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					                                                       Nash-Rocky Mount Schools
                                                              Middle Grades
                                                 8 grade social studies Instructional Guide

SCOS term,           Goal                   Instructional             Text                Integrated Activities    Video * MAKE
concept, idea,                              Strategies                                                             SURE YOU
person, place, or                                                                                                  PREVIEW THESE
event                                                                                                              SUGGESTIONS
Unit 1 - Concept of History (Overview – first day/week)
                     What is History? Relevance, Human Nature, Perspective, Primary Sources, Chronology, Longevity
Unit 2 - Geography, Native American Issues (1st Six Weeks)
                                                                  Goal 1
4 regions of North 1.01                     Create a chart on the   Pages 6-36            Reading NC Parade        United Streaming
Carolina                                    regions of NC.          37-41                 “We are Called           Roanoke Island
Tidewater                                                                                 Tarheels”
Coastal Plain                               Label maps of NC
Piedmont                                    with rivers and major                         Writing - Have
Mountains                                   landform features.                            students develop a
Graveyard of the                                                                          word bank of about
Atlantic                                    Create a brochure on                          fifty descriptive
                                            the major regions of                          words. As they finish
                                            NC including a brief                          reading about each
                                            description of each                           region have them use
                                            region, economy,                              ten words from their
                                            tourist attractions and                       word bank to write a
                                            major landforms.                              descriptive paragraph
                                                                                          on each region.
                                            Blackline Masters
                                            pgs. 5,7, and 8

Major Tribes of NC   1.02                   Create a chart on the     Pages 44-71         Writing - Students       United Streaming
                                            different Native                              compose a journal of
Native American                             Americans tribes that                         the daily events pre –
Contributions                   lived in NC.include                   European contact
                                e and beliefs

                                Label a map of NC
                                with where the Native
                                Americans lived and
                                create a list of place
                                names in NC that
                                came from them.

                                Seminar the document
                                Chief Seattle's speech
                                Earth does not
                                belong to Man, Man
                                belongs to the Earth.

                                Blackline Masters pg.
Unit 3 - North Carolina Colony (1st Six Weeks)
                                                     Goal 1
Motivations for   1.03          Make a chart on         Pages 72-75   Writing – Students      United Streaming
European                        positive and negative                 must write a detailed
Exploration                     impacts of the                        explanation of the
                                Columbian Exchange                    reasons for European
Columbian                                                             Exploration.
Exchange                        Blackline Masters pg.
Disease           1.04
                                Chart on the
                                European explorers
                                include date of
                                exploration, country
                                working for, area
                            explored and reasons
                            for exploration.

                            Map on the routes of
                            the explorers.
Founding of the 13   1.05   Research project for     Pages 76-83    Reading NC Parade    United Streaming
colonies                    the thirteen colonies.                  “Virginia Dare”
                            Assign students one
Lords Proprietors           of the Thirteen                         Writing - Have         Movies
                            Colonies and have                       students imagine they Roanoke Voyages
                            them gather info                        are members of the
                            about their colony.                     Lost Colony and write
                            Date, founder, map,                     journal entries from
                            economy, religion(s),                   the time John White
                            and politics. Create a                  left for England to go
                            poster with the info.                   for supplies.

                            Create a bumper
                     1.06   sticker based on the
                            info you have
                            gathered on your

                            Blackline Masters pg.

North Carolina       1.07   Skill- Main Idea-        Pages 86-115   NC Parade            United Streaming
Colony                      using a bubble map                      “Blackbeard” and
                            have students put the                   “Flora McDonald”
Social Group roles                  main idea of each
in colonial NC                      section in the middle           Writing -
                                    bubble and any
                                    supporting details in           Tell students to
                                    the outside bubbles.            imagine they are
                                                                    immigrants who have
                                    Label a map of NC               just arrived in the
                                    with the location of            backcountry. Have
                                    the different                   them write a letter
                                    immigrant groups.               describing their first
                                                                    impressions of their
                                    Trace the route of the          new surroundings.
                                    Great Wagon Road on
                                    a blank map.

                                    Have students look
                                    into their cultural
                                    backgrounds and
                                    bring in stories of
                                    their ancestors.

                                    Compare and contrast
                                    colonial housing to

                                    Blackline Masters pg
Unit 4 - North Carolina Colony Problems (2nd Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 1
Tuscarora War        1.06           Blackline Masters pg. 115-117   Write – Compose a        United Streaming
Cary’s Rebellion                    26                              newspaper article
Culpeper’s                                                          describing one of the
Rebellion                                                           three events.
Unit 5 - American Revolution (2nd Six Weeks)
                                                       Goal 2
Proclamation of       2.01          Develop a timeline   Pages 118-162      NC Parade                United Streaming
1763                                listing the events                      “A Palace and a War”
                                    leading up to the
French Indian War                   Revolutionary war.                      Writing – Create a
                                                                            pamphlet motivating
Acts Leading to the                 Develop a compare       162-170         people to leave
Revolutionary War                   and contrast chart of                   Britain.
                                    the Mecklenburg
American Colonial                   Resolves and the
Response to British                 Halifax Resolves.
                                    Blackline Masters
North Carolina                      Pages 46,47, 48, 49,
Response to British                 51

