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Update from the President
  We just welcomed in the 2010 New Year,                      continues to volunteer to head the Nominating
  amazing how the months pass with a blink of an              Committee so that leadership within the
  eye. In the meantime, our Chairpersons for                  organization is assured and Mary Ross makes
  ACONS have been diligently strategizing and                 sure all Board Meetings are recorded. Audrey
  planning to fulfill the commitments of their                Sniegowski is our President-elect who will be
  initiatives. There is plenty to do as ACONS                 mentored over the next couple years to be
  anticipates hosting the 2nd Annual Regional                 President.
  Oncology Nursing Symposium, being held in
  Albuquerque, August 21st at the Albuquerque                 During the next two years, it is my hope that we
  Marriot Hotel and Conference Center. The                    can not only attract new oncology nurses to our
  support of our members is desperately needed in             organization but to get established members
  order for the symposium to be a seamless                    actively involved in ACONS. Our organization
  success. I am confident that we can count on                is only as good as it members. We welcome
  your participation and volunteerism.                        your input, creativity, and commitment! I ask
                                                              you to consider how you can get involved in
  We have such a dedicated Board of Directors.                ACONS. This is a challenge, as everyone is
  We have developed a web site that links you to              overcommitted with so many responsibilities
  both National and local events, the ACONS blog              (work, family, school, etc). Time is a precious
  and free CEU's (www.acons.vc.ons.org);                      commodity so it is our hope that members will
  Kathleen Shuey’s newsletter catches us up on                find that the time expended on ACONS
  items of interest; ReNae Dean works tirelessly in           activities is worth their investment.
  presenting dinner programs that will educate our
  membership; thanks to Dorothy Montoya we                    Lastly, the ACONS board will continue our
  will have our May membership drive to                       commitment to provide opportunities for
  strive for 100 members; Our treasury has not                education and professional development and
  been effected by Wall Street- it is solid thanks to
  the meticulous record keeping of exiting                    Continued on page 2.
  treasurer Diana Mangan. We welcome, Janet
  Longhurst as our current treasurer; Amy Antle

      ACONS Newsletter                                    1                                    Spring 2010
  Update from the President, continued.                 Remember, as oncology nurses, we are a proud
                                                        and cohesive group making a difference
because of the success of our 1st Regional              everyday, in the lives of others who face the
Oncology Nursing Symposium; we are able to              journey through cancer. If that isn’t a declaration
give back to our members in the form of grants.         of who we are as individuals and professionals, I
We will give 2 Congress, 2 IOL and 2 nursing            don’t know what is…
student grants away this year! I encourage you
to apply for the grants and to share with nursing       Warm Regards,
students you may know that we want to help              Amy Gundelach RN, BSN, OCN
them become professional nurses.

                        Program Chair Report
 My goal this year is to bring to the members the latest information that is available to us as
nurses taking care of Cancer patients. I think we had a great jump start for the year with Selinza
Mitchell. She had us laughing one minute and crying the next. For those of you who attended
and more for those who didn’t she will be returning toward the end of the year. Our Feb meeting
was on a new drug for Refactory CLL-Azerra. We had a review on CLL and were informed
about this new drug and how to administer it.

April 20th Program: Rituxin in CLL (just got approved)
           Sponsor: Biogenidec
           Speaker: Gail Sulski RN
           Venue: Savoy

May 18 Program: Fundamentals in Cancer Care
       Sponsor: Genentech
       Speaker: Sandi Weyerhaeuser RN, MSN

These are the programs I have lined up thus far this year. Our meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of
every month so mark your calendars and more information will be sent out as I get it. Thanks for
your attendance at the meetings! If you know any programs or speakers you’d like to have just
let me know. My e-mail is dean_n_deans@msn.com.

Congratulations to Frida Bauer and Melissa McLaughlin winners of the ACONS
                       2010 Congress Scholarship of $500!

    ACONS Newsletter                                2                                      Spring 2010
                        Scholarships Available
ACONS will award 2 nursing student grants at the 2nd Annual Regional Nursing
Award: A $500 Grant plus a 1 year student membership to National ONS and ACONS

Purpose: To provide 2 BSN or ADN students financial assistance that will facilitate obtaining
professional goals.

