Street Definition
                                          The core of Pacific Beach feels like a typical small,
                                          rural town, with most of the commercial buildings
                                          located at the sidewalk. This configuration
                                          contributes to a comfortable pedestrian
                                          environment. To understand how important this
                                          development style is to pedestrian friendliness,
                                          compare downtown Pacific Beach to Ocean Shores.
                                          Pacific Beach is, by far, much more walkable and
                                          pedestrian friendly. The graphic at the left illustrates
                                          how two types of development patterns (downtown
Ideal - 1:3 height-to-width ratio
                                          and suburban-style) have much to do with the
                                          walkability of a commercial district. It will be
                                          important to keep Pacific Beach’s new downtown
Challenging - 1:7 height-to-width ratio
                                          buildings up to the sidewalk, as they will help define
                                          the street edge and support a browsible shopping
                                          environment. Optimally, Main Street should be
                                          further redeveloped with buildings, helping create a
                                          more intact and walkable commercial district.

                                          Pacific Beach’s on-street parking in downtown core
                                          is an important component of a well-functioning and
                                          walkable downtown district. There is an opportunity
                                          to better define and organize on-street parking on
                                          the side streets. It will also be important to tuck
                                          parking behind and to the sides of new infill

                                                                       Downtown Solutions Team    17
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

As recently as the winter of 2005-06, downtown
Pacific Beach had problems with stormwater runoff
and management. A few weeks prior to the
Resource Team’s arrival in the community, the town
had problems with runoff combining with waste
water after heavy rains. During the Resource Team
process, Kevin Varness, the Director of the County’s
Utilities & Development Division, met with the team
and community members to update the group on
issues that caused this to happen and solutions that
are being implemented. He assured the group this
issue will be successfully resolved.

The fact that downtown slopes from NW to SE and
the roadway and sidewalk pavement causes the
water to sheet and run also has created problems
with water running into some of the south side
storefronts - - some of the curbs that protrude
between the street and sidewalk (discussed
previously) aid in diverting the water from running
into storefronts. To address this issue, community
members met with the county during the Resource
Team process and a solution was explored to install
new stormwater outlets where needed (primarily
along the north side of Main Street) and connect
associated drainage lines to help resolve these
issues. Members of the Resource Team agreed with
this solution and also developed another concept
for helping mitigate runoff by selectively cleaning up
the wetland near the highway and diverting more

                            Downtown Solutions Team   18
            Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

          stormwater into it. The concept is described in
          Chapter 3.

          Visitor Infrastructure
          Two important components of a visitor
          infrastructure in a downtown are: 1) easily
          accessible visitor information on attractions, shops,
          activities, restaurants, lodging; and 2) clean,
          permanent public restrooms. One issue that came
          up during focus group meetings was the existence
          of two porta-pots sitting on Main Street in the
          middle of downtown. Public restrooms are an
          important component of visitor infrastructure, but
          better solutions are needed.

A better solution to porta-pots for downtown Pacific Beach.

                                               Downtown Solutions Team   19
                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                  Existing Conditions: Downtown

                                  Pacific Beach and the North Coast are fortunate in
                                  that they are rich in both pre- and post-European
                                  settlement history. In addition, the Moclips Museum
                                  has a depth of historic information, including many
                                  photographs depicting the area from days gone by.
                                  This kind of background information was very
Museum of the North Beach photo   valuable and assisted members of the Resource
                                  Team in understanding Pacific Beach’s history - -
                                  social, cultural and the built environment.

                                  In addition, Pacific Beach retains some very nice
                                  architectural resources that include historic
                                  storefronts and its small, shingle-clad seaside
                                  cottages that are primarily located in the
                                  neighborhood south of Main Street. These
                                  architectural resources are important to protect and
                                  enhance as the community grows and moves
             Museum of the
         North Beach photo        ahead with revitalization efforts. They are important
                                  design signatures that help give Pacific Beach its
                                  sense of place.

                                  Even though downtown has a stock of traditional
                                  storefronts, many of them have languished over the
                                  years and are in dire need of rehabilitation. The
                                  good news: over the past year, some downtown
                                  properties have turned over and are in the process
                                  of being rehabbed, with careful attention being
                                  paid to the building’s previous history and design
                                  details. The bad news: without updates to the

                                                              Downtown Solutions Team   20
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

zoning code, redevelopment on Main Street could
work against the community’s vision for downtown.

For some downtown storefronts, the issue is not so
much the need for a remodeling, as it is an
‘unveiling’ as some storefronts are almost entirely
covered up in signage. (As an example, the D&K
Grocery had over 30 signs - - primarily advertising
beer - - covering almost every available inch of its
façade.) This is an issue that should be addressed by
updating the commercial signage code.

The county is open to working with the community to
strengthen the existing zoning code to help protect
the scale and styles of the downtown commercial
district and south neighborhood residential areas.

                           Downtown Solutions Team     21
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                          Downtown Solutions Team   22
                      Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                   Improving the Economics of
  Chapter 2:       Downtown
Market Analysis,   This section of the Pacific Beach Redevelopment Plan
 Business Mix &    encompasses the following steps:

     Visitor              Business Development Readiness - an

 Opportunities            assessment of Pacific Beach’s competitive
                          assets and identification of barriers for business

                          Target Market Analysis - an identification of
                          recommended targets for Pacific Beach to
                          pursue with strategic marketing.

                          Retail Market Assessment – this section
                          examines the local retail market and
                          positioning within the area’s visitor market

                          Visitor Identity & Image – this section explores
                          developing Pacific Beach’s “brand” along
                          with short-term marketing strategies

                   To prepare this analysis, information was gathered
                   and observations made from two perspectives: 1)
                   From the perspective of what shoppers, visitors and
                   residents desire in Pacific Beach; and 2) From the
                   perspective that a business would use to seek out a
                   new business location. The research included:

                          Business Interviews

                          Visits to retail establishments

                          Personal interviews with local business, civic
                          leaders, and regional partners

                          Community tours

                          Demographic and retail data analysis

                                                  Downtown Solutions Team    23
                                         Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Existing Conditions: Business Development
Critical Factors to Success vs. What Pacific Beach Offers

Successful downtown districts have healthy business climates and pro-active
marketing programs. Pacific Beach cannot presently offer these components in a
traditional sense but it is, nevertheless, useful to analyze Pacific Beach using these
standards because proper positioning within the regional market will be an ongoing
focus. Business climate and marketing factors that affect decision-makers at a
business level were evaluated for Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach is a particular
challenge because new businesses or expanding existing businesses will need to
create a strong niche capable of providing an “attractor” quality experience.

 Key for Rating
 S = Strength
 W= Weakness
 N = Neutral
            Downtown Pacific Beach Analysis – Strengths & Weaknesses
 Success Factors         Rating        What Pacific Beach Offers
                                  Market Opportunity
 Growing population         S     Very slow population growth, is projected for the
 base                             local area (approx. 1% annually). However, the
                                  housing starts in Seabrook will provide a landmark
 Average or above          W      Median household income of $34,543 for Pacific
 average incomes                  Beach is significantly lower than Washington’s
                                  median @ $51,794. This number is also anticipated
                                  to change with Seabrook.
 Diversified               W      The area has high unemployment rates and few
 employment base                  family-wage employers.
 Strong visitor market      S     The area has an emerging visitor market. Pacific
                                  Beach’s niche within that regional context is key.

 New development is         S     The ultimate completion of Seabrook is a local
 planned or is                    strength to build from.
              Business      S     The town’s locale and proximity to the beach has
    anchors/attractors            historically been the strong attractor. The Naval
                                  Base and Pacific Beach State Park are also assets.

                                                                   Downtown Solutions Team   24
                                             Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                          Real Estate
      Critical Success              Rating               What Pacific Beach Offers
Quality commercial buildings         W        A few retail/commercial spaces appear to
with good signage, parking                    be for rent or sale, but are not in ‘ready to
and accessibility (walking from               market’ condition. Available buildings need
store to store in downtown).                  façade and interior improvements.
Flexible space options.
Land acquisition and assembly.       W        This is not actively managed by any entity
                                              and no strategy is currently in place.
Business incubator (reduces          W        There is no business incubator in Pacific
cost through shared expenses).                Beach.
An up-to-date inventory of           N        There is no current inventory of available
available commercial buildings                properties for lease or sale with price and
and sites for sale and for lease.             basic property data. The sites with greatest
                                              development potential have no for sale
                                              signage. Working with local realtors may
                                              help this situation.
                             Attractive Shopping Environment
Inviting, landscaped, well           W        The core of the downtown has the
signed and appealing                          beginnings of an attractive shopping area
shopping environment that                     but building and landscaping needs are
entices auto travelers to stop                significant (and addressed by this plan).
and shop.
Attractive city entrances with       N        Pacific Beach’s entry into town could be
good signage.                                 more recognizable. Highway accesses into
                                              town take would-be visitors past many
                                              blighted areas.
Shopping – a selection of            W        Convenience shopping needs can be met
quality shopping for a range of               in Pacific Beach. There are two specialty
incomes available                             shops (kite shop and art gallery) and minimal
                                              to no selection for most comparison
                                              shopper’s goods
Concentrated nodes or                N        The shopping district is within easy walking
linkages of development                       distance, development of complementary
creating a critical mass or                   retail selections will need to follow.
dense shopping environment,
attracting more shoppers.
Parking to support stores and        N        Shop owners report some parking
services.                                     challenges during the busy season,
                                              consistent with other visitor destinations.
Walkable shopping district to         S       Pacific Beach’s downtown area is a small
encourage browsing.                           walkable size that would be desirable with
                                              the recommended capital improvements.