Key American          2.02          Create a Venn           Pages 171-172   Writing - Compare     United Streaming
Figures in the                      Diagram comparing                       and contrast the
Revolutionary War                   and contrasting an                      reasons why a British
                                    American solider and                    officer and an
Key British Figures                 British solider                         American would go to
in the                              List strengths and                      war.
Revolutionary War                   weaknesses between
                                    Washington and
Key North Carolina    2.03          Identify NC members     Pages172-181    Writing - Create a       United Streaming
Figures in the                      of the Continental                      brochure for a tourist
Revolutionary War                   Congress                                in order for them to     Movies
                                                                            visit NC Battlefield     Moore’s Creek Bridge
Key North Carolina                  Explain the                             cites.
Battles in the                          significance of the                                             Guilford Courthouse
Revolutionary War                       Battle of Moore’s
                                        Creek Bridge

                                        Identify key NC
                                        battles during the
                                        American Revolution
Foreign             2.04                Explain how France       Pages 181       NC Parade              United Streaming
Interventions                           helped the Americans                     “A Hornet’s Nest”
                                        in the war effort
                                                                                 Write – Do you think
                                                                                 the outcome of the
                                                                                 war would have been
                                                                                 the same if France
                                                                                 had not entered the
Unit 6 - Constitution (3rd Six Weeks)
                                                               Goal 2
Articles of         2.05                Read the Declaration     Pages 184-196   NC Parade              United Streaming
Confederation                           of Independence and                      “Hoecake for
                                        develop and have                         Breakfast”
Provincial/                             students to work in                      “State Capitol in
Continental                             groups of three to                       Raleigh”
Congress                                develop their own
U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights
                                        List the situations
                                        people faced in the
                                        new nation and the
                                        outcomes that

                                        Develop a Venn
                                        diagram describing
                            the Federalists and the
                            Antifederalist points
                            of views of how a
                            government should be

                             Have students read
                            the key points of the
                            Articles of
                            Confederation and
                            describe the
                            weaknesses and

                             Read a description of
                            the preamble
                            underline the part that
                            says " secure the
                            blessings of liberty to
                            ourselves and our
                            prosperity". Have
                            students list ideas of
                            what the author

                            Blackline Masters
                            page 56
                                     Goal 9 (contemporary issues)
Energy Crisis   9.01-9.03   Blackline Masters      Various resources and   Writing - Write a         United Streaming
                            pages 147, 140, 149,   pages 511-541           paper that describes
                            150, 151                                       what the student did
                                                                           to carry out their plan
Internet                    Make a list of ways in                         to participate in civic
                            which citizens can                             affairs.
                            participant in civic
Graying of America                   affairs

                                     Have students poll
                                     their family members
Homeland Security                    to see if they have
                                     participated in any

Global Warming                       Have students
                                     brainstorm ways they
                                     could help their
                                     school or community

                                     Create an action plan
                                     to carry out the idea
                                     an if possible do the
Unit 7 - North Carolina as a New State in the Nation. Problems vs. Improvements (3rd Six Weeks)
Causes of the War    3.01            Multi-flow map on        Pages 197-213                       United Streaming
of 1812                              the causes and effects
War of 1812                          of the War of 1812.
Impressment                          Chart on NC heroes in
Embargo                              the War of 1812.
Frontier problems                    Listen to and discuss
War Hawks                            song Battle of New
War of 1812                          Orleans (download
Heroes                               song and lyrics from
Effects of War of                    the internet)
                                     Create a bubble map
                                     on the problems NC

                                     Blackline Masters
                                     page 57
“Rip Van Winkle”     3.02                                        Pages 216-228     Writing - Tell           United Streaming
state                                                                              students to write a
Illiteracy                                                                         proposal to state
Recession                                                                          leaders that addresses
East vs. West                                                                      the problem of
Migration                                                                          migration.Identify the
                                                                                   reasons for the
                                                                                   problem and possible

Andrew Jackson,      3.03             Blackline Masters          Pages 231         Show political          United Streaming
James K Polk, Levi                    pages 58, 67                                 cartoon of Jackson
Coffin                                                                             dressed as king –
                                                                                   discussion of purpose
Archibald Murphy     3.02             Identify the               Pages 232 - 243   Writing – How can       United Streaming
Whig Party                            differences of the                           you compare politics
Social                                political parties (pre                       today with the politics
improvements                          Civil War)                                   of the 1830’s?
1835 Constitution    3.07             Blackline Masters          Pages 221-224                             United Streaming
Amendments to                         page 66
1835 Constitution
                                      Compare and contrast
                                      the 1776 and 1835
                                      NC Constitutions.
Unit 8 - Antebellum (4th Six Weeks)
                                                               Goal 3
Staple Crops         3.04             Have students              Pages 246-277     Math – (teacher          United Streaming
Plantation System                     illustrate life as a                         creates a math
“Necessary Evil”                      slave. With paper                            problem) The
Cotton Gin                            draw pictures to                             population of slaves     Movies
Slave Code                            illustrate                                   before and after the     Race for Freedom
Underground                           clothing,housing,                            Cotton Gin.
Railroad                              food, free time and
Slave Life                            work of slaves.
                                     Blackline Masters
                                     pages 75
Indian Removal      3.05             Map of the Trail of       Pages 228-231   NC Parade              United Streaming
Act                                  Tears                                     “Cherokee Hero”