Eligibility: Must be a current ADN or BSN student at a nursing school in Albuquerque, New
Mexico, planning to graduate by December 2010.
ACONS expectations if you are awarded a grant: 1) 200 word report to be published in ACONS
newsletter. The report should include a statement about the degree to which the award helped achieve
your professional goals. Submitted in January 2011. 2) Attendance at 2nd Annual ACONS Regional
Nursing Symposium on August 21st, 2010
Application deadline: Midnight, July 1, 2010 NO EXCEPTIONS.
Application must include the following: Name, Address, Email Address, Phone number, Planned
graduation date and degree sought, Letter (500 word max) explaining why you deserve a $500 grant and 1
year student membership to National ONS and ACONS, what you would expect to gain from receiving
the grant, what plans, if any, you have to become an oncology nurse after graduation, and any personal
story that you would like to share. Submit Application by email ONLY to Amy Gundelach, ACONS
President, agundy66@comcast.net. Grants will be awarded at the 2nd Annual ACONS Regional Nursing
Symposium on August 21st, 2010. Award Recipients will be given admission to symposium and may
attend all sessions, free of charge.

           A Student’s Perspective of Oncology
There are so many wonderful stories that people have told about their adventure into Nursing and I feel
that if it wasn’t for my story I would not be the woman that I am today, so in saying that this is my story. I
haven’t always wanted to be a Nurse; as a matter of fact I wanted to be a police woman. My dear Aunt
Ruth was definitely my saving grace when it came to a career choice.

I was raised by my Aunt who just so happened to be a nurse during WWII. When I was a little girl my
Aunt would tell me to climb into bed with her and she would tell me stories about taking care of the
injured soldiers and how she gave them hope and a reason to push forward. She loved being a nurse. I
think she instilled her passion for helping people on to me. I had the opportunity to give back to her what
she gave to me when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. To my surprise the effects of the
disease took hold quickly and aggressively. I could not see my Aunt being put into a nursing home so I
felt in my heart that the right thing to do would be to take care of her just like she took care of me. Taking
care of my Aunt was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. It was hard when
she forgot my name and when we had sleepless nights because of her sundowners, but it was joyful when
she bounced my daughter on her lap and they sang together. It was very difficult to see my loved one,
somebody who I considered my mother, slowly, and painfully slip away. My Aunt lost her battle with
Alzheimer's in 2004 but in her loss I gained a valuable experience.

I approach life differently. The experience of caring for her drove me to enroll in college and choose
nursing as my profession. I am in my second semester of nursing school and I realize that being a nurse
will be incomparable... as we care for our patients we learn how insignificant our problems are and how
we might be able to change sorrow into a smile, we learn how to stay vigorous continued on page 4

    ACONS Newsletter                                  3                                       Spring 2010
despite all the tasks we endure, we learn how to give hope even though ours is unclearly seen, we learn
how to give strength even at times when we are weak. My devotion is to nursing and my dream of
becoming one is not so far away.

I have had the opportunity to do my clinical rotation on the Oncology unit at Presbyterian this semester,
and I absolutely love it! Some patients have so much fear in their eyes that it is hard for me to hold back
tears, others have determination and are full of hope. I love being a part of helping patients’ deal with
their fears as well as being a part of their hope for the future. The oncology nurses on this unit are what
make this unit and the specialty of oncology nursing stand apart from all others. They are so gracious,
diligent, and take time to explain things to me as well as to the patients. I admire the oncology nurses for
their wisdom, their caring hands, and their willingness to help and lead us, the Nurses of tomorrow.

Jamie Fauntleroy, SN
Central New Mexico Community College

                       Membership Chair Report
Approximately 80% of all members need to renew ACONS membership this May. There are (2)
payment options this year; either by check or by credit card.

Please start by filling out the membership form at www.acons.vc.ons.org under the "JOIN US"

 If you want to pay by check after filling out the website membership form, mail your check to
Dorothy Montoya 1917 JOHN ST ALBUQUERQUE, NM. 87102

  If you want to pay by credit card after filling out the website membership form, click on the
PayPal link. You will be directed to the paypal website to process your payment securely, safely
and conveniently.