                                                                       Downtown Solutions Team   25
                                             Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

             Pacific Beach Business Climate Analysis – Strengths & Weaknesses

      What Business Wants           Rating                What Pacific Beach Offers
                                Business Environment (cont’d)
Services coordinated through a         N       Available services will be listed through NBBA,
business retention and expansion               Washington Coast Chamber of Commerce,
program.                                       Grays Harbor Tourism and others. Build upon
                                               local efforts.
Community consensus on                 S       The strategic plan indicates that although
economic growth.                               local residents do not want to lose the “small
                                               town feel” of Pacific Beach, they do agree
                                               that a strong business community is important
                                               to sustaining the quality of life they desire.
Special Events                         S       There is a selection of unique Special Events
                                               throughout the year. Build events into the
                                               shoulder season.
Public Relations                       N       There are a number of very strong partners in
                                               this area. Coordination of those efforts to
                                               strengthen Pacific Beach will be an ongoing
Videos/CDs                             W       Not at this time
Web site                               S       The website of the North Beach Business
                                               Association is a strong local effort. Provide
                                               additional links or a separate site oriented to
                                               business recruitment and revitalization.
Community Newsletter                   N       There is a very small local circulation
Design, logo, slogans                  N       The NBBA uses some consistent font style but
                                               strengthening those images for use in
                                               marketing would be useful.
                        Business Attraction/Lead Generation Activities
Specific types of businesses           N       Not established – but addressed in this plan.
identified to target
Recruitment campaign/activities        N       Not established – but addressed in this plan.
Current lead sources                   S       Bob Schultz indicated he will work toward
                                               helping Pacific Beach recruit a bank.

                                                                       Downtown Solutions Team   26
  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Identifying the business voids, or gaps, in the Pacific
Beach marketplace is a function of understanding
a variety of market factors and conditions. These
include the socioeconomic characteristics of
customers, their shopping needs and interests, the
market potential based upon customer spending
capacity, the existing business base and overall
market trends.

In this section, information about Pacific Beach’s
target markets and their shopping needs and
interests is revealed in detail and the results of a
statistical analysis of retail spending potential are
shared. This information, combined with retail
trend/opportunity information, guides the business
mix analysis presented at the conclusion of this

Market segments represent the consumers who
currently, or who would potentially, shop in a
community’s downtown. Understanding these
consumers, and knowing each segment’s shopping
habits and needs can help drive promotional
campaigns, business recruitment and retention
practices, and business mix and clustering.

The primary target markets for retail sales in Pacific
Beach include:


   Trade Area Residents

                             Downtown Solutions Team     27
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

The visitor market in Grays Harbor County as a
whole has grown dramatically over the last five
years. Visitor Trends for the North Beach area

o   Hotel / motel room tax is on the upswing (even
    if Pacific Beach is not seeing the bulk of this
    activity, the consumers are still nearby with
    spending power)

o   Local investment is occurring and Pacific
    Beach has the potential to grow a more
    positive and visible image

o   Visitors are seeking alternative, quality
    getaway experiences

o   Baby Boomers are a large, ‘ready, willing &
    able’ segment of the visitor market with cash
    to burn

Visitor markets for Pacific Beach include:

o   Seattle getaways

o   Vacation / 2nd Home Buyers

o   Retreat Seekers

o   Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center
    Visitors (40,000+ visits last year)

o   Clam Diggers

o   Transplants for Affordability / Lifestyle

o   RVers

                             Downtown Solutions Team   28
                                              Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                               What Visitors Want

                                               According to James Mak in his book, Tourism and
The Visitor Experience
                                               the Economy, “Most tourists are looking for an
          Plan &
 Search            Travel    The      Post     experience—that is, something that is “uplifting.” ”
          Book               Visit    Visit

                                               Over the past few years, the whole notion of
                                               tourism has changed from that of a service
                                               industry to that of an experience economy. In this
                                               new paradigm, the goal is to ensure the traveler
                                               as a positive, unique, inspiring, and memorable
                                               experience that ties into the larger context of who
                                               they are and how they experience the world.
                                               Data currently show that 80% of adult American
                                               travelers (over 118 million people, or roughly the
                            The higher
                            the quality a      population of Italy and the UK combined) have
                            visitor            included a historic or cultural activity while
                            the more           traveling.

    $$ Value                they are
                            willing to         “What consumers want now is an emotional
                            spend.             connection to a place. They want to connect to
                                               what’s behind the brand, with what’s behind the

                                                                  -   Bill Baker, President & Community
                                                                        Branding Specialist, Destination

   The Experience:                                                                  Management, Inc.

   Be part of the place = sell the heart
   For things to do = sell the activities
   A unique experience = sell the place

                                                                        Downtown Solutions Team     29
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Pacific      Beach   has   an    interesting   history
comprised of logging, resorts, military, & local
color along with a high quality museum in the
Museum of the North Beach.              Take every
opportunity to tell local stories.

Trade Area Residents
Trade area residents are still a year-round base
that will be important for downtown Pacific
Beach’s success. This section of the report
presents detailed demographic and lifestyle
profile information of Pacific Beach area

The socioeconomic characteristics of the retail
and residential trade areas that surround Pacific
Beach are provided in this section. This
geographic area represents the area from
which the majority of customers can be
expected to originate and carry out day-to-day
business transactions. The trade area definition
will use data from a 30-minute driving distance
based upon focus group discussions about local
spending patterns.

The delineation of the local trade area is not
meant to suggest that prospective customers of
area businesses or future Pacific Beach residents
will be drawn solely from this geographic area.
However, based upon factors such as Pacific
Beach’s location, competitive assets and
proposed redevelopment activity, this market
area provides a sound and reasonable basis for
gauging future potential.

                            Downtown Solutions Team      30
                                             Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

A map illustrating the boundaries of the delineated local trade area is provided at the left. For
comparative purposes, demographics are shown for the Pacific Beach polygon and the State of
Washington on the following page. Socio-economic trends are analyzed for the 2000-2010

Population & Household Growth
   From 2000 to 2005, the population throughout the Pacific Beach trade area saw strong growth
   of over 5% (closely matching the state average). Within Pacific Beach itself, population growth
   was less at 1.3%.

                                                         Drive Time
                                                10-Minutes       30-Minutes
                       2000 Total                  1,126            7,639
                       2005 Total                  1,161            8,206
                       2010 Total                  1,219            8,768
                       2005 - 2010 Annual
                       Rate                        0.98%            1.33%

   The 2005 population of the Pacific Beach market area was estimated at 1,161 within a 10-
   minute drive time and jumps to 8,206 within a 30-minute drive time. During the 2005-2010 time
   period, the trade area population is expected to continue to grow, however at about one third
   the previous rate, at 1.33% annually. This projection does not factor in a major residential or
   mixed-use development like Seabrook, and will be underestimated.
   In the past few decades, household size declined nationally due to a decrease in fertility rates,
   increasing divorces and single person households, and a rise in the elderly population. Today, it
   is estimated at 2.58 persons per household. In the geographic area examined for this project,
   household size falls just below the national average with Pacific Beach averaging 2.34 persons
   per household. These trends along with the second-home market will continue to affect local
   buying habits.

