New Nation TimeLine Assignment by alicejenny


									New Nation TimeLine
   An American History
    South Carolina Standards
• USHC-2:        The student will demonstrate
  an understanding of the establishment of the
  United States as a new nation.
• USHC-2.4       Summarize the creation of a
  new national government, including the new
  state constitutions, the country’s economic
  crisis, the Founding Fathers and their
  debates at the Constitutional Convention, the
  impact of the Federalist Papers, and the
  subsequent ratification of the Constitution.
• You will be working in groups of five to
  create a PowerPoint timeline of the events
  covered in our New Nation unit.
• This assignment will ask you to review
  information covered in class and show
  your understanding of the significance of
  events covered in this unit.
• Choose five events between the years 1776-
• You will then use PowerPoint to create a slide
  for each event in chronological order.
• You will present your timeline slideshow to the
  class so make it look nice.
             Slide Content
•    Each slide should include the
1.   A title for your event
2.   The date of your event
3.   A one to two sentence description
4.   A physical representation of your
     event (picture, chart, graph, graphic
     organizer, movie clip, sound bite)
5.   A one to two sentence explaining the
     significance of your event
      Slide Content Continued
• Your Slide show should include the following
1. An Title slide to start your presentation
2. A slide design template
3. Transitions between slides
4. Custom animation on each slide

The next three slides are examples of good
  timeline slides.
1776-Declaration of Independence
   In 1776 the United States
    officially declared
    independence from Great
    Britain. Thomas Jefferson
    drafted the official declaration
    known as the Declaration of
   This event triggered the
    foundation of the United States
    government and acted as the
    ideological background for our
    government. Jefferson
    highlighted egalitarianism and
    inalienable rights in the
         1787-Great Compromise
   House of Representatives                             Senate

What: In 1787 at the Constitutional Convention the delegates came to a
compromise between the New Jersey and Virginia Plan. This compromise
became known as the great compromise. The system under the compromise
called for three branches of government, a house of representatives elected
directly by the people and seats based on population, and the senate, elected
by state legislatures and all states have two senators.

So What: The Great Compromise created the system we know today. Without
the compromise the delegates may not have ratified the Constitution of the
United States
1789-Bill of Rights
             The Bill of Rights was
              added to the constitution
              in 1789. It consists of 10
              amendments that
              guarantee citizens rights.
             Several states refused to
              ratify the constitution
              until these amendments
              were added. This
              document guarantees
              you many rights the
              original constitution does
      Let’s Get Into Groups!
You will have all class period to work on this
assignment. This should be enough time to finish.
Next class each group will be given five minutes to
present there timeline.
Each member of the group will have to present one
Please use your class time efficiently. Any work not
completed in class is homework.
Okay count off from one to five and get cracking!!

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