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					 over 150 years of educating deaf
looking to the future with our roots firmly planted in the traditions of the past

  theTENNESSEE OBSERVERand hard of hearing children
looking to the future with our roots firmly planted in the traditions of the past
Volume 134          Tennessee School for the Deaf, Knoxville 37920   (Issue No. 4) May, June, July 2010

       The TSD Class of 2011

  Charlene Canada   Amber Crawford                             Johnathan Crawford     Cassie Disheroon

   Daniel Dorris      Barry English          Eric Fisher         Kenisia Langs        Alonté McClellan

   Dustin Miller     Jason Parimore       Sheketa Saulsberry    Zachary Swatzell       Heath Tripplett

     Congratulations Seniors !
the tennessee observer                Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 2                                                                                              The Tennessee Observer

                                                                                              Daniel Dorris
  S    Senior Farewells
                                                                                                   I remember coming to TSD in 7th grade
                                                                                              and meeting Heath and Tori. Later, I met
Chalene Canada
                                                                                              Cassie and Dustin. My years at TSD will
                                                                                              always be remembered as though they are
     Hello, my name is Charlene Canada
                                                                                              like yesterday. I want to thank all of my
and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I
                                                                                              teachers and friends that have supported
joined TSD in September of 2009 as a
                                                                                              me, taught me new signs, and helped me
Junior. I was the manager for the basket-
                                                                                              learn. Thank you to all those at TSD for
ball team, and was a member of the track
                                                                                              everything you have done for me. I love you
team. I’m a member of Jr. NAD. My two
                                                                                              all and you will be seeing me again before
favorite teachers are Susie Satterfield and
                                                                                              you know it! Daniel
Michel Swafford. My favorite classes have
been Yearbook, Government/Economics
                                                                                              Eric Fisher
and English. My best memory is when I
earned 2nd honors for my grades. After
                                                                                                   Hello! I was born in Nashville, TN. I
graduation, I plan to join the Adult program
                                                                                              came to TSD in January 2008. I have been
here at TSD. I will miss my teachers and
                                                                                              a member of the Beta Club, Jr. NAD, the
                                                                                              football team, basketball team manager,
                                                             Dustin Miller                    track team and climbing team. Two of my
                                                                                              best memories are being in the Hands To
                                               Cassie Disheroon
                                                                                              Voice group and the drama of being in my
                                                                                              class play, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My
                                                    I enrolled at TSD on January 8, 2008.
                                                                                              proudest moment was when I was asked to
                                               TSD was my first deaf school. Before I
                                                                                              speak at the New Old Gym dedication
                                               came to school here, I attended public
                                                                                              ceremony. During my speech, I welcomed
                                               school. When I joined TSD, I saw many
                                                                                              the audience and was able to help cut the
                                               students signed real fast. It took me three
                                                                                              ribbon officially opening the gym. After
                                               months to read their signs. My communi-
                                                                                              graduation I plan to attend the PSTP pro-
                                               cation changed a lot.
                                                                                              gram and TTCK to improve my English. I
                                               I am so glad that I have been able to
                                                                                              will miss my friends and all of my teachers
                                               experience playing sports and being a mem-
                                                                                              and staff.
                                               ber of different clubs. I have had the great
                                               pleasure of getting to know my classmates
                                               well over the last four years.
                                                    I want to say a big thank you to my
Cassie Disheroon & Sheketa Saulsberry          advisor, Laura Bledsoe. She has encour-
                                               aged me to improve my grades especially
    THE TENNESSEE OBSERVER                     during my senior year. She has also helped
           (ISSN 0896-1778)                    me with my plans after I graduate. Also, I
   Published bi-monthly, September             want to say thank you to my good friend,
    through June, by the students of           Erick Escamilla. He has discipled me for
             graphic arts at                   the last three years. He has been a good
   The Tennessee School for the Deaf           example and given me wise advice.
     2725 Island Home Boulevard                I am so glad that I have made many friends
       Periodical postage paid at              here at TSD. We created good memories
         Knoxville, Tennessee                  together. Some of my favorite memories
       Subscription: $2.00 per year            are with Katie Wilson and Brenda Carico at
               in advance                      the Mason-Dixon Volleyball Tournament
                                               last year.
  POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to:                    After graduation, I will attend Lincoln
      TENNESSEE OBSERVER                       Memorial University. I plan on studying
    2725 Island Home Boulevard                 veterinary medicine. I will miss my teach-
   Knoxville, Tennessee 37920-2700             ers, friends, and staff. They have made me
    Shelley King & Brandi Rood
                                               feel like TSD is my second home.
                                                    My love to all of you, Cassie.            Amber Crawford & Alonte’ McClellan

 the tennessee observer                             Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 3                                                                                                  The Tennessee Observer