                                                                       Downtown Solutions Team   31
                                                 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                            Age Distribution
                                               The age distribution of the population within the
                                               Pacific Beach market area is significantly older than
Households within the Pacific                  the State of Washington as a whole. The 2005
Beach market area have been                    median age within the city was estimated at 48.6
grouped into lifestyle market                  years. Statewide median age is over 25% lower, at
segments, which reveal a great                 35.3 years.
deal of similarity:                            The estimated proportion of the population over
                                               the age of 55 in 2005 was 34.9% for the Pacific
Senior Sun Seekers
The Senior Sun Seekers market is one           Beach market and 19.6% statewide.
of the faster growing markets. Most            Prime consumer age categories, age 25-54 made
residents are retired or are anticipating
retirement. The median age is 51.4             up approximately 38.1% of the market area
years, and 62 percent of householders          population. Statewide the proportion of the
are aged 55 years or older. Most               population within this age group was 42.4%.
households are single-family
dwellings or mobile homes and there
is a high proportion of seasonal
housing. Many residents are members
of veterans clubs or fraternal orders.
They own lots of insurance and              COMMUNITY TAPESTRY SEGMENTS
consult with a financial advisor.
Leisure activities include dining out,
reading (especially boating                 Recognizing that people who share the same
magazines), watching TV, fishing,           demographic characteristics may have widely
playing backgammon and bingo,
doing crossword puzzles, and                divergent desires and preferences, Community
                                            Tapestry data (developed by ESRI Business Information
Rural Resort Dwellers                       Solutions) categorizes neighborhoods throughout the
Favoring milder climates and pastoral
settings, Rural Resort Dwellers live in     nation into 65 consumer groups or market segments.
rural nonfarm areas. These small,
growing communities mainly consist          Neighborhoods are geographically defined by census
of single-family and mobile homes,          blocks, which are analyzed and sorted by a variety of
with a significant inventory of
seasonal housing. This somewhat             demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, as
older market has a median age of 46.0
years. Most households consist of           well as other determinants of consumer behavior.
married-couples with no children            Based on this information, neighborhoods are classified
living at home or singles, living alone.
A higher than average proportion of         as one of 65 market segments.
residents are self-employed and work
from home. The median household
income is $45,600. Modest living and        Households within the Pacific Beach market area have
simple consumer tastes describe this
                                            been grouped into Community Tapestry or lifestyle
market. The rural setting instills more
riding lawn mowers and satellite            market segments, which reveal a great deal of
dishes. Residents enjoy boating,
hunting, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing,     similarity. Senior and older adults who enjoy a quiet
and listening to country music.
                                                                           Downtown Solutions Team   32
                                              Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                      small town lifestyle and outdoor recreation activities
                                      dominate the local population.

                                      The top market segments are defined as Senior Sun
                                      Seekers and Rural Resort Dwellers (details shown to
                                      the left on this page), encompass the majority of
                                      households for the Pacific Beach area. Generally,
                                      tapestry segments should be viewed as adding
                                      dimension to demographic characteristics. Lifestyle
                                      characteristics help existing and prospective
                                      businesses understand the interests, hobbies, needs,
                                      wants and spending power of their local consumer
                                      market in a way that basic age and income data are
                                      unable to communicate.


Merchandise/Service Category                            Types of Goods/Services
Apparel                        Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Children's Apparel, Footwear,
                               Watches & Jewelry
Home Furnishings               Furniture, Floor Coverings, Major and Small Appliances,
                               Household Textiles, Floor Coverings, Housewares, Appliances,
                               Dinnerware, Telephones
Home Improvement               Maintenance and Remodeling Mat'ls/Services, Lawn/Garden
                               Department Stores, Variety Stores, Dollar Stores. May Include Apparel And
General Merchandise            Accessories, Small Home Furnishings, Hardware and Other Dry Goods.
Misc. Specialty Retail         Pet Care, Books & Periodicals, Sporting Equipment, Toys &
                               Hobbies, Video Cassettes & Games, TV/VCR/Cameras,
                               Audio Equipment, Luggage, Eyeglasses
Groceries                      Food at Home, Nonalcoholic Beverages at Home,
                               Alcoholic Beverages, Smoking Products, Housekeeping Supplies
Restaurants                    Food Away From Home, Alcoholic Beverages
Source: ESRI BIS

                                                                            Downtown Solutions Team    33
                                         Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                  RETAIL MARKET ASSESSMENT
Locally desired businesses
(from Pacific Beach focus         Retail Gap
group feedback):
                                  The ultimate purpose of understanding the retail
•   Bank
                                  potential for Pacific Beach is to identify business
•   Full-Service Grocery
•   Pharmacy                      opportunities in the community and then promote those
•   Medical/Dental
                                  opportunities to existing and prospective businesses.
Analysis:                         Quality information and analysis can help existing and
Bank (within 20 minutes)
• $12 million in Checking,        prospective entrepreneurs prepare better business plans,
   Savings Accounts               thereby reducing the risk of business failure.
• $18 million in Stocks
   Bonds, Mutual Funds
• Example - $21 million in        The retail trade or market area designated for Pacific
   deposits average
                                  Beach is shown on the map on page 8. All figures
Conclusion – Look for the right
banking partner                   presented in the exhibits that follow reflect the sales and

Grocery                           spending activity within this market area. This section
• National Grocers                examines ‘retail leakage’ for the most prominent
   • Small                        categories of retail and related expenditures. The table
       store=$1800/pp/yr.         on the following page defines the types of goods
• Local Market $3.8 million
   (100%)                         referenced within several of the broad retail categories.
Conclusion – Existing supply is
                                  For instance, “apparel” includes women’s apparel,
supplying large part of market
                                  men’s apparel, children’s apparel, footwear, watches
• Total Local Spending $1.9       and jewelry.
    million (100%)
Conclusions: Appropriate for      Retail leakage or conversely, surplus is estimated by
satellite offices or “Circuit
Riders”. Pharmacy a good          comparing Supply to Demand as depicted in the page
add-on to complementary           13. Supply (retail sales) estimates sales to consumers by
                                  establishments within the Pacific Beach market area.
                                  Sales to businesses are excluded. Demand (retail
                                  potential) represents the expected amount spent by
                                  consumers at retail establishments, based upon
                                  consumer expenditure patterns derived from the
                                  Consumer Expenditure Survey. Supply and demand
                                  estimates are in current dollars. The difference between
                                  supply and demand is either a leakage of sales out of

                                                                    Downtown Solutions Team     34
       Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

the trade area or a surplus of sales, meaning that certain
business sectors are ‘importing’ sales from outside the
trade area.
In reality, the consumer marketplace is quite fluid. Even if
goods are locally available, priced appropriately, and of
good value, local shoppers will always do a certain
amount of shopping away from home. Certain
businesses such as restaurants are often dependent on
drawing customers from beyond the local residential
population. However, the estimates of sales leakage
and surplus are good indicators of the availability of
goods within the local market.
Currently, Pacific Beach is an ancillary marketplace
within the area and leakage is present in almost all of the
sales categories. This is an important indicator of goods
and services available, and needed, within the local
marketplace. As a general rule of thumb, shoppers will
do most of their convenience goods shopping within a
ten-minute drive time if the goods are available to
purchase. For the purchase of non-convenience goods,
consumers prefer to comparison shop and will drive 20
minutes or longer, especially in rural areas.

                                  Downtown Solutions Team   35
                                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Downtown Pacific Beach and the community as a whole have the capability to serve the target
markets with an interesting variety and small selection of niche goods and services.

The keys will be to:

   Provide excellent service

   Offer unique, quality merchandise

   Target high dollar volumes per square foot (i.e., smaller spaces, in-depth merchandise and
   high turnover inventory) for a business to succeed

   Focus on the ‘middle market’ with moderately priced goods

   Work with Pacific Beach’s regional business partners to provide complementary product lines

The results of the retail gap analysis, as well as conversations with business owners and civic
leaders, indicate that Pacific Beach has ample opportunity to grow its retail base and fill niches
and voids in the regional visitor marketplace. Identifying the most appropriate business mix for
Pacific Beach, as earlier noted, is a function of demographics and lifestyle characteristics,
spending potential, the existing business base and retail trends.

                                                                            Downtown Solutions Team   36
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                             Success will be achieved in Pacific Beach with stores and
                             business owners that:

                                Provide a good quality product
                                Serve trade area market effectively
Niche Opportunities             Aggressively market to these target customer groups
                                Fill specific, unique niches
   •   Beach related
       products                 Have focus, imagination and strive to meet the needs
   •   Seafood                  of the customer
   •   Locally produced
       arts and foods
   •   Music venues
   •   Complementary
       services to lodging
       (food delivery, spa
   •   Family-visitor
   •   Hair Salon
   •   Bakery
   •   More art & jewelry
   •   Locally made gift
   •   Convenience

                                                               Downtown Solutions Team   37
                        Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                        BUSINESS MIX
                        A successful business district in virtually any size
                        community will have a balance and mix of uses that
                        includes retail shopping, professional, financial and
                        government services, entertainment, housing and
                        retail shopping. Many coastal communities rely upon
                        their destination appeal along with capturing pass
                        through traffic on Hwy. 101. Pacific Beach is different
                        in that visitors have to be headed to Pacific Beach. At
Keys to Success in      present, downtown Pacific Beach’s business base has
Downtown Business       a very small selection of retail goods and services.
Development             One of the principal goals over the next five years will
                        be to increase the number of retail businesses within
 Unique tenants
                        the core downtown area. Category descriptions are
 Small, quality
 spaces w/ high         provided on the following page.
 visibility, great
 windows, lighting,
 Concentrated nodes     BEST OPPORTUNITIES
 to create a critical
 mass                   By virtue of its relatively small offerings and proximity
                        to Hoquiam shopping and the size of its trade area,
                        Pacific Beach will not be able to compete with or
                        provide a large variety of retail goods, long and
                        predictable shopping hours, and a consistent image of
                        low-cost retail items. However, the visitors, part-time
                        residents, and other local customers will respond
                        favorably when they feel that they are receiving good
                        value for money spent, have a convenient, friendly and
                        safe place to spend time, and consider Pacific Beach’s
                        downtown an interesting and attractive place to be.
                        These are important values and realistic goals for
                        Pacific Beach.

