Building Momentum for the New Our Lady of Mercy wing

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					SPRING 2010
                                            Update                     St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation

                                                                                    Construction Update

                                                                                    January 14, 2010: the new Our Lady of
Building Momentum for the New                                                       Mercy wing takes shape.

Our Lady of Mercy wing                                                              Walls are Springing
St. Joseph’s is the province’s designated Regional Paediatric Centre for            up Everywhere
Southwest Toronto. We must provide more and better space, beds, clinics
                                                                                    Construction of the new Our Lady
and equipment to serve the youngest and most vulnerable members of our
                                                                                    of Mercy patient care wing is
community when they are sick or injured or just starting out in life.               well underway. The second floor
                                                                                    concrete slab is complete and the
For 160 years, we have shared in         This is the hospital’s first significant   second floor columns along with
the civic pride that has united West     redevelopment since the Justina M.         the third floor concrete slab are
Torontonians since the Sisters of St.    Barnicke wing was built in the 1980s.      underway.
Joseph established an orphanage in a
bustling community, and helped turn it   The new four-storey 130,000 sq.ft.         Over the next several months
into a hospital in 1921. Today, as our   patient care wing will be built on top     you will notice some significant
historic homes and streets are being     of the recently completed three-storey     developments as the rest of the
renewed, our community teaching          parking garage.                            fourth floor structure and the
hospital is in the home stretch of a                                                fifth floor mechanical penthouse
                                         The new OLM wing, which is
major redevelopment. The crowning                                                   level are constructed. After
                                         scheduled for completion in 2012,
achievement of this plan is the $73                                                 that, construction will focus on
                                         is part of our commitment to you to
million Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) wing                                                completing the exterior of the
                                         continue our tradition of providing
at Sunnyside Avenue.                                                                building so that interior construction
                                         exceptional care. The wing will contain
                                                                                    can proceed. A complete gallery
St. Joseph’s Health Centre, our donors   a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive
                                                                                    of photos can be seen online
and the provincial government are        Care Unit, a new Paediatric Unit and
                                                                                    at Click on
working together to open new doors to    expanded Family Birthing Centre, a
                                                                                    Redevelopment News and follow
care in our community.                   Child and Adolescent Mental Health
                                                                                    the link to Project Photos.
                                         Unit, as well as Adult Inpatient care.
                    New Beginnings for Newborns
                    Family Birthing Centre and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – First Floor

The first floor of the new Our Lady of Mercy wing is where      Your new Family Birthing Centre will also feature:
you will find the hospital’s tiniest patients; in our Family
Birthing Centre, and in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit        •   A Labour and Delivery Unit accommodating 1,000
which provides care to high-risk newborns.                          more births per year with 16 brand new private
                                                                    birthing rooms;
A new unit in the Birthing Centre will proudly pioneer a
                                                                •   A Post-Partum Unit with 32 beds for mothers and babies
modern form of mother-and-child care: all care, from birth
                                                                    following birth;
to post-partum, will be provided in the same room. Rather
than mothers and babies relocating to different services and    •   A Birthing Clinic for all other outpatient needs;
different staff, the services will come to them.
                                                                •   A Family Quiet Room;
The new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will provide 20            •   A Care-by-parent/breastfeeding area;
bassinets for newborns requiring special care. This is
almost double the current number, and will allow higher-risk    •   An Outpatient clinic to provide medical assessments,
newborns to be cared for close to home.                             childbirth and parenting classes;