“Trail of Tears”                     Compare and contrast                      Map – miles they had
                                     the different groups                      to walk
                                     views on Indian
                                     Removal                                   Math - % of dead
NC Gold Rush        3.06             Label a NC map with       Pages 238-240   NC Parade              United Streaming
Charlotte Mint                       the gold mines                            “A Golden Doorstop”
                                     located in NC.
Unit 9 - Civil War/ Reconstruction (4th Six Weeks)
                                                             Goal 4
 Election of 1860   4.01             Blackline Masters         Pages 280-317   Debate – Southern      United Streaming
States Rights                        pages 82                                  States vs. Northern
Kansas-Nebraska                                                                States on the
Act                                  Give each student a                       admittance of a new
Bleeding Kansas                      blank map of the                          state                  Movies
Missouri                             United States. Have                                              The Blue and the
Compromise                           students identify the                                            Grey
Compromise of                        slave and free states
1850                                 and create a map

                                     Give notes- events
                                     leading to Civil War,
                                     major compromises.
                                     Dred Scott café,
                                     election of Lincoln,
                                     John Brown raid,
Secession           4.02             Blackline Masters         Pages 280-317   NC Parade              United Streaming
Fort Sumter                          pages 85                                  “Lucy Bennett’s
Economies                                                                      Farmhouse”
Anaconda Plan                       Notes on Chapter 9
Emancipation                        section 2 pg. 292-296,                   Create a fort and be
Proclamation                        Anaconda Plan, Naval                     able to explain the
Sherman’s March                     blockades/Blockade                       structure/reasons for   Movies
Bentonville                         runners                                  each – examine Fort     The Blue and the
                                                                             Macon or discuss the    Grey
                                                                             features of Ft. Macon
                                                                             (strengths and
Robert E Lee        4.03            Research project on a    Pages 280-317                           United Streaming
Ulysses S Grant                     person and give oral
Stonewall Jackson                   report
Jefferson Davis                                                                                      Movies
Abraham Lincoln                     Write a historical                                               The Blue and the
Braxton Bragg                       marker for one of the                                            Grey
Zebulon Vance                       key figures
Reconstruction      4.04 and 4.05   Blackline Masters        Pages 280-317   Illustrate the 3        United Streaming
Plans                               pages 83, 91                             amendments
Radical                                                                      following the Civil
Republicans                         90 (4.05 only)                           War                     Movies
Freedmen’s Bureau                                                                                    The Blue and the
Black Codes                         Research key NC                                                  Grey
Scalawags                           figures during Civil
Carpetbaggers                       War (see terms list)
Jim Crow Laws
13th Amendment                      Write an epitaph for
14th Amendment                      their tombstone
15th Amendment
                                    Reconstruction –
                                    Compare and contrast
                                    onal reconstruction

                                    List reasons why
                                    Reconstruction came
                                    to an end
                                     Discuss the impact of
                                     the 13th, 14th, and 15th
Unit 10 - North Carolina in the New South 5th Six Weeks
                                                            Goal 5
Economic Advances (1870-1930)
Mass Production    5.01              Blackline Masters          Pages 320-337   NC Parade           United Streaming
Tobacco Industries                   pages 96, 97                               “Tobacco and Buck
Textile                                                                         Duke”
Furniture                            Create a bubble map
Durham Wall Street                   for each of the new
                                     tobacco,textiles and       Page 369

                                     Create an
                                     advertisement for a
                                     product from one of
                                     the industries.
Social Concerns (1870 – 1930)
Calvin Wiley         5.02 and 5.03   Make a list of             Pages 242-243                       United Streaming
Great Migration                      improvements made
Suffragette                          to education in NC.        386-387
Prohibition                          Discuss how child     440-441
Theory of                            labor laws impacted
Evolution                            both the employer and 364-386
                                     the family
                                     Discuss the pros and
                                     cons of prohibition

                                     Ask the question
                                     Should the
                                     government tell
                                      society how to
Technological Advances (1870 –1930)
Wright Brothers     5.04 and 5.05     Create a list of the      Pages 366-367   NC Parade
Inventions                            new advances made                         “Wright Brothers”
                                      during this period and
                                      then discuss the pros                     Research other
                                      and cons of each                          inventions – create
                                      invention on our daily                    collage of early 20th
                                      lives                                     century inventions

