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									                       Top 5 Iowa university's
•   The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City. The university (IU) was founded on February 25, 1847, less than 2 months after Iowa
    became a state. Today, approximately 20,770 undergraduate students attend IU. Academically, IU has one of the best postgraduate
    creative writing programs of any public or private institution, and it also has strong nursing and medical programs, as well as an
    excellent education program. IU's football and wrestling teams have won several Big Ten titles. It is presently ranked #64 by U.S. News
    and World Report.
•   Iowa State University
•   Iowa State University (ISU) was founded in 1856 as Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts with a land grant that was
    signed by Abraham Lincoln and is located in Ames, Iowa. Today, ISU has approximately 20,440 undergraduate students. Best known for
    its outstanding economics department, Iowa State University also has excellent science, engineering and agricultural programs. The
    Iowa State University Cyclones play in the NCAA's Division I-A and participate in the Big 12 Conference. U.S. News and World Report
    ranks Iowa State at #85 on its list of top schools in the nation.
•   University of Northern Iowa
•   The University of Northern Iowa is located in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa. This school was founded in 1876 as the Iowa State Normal
    School. Today, approximately 10,720 undergraduate students attend the University of Northern Iowa. The university has several
    excellent academic programs, such as the math and computer science programs. The University of Northern Iowa Panthers participate
    in the NCAA Division I for basketball, wrestling, track, baseball and softball and in Division I-FCS for football.
•   Drake University
•   Drake University is a private university founded in 1881 by a preacher and Civil War general, George T. Carpenter. Drake University was
    named after Francis Marion Drake, a 19th century adventurer and is located in Des Moines, Iowa. Today, the university has
    approximately 3,250 undergraduate students. Drake is best known for its law, journalism and communication and pharmaceutical
    science programs. Drake participates in NCAA Division I in several sports, including cross country, basketball, golf, soccer, football,
    tennis, track and volleyball.
•   Upper Iowa University
•   Upper Iowa University is a private, not-for-profit liberal arts university located in Fayette, Iowa. Upper Iowa University was founded in
    1875. Today, Upper Iowa University has approximately 4,740 undergraduate students in attendance. The school is best known for its
    education programs and is accredited in several states including Wisconsin, Iowa, Louisiana and Kansas. Upper Iowa University has
    football, soccer, basketball, wrestling and other teams and is the only university in Iowa to participate in NCAA Division 2.
     Iowa’s capitol building
• 23 Karat gold
• Year completed 1886
• Cost $2,873,294.59
• Crystal chandeliers in the house of chambers
• The 1970s renovation restored the interior
  of the building to its original condition, but
  by the 1990s, it was apparent that the
  building needed exterior and structural
  repairs. The University of Iowa began
  another round of renovations to upgrade the
  Old Capitol Building. Part of the repairs
  called for asbestos to be removed from the
  Capitol's gold dome.
       Some facts about Iowa

• State motto our liberties we
  prize and our rights we will
• State bird eastern goldfinch
• State flower wild rose
• State nickname the
  Hawkeye state
• State tree oak tree
• Iowa is the 29th state
             More Iowa facts
• State rock geode
• Electoral collage 7
• Location in the central Midwestern United
• Iowa runs along the Mississippi River
• State song the song of Iowa
• Iowa is known for corn and faming

• The state capitol building caught on fire
• Iowa once had a bike race In
• Native Americans were the first people to
  live in the area that in now Iowa
             Tourist attraction
• If I went to Iowa I would go to des moines,it is
  the Iowa capitol,try to visit the capitol building
• And Sioux City,a fun city to go to
State flag
               Tourist attraction
• Storm lake,such fresh water go ahead swim in
  it. So clean waters to.

• And cedar rapids such a fun city to.
  As you can see Iowa is a great
 place to be. I forgot to mention
  that Iowa has a great football
team. If I were you I would go to

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