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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011


                                                                                                   HFCS promotes fat build-up in our body

Why high fructose corn syrup products bad for health
             By Mia Ponzo                     today is genetically modified unless it is     and that is only one of the items that have   maple syrup, or blackstrap molasses? If          Naturally, the end result of that is immi-     don’t think it’s going to be easy for you.
      Special to the Arab Times               clearly stated otherwise. This is, without     high quantities of HFCS. The list of          you can’t have sugar because you are             nent obesity. This is apparent these days      Indeed, it isn’t. But, who cares, just make
                                              a doubt, NOT a good thing (again, see          refined products containing HFCS is           diabetic or just don’t want to have sugar,       with the rising statistics of our youth        the effort and you and your neighbor’s,
                                              the old articles for information about         touting, to say the least.                    then either go without, eat fresh low            progressively getting fatter and fatter.       and your friends’ voices, if all chimed in
T    here is so much talk lately in maga-
     zines and on the Internet about how
bad high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is
                                                                                                A word of warning here (I have
                                                                                             warned about this before, but am doing it
                                                                                                                                           glycemic fruit or use stevia.
                                                                                                                                              Apparently the mechanism at work
                                                                                                                                                                                            And if you think that HFCS doesn’t have
                                                                                                                                                                                            a serious part to play in that issue, then
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           together can make a difference and force
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           these manufacturers to stop using cheap
for us. Most people don’t get it. They say                                                   again, just in case)... here in the Kuwaiti   here is how the HFCS heads straight for          you need to think again or go look at the      HFCS.
                                                 But, if that alone weren’t enough,          market there are companies doing home                                                          statistics.                                       You can request foods without HFCS
“isn’t fructose fruit sugar? Isn’t fruit      there’s a lot more where that came from.                                                     the liver and that is how it is stored as fat.
good for us? Well....fruit certainly is                                                      delivered and store pick up weight loss       That is also probably how so many peo-                          Processed                       at your local supermarket by talking to
                                              Scientific studies have shown that people      programs and ala carte foods that use                                                                                                         the manager and explaining why. But,
good for most people, particularly if it is   using HFCS store fat at an extremely                                                         ple these days have high cholesterol                The problem is that often (or really
organic or grown in the wild. But, fruc-                                                     fructose in their foods as a sugar substi-    problems. It’s not usually from the fats                                                        the best way to keep HFCS out of your
                                              high rate. In fact, Dr. Mercola states that    tute. Well, guess what? Fructose is fruit                                                      most of the time) HFCS is in manufac-          life forever is to stop eating manufac-
tose, on the other hand, isn’t so good for    eating or drinking products with HFCS                                                        that we eat, but from an imbalance in the        tured or processed foods that we would-
                                                                                             sugar and is not much different than          glands and the ingestion (eating and                                                            tured and processed foods and go more
us. In fact, it can be downright dangerous    as an ingredient works as if you took an       straight white sugar.                                                                          n’t even imagine as being very sweet or        natural and organic. That way you won’t
on many occasions.                            injection of fat and put it directly into                                                    drinking) of too much HFCS!                      desserty. Some of these products include
                                                                                                              Sugar                           What’s even worse is that HFCS,                                                              have to worry about HFCS at all.
