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                                                                                           August 22, 2011


    Are YOU ready to WIN BIG?
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    “The King of College Foot-                                                  Tennessee is going through a lot of
ball” handicapping is ready to start                                            changes, including its first coaching
rolling. We will win again in the NFL,                                          change in 17 years as Jeff Fisher
as well.                                                                        has been replaced by Mike Mun-
    If you are not yet a member of                                              chak, but the addition of Hassel-
Harry Bondi’s Football “Steam                                                   beck makes them much better. The
Team” call 1-877-332-0077 right                                                 Titans have one of the best running
now and get with the best football                                              backs in the NFL in Chris Johnson
service in the country for the                                                  (when he returns from his hold out)
special discounted price of just                                                and Kenny Britt is a talented wide
$1,700. The regular price of                                                    receiver if he can stay out of trou-
$2,000 (which is still a steal!) re-                                            ble. On defense, the Titans have
turns Saturday, Sept. 3, so call                                                plenty of talent. Jason Babin is an
now, join today, save a little money                                            excellent defensive end and one of
and get ready to win a lot!                                                     the most underrated defenders in
    Remember, last year we made a                                               the league. Jason Jones is an-
$100 player $5,930 and a dime                                                   other good player on the Titans de-
player made $59,300. We expect                                                  fensive line and Stephen Tulloch
this fall to be even stronger with the                                          is a solid middle linebacker and
additions we have made to our                                                   Cortland Finnegan, easily the
handicapping staff. We WILL get off      Harry Bondi predicts that Nick         most hated player in the NFL, is a
to another fast start so don’t           Saban and the Crimson Tide             very good cornerback. We will be
wait, join today: 1-877-332-0077.        are heading toward another             looking to “Go With” Tennessee in
    The Titans pick up of veteran QB     national championship.                 September and may use the Titans
Matt Hasselbeck is a perfect                                                    as part of our “NFL Season
                                         round draft pick and quarterback of
match. Three members of Ten-                                                    Over/Under Best Bet Report,”
                                         the future, Jake Locker. The
nessee’s front office -- including                                              which has gone 8-2 the last two
                                         Vikings pick up of Donovan McN-
general manager Mike Reinfeldt -                                                seasons. To get your free copy of
                                         abb got a lot more hype and ink,
- know “Hass” from their days to-                                               this report call us today at 1-877-
                                         but McNabb was done at the end in
gether in Seattle and he will be a                                              332-0077.
                                         Philly. That’s why Andy Reid let
perfect mentor for the Titans 1st-                                                 Georgia will be without its top
                                         him go to division rival Washington.