                                                                •   Nutrition education, and other resources for new

                    Big Plans for Paediatrics
                    Paediatrics Department – Third Floor
                     At St. Joseph’s we believe in family-      The paediatric floor in your new patient care wing will
                     centered care. Research has shown          be equipped with:
                     that caring for children closer to their
                     homes is better for families. There        •   14 inpatient beds, accommodating close to 4,000
                     is no one more committed to caring              patient visits annually;
                     for our children, no doctors more
                                                                •   12 outpatient beds for ambulatory care and day
                     compassionate, than our paediatricians
                                                                     surgeries (St. Joseph’s performs approximately 1,500
                     at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. As
                                                                     paediatric day surgeries annually);
                     a Regional Paediatric Centre for
                     southwest Toronto, St. Joseph’s leads      •   A new Paediatric Consultation Unit will be added to
                     the city in community-paediatrics care         increase access to assessment and treatment for
                     and education. Ours is one of the              children with chronic, complex medical needs;
                     University of Toronto’s most recognized
                     community paediatric teams, through        •   A Paediatric Observation Unit will help take pressure off
                     teaching awards for our doctors who            the children’s emergency area;
                     train medical students and residents to    •   Complete child and adolescent mental health and
                     care for kids.                                 wellness services will also be provided in a separate
                                                                    and expanded model unit, supported by classroom
                                                                    space and an outdoor terrace. Currently, though two in
                                                                    ten children suffer from a mental illness, fewer than one
                                                                    in six receives treatment.

2                                                                                 St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation - Toronto
                      Meeting the Community’s Acute Care Needs
                      Adult Inpatient Care – Second and Fourth Floors

The second and fourth floors of the new Our Lady of Mercy                Our Surgery program is the first choice for University
wing are where you will find care for medicine and surgery               of Toronto medical residents who wish to train in their
patients, including our community’s elderly population.                  respective surgical specialties. The Health Centre’s Surgery
                                                                         and Oncology program has worked hard to reduce wait
The Medicine floor in our new patient care wing will be an               times for patients requiring cataract surgery, hip and knee
active, advanced and hopeful place. We are committed to                  replacement and surgery for cancers.
returning seniors to health and home, coordinating with
services in the community as needed. When going home                     Special features of the second and fourth floors of the
isn’t possible, St. Joseph’s will also provide liaison and               new OLM wing:
support for families needing to make longer-term care
                                                                         •   92 adult inpatient beds
decisions for their parents and grandparents.
                                                                         •   Education centre
St. Joseph’s Surgery program is very well-respected. We
were the first Canadian hospital to open two fully-digital               •   Quiet rooms and family meeting rooms
surgical suites for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), which              •   Patient lounges
is the practice of using much smaller incisions and micro
implements to perform surgery, thus reducing pain, post-                 •   Examination and Consultation rooms
operative recovery time and increasing the quality of life for

Donor Profile
Randy Cousins
Randy Cousins, a High Park and Bloor              for the continuum of care St. Joe’s has
West resident for over 20 years, has              provided for the entire family. Randy’s
been supporting St. Joseph’s Health               decision to support SJHC stems from
Centre since December 2002. Once                  the excellent care his mother had
again, he has generously supported                received during her treatment for lung
the Health Centre by donating $40,000             cancer.
towards Dr. Nicholas Leyland’s
                                                  More recently, his father has been a
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Minimally
                                                  patient at St Joe’s. As Randy observed,
Invasive Surgery Fellowship. Randy’s                                                            Donor, Randy Cousins, Left, and Dr.
                                                  “Once again, I have been impressed            Nicholas Leyland, Medical Program
generosity in support of St. Joe’s now
                                                  by the excellent care provided by the         Director, Mother and Child, and Chief,
totals $110,000.                                                                                Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St. Joseph’s
                                                  entire team at St. Joe’s.”
                                                                                                Health Centre.
St. Joseph’s Health Centre has been
there for Randy, his wife Anne, their             In reflecting upon his most recent
two children and his parents, as their            donation to the SJHC Foundation,              St. Joseph’s Health Centre not only
community hospital. The Cousins                   Randy notes, “There are many                  because it is my community hospital,
have relied on the Just for Kids and              worthwhile causes looking for                 but also because St. Joe’s is focused
Chemotherapy Clinics and are grateful             financial support. I choose to give to        on continuous improvement.”