                                      Choose three
                                      inventions and then
                                      explain in a paragraph
                                      why these inventions
                                      are the most
                                      important to society
Unit 11 - North Carolina in the period of Global War and Global Depression (5th Six Weeks)
                                                             Goal 5
World War I          5.06             Blackline Masters        Pages 354-431    Create a timeline of    United Streaming
Allies                                pages 108, 109, 110                       events leading to,
Central Powers                                                                  during, and after
Lusitania                             Create a multi-flow                       WWI                     Movies
Victory gardens                       map on the causes and                                             Fly Boys
Rationing                             effects of World War                      Create propaganda
Mobilization                          I.                                        poster
Lafayette Escadrille
                                      Make a list of NC
                                      contributions to the
                                      war effort
                                                             Goal 6
Causes of Great Depression
Overproduction       6.01                   Blackline Masters         Pages 392-431   Compare the              United Streaming
                                            pages 118                                 conditions of the
                                                                                      Great Depression to
                                            View powerpoint                           current economic
                                            presentations entitled                    conditions.
Speculation                                 -
Buying on the                               TheGreatDepression.
Installment plan
Easy credit                                 List the causes of the
Effects of the Great Depression/ New Deal
Unemployment          6.01                  Examine the cultural      Pages 392-431   Analyze and interpret United Streaming
Franklin Roosevelt                          and social changes                        a political cartoon.  “America in the 20th
New Deal                                    associated with the                       http://www.mce.k12.n Century: The Great
Deficit spending                            Great Depression                          et/1920/activities    Depression”
Social Security                                                                       (pictures about era)
Federal Deposit                             Make a chart on the
Insurance                                   New Deal including                        Discuss the changes a
Corporation (FDIC                           purpose, who helped,                      family may have in
)                                           and is it still running                   holiday traditions due
Tennessee Valley                            today.                                    to the Great
Authority (TVA)                                                                       Depression –
Works Progress
Live at Home                                                                          esson/lesson147.shtl
World War II
Pearl Harbor          6.02                                            Pages 392-431   NC Parade                United Streaming
D-Day                                                                                 “Battleship”             “America in the 20th
Atomic Bomb                                                                                                    Century: WWII: The
Allies                                                                                Create propaganda        Road to War”
Axis Powers                                                                           poster
World War II’ s impact on North Carolina
U- Boats            6.02               Discuss the threat to                      http://teacher.scholast   United Streaming
NC military camps                      NC’s coast during,               
German prisoners                       contributions from                         merica/wwii/
Farming and                            state, military                                                      Movies
industry                               locations                                  http://teacher.scholast   Pearl Harbor – clip on
                                                                            bombing only

Key Ideas and Individuals
Adolf Hitler         6.03              Be able to describe        Pages 392-431   Biography – debate-       United Streaming
Benito Mussolini                       the importance of
Winston Churchill                      each during the time
Joseph Stalin                          period
Holocaust            6.04              Identify each with         Pages 392-431                             Movies
GI Bill                                facts/information –                                                  Tuskegee Airmen
Tuskegee Airmen                        can discuss
                                       importance of
Unit 12 - North Carolina post World War II (6th Six Weeks)
                                                               Goal 7
Social Changes from postwar to 1970s
Middle Class         7.01              Compare and contrast       Page 434- 467                             United Streaming
                                       Tobacco, Textiles and
                                       Furniture from the
                                       early 1900's to the

                                       Create a bubble map
                                       on the postwar

Baby boomers        7.02                                          Page 434- 467                             United Streaming

National Highway    7.03               Blackline Masters          Page 434- 467   NC Parade                 United Streaming
Act                                    pages 127                                  “Research Triangle
Martin Luther King   7.04   Blackline Masters        Page 434- 467   United Streaming
Brown v. Board of           pages 130
Education of                                                         Movies
Topeka, KS                  Discuss the reasons                      Ernest Green Story
Greensboro Sit Ins          for school integration
Rose Parks                  and how the black                        Rosa Parks Story
Charlotte                   students felt at the
Mecklenburg vs.             white schools.
                            Discuss how
                            television and
                            highways changed

                            Watch an episode of
                            the Andy Griffith

                            Compare and contrast
                            Republicans and
                            Democrats on their
                            views of roads and
                            Civil Rights

                            Compare and contrast
                            national and state
                            views on Civil Rights

                            Powerpoint on Martin
                            Luther King, Jr

                            Video on Rosa Parks

                            Create a timeline on
                            major events of the
                            Civil Rights

                                         Discuss the Swann
                                         Case and it's
                                         implications for NC
                                         and Rocky Mount.

                                         Have a person come
                                         in to talk to students
                                         who lived through
                                         integration in Rocky

Community           7.05                                          Page 434- 467                            United Streaming
College System
Head Start
Nuclear Power
Technological Advances postwar to 1970
Radio               7.03                 Create a bubble map      Page 434- 467   Write a description of   United Streaming
Color Television                         on tourism ,interstate                   an evening at home
NASA                                     banking, NASCAR,                         with your family
Research Triangle                        NC sports, new                           without TV, games,
Park                                     products and services                    and a selected number
                                                                                  of radio stations.
                                         Discuss how each of
                                         these have impacted

Political Viewpoints post World War II
Cold War              7.04 and 7.05                               Page 434- 467                            United Streaming
Equal Rights
Korean War
Howard Lee
Important legislation
Voting Rights Act     7.04 and 7.05                             Page 434- 467                           United Streaming
Civil Rights Act
26th Amendment
                                                            Goal 8
Urban                8.01             1960, 1980, 2000 –      Pages 470 -541                            United Streaming
Development                           Create a line graph for
Migrant Workers                       population of Raleigh
Hmong                                 and Charlotte, growth
                                      percentage and
                                      minority percentage

                                      Brainstorm how these
                                      changes have affected
                                      the economy

                                      WalMart come to a
                                      small town?

Banking              8.02             Blackline Masters         Pages 470 -541   List any points of     United Streaming
Research Triangle                     pages 137, 138                             interest that you
Park                                                                             would provide for a
NASCAR                                Research a NC based                        visitor to our state
Krispy Kreme                          company: include                           today.
                                      homebase, workforce,
                                      profits, number of
                                      stores, factories, etc,
                                      local impact to
Religious Right      8.03 and 8.04    Blackline Masters         Pages 470 -541                          United Streaming
War on Terror                         pages 136
September 11-
2001                                  From a prepared list
Bilingual Education   of leaders have
New Right             students choose a
Coalition             person past or present
Regional Economic     and using the text or
Diversity             other research
                      materials create a
                      booklet on their city,
                      county, state, and/or
                      national leader

                      List city, county,
                      state, and national
                      leader of their area.
                      Research their party
                      affiliation, number of
                      years they serve and
                      background info.

