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					             The Cloud File Server

Cloud Computing is maturing fast. More and more applications and data
are being built for the cloud, in the cloud, and being moved onto the

No-one can benefit from this more than small businesses. Cloud
Computing enables access to applications on a rental basis that
would never have been affordable previously. It also allows the ability to
centralise IT functions that are currently costly and difficult to manage.

The File Server has long been a staple part of any office. However as Cloud
Apps such as Google Docs, Amazon S3, Office 365, etc., become more
common across companies, then centralising file access and control
becomes more and more difficult. This is why we designed the Cloud File
Server, to solve the challenge of information aggregation, management, and
control of all of a companies information Clouds, from a single unique view.

Cloud File Server Features.
   •   Access and Manage files on any Cloud – Amazon S3, RackSpace,
       SkyDrive, SharePoint / Office 365, Google Docs + over 20 more. All
       presented in a unique Cloud File System.
       Public / Private information management – can work in
       combinations with on-premise and public ‘cloud’ information stores.

   •   Product combines File Server / Intranet / Collaboration – The
       Cloud File Server provides a unique workspace that is not just access
       to file information but uses data as a means to collaborate and
       integrate with other services.

   •   Advanced “Cloud Safe” features – you can choose to have your
       data stored in a nominated Primary Cloud and have it automatically
       backed up to a Backup Cloud to ensure your data is always available
       when you need it. If the Primary is down, we will get your data from
       the backup.

   •   Never send another file in an email attachment – we provide
       advanced file sharing features which include sharing files over email,
       Twitter and RSS. Each file also has its own unique URL. File shares
       can also be set to expire after a number of days for safety.

   •   Secure your Files – All files can be made secure using encryption,
       even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption.

                A better way of working for all businesses
    Only the user who assigned the key knows it. It is not stored on our
    service. Any shared files that are encrypted will need to have a key
    entered for file access.

•   Use more than one cloud – You are not restricted to using just
    one file cloud. You can use several and even multiple instances
    of the same service if you have more than one account. All
    data is seen in a unique single view. Of course if you do not
    have any storage services we can provide one for you!

•   Gain access to your files when you need them – We
    provide an “always on” web client and also other ways to interact
    with our service. These include a sophisticated suite of Windows
    tools that integrate with the windows shell, provide a virtual drive, a
    dedicated application explorer, sync tools and also integrate with
    Microsoft Office and Open Office. We also provide integration with
    iGoogle, Facebook, Firefox, Chrome, and mobile and desktop

•   Best of Breed Online Integrations – As well as offering desktop
    integration with Microsoft Office and Open Office we also integrate
    best of breed online services with SMEStorage. Have a word or
    spreadsheet document in your file browser? Well click on it and
    choose to edit with Zoho and we will load it into a fully featured online
    editor and save the document back when you are finished. Want to
    view a PowerPoint, PDF within the web browser? No problem. Want
    to edit an image? Again you can do all of this with your data all from
    within the service through our best of breed integrations. For please if
    you have any MP3 files stored on the service we will even stream
    them to you as you work!

•   Fax Integration – We integrate with the Interfax service which
    enables you to send documents as faxes directly from our service. An
    Interfax account is needed.

•   Email Backup – We offer an email backup service that is easy to use
    and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook
    Express. The emails are sorted by date and month and stored as files
    that can be searched and accessed from your File Manager.

•   Intuitive File Manage Interface – We provide an interface you are
    already used too, namely a windows file manager style management
    directly from within your browser. It even has the concept of Trash
    before a file is finally deleted ! The same concept is used in all mobile

•   Cloud Drives on ever desktop – We integrate directly in your Mac,
    Windows, or Linux desktop directly as a native ‘Cloud’ Drive.

•   Supports all mobiles – No mobile policy ? Don’t worry we support
    BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows Phone 7 !

            A better way of working for all businesses
•   Contact Backup – Backup contacts from over 30 email and social
    sites including Facebook and LinkedIn. We also provide
    Outlook integration with our windows tooling so that Outlook
    contacts can be backed up.

•   Collaboration Groups – Each user has the ability to create
    groups in which people outside the company can be invited to
    share content. Each member can, if required, be given
    permissionto share content with the group and the group can
    be configured for all members to see each other, or not. When
    new files are uploaded to the group all member get an
    automated email informing them of the new content. It is a great
    way to deal with partner networks, or geographically distributed
    working groups.

•   File Event Auditing – The Cloud Administrator can setup the Cloud
    File Server to audit log all file events for historical, and legislative
    purposes. A requirement for certain professions who wish to use the

•   User Permissions – Cloud Administrators can set folder and file
    permissions across information clouds, just like they used to on their
    departmental file server.

•   Built in Administration functionality – Each Cloud File Server has
    an Administrator. The Administrator assigns users for the cloud and is
    responsible for setting up and maintaining Cloud Providers, Shared
    Folders, Permissions and notification options as well as other
    administration features.

•   SMS direct – We use Twitter as a messaging backbone for file event
    notifications but can also offer integration with Clikatel or BulkSMS.

•   Shared Folders – The Cloud File Server enables special folders to
    be set that all users in the company can instantly access (dependent
    on permissions set). This is a great way to store common
    organization data and ensure that all users have access to company
    content such as Marketing, HR literature etc.

•   GEO Location Recording – For some companies, ‘where they were’
    when uploading data and ‘where their data is stored ‘is important for
    legislative purposes. To this end we GEO record any data that is
    uploaded using the SMEStorage Cloud File Server.

•   Avoid Lock In – Not only do we support over 30 Clouds, we enable
    you to move data from one to the other helping you avoid vendor

            A better way of working for all businesses
The service is currently available on a promotional price either as a
one time charge, or on a monthly subscription. Please contact us for further

Contact us

To find out further information please contact us using the details below:

Skype: SMEStorage
Tel: +448006899094 ext. 1 for Sales

                A better way of working for all businesses

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