   So, let’s look into the why’s and how’s    your body (remember, many dietary fats                                                                                                        cold cuts, canned foods, condiments, and
of why HFCS is one of the worst things        are actually good for us (like butter, for        It goes into your bloodstream just as      because of the way it is, helps to keep us       many frozen foods. Most cereals, unless                        ❑ ❑ ❑
we can put in our bodies -                    example) so here I’m talking about             fast (and sometimes faster) than other        feeling hungry all the time. Our bodies          specifically labeled otherwise usually            Email me: miaponzo@yahoo.com
   Right off the bat, you must know that      stored fat, which is certainly not what        types of sugar, including table sugar. So,    simply do not process it the same way as         have HFCS, even the so called “healthy”           Visit us at: www.kuwaitliving.com
the source of HFCS is genetically modi-       anyone wants.                                  please don’t fall for those diet gimmicks     it would a piece of fruit, for example. So,      ones. And, of course, sodas and soft              Find me on: www.squidoo.com by
fied (remember the GMO articles? Well,           That is one of the reasons statistically    using fructose, or corn sugar or other        we are never given the signal to stop eat-       drinks of most types (unless labeled oth-      searching for “miaponzo” and check
if you didn’t catch those, send me an         that people in industrialized countries are    types of false hope. If worse comes to        ing. You can well imagine what kind of           erwise) are loaded with HFCS. So, even         out all my health blogs, and MORE!
email and I will send you the whole           so overweight, in fact, obese...think of       worse and you absolutely must have            disaster happens after a period of always        if you decide that you are going to make          Email me for information about hair
series). Most corn in the world markets       sugary soda (soft drink) consumption,          something sweet, why not use honey,           feeling hungry, no matter what you do.           a conscious effort not to have HFCS,           analysis testing for optimal health.


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Science on our world and the exciting
events of the week.
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IIT Roorkee farewell function: The
Kuwait Chapter of Thomsonian Alumni
(IIT Roorkee) will be organizing the
farewell function for Eng Avinash
Chandra on the 16th Jan, 2011 at 8:00 pm
in the new Banquet Hall-Mughal Mahal,
Fahaheel. All existing members are wel-
come to attend the same and any other
Alumni desirous of joining the chapter
may please contact Rajpal Tyagi Mobile
99608118 or Manish Raghuvanshi Mobile
66921385 for further details.

  January 17
KLT auditions: Are you ready for some
singing and dancing – well welcome to
the sixties!The big fat musical comedy hit
‘Hairspray’ is planned for our end of sea-
son slot and director, Kirsty McDonagh, is
looking for actors of all ages, colors and
abilities to come and get involved in this
‘afro-tastic’ comedy musical set in
Baltimore during the 1960s. Auditions
will be held at the theatre on Jan 17, from
7 pm – 9 pm; Jan 19, from 7 pm – 9 pm;
and Jan 22, from 2 pm – 5 pm. For more
information and for directions to the the-
atre please log on to our website
              ❑       ❑       ❑
Modern building of hospitals
exhib and conf: International British
‘Cyril Sweet’ for managing projects and
costing has announced its golden sponsor-
ship of Kuwait ‘Modern Building of hos-
pitals Exhibit and Conference’ in its 2nd
session. The planned conference is to be
held during the period from 17th to 18th
Jan, 2011 at the convention center in the
Movenpick Hotel, Free Zone. The confer-
ence will be held under the auspices of the
Minister of Health Dr Hilal Al-Sayer, in
cooperation with the Kuwait Institute for
Scientific Research and the Department of
Civil Engineering in Kuwait University,
and it will be organized by Universal
Conferences and Exhibitions.

  January 18
Sadu Weaving Workshop: Sadu
House has advised that weaving workshop
is scheduled to start from Jan 18, 2011 at
9.00 am. This workshop is of four weeks
duration, it will be held twice a week on
every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9.00
am to 12.00 noon. There will be a total of
8 sessions of three hours each. Workshop
Fees are; KD55 for KTAA-members and
KD 65 for non-members.
