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       2009 ANNUAL
Our Mission is Your Success!
Dear Colleagues:

When the going gets tough the tough get going. And, that, in a nutshell, describes the NMMA. NMMA is a great
membership organization focused on its mission to create, promote and protect an environment where you, our
members, can achieve financial success.
Given the economic environment of the past twelve months, financial success has been hard for any of us to achieve—at
least in the context to which we had become accustomed. NMMA revenues fell sharply as they did for most of our
members. We responded with reductions in staff, benefits and an array of expenses, but not by reducing service to you,
our members, and the boating industry.
Our top priority in the past year has been to work with policy makers in Washington, D.C. to find ways to improve credit
to our members and their customers. We worked successfully to make the TALF program eligible for dealer floorplan
loans. In fact, GE CDF used it twice to fund their marine dealer floorplan operation. We created an SBA-guaranteed dealer
floorplan lending program and while the banks have not yet embraced the program as strongly as we would like, dealers
are successfully accessing floor plan funds through this program. We will continue to seek further improvements in 2010.
NMMA was a leader in the coalition that convinced Congress to pass the NOL carryback, helping NMMA members access
cash through refunds of federal taxes paid in more profitable years. We have remained vigilant in advocating for the
industry with the EPA, CARB, CPSC and other federal regulators as well. And, our state legislative lobbying team
continues to protect your interests on state level issues.
We have been effective in many of our efforts as a result of the strong support for our NMMA BoatPAC. And, moving
into 2010 and looking toward the long-term future of our industry, we must be able to continue to support pro-business,
pro-boating representatives in Congress through our bi-partisan political action committee, BoatPAC.
As Congress looks at passing a new jobs bill early in 2010, NMMA will be actively involved to promote the interests of the
boating industry as it relates to credit, jobs, and more. Even as we work through the toughest economic times the
industry has ever seen, we also face some of the most challenging regulatory issues ever encountered: from styrene and
greenhouse gas regulation to new regulations on evaporative emissions and boat fuel systems.
The examples above demonstrate the power of Association. When NMMA members come together to speak with a united
and loud voice, we successfully make our concerns and needs known. While NMMA does many proactive things to
benefit the boating industry, your investment in NMMA can be justified solely on the negative outcomes on issues NMMA
prevents from impacting our industry!
NMMA continues to produce some of the best boat shows in North America and, with a reduced budget, Discover Boating
continues to promote the positive benefits of the boating lifestyle, squeezing more and more productivity out of each
dollar invested in creating future boaters.
NMMA Certification, statistics and communications programs remain strong and well-respected and continue to serve the
industry well.
The industry will continue to be challenged in 2010 by a weak, but improving, economy, tight credit, new attempts to
regulate in ways that could devastate the industry, and by assaults on Americans’ rights to access our oceans and inland
waterways. NMMA will be at the forefront of the issues that matter most to marine manufacturers and the boating industry.
At the same time, though retail sales may remain level with 2009, production of new boats is expected to expand (albeit
from a much smaller base) as field inventory levels for many types of boats have reached new lows. And, with cost
structures cut to levels that could not have been imagined, profitability should expand rapidly. 2010 should be a much
better year for marine manufacturers.
Thank you for your past, present and future support. In these most challenging times, working together through NMMA
for the benefit of the recreational boating industry and our own companies is more important than ever. You are the
strength of NMMA. Your support, involvement and willingness to act when called upon are what make NMMA the
premier association in the recreational boating industry.
Our mission is your success.