                                                 Alonte’ McClellan
                                                      Hello, my name is Alonte’ McClellan
                                                 and I am from Jackson, Tennessee. I joined
                                                 TSD in December of 2009. My best
                                                 memory is when I played the police officer
                                                 in my class play, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
                                                 After graduation, I will apply to the police
                                                 academy, or become a chef, or attend the
                                                 technical school in Indiana. I will miss my
                                                 teachers Barry Swafford, Michel Swafford,
                                                 Mark Allen, Brandi Rood, Susan Satter-
                                                 field, Florence Ndiaye and Sharon Brown.
                                                 They have helped me learn much. I have
                                                 really enjoyed learning how to cook, be
                                                 more independent and successful no matter
                                                 what!! Later, I plan to move back to
                                                 Detroit, Michigan and live with my Dad
                                                 and big sister Charlene.                         Heath Tripplett
         Daniel Dorris & friend
                                                 Dustin Miller                                         I have grown up in Tennessee all of my
Kenisia Langs
                                                                                                  life and have attended TSD since I was in
                                                      When I first joined TSD, I didn’t know      preschool in 1996. I have grown up at TSD
     Farewell to TSD is hard thing to say
                                                 sign language at all. Luckily, I became          and it will always be home to me. I have
good-bye to my teachers, staff and friends.      friends with a guy who can here and talk
I really don’t want to leave TSD at all                                                           played football and basketball for the last 4
                                                 well, Daniel Dorris. He was the first per-       years, was Capitan of both my senior year,
because it is my second home and I enjoy         son here who I first became friends with,
every moment of my life here at TSD and                                                           and was an All American for 8 man foot-
                                                 and he helped me a lot. After three years of     ball. I have also been on the track and field
remember those good memories. I was glad         being a student here, I became fluent with
to be here, receive my education and inter-                                                       team for three years.
                                                 sign language. In learning sign language, I           I am a class officer, and was an Aca-
act with friends and staff. TSD is the best      was finally able to understand things that       demic Achiever. After graduation, I will be
place to attend because everyone can help        were happening in the classroom.                 going to Southwest Collegiate Institute for
you out, help you to reach your goals and be      After I graduate, I will be enrolling at East   the Deaf, SWCID. I will major in construc-
successful in the future. If I haven’t gone to   Tennessee State University for four years        tion, roofing, and electric.
TSD, I wouldn’t be here right now. I feel        with a major of Digital Media. Then I want
like wow, time sure does fly pretty quickly      to transfer to another college and study deaf    Zachary Swatzell
and everything became overwhelming for           education. My experience here at TSD has
me. My book of life at TSD will be the final     been amazing. I will miss everybody!                  I started at TSD two years ago. My best
chapter on May 19, 2011 and looking back              Love you all! Dustin Miller                 memory is all the times when my teachers
to TSD to remember everything what I was                                                          made me laugh. My favorite class has been
taught and remember what they told me            Sheketa Saulsberry                               math with Becky Candino. She has taught
about education and the future. There’s no                                                        me alot. After graduation, I will join the
                                                      Hello, my name is Sheketa Saulsberry.       PSTP program and learn about cooking
place like TSD can provide you excellent         I joined TSD in the August of 2008. I love
education, teachers, staff and friends and                                                        careers. I will miss my friends and teach-
                                                 sports. I have enjoyed being on the basket-      ers.
you would feel comfortable with everyone.        ball team and practicing everyday. I have
I want to thank to everyone that spent their     enjoyed being supportive and encouraging
time with me and helped me with my               to my friends. My best memory was when
situation to make sure I’m okay. I appreci-      I passed the Gateway Biology exam. My
ate their support throughout years. Good-        proudest moment was when I improved in
bye to TSD but I will never forget you and       speech therapy because I’ve worked so hard
I will always come back to visit you guys        to improve my speaking and listening skills.
sometimes.                                       I’m happy with my success and improve-
     Sharon Brown is my favorite teacher,        ment in speech. I’m also happy to finally
she is like the greatest mother and teacher      have my Cochlear Implant and have be-
to me and I don’t know what I will do            come used to wearing it everyday. After
without her and I am so lucky to have her        graduation, I will join the PSTP program
in my life, thanks to her for helping me,        and attend a technical school to become a
checking on me to make sure I’m okay and         beautician. I will miss all of you and I want         Jason Parimore & Johnathan
understand how I feel.                           to say “Good-Bye”.                                             Crawford

 the tennessee observer                                Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 4                                                                                               The Tennessee Observer