                      Stance on current

                         1. Immigration
                         2. Healthcare
                         3. Electronic
                            Devices (cell
                            phone, video
                            player) use
                            while driving

                      Chart Mountain,
                      Piedmont, Coastal
                      Plain – Presidential
                      election results;
                      Gubernatorial election
                      results (Republican or
                      Democrat – how did
                                      each region vote, why
                                      do you think the
                                      results are that way?)

                                                 Nash-Rocky Mount Schools
                                                      Middle Grades
                                                  8 grade social studies

SCOS term,           Definition, importance, and/or relevant features
concept, idea,
person, place, or
Unit 1 - Concept of History (1st Six Weeks)
                                                   What is History?
                                                    Human Nature
                                                   Primary Sources
Unit 2 - Geography, Native American Issues (1st Six Weeks)
                                                      Goal 1
4 regions of North Tidewater, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountains -
Carolina           Land, Economy, Population distinguishes the regions

Tidewater            closest to Atlantic Ocean, swamps and marshes
Coastal Plain        flat farm land
Piedmont             Rolling Hills and Industry
Mountains            last developed, tourism, Christmas trees
Graveyard of the     area off coast of North Carolina where shallow water exists and site many shipwrecks
Major Tribes of NC   Land and Location
                     Cherokee Tuscarora Catawba Algonquin Tribes
Native American      eg. Corn, hunting, fishing, cooking
Unit 3 - North Carolina Colony (1st Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 1
Motivations for      Northwest Passage, Gold, Religion, Colonization
European             Spain – Pardo, Columbus, de Leon
Exploration          England- John White, Amadas Barlowe, Lost Colony
                     France- Verrazano, Jamestown

Columbian Exchange   Europeans- guns, horses, livestock
                     Native Americans- Plant foods, Turkey, Tobacco
Disease              Smallpox

Founding of the 13   Religious Persecution, Economic Opportunity, Adventure, Forced Migration

Lords Proprietors    Friends of the King who helped King Charles II to the throne, Ruled Colony with monetary goals,
                     Carolina Charter of 1663
North Carolina       Albemarle- settled by Virginians for farming
Colony               Pamlico- split from Albemarle, refuge from Religious persecution
                     Bath, New Bern
                     Cape Fear- Split from South Carolina, Naval Stores, Rice
Social Group roles in Gentry- Rich
colonial NC           Small farmer- poor, largest group
                      Slaves- bottom group, forced labor
                      Indians- battled over white culture and traditional, forced migration
                      Indentured servants- worked for Atlantic passage

Unit 4 - North Carolina Colony Problems (2nd Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 1
Tuscarora War          Battle between Settlers and Tuscarora over land
Cary’s Rebellion       Disagreement over taxes on Anglican Church
Culpeper’s Rebellion   Disagreement over goods shipped to England
Unit 5 - American Revolution (2nd Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 2
Proclamation of        Forbade settlement west of Appalachian mountains

French Indian War      War between England and Colonies verses France, and Native Americans

Acts Leading to the    Proclamation of 1763; Quartering Act; Stamp Act; Declaratory Act; Townshend Acts; Tea Act;
Revolutionary War      Coercive Acts

American Colonial      Stamp Act Congress; Committees of Correspondence; Sons of Liberty; Boston Massacre; Boston
Response to British    Tea Party, Declaration of Independence

North Carolina         Edenton Tea Party- 51 women protested the tea tax
Response to British    ,Mecklenburg Resolves- document claiming that residents will no longer abide by British laws and
Acts                   will support the American cause
                        Halifax Resolves- document claiming Independence from Britain for North Carolina
Key American           Flora McDonald- Scottish Highlander and supported the British
Figures in the         John Harvey- speaker NC General Assembly
Revolutionary War      George Washington- commander of the American military
                       Thomas Jefferson- author of Declaration of Independence
                       Benjamin Franklin- Famous Inventor and statesmen. Gained support from the French
Key British Figures    Charles Cornwallis- General of the British military
in the Revolutionary   King George- King op Great Britain during the Revolutionary War

Key North Carolina     William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn- NC signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Figures in the         Nathanial Greene- Leader of Southern American Army
Revolutionary War      David Fanning- North Carolinian fought for the British in the Tory War

Key North Carolina     Battle of Moore’s Creek - First battle in North Carolina
Battles in the         Guilford Courthouse- NC battle won by the British, but led to surrender of the British
Revolutionary War       Kings Mountain Over-mountain men defeat Robert Ferguson
                        Hornets Nest- nickname for Charlotte
Foreign                French aid and military
Interventions          Lafayette

Unit 6 - Constitution (3rd Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 2
Articles of            First government of the United States, failed because of lack of power in one, national government
Confederation          and because of basis of government procedure

