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									4A   Oct. 29, 2010 ■ The Journal Record ■

                      GILMORE                             FAA investigating
                                                          landing by Inhofe                                           Investiture for Larry Minks
                       OUNDTOWN                           TULSA - The Federal Aviation
                                                          Administration is investigating

Meet 'Ladies
                                                          Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe's landing of
                                                          an airplane on a closed runway in Texas.
                                                              The twin-engine Cessna piloted by

Who Lunch'                                                Inhofe landed Oct 21 on a closed run-
                                                          way at the Port Isabel-Cameron County
    Five of Oklahoma City's longtime                          FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford
performers have stepped up to help                        said investigators are reviewing the
Carpenter Square Theatre, which had                       landing to determine if any action is
its hopes and dreams wiped away by                        necessary. He declined further com-
the city's June 14 flood. The flood                       ment
severely damaged Stage Center, where                          Inhofe said he was not aware before-
Carpenter Square had its home for the                     hand that the runway was closed and
past 13 years.                                            did not see large X's marking it as closed
    Rhonda Clark, Carpenter's artistic                    until it was too late to change course.
director, surveyed the damage and real-                       Inhofe is 75 and a commercially
ized her 27 years of theatrical mile-                     rated pilot with more than 50 years of
stones, as well as struggles, were in                     flying experience. He was with two
ruins. Besides losing a venue for per-                                                                                Larry Minks formally accepted the charge as the 19th president of Southeastern
                                                          staff members and a family friend fly-
formances and office space, CST expe-                                                                                 Oklahoma State University in Durant at an investiture ceremony on Wednesday.
                                                          ing to a home he owns at South Padre
rienced a 90-percent loss of costumes                                                                                 Minks served as interim president from July 1, 2009, to Jan. 21, when he was
                                                          Island. 	 Associated Press
                                                                                                                      named permanent president by the Regional University System of the Oklahoma