                       TTeddy Bear Program                                                     EEarth Flag Presentation
                                                                                                    The Elementary Department at the
                                                                                               Tennessee School for the Deaf received an
                                                                                               Earth Flag for their commitment to a recy-
                                                                                               cling program and greenhouse project. Ijams
                                                                                               Nature Center of Knoxville has been in-
                                                                                               strumental in leading this effort.
                                                                                                    “Ijams Earth Flag program addresses
                                                                                               the problem of excessive solid waste and
                                                                                               teaches students and educators how to
                                                                                               reduce waste and improve sustainability in
                                                                                               the classroom. By reaching youngsters at
                                                                                               an early age, the program instills lifelong
                                                                                               learning through hands-on activities rein-
                                                                                               forced by environmental education con-
                                                                                                    Schools selected for the program com-
                                                                                               mit to work toward five earth-friendly
                                                                                               goals while receiving assistance from writ-
                                                                                               ten materials, resource organizations, class-
                                                                                               room programs, and training opportuni-
                                                                                                    Elementary teachers Luke Benson and
                                                                                               Shelley King have coordinated the recy-
                                                                                               cling program for the past five years. Stu-
                                                                                               dents collect bins located in each class-
Captain Corcoran explains to Superintendent Alan Mealka the way the bears are used             room. All items are sorted and the recycla-
to help others.                                                                                bles are taken to the local recycling center
                                                                                               each month. Students in each classroom
     The “Teddy Bear Program” to help the      and graciously accepted a special com-
                                                                                               recycle paper, plastic, metal, cardboard,
Knoxville Fire Department continues! This      memorative dagger in remembrance of             aluminum. Don’t try to throw away a soda
year the staff of the Tennessee School for     September 11th, 2001.                           can in the trash in Elementary…. You will
the Deaf donated over 100 bears and stuffed         Helen is already eager to start collect-   be corrected!
animals through the generosity and ever        ing bears and stuffed animals (new and used          Students and staff have begun com-
present volunteer spirit of TSD’s own Helen    in clean condition) for next year. Please       posting food scraps this year. A compost
Williford. Helen is a retiree of TSD and       join her in this worthwhile endeavor!           bin is located near the greenhouse. The
now volunteers her time to stay active and                                                     new, rich soil that is being created by
to support our school. All these bears were                                                    decomposition will soon be used in the
donated to Captain Corcorcan and the                                                           greenhouse for next year’s planting.
firefighters from Fire Station # ___ of                                                             In addition to recycling and compost-
South Knoxville.                                                                               ing, the greenhouse was officially open for
     Bears are given to children who are                                                       business this fall. In addition, Ijams helped
involved in or witness accidents or fires as                                                   make needed repairs to our greenhouse and
a way to reassure and soothe them. Local                                                       gave us supplies to get started. (The green-
firefighters keep a few stuffed animals on                                                     house is located behind the Elementary
each truck and use them on emergency calls                                                     School building). Students in each class led
as needed. They are extremely thankful to                                                      by Science teacher Shelley King planted
have these donated animals to keep and use                                                     seeds. They grew lettuce, spinach, and
under such stressful circumstances.                                                            carrots. Flower seeds were started – daffo-
     Mrs. Williford not only coordinated                                                       dils, sunflowers, iris, allium, cosmos and
this entire project, she also purchased and    Helen Williford presents Captain Corocan        zinnias and much more! Students not only
presented our well deserving firefighters      with a special commemorative dagger for         planted, they learned what plants need and
with gifts. Captain Corcoran was surprised     his service.                                    how to take care of them. Classes took

 the tennessee observer                             Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 5                                                                                             The Tennessee Observer