Provincial/            Meetings held in North Carolina and Philadelphia to discuss American and North Carolina
Continental            involvement in the Revolutionary War
U.S. Constitution    Second Government of the United States that addressed the weaknesses in the Articles of
                     Confederation and provided a stronger Federal Government. It also provided a balance of power
                     between Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.
Preamble             Introduction to the Constitution that outlines the purpose of the document and serves as a mission
                     statement for the governance of the country.
Bill of Rights       First Ten Amendments to the Constitution. Serves as the basis for civil liberties in the United
                                               Goal 9 (contemporary issues)
Energy Crisis        Crisis brought on largely by US dependence on foreign oil and OPEC’s price hike in 1973. Triggered
                     a rise in inflation to a high of 11.3% by 1979

Internet             A world-wide network, originally developed by US Department of Defense, which links computers
                     and allows almost immediate communication of texts, pictures, and sounds

Graying of America   Refers to the aging baby boom generation who were born between 1945 to 1960

Homeland Security    Executive agency created during President George W. Bush’s presidency in 2001 to coordinate a
                     national response to disasters (i.e. terrorism, natural disasters).

Global Warming       Gradual rise in temperatures in the Earth, could lead the outer banks covered buy the Atlantic

Unit 7 - North Carolina as a New State in the Nation. Problems vs. Improvements (3rd Six
Causes of the War    Impressment, embargo, frontier problems, and War Hawks
of 1812
War of 1812           War with Great Britain over unresolved issues of trade violations and impressment which ended in
(1812-1815)           a draw but created an era of nationalism and birthed the Industrial Revolution. Also known as
                      America’s Second War of Independence
Impressment           British seizing of American sailors and forcing them to serve in British navy
Embargo               Trade restrictions Great Britain and France
Frontier problems     British and Indian attacks on American western land
War Hawks             politicians eager to go to war
War of 1812 Heroes    - Andrew Jackson, Dolley Madison, Otway Burns, Benjamin Forsyth
Effects of War of     Open Western Land to settlers. Sense of Patriotism
―Rip Van Winkle‖      North Carolina’s nickname because of its political, economic, and social stagnation.
Illiteracy            not able to read or write
Recession             slow economic growth
East vs. West         East North Carolina- Rich Plantation owners
                      West North Carolina- Former Regulators
                      Argument over representation- East had money and west had population
Migration             Effect of political, economic, and social stagnation. People left North Carolina for jobs and a
                      better life
Andrew Jackson,       Key American figures who migrated from North Carolina for greater opportunities
James K Polk, Levi
Archibald Murphy      wanted better education
Whig Party            Political Party who favored Social Improvements
Social improvements   Railroads, Public and higher Education, Dorthea Dix
1835 Constitution     New Constitution to address fair representation and democratic
Amendments to         1) Governors Term and election 2) Remove Religious Restrictions on Catholics 3) Free Blacks and
1835 Constitution     Native Americans could not vote 4) New Procedures for Amendments
Unit 8 - Antebellum (4th Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 3
Staple Crops         Tobacco and Cotton
Plantation System    Large farms with slave labor that had surplus crops for profit
―Necessary Evil‖     Southern argument to justify slavery. Illustrated the importance of slave labor to Southern
                     economy as well as to the Northern textile mills
Cotton Gin           Separated seeds from cotton. Led to a dramatic increase in the number of slaves in the South.
                     Led to growth of ―King Cotton‖ in the South. Invented by Eli Whitney 1790’s
Slave Code           rules for slaves
Underground          series of places to help runaway slaves to get to the North
Slave Life           field work, artisans, and house work
Indian Removal Act   Andrew Jackson’s forcible relocation of Indians in the East to Indian Territory west of Mississippi
                     River (present day Oklahoma). Led to ―Trail of Tears‖
―Trail of Tears‖     Forced relocation of Cherokee tribe. 800 mile march to Indian Territory in which ¼ of population
                     died. Illustrated the lack of respect for Indian rights and whites wanted Indian land for their
NC Gold Rush         Influx of people to North Carolina because of the discovery of gold
Charlotte Mint       Place where coins are made, located in Charlotte because of the gold
Unit 9 - Civil War/ Reconstruction (4th Six Weeks)
                                                          Goal 4
Election of 1860     Abraham Lincoln wins election without winning a single Southern state; South Carolina secedes
                     soon after as previously promised upon Lincoln’s election to the presidency
States Rights        The idea that states had the right to govern themselves without Federal intervention
Kansas-Nebraska      Allowed previously and unorganized territories of Kansas and Nebraska to CHOOSE whether or
Act                  not to allow slavery in their state (Popular Sovereignty)
Bleeding Kansas      Armed clashes between pro-slavery forces and settlers led by abolitionist John Brown following
                     the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Missouri             Temporarily solved the issue of new states created from the Louisiana Purchase (slave/free).
Compromise           Tried to maintain the balance in Congress between North and South by allowing slavery in Missouri
                     and creating the free state of Maine. Henry Clay, 36’30 applied to Louisiana Territory – example
                     of sectionalism
Compromise of 1850   California would be admitted as a free state, Utah and New Mexico would vote to decide slavery by
                     popular sovereignty, required Fugitive Slave Act to be enforced as part of the compromise
Secession            Formal withdrawal from the Union (Confederate States of America)
Fort Sumter          First shots of the Civil War fired here
Economies            South (Agriculture) North (Industry)
Anaconda Plan        Three part plan for Union victory; 1) Seize on control of the Mississippi River 2) Blockade on all
                     Southern Ports 3) Seize Richmond (Confederate Capital); success of this plan leads to the fall of
                     the Confederacy
Emancipation         Issued by Abraham Lincoln; stated all slaves in states of rebellion (states fighting the North)
Proclamation         were free
Sherman’s March      Total war (war on all resource), Sherman and his troops destroy everything in its path throughout
                     Georgia and South Carolina