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation - Toronto                                                                                            3
Our Community Angels
Joan Primeau is a Community Angel
In Joan’s own words she explains            parents: a gift of stock that she had
that “Giving is part of me; it’s what I     inherited.
want to do.”
                                            Joan’s sense of commitment inspired
Joan has lived in many cities and           her to become one of our Community
towns across the country. Her father        Angels and she joined the Community
was a Road Master for Canadian              Angel Monthly Giving Program. “I have
Pacific Railways. Her mother was a          no children of my own so when I am
teacher. She says that in many of the       able I give to the charities that mean
                                                                                         Joan Primeau
communities where she lived there           the most to me,” says Joan. When she
was always a St. Joe’s hospital.            can, Joan often makes an additional          again and that I would be able to get
                                            generous gift to the hospital.               back to golf,” recalls Joan, “After the
Joan recalls her mother volunteering                                                     surgery the nurses were exceptional. It
in the many parish communities they         Until last year, when Joan needed            is wonderful to know that help is there
lived in over the years and attributes      surgery, she says the only time she          when you need it. My experience has
her own strong sense of commitment          was ever in the hospital was to have         urged me to do more for the hospital.”
to community to her mother. Joan            her tonsils out when she was a child.
followed in her mother’s footsteps,         She says that the care she received          Aging gracefully is everyone’s wish,
teaching for 39 years before retiring.      at St. Joseph’s has only increased           says Joan, but she knows first-hand
She and her mother often taught at          her feelings of dedication towards the       that eventually we will all need care,
the same school and Joan played a           hospital, “Dr. Hart, my surgeon, was         “The Adult Inpatient Care that will
pioneering role in establishing the         incredible; the same day after my            soon be provided in the new Our Lady
remedial reading program in the MSSB        surgery he visited me with his surgical      of Mercy wing is a much-welcomed
(Metro Secondary School Board).             team to tell me personally that we           service to older members of the
                                            accomplished exactly what we set             community,” says Joan. We thank Joan
Joan’s first donation to St. Joseph’s       out to do and that I would never have        for her life-long dedication to helping
Health Centre was in honour of her          a problem with respect to this issue         others.

Monthly Giving Are you one of our Community Angels?
                           Community Angels are a group of special donors who have chosen to give to St. Joseph’s
                           Health Centre on a monthly basis. In 2009, our Community Angels helped provide ongoing
                           funding for every aspect of care at the hospital, including the new Our Lady of Mercy wing.

                           Have you thought about joining other Community Angels and becoming a monthly donor? Monthly
                           giving is an easy way to contribute in a lasting way to St. Joseph’s Health Centre and ensure the
                           health and well-being of our community all year long and into the future. Monthly giving allows you
                           to spread your generosity over the year, and makes giving easier on your budget. It’s also more
                           environmentally friendly: we send you only one receipt at the end of the year for the total amount of
                           your donation.

                           It’s easy to join. Simply complete the reply form on page 7 and return it to us in the postage-paid
                           envelope provided. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time. If you’d like to connect
                           with our monthly giving expert, contact Joyce Colwill at 416-530-6486 ext 3705.

4                                                                                     St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation - Toronto
Thank you
                          In recognition of our monthly donors, and gifts received in memoriam from January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2009.

