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    What year 6 children are doing…
• 89% have internet access at home
• 29% have access in their bedrooom
    – 78% have a webcam on their computer
•   28% have a Bebo profile
•   56% use MSN (3 – 200 buddies)
•   45% have buddies they didn’t know
•   80% have a mobile phone
•   43% can access the internet via their mobile
•   48% have received a “nasty” text message
                               Information overload?
• - Helping the youth of today prepare for tomorrow. Providing parents, children and teens information on internet safety.
•   Be Safe Online - Internet Safety advice for parents, teachers and responsible adults. Encourages child safety through careful online behavior.
•   Be Web Aware - Tutorial and tips for parents on the benefits and risks of being on the Internet.
•   Buddy Browser for Kids - Secure web browser for kids, available free. Includes kid-safe Internet Messenger, and inbuilt resources for education, gaming and fun.
• - Providing safe chat rooms and monitoring for kids and teens.
• - Provides the ability to trace the location of predators for reporting to authorities.
•   Child Safety FAQ - Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about child safety on the internet.
•   Child Safety Network - Providing free tools and information to help parents keep their children safe.
•   Child Safety on the Information Highway - Put out by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this document outlines how parents can best protect their children while still
    allowing them use of the Internet.
•   Child Safety-Net - Promotes "Child Safety-Net" book. Site also has newsletter back issues and links, relating to protection of children online.
•   Childoscope - Organisation promoting integrated European policies on missing and sexually exploited children. An initiative of "Child Focus" (Belgium).
•   Children Online - Offers a variety of presentations and programs for schools, students and parents, on subjects such as online safety issues and solutions, and online harassment. Also
    offers short safety video excerpts for download.
•   Children's Internet Protection Act - US Congress Bill S.97 requiring schools and libraries to introduce filtering software for internet-connected computers.
•   Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) FAQ - Providing information for schools and libraries regarding the Children's Internet Protection Act.
•   ChildSafetyExperts - Articles and recommended reading about online safety topics.
•   CleanMyMailbox - Service providing web-based parental control of the email coming into children's mailboxes.
•   Common Sense Internet Safety Survival Guide - Information to help kids stay safe and smart while using the Internet.
•   Content Purity - Free online tool designed to check computer for objectionable content.
•   COPA Commission - Information and resources about the Child Online Protection Act.
•   Crawler Parental Control - Software to monitor and control your child's software usage and internet browsing, regulate the times when they can use the computer and internet, and hide
    content on your computer that you don't want them to see.
•   CyberAngels - Comprehensive resource focusing on Safety matters. Offers guidance for parents, and provides information and solutions to common internet safety issues.
•   CyberCop Guide - A downloadable ebook about Internet child safety. Written by a police detective, it teaches parents to protect their children from becoming a victim, or from victimizing
    others while on the Internet.
•   Family Guardian - Provides filtered web access. Client is installed on the user's computer and all traffic is redirected through the FamGuard servers, content is analyzed and filtered or
    blocked before delivery.
•   Family WebWatch - Comprehensive online safety information and blog.
• - A public service brought by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive, educational and
    entertaining online experiences.
•   hoopaa - Offering a free service for concerned parents to monitor children's activities on the internet. Captures screenshots of websites visited, tracks MSN chat and allows website
•   InSafe - Frozen site of the European Union's The Safer Internet Exchange project. News, press releases and links concerning Internet safety.
•   Inspect Your Gadgets - Workshops, Seminars and Speeches designed to raise the awareness of the dangers to children and families of the Internet and emerging technologies and provide
    practical home strategies for parents.
•   Internet - A list of internet filtering products and comparison data for parents and teachers.
•   Internet Safety at - Provides articles and tips for online family safety.
•   i-SAFE America, Inc. - Incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the
    Internet a safer place.
•   Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet - Companion site to the book 'Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet'. Shows parents how to protect from pedophiles, pornography, pop-ups, viruses and
•   Kid Innovation - Razzul is a kid-friendly browser, offering access to pre-approved sites and spam-free email. Parents can also review their child's internet usage and communications.
•   Kid Safe Mail - Child safe email experience without spam, pornography or viruses.
•   Kid Smart - Practical online safety advice for teachers and parents, with lesson plans, online activities and resources.
    Key Stage 1
• Will be available on the CEOP site
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    Key Stage 2
Creating a safe online profile
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Childnet International

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 Validity and Bias (Media Literacy)
                       Validity and Bias
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