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                Commonly Asked Questions
                How My Receptionist Works

                08.11.2009 – My Receptionist : FAQ
                Q: What is My Receptionist?                                                              Resource Li
                A: My Receptionist provides 24-7 call answering and appointment scheduling               Company W
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                services to more than 1,000 small businesses, including more than 150 clients in
                the Chippewa Valley.

                Q: How does My Receptionist work?                                                        Receptionist
                A: My Receptionist acts as the front office for its clients: handling calls, answering   Magazine, fa
                questions and scheduling appointments - critical services that allow busy small          entrepreneu
                business owners to stay focused on serving clients. My Receptionist responds to          Noe, massa

                more than 6,000 customer calls a day for a variety of clients – from massage             answering,

                therapists to plumbers to attorneys.

                Q: Is My Receptionist a call center?
                A: My Receptionist fields incoming calls and fulfills many of the same
                responsibilities of an on-site receptionist, such as answering customer questions
                and scheduling appointments. Different from a call center, My Receptionist
                assumes the front office duties, so entrepreneurs can focus on client service.

                Q: What type of clients does My Receptionist serve?
                A: Since the company was founded 40 years ago, My Receptionist has helped more
                than 15,000 clients balance customer service needs. Today, that mix of clients
                includes massage therapists, plumbers, funeral homes, attorneys and home
                contractors. In many cases, My Receptionist clients are standalone entrepreneurs.

                Q: Where is the staff of My Receptionist located?
                A: My Receptionist has two offices; the main office is located on Main Street in Eau
                Claire, while a second office is located in Vero Beach, Florida, near West Palm
                Beach. Each office has roughly 25 professional receptionists that handle incoming
                calls and schedule appointments for My Receptionist clients.

                Q: How is My Receptionist connected to Tele-Serve?
                A: My Receptionist is the parent company of Tele-Serve, which currently operates out
                of the Eau Claire office. My Receptionist has a second division, which operates out
                of an office near West Palm Beach, Florida. Together, the two offices respond to
                more than 6,000 customer calls a day, serving a variety of small business owners –
                from massage therapists to plumbers to attorneys.

                Q: Why was My Receptionist selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing
                A: Each year, the magazine recognizes the fastest growing, privately held companies
                in the U.S. based on revenue growth during a three-year period. Since 2005, My
                Receptionist has more than doubled both its revenue and work force through client
growth and expansion of its call answering and appointment scheduling – two
critical services that allow small business owners to stay focused on serving clients.

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About My Receptionist
My Receptionist is a national provider of 24-7 call answering and appointment
scheduling services. Answering more than 2 million calls annually, My Receptionist
serves a variety of entrepreneurs – from massage therapists to plumbers to
attorneys. At its core, My Receptionist is committed to helping small business
owners simplify their business life – by securing sales opportunities, growing
business and ensuring their companies are always responsive. My Receptionist is
headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with a satellite office in Vero Beach,

Contacting My Receptionist
My Receptionist
409 Main Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Press Contact
Tony Saucier
Office: 612-978-0298

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