                                                                                                                            Some beautiful samples of kilims on display at the Sadu House                                                            Photos by AbdulMohsen Abdallah
   This workshop will be held at Sadu
House, located on Arabian Gulf Road
between Beit Al-Bader andNational
Museum. Master Sadu Weavers and Sadu                                                                                         Sadu House gears up for special year
House Staff will be there to assist you,
please wear comfortable clothes as you
will have to use traditional Bedioun floor
   Sadu House can also schedule Evening
workshop from 4.00PM to 7.00 pm every
Tuesdays and Thursdays days starting
                                              Ancient textile art kilims see renewed interest
                                                        By Chaitali B. Roy                   quilt. The proceeds from the raffle will      Carpet institute in Iran. Saman notes in         Oriental knotted carpet by collectors          their individuality. They are being
from 18th January 2011, if there is                                                          go towards buying sewing machines for         the Woven Pieces, the monthly newslet-           and traders has suddenly invited an            increasingly mass produced to reach a
enough demand.                                      Special to the Arab Times
   During this workshop Students can                                                         women across the world.                       ter of KTAA, “Carpet weaving has been            explosion of interest because of its dec-      larger market. “In the beginning, to me
                                                                                                                                           the finest and most exquisite form of            orative, utilitarian and collectible quali-    it was just a piece of art which is valu-
complete up to four Sadu projects,
depending upon their progress. After com-
pletion of the workshop, one of the pro-
                                              O     n Jan 11, Kuwait Textiles Arts
                                                    Association under the auspices of
                                              Sadu House held their first meeting of
                                                                                                The meeting on Tuesday evening fea-
                                                                                                                                           artistic expression for Persians through-
                                                                                                                                           out the centuries. To trace the origins of
                                                                                                                                                                                            ties. Carpet weaving can trace its roots
                                                                                                                                                                                            to the basic needs of the earliest civi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           able and universally appreciated,” he
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           explained. “But my research showed
ject’s can be made into a Sadu bag at a                                                      tured a talk by Saman Maleknia,               the 2,500 year old Persian carpet indus-         lizations for shelter and storage and          this was not just a piece of textile but
                                              this year at 7 pm. The gracious old            whose collection of Persian flat woven
minimal charge. Students will also receive    building seemed even more cheerful,                                                          try is to follow the cultural development        simple comforts such as floor covering,        had layers and layers of history. Each
a workshop completion certificate.                                                           carpets from different parts of Iran such     of one of the greatest civilizations the         bags etc.The difference between kilims         kilim has its own technique, its own pat-
                                              emboldened perhaps by the celebrations
   Fees are due to be paid on the first day   it will be seeing this year. “This is a very   as Shiraz, Esfahan, Kerman, Bakhtiari,        world has known.”                                and carpets apart from their structure         terns and reflects the culture, language
of the workshop at Sadu House. Please                                                        Qazvin, Persian Kurdistan, Sistan,                                                             and designs chiefly lies in the use of
                                              special year for Sadu House,” said
                                                                                             Khuzestan and Persian Azerbaijan are                            Display                                                                       and way of living of the weaver. Even
reserve your place by sending a msg. to       Kathy Hendrickson, President of KTAA                                                                                                          knots. “ This is very much a nomadic or
saduweaving@gmail.com; kindly remem-                                                         on display at Sadu House from Jan 11 to          On Tuesday Saman had on display                                                              the material used in weaving is dictated
                                              in her introduction. “It is the twentieth                                                    some beautiful samples of kilims from            tribal art form,” stressed Saman. The          by the environment. For instance, the
ber to include your mobile and landline                                                      18. As the guests milled around the huge                                                       kilims on display looked deceptively
telephone numbers, to allow Sadu House        anniversary of the weaver’s cooperative                                                      his large personal collection of flat and                                                       square kilim in bright colour is called
                                              society in Sadu House,” she said draw-         courtyard, admiring the pieces of art,                                                         modern with their abstract designs.