Thomas Dammrich                                  David Slikkers
President                                        Chairman
       5    Financials

       8    NMMA Membership

       9    Government Relations
            National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada (NMMA Canada)

       12   Marketing Communications
            In-House Advertising
            Internet Marketing
            Public Relations
            DB Canada

       14   Shows & Sponsorship
            Boat Shows
            Trade Shows
            International Marketing

       16   Quality Assurance
            Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Program

       17   Industry Data & Research

       18   Affiliate Programs
            Boat Trailer Manufacturers Association (BTMA)
            National Marine Bankers Association (NMBA)
            Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association (PFDMA)
            Personal Watercraft Industries Association (PWIA)
            States Organization For Boating Access (SOBA)

       20   Directory
            Board of Directors
            NMMA Offices
            Show Offices
            NMMA Staff Officers

       2009 SOURCES OF REVENUE                                                                  MEMBERSHIP GROWTH
       Revenue to fund NMMA programs was $9.9 million for the twelve                                   3%        1%
       months ending September 30, 2009. Grow Boating Initiative (GBI) and                    3%     NMMA       Other
       Discover Boating accounted for 22% of the revenue. Fiscal Year 2009                  Industry Canada
       reflects the first full year of the GBI assessment redirection effort.        7%
       Dues revenue accounted for 30% of revenue, reflecting a total NMMA       International
       membership base of more than 1,400 members. Boat show net revenue
       accounted for 22% of revenue. Certification programs and products                                              22%
       accounted for 12% of revenue, while International Marketing Programs                                     Boat Shows (net)
       provided 7% of revenue. Affiliate Programs and Miscellaneous revenue                    12%
       sources provided a total of 7% of revenue.                                          Product Cert.

       2009 USES OF FUNDS                                                                             Dues

       NMMA Operating Expenditures for the period ending September 30, 2009
       were $11.7 million, exclusive of show operations.

       NMMA's Government Relations (GR) advocated on a number of issues
       important to NMMA members and our industry's financial health,
       including: successful lobbying for the addition of boats and marine                      DIVISIONAL BREAKOUT
       equipment in the SBA Dealer Floorplan Financing Program and TALF
                                                                                                   2%          4%
       program, passage of the Butterfield-Shadegg Amendment to the                             Membership Investment
       Waxman-Markey climate change legislation, and securing the NOL                   2% Communications Loss
       Carryback relief for companies under $15M/yr, while continuing to            Information
       work for full relief for all companies.

       NMMA marketing focused on social media via Facebook, Twitter and
       YouTube. The "I Discovered Boating" consumer generated ad contest,
       received more than 300 entries and delivered four great new ads                     Quality
       for Discover Boating promotional efforts. Boat Shows introduced new                Assurance                     19%
       elements, such as the Green Zone and the Affordability Pavilion, that                                          Marketing
       generated both consumer and media interest.
       NMMA's use of funds was curtailed from 2008 levels in response
                                                                                           Support Costs        19%
       to current and anticipated pressures on sources of revenue.                                            Advocacy

                                                                                                                       FINANCIALS   5
                 ASSETS                                                                                          2009          2008
                 CURRENT ASSETS       Cash and cash equivalents                                            $2,237,765    $4,026,428
                                      Investments                                                           9,520,352     9,537,945
                                      Accounts receivable, net of allowances for uncollectible
                                      accounts of $240,165 in 2009 and $95,822 in 2008                      7,074,487    12,988,616
                                      Receivables from affiliated associations                                11,723        68,691
                                      Prepaid expenses and other assets                                     1,957,797     3,897,364

                                      Total current assets                                                 20,802,124    30,519,044

                 NON-CURRENT ASSETS   Capital assets   Intangible assets, net of accumulated
                                                       amortization of $24,890,223 in 2009
                                                       and $24,481,524 in 2008                              2,572,500     5,621,989
                                                       Office equipment, show equipment and leasehold
                                                       improvements, net of accumulated depreciation of
                                                       $3,976,385 in 2009 and $3,602,696 in 2008             369,000       711,791
                                                       Computer software development costs, net of
                                                       accumulated depreciation of $1,242,017
                                                       in 2009 and $925,386 in 2008                          600,977       908,053

                                                       Capital assets, net                                  3,542,477     7,241,833

                                      Other non-current assets                                               564,968       587,797

                                      Total non-current assets                                              4,107,445     7,829,630

                 TOTAL ASSETS                                                                             $24,909,569   $38,348,674

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                    2009                 2008