and a 75-percent loss of furniture and
props.                                                                                                                Board of Regents. COURTESY PHOTO
    Luckily, the five performers are                      Raises approved for
Friday lunch mates of Clark and imme-
diately stepped up to help. They are
                                                          OU assistant coaches                                     since 1995, getting a two-year extension                                cations at Wal-Mart.
                                                          OKLAHOMA CITY — All nine of                              through 2015 that includes a $94,000                                        Twenty-seven Bronze Quill awards
Jane Hall, Charlotte Franlclin, Jeanie
                                                          Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops' assistant                     raise and an annual stay bonus of                                       were presented in 21 categories for
Cooper, Kerry Robertson and                                                                                                                                                                work completed during 2009 and
                                                          coaches have been given raises for this                  $15,000. His salary is set to increase by
Christy Carson. Their help will be
                                                          football season.                                         $5,000 each year starting next July, and                                2010.
"The Ladies Who Lunch - A Musical
                                                              The university's regents voted                       his potential bonus for winning a                                           Jarrod Kopp and Ramon Cardiel
Revue," which will be presented at 8                                                                                                                                                       of FW Murphy won Best of Show with
                                                          Wednesday in Lawton to approve                           national title was changed from $25,000
p.m. Nov. 6 and 2:30 p.m. Nov. 7. The
                                                          $45,000 raises for defensive coordinator                 to $65,000.                                                             their "You Dream It, We Deliver It"
"Ladies" will "Lunch" in the Howard
                                                          Brent Venables and offensive coordina-                       Softball coach Patty Gasso also got a                               brochure.
Theatre on the campus of Heritage
                                                          tor Kevin Wilson. Venables is set to                     two-year extension through 2015 that                                        Awards of Excellence were pre-
Hall Schools, 1800 NW 122nd St. The
                                                          make $440,000 this year, while Wilson                    includes a $40,000 raise. She's also set to                             sented to Ginger D. Homan for Zia's
administration and performing arts fac-
                                                          will make $430,000.                                      receive an annual stay bonus of $15,000                                 "Establishing a MODA Brand" brand-
ulty of Heritage Hall have graciously
                                                              Quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel                       each February and an annual raise of                                    ing campaign; Steve Turnbo, Lucinda
donated the use of theater space and
                                                          got the biggest bump, increasing his                     $5,000.                                                                 Rojas Ross and Kari Kulp for Schnake
their time to help with the project.
                                                          total pay from $200,000 to $250,000.                         All of the money for the contracts                                  Turnbo Frank PR's "Do the Smart
    "The Ladies Who Lunch" is the
                                                          Offensive assistants Jay Norvell, James                  comes out of the budget of the athletic                                 Thing-Tulsa Public Schools Bond"
brainchild of Brian Tidwell, former
                                                          Patton and Cale Gundy got $20,000                        department, which is self-sustaining and                                campaign; Allison Broyles and Tom
music director and conductor for Lyric
                                                          raises while defensive assistants Bobby                  does not receive any money from tax-                                    Droege for Rex PR's "Home Run for
Theatre, Jewel Box Theatre, CityRep
                                                          Jack Wright Jackie Shipp and Willie                      payers or student fees. - Associated Press                              the Homeless" media relations;
and Stage Center, as well as music con-
                                                          Martinez will be paid about $16,500                                                                                              Schnake Turnbo Frank PR's "Tulsa: A
ductor on Broadway and national tours
                                                          more.                                                                                                                            Major League City" special communi-
of Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby, Chicago
                                                              All of the contracts run through the                 IABC Tulsa chapter                                                      cations event; Allison Starke for
with Chita Riera and Hello Dolly with
Juliet Prowse. Tidwell has returned to
                                                          end of May 2011.                                         presents awards                                                         Schnake Turnbo Frank PR's "Art in
                                                              Stoops was not one of those getting a                TULSA - Sandra Lewis, executive                                         Motion" special communications
Oklahoma City and teaches vocal music
                                                          raise after his contract was updated last                director of the Tulsa Day Center for                                    event; Amethyst Cavallaro, Walt
at Edmond North High School.
                                                          year. One of college football's highest-                 the Homeless, was named 2010                                            Beazley and Gail Laur for the
    The five "Ladies" have more than
                                                          paid coaches, he'll make $3.885 million                  Communicator of the Year on                                             University of Tulsa's Vision newspa-
250 combined years of show biz expe-
                                                          this year and get an $800,000 contribu-                  Thursday by the Tulsa chapter of the                                    per; Oneok Inc.'s Oneok Quarterly four-
rience in Oklahoma City as well as
                                                          tion to his retirement fund as long as                   International Association of Business                                   color magazine; Jarrod Kopp and
working regionally and nationally.
                                                          he's still the Sooners' coach on Jan. 1.                 Communicators.                                                          Ramon Cardiel for FW Murphy's
Their revue will offer comic, poignant
                                                              Baseball coach Sunny Golloway was                        The Leon Bolen Service Award was                                    "You Dream It, We Deliver It" promo-
and show-stopping numbers from the
                                                          rewarded for taking the Sooners to the                   presented to Shannon Frederick,
best composers Broadway has to offer.                                                                                                                                                      See BRIEFS,     PAGE 5
                                                          College World Series for the first time                  director of global associate communi-
Narrator and host of the evening will
be Joshua McGowen, who's appeared
in several short films in Los Angeles
and has portrayed leading roles at                                                                                   Mat subscrlpffon prices are S184 per year Newsstand price Is $1
Jewel Box and other local theaters.                                 THE JOURNAL RECORD                               per copy. To subscribe, call (800) 451-9998.
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 raised will be used to replace office                                                                               for 40 he Witter manes resporsbily, hi responsibeh shall be egad
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 make CST a success.                                                                                                                                                                           mail:
                                                                                  THE DOLAN
                                                                                                                                          V      VERIFIED .                                    (405) 278-2890. U.S. mall: Perspectives, do
                                                                                                                                                                                                The Journal Record, x 26370, Oklahoma City,
 See GILMORE,        PAGE 34                                                     COMPANY                                                           USPS 143-700                                OK 73126-0370.
                                                                                                                                       O The Journal Record Ptashing Ca
                                                                                                                            • The Journal Record • Oct. 29, 2010   5A

