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                             Editor’s View.
Hi again all. Well here we go again. A new, & very special, club year coming
up, new committee members, & new events.

                                  AGM TIME
Our CEB Annual General meeting was held on the evening of Wed’ 15th Octo-
ber at Breizoz French Creperie in Williamstown. As you will notice from the
‘club contacts’ page we have some new office bearers including a new club
President in Mark Mallamaci. I would like to personally congratulate Mark, &
I look forward, as club Secretary, to working with him over the next year.
Mark is a ‘doer’ not just a talker, & he’s definitely the right man for the job in
my opinion. Congratulations must also go to club member Alex Jevric for win-
ning the major door prize - a dinner for two at Breizoz to the value of $100
(kindly donated by another club member)
      The great disappointment was that once again, despite the club offering
some great door prizes in an effort to entice members along, the attendance
was nothing short of absolutely pathetic. In my humble opinion every Club
L’Epagneul Breton member that did not attend should hang their head in
shame. What everyone needs to seriously consider is that our club is in trou-
ble. Without more involvement from club members those that are doing their
best will soon burn out, & there is a definite possibility that the club could
‘fold up’ in the not too distant future. Think very carefully about that people.
It IS a definite reality.
      How many times must I plead for people to get involved, even if it’s just
coming along to club events to say hello. Many members have passed com-
ment that there haven’t been enough newsletters this year. Quite right. This is
only the second. I’ll willingly bear the brunt of criticism there, but hang on a
minute, just what is it you want to know about - events that club members
don't bother attending? Articles written by one person only? The sole contribu-
tor to this newsletter for nearly 2 years now has been me - no one else has
even bothered to send in a report, or photo of their own Breton, or let me know
what they have been doing. Everything you have read for the past 2 years has
come solely from myself. How about a little input from you people if you want
a newsletter. I don't know what you’re up to. Haven’t got as clue. So tell me.
Email me, write a letter, or even just give me a phone call. This is not my per-
sonal forum. It’s supposed to be a newsletter for & about club members &
events. I need input from club members. Otherwise you’ll just keep getting in-
formation from myself when & where I can get my hands on it.

                                                          Bill Allen - Editor.
                    2009 - A ‘Special year’.
                    Our 30th Anniversary.
     In 1979 a group of Breton owners got together & decided to start a club to
represent this wonderful breed & it’s owners, and so the ‘Brittany Spaniel club
of Victoria’ was first ‘whelped’. A bit later on the name was changed to reflect
the correct name of the breed as per it’s country of origin, ‘Club L’Epagneul
Breton inc Vic’. Many things have changed over the past 30 years. People
have come & gone, & the hunting world has changed a great deal. New laws
have impacted on our dogs, ourselves, & our lifestyles, & still we are here.
Those that kicked things off 30 years ago should be proud of what they
achieved. We have seen some great highlights & some ‘not so great’ lowlights.
I look back on my own 25+ year association with the club & find that, unfor-
tunately, many past members are no longer with us. Some have passed from
our presence, whilst others have retired to a ‘quieter’ way of life. The great
pity is that much of the history of our early days with the breed in this country
is being lost. How many members can remember the early imports? And what
of the knowledge & experience those past members have gained? Is that also
to be lost in times ahead? Do new members have to start all over again without
the benefit of those that learned in the past? Then there’s the issue of club
members getting involved in their club, but I’ve said enough about that for
     This year will be a special one for our club. A year we should all be very
proud of. Those of us on the committee are going to be doing our best to bring
you events that will celebrate 30 years of your club and our great little breed,
the smallest of all pointing dogs. We would like to personally invite all
current & past members to come along & share in those cele-
brations. Come back & meet past & present members. Talk about dogs &
times gone past. Have a look at pics of Bretons, both past & present, on our
revamped photo board. Let’s not leave those great dogs of our past to be for-
gotten—they deserve far better than to be lost in the void of the past. I’ve of-
ten remonstrated in these pages about club members not getting involved in
club events, but 2009 will be a year of celebrating our club & our breed - the
greatest of all hunting gundogs. So let’s all make it a good one & something to
remember for the next 30 years. Hope to see ya there.
                              Showing Off
Saturday the 1st November saw the running of the club’s open & championship
shows. These events were held at Lancefield & by all accounts there was a great en-
try of over 30 Bretons. The Italian judge once more lamented the lack of ‘European
type’ Bretons in the ring, but presented some great awards to deserving winners in
the end. Unfortunately, as I could not attend myself, & as no-one else has offered up
a report, I really can’t give you a great deal more information. However, here are the
placings. Congratulation to al that competed, attended, & particularly to those that
managed to place in these hard fought out events.