CURRENT LIABILITIES          Accounts payable and accrued liabilities    $1,884,947        $2,982,629
                             Deferred revenues                           14,854,644        25,975,496
                             Deferred revenues—Grow Boating                565,290          1,033,605

                             Total current liabilities                   17,304,881        29,991,730

NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES      Accrued pension liability                    4,032,411         4,904,736
                             Other non-current liabilities                 639,968           652,568

                             Total non-current liabilities                4,672,379         5,557,304

TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                        21,977,260        35,549,034

NET ASSETS                   Unrestricted                                 2,932,309         2,799,640

                             Total net assets                             2,932,309         2,799,640

TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                        $24,909,569      $38,348,674

                                                                                      FINANCIALS          7
    NMMA membership provides the resources of a dynamic, responsive organization to
    help grow your business. Members’ business priorities set the agenda and drive NMMA’s
    programs and activities.


                                                              1,625      1,656
                                       1,560      1,594



                                        125        171         155        134         75
                                       2005       2006        2007        2008       2009

                              New Members           Total Number of Members

                         DIVISIONAL BREAKOUT

                                                                & Trailer
                              44                              Manufacturers

                                                    Boat                   309
                                                Manufacturers            Associate

                         NMMA MEMBERS ONLY WEBSITE
                         NMMA continues to expand benefits and services offered to participating companies through the Members Only website. Members can
                         learn about cost-saving affinity programs, download statistical data, and request trade list information. Members also have access to NMMA’s
                         new Webinar Series—one-hour presentations which provide useful instruction and information and cover topics, news, views and data
                         impacting the marine industry.

NMMA provides leadership on key issues of industry-wide
importance to protect its members’ interests. NMMA works to
shape public policy at the federal, state and local levels
to help recreational boating grow and thrive.

                   Term Asset Backed Securities Lending Facility
                                                                                           NMMA and its partners created to encourage policy
                   NMMA successfully sought to have marine floor plan included in
                                                                                           makers to take a science-first approach to mid-level ethanol blends.
                   the government’s signature credit liquidity program, the Term Asset
                   Backed Securities Lending Facility (TALF). Subsequently, GE Capital
                   brought nearly $1 billion more in dealer floor plan ABS to market      NOL Carryback
                   under the TALF program.                                                NMMA and its coalition partners’ lobbying efforts were instrumental
                                                                                          in the extension of the Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carryback period
                   Ethanol                                                                from the current two year period to five years. This tax code change
                   Acknowledging NMMA’s concerns with E15, the Environmental              will allow businesses of all sizes to use losses from 2008 or 2009
                   Protection Agency (EPA) delayed a final decision regarding E15         to offset taxable profits earned in the previous five years. Refunds
                   sales until it has more data; NMMA continues to work with the EPA      from the carryback will free up cash needed to fund operations and
                   to ensure due diligence. NMMA secured federal money for marine         retain employees.
                   testing of E15 at member facilities. NMMA worked with Congress
                                                                                          Accelerated Marine Regulation Excluded
                   to introduce legislation to protect marine engines and consumers,
                                                                                          from Climate Legislation
                   and with coalition partners, also stopped a Congressional effort to
                                                                                          NMMA worked successfully to amend the Waxman-Markey climate
                   authorize the sale of E15 legislatively.
                                                                                          change legislation to ensure that any new recreational marine engine
                                                                                          and vessel regulations proposed by EPA be done within the non-road
                                                                                          category rather than be targeted for accelerated regulation. As originally
                                                                                          introduced, H.R. 2454 singled out “marine vessels” for an accelerated
                                                                                          regulatory timeframe.