Effective January 2010, The Board of Directors voted to continue membership fees of $24 (1 year)
and $36 (2 years). We will no longer have separate fees for students, senior citizens, or retired
members. I will be sending out a list of members who DO NOT expire this year. If you are not
on that list, your ACONS membership will expire April 30th.

     Remember, you must be a member of National ONS to be an active member in

Thank You, Dorothy Montoya, RN, OCN-ACONS Membership Chair dpmontoya7@gmail.com

    ACONS Newsletter                                  4                                       Spring 2010
                                Focus on Members

                                                        Dorothy Montoya
                                                               LPN 1984 TO 1988
                                                               ADN 1988 TO 2010
Eloyda Gomez RN, BSN, OCN                                      Retired January 2012
       ACONS member since: 1997                                ACONS member since: 1989
       ONS Member since: 2002                                  ONS Member since: ONS 1989 TO
Where are you currently working and in what
capacity? I have worked at Presbyterian                 Where are you currently working and in what
Hospital for 33 years as a staff nurse and a            capacity? I worked for UNM at Lovelace in the
charge nurse for 8 years. In April of this year I       outpatient clinic for 18 months. Prior to that I
will be retiring.                                       worked for Lovelace outpatient clinic for 18
What person(s) or event(s) directed you toward
Oncology Nursing? When I first started nursing,         What person(s) or event(s) directed you toward
there was not a cancer unit so we would take the        Oncology Nursing? As far back as I can
patients on the medical unit. No one else wanted        remember I wanted to be a nun nurse. I loved
to take the cancer patients and because I was a         the white habit. Then at age 14, I was diagnosed
new grad, I didn’t mind. I got to where I wanted        with thyroid cancer and the care I received from
to take care of them and enjoyed doing so. One          the nurses impressed me so much. Thant’s when
of the oncologists taught me how to mix and             I knew I wanted to care for cancer patients.
give chemo. That was before OSHA regulations.
Caring for cancer patients became a passion for
me. I still have that passion and compassion. I
know I will greatly miss that part of my job.

                              Focus on Members, Eloyda Gomez, cont.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are particularly pleased about? I am pleased that I was
instrumental in advocating for an Oncology Unit at Presbyterian and in also getting a hood in the
pharmacy. Up until that time, I was the only one in the hospital who could mix and give the chemo. I was
the first nurse in the hospital to get chemo certified.

Is there a secret area of interest that you would like to pursue someday? Go do some volunteer work in a
country, where they have had some kind of disaster, like and earthquake or help start a clinic in a very
poor country. Continued on page 5

    ACONS Newsletter                                5                                     Spring 2010
Who in your world is most proud of you? My daughter, son, and my husband. They know that I am an
advocate for my patients and they also know my true passion for oncology nursing.

What would you like to tell nurses who are interested in working in Oncology? First, you have to really be
passionate, compassionate and caring in order to be a good oncology nurse. Another very important
quality you need is to have empathy and always be an advocate for your patients.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? I like to visit other countries and mix with people from that
country….and go shopping, of course.

What is the lasting impression you hope to make on others? I hope to leave an impression of being
passionate about nursing. I think you can’t be a nurse for 33 years and not be passionate about it. I would
hope young, new nurses have the same passion and compassion that I feel is really needed in order to be
able to survive for as long as I have and still love what they do.

If you could invite 3 famous or infamous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be? And Why?
     1. Ted Kennedy, because I felt as a senator, he was an advocate for those that did not have a voice
         and for health care for the poor.
     2. Martin Luther King because he fought for civil rights and died fighting for the disadvantaged.
     3. Gloria Steinem, she fought for women’s rights, including equal pay.

                            Focus on Members, Dorothy Montoya, cont.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are particularly pleased about? I guess my greatest
accomplishment was to live my dream and be a nurse. I started school after my children were raised at
age 40 and worked in oncology as I had always dreamed.

Is there a secret area of interest that you would like to pursue someday? My interest as of now is to
volunteer in associations related to cancer.