                          Ms. Mary Chepesuik          Mr. John Hinds             Mr. Frank L. Parrish       IN MEMORIAM               Joseph and Mrs. Jean
                          Mr. Arnold Chiong           Ms. Cynthia Rose G.        Ms. Maria E. Pereira                                 Luty
                          Dr. Richard Choi &          Hornilla                   Ms. Francoise A. Perrin    Ralph Aiello              James Enda Maguire
                          Family                      Ms. Jane Howard Baker      Mrs. Candyda P. Philion    Brone Akelaitis           Ross G. Marshall
                          Ms. Evelyn Chua             Mr. and Mrs. Norman        Mr. Francisco C. Pinto     Robert Ashley             Myron Maticiw
                          Ms. Ljuba Cisic             Howell                     Mrs. Zdenka Plhonova       Susan Avarell             William and John
St. Joseph’s Health       Ms. Susan Clawson           Mr. and Mrs. Anesta        Ms. Christine Polosak      Joe Bachani               McGivney
                          Ms. Florence Colella        Huggins                    Mr. Stephen Porter         Michael Baida             Arnold R. McLean
Centre is blessed
                          Mr. Riccardo Coletta        Ms. Maureen Hunter         Mrs. Linda M. Powell       Veronica “Babe” Bishop    Georgia McRae
by the generosity of      Ms. Josephine Colter        Mrs. Motria Ilnyckyj-      Mrs. Kathleen Power                                  Edna Janet Michie
                                                                                                            Kathleen Blinkhorn
so many supporters        Ms. Joyce Colwill           Reive and Mr. Guy Reive    Ms. Joan Primeau                                     Umilla Mohanto
                                                                                                            Shirley Boucher
and members of            Ms. Domenica Congiusti      Ms. Sita Jaswal            Ms. Venus Quiambao         Brian D. Bramham          Marion Molnar
our community.            Mr. Eoin Connolly           Mr. Kyungkook Jeon         Mrs. Irene Racz            Michael Brown             Antipatro Moniz
Every gift makes a        Ms. Debra Cooper            Ms. Laura Ann Johnson      Mr. Grover Richards        Suzette Brydon            John P. Mudry
difference! Through       Mrs. Margaret E. Cooper     Ms. Barbara F. Jorda       Ms. Fe Richardson          Christopher Campbell      Ruby Nakagawa
                          Ms. Raquel Cordon           Ms. Mary Joseph            Mr. John Richmond          Norma Carey               Ernest O’Brien
your support, St.
                          Mrs. & Mr. Anna &           Ms. Aurelia Kay            Tom Robins                 Bonnie Chan               Ralph Ohrn
Joseph’s Health           Ronald Craddock             Mr. Tom Kelly              Ms. Marcia Robinson                                  Manuel Ornelas
                                                                                                            Grace Chapman
Centre Foundation         Ms. Trish Crawford          Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Kempf    Mr. Ronald Robles                                    Antanas Paskevicius
                                                                                                            Lindon Chinn
raised $3.8 million!      Ms. Diane Cropp             Mr. Clarence Kerr          Ms. Gladis I. Rodriguez    Sai-Cheong Choi           Guiseppe Patella
Thank you!                Ms. Rita Josephine          Mrs. Margaret Kerr         Mr. Jerry A. Roos and      Nick Chudoba              Eleanor Patterson
                          Curmi                       Mrs. Young Ja Kim          Ms. M C. Dalmasso          Claudia Chun              Elizabeth Rattray
                          Mr. Bernardo Da Velha       Ms. Rosa H. Kim            Mrs. Lisa Ross             Danny Chyz                Penman
We wish to recognize
                          Mrs. M. Catherina           Ms. Heather King           Mrs. Susan M. Rudd         Patrick J. Clark          John Petko
every gift, while         Dalmasso                    Mr. James Kinnear          Terrie Sakamoto                                      Pat Petrie
                                                                                                            John Cluff
respecting each           Ms. Marietta Dave           Mr. Pawlo Kolodij and      Ms. Eva Sanchez                                      Lucia Petrilli
                                                                                                            Isac Cordeiro
donor’s wishes,           Dr. Mary P. Davies          Mrs. Ola Kolodij           Ms. Indira Sasenarine      Francisco Da Rosa         Mary Piazza
whether in print,         Mr. Clifford M. Davis and   Ms. Dina Kovalenko         Mr. Paul V. Sauve          Kathryn (Kay) Dallimore   Joseph G. Pilet
through online            Mrs. Opal Hassock-          Mrs. Doris Krzak           Mr. John Patrick Sawrie    F. Allan Davis            Alfred Pinto
publications, on our      Davis                       Ms. Maria Kulykowsky       Dr. and Mrs. Adam          George Debling            Julia Polak
                          Mr. Edwin Dawson            Mr. Tea Kuo and Mrs.       Semlyen                    Florence DeGasperis       Ella Priem
donor kiosk or on our
                          Ms. Elba de Leon            Jennie T. Kuo              Maria Senra                Albert Denov              Zenon Puryj
central donor wall.       Mr. Michael Dean            Ms. Rebecca Labayen        Mr. Eric Shackleton                                  Michael Quiggan
                                                                                                            Eileen Donegan
Every donor’s name,       Ms. Zenaida Decena          Mr. Gideon Laoye           Mr. Patrick A. Shivnen                               Glenn T. Rankin
                                                                                                            Giuseppe Doria
unless anonymity is       Mr. Antony E. Denham        Mrs. Josephine Larkin      Ms. Verna Siddall          Thelma and Elwood         Cynthia Reid
requested, is featured    Mrs. Justina Derewlany      Eddy C.H. Lau and Krista   Miss Yasmin Sidik          Downey                    Glen A. Rutledge
on the kiosk in the       Mr. Antonio di Cosmo        J. Keilty                  Ms. Lilian Sidney          John (Ian) Downie         Theodore Sartzetakis
Melnyk Pavillion in       Ms. Rosa A. V. Diaz         Drs. Dominic Lehnert &     Mr. Christopher Siems      Joyce Elliott             Kathleen Saunders
                          Mr. Peter Dimitrakoudis     Joanne Meyer               Mr. Gordon Simpson         William J. Endacott       Louis Schneider
the front lobby of the
                          Mr. Robert R. Dionne        Ms. Margaret J. Levarno    Ms. Linda Sinker           Mary Farrugia             Pawla Scholz
hospital.                 Miss Mai Thi Xuan Do        Ms. Marilyn Lightstone     Mr. Mikolaj Skibinski                                Giorgina Scordamaglia
                                                                                                            Mary Elinore Faulkner
                          Mr. Yovan Dotlich           Ms. Claire Loens-Otte      Katherine Sloss            Remo (Ray) Ferracuti      Mary Scull
MONTHLY                   Christine Parkes            Mr. Frank S. Longo         Dr. Lloyd Smith            Fred Ferries              Takayuki Seki
                          Mr. Peter W. Dwyer and      Dr. Bohdan I. Lychacz      Mr. Douglas B. Smith       Morgan D. Firestone       Anita Shaffer
DONORS                    Mrs. Mary Jo Dwyer          Tore Maagaard              Mrs. Maria Sousa           Laurie Fosbery            Annie Sharpe
                          Dr. Dana Eisner             Mrs. Jennifer Malcolm      Ms. Nancy Souter           Jay Freethy               Peter Shipanoff
Mr. Endre Altmann and     Mr. & Mrs. Robert &         Ms. Stanislawa             Ms. Irene E. Spinner                                 Bob Shum