                                                     Downtown Solutions Team        38
                                         Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                      Target Business Opportunities for Pacific Beach
   Merchandise           Specialty apparel                   Ice cream/Fudge
                         Books/cards/gifts                   Convenience Hardware
                         Satellite Pharmacy                  Jewelry
                         Locally produced goods              Quality consignment

   Services              Selected circuit professional       Barber/Hair Salon
                         services: CPA, medical, dental
   Restaurants/Food      Ice cream/fudge                     Seafood (Chowder)
                         Bakery/dessert                      Coffee
   Entertainment         Live entertainment: music

Visitor information organizations, chambers of commerce and observation of
communities with a strong tourist market suggest that the following types of
businesses and services are needed to serve the visitor/tourist market:

   Restaurants and eating places representing a variety of cuisine and prices
   Unique, one of a kind goods such as arts/crafts/gifts/galleries
   Convenience goods
   Recreational/sporting goods and services
   Apparel – unique products and accessories

                                                                        Downtown Solutions Team   39
  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Pacific Beach’s best business opportunities are for
specialty retail, selected services, restaurants and
entertainment-type businesses. The previous table
lists business and merchandise opportunities that
were identified as appropriate for downtown;
combinations of these goods and services as well
as many others that have unique appeal to area
markets should be considered for business
development efforts. Keep in mind that in small
towns and small markets, many businesses succeed
using the concept of ‘retail stacking’ where several
lines of complementary goods or services operate
under one roof. As an example, hair salons offer
hair products, tanning services, jewelry sales and
manicures. As you review the list, think of existing
businesses that could add product lines and/or
merchandise/service categories that could be
linked together into a successful business.

Features of Successful Retail Businesses
in Pacific Beach
Retail and general business standards are just as
important as the types of businesses attracted to
Pacific Beach. The focus should be on superior retail
standards when qualifying and recruiting a
prospective downtown business.

                            Downtown Solutions Team    40
                                             Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                            VISITOR IDENTITY & IMAGE

                                            Commercial brands and branding seem to be all the
                                            rage right now and the concept of community
                                            branding is no different. A community’s identity and
                                            image are important, especially for communities
                                            who want to attract visitors.
This is the logo & tagline developed
for Astoria, Oregon, a community at         A destination brand, or community identity, is the
the mouth of the Columbia River.            totality of perceptions that a customer holds about
                                            the experience associated with a place. Image
A destination brand is much more
than a logo & tagline, it is the totality   development for a small destination, like Pacific
of perceptions about a place.               Beach, exists within other regional efforts (not in
To help shape those perceptions,
many communities develop logos &            competition). It’s the reputation of the place.
taglines to help ‘tell their story’ and     Successful management of these perceptions and
set them apart.
                                            experience can secure enduring benefits for both
Below is a sample of the image              the hosts and their customers.
portrayed for Pacific Beach in the
1920s.                                      The hallmark of a successful destination brand is
                                            determined by the promises it makes and the
                                            promises it keeps - - and how they align with reality.

                                            As downtown Pacific Beach progresses with its
                                            revitalization and promotional activities, it should be
                                            able to draw an increasing number of visitors who
                                            are looking for a weekend escape or an alternative
                                            to nearby tourism activities.

                                            The Downtown Solutions Team recommends
                                            positioning Pacific Beach as a peaceful getaway.
                                            Complementary to Ocean Shores - - but different.

    Museum of the North Beach collection

                                                                        Downtown Solutions Team   41
                                           Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                       Tourism Trends

                                       Today’s tourists are experienced travelers. They are
                                       discerning and are increasingly seeking authentic
                                       experiences in locations that are largely unaffected
                                       by the incursions of franchises, look-alike streets and
                                       “big box stores”. They are more sophisticated,
                                       knowledgeable and many seek to learn and
                                       understand the places that they visit. This search for
                                       authentic experiences has been one of the catalysts
                                       for the growth in tourism with a cultural and heritage
                                       The World Tourism Organization has identified the
                                       following as being among the leading trends
                                       influencing tourism today:

                                       ►     Shorter duration stays

                                       ►     Multiple short breaks during the year

                                       ►     A shift from active vacations to vacations as
Museum of the North Beach collection         experiences

                                       ►     Travelers want a participatory, authentic
                                             experience which provides them with
                                             opportunities for new knowledge.

                                       It Has to Be Worth the Trip

                                       A simple rule of thumb used by many destination
                                       planners is that a community, event, or attraction
                                       needs to entertain or keep day visitors busy for about
                                       four times longer than it takes for them to travel to
                                       that location.

                                                                      Downtown Solutions Team   42
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

This means that if a day visitor travels 15 minutes,
they need to be entertained for an hour. If they
travel one hour they need to be occupied for four

These are the principles that are often used by
planners and developers when they locate facilities
such as movie theaters, shopping centers and

A destination’s objective should be to develop
facilities, events, attractions and activities that will
sustain visitor interest for much of the day if they
want to encourage people to travel for at least two
hours (one way from major metropolitan centers) to
reach them.

                             Downtown Solutions Team       43
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                          Downtown Solutions Team   44
                                                                 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                               An Appropriate Metaphor:
              Chapter 3:                                       Pacific Beach = Your Home
                                                               Pacific Beach may be your home, but this portion of
         Articulating a                                        the redevelopment plan highlights a comparison

          New Vision                                           between Pacific Beach and an actual house - - with
                                                               entries, public spaces, views, and bedrooms. When

               for                                             put into this context, it is easy to understand the roles

         Pacific Beach
                                                               and functions of the different sections of the
                                                               community and how they need to complement
                                                               each other.

                        The House Metaphor for Pacific Beach
Front Porch = Four Corners Entry
Foyer = Transition area between highway and downtown
Living Room = Main Street - downtown core
The View = Overlook to the ocean
Bedrooms = North & South residential neighborhoods; with South neighborhood serving as a
‘guest room’ and the North neighborhood serving as the ‘master suite’

                                                               When you visit somewhere for the first time, initial
                                                               impressions are often the ones that last. For this
                                                               reason, it is important to address some
                                                               ‘housekeeping’ issues’ that much to do with the

                                                                                           Downtown Solutions Team    45
    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

impressions that visitors take home after visiting
Pacific Beach.

Housekeeping Issues to
Chapter 2 outlined marketing ideas and strategies
that Pacific Beach can use when ‘sending out the
invitation to come for a visit.’ Anyone who has ever
prepared for guests knows how important it is to
make sure the house is clean and all preparations
made prior to their arrival. Pacific Beach needs to do
the same. There are a couple of issues that need to
be addressed in order to help raise Pacific Beach’s
image and ability to capture more visitors and

They include:
•     Work with business owners to stop selling point of
      purchase drug paraphernalia & ‘quickie-mart
•     Public drinking & drunkenness are unacceptable
Following are questions for the community to
consider regarding the attitude towards alcohol:
Liquor outlets and advertising
•     How prevalent is alcohol in Pacific Beach?
•     How available?
•     Are there a lot of outlets for the size of town?
•     Is there a lot of storefront advertising?
•     Are there a lot of promotions in area stores?
•     What evidence do you see of alcohol abuse and
      general acceptance of this in the community?

                               Downtown Solutions Team   46
    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

•     Is there public drinking, and if so, in what
•     Is the area around bars and outlets well
      maintained or disorderly?
•     Is there trash around outlets?
•     Do areas where liquor is available seem well
      cared for?
Law enforcement
•     Who are the law enforcers in your community?
•     Are there active block watches in Pacific Beach?
•     Is the sheriff’s department visible in the
      community and/or school?
•     Do they patrol regularly?
•     Where is the nearest sheriff’s substation/office?