                                               equality and has helped develop
BRIEFS                                         empowerment programs for women and
from poge 4                                    girls around the world.
                                                   The NSU College of the Business &
tional advertising/marketing; Megan            Technology offers three lectures per
Lewis for Oneok's "One Responsibility-
                                               semester, one featuring a Battenfield-
Oneok Corporate Responsibility Report"         Carletti Distinguished Entrepreneur, the
special print communications; Jarrod           others addressing topics such as careers
Kopp, Ramon Cardiel, Jessica Hall,
                                               and current issues. - Staff report
Joni Hamilton and Juliane Spinuzzi
for FW Murphy's "The New" external website.                Cornett named Public
    Awards of Merit were presented to
Russell Shaffer for Wal-Mart's "MLB
                                               Official of the Year
Employee Discount Email" employee              OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City
communications campaign; Heather               Mayor Mick Cornett has been named
Ingram for Oneok's "NAPTP Investor             Public Official of the Year by Governing
Conference Presentation" investor rela-        Magazine, a publication for state and
tions; Tracy T. Harlow for                     local governments.
ConocoPhillips' "Diversity Networks                Cornett was recognized for his lead-
Launch" communications event;                  ership on the MAPS 3 and "This City is
Jennifer Pigeon for Oneok's "One Trust         Going on a Diet" initiatives.                     Country music star Garth Brooks, left, sits next to Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander,
Fund Elects New Board Members" spe-                Previous mayoral winners include              center, and Bob Corker during an announcement that Oklahoma native Brooks and
cial communications event; Heather             the mayors of Houston, Chicago, Boston,           Trisha Yearwood will hold a concert in December to benefit flood relief in Nashville.
Ingram for Oneok's "Investor Relations         St. Petersburg, Nashville, Denver,                AP PHOTO/THE TENNESSEAN, SHELLEY MAYS

Monthly" internal newsletter; Megan
Washbourne for Oneok's "Oneok &
                                               Atlanta and Louisville.
                                                   Cornett was also recently named one           Garth Brooks to play benefit
                                               of the top three finalists for "World
Oneok Partners 2009 Annual Report"
corporate annual report; Nicole                Mayor 2010," presented by City Mayors,
                                               a European-based international think
                                                                                                 for flood relief in Nashville
Morgan and Greg Rex for Rex PR's
"Magnir Company Brochure" promo-               tank for urban issues. More than 800              NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Country music                 other performers to participate and
tional advertising/marketing; Jennifer         mayors were nominated. The winner                 stars Garth Brooks and Trisha                    left the door open for multiple per-
Pigeon for Oneok's "Oneok Launches             will be announced next month.                     Yearwood said Thursday they will                 formances if there is demand.
New Website" feature/human interest                                           - Staff report     play a concert in December to bene-                   There should be plenty: He is the
writing; Amethyst Cavallaro for                                                                  fit flood relief in middle Tennessee.            best-selling solo artist in U.S. history
University of Tulsa's "Advocate for                                                                   Brooks, who was born in Tulsa in            with more than 128 million albums
Change" feature/human interest writ-
                                               Director named for                                1962 and grew up in Yukon, made                  sold and his time away from record-
ing; Amethyst Cavallaro for University         Cherokee center                                   the announcement during a news                   ing only seems to have heightened
of Tulsa's "Toothless, Five-wheeled            ENID - Andrea Holland has been                    conference Thursday morning that                 his fans' interest.
Wonder" feature/human interest writ-           appointed director of the Cherokee Strip          was attended by Gov. Phil Bredesen,                   Tickets to his initial run of Vegas
ing; Hayley Peck for Oneok's                   Regional Heritage Center in Enid.                 Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and a                  shows sold out in hours and there
"Wisconsin Pipeline Tech Makes                     She joined the center four years ago to       host of other politicians.                       will likely be high demand for bene-
Wishes Come True" feature/human                build the oral history collections for the             Brooks said making the decision             fit tickets.
 interest writing; Jessica Hall and Terry      developing museum. She was named                  was easy: "I think we decided to do it                Brooks, a graduate of Oklahoma
 Brei for FW Murphy's "Good Show"              president of CSRHC Inc. in 2009. As pres-         the day we saw the flood."                       State University, promises something
 technical writing; Jennifer Pigeon and        ident, Holland worked to raise money and               He formally retired about a                 special for those who score a ticket.
 Rick Ayre for Oneok's "Oneok Website          administer an $8 million capital project to       decade ago to spend more time with                    "Our job is to make it the best
 Redesign" external website; Jennifer          renovate and double the size of the for-          his children and Yearwood. But he                show we've ever done," he said.
 Pigeon and Rick Ayre for Oneok's              mer Museum of the Cherokee Strip,                 began performing at the Wynn                          May's flood caused more than $2
 "Oneok Quarterly Interactive Features"        transforming the facility into the state's        Resort in Las Vegas last December,               billion in damage in Nashville alone
 electronic publication; and Keith             first regional heritage center.                   and expects to do 15 weeks of shows               and there was widespread damage
 Isabell of Broken Arrow Public Schools'           Holland is a graduate of Yukon High           a year at least until his youngest               throughout central Tennessee.
 "2009 Broken Arrow School Bond                School and the University of South                daughter graduates from high                      Proceeds from the Dec. 17 concert
 Election" one-time video campaign.            Alabama. She was regional director of             school.                                           will go to the Community
                              - Staff report   public relations for the Southwest                     He and Yearwood live in the                  Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
                                               Division of the Salvation Army, director of       Tulsa area.                                           There have been dozens of bene-
                                               volunteers for the Tampa Bay Boswell                   The benefit will be held Dec.17 at           fits held in Nashville for flood relief,
Silver-Parker to lecture                       Memorial Hospital in Sun City, Ariz., and          Bridgestone Arena and tickets will               raising millions of dollars for assis-
on women's topics                              executive director of Wichita County               go for $25. Information on how to                tance. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's
                                               Heritage Society in Wichita Falls, Texas.         buy tickets will be released                      Nashville Rising concert led to $2
TAHLEQUAH - Ester Silver-Parker
will present lectures Wednesday at                 Her husband, David Holland, retired            Wednesday.                                       million in donations alone.
                                                                                                      Brooks said he likely will invite                                         Associated Press
Northeastern State University's campus-         from the Air Force while stationed at                                                                                       -

