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					    The Building Centre Spring Newsletter

Let’s hope that the glorious weather will hold for the next few days.
Looking outside, I see that the trees are green again, so spring must
be here. What a long, cold winter it has been.
The Building Centre has been far from quiet. We have a bouquet of new
exhibitors and our reception has a very different appearance since
Gyproc redesigned and built it, giving us two reception stations with an
innovative ceiling and their new damp resistant bathroom Rhino drywall
which will be finished off with sanitary ware supported by metal frames
set in the dry wall.
Lansdowne Boards provided us with state of the art office drawers on
wheels and Max on Top fitted our desks with Corian counter tops,
Albert Carpets set off the new look with a plush red carpet and Ceiling
and Partition Warehouse installed bamboo flooring.
Life at the Building Centre is never dull. There is always change
and to help us stay on the ball, we have a fabulous coffee
machine donated by Udo Klots of Sprada, please come and
sample it.
New displays are:

              American               Lansdowne                   Albert
              Shutters               Boards                      Carpets
              Elegant and            Mirror doors                Have given
              novel blinds           and DIY                     us the red
              and shutters           kitchen                     carpet

            CEL                    Excellent                    Plantation
            Paving                 Aluminium                    Shutters
            Concrete                                            Wooden
            paving                 Systems
                                   Double glazed                shutters
                                   aluminium                    and sliding
            cobble &               doors and                    room
            vintage                windows                      dividers
          Essence                 Safety                       Italcotto
          of Iron                 Express                      A new
          Iron                    Stromberg                    display
          handles                 Barriers, netting            of the latest
          and                     high visibility              bathroom
          hinges                  construction                 and roof tiles
The Green Initiative:

                          There is a growing demand for examples of sustainable building
                          methods and products. The Building Centre has dedicated a
                          section to eco building, a separate business, but in partnership
                          with us called Eco Exhibit.
                          Please watch this space. The initiative is receiving very positive
                          response and we are excited about working in this field with
                          Rayne Neave who is running the business.

                          Eco Exhibit and the Building Centre hosted a presentation given to
                          architects by The Green Building Council in July.

So we look forward to growing into the new as summer returns. Please
listen out for our latest radio advertisement which is flighting on Cape
Talk this week and every week before our first Sunday of the month open day.
We welcome feedback from you and always look forward to seeing
architects and exhibitors in the Building Centre.

                   Enjoy Spring!

   Warm Wishes from Cheryl and the B C Team