Impressions are lasting. Are these part of the
memories of Pacific Beach you want visitors to take
home with them? A vacation is supposed to equal
paradise, a special getaway and people do not
want to visit a place that seems more dangerous &
seedy than where they live.

It will take the community banding together and
working with business owners to get unacceptable
items pulled from convenience store counters. It will
also take an on-going effort in partnership with the
county and social service agencies to help address
the preponderance of public drinking and

                               Downtown Solutions Team    47
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Protecting Pacific Beach’s
Unique Architectural Style

As mentioned in the existing conditions section for
the report, Pacific Beach exudes a special sense of
place that not only has to do with the town’s
relationship to the beautiful beach and water, but
with the built environment, as well. The old-
fashioned, walkable downtown business district and
collection of traditional beach cottages in the
neighborhood south of Main Street are two
important design signatures for Pacific Beach and
help give it a special sense of place. They help
reinforce a visitor’s idea of a relaxing, charming, laid
back beach community and help set Pacific Beach
apart from other coastal communities. When these
architectural assets were discussed during the
Resource Team visit, the community was very
interested in exploring how to protect the South
Neighborhood Residential area and the Downtown
Core along Main Street. Conversations with the
county were very encouraging, as they are
supportive of updating Pacific Beach’s zoning code
to include overlay districts for the areas that the
community wants to have protected. However, they
made the point of saying that this effort should be
driven by the community and not a top down
planning process initiated by the county. The
Resource Team feels that updating the code to help
protect the South Neighborhood’s and Downtown’s
architectural style, scale and character should be a
high priority - - as it would only take one or two new,

                            Downtown Solutions Team   48
    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                developments in either
                                of these areas to forever
                                change the
                                community’s character.
                                In addition, the
                                community should also
                                consider updates to the
                                commercial area on the
                                north side of Main Street
                                from 4th to just past
                                Highway 109 to make
                                future development
                                more congruous with
                                the community’s vision
                                for downtown.

                                Recommended steps
                                for moving forward with
                                updating the code will
                                be included in Chapter

Components to consider when exploring overlay
districts should include:
•     Boundaries & characteristics for each, including:
•     Lot size
•     Building siting on lot
•     Lot coverage
•     Historic context and design language
•     Materials
•     Parking requirements
•     Landscaping requirements

                               Downtown Solutions Team   49
    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

•     Signage
•     Permitted and conditional uses

South Neighborhood Cottage
Pacific Beach is one of a few northwest coastal
communities that can still boast of having a good
stock of original shingle-sided beach cottages. This is
particularly true in the residential neighborhood that
lies south of downtown. In most communities, these
architectural resources have largely been torn down
and replaced with new homes that are out of scale
and of an uncomplimentary architectural style - -
often entirely changing the residential character of
the neighborhood.

Downtown Commercial Style
Pacific Beach’s downtown district is combination of
styles, ranging from original historic storefronts to
more recent (circa1970s) additions. Most downtowns
have developed and redeveloped over time and
have a mixture of architectural styles. However, it will
be important to enhance and protect Pacific
Beach’s historic commercial fabric and to
complement it with updates to some of the ‘later
additions’ to help support a more visually cohesive
and inviting downtown commercial district.
Examples follow for some ideas on how this can be

                              Downtown Solutions Team   50
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Main Street Transition Zone
Along Main Street between 4th side and just past
Highway 109, updates are needed to help ensure
this area redevelops with a more pedestrian friendly
aesthetic. This is an important area of town as it sets
first impressions. To date, this area has primarily
developed in a ‘highway suburban’ style with front
loaded parking and buildings set back from the
street. In order to support a more walkable
commercial district, new development should be
located at the street and include sidewalks and
pedestrian amenities. Parking should be tucked to
the sides or behind buildings.

                             Downtown Solutions Team   51
 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Two Redevelopment
Frameworks for Pacific Beach
The Resource Team designers developed two
complementary schemes for redeveloping Pacific
Beach. They include: 1) a long-term, ultimate vision
for a revitalized community; and 2) a more realistic
short-term vision that can be accomplished within a
shorter span of time. The short-term framework was
created as a base for the longer-term vision. Both
frameworks support the development of a more
pedestrian friendly, small coastal community that
builds off existing assets and opportunities.
Descriptions of both the long-and short-term visions
for Pacific Beach follow.

The Long-Term Vision:
Pacific Beach’s Ultimate
‘Dream Home’
Continuing with the ‘home’ metaphor for Pacific
Beach, the long-term redevelopment plan that was
developed through the Resource Team process can
be compared to a ‘dream house’. Developing a
long-term (10+yr) vision is important for any
community to help set the tone and structure for
redevelopment. The ‘big vision’ framework for
Pacific Beach is based upon an implementation
plan that not only addresses the existing downtown
core, but how the transition area between
downtown and the highway will redevelop as well. It

                            Downtown Solutions Team    52
                                                    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                                             is based on a growth-
                                                                             based design framework
                                                                             that when implemented
                                                                             will extend the downtown
                                                                             commercial district, with its
                                                                             walkable, ‘up to the
                                                                             sidewalk’ mixed used
                                                                             development, all the way
                                                                             out to the highway
                                                                             intersection. This plan also
                                                                             shows the development of
                                                                             an anchor business at the
                                                                             intersection to help create
                                                                             a stronger entry statement
                                                                             into the downtown
                                                                             commercial district. In
                                                                             addition to proposed new
                                                                             development, the plan
                                                                             also calls for implementing
                                                                             streetscape improvements
                                                                             to create a more cohesive
                                                                             and walkable district.

Long-term redevelopment concept for Pacific Beach

                                                                              Downtown Solutions Team   53
                                                     Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                    A Shorter-Term Vision for
                                                    Pacific Beach
                                                    This section of the Pacific Beach Redevelopment
                                                    Plan outlines a shorter-term vision/framework for
                                                    revitalization. A realistic timeline for implementation
                                                    is now through 2015. This vision focuses
                                                    redevelopment efforts on the downtown core area,
                                                    outlining concepts for infill development and façade
                                                    rehabs; streetscape amenities and improvements;
                                                    improved access and linkages to the beach and
                                                    throughout the community. It includes a range of
                                                    projects to accomplish this vision.

Short-term redevelopment vision for Pacific Beach

                                                                                Downtown Solutions Team   54
                                               Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                             Under this framework, a range of improvements at
                                             the highway intersection can begin immediately.

      Components of this Section (Hwy 109 – 4th Street) of the Plan Include:
•   Enhanced entry signage             improved pathway system          •    Consolidate driveways
    using locally appropriate          that connects to Seabrook            where possible, making
    materials.                         and the rest of the                  the area more pedestrian
                                       community.                           friendly.
•   Working in partnership with
    the County and School          •   Develop a focal point at the     •    Create walkways and
    District, develop the              wetlands park that can be            green esplanades to
    wetlands area into a focal         seen from the intersection. It       ‘soften’ the streetscape,
    point entry by selectively         could include public                 help manage stormwater
    thinning the overgrown             restrooms and a visitors’            runoff and create more
    wetlands to create a               kiosk.                               structure for the
    welcoming park that includes                                            streetscape.
    a boardwalk path,              •   Upgrade the bus shelter
    interpretative/educational         adjacent to the wetlands         •   As possible, infill with
    component, picnic area, and        area to make a more                  buildings that are set close
    parking. The boardwalk             cohesive community design            to the street. Tuck parking
    would connect to an                statement.                           to the sides or behind.

                                                                         Downtown Solutions Team     55
                                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Entry Improvements

Proposed entry sign improvements

                                                                     Entry sign at time of Resource Team

   The new entry sign built following the Resource Team

                                                                            Downtown Solutions Team    56
                                 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Entry Improvements

Proposed bus stop improvements

                                                           Downtown Solutions Team   57
                                       Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Entry Improvements

Proposed wetland park and boardwalk.

                                                                 Downtown Solutions Team   58
                                                     Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                  This section of the plan, below, shows proposed
                                                  improvements to Main Street from 3rd Street to 2nd
                                                  Street. They are outlined below.

         Components of this Section of the Plan (4th to 3rd Street) Include:
•   New two story infill development that might             signage discussed earlier in the report) and
    include: bank, laundry, grocery or pharmacy             planted corners to help mitigate stormwater
    on the ground floor with affordable housing or          runoff
    rental units above.
                                                        •   Creation of inviting public/private spaces
•   Siting of new infill development at the                 that including outdoor eating areas and
    sidewalk with additional parking tucked                 courtyards.
                                                        •   Creation of mid-block crossings to
•   Improvements to the streetscape, including:             encourage better pedestrian circulation
    wood planters that also contain directional
    signage (matching the downtown directional          •   Parallel parking along the side streets

                                                                                 Downtown Solutions Team   59
                                        Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

This cross section shows what the streetscape in downtown could look like with recommended
improvements and upgrades.

