The IT BOOM by stariya


									               The IT BOOM
            By: Cameron McIntyre and Kayla Lang

      This Article will explain how the IT revolution has affected the
world specifically India. Good pay and working conditions has attracted
many Indians to IT jobs. India has a large and rapidly growing work
force called a comparative advantage over many of the other countries
interested in IT jobs as well.

      IT Interview 1:
Name: Meena Kumar
Occupation: Cell Center Agent
Salary: 6,000 US dollars a year
Time of meeting: 6:30 P.M.
Question: how has the IT revolution affected you and people like you?

            Meena Kumar had a lot to say about the IT industry, some
things she likes about it is that it has given her a very decent salary so
she has some spending money after the needs have been taken care of.
She likes that there are now computers in the cafés so she and others
can practice their work or just have fun. She has been able to be more
free with her salary including moving out of her parent’s house and get
a boy friend of her choice.
      IT interview 2:
Name: Nareesh Patel
Occupation: An auto-rickshaw driver
Salary: 600 US dollars a year
Time of meeting: 5:30 A.M.
Question: how has the IT revolution affected you and people like you?

      Nareesh wasn’t quite as excited about the IT industry, part of this
was probably because he was a rickshaw driver (Indian cab driver). This
has caused terrible traffic making his job that much harder. Also
according to Nareesh the rich people have gotten richer and the poor
even poorer. More offices and cellular towers have been built which
has caused more space for roads to be taken up. One positive effect is
that there are more customers that need to navigate the roads that’s
where Nareesh plays his part in the IT business. All and all he thinks
that Bangalore has grown too fast for the government to handle.

      IT interview 3:
Name: Varun Joshi
Occupation: software engineer for an IT company
Salary: 14,000 US dollars per year
Question: how has the IT revolution affected you and people like you?

      Varun had nothing less than wonderful to say about the IT
business and loves everything about it. He has a super high salary and
has countless work benefits such as a company gym. He didn’t have a
lot of time for us and out interview was cut short.

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