es in Tahlequah and Broken Arrow.              Vance Air Force Base. - Staff report
    Silver-Parker's lecture, "Women and
Business: Still a merger in progress," is                                                         The Lloyd Noble Center has also                  redeveloping Tulsa and this region with
scheduled at 1 p.m. in the University
                                               Women's tournament                              hosted tournament games in 1986 and                 a long-term view."
Center on the Tahlequah campus and at          returning to Norman                             every year from 2001 to 2004.                           With grant money available in early
5:30 p.m. on the Broken Arrow campus.           NORMAN - The NCAA women's bas-                                              - Associated Press     2011, the pilot planning program was
    "Ms. Silver-Parker has an extensive         ketball tournament is coming back to                                            OA                 created to enhance the city's efforts to
background. She's someone I would like          Oklahoma's campus.                                                                                 identify Brownfields in Tulsa.
to see our students emulate," said John             The Lloyd Noble Center was one of
                                                                                               Tulsa receives grant for                                Tulsa has applied for three more
Schleede, dean of the NSU College of            16 sites selected Tuesday to host prelim-      Brownfields program                                 Brownfields grants from the EPA. The
Business & Technology. "She grew up             inary rounds of the 2012 tournament. It        TULSA - Tulsa has been selected to                  applications include a $200,000 cleanup
relatively poor during the civil rights         will be the seventh time the home of the       receive a $175,000 grant from the                   grant for the Old Morton Health Center
movement, and became the senior vice            Sooners has been used as an NCAA               Environmental Protection Agency for a               site and two City Coalition Grants with
president of corporate affairs at Wal-          tournament host.                               Brownfields pilot planning program.                 Tulsa County, Tulsa Industrial
Mart, then went on to become president              Oklahoma's site had the third-high-           "Brownfields represent some of the               Authority, and Tulsa Development
of corporate affairs and president of the       est attendance among 16 first- and sec-        best development opportunities," Mayor              Authority - $1 million for assessment
AT&T Foundation at AT&T."                       ond-round sites in last year's NCAA            Dewey Bartlett said. "We need to take               and $4 million for cleanup through a
    Now, she is an advocate for gender          tournament.                                    advantage of these to be successful in              revolving loan fund.	- Staff report

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