                   REGULATORY                                                             Warranty Law Website
                                                                                          NMMA unveiled a Warranty Law Website that provides summaries
                   SBA Dealer Floor Plan Program
                                                                                          of state warranty laws. The site is intended to be used by warranty
                   NMMA succeeded in ensuring that boats and boat trailers were
                                                                                          specialists looking for a quick reference on standard provisions in
                   included in the Small Business Administration’s Floor Plan Loan 7(a)
                                                                                          states’ warranty laws.
                   Pilot Program. NMMA worked to keep boat and trailer manufacturers
                   and dealers informed about the program, bringing key SBA staff to      Hull Identification Number (HIN)
                   industry meetings and hosting industry and press briefings. NMMA       NMMA fought an effort to increase the length of the hull identification
                   continues to work with SBA and Congress to modify the program,         number (HIN), spearheading an agreement to create a database of
                   and with members and their dealers to provide assistance.              boat HINs instead (similar to an existing database on vehicle VINs),
                                                                                          that will lead to increased recovery rate of stolen vessels.
                   Lacey Act
                   NMMA helped members comply with Lacey Act amendments that              Franchise Law Case
                   mandate only “legally sourced” wood and plant products be sold         As urged by NMMA and its partners, the Seventh Circuit overturned
                   and possessed in the U.S. NMMA persuaded the Department of             a lower court ruling that prevented Volvo from terminating a relationship
                   Agriculture to exempt informal entry of individual boats by boaters    with a dealer that had contracted to sell another company's branded
                   from the Lacey Act import declaration requirement and to extend        construction equipment—a significant win for manufacturers, as it
                   the packaging materials exemption to all printed material              recognizes the importance of brand identity in franchise agreements.
                   accompanying products.

                                                                                                                               GOVERNMENT RELATIONS                     9
                   Evaporative Emissions                                                      OSHA Spray Finishing Guidance
                   After the Environmental Protection Agency finalized its marine             Following a decade of Congressional hearings, coordination with the
                   fuel system evaporative emission regulations in October 2008,              National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and an intense lobbying
                   the California Air Resources Board (CARB) developed a more                 effort, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has
                   stringent standard for boats sold into California starting in MY 2014.     issued guidance for the Spray Application of Styrene Cross-Linked
                   NMMA has been working closely with our members to oppose the               Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics that permits boat builders to comply
                   more severe elements of this proposal and support those elements           with updated standards designed specifically for the manufacturing
                   that harmonize with the EPA national rule. Learn more.                     of fiberglass boats and other composite parts. Learn more.
                   Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Test-Based Reporting Requirements
                   NMMA submitted comments opposing the EPA proposal that would
                   require engine manufacturers to test and report N2O and CH4
                   emission data, recommending instead that EPA allow the use of
                   engineering data that supports emission factors in lieu of testing.
                   EPA agreed with NMMA’s recommendation and finalized the GHG
                   reporting rule allowing for emission factors. NMMA is currently working
                   with the engine manufacturers to collect data to support marine emission
                   factors that can be used to estimate GHG emissions. Learn more.

                   Florida Boating Access Grants                                              Lemon Law Review
                   A three-year effort to increase boating access funding resulted in         A 65-page review of lemon laws and how consumers could apply
                   a revised grant program open to cities and counties wanting to build       them to boat and engine purchases has been completed, providing
                   boat ramps, marina improvements and other services for boaters.            a basis for future opposition to lemon laws. The review focused
                   NMMA supported legislation and filed suit against the Department of        on Alaska, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, New York,
                   Community Affairs in 2008 to open the program for boating access           California, Michigan and Minnesota, selected based on their market
                   grants. The grant program, which is also open to grant applications        share and importance to the marine industry. The report found that
                   from one other funding category, totals $9 million per year for the        outside of California and Alaska, no law addresses marine products
                   next 10 years.                                                             specifically. However, numerous Uniform Commerce Code and other
                   Louisiana Buy-Back Law                                                     provisions provide multiple routes to address non-conforming
                   A flood of buy-back demands by dealers has exposed the damage              warranty issues that could lead to refunds and/or product
                   the state’s regulations are doing to the marine industry. NMMA             replacement.
                   worked for much of 2009 to use the situation to gain legislative
                   support to change dealer/manufacturer contract law. There is a
                   strong likelihood that more flexibility will be inserted into the law’s
                   buy-back and contract cancellation mandates to balance the
                   requirements dealers must meet to demand inventory repurchases.