                                                                                                            Barbara Fudge
Ms. Edit J. Varga         Anne Elliott                Malkowicz                  Ms. Jeanne H. Sprogis                                Sugi Sittampalam
                                                                                                            Lynn J. Fukakusa
Ms. Donna C. Angus        Mr. Desmond Ellis           Mr. Robert C. Martin       Mrs. Irene W. Stanley                                Donald Slade
                                                                                                            Joseph Fundak
Ms. Shirley Anthony       Mrs. Eileen Ewachow         Ms. Francis Martin         Mr. Wladimira Strimaitis                             Anna Maria Slusarek
                                                                                                            Nicola Galati
Mr. Gilbert Araujo        Mr. John Ezyk and Mrs.      Mr. Mario Martinig and     Mr. and Mrs. Teofil                                  Bobrowski
                                                                                                            Wayne Gray
Ms. Anna S. Armenis       Shari Ezyk                  Mrs. Elisa Martinig        Surma                                                John Sobolewski
                                                                                                            Carolyn Gregorich
Ms. Alana Auger           Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Ferri    Ms. Joan McCausland        Mr. David A. Sutton                                  Tom Stapleton
                                                                                                            Mirek Grzesik
Ms. Corazon Babida        Ms. Tina Field              Mrs. Adele McCubbin        Mr. Josif Takacs                                     Ann Straine
                                                                                                            Violet Harris
Ms. Catherine Bain        Dr. M. Filipczuk            Ms. Mary McGowan           Mr. Richard R. Taylor                                Maria Strippoli
                                                                                                            Mike Hassos
Mr. and Mrs. John Baird   Mr. Antonio Filipe          Kaycee & Dale McGregor     Ms. Angeline Tham                                    Jack Sullivan
                                                                                                            Janina Helewski
Mrs. Homai Balsara        Ms. Kathleen Flynn and      Mr. Michael B. McIntyre    Ponniah Thankarajah                                  Alwin Swaffield
                                                                                                            Jerry Henry
Ms. Margaret Barber       Mr. Mark McQuillan          Ms. Linda McKeller         Ms. Transito Tobar-                                  Luigi Tatangelo
                                                                                                            Mabel Hicks
Mr. Jack H. Berryman      Ms. Maureen Ford            Mr. John P. McNamara       Villafranco                                          Fred Tomczij
                                                                                                            Anna A. Hillen
Mrs. Kathy Bertrand       Ms. Elizabeth H. Forrest    Ms. Agnes Meredith         Mr. Lucien                                           Wayne ‘Skip’ Tovell
                                                                                                            Harvey Hogle
Mr. and Ms. G. R.         Ms. Enid A. Francis         Ms. Barbara Millar         Tombarkiewicz and Mrs.                               Georgios Tsuluhas
                                                                                                            Fred Hooper
Berzins                   Ms. Barbara Franklin        Ms. Jennifer Mondoux       Jadwiga Tombarkiewicz                                Gregory Allan
                                                                                                            David Hughes
Ms. Madeline C. Beverly   Ms. Shari L. Fraser         Mr. Alan Morris            Mr. John A. Trybel                                   Tymchyshen
                                                                                                            Irene Ilnyckyj
Mrs. Martha Bilawski      Mr. & Mrs. Matthias &       Mr. Don Murphy             Ms. Kathleen Tyndall                                 Margo Valliant
                                                                                                            Robert H. Jones
Ms. Sima Bit-Ebrahimi     Anneliese Frey              Ms. Betty Murphy           Marica Varga                                         Nicola Varanelli
                                                                                                            Prad Juta
Ms. Sylvia R. Blake       Dr. Milan Fuksa             Ms. Diane Muscat           Mr. George Vatistas                                  Jose Ventura
                                                                                                            Roman Kahan
Ms. Halina Boroniec       Mr. and Mrs. Norman         Mr. John Paul Nardi and    Ms. Linda J. Weber                                   Guy Voyer
                                                                                                            Wojciech Karzyna
Zbigniew J. Borowski      Furber                      Mrs. Nancy Nardi           Ms. Margaret Williams                                Birute Vytas
                                                                                                            John Kempster
Mrs. Irene Brooks         Mr. Tadeusz Garczynski      Ms. Gillian Nelson         Dr. Daphne Williams                                  Frances Watson
                                                                                                            Martha Kokowsky
Mr. John Brown            Mrs. Lucija Gorup           Ms. Goretti Nguyen         Mr. Nicholas A. Wyard                                Peter Wohlschutz
                                                                                                            Simon Kornienko
Monica Brown              Ms. Regina                  Mrs. Luba Nickleson        Ms. Heather Yearwood                                 Muriel Woods
                                                                                                            Claire Lauzon
Mrs. Catherine Bruce      Grzywaczewska               Mr. Dennis O’Connor        Ms. Bernice Yee                                      Pauline Wooster
                                                                                                            Thai Thi Le
Mr. Desmond Burge         Ms. Anna Halay              Ms. Patricia Onyskiw       Mr. Jai S. Yun                                       Jadwiga Wozniak
                                                                                                            Joseph (Wilf) LeBlanc
Dr. Melanie Caetano       Mrs. Karlene Henry          Ms. Joan Oreto             Ms. Hae Duck Yun                                     Gordon R. Wright
                                                                                                            Gilda Lio
Mr. Charles D. Cameron    Ms. Kathleen Hickey         Mr. Takeo Ozaki            Mrs. Irene Zahra                                     Gustave Wszelaki
                                                                                                            Frank Liwoski
Ms. Kathy J. Campea       Mr. James L. Hillcoat &     Mr. Constantin C.          Ms. Martha Zalazar                                   Harold Wykes
                                                                                                            Peter Lubbe
Martin Chepesiuk &        Mrs. Joyce M. Hillcoat      Parishev                   Ms. Helen Zulys                                      Katherine Yoshida
Halyna Perun