Who in your world is most proud of you? I would have to say my mother and my husband are the most
proud of me for my accomplishment of going back to school after 22 years and making my dream a

What would you like to tell nurses who are interested in working in Oncology? To nurses interested in
oncology, I would have to say follow your heart. Oncology is a growing field with many gratifying

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? My idea of a great vacation is going places I’ve never seen and
seeing how other cultures live and eat.

What is the lasting impression you hope to make on others? I hope I have made a difference in oncology
by the care I gave my patients and helping my co-workers.

If you could invite 3 famous or infamous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be? And Why?
There are two people I would love to have dinner with, Mother Teresa and Al Capone. What a
combination! I admire Mother Teresa’s values, patience, and humility. I would also have loved to live in
the 30’s and been one of Al Capone’s girl friends. I bet you didn’t know that about me!!!

    ACONS Newsletter                                 6                                      Spring 2010
       Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of New Mexico at
              Lovelace Medical Center
Gamma Knife is a treatment option for patients with brain tumors and certain neurological conditions,
including highly irregular shaped and deep seated targets in the brain. It can be used alone or in
conjunction with traditional neurosurgery, chemotherapy or other radiation therapy to treat residual or
recurrent brain lesions. It is a single day treatment and delivers finely focused beams of ionizing radiation
that conform to a targeted area. Individually the beams are weak and will not harm healthy tissue, but by
delivering up to 201 beams of cobalt-60 radiation to converge precisely on a target they deliver enough to
treat the abnormality. The treatment phase could be minutes or hours depending on size of area to be
treated and dose of radiation to be given. Gamma knife radiosurgery is an outpatient procedure and there
are very few side effects short or long term. A patient is always given the opportunity to tour the facility
prior to their treatment and they always enjoy one on one nursing. We have performed over 800 cases
since opening the Gamma Knife here in New Mexico in 2004.

                                Pediatric Oncology
The Pediatric Special Care Unit (PSCU) at the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) has grown!!
In June of 2007, PSCU increased from 10 to 20 inpatient beds necessitating the addition of more than 30
nurses. Most of which came to the unit as graduates.

UNMH is the only facility in New Mexico providing oncology/hematology care to pediatric patients and
their families in inpatient and outpatient settings. The nursing staff of PSCU care for patients hospitalized
with a variety of diagnoses including hemophilia, sickle cell and a wide variety of cancers. Many nurses
on PSCU are certified pediatric nurses and many are working to obtain national certification as Certified
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology nurses. The 46 nurses of PSCU are highly competent in chemotherapy
and biotherapy administration. All of the nurses on PSCU have completed the Chemotherapy and
Biotherapy Provider course for pediatric nurses developed by the Association of Pediatric
Hematology/Oncology Nurses (APHON). Nursing competence is maintained through continued renewal
of Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider status, annual chemotherapy administration competency
evaluation and continuing education.

All nurses on PSCU are trained in the care of patients receiving autogenic stem cell transplant or rescue
therapy. In September 2006, PSCU celebrated the first pediatric autogenic stem cell transplant at
UNMH. PSCU has since celebrated several autogenic stem cell transplants and stem cell rescue
procedures. There are currently 6 hematology/ oncology physician attendings on service with a 7th on the
way. With the addition of a new attending, the unit staff is looking forward to the possibilities of
expanding the stem cell transplant program and other medical services. PSCU is excited to be proving
excellent care to the hospitalized children of New Mexico.

    ACONS Newsletter                                  7                                      Spring 2010
         Register for the 25th Annual Congress
Plan now to join us in San Diego, May 13-16 for the ONS 35th Annual Congress! You'll get the latest
cancer nursing education and have a chance to connect to more than 4,000 of your nursing peers. It's the
perfect place to sharpen your skills, share ideas, and become part of the ONS community. And, if you
register by April 8, you’ll save $100 off registration.

   FDA Approves REM to Ensure Safe Use of
      Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents
On February 16, 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a risk evaluation and mitigation
strategy (REMS) to ensure the safe use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESAs). The medications
included in the program are marketed by Amgen under the names Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa) and
Epogen® (epoetin alfa) and by Centocor Ortho Biotech Products under the name Procrit® (epoetin alfa).