                                                                  Downtown Solutions Team   60
                                               Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                              This section of the plan, below, outlines
                                              recommended improvements along Main Street
                                              between 3rd and 2nd Streets.

          Components of this Section (3rd to 2nd Street) of the Plan Include:
                                                          the established palette of materials and
•   Creation of plaza / public space along Main           styles to complement other downtown
    Street that complements new infill                    improvements

•   Siting of new infill development at the           •   Creation of mid-block crossings to help
    sidewalk.                                             encourage pedestrian circulation

•   Continue streetscape improvements, using          •   Parallel parking along the side streets

                                                                           Downtown Solutions Team   61
                                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                  This section of the downtown plan addresses a
                                                  variety of improvements to create an inviting
                                                  gathering space and complementary streetscape

Components of this Section of the Plan (Detail at 2nd Street Intersection) Include:

•   Creation of a more formalized public space     •   Improved crosswalks to better link
    along Main Street that is very flexible and        downtown with the RV Park
    can be used for a variety of activities
                                                   •   New directional signage for the RV Park
•   Siting of new infill development at the
    sidewalk.                                      •   Accent plantings to ‘soften’ the streetscape
                                                       and help manage stormwater runoff
•   Continue streetscape improvements, using
    the established palette of materials and

                                                                                Downtown Solutions Team   62
                                                    Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Downtown Improvements

Proposed public space improvements on Main Street

                                                                      Here’s an idea for a public restroom for
                                                                      downtown Pacific Beach.

                                                                                Downtown Solutions Team          63
                                                      Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Downtown Improvements

Proposed streetscape improvements along Main Street

                                                                                Downtown Solutions Team   64
                                                      Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                                     Building Improvements & Infill
                                                     for Main Street
                                                     The recommendations that follow outline
                                                     opportunities for improvements to existing storefronts
                                                     along Main Street. The rehabs show a range of
                                                     improvements to different types of buildings, both
                                                     newer and more historic in style.

Building Improvements

Proposed façade upgrades to three of Main Street’s
more traditional storefronts.

                                                                                Downtown Solutions Team   65
                        Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Building Improvements

                                                  Downtown Solutions Team   66
                                             Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Building Improvements

Proposed improvements to the Pacific Tango

                                                                       Downtown Solutions Team   67
                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Infill Potential

                                             Downtown Solutions Team   68
                        Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                       Collaboration with the
                       Naval Base
                       Pacific Beach is fortunate in that the Naval Base has
                       worked closely with the community over the past
                       few years. Cindy Murdoch, who was manager at the
                       base during the Resource Team process, was an
                       important participant as she was very interested in
                       helping advance some of the redevelopment
                       concepts developed by the team. It will be
                       important for the community to continue to work
                       with the new manager to create more attractive
                       and cohesive design solutions.

Pathway Improvements

                                This drawing shows a concept for creating access
                                   to the beach from Main Street using attractive,
                                     visible gateway features and ‘friendly’ picket
                              fencing that is more in keeping with Pacific Beach’s
                                                architectural style than chain link.

                                                         Downtown Solutions Team       69
                                           Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                         In addition to the proposed improvements to
                                         storefronts along Main Street, concepts for updating
                                         Naval Base cottages were also developed to better
                                         complement Pacific Beach’s cottage style

Improvements to Naval Base Housing & Pedestrian Circulation

Not only are the houses rehabbed to complement Pacific Beach’s seaside architecture, this
scheme also shows how public walkways can be integrated into the Naval Base - - making the
beach more accessible for the public, while maintaining privacy for vacationing military.

                                                                     Downtown Solutions Team   70
                               Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                             Connecting to the Water
                             The plan view to the left shows the potential for
                             developing additional access to the beach from

                             This is important for two reasons: 1) as escape routes
                             for people who may be on when a tsunami warning
                             is issued; and 2) for easier access to the beach for

                             Currently chain link fencing and lack of directional
                             signage to the out-of-the way beach access make it
                             virtually impossible for visitors to access the setting
                             that put Pacific Beach on the map.

The beach at Pacific Beach

                                                          Downtown Solutions Team      71
                                            Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Redeveloping the Old Rail Bed Using an
Innovative Approach
When the Resource Team arrived the Pacific Beach, many meetings and discussions were
held to help the team better understand what has occurred and what is being planned for
the future. One of the conversations revolved around the possible redevelopment of the old
rail bed running directly behind downtown and to the beach. The owner, Bob Schuetz of
Seaview Ventures, was originally interested in using this roadbed as a road to a beachfront
RV park. The town planner on the Resource Team looked at the site and developed a

                                                                      Downtown Solutions Team   72
                     Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                 Creating a vision and plan for downtown Pacific

  Chapter 4:     Beach is the easy part of the redevelopment

Implementation   Implementation of the plan is where ‘the rubber hits
                 the road’ and where commitment and efforts should

  Strategies     be focused. This section addresses the all-important
                 issue of successfully transitioning Pacific Beach’s
                 vision for downtown into reality.

                 In setting the work plan to achieve the vision, the
                 following are important considerations to keep in

                 •     Downtown revitalization should be both a public
                       & private effort, with everyone working off the
                       same plan

                 •     The community in partnership with the county
                       moves forward with policy updates & public
                       sector improvements (streetscape, circulation,
                       public spaces, etc.)

                 •     Community champions partner to lead private
                       sector redevelopment efforts

                 •     Both groups should also be regularly
                       communicating with each other on
                       implementation strategies and progress

                                               Downtown Solutions Team   73
                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

The positioning of a community points to what it wants to be known for in the minds
of its customers. Pacific Beach is at a renewal stage in its development as a visitor
destination and at this point it does not have a strong identity (or in some areas may
even have a negative identity) in the minds of potential customers. This section of
the report details next steps for image development that should be undertaken to
build upon Pacific Beach’s natural and unique assets; helping set Pacific Beach
apart as a destination.

Strategic Initiative 1: Housecleaning

   This initiative addresses necessary improvements to enhance Pacific Beach’s
   image without undertaking major physical improvements. There is a need to do
   some “housecleaning” prior to expanding marketing and commensurate with
   short-term physical improvements. These actions are directed at upgrading
   Pacific Beach’s image in the eyes of visitors.

Strategic Initiative 2: Expand Special Events

   Pacific Beach has a good selection of unique special events. Expanding these
   efforts into the “shoulder season” (earlier in the spring and later in the fall) will
   help draw visitors into the community at times when, typically, businesses could
   use a boost in sales. A few ideas include:
   • Museum Events – market to wider audience
   • “Winter Blues” festival
   • “Shake Rat Hall of Fame” Induction Ceremony
   • Weekend music venues

Strategic Initiative 3: Brand Development

   Someone once said, “You may not think you have a brand image, but you do.”
   Pacific Beach needs to take charge of projecting the image that it wants
   through communications and marketing materials. Going through the process of
   developing a brand identity will ensure a consistent, recognizable message for
   business and tourism development. It’s much more than a logo and tagline; it’s
   how the image aligns with reality and the management of visitors’ expectations
   and perceptions before, during and after they visit.

Strategic Initiative 4: Communications

   This initiative will help cultivate the best opportunities to grow businesses, jobs and
   wealth in Pacific Beach. Focused on the greatest impact for the investment of
   time and money, the actions associated with this strategic initiative will promote
   local business development, spur entrepreneurship, and prepare for the
   recruitment of targeted businesses to Pacific Beach.

The goals and recommended actions are outlined on the following pages.

                                                             Downtown Solutions Team   74
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 1: Housecleaning

Goals:           Improve local appearance through cleanup and pre-marketing
                 Garner more residents’ shopping dollars.
                 Encourage more visitors to stop and shop.
                 Work to improve safety and security issues.

Implementation Actions

                  Community clean up. Working with the county, waste
                  management companies, scrap metal haulers and other
  Action 1.1      partners, initiate a concentrated clean up effort to remove
                  unlicensed automobiles and other hazards/unsightly elements
                  throughout the community.
                  Increase code enforcement. Work with the county to step up
                  local code enforcement activities. Many communities use
  Action 1.2
                  contractors or volunteers to document violations prior to formal
                  action by code officials.
                  Work with local business owners to remove point of purchase
                  sales of drug paraphernalia and “quickie mart” weapons. The
  Action 1.3      positive image Pacific Beach wants to portray and the target
                  market it wants to reach are antithetical to the display and sale
                  of these items.
                  Work with local officials in law enforcement and social services,
                  along with convenience store owners, to reduce, control and
  Action 1.4
                  eliminate public drunkenness. Send a clear message that it is
                  not acceptable or tolerated.
                  Locate public porta-johns in the downtown pocket park as a
                  temporary solution. These would be screened or installed in
  Action 1.5
                  small structures on an interim basis until a permanent solution is

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team    75
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 2: Expand Special Events

Goals:           Build upon existing special events base to draw more visitors.
                 Consider unique, locally significant, event elements.
                 Plan events that lengthen the tourist season or take place during
                 the winter.