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation - Toronto                                                                                                               5
Community News
Lori’s Legacy Walkathon Surpasses $1 Million Milestone
Even a torrential downpour couldn’t                                                                 as well as the refurbishment of
dampen the spirits of the 10th                                                                      Quiet Rooms for patients and their
Annual Lori’s Legacy Walkathon                                                                      families that enhance the healing
which took place in May 2009. More                                                                  environment, and provide a quiet
than 300 participants, including                                                                    solitude for families during difficult
Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the                                                                    times.
Liberal Party of Canada, came
out to walk in support of the Lori’s                                                                The Lori’s Legacy Walkathon is
Legacy Fund. The 2009 event                                                                         successful because of the support
raised over $70,000 in support of                                                                   of the community, the Lori’s Legacy
cancer care at St. Joseph’s Health                                                                  Walkathon Volunteer Committee
Centre, bringing the overall funds                                                                  and event sponsors. Thank you
raised to just over $1 million!                                                                     to everyone who has participated
                                                                                                    over the years and contributed to
Established in 1996, the Lori’s                                                                     raising $1 million for cancer care at
Legacy Fund honours the memory                                                                      St. Joseph’s Health Centre.
of Lorna-Lynn Martin who passed
away at the young age of 35 after                                                                   Thank you to our 2009
bravely battling a virulent form of                                                                 event sponsors:
cancer. In appreciation of the care                                                                 Scotiabank
she received at St. Joseph’s Health                                                                 The Rotary Club of Etobicoke
Centre, and as a celebration of her                                                                 Faulkner’s Appliance Centre
life, Lori’s parents, Lorna Martin and                                                              Imaging Excellence
the Late Doug Martin, established
the Lori’s Legacy Fund in memory                                                                    The 11th Annual Lori’s Legacy
of their daughter.                                                                                  Walkathon will take place
Since its inception, the Lori’s                                                                     on Saturday, May 8th, at
Legacy Fund has funded new                                                                          Humber Bay West Park. For
facilities at the Health Centre that     Team D.I. (Diagnostic Imaging) Left to Right:              more information on how you
                                         Lisa Hicks, Rhonda Gannon, Dr. Andrea Miller,
have helped improve the quality                                                                     can participate, sponsor or
                                         Divisional Director, Breast Imaging, St. Joseph’s
of care for cancer patients. The         Health Centre, Katherine Cannataro and Nadia               volunteer, contact the Lori’s
Fund continues to raise money to         Thakoordyal.
                                                                                                    Legacy website at www.
support research and education