                       American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society has programs and services to help alleviate some of the confusion and to
address the unique needs a cancer patient or their loved ones need. We’re here to offer support and we’re
confident that no matter whom your patient is…we can help. Call 1-800-227-2345 for information about
the programs in Albuquerque. You can also let patients know to visit our web site at www.cancer.org for
specific information about these programs in our community. Jennifer Tyra-Quality of Life Manager

National Safe Handling Awareness Month
Returns in April 2010
  Annual campaign increases education about/awareness of hazardous drug exposure

COLUMBUS, OH (February 23, 2010) – National Safe Handling Awareness Month – a campaign to
further education surrounding the safe handling of hazardous drugs in the healthcare setting – will
be returning for April 2010 and will once again be accompanied by a complimentary continuing
education (CE) webinar presented on National Safe Handling Awareness Day, Tuesday, April 20,
2010 at 1pm and 3pm EST.

Intended for both nurses and pharmacists who handle chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs in the
workplace, the webinar will be supported by an unrestricted educational grant provided by Carmel
Pharma, Inc. – the official sponsor of National Safe Handling Awareness Month/Day and the maker of the
PhaSeal® closed-system drug transfer device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

Interested participants may register for the event at www.statce.com/shad2010reg.

The Importance of Safe Handling
In 2004, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) released an alert stating that
“working with or near hazardous drugs in healthcare settings may cause skin rashes, infertility,
miscarriage, birth defects and possibly leukemia or other cancers.”i Further evidence to support the need
to take action in this area may be found below:

    ACONS Newsletter                                8                                      Spring 2010
        The World Health Organization predicts a 50 percent increase of cancer cases over the next 20
         years; this, combined with more potent chemotherapy drugs – as well as an increase in the use of
         hazardous drugs to treat non-malignant illnesses – will continue to elevate risk of exposure.ii

        Two separate studies investigating the toxicity in healthcare personnel who handle cytotoxic
         (hazardous) drugs revealed a 40-50 percent increased risk for miscarriage. A total of 7094
         pregnancies of 2976 pharmacy and nursing staff were examined.iii,iv

        A national survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group, the American Nurses
         Association, Health Care Without Harm and the Environmental Health Education Center at the
         University of Maryland School of Nursing showed that there are links between nurses’
         occupational exposure to hazardous drugs and the health problems they develop such as cancer,
         asthma, miscarriages and children’s birth defects.

About Safe Handling Awareness Month
Now in its second year, National Safe Handling Awareness Month (April) was petitioned to raise
awareness of the occupational risks associated with handling hazardous drugs and educate healthcare
providers on the U.S. guidelines and safety measures that may be taken to prevent hazardous drug
exposure. As the highlight of National Safe Handling Awareness Month, National Safe Handling
Awareness Day (April 20) brings together national and regional educational opportunities collectively
aimed at preserving the health and wellbeing of the oncology healthcare professionals who devote their
lives to helping others. National Safe Handling Awareness Month and Day are officially endorsed by the
International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP) and are officially sponsored by
Carmel Pharma, the maker of the PhaSeal® System – today’s only clinically proven closed-system drug
transfer device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. For additional details on National Safe
Handling Awareness Month/Day, visit www.carmelpharmausa.com/aware5 or call 866-487-9250.

About Carmel Pharma (the maker of the PhaSeal System)
The PhaSeal System is manufactured by Carmel Pharma AB in Gothenburg, Sweden and is distributed
from its U.S. affiliate office, Carmel Pharma, Inc., in Columbus, OH. PhaSeal has been in use in the
United States since 1998 and implemented in more than 1000 cancer facilities, infusion centers and
private practices, including M.D. Anderson and Texas Children’s in Houston, TX; City of Hope in
Duarte, CA; Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA; Swedish American Hospital in Rockford, IL;
and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, just to name a few. For more information on Carmel
Pharma or the PhaSeal System, please visit www.phaseal.com or email info@carmelpharmausa.com. To
request additional product details, high-resolution imagery, story ideas and expert references, or to learn
more about the topic of safe handling from today’s clinical thought leaders, please visit
www.carmelpharmausa.com/media or contact Emily Frydendal at 614-318-2635 or