NMMA’s government relations staff were frequently cited in national,
local and Capitol Hill-focused publications, resulting in a total of
nearly 50 million impressions in 2009. The department’s twice-
monthly e-newsletter, The Washington Wave, continues to deliver
important legislative and regulatory news to Congressional staff,
federal and state government officials, boating community partners,
the media and NMMA members with a subscription base of 2,400.

NMMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC)
NMMA BoatPAC receipts will end FY 2009 with $58,369.40 cash                     Thom Dammrich presents Representative Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) with the
on hand, down 75% from 2008 levels. Individual participation also               Admiral’s Circle Award at ABC 2009.

declined due to reduced giving. BoatPAC earned its most significant
dollars during the 2009 American Boating Congress, pulling in                  NMMA CANADA
$18,789 in May.
                                                                               NMMA Canada has played a key role in addressing the issue of
American Boating Congress (ABC)                                                dealer floor plan financing. NMMA Canada was invited to appear
More than 130 industry representatives attended ABC 2009 and made              as a witness before the Government House of Commons Finance
their voices heard both during the conference and in the halls of Congress.    Committee to explain the problem. In addition, several meetings with
Attendees heard from a number of legislators and policy specialists,           senior government officials have proved that they are interested in
including Representatives John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), Ron Klein (D-Fla.),          assisting the industry where possible. The office of the Minister of
Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) and Chief of Staff for Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)       Finance told NMMA Canada that this is a priority issue for them and
Bret Bernhardt and as well as EPA’s Karl Simon, Republican Chief               the Business Development Bank of Canada and that our goal has
Economist for the Joint Economic Committee Jeff Wrase and Nick Calio,          been achieved as they work to find a solution to the problem.
former Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs for George W. Bush
                                                                               NMMA Canada was appointed by the federal government department
and current Vice President for Global Government Affairs at Citigroup.
                                                                               of Transportation and Infrastructure to the National Recreational
Despite a streamlined schedule, attendees were able to network with            Boating Advisory Council. In addition, NMMA Canada also now holds
fellow boating industry leaders, listen to remarks from special guests         the vice chair seat on the Regional Ontario Recreational Boating
and several Members of Congress, and honor a number of peers through           Advisory Council.
the Marshall Funk Awards Presentation. The following individuals were
given awards at ABC 2009:
• Lifetime Achievement Award: J.J. Marie
• Admiral’s Circle Award: Representative Joe Donnelly (D-Ind)
• Legislative Appreciation Award: Robin Parker, Parker Boats
• Legislative Appreciation Award: Jim Hardin, Grady-White Boats
• Gold Corporate Citizenship Award: Indmar
• Silver Corporate Citizenship Award: Sumerset Acquisition, LLC
• Gold Corporate Citizenship Award: Thomas G. Faria
• Silver Corporate Citizenship Award: Regulator Marine

                                                                                                                     GOVERNMENT RELATIONS              11
 NMMA’s marketing and communications team delivers positive messages
 about boating to influential audiences and provides critical support
 to government relations, certification and other programs.

                     IN-HOUSE ADVERTISING
                     Plans, executes and supports marketing, advertising and promotions
                     for NMMA boat shows, trade events, departments and programs.
                     • Consolidated show media agencies into one, saving more than
                       $250,000 in hard costs, reducing internal staff, cutting production
                       costs and saving internal staff time. Furthermore, cost savings
                       don’t reflect media buying efficiencies or the benefits derived from
                       hiring an agency that thoroughly understands event media buying.
                     • Aggressive negotiating by our staff and agency netted approximately
                       $800,000 added media value, nearly offsetting FY 2009 $1 million
                       decrease in advertising budget vs. 2008. In control group of ten
                       shows, provided $670,000 in added media value.
                     • Completed more than 1,800 jobs in FY2009, including Boating
                       Abstract, Annual Report, all MAATS support and collateral,
                       American Boating Congress support.
                     • Reduced printing costs by at least $60,000 vs. 2008 projects
                       that were done both years.