    There are                                Let your imagination inspire you! It can be as easy as
                                             organizing a bake sale at work, making a donation in lieu of wedding
    thousands of                             favours, or getting a committed group of people together and planning a
    reasons to hold an                       larger event. Your guide to holding an event can be found by going online
    event to benefit                         at: to find the Special Events How To Guide in
                                             the Printable Forms section under Donate Now. Or contact Aurelia Kay at
    St. Joseph’s...
                                             416-530-6486 ext 3232

6                                                                                            St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation - Toronto
Partnerships for Health
TD Learning is for Life Scholarships Inspire E�cellence
In 2006, in the spirit of inspiring
excellence in our health care
professionals, TD Bank Financial
Group made a pledge to St. Joseph’s
Health Centre to donate $250,000 over
five years as part of the TD Learning
is for Life Scholarships program. The
program is designed to support the
education needs of the Health Centre’s
regulated health care professionals.
The TD Bank Financial Group
sponsored scholarship recognizes the
pursuit of excellence at St. Joseph’s
Health Centre. Individual scholarships                                 The 2009 TD Learning is for Life Scholarship recipients are joined by Mark Vimr, Executive
                                                                       Vice-President, Clinical and Professional Programs, St. Joseph’s Health Centre; Perry
range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.                                  Manolis, Branch Manager, TD Canada Trust; Carolyn Baker, President and CEO, St.
                                                                       Joseph’s Health Centre; and Dr. Catharine Whiteside, Dean of the University of Toronto’s
For the past two years, St. Joseph’s                                   Faculty of Medicine.
Health Centre has awarded the TD
Learning is for Life Scholarships as                                   showcases how diverse groups of                         This year as we celebrate the final gift
part of its Interprofessional Education                                people learning with, from and about                    from TD Bank Financial Group, we can
(IPE) Week. Every year, St. Joseph’s                                   each other translates into providing                    look back and say that this community
Health Centre holds its annual IPE                                     exceptional patient care. It’s also                     partnership is taking us one step closer
Week event in the fall to celebrate                                    an opportunity to highlight how the                     to our Vision to be Canada’s Best
St. Joe’s culture of interprofessional                                 hospital supports Creating a Culture of                 Community Teaching Hospital.
learning and collaboration. IPE Week                                   Inquiry and Innovation.