 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The NIOSH Publication No. 2004-165 page. Available at:
www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2004-165/. Accessed July 24, 2009.
World Health Organization. The WHO Cancer Home page. Available at: www.who.int/cancer/en/. Accessed July 24, 2009.
 Valanis B, Vollmer W, Steele P. Occupational exposure to antineoplastic agents: self-reported miscarriages and stillbirths among
nurses and pharmacists. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 1999; 41(8): 632-638.
 Peelen S, Roeleveld N, Heederik D, Krombout H, de Kort W. Toxic effects on reproduction in hospital personnel. ISBN 90 5749 255

    ACONS Newsletter                                            9                                             Spring 2010
ACONS 1st Quarter Board Meeting Minutes
                                     January 16, 2010

Attendance: Amy Gundelach, Audry Sniegowski, ReNae Dean, Jim Breedon, Dorothy
Montoya, Amy Antle, Janet Longhurst , and Mary Ross

 4th Quarter Board Meeting Minutes accepted

Committee Reports:
1. Treasurer’s report: Balance $24948.37
2. Membership Report: 87 members. Updated list will be e-mailed to board members
3. Program Report: so far 3 CEU programs scheduled for 2010. Programs and meeting will be
the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
4. Nominating Chair Report: 3 slots open this year: Nominating, Membership, and Program

Old Business:
1. Education Scholarships Implementation :
       will advertise directly to schools of Nursing.
           3 scholarships available for RN program.
       Essay required to include plan for future , personal situation, and why funding helpful
       Recommendations required from supervisor/instructor
       Deadline for applications: June 1, 2010
       Winners to be announced at Symposium in August
2. 2-$500 scholarships for ONS Congress and IOL
         Criteria include ACONS and national membership, 300 word essay regarding need
         Feedback to members in newsletter and verbal announcement at monthly meetings
         Application deadline for Congress: Feb 16, 2010
         Future consideration: add additional funding sources such as Pharmaceutical
         Add other events such as Scripts Conference

New Business:
1. Reminder: RSVP’s for monthly and board meetings by board members
2. May membership drive:
    Paypal available
    Look into electronic application with “pay now” feature
    Fees: $36.00 2 years, $24.44 1 year, $5.00 fee for non member attendance at monthly
3. Regional Oncology Symposium Work Groups:
    venue, food, logistics: Janet and Amy
    vendors, pharmaceutical reps: Dorothy
    corporate request for funding, grant writing: Pam Bermudez
    advertising/printing, brochures: Amy to lead
    registration: ReNae

   ACONS Newsletter                           10                                 Spring 2010
     Program content: ReNae
     Date: 3rd Saturday in August
     Fee for Community vendors: $100.00
     Fee for Drug Companies: $400.00
4. 2010 Planning Calendar for membership: ReNae will create, and distribute at chapter
meetings. Programs and dates subject to change.
5. Vacant positions: Community Liaison, and Communication Liaison (webmaster/newsletter).
Jim Breedon will fill webmaster temporarily. Amy to announce positions and recruit at January
6. Discussion regarding 10-15 minute Storytelling/Networking time at monthly meetings. No
conclusions drawn.
7. Community events for 2010:
     Light the Night in Sept. Champion: Pam Bermudez
     In Harmony with Cancer in June: Champion: Audrey Sniegowski
     In Harmony with cancer: Champions: Amy Gundelach and Amy Antle
     Amy Gundelach LDI Project: Golf tournament, fashion show, silent auction : more
       information to come.
     Holiday Season: effort to support cancer patients in some way. Details to be worked out
       at future meetings.

ACONS 2010 Board Members
President             Amy Gundelach RN, BSN, OCN
President-elect       Audrey Sniegowski RN, MSN, OCN
Treasurer             Janet Longhurst RN, OCN
Secretary             Mary Ross RN, MSN, AOCN
Programs              ReNae Dean RN, OCN
Nominations           Amy Antle RN, MPH, AOCNP, CFNP
Membership            Dorothy Montoya RN, OCN
Newsletter            Kathleen Shuey RN, MSN, AOCN, APRN-BC
Past-President        Jim Breedon RN, OCN, BSN, REMT-P

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Where Oncology Nurses Connect

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   ACONS Newsletter                           11                                Spring 2010
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