Bentonville          largest major battle fought in the Civil War on North Carolina soil

Robert E Lee         Commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War
Ulysses S Grant      Commander of the Union Army during the Civil War and later American president
Stonewall Jackson    Robert E. Lee’s top general; accidentally killed by his own troops at the battle of Chancellorsville
Jefferson Davis      President of the Confederate States of America (Confederacy)
Abraham Lincoln      Republican, won elections of 1860 and 1864, president of the United States (Union) during the Civil
                     War, issued the Emancipation Proclamation and gave the Gettysburg Address, assassinated by
                     John Wilkes Booth
Braxton Bragg        Highest ranking Confederate officer in North Carolina
Zebulon Vance        Governor of North Carolina during the war; glorified the name Tar Heels
Reconstruction       Different ideas on how to rebuild the south after the Civil War, Radical Republicans idea was the
Plans                one that was followed
Radical Republicans   Members of the Republican Party who favored a much tougher stance toward the former
                      Confederate states after the Civil War
Freedmen’s Bureau     Federal relief agency to help freed slaves in the south
Black Codes           Laws in the South meant to keep African-Americans subordinate to whites by restricting the
                      rights of freed slaves or freedmen during Reconstruction (e.g. voting restrictions)
Scalawags             Southerners who supported Reconstruction and were hated by most Southerners
Carpetbaggers         Northerners who traveled to the South after the Civil War to conduct businesses and settle,
                      hated by Southerners as they were part of the Reconstruction governments
Jim Crow Laws         Required blacks and whites to use separate facilities in the South by law, supporting segregation;
                      not to be confused with Black Codes
13th Amendment        Freed Slaves
14th Amendment        Due process of law and citizenship
15th Amendment        Voting rights for black men
Unit 10 - North Carolina in the New South 5th Six Weeks
                                                         Goal 5
Economic Advances (1870-1930)
Mass Production       byproduct of the factory system
Tobacco Industries Cigarette Rolling Machine, Duke Reynolds corporation
Textile               Alamance Plaid (improvement in cotton manufacturing), Cotton Mill in Rocky Mount
Furniture             High Point site of leading manufacturer in the industry
Durham Wall Street Black owned business that thrived in Durham early 20th century
Social Concerns (1870 – 1930)
Calvin Wiley          First State Superintendent of NC schools- Emphasis on Higher Education and public education
Great Migration       African Americans moving to the north
Suffragette           The intention of trying to get women to vote – realized in passage and ratification of 19th
Movement              amendment
Prohibition           The movement and subsequent laws to ban the sale of alcohol – culminated in passage of 18th
                      amendment and eventually repealed with 21st amendment
Theory of Evolution the debate where evolution should be taught in schools
Technological Advances (1870 –1930)
Wright Brothers      First successful flight
Inventions           streetlights, telephone, electricity, movie theaters, Intercontinental Railroad, Good Roads State

Unit 11 - North Carolina in the period of Global War and Global Depression (5th Six Weeks)
                                                         Goal 5
World War I          Allies versus Central Powers
Allies               US, Great Britain, France, and Russia
Central Powers       Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and Germany
Lusitania            British ship sunk May, 1915 by German U-boats-caused by controversy in US
Victory gardens      home gardens to help the troops
Rationing            sacrificing certain goods for the military
Mobilization         Preparing the nation for war economically and militarily. Factories transitioned from pre-war to
                     military production. Camp Polk, Bragg, and Greene were built in response of the war.
Lafayette Escadrille Airplane troop for the Allies

                                                         Goal 6
Causes of Great Depression
Overproduction       Producing more goods than there is a demand for. Example: farm and industrial production after
                     World War I
                     Stock Market Crash- great reduction of stocks in one day
                     Banks failed and people could not pay their debts
Speculation           High risk investments on the stock market
Buying on the         Investors purchase stocks for only a portion of what they cost, then they borrow the difference
margin                and pay interest on the loan-hoping the stock would go up before the loan was called
Installment plan      Buying goods by putting a small percentage down in payment, and paying the rest in small
Easy credit           In the 1920’s easy loans from banks and other creditors led many to invest in the stock market
Effects of the Great Depression/ New Deal
Unemployment         number of people who do cannot find of job
                     Price of Agriculture dropped
Franklin Roosevelt   President during the Great Depression and World War II. Developed the New Deal.
New Deal             FDR’s programs aimed at using deficit spending and government programs/agencies to help
                     strengthen the economy focused on the three Rs – Relief, Recovery and Reform. The Blue Ridge
                     Parkway and City Lake are programs from the New Deal