                                                                                             AAcademic bowl 2011
                                                                                             Ethan Swafford
                                                                                             My name is Ethan Swafford and I went to
                                                                                             Washington, D.C. as a player on TSD’s
                                                                                             Academic Bowl team. Our team of six,
                                                                                             including myself, went there for the Aca-
                                                                                             demic Bowl competition that is held at
                                                                                             Gallaudet University. It was from March 4
                                                                                             to 8, 2011. The six who went included two
                                                                                             coaches and four competitors. Our coach-
                                                                                             es are Michel Swafford, the head coach,
                                                                                             and who also is my mom; and Sam Carter,
                                                                                             the assistant coach and our school librari-
                                                                                             an. The experience there throughout the
                                                                                             competition was overwhelmingly wondrous
                                                                                             and worthwhile of our time. We toured
                                                                                             Washington, D.C. and competed against
                                                                                             several of the top deaf and mainstreamed
                                                                                             teams in the nation. Of these teams we
                                                                                             played, three were the eventual champion
                                                                                             (Maryland School for the Deaf), the run-
Jenny Newby, Americorp Volunteer from Ijams Nature Center, presents the Earth Flag           ner-up (New Mexico School for the Deaf),
to the Elementary Department.                                                                and the third-place team (Model Secondary
                                                                                             School for the Deaf in District of Colum-
turns watering and tending plants each day. Many experiments and lessons were taught         bia). Obviously, we had good competition.
regarding soil types, temperatures, and plant and seed varieties.                            We finished the tournament in the Sweet
     As a part of this commitment, the school was awarded the Earth Flag in a special        Sixteen, as they call it, out of seventy-eight
ceremony held near the flag pole of Elementary. Americorps volunteer from Ijams, Jenny       nation-wide teams. I also won All-Star
Newby, congratulated the students and staff for their continued efforts. Elementary school   Player honors complemented with a med-
is very proud and plans to fly the flag with pride for many years to come!                   al. I was one of sixteen players to win the
                                                                                             award out of approximately three hundred
                                                                                             and ten players from all the teams com-
                                                                                             bined. I truly cannot wait to see what waits
                                                                                             for me in my next two years of competition
                                                                                             eligibility left.

                                                                                             Cassie Disheroon
                                                                                                 On March 3, I was excited to go to
                                                                                             Washington, D.C. because I was never
                                                                                             been there before. We entered Gallaudet, it
                                                                                             was very nice and huge. We saw Justine
                                                                                             Webb and Kimberly Farley (TSD gradu-
                                                                                             ates). We had a wonderful time socializing
                                                                                             with other deaf students. We left Washing-
                                                                                             ton, D.C. exhausted, but we had a good

                                                                                             Dustin Miller
                                                                                                 On Thursday, March 3, we went to the
                                                                                             Metro bus station and took a very surpris-
The Academic Bowl Team: Coach Michel Swafford, Katie Wilson, Cassie Disheroon,               ingly, cheap Mega-bus. It was a very long
Ethan Swafford, Dustin Miller, Coach Sam Carter                                                           See Academic Bowl - Page 8

 the tennessee observer                             Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 6                                                                                          The Tennessee Observer

