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    2. Ahmad Isman
    3. Sukma Yudha P P
    4. M. Faishal F H
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        Indonesian soccer accomplishment is felt only like that, nothing special, the PSSI chairman
Nurdin Halid under very eager to do the naturalization of foreign players. Step of naturalization is
certainly getting a lot of questions. There is a Pro. Many are also cons. Said the success of Singapore’s
pro football into a tiger in Southeast Asia because of Naturalizations. And many countries such a
Germany, Britain, France, Portugal also naturalized players. While the cons call naturalized shortcut to
accomplishment and a form of failure of football coaching by PSSI. Naturalization would also tend to kill
young seedlings Indonesian players are actually quite a lot.

        Naturalization is actually a fact that PSSI has failed to do the coaching. The failure resulted in
performance coaching soccer is always not succeeded in any events. Failed development also resulted in
Indonesian Player quality from day to day never left. So-so only. Less with the players from Japan,
Korea, and Iran, Which has many players who play in European League.

         The problem is, why they prefer naturalization of foreign players who don’t necessarily qualities
rather than trying to find a pure blooded Indonesian players who have very good quality ? Is the
Problem just because the money to do this ? what considered to be more profitable naturalization them
with spending a little money when compared with looking to these areas ? because we believe that the
d land of Indonesian vast is still a lot of Young seedlings have the potential to be a quality football
player, just need the continued training of the PSSI. That’s the problem we were going to lift in this

Opinion about Naturalization Indonesian National Football Team

        Member of Commission X Tuba Dedi Gumelar revealed, the naturalization policy should be
reviewed. “What happened was not effective. Naturalization policy is also not enough to create a good
system. PSSI only need to restructure the regulation and organization,” Said Dedi yesterday.

        Menpora Andi Mallarangeng states, accelerated naturalization open enough players but still
based on the quality of players. “ Naturalization and even accelerated the process and can be done if
the player quality. His talent was also so good. The President also supports naturalization. The decision
was necessary to build an internal attitude of the competition on its own national team” he said.

The question is whether PSSI must conduct naturalization program for advancement of Indonesian
football ? moreover, recently Sergio Van Dijk, a dutch player of Indonesian descent rumored to join the
National team one step away from red and white. Will this be the beginning for other Indonesian
descent player to be able to defend the Indonesian national team ?

        PSSI plans to adopt a number of foreign-blooded players almost materialized. Vice chairman of
commission X Rullly Chairul Azwar again remind all parties involved so as not to forget the homeland
talent development. Last week, Chairman of the BTN Faith Arif said the file of five candidates for
naturalization players had entered the office of the ministry of youth and sports (Kemenpora). They are
Johnny Rudolf Van Beukering (Netherlands), Raphael Guillermo Eduardo (Netherlands), Cristian
Gonzalez (Uruguay), Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan (Germany), and David Ririhena(Netherlands).

Hopefully, the process runs smoothly so that the five players already have a passport Indonesia AFF Cup
in 2010 before registration closed, 1 November.

Discourse naturalization of foreign players in the squad for the Red and White is still raises the pros and
cons. A number of former national team courtier had expressed disapproval of the plan. They worry, this
step actually kill young talents homeland.

Here be an Some List of naturalized players in Indonesia :

    1.   Cristian Gonzales (Uruguay)
    2.   Jhonny Rudolf Van Beukering (Netherlands)
    3.   Raphael Gulermo Eduardo (Netherlands)
    4.   Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan (Germany )

List of Some of the naturalized Players in Southeast Asia :

    1.   De Jong from Netherlands to Philippines
    2.   Neil Ethridge from UK to the Philippines
    3.   Robert James Dazo Gier from the UK to the Philippines
    4.   Ray Anthony Jonsson from Iceland to the Philippines
    5.   Manuel Ott from Germany to the Philippines
    6.   James Joseph Placer Yonghusband from the UK to the Philippines
    7.   Agu Casmir from Nigeria to Singapore

        So, in the opinion of our group, naturalization football players in Indonesia have an unfavorable
    impact because in addition to coach a football team will lead Indonesia to further entrust quality
    foreign player than the quality of local players, where as we don’t yet know form sure all the
    resources that we can use players in throughout Indonesia and in addition it also if we want to raise
    the quality of our Indonesian football team play even better to choose the original players from
    Indonesia because Indonesian original players would have a greater spirit to make Indonesia better
    better than foreign players.

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