                      “KICKOFF WEEKEND” is SATURDAY, SEPT. 3RD
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three running backs from last year                                                 a fractured skull after falling down
for its opening game showdown                                                      his stairs while chasing his cat at
with Boise State on September 3rd.                                                 home and never played last season
Washaun Ealey, the Bulldogs                                                        but is 100% for 2011.
leading rusher the last two seasons,                                                   Highly touted Alabama running
left the program in May for Jack-                                                  back Demetrius Hart is lost for the
sonville State after being suspended                                               2011 season after the true fresh-
for the second time by Head Coach                                                  man tore his ACL during a 7-on-7
Mark Richt. Caleb King, whose                                                      passing drill in July. Hart, who en-
performance in the classroom was                                                   rolled early and was impressive in
so bad that the NCAA had to step in                                                spring practice, underwent surgery
and declare him academically ineli-                                                and will be out for 8 months. Losing
gible, is out for the season. Carlton                                              Hart puts a dent in the Crimson
Thomas, last year’s second-leading                                                 Tide's backfield depth. He im-
rusher, was suspended for the Boise                                                pressed the Alabama coaches in the
State game for violating team pol-                                                 spring and was the leading candi-
icy. That leaves redshirt freshman                                                 date to be both Alabama's third-
Ken “Boo” Malcolme and true                                                        down back and punt returner.
freshman phenom Isiah Cromwell                                                         Dolphins receiver Brandon
                                          Ravens running back Ray Rice
as the only eligible running backs on                                              Marshall will fully recover from
                                          is going to need some help if
scholarship. Thomas’s suspension                                                   stab wounds he received from his
                                          Baltimore wants to finally top-
continues an alarming rate of attri-                                               wife Michi Nogami, who claimed
                                          ple the Steelers this season.
tion and unfulfilled potential at tail-                                            she was defending herself from an-
back under position coach Bryan               Bitter AFC North rivals Pittsburgh   other beating by the former Pro
McClendon. Georgia has moved              and Baltimore will open the season       Bowler. It’s another incident in a
linebacker Richard Samuel to tail-        against each other in Baltimore in a     long line of bad behavior by Mar-
back in an attempt to stabilize the       monster Week 1 match-up. The             shall who was shipped out of Den-
position. Samuel, who was a run-          Ravens are still stinging from blow-     ver despite three Pro Bowl seasons
ning back his first two seasons in        ing a 21-7 first half lead and losing    in which he had over 100 receptions
Athens, started six games as a            34-24 in last year’s playoffs to the     each year. Two years ago he was ar-
sophomore before falling behind           eventual AFC Champs in Pittsburgh.       rested in Atlanta for beating the shit
Ealey and King on the depth chart.        Baltimore must do three things to fi-    out of Nogami and he was also in-
    “Don’t sleep on the Tigers this       nally get by Pittsburgh in the AFC       volved in the New Year’s Eve fight in
year as they return 15 starters and       North. 1. Get home field advantage       Denver in 2007 that led to the
while most ‘experts’ expect               in the playoffs 2. Improve their pro-    shooting death of his then team-
Arkansas to battle Alabama for the        duction in the running game. Last        mate Darrent Williams.
SEC West championship, we think it        season, Ray Rice ran for 1,220               The best cornerback in the NFL
will be Auburn that wins the SEC          yards and five touchdowns. But           is the Eagles Asante Samuel. At
and has a shot at the National            overall, the Ravens dropped from         Harry Bondi Sports, we have de-
Championship”. That is how we             fifth in the league in yards per at-     veloped a statistic that measures
started our write-up of Auburn in         tempt with 4.7 to 25th with only 3.8     yards allowed per pass attempt and
our 2010 College Football Pre-            yards per attempt. 3. The defense        Samuel was the best allowing just
view as we were the only college          must put pressure on the QB. Last        3.5 yards per pass attempt. Viking
preview in the country to call for        year they had 27 sacks, an all-time      Antoine Winfield was second best
Auburn to win the SEC in 2010! To         low for the franchise and tied for       in the NFL with 4.5 allowed. The
see who Harry thinks will win every       27th-lowest in the league. Left out-     league average was 7.7 and we
conference and the National Cham-         side linebacker Terrell Suggs had        think that this stat is a great meas-
pionship this year check out our          11 sacks. They need another big-         ure of a secondary’s effectiveness
complete team-by-team previews at         time pass-rusher to go with Suggs.       and plan to incorporate it into out and get the most           The only hope currently on the ros-      NFL handicapping formula to
enjoyable and most accurate college       ter is 2010 second-round draft           achieve more point spread winners.
preview in the nation for FREE.           choice Sergio Kindle. He suffered        The worst cornerback in the league

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    College Football & NFL Preview Notes
       To view Harry’s complete 2011 football preview, visit

                                        DON’T MISS 2011
was     Jacksonville’s    David                                                          read, even though he was a
Jones, who allowed a 12.4                                                                senior at Ole Miss.