    F Mile 2011
     Final                                  2
                                            2011 Science Fair Results
                                           Elementary School Division
                                                                                          High School Division
                                                                                          1st place
                                                                                               “How Can You Recognize Facial
                                                                                                    Katie Wilson, Tori Carver,
                                           1st place tie
                                                                                                    and Charlene Canada
                                                “Can Your Fingers Lie?”
                                                                                          2nd place
                                                     Ethan Baril
                                                                                               “How Can You Make Designs Using
                                                “Why Does Your Hair Stand Up?”
                                                     Jacinda Steakley
                                                                                                    Kayla Brooks and Erin Woolfork
                                           3rd place
                                                                                          3rd place
                                                “Why is the Sky Blue?”
                                                                                                “Ohms Law” - Jordan Webb
                                                     Nekeisha Ford
                                                                                               Congratulations to all the entries and
                                                Special thanks to our judges Jenny
                                           Newby and Sabrina DeVault from Ijams           to teachers Sharon Brown, Robin Grove,
                                           Nature Center                                  Shelley King, and Krista Beukema for all
                                                                                          your hard work with our students!
                                           Middle School Division
                                           1st place
                                                 “White Before Your Eyes”
                                                     Emily Rollins, Destiny Thomp-
                                                     son, and Michaela Evans
                                                                                            U Baseball Game
                                           2nd place                                           On Wednesday March 30, the elemen-
                                                “Go Fly a Bike”
                                                                                          tary baseball team got the opportunity to
                                                     Alexis Whittington, Alenis Pierce,
                                                     and Athena Ellenberger               attend a UT baseball game. To their sur-
                                           3rd place                                      prise they were allowed to go down to the
                                                “ I See the Light”                        dugout and mingle with the team. When it
                                                     Thomas Sparks, Jared Grayson,        was time to start the game, the students
                                                     Misael Sanchez, Patton Carothers,    were allowed to ‘take the field’ alongside
                                                     & Clarance Cunningham                UT’s team and remain there for the dura-
                                           4th place                                      tion of the national anthem. Hailey Robin-
                                                “Science Friction”
High School student and TSD track                    Alyssa McCann, Christian Osborn,     son got the opportunity to sign the anthem
member Yafet Yoseph “high fives”                     and Harley Carpenter                 while another person sang it. We got to
classmates as he wins his race division.                                                  enjoy a great baseball game and fun was had
                                                Special thanks to our judges Shannon
                                           Graham and J.R. Jones                          by all. Many thanks go out to the UT team
                                                                                          and their generous hospitality.
                                           High School Division
                                           1st place
                                                “What Will Happen if Liquid                          UT Baseball Game
                                                Nitrogen is Put in a Microwave?”                     By Haliey Robinson
                                                     Ethan Swafford                           I went to the UT baseball game. I
                                           2nd place                                      signed The National Anthem. Paige helped
                                                “Which Angle is Best for a Solar Car?”    me with the words. I was not nervous. I
                                                     Yafet Yoseph, Buddy Boyd,            was brave. When The National Anthem
                                                     and Shawn Carico                     was done, I went in the stands to watch the
                                           3rd place
                                                “Are There Ghosts in Ward Building?”      game. I had fun that day!
                                                     Jordan Webb, Katie Wilson, Tori
                                                     Carver, Reiko Pearson, Collin            A couple of students in Cottage 303
                                                     Miles, Brandi Griffis                spent a great deal of time writing letters to
                                           4th place                                      both baseball and football players. They
                                                “Which Material Will Burn the             sent along trading cards with their letters
                                                Fastest?”                                 hoping for the chance to get them auto-
                                                     Kayla Brooks and Erin Woolfork
                                                                                          graphed. So far, Jacob Johnson has re-
                                           5th place
                                                “Which Soft Drink Can Cause the           ceived one of his back. Trent Green, a
                                                Most Corrosion?”                          player for the Kansas City Chiefs, signed
                                                     Blanche Young                        one of Jacob’s cards and sent it back to him.
Preschooler Jonah Fuston is determined          This year the Science fair included a     Jacob was thrilled! Be sure and ask him
to reach the finish line.                  special division for Math.                     about this experience.

 the tennessee observer                         Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
  the tennessee observer
  Page 7                                                                                                 The Tennessee Observer

                                  eXpressions - The 2011 High School Art Show

                    Trew Wilson's Best of Show Tote Bag - left to right: front panel, back panel, and 2 inside panels.