                     INTERNET MARKETING
                     Provides NMMA with more direct, targeted messaging; of growing           • updates: Enhanced existing content
                     importance as consumer’s media consumption habits change and               and provided more tools for consumers. The updates include:
                     reduced media budgets lead to decreased media spending.                       – New Home page, Boating on a Budget content,
                     • “I Discovered Boating” User-Generated Ad Contest received more                and Destinations page
                       than 300 entries and generated more than 100,000 consumer                   – Revised Boat Selector and new boat detail pages
                       engagements. Purchased comprehensive airing rights for four                 – New Social Room featuring Boating Blog, written by Discover
                       commercials at the cost of $5,000 each.                                       Boating staff and experts; FAQs and Advice archive; Boat TV
                                                                                                     featuring Discover Boating and “In the News” videos; and
                     • Social Media
                                                                                                     Discover Boating Twitter, Facebook and press release section
                          – Discover Boating Facebook page has nearly 7,000 active
                             fans, sharing posts, videos and photos.
                          – Father’s Day “Good Run” video promotion on Facebook,
                             June 3–June 21 guaranteed 1.1 million targeted impressions.
                          – Discover Boating YouTube channel features more than
                             100 videos, collectively viewed more than 80,000 times.

                                                                            PUBLIC RELATIONS
                                                                            Provides outreach to all of NMMA’s audiences —members, legislators
                                                                            and other policy makers, media, and consumers—that is critical for the
                                                                            success of the association’s programs and initiatives.
                                                                            • Generated 102,282,010 media impressions and 869 total news stories
                                                                              for Discover Boating in consumer media outlets, surpassing the year’s
                                                                              goal by 20 percent AND last year’s total news stories, driving more
                                                                              positive news for boating on a budget $500K less than 2008.
                                                                            • Secured 206,283,969 media impressions and 1,562 total news stories
                                                                              for NMMA and the boating industry on a proactive and reactive basis,
                                                                              effectively managing industry messaging and ensuring accuracy.
                                                                            • Placed 334 total articles in industry trade publications, generating
                                                                              22.3 million media impressions and ensuring strong communication
                                                                              throughout the industry.
                                                                            • Generated 1.6 billion media impressions for NMMA boat shows—
                                                                              4,592 total news stories, a 28 percent increase over last year.

• Media: Aggressive on-line lead generation advertising achieved
 167 million impressions and 179,742 clicks on
 (206% of target) on a $215,000 budget (compared to $640,000
 in FY’08). To date, 5,371 DVDs have been ordered through
 (44% increase to date for same time period FY’08).

• Public Relations: DB Canada’s PR team secured 14,677,523
  impressions/121 stories, a 12% decrease in impressions compared
  to FY’08; however the FY’08 total included three stories that accounted
  for over eight million impressions and a 25% larger budget.

                                                                                                          MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS                   13

                   CONSUMER BOAT SHOWS
                   Engage the public, provide the industry with quality selling venues
                   and are an important revenue source for the NMMA, providing funds
                   for programs and initiatives that benefit the entire recreational
                   boating industry.
                   • Acquired the New England Boat Show from North American
                     Expositions as part of the strategic repositioning of its boat show
                     portfolio. The purchase of the New England Boat Show confirms
                     NMMA’s belief in the long-term value of boat shows and its stance
                     that boat shows in large, populated boating markets are most
                     viable and will remain a successful and important marketing tool
                     for the boating industry.
                   • Secured return of the New York Boat Show to its traditional mid-
                     January dates (January 20–24, 2010) with a new five-day format.
                     Area dealers and manufacturers enthusiastically supported these
                   • Launched the NMMA Advantage program, combining the reach of
                     online advertising with the power of onsite selling. Featured on
                     each NMMA boat show website home page, NMMA Advantage
                     allows participating dealers and manufacturers to upload show
                     inventory to the show web