staff to contact you.                                                                        Mohammed Rahimi, a talented Iranian           piled weavings. In recent years kilims                                                          ‘sofra’,” he pointed out. “This is the
   Those of you, who have already             ing attention to an important event in                                                       which were traditionally looked down             This, explained Saman was due to the           piece the family sits around to eat. It is
                                              the life of the old Kuwaiti building.          musician and composer played the ney,                                                          lack of a plan or a set map that dictated
signed-up for these workshops; please re-                                                    an end blown flute, the sitar, a four         upon as a poor inferior relation of the                                                         interesting that usually these pieces use
confirm your place in these workshops by         Sadu House was established in 1979                                                                                                         the structure and motifs of the weave.         lots of different live colours because it is
replying to saduweaving@gmail.com. or         to preserve local Bedouin handicraft tra-      stringed lute and the daf, an ancient                                                          “Kilims are woven as one would paint a
                                                                                             frame drum from Asia and Africa pro-                                                                                                          supposed to help the appetite.” Some of
calling at any of the numbers listed below.   ditions. Later in 1991, it was converted                                                                                                      picture.                                       the kilims were used as bags by families
   For those of you who are not aware of      into a weaving cooperative society that        viding haunting music that echoed the                                                             There are many mistakes in these
                                                                                             richness of the artistic heritage of the                                                                                                      to store and transport their valuables.
this workshop, this is an excellent oppor-    over the years encouraged and gave the                                                                                                        pieces, but those are a part of the culture
tunity to learn local craft of weaving,                                                      Persian people who have a superb lega-                                                                                                        However increasing commercialization
                                              dwindling number of weavers an oppor-                                                                                                         of that textile, which makes it interest-      for export has led to mass production.
from Master Weavers and prepare gifts to      tunity to showcase their weaving and           cy in literature, decorative arts, handi-                                                      ing and somehow very romantic,” he
take back home. Next Sadu Weaving             pass on their art to others. Regular           crafts, architecture and a refined musi-                                                                                                      “That to me is the death of this art.” But
                                                                                                                                                                                            smiled. What he really appreciates is the      the good news is, there are some like
workshops will be available around            workshops are held in the open court-          cal culture.                                                                                   fact that these pieces are never made
March 2011.                                   yard building which also houses a beau-           Saman, a young Iranian with his deep                                                                                                       Saman who are trying to keep this art
                                                                                                                                                                                            with a commercial goal. These pieces           alive.
                                              tiful display of the history of weaving        passion and knowledge of Persian car-                                                          are made for the weaver’s personal use
  January 19                                                                                 pets is representative of the refinement                                                                                                         Over the years kilim has been an
                                              complete with spindles, floor looms,                                                                                                          and they cannot be custom made or
IMA lecture cancellation: ‘Due to             spinning wool and graphic drawings.            and culture his homeland is famous for.                                                                                                       important piece of practical, decorative
                                                                                                                                                                                            bought from commercial carpet shops.
the change in Kuwait visit schedule of        The next Sadu workshop is scheduled to         His passion for the carpets can be traced                                                      “The weavers weave from their heart            and portable furniture for people of the
Dalia Moyahed, Advisor to US President        start from Jan 18, announced Kathy who         to his growing years, when he lived near                                                       for their personal use and they make it        Middle East and Asia. Moreover it also
                                              thoroughly enjoyed the workshop she            a carpet bazaar. By the time he was 18                                                         for their own enjoyment.”                      helped to identify the tribe or village
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                                              had taken some time back. “One should          he decided to learn the art of weaving                                                                                                        and showed the wealth of the family.
                                              take this opportunity to learn a beautiful     kilims and piled carpets. After one and a                                                                      Balance                        Despite its roots going back thousands
                                              traditional art from the Bedouin women.        half years of studying Persian flat and                                                           An architect by profession, Saman           of years, the kilim has managed to
                                              I have done this course and it is really       pile weaving at the Heriz Persian Carpet                                                       finds it difficult to balance his profes-      remain contemporary with its design
                                              good,” she added. The evening also saw         institute, he acquired his diploma with       Persian carpet collector Saman                   sion and passion. Because of commer-           that is not static and with its utilitarian
                                              the drawing of the winner of the charity       distinction from the vocational Persian                  Maleknia                              cialization in textile art kilims are losing   value.

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