Implementation Actions:

                 Special events are a recognized way to draw repeat visitors to
                 an area and an excellent opportunity to reach new ones. Set a
  Action 2.1     goal of creating one new special event this year and one new
                 event 2 years from now. Make sure they are high in quality and
                 help support what makes Pacific Beach special.
                 Rainy weather conditions are an obvious difficulty in putting on
                 special events. Focus on new events during May or September
  Action 2.2
                 that can be less weather dependent (indoor music events for
                 It’s not a special event in the traditional sense, but create a
                 walking tour of the town and include other points of interest.
  Action 2.3
                 Information on history, ship wrecks, funky local stories and great
                 views help connect people to the place.
                 Use an existing, or new, special event to promote locally
  Action 2.4
                 produced food, artwork, or other goods.
                 Use an existing special event to undertake small local physical
  Action 2.5
                 improvements (clean up a yard, paint storefronts, etc.)

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team   76
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 3: Brand Development

Goals:           Accurate communication and marketing of local amenities for
                 Concentrate on the Pacific Beach image at all levels of
                 transactions (customer service, developing amenities, quality
                 Develop a logo, supporting design elements, tagline and rules for

Implementation Actions:

                Develop an image statement that fully captures Pacific Beach:
                Something like…”PB is a unique coastal resort village off the
                beaten path. A tranquil respite from the everyday featuring
                pristine beaches, distinctive dining and eclectic shops.”
  Action 3.1
                Providing a complementary, relaxing alternative to Ocean Shores
                is a desirable market position for Pacific Beach. Suggested
                imagery: “Ocean Shores – Ocean Snores (Pacific Beach)” or
                “Ocean Shores. Wind up - Pacific Beach. Wind down”.
                Develop an appropriate logo, tagline and other design elements
  Action 3.2    (colors, fonts, text descriptions) to begin using in marketing
                Develop rules of usage for Pacific Beach branding images. Who
  Action 3.3
                can use them and how?

Strategic Initiative 4: Communications

Goals:           Increase awareness and visibility for visitors and highlight
                 redevelopment opportunities.
                 Improve Pacific Beach’s web presence.
                 Develop appropriate printed marketing materials.
                 Generate publicity and target guidebooks.

Implementation Actions:

                Web Presence - Design the Pacific Beach web site using the
                same visual and verbal identity elements used on print materials.
  Action 4.1
                The Web site should be designed to connect with prospective
                customers through images, content, and easy navigation.
                Web Presence - The Home Page should be updated every
                month, or more frequently if necessary, to include current and
  Action 4.2
                future activities and events. Dead links should be removed and
                cross linkage should be aggressive.
                Web Presence - Consider offsetting some web site production
  Action 4.3    and maintenance costs by offering sponsorship and “advertising”
                exposure to organizations and events.

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team   77
                                Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

              Web Presence - Provide online access to key brochures, maps,
              events, walks, trails, and visitor activities as PDF files. This enables
Action 4.4
              customers to access information 24/ 7 and does not take
              volunteer time and postage.
              Publications - Produce a Pacific Beach brochure and map to
Action 4.6    focus on experiences and activities along Highway 109 and
              Ocean Beach Road as an interesting side trip.
              Publications - As Pacific Beach’s tourism infrastructure, attractions,
              and visitor services are developed, produce a “rack card” style
              brochure for wide external distribution through regional tourism
Action 4.7
              partners, visitor centers within 3 hour driving time and outlets
              along the routes to Pacific Beach, including all points of interest,
              lodging, restaurants, and partner businesses.
              Develop a simple database of target media contacts for
Action 4.8    Washington’s general media, as well as specialist travel, vacation
              rental agencies, arts, crafts and lifestyle media in the NW.
              Develop a local initiative to prepare and distribute press releases
Action 4.9
              covering upcoming events and activities.
              Review the coverage of Grays Harbor County and Pacific Beach
              in visitor guidebooks. Check for accuracy and whether Pacific
              Beach is projected in the best light. Ensure the coverage
Action 4.10
              conforms to the identity that the community wants to project.
              Approach guidebook publishers with any suggested additions or

                                                           Downtown Solutions Team       78
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 5: Organize a Local Business Development Team
   Organize a downtown business development team that focuses on business
   retention, expansion and new business recruitment. The group should meet
   monthly with specific goals and actions. The team should include
   representatives from:

           •   North Beach Business Association
           •   Grays Harbor County
           •   Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce
           •   Grays Harbor Tourism
           •   Local Realtors
           •   Business Owners
           •   Property Owners
           •   Community Champions
Strategic Initiative 6: Local Promotions/Business Assistance

   The local full and part-time residents are the most readily accessible market for
   Pacific Beach. Making a concerted effort to reach those customers, along with
   new area residents can be aided through some small local promotional efforts.
   On the average, 70-80% of job and economic growth can be attributed to local
   businesses. Although it initially appears to offer greater potential to recruit
   businesses from outside the area, supporting existing businesses contributes to
   steady and consistent growth and creates an atmosphere of collaboration that
   makes recruiting efforts more successful.

Strategic Initiative 7: Business Recruitment

   The business development initiative will also be responsible for recruiting new
   businesses and new investment into the community. The tools in which to
   accomplish these goals are supplemented by those in Strategies 3 and 4.

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team   79
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 5: Organize a Local Business Development Team

Goals:           Business retention and support.
                 New business recruitment.
                 Business training.
                 Implement Initiatives 6 and 7.

Implementation Actions:

                 The Business Development Team will meet monthly and take up
  Action 5.1     specific Initiative Actions and recommendations outlined in this
                 Target specific business development opportunities, like pursuit of
  Action 5.2
                 a local banking partner, medical/dental office or pharmacy.
                 Review efforts at 6 month intervals and make adjustments as
  Action 5.3
  Action 5.4     Market successes of the business development team.

Strategic Initiative 6: Local Promotions/Business Assistance

Goals:           Support local businesses, helping them prosper and expand.
                 Encourage entrepreneurship and local resources.
                 Work to fill gaps and opportunities in the retail marketplace through
                 expansion of local offerings.

Implementation Actions:

                 Bring in a customer service or retail expert to give advice on
  Action 6.1     meeting the needs of the consumer. Expectations for the
                 customer experience are high.
                 Develop promotional information and other pieces to reach new
  Action 6.2
                 Encourage expansion and consistency in local store hours. As
  Action 6.3     new residents move in, encourage businesses to keep consistent
                 business hours.
                 Assist existing businesses with expansion and diversification of
  Action 6.4     their merchandise mix based upon the opportunities identified in
                 this report.
                 Act as a liaison by assisting businesses with regulatory
  Action 6.5
                 compliance and communications.
                 Investigate incentives and technical assistance to encourage
  Action 6.6     ‘home grown’ businesses and entrepreneurs to locate in

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team    80
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 7: Business Recruitment

Goals:            Expand current local offerings to create a “destination sized”
                  supply of retail goods and services.
                  Encourage complementary product lines and services.
                  Work to fill gaps and opportunities in the retail trade through
                  expansion of local offerings.

Implementation Actions:

                  Lead the effort to develop a targeted campaign to recruit two
  Action 7.1      or more business opportunities outlined in this plan in the next 18
                  Work with the county, council of governments and small business
  Action 7.2      development center to help provide relocation assistance and
                  start-up encouragement.
                  Inventory available properties for sale or lease. Identify those
                  that could be actively marketed and what the needs are to be
  Action 7.3      ready for a quality business occupant. Work with real-estate
                  partners to prepare property fact sheets and market
                  Work one-on-one with property owners to discuss plans, issues
  Action 7.4
                  and needs.

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team     81
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 8: Code Updates
   It became apparent, through the Resource Team process, that Pacific Beach is
   unique. It still maintains a good stock of cottage-style beach homes and
   traditional downtown storefronts. As the codes are now written, any new
   development could drastically change the character of Pacific Beach and
   remove local assets that can never be replaced. The community agreed on the
   need to protect these resources by updating existing codes to match the
   community vision.

Strategic Initiative 8: Code Updates

Goals:           Protect and enhance Pacific Beach’s unique architectural
                 Promote redevelopment that is compatible with the Pacific Beach
                 Update Pacific Beach’s C-2 General Commercial District code
                 (Chapter 17.44 of Grays Harbor County code) and the R-3 Resort
                 Residential District code (Chapter 17.36).