Deficit spending      Philosophy of the New Dealers to spend more than the gov’t takes in order to ―prime the pump‖ to
                      get the economy started
Social Security       Long-range New Deal plan set up by Frances Perkins to aid the elderly, the disabled, dependent
                      children and dependent mothers. The money comes from payroll taxes
Federal Deposit       Banks insure deposits then up to $5000-people began to put money back in banks
Corporation (FDIC )
Tennessee Valley      A regional plan for the Southeastern US-for flood control, dams, canals and to produce cheap
Authority (TVA)       electricity-very successful
Works Progress        The largest of the public works projects and most creative in that it employed artists as well as
Administration        construction workers-led by Harry Hopkins
Live at Home          used seeds by the government to grow food
World War II
Pearl Harbor          December 7, 1941, Japan launches a surprise attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor Hawaii-
                      leads to USA entry in WWII
D-Day                 June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion of Normandy, France, led by Dwight Eisenhower
Atomic Bomb           August 1945, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan to end World War II ordered by US
                      President Truman
Allies                France, Great Britain, United States, Russia
Axis Powers           Germany, Italy, Japan
World War II’ s impact on North Carolina
U- Boats              German submarines secretly operated off the North Carolina coast, caused blackouts for coastal
NC military camps     Fort Macon, Cherry Point, Camp Buckner, Camp Lejeune, and Camp Montford Point (black Marines)
                      were used to house and prepare troops for war
German prisoners      worked on North Carolina farms
Farming and           NC farmers shifted production to focus on war. Industry was rejuvenated as a result of
industry              mobilization for war.
Key Ideas and Individuals
Adolf Hitler          Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, responsible for the Holocaust
Benito Mussolini      ―Il Duce‖, Fascist dictator of Italy during World War II
Winston Churchill     Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II
Joseph Stalin         Communist dictator of the Soviet Union during World War II and the beginning of the Cold War
Holocaust             A byproduct of Hitler’s ―Final Solution.‖ The systematic killing of over 6 million Jews by Nazis
                      during World War II
GI Bill               Program for returning veterans to help pay for education and provide low interest loans for
                      housing and to open businesses.
Tuskegee Airmen       African American airmen who fought in World War II.
Unit 12 - North Carolina post World War II (6th Six Weeks)
                                                        Goal 7
Social Changes from postwar to 1970s
Middle Class         Reflected strong economic growth and grew after World War II. New material culture of the
                     ―Baby Boom Era‖ led to rise of the middle class and subsequently the rise of suburbs
Baby boomers         1945-1965, time period where America saw a marked rise in the birthrate
National Highway     Passed during the Eisenhower Administration built more than 500,000 miles of highways, led to
Act                  the building of the suburbs, shopping centers, malls, etc
Martin Luther King   Leader in the Montgomery bus boycotts-leader of SCLC-Southern Christian Leadership
                     Conference-a civil rights organization that brought a high moral ground to the movement with his
                      call for non-violence-assassinated in 1968
Brown v. Board of     Famous case that ended Plessy when the Supreme Ct said separate but equal was not equal
Education of
Topeka, KS
Greensboro Sit Ins    4 African Americans protested by sitting at a whites only lunch counter
Rose Parks            Famous African American who refused to give up her seat on a bus designated for whites only –
                      early event in the developing civil rights movement
Charlotte             court case to integrate schools through busing.
Mecklenburg vs.
Community College      state schools that offer first 2 years of college
Head Start             Great Society plan for preschool education
Nuclear Power          Increased fear and tensions over nuclear proliferation—bomb shelters, etc
Technological Advances postwar to 1970
Radio                  Mass entertainment media that helped to spread changing social and cultural values
Color Television       Improved technology that revolutionized television sales and news reports
NASA                   American government-sponsored agency for the development of space exploration (National
                       Aeronautical Space Administration).
Research Triangle      Industrial center to allow collaboration between 3 universities and industrial communities. It was
Park                   used for research, development, and technological innovation
Political Viewpoints post World War II
Cold War               hostilities between United States and Soviet Union after World II.
Equal Rights           Proposed (never ratified) Constitutional amendment that sought to guarantee equal protection
Amendment              under the law regardless of sex.
Korean War             war fought between US and South Korea versus North Korea and China.
Vietnam                War fought between Unites States and South Vietnam versus North Vietnam.
Howard Lee             African American NC senator
Important legislation
Voting Rights Act     Ends all qualifications for voting. Sends troops to south to ensure A.A.’s are able to vote.
Civil Rights Act      Ended segregation in all public places
26th Amendment        allow 18 year olds to vote
                                                            Goal 8
Urban Development     Charlotte and Raleigh
Migrant Workers       Influx of workers from Mexico in order to work on the farms
Hmong                 Southeast Asia refugees in North Carolina
Banking               joins the North Caorlina industries of tobacco, textiles, and agriculture
Research Triangle     Industrial center to allow collaboration between 3 universities and industrial communities. It was
Park                  used for research, development, and technological innovation
NASCAR                National sport that started in NC
Krispy Kreme          Doughnut company based from
                      Drug Research part of the RTP.
Religious Right       Social movement supported conservative ideals in government
War on Terror         Military and Political conflicts as a result of the attacks on 9/11
September 11- 2001    Terrorist attack of the World Trade Center by Al-Qaeda (led by Osama Bin Laden) using airplanes

Bilingual Education   1968 act and the amendment to the 1975 Voting Rights Act enabled Spanish speakers to attend
                      school and to vote in their own language
New Right Coalition   A late 20th century alliance of conservative special interest groups concerned with cultural, social,
                      and moral issues
Regional Economic     Mountains- Arts and crafts
Diversity             Piedmont- Industry and banking
                      Coastal Plain- Fishing and Tourism

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