                            CEB 208 Open Show Results
Judge:             Mr J Marshall (Vic)

Best Exhibit:      Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE AS GOOD AS IT GETS w
                   16/8/2007 bred by exhibitor s Ch/Am Ch Dogwood Out of the Park (Imp
                   USA) d Ch Tobenlee Last Tango Tnite

Runner Up:         Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE GOSSIP NEVER SLEEPS w
                   7/4/2008 bred by exhibitor s Dogwood Hollow Pot Black (Imp USA) d Ch
                   Tobenlee China Doll

Baby Puppy:        Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE TWIST THE NITE AWAY w
                   31/7/2008 bred by exhibitor s Ch Tobenlee K-Cee Bandit d Ch Dogwood
                   Hollow American Beauty (Imp USA)

Minor Puppy:       Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE GOSSIP NEVER SLEEPS w
                   7/4/2008 bred by exhibitor s Dogwood Hollow Pot Black (Imp USA) d Ch
                   Tobenlee China Doll

Puppy:             M Di Natale’s RIVAMIST MZ LA DI DA w 22/1/2008 bred by H Green s
                   Ch Alar’s Steel Shadow (Imp USA) d Ch Wameika Dentelle CD ADX

Junior:            Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE AS GOOD AS IT GETS w
                   16/8/2007 bred by exhibitor s Ch/Am Ch Dogwood Out of the Park (Imp
                   USA) d Ch Tobenlee Last Tango Tnite

Intermediate:      M Di Natale’s RIVERREED TINSL TOWN TART w 21/12/2006 bred by
                   exhibitor s Ch Tobenlee Nite Jester d Ch Riverreed The Last Tango

Australian Bred:   A & V Bourne’s TOBENLEE K-CEE BANDIT w 15/9/2003 bred by Mrs
                   Fiona Brown-Elkner c Ch PJ’s All Kiddin’Aside (Imp USA) d Ch Likren
                   Goodnite Suzzanna (iid)

Open:              A & V Bourne’s GR CH TENDAYI DARE YA TA WHISPA w
                   17/10/2001 bred by Dr D & A Rogers s Ch Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk d
                   Ch Tobenlee The Bear Facts
                      CEB 2008 Championship Show Results
Judge:             Mr Gianni Guffanti (Italy)

Best Exhibit:      Miss J Sharrock’s CH TOBENLEE CHINA DOLL w 28/2/2002 bred by
                   Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner s Ch PJ’s All Kiddin’Aside (Imp USA) d Ch Lik-
                   ren Goodnite Suzzanna (iid)

Runner Up:         H Green’s CH WAMEIKA DENTELLE CD ADX JDX GD SPD w
                   9/12/1999 bred by IJ & K Ward s Ch Tobenlee Jac Flash d Ch Wameika

Baby Puppy:        Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE TWIST THE NITE AWAY w
                   31/7/2008 bred by exhibitor s Ch Tobenlee K-Cee Bandit d Ch Dogwood
                   Hollow American Beauty (Imp USA)

Minor Puppy:       Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE GOSSIP NEVER SLEEPS w
                   7/4/2008 bred by exhibitor s Dogwood Hollow Pot Black (Imp USA) d Ch
                   Tobenlee China Doll

Puppy:             M Di Natale’s RIVAMIST MZ LA DI DA w 22/1/2008 bred by H Green s
                   Ch Alar’s Steel Shadow (Imp USA) d Ch Wameika Dentelle CD ADX

Junior:            I & K Ward’s CH WAMEIKA HI OCTANE w 2/7/2007 bred by exhibitor
                   s Gamewyn Big Paulo d Gr Ch Wameika Echo Montana

Intermediate:      Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner’s TOBENLEE PLAYN F KEEPS w 26/4/2007
                   bred by exhibitor c CH/AM CH Dogwood Hollow Out of the Park (Imp
                   USA) d Ch Tobenlee Flirt with Me

Australian Bred:   H Green’s CH WAMEIKA DENTELLE CD ADX JDX GD SPD w
                   9/12/1999 bred by IJ & K Ward s Ch Tobenlee Jac Flash d Ch Wameika

Open:              Miss J Sharrock’s CH TOBENLEE CHINA DOLL w 28/2/2002 bred by
                   Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner s Ch PJ’s All Kiddin’Aside (Imp USA) d Ch Lik-
                   ren Goodnite Suzzanna (iid)
              CEB 2008 Non-Slip Retrieving Trial
Sunday 9th of November once again saw a gathering of dedicated trailers and hunters in the Na-
gambie region of Victoria for the annual running of the back to back Non-Slip Retrieving Trials
hosted by Club L’Epagneul Breton and the GSP club of Vic’. The GSP club had once again run
‘Back to Back’ with CEB, hosting their own trials on Saturday 8th at the same site. They ran be-
ginners, novice and restricted stakes with good entries in all events. Unfortunately the number of
Bretons competing in these events is still far smaller than it should, be but with several young
Bretons showing a lot of potential the future is looking brighter.
       Sunday it was our turn, and once again the team of Michael Calleja, Ray Waldron, Russell
Hurren, Alex Jevric, Mark Mallamaci, Peter Price and Andrew Yeomans, put on what can only be
described as one of the best Retrieving Trial events of the year. The work these guys put in to
make it all happen is nothing short of astounding and they certainly deserve the thanks of all com-
petitors and CEB club members. Barry Kavanagh judged the novice event, Garrith Tawton
judged the Restricted, and our own Brian Paice once more judged the Field and Game retriever
test. These guys did a great job and the excellent entry numbers showed the popularity of these
immensely experienced and knowledgeable judges. We had 24 starters in the Novice event, 15 in
the restricted, and 6 in the F&G test. It was great to see a few new faces giving their Bretons a run
on this day. First timers were: CEB member Ayman Hassan running his young dog in the F&G
test, and Luc Thomasino running two Breton in the Novice event.
       Ayman greatly enjoyed running his dog in the F&G test and I am hopeful that we might
eventually see him enter his dog in the Novice event next year. Luc did an amazing job consider-
ing that Saturday saw both him and his dogs ‘Brittniki Gunsmoke Gus’ (Gus) and ‘Windkael Di-
mantina’ (Roxy) running in their very first retrieving trial, the GSP club beginners stake. This was
not just a first time for the dogs but it was also Luc’s first experience with VCA retrieving trials
Luc and his dogs not only finished but managed to achieve a 2nd place with ‘Roxy’ and 4th with
‘Gus’ in this event. Placing in their very first event is an absolutely Brilliant effort for Luc, Roxy,
and Gus. Sunday saw Luc get through some very testing runs in the novice event by retrieving all
birds once again with both dogs. It’s been a long time since a handler and dog have shown this
kind of potential, but to do it with two dogs over two days is nothing short of amazing in my opin-
ion. Many people commented extremely favourably on the quality of both Bretons, as they
showed great drive and excellent instincts in going about their work with enthusiasm and enjoy-
ment. Luc definitely went home with a big cheesy grin on his face Sunday evening. Let’s hope the
future sees the 3 of them at it again. I have no doubt they will stand in front of everyone with a
winners sash in the very near future. Other club members also running were; Bill Allen with
‘Windkael Buccaneer’ (Buck), Kevin Phelps with ‘Windkael Bruin’ (Bear), and Michael Calleja
with Brittina Astuto Congio.
       The quality of the runs in all events was once again outstanding and it was very heartening
to see so many new Bretons do so well in these events. The Placings for the 208 CEB Novice and
Restricted events were:
Novice Stake
1st - R&R McCann’s GSP Bitch ‘Topnotch Let’s Elope (156 points-won in a ‘run off’ with 2nd)
2nd - J.Montasell’s Lab’ Bitch ‘Kadnook Rusty’s Lass (156 points)
3rd - R.Carr’s Lab Dog ‘Bambillay Shifting Sands (151 points)
Restricted Stake
1st - N.Bailey’s Lab Dog ‘Kadnook Call The Shots’ (143 points)
2nd - G.Ponzio’s Viszla Dog ‘Hubertus Wild Card’ (124 points)
3rd - P.Winkfield’s GDPDog ‘Yorifeld Tornado NRD’ (119 points)
                             Rick Smith Seminar
As mentioned in the last newsletter a ‘bird dog’ training seminar was recently organised by the
Working Gundog Association of Australia (WGAA) and conducted by renowned American pro-
fessional dog trainer Rick Smith. I was fortunate to attend this great event and I can tell you, in
my opinion this could have just been the biggest thing to happen to the Australian bird dog world
in Australia in the last 50 years.
      Rick and his dad Delmar Smith are legendary figures in the US Brittany world, both being
inductees into the ‘Field Trial Hall of Fame’ Rick has won 3 National Field Trial Championships,
several US Open Championship Trials, International Field Trials, and over 100 All Age Field Tri-
als. His cousin Ronnie and uncle Tom are also renowned trailers and successful professional
trainers in their own right.
      The seminar was attended by 30 eager bird dog owners and no, they weren’t all WGAA
members. This event was open to anyone with an interest in training and hunting with bird dogs
and was also attended by several prominent VCA Field Trial identities. Things kicked off on Fri
evening 24th October at 6pm in the Balliang East Soldier’s Memorial Hall, with a chance to
’meet and greet’ Rick and his lovely wife Kate. They took us through what we would be learning
during the seminar and Rick also spoke of his views on hunting with bird dogs. We had a chance
during a ‘coffee and cake’ session to get to know Rick and Kate and I think everyone agreed that
these were two really wonderful people indeed. Their love of all things connected to gundogs
comes through in each and every word and their desire to help others achieve their goals is truly

                            Rick Smith Addressing his pupils.

The seminar got under way Saturday morning at 8am with everyone seated under the trees listen-
ing intently to every word Rick spoke. He ran us through the various stages of his ‘Silent Com-
mand’ method of training and explained why he refers to it as ‘Silent Command’. The fact is that
as humans we are all given to venting our frustration and anger when things don't go the right
way. Unfortunately anger confuses our dogs and things all go down hill from there. So if the
trainer can teach his dog without opening his (trainers) mouth then there is no anger coming out
and no confusion to ruin our dogs.
                               Rick Smith Seminar (cont’)
Rick teaches by going through several stages so that the dog learns it’s necessary skills through
‘behaviour modification’ not handler command. The dog simply learns to work properly without
having to be spoken to. No words = no anger, no anger = no confusion, no confusion = well
trained dog. Only once the dog fully knows his skills can those skills then be named with a vocal
or whistle command. All this revolves around‘behaviour modification’ and that requires the dog to
first accept the trainer as pack leader. This is achieved through developing several physical ‘points
of contact’ on the dog and then showing the dog that the trainer is totally in control of those
‘points of contact’. The stages each dog must go through are, handler awareness, time on the
‘stake out’ chain, introduction to the ‘figure 8’ cord, use of the ‘command lead’, application of the
check cord, and sessions at the ’whoa post’. Finally progressing into controlled work with live

  Rick demonstrating the finer points of getting
  the dog’s undivided attention.
  Notice the attention he get’s from this GSP
  even though he’s only done around 5 minutes

Rick’s seminars are all ‘hands on’ so there was plenty of opportunity to work with the dogs in ap-
plying Rick’s methods and it took very little time for us to see results taking place before our very
eyes. Noisy, defiant dogs became quiet and relaxed through application of the figure 8 cord. The
dogs learned to ‘chill out’ whilst on the ‘stake out’ chain and so save their energies for the bird
work where it all belongs, whilst also developing the 1st point of contact’ - control of their neck.
When a dog came off the chain is was for an introduction to the ‘command lead’. This is a special
lead developed by Rick’s Dad Delmar. From there we moved to ‘check cord’ work.. This was de-
signed to start teaching the dog to quarter for birds. Out into the field we went to work some pi-
       Use of the ‘Whoa Post’ taught the dog that we had total control of his/her second ‘point of
contact’ (flank/belly), even from a distance and the dog was manipulated until he acknowledged
our control by indicating with a ‘swallow response’. Rick took us through recognising differing
behavioural patterns which indicated various thought processes the dog was going through,
thereby allowing us to manipulate and control our dogs.
       There are many stages to go through with Rick’s ‘Silent Command’ methods of gundog
training, and unfortunately Rick just did not have time enough to do all that he would have liked.
Over two intensive days he gave us as much information as he could and introduced us to all that
we needed to get our own training programmes of the ground. Rick clearly demonstrated what
was possible. My own dog ‘Buck’ learned more in one week end than he had in the previouis 12
months, but he’s got a long way to go yet.
                               Rick Smith Seminar (cont’)
       So what are my own personal thoughts regarding what I learned whilst attending Ricks’
seminar? Well, it’s now up to those that attended the seminar to put it all into practice. If they do
so, I honestly believe that Rick’s methods and teachings have the potential to lift the quality of our
gundog performances in the field ‘through the roof’ over the next 5 to 10 years. Everyone that at-
tended the seminar had exactly the same question for Rick in the end - when’s the next seminar.

Kevin Phelps & ‘Bear’                Abed Karaan &‘Cleo’              Russell Kremser & ‘Philly’

This was a ‘foundation’ seminar aimed at teaching dog trainer/handlers the basic principles of
control and the ‘silent command’ system. There are other ‘intermediate’ level and ‘advanced’
level seminars available in the USA. When Rick and Kate will be back depends as much on the
world economic situation, as the demand for his teachings. Rick also offers ‘post seminar’ support
via a forum run on his ‘Huntsmith’ web site, so those that are utilising his techniques can ask
questions and receive advice when training their dogs. Rick’s web site is to be found on the inter-
net at
I would thoroughly recommend that if you are at all interested in training your dog to become a
polished bird dog then you look into what Rick has to offer, and should he ever head back ‘down
under’ again to conduct another seminar the make the time and find the money to attend. It was
the best money I’ve ever spent in regard to training my dogs.
       I’ve just been out for a morning training session with ‘Buck’. I cannot believe the changes I
am seeing in Buck even after the short amount of work we have done utilising Rick’s methods.
I’m now very hopefull indeedof our future prospects.              Bill Allen

          Bill Allen and ‘Buck’                      Rick Smith with GSP on the ‘Whoa Post’
                                     Draft Field Trial Program

     Date                                           Club/Trial Type

     15 March 2009                                  RAFT All Disciplines Training Day

     25 April 2009                                  GSP UG Non Qualifying
     26 April 2009                                  GSP UG Novice

     2 May 2009                                     GSC Novice P&S
     2 May 2009                                     VGC Novice Utility Gundog
     3 May 2009                                     GSC Open P&S
     3 May 2009                                     VGC Open Utility Gundog

     9 May 2009                                     CHWGC Novice Utility Gundog

     16 May 2009                                    VGC Novice Pointer & Setter
     17 May 2009                                    VGC Open Pointer & Setter

     23 May 2009                                    L’Epagneul Novice Utility Gundog
     24 May 2009                                    L’Epagneul Open Utility Gundog

     30 May 2009                                    GSP Open Utility Gundog
     31 May 2009                                    GSP Open Utility Gundog

     6 June 2009                                    ISC Novice Pointer & Setter
     8 June 2009                                    ISC Open Pointer & Setter

     13 June 2009                                   DV Utility Gundog FT Championship
     14 June 2009                                   DV Utility Gundog FT Championship

     20 June 2009                                   DV Pointer & Setter Championship
     21 June 2009                                   VGC Open Pointer & Setter

     18 July 2009                                   GSP Open Utility Gundog (Exotic Game)
     19 July 2009                                   GSP Open Utility Gundog (Exotic Game)

     16 August 2009                                 GSP Novice Natural Ability Test

     22 August 2009                                 VGC Spaniel & Retriever
     23 August 2009                                 VGC Spaniel & Retriever

Legend      GSP – German Shorthaired Pointer Club
            CHWGC – Central Highlands Working Gundog Club
            VGC – Victorian Gundog Club
            GSC – Gordon Setter Club
            French Club Epagneul Breton
For anyone wishing to join the French CEB (including their wonderful magazine-now
with English articles) there are now two easy ways to do so. From Pierre Willems in
France (French CEB Treasurer) comes this advice.

We offer a new facility to pay your subscription (= 40 euros).
      1. You can proceed by a bank transfer, IN EUROPEAN CURRENCY (i.e. EUROS)
to the account of which the IBAN code is as follows;
IBAN: FR64.3000.2079.4000.0003.9365.M67
      2. If you have internet access go to & open a paypal account us-
ing your credit card. Transfer 40 Euros to and your maga-
zines will be posted.


                     Internet Links de
                   L’Epagneuls Bretons.
This is a Yahoo hosted mailing list for owners, breeders, trainers, han-
dlers, of Epegneuls Bretons. There are now members posting on this list
from over 30 different countries. Many of the members are from the
home of our wonderful little dogs, France, including Mssrs Pierre Wil-
liems, Pierre Terran, Christian Gunther (current President of the French
Club Epagneul Breton), and many others. Owned & moderated jointly by
Bruce Daniel (USA) & myself, this is one of the very best internet re-
sources available for those supporting the Epagneul Breton.
                                                                   Bill Allen
It is Editorial policy that anyone with litters to advertise, or anyone seeking pups, shall be entitled to ad-
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         Bill Allen Newsletter Editor.

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