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                                                        APOSTOLIC CHURCHES
                                                         THE FRUIT OF APOSTOLIC MINISTRY
                                                                  BY DON ATKIN

“A Word from David Orton -
Don Atkin is a seasoned apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ whose teachings I recommend. While
our correspondence is recent, he has served the body of Christ since 1966 and is a father in the
Lord to many. His perspectives on the apostolic and church government, including the church of
the city, are insightful and useful. His web link is:www.DonAtkin.com "

                  APOSTOLIC CHURCHES - The Fruit of Apostolic Ministry

Not everyone who says to me, "I’m an apostle! I’m an apostle!" is an apostle.

Losing sight of the fact that apostles are displayed last, as men condemned to death, and made a
spectacle to the world ~ fools for Christ’s sake, it seems that many would like to claim this role.
Others, who may be legitimately called to apostleship, are eager to rush headlong, and ahead of
God, into what requires years of patient preparation.

There is usually a significant time lag between the calling and the commissioning, which often
include seasons of temporary appointments to specific spheres under the direction and oversight
of a seasoned man.
Learning to walk yoked with Jesus at His pace is usually preceded by learning to walk with
Jesus’ representative authority in one’s life.

Not only the American dollar is being devalued in our day The apostolic ministry is being
devalued by those who are not apostles indeed, or those who are running ahead in the process.
Satan tried to resist the emerging of apostles and apostolic companies who are threats to his
waning authority Unsuccessful, he now is trying to dilute and subvert apostolic authority by
tempting sincere Christians to go where God has not (yet) led.

The bottom-line-fruit of apostolic ministry in apostolic churches!

Everything reproduces after kind. Prophets raise up prophetic churches.
Worshipers raise up worshiping churches. Teachers raise up teaching churches. Evangelists raise
up evangelistic churches. Intercessors raise up interceding churches.

Apostles raise up apostolic churches that are fivefold in gift mix, and mission focused.

Let’s look at some characteristics:


A. Apostles govern; task-focused. Gifted by God, and graced according to the measure of
Christ’s gift, apostles are master builders who lay the foundation of Christ, the anointed One, in
the lives of people. Their objective is to see a church come forth in every city/region that is a
many-membered functional body that is doing the work of Christ in that area, to the end that
God’s government and glory are established.
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                                        APOSTOLIC CHURCHES
                                          THE FRUIT OF APOSTOLIC MINISTRY
                                                   BY DON ATKIN

B. Prophets guide; word-focused. Standing alongside the apostles in the foundation of the church
(Jesus Christ being the chief Cornerstone), prophets keep the church moving in a manner that is
consistent with the revealed word of God. When properly linked with governing apostles, there is
a powerful grace to guide the church toward her destiny.

C. Evangelists gather; soul-focused. Passionate for the conversion of people to Christ,
evangelists (1) preach the gospel of the kingdom (often with signs and wonders confirming the
word), (2) heal the sick, (3) cast out demons, and (4) equip the saints to do the work of the

D. Pastors guard; people-focused. A more functionally understood word for this gift is
"shepherds." Shepherds are not always able to hang onto the vision because of their burden for
people and heart for their well-being and safety. Contemporary religious tradition has confused
this biblical role with that of CEO’s. But, today’s reformation process will align true shepherds
within the fivefold equipping ministry where they will be freed from trying to do what God gave
others to do. Then, they will be able to focus upon the flock.

E. Teachers ground; detail-focused. Appointed third in order by God, teachers are intended to
put the meat on the bones that are provided through the revelation ministries of apostles and
prophets. They are not to build denominations around their pet doctrines. Rather, they are to
function under authority on apostolic teams, grounding the body of Christ with the details of
apostolic doctrine and guided by prophets.

The great hindrance to the work of the kingdom is independent "Lone Ranger"
ministries who have not found their place of peace on the team!