Implementation Actions:

                 Create a community work group to examine proposed new
                 district boundaries and standards within each of the three
  Action 8.1     proposed districts (Downtown, South Neighborhood, and Main
                 Street Transitional). The work group will guide the district proposal
                 through a local public process.
                 Work with County to draft updates and guide the proposal
  Action 8.2
                 through the public hearing process.
                 Develop proactive, educational campaign about what the
  Action 8.3     code updates mean and what they would and would not
                 Gather petitions of support for the new districts to present at the
  Action 8.4
                 public hearings.

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team      82
                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

At the heart of the new vision for downtown Pacific Beach are physical
improvements that will improve the character, functionality and image of the
business district. Through this planning process, the community has stated their
commitment to create an inviting shopping district where visitors and residents want
to spend time and money.

Strategic Initiative 9: Stormwater Management

   Stormwater management in Pacific Beach is an ongoing concern during the
   rainy season. In addition to localized street flooding, infiltration issues have
   caused system backups in the past.

Strategic Initiative 10: Streetscape

   The most intact sidewalks in Pacific Beach are in the downtown core. However,
   they are in poor condition from the harsh marine climate. There are also safety
   issues with curbs that are tripping hazards. There are few pedestrian amenities
   that would enhance the shopping experience. The proposed improvements
   were developed to offer a range of opportunities for both short-term and long-
   term implementation.

Strategic Initiative 11: Open Space

   What makes Pacific Beach unique among coastal villages is the relationship to
   the beachfront and the creek. Reinforcing those visual features within the
   community through design and connection to open space strengthens Pacific
   Beach as a destination. Additionally, open spaces can assist in the mitigation
   and retention of stormwater and provide a key link in runoff management.

Strategic Initiative 12: Façade Rehabilitation and Infill Development

   Main Street storefronts are the heart of a downtown district. Their design and
   appearance has much to do with where customers choose to shop. Pacific
   Beach has a good stock of local storefronts to improve and build upon,
   particularly along the south side of Main Street. This should occur through
   façade rehabilitation and new development in the Pacific Beach style.

                                                             Downtown Solutions Team   83
                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 9: Stormwater Management

Goals:            Increase number of catch basins on Main Street.
                  Update storm drain connections
                  Ensure clear access to existing catch basins.
                  Develop vegetated swales and planted areas to mitigate runoff.

Implementation Actions:

                  Work with Grays Harbor County Public Works to install additional
                  catch basins and piped connections where needed along Main
  Action 9.1
                  Street. This should be coordinated with other capital
                  Selectively clean up and grade wetlands areas to help manage
  Action 9.2      and mitigate runoff especially at the intersection of Highway 109
                  and Main Street.
                  Develop planted areas along Main Street to help absorb and
  Action 9.3
                  retain stormwater runoff along with enhancing the streetscape.

Strategic Initiative 10: Streetscape

Goals:            Create a better pedestrian environment through the
                  implementation of sidewalk upgrades and streetscape
                  Create a streetscape design palette to complement Pacific
                  Beach’s architectural style.
                  Undertake both small-scale short-term projects along with larger
                  capital improvement projects to achieved the desired results.

Implementation Actions:

                  Working with the county, finalize agreed upon streetscape
                  projects for the downtown core as Phase I. Longer-term Phase II
  Action 10.1
                  improvements might include the Main Street Transition Zone from
                  4th Street to Highway 109.
                  Work with the county to explore grants and other funding options
                  for drainage, sidewalk and streetscape improvements including
  Action 10.2
                  pedestrian-scale lighting, benches, trash receptacles and
                  Break out small specific projects (like the bus shelter and
  Action 10.3
                  directional signage) that can be accomplished immediately.
                  Consolidate driveways along Main Street in the Transition Zone to
  Action 10.4
                  make the area more pedestrian friendly.
                  Create walkways and green esplanades to “soften” the
  Action 10.5     streetscape, help manage stormwater runoff and create more
                  structure for street edges.

                                                             Downtown Solutions Team   84
                                 Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 11: Open Space

Goals:           Capture and improve underutilized open space for public use and
                 Better connect visitors to Pacific Beach’s unique natural amenities.

Implementation Actions:

                 Using a wetlands specialist, work with the county and school
                 district to develop a plan for a wetlands park and educational
                 area at the southwest corner of Highway 109 and Main Street.
  Action 11.1    Elements of the park should include picnicking area, trail,
                 boardwalk, organized parking and interpretive displays. This site
                 could also include a focal point that could be seen from the
                 highway intersection.
                 Work with local partners to begin work on individual elements of
  Action 11.2
                 the wetlands park plan.
                 Work with the county to vacate the 2nd Street right-of-way north
                 of Main Street for development as a downtown pocket park. It
  Action 11.3
                 should include an attractive community gathering space and
                 new permanent public restroom facilities.
                 Develop a public/private work plan for construction elements of
  Action 11.4
                 the pocket park.
                 Continue working with Naval Base management to find a better
  Action 11.5    solution for beach access points, pedestrian circulation and
                 chain link fencing between Main Street and the beachfront.

                                                           Downtown Solutions Team   85
                                  Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

Strategic Initiative 12: Façade Rehabilitation and Infill Development

Goals:           Improve visual appeal of downtown commercial district.
                 Enhance existing facades with renovations and signage in keeping
                 with the Pacific Beach style.
                 Complement existing downtown architectural fabric with
                 appropriately styled infill.
                 Promote design aesthetic to property owners and prospective

Implementation Actions:

                 Once each spring conduct an organized clean up (make it a
  Action 12.1    party) to scrub, pressure wash, paint and touch up downtown
                 facades to get ready for the tourist season.
                 Work to develop a grant/loan program for updating facades
  Action 12.2    and storefront signage. Tie the grant/loan to a matching funds
                 requirement and design review.
                 Educate the community and market information on the Pacific
  Action 12.3
                 Beach style to encourage appropriate rehabilitation and infill.
                 Work with local business owners on the appropriate amount of
  Action 12.4
                 signage in store windows. Less is more.
                 Work with property owners and prospective businesses to
  Action 12.5    develop infill components that are consistent with Pacific
                 Beach’s style.

                                                            Downtown Solutions Team   86
                                   Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                                 Pacific Beach’s excitement about downtown’s

  In Conclusion                  future is inspiring! The community is already moving
                                 forward in turning their plan into reality. As
                                 demonstrated through other projects, the
                                 community has the capacity to ‘make big dreams
                                 come true’ when they want to.

                                 In order for Pacific Beach’s Downtown
                                 Redevelopment Plan to effectively move forward, it
                                 will be necessary for the community to take on a
                                 proactive role in redevelopment and education - -
                                 inviting the whole community to participate in the
                                 implementation of the plan.
“The problems we have created
cannot be solved with the same
thinking that created them.”

                                 SECRETS TO SUCCESS

                                 Following are ‘secrets of success’ gleaned after
                                 working with many communities on downtown
                                 revitalization plans and projects:

                                        Downtown revitalization is a process. Most
                                        communities usually don’t go downhill
                                        overnight and won’t be revitalized overnight.

                                        Plan for the future, but keep your eye on
                                        tomorrow by including enough flexibility to
                                        take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

                                        Don’t die on every hill; make strategic
                                        decisions about when it’s important to take a
                                        stand and fight.

                                                             Downtown Solutions Team   87
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

     Provide consistent, credible and on-going
     communication with the community and
     other partners about what you’re working on.

     Build an integrated, working collaboration
     among all the appropriate entities.

     Build and expand your volunteer and
     partnership base; understand the differences
     between types of volunteers and how they
     like to work (project based vs. long-term
     committee based).

     Continue to improve your skills and capacity
     in order to undertake more complex and
     multi-dimensional projects.

     There’s no need to reinvent the wheel - - learn
     from both the successes and failure of other
     community efforts.

     Celebrate your successes! Too often
     volunteers are so busy working on projects,
     they don’t stop and celebrate the successes.
     This almost always leads to burnout!

     A Can-Do Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!
     Communities who are successful in
     revitalization focus on opportunities (even
     during crisis), while struggling communities
     surrender to crisis.

                            Downtown Solutions Team   88
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

     Cultivate ‘champions’. They make ALL the
     difference - - they are the igniters, the
     sparkplugs, the motivators!

     Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. If it were, it
     would have been done by now.

     Don’t lose your sense of humor and
     perspective. Although arduous, local projects
     should be fun and help build a sense of

                          Downtown Solutions Team      89
Pacific Beach Downtown Redevelopment Plan • April 2006

                          Downtown Solutions Team   90

       C2 General Commercial
       R3 Resort Residential

    Winslow, Bainbridge Island, Washington
    Newport, Oregon
    Cannon Beach, Oregon


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