With your gift today, you’ll be ensuring that your community teaching hospital continues to provide the health care that we
all need. To donate, please complete the enclosed donor form below and return it in the postage-paid envelope provided or
donate online at Thank you.

                           I want to Support St. Joseph’s Health Centre!
Enclosed is my single gift of:                                                                I’d like to join the Community Angels Monthly Giving
q $35 q $50 q $75 q $100 q Other $ ________                                                   Program with my monthly gift of:
                                                                                              q $10 q $15 q $20 q $25 q Other $ ________
q I have enclosed my cheque payable to St. Joseph’s Health
    Centre Foundation                                                                         q I have enclosed my blank cheque marked VOID.
q I prefer to use my credit card:                                                             q I authorize St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation to deduct the amount
                                                                                              specified above from my bank account on the q 1st or q 15th of each month.
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                                                                                                   I prefer to use my credit card.

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Mark Your Calendar
For more information on how you can participate, sponsor or volunteer,
contact Aurelia Kay at 416-530-6486 ext 3232

11th Annual Lori’s                          �ueenWest                                      2��1�� Fall Classic
Legacy Walkathon                            MusicFest                                      Monday, September 20th, 2010

Saturday, May 8th, 2010                     Sunday, August 22nd, 2010                      The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Fall
                                                                                           Classic has arrived! For the first time,
Join us for the                             This year, St. Joseph’s Health Centre
                                                                                           the event will be held at the exclusive
11th Annual Lori’s                          Foundation has been selected as the
                                                                                           Islington Golf Club on Monday
Legacy Walkathon                            charity of choice for the second annual
                                                                                           September 20th 2010! Designed
that will take place                        “QueenWest MusicFest”! This free
                                                                                           by renowned golf architect Stanley
on Saturday,                                concert is the first of its kind benefitting
                                                                                           Thompson, Islington Golf Club is
May 8th at Humber Bay West Park.            the new Our Lady Mercy wing. The
                                                                                           a proud partner of the 2010 RBC
Funds raised at this event will go          event will be held on Sunday August
                                                                                           Canadian Open.
towards cancer care at St. Joseph’s         22nd 2010, in Trinity Bellwoods Park,
Health Centre. Participants will walk a     located at Queen St. and Ossington             Join us for a day of golf, on course
distance of 5K and enjoy a free BBQ         Ave. This family-friendly event is sure        activities, lunch and dinner, while
and numerous children’s activities.         to bring out the musician in all of us!        supporting the Neonatal Intensive Care
This is a family-friendly event! For        Stay tuned for further information and         Unit in the new Our Lady of Mercy
more information or to register on line,    updates by logging onto our website            wing. For further information please
please go to                     contact Aurelia Kay at 416-530-6486
                                                                                           ext 3232. Details to follow on our
  Save The Date                                                                            website.
  Thursday, February 24th, 2011 Come out for a
  rockin’ good time at the Liberty Grand in support
  of the Family Birthing and Neonatal Intensive
  Care Unit at the inaugural St. Joseph’s Health
  Centre Gala - Rock the Cradle. Details on our

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