    We have so much to look forward to in        they truly are on the inside. Because they      Portraits in Clay
the month of May at TSD, and one of the          used discarded items, they learned how              Artist Robert Arneson inspired stu-
favorite events is always the annual Art         they can create beauty from someone else’s      dents to create these wonderful expressions
Show, lead and directed by High School           trash. The work of Robert Rauschenberg          of emotions using clay. The pieces were
teacher, Rebecca Houser. This year the           influenced them.                                bisque fired and then stained with acrylic
students concentrated on expressing them-        Mono Prints                                     washes and covered with a medium gloss.
selves through a variety of medium:                   Using plastic printing plates, the stu-         Rebecca Houser would like to thank
                                                 dents painted a design using one color and      our staff, faculty, and administration for all
Abstract Expressionistic Paintings on            then cleaned the plate and painted with a       the support for the 2011 Art Show. Special
Canvas and Mat Board                             different color. Some of the students used      thanks go out to:
      Students picked colors, lines, shapes,     as many as four colors in a print.                   Donors for the Reception: The Chop
and textures that best showed their emo-         Pop Art Bottles                                 House, Food City, McLemore Florist, and
tions. After they completed their paintings           Students studied the 50’s Art Move-        The Village Bakery
they then studied about a 20th Century           ment of Pop Art and learned how fast food            Volunteers and Support: Stephen Can-
Group of Abstract Expressionists and picked      and mass produced products influenced           dino, Michel Swafford, Rick Alexander,
the artist they thought best matched their       art. They picked their favorite bottled drink   Daniel Jerrolds and his students, Mark
painting and style. The artists they studied     and created a work on mat board using           Hamrick, Sam Carter, Laura Bledsoe, Bran-
were Willem de Kooing, Jackson Pollock,          colored pencils. They painted the bottles       di Rood, Christina Foran, Kaye West and
Robert Motherwell, Hans Hofman, Mark             with a gloss medium and then when dried,        the entire CTE department.
Rothko, Lee Kansler, and Richard Dieben-         they applied an ink wash.                            Mrs. Houser is also extremely thank-
korn.                                            Visual Journals                                 ful to the jurors for this year’s show:
Oil Pastels                                           Students studied the work of Vincent            Cindy Davis - Artist
      Students picked an emotion and then        van Gogh, Robert Bearden and Frida Kahlo             Kelly Hider - Fine Arts Graduate Stu-
conveyed that on mat board with oil pas-         and were inspired to create these incredible    dent at the University of Tennessee
tels. They then picked something living and      journals of a recent event in their lives.           Brett Ware - Interior Designer from
portrayed it on paper, also using oil pastels.   They learned about collage and once again       Bliss Home
They were to use the quick strokes of the        they used found objects such as newspaper,      This year's winners the winners were:
Expressionists, but portraying actual living     magazine pictures and scrap paper to help            Best of Show - $50
things.                                          them create these wonderful journals.                     Trew Wilson - Tote Bag
TV Sets and Tote Bags                            Clay Pots                                            2nd Place - $30
      The High School Art Department re-              Students were given clay and asked to                Kayla Brooks- Oil Pastel
ceived a donation of several shells of mini      express themselves in a three-dimensional            3rd Place - $20
TV sets and used tote bags. On the outside       design. They used beautiful free-form                     Emily Stacey- Mono-print
of the TV set or the tote bag students           shapes and experimented with a variety of            Honorable Mention
created who people perceived them to be          glazes to achieve these beautiful pots. The               Erin Woolfork, Eric Fisher
on the inside and then they created who          artist they studied was Pablo Picasso.                    Shawn Carico and Emily Stacey

 the tennessee observer                               Summer Two Thousand and Eleven
the tennessee observer
Page 8                                                                                   The Tennessee Observer
The Tennessee School for the Deaf is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, equal access, and affirmative action.
Contact the EEO/AA/ADA Coordinator, (865) 594-6022 (Voice/TDD) for further information.

TENNESSEE OBSERVER                                                      Periodical
2725 Island Home Boulevard                                        Postage Paid at
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920                                   Knoxville, TN 37920
                                                                 (USPS 539-240)

                                                                                         AAcademic Bowl
                                                                                                     from Page 5

                                                                                      drive, which I would say was approximate-
                                                                                      ly 10-11 hours. Once we arrived in Wash-
                                                                                      ington, D.C., it was not what I expected. It
                                                                                      was more beautiful than I thought it would
                                                                                      be. The Washington Monument and the
                                                                                      Capitol Building were bigger than I thought
                                                                                      they would be. The White House was
                                                                                      smaller than I thought it would be. The
                                                                                      competition was at Gallaudet University, a
                                                                                      beautiful campus. We competed against 9
                                                                                      schools in the first round, 7 schools in the
                                                                                      2nd round, and one school in the National.
                                                                                      There were 78 schools from 48 states, and
                                                                                      we placed 9th out of 78. It was a great
                                                                                      competition, great trip, and an unforgetta-
                                                                                      ble memory.

                                                                                      Katie Wilson
                                                                                      The Academic Bowl team and I went to
                                                                                      Gallaudet for the Academic Bowl Compe-
                                                                                      tition. It was amazing experience for us.
                                                                                      We rode a Mega Bus to Washington D.C.
                                                                                      It was a long trip, but comfortable to ride.
                                                                                      I have been to Washington D.C. and Gal-
                                                                                      laudet University before but one of the
                                                                                      things that I never experienced is Metro
                                                                                      Subway. In the Academic Bowl Competi-
                                                                                      tion, it was so awesome! I met some old
                                                                                      students from the Math Counts competi-
                                                                                      tion from 3 years ago. We did a lot of
                                                                                      matches. Our brains got “fried” after our
                                                                                      last match against Model Secondary School
                                                                                      for the Deaf. We made it into the top 16
                                                                                      teams. I’m proud of us. I enjoyed it.

the tennessee observer Spring Two Thousand and Eleven

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