                                       KICKOFF WEEKEND
yards per pass attempt.                                                                     Oklahoma's national cham-
    Why would anyone pay                                                                 pionship outlook got a little
thousands of dollars to sub-
scribe to a sports service? Be-
                                       Begins Saturday, Sept. 3rd                        better with the return of All-Big
                                                                                         12 cornerback Jamell Flem-
cause a service with great                      Remember last year’s                     ing, who had left school after
sources like Harry Bondi has                College Kickoff Weekend?                     being named the defensive
developed over his 26-year                                                               MVP of the Feista Bowl “to chill
                                                      Sept. 4, 2010
professional handicapping ca-                                                            a while,” but will play this fall.
reer can make you a fortune.       Oklahoma State (-17) v. Wash. St. 65-17       WON But the Sooners took a big hit
                                   TCU (-13) v. Oregon State           30-21     Lost
    A recent example of this oc- Fresno State (-2) v. Cincinnati       28-14     WON
                                                                                         with the loss of Big 12 Defen-
curred during last spring’s NBA                                                          sive Player of the Year Travis
                                                      Sept. 6, 2010
Playoffs. Prior to the Lakers                                                            Lewis, who broke his foot dur-

                                                3-1 75%
second round series with Dal-      Boise State (-1) v. Virginia Tech   33-30     WON ing practice August 8th and will
las, Harry was told by a reliable                                                        miss at least two months.
source that Kobe Bryant and                                                              Oklahoma was already thin at
Pau Gasol had stopped talking                                                            linebacker with the death of
to each other and that Gasol Don’t miss another Bondi Fast Start! Austin Box, who died of a
was sulking at practice and                  CALL: 1-877-332-0077                        drug overdose in the spring.
during games because Kobe’s                                                                 Over his 26-year as a pro-
                                        August. I guess he is trying to get
wife, Vanessa, had told Gasol’s long-                                              fessional sports handicapper, Harry
                                        Garcia motivated. Garcia continues
time girlfriend Silvia Castro, a 22-                                               Bondi has been called “007” for
                                        to be one of the most underrated
year-old beauty from Barcelona,                                                    his ability to find “secret” infor-
                                        QBs in the country, despite throwing
that Gasol had been cheating on                                                    mation that results in point spread
                                        for 3,059 yards and 20 touchdowns
her. The next day she did leave                                                    winners. He’s also be dubbed “The
                                        and leading the Cocks to their first
Gasol after trashing his house.                                                    King of College Football,” for his
                                        SEC East Title EVER in 2010.
Gasol told Kobe that his wife should                                               incredible winning percentage in the
                                           Chiefs general manager Scott
mind her own business and that led                                                 college game, as well as the
                                        Pioli raised eyebrows around the
to a confrontation between the two                                                 “Handicapper with a Heart” for
                                        NFL when he selected a rapist, a
teammates, who eventually stopped                                                  his willingness to work with small
                                        pothead and a player that can’t read
talking or interacting with each                                                   players, as well as the biggest
                                        with his first three picks in the draft.
other. That certainly contributed to                                               sports bettors in the world. You will
                                        First-rounder Jonathan Baldwin
Gasol’s pathetic play. Armed with                                                  call joining Bondi the best deci-
                                        was arrested for rape in 2009 and
this information, we were point-                                                   sion you have ever made if you
                                        often acted like a diva while at Pitts-
spread perfect in the Dallas-Lakers                                                dial 1-877-332-0077 and join
                                        burgh. Second pick Justin Hous-
series, proving once again that it’s                                               Harry’s “Steam Team” today.
                                        ton tested positive for marijuana at
often what happens off the court or                                                    We received hundreds of calls
                                        the combine! Third pick Jerrell
field that affects a game more than                                                from clients this off-season thanking
                                        Powe, in court after his most recent
what happens on it!                                                                us for our 2010 success, but our fa-
                                        arrest, told a judge he did not un-
    Steve “Superior’s” hate-hate                                                   vorite was from a client’s bookie
                                        derstand the charges against him
relationship with Stephen Garcia                                                   who offered Harry $15,000 to not
                                        because he could not read. He was
continues. Spurrier spent the whole                                                allow one of his players, who was a
                                        also denied eligibility by the NCAA
summer telling the media that Con-                                                 “Steam Team” client in 2010, to
                                        three times over his college career
nor Shaw, who can’t hold Garcia’s                                                  join in 2011! Is your bookie afraid of
                                        because they found he could not
jock, is going to beat Garcia out in                                               your action? If not, call us now!

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