A. Fathers of the families. Paul referred to the Corinthians as my beloved children, and told the
Thessalonians, you know how we exhorted, and comforted, and charged every one of you, as a
father does his own children.
He identified Timothy and Titus as sons in the Lord. John wrote: My little children. Not all
fathers are apostles. But, all apostles are fathers.

B. Leaders of the tribes. Paul was sent to the Gentiles, Peter to the Jews.
Paul refers to his sphere which God appointed us - a sphere which especially includes you. John
wrote as Jesus dictated to the seven churches in Asia.
This tribal concept is expanded upon in the New Testament, where we see apostolic companies

C. Generals of the army. We are still too fragmented to realize the potential that awaits us as God
puts together the global communion of apostles. Regional spirits will be cast down by the church
standing together in cities and regions. The full release of apostolic authority will also bring
revelations of gifts that are hidden beneath the surface of these cities and regions by the influence
of darkness. The light is coming!

D. Architects of the church. Wise master builders understand the blueprint and strategy for
building the church under Christ’s headship. We have not yet seen the glory of God on the
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                                              APOSTOLIC CHURCHES
                                        THE FRUIT OF APOSTOLIC MINISTRY
                                                 BY DON ATKIN

church of His heart. We can cry to heaven for revival, and for that glory to be released. But, our
cries will be in vain until God’s order is established. He will not breathe on scattered bones!


A. Fivefold in ministry. A person may call or title himself whatever, but the fruit of apostleship is
churches that are enjoying the anointing and impartation of all five gift ministries in balance.
This will not come from the sweat of the brow. It will be the natural flow of the apostolic gift in
the mix, drawing the other gifts around him, and raising up and releasing ministry.

B. Built from a New Testament blueprint. Apostles appoint elders in every church (city/region).
There will be a gathering and distribution of wealth.
There will be the enablement and function of the gift variety within the body as described in I
Cor. 12-14.

C. Built upon a proper foundation. This is a study of its own. For additional insight into this
proper foundation, read: I Cor. 3:11; II Cor.
13:5; Gal. 4:19; Col. 1:27; I Jn 4:1-4.

D. Function with proper government. Revelation Chapters 1-3 outline proper governmental flow.
Jesus speaks to the heart of John, who has apostolic responsibility for Asia. Jesus dictates
specific instructions for the messenger (apostle?) of each church. It is obvious that the
governmental division of the church is to be within geo-political spheres - cities and regions. This
does not mean that local apostles and elders ~ or individuals ~ cannot hear from God for
themselves. It does indicate that there is a higher purpose for the church that will only be
accomplished on a corporate level and under proper apostolic government.

E. Produce kingdom fruit. This includes reproducing after kind both at home and abroad, people
coming to Jesus and being discipled into maturity, believers operating in the gifts of the Spirit,
joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by
which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.


1. Vision – Ephesians 3:5, 10

2. Order – I Corinthians 14:33, 40; Titus 1:5

3. Fatherhood – I Corinthians 4:15; I Thessalonians 2:10-12

4. Cohesive Team Leadership – I Thessalonians 1:5-6, 2:1-12

5. Master Plan - Architect - Taskmaster – I Corinthians 3:10

6. Place of Appeal – I Corinthians 6:5

7. Oversight; Accountability – Hebrews 13:17

A final word. Some are resisting this kind of teaching because of past abuses and/or present
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                                              APOSTOLIC CHURCHES
                                        THE FRUIT OF APOSTOLIC MINISTRY
                                                 BY DON ATKIN

"flesh." The Faithful One who called us is the One who must accomplish all of the above. The
flesh cannot please God. This is not something that we can do for Him.

Only as we yield ourselves as individuals to the Holy Spirit, and He aligns us with others, will we
see the emerging of the apostolic church that will honor and reveal Him to the nations. Only in
such a way will He fill the earth with His government and glory through His sons.

Maturity is finding our place of rest in His yoke.

  For more teaching from Don that is intended to help and encourage us in our journey
         toward the restoration/reformation of the church - please use the link:


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