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									                          iPod Touch Manual

Jerry Williamson   DPS Educational Technology   1
PowerSync Cart

The iPod PowerSync Cart allows a user
to distribute content from an iTunes
library to up to 40 iPods, 20 on the top
shelf and 20 on the bottom.

Charging iPods in PowerSync Cart

   1. Make sure each iPod is
      connected to a docking cable
      (see image to the right).
   2. Plug the cart's power cord into
      an electrical outlet and press the
      power button.                                                  http://www.bretford.com

                                       USB Cable-Top Shelf

                                           USB Cable- Bottom Shelf

                                                 Power Button

                                  Power Cord

Syncing Content to the iPods in the PowerSync Cart

   1. Login to the MacBook Laptop dedicated to the cart.
      • Each DPS MacBook has been set up so that users can login with their DPS
         username and password.
         ◦ Pro- Each teacher/class can keep their content separate from the content
            of other teachers/classes.
         ◦ Con- A shared iTunes card does not buy very much if it is shared among
            multiple iTunes Libraries.

Jerry Williamson           DPS Educational Technology                                2
     •  The DPS MacBook can be set up so it has a generic iPod login so each teacher
        sharing the cart can use the same iTunes Library.
        ◦ Pro- Allows multiple teachers to share Apps and other content. Also, if
           there is an iTunes card, it can be shared.
        ◦ Con- Teachers sharing the iPods
           must go through the iTunes Library
           checking and un-checking the
           content they want to distribute and
           not distribute.
  2. Plug the PowerSync Cart's USB cables into
     the MacBook.
  3. Open iTunes by clicking on its icon on the
     dock.                                         USB Ports

  4. The Cart's iPods will be listed under “Devices” and will sync with the iTunes

Jerry Williamson          DPS Educational Technology                            3
Organizing and Adding Content to the iTunes Library
In order to effectively and efficiently manage the content in iTunes, you first need to
understand the iTunes interface.

               Library: houses your media and application files:
               - Music: imported and/or downloaded audio mp3s and other audio file
               - Movies: imported and/or downloaded video mp4 and other video files.            View: Choose how
               - TV Shows: downloaded television shows from iTunes                              your Library files
               - Podcasts: subscribed to and downloaded video and audio files.                  will be displayed:
               - Applications: referred to as “Apps”; downloaded programs that run on an
               iPod Touch or iPhone.
                                                                                                - List
               - Radio: audio stations that can be streamed over the Internet.                  - Grid
                                                                                                -Cover Flow
               - iTunes Store: got to the Store to find files for your Library. Some items in
               the Store are free, some cost money. You must have an Apple username and
               password to download files. You can create a login through the Store.

               - iPods and/or iPhone that you have connected to your computer. Click the
               device's icon to view its settings. Click the arrow beside the device to view
               its contents.

               - Playlists are folders that you can add files from your library to. To add a
               playlist, click the “+” button in the bottom-left-hand corner and type the
               title. To add files, just select and drag the files from the Library into the
               desired playlist. Once you see a green “+” button appear, you may release.
               - To share a playlist to an iPod, connect the iPod, click its icon under
               Devices, click the Music tab, and select which playlists you want to sync, if
               not all. If you have multiple iPods connected, you will need to choose
               settings for EACH iPod.

                     After connecting the
                     iPod(s) to the computer,
                     select it under devices,
                     click the “Music” tab
                     and check-mark the
                     playlists you want to

Jerry Williamson               DPS Educational Technology                                                  4
Using the iTunes Store to find Content

                                               Search the iTunes
                                               Store for content.

                                                                    Click to sign in
                                                                    with your Apple
  Get to the iTunes                                                 ID. You only need
  Store by clicking       Click on the type                         to sign in if you
  here.                   of content you are                        wish to donwload
                          looking for.                              items that cost
                                                                    money. If you do
                                                                    not have one, you
                                                                    can register after
                                                                    clicking the sign
                                                                    In button.

                              Use the “Browse,
                              “Power Search”, and
                              “Categories” tools to
                              make finding content

Jerry Williamson       DPS Educational Technology                                   5
                    Some content is free and some has a

                    Some content requires you to sign in
                    with an Apple ID to download it. If
                    you do not have an account, you can
                    create one here.

                                           Once you are signed in, if required,
                                           the files will begin downloading to
                                           your iTunes Library.

                                           The downloaded files will sync with
                                           your iPod the next time you connect
                                           it to your computer.

Jerry Williamson   DPS Educational Technology                                     6
Recommended Settings for iPod Touches with PowerSync Cart

Recommendation #1: Set Up the Summary Tab

                                             Check each iPod Player for
                                             software updates.
                                             Perform updates on a regular
                                             basis to all iPods for optimal

                                          Select the “Summary” tab and then select
                                          the options to the left.

                                          Note: You must select these options for
                                          each iPod Touch for optimal use with
                                          PowerSync Cart.

Recommendation #2: Use Playlists to Distribute the Content you Desire
  • Each content category in your iTunes Library has a tab- Music, Movies, TV
    Shows, Podcasts, etc.
  • Click on a content category tab select the files you want to sync. You can
    choose to sync all the files or just certain playlists or episodes.

Jerry Williamson         DPS Educational Technology                           7
  •    We recommend that you use playlists. Using playlists is a great way to manage
       content. They give you the ability to automatically distribute and delete content
       in and out of all iPod Touches each time you use the PowerSync

  •    Click the “Apply” button once you have selected your settings
       for a tab.

Recommendation #3: Set Restrictions on iPods
Some apps and functions may be distracting and/or inappropriate for student use.
You can set restrictions on some apps and functions. Here is how:

  1.   Touch the “Settings” icon on the iPod.
  2.   Touch the “General” icon.
  3.   Touch “Restrictions”.
  4.   Touch “Enable Restrictions”.
  5.   Enter a four number passcode.
  6.   Re-enter the passcode.
  7.   Choose which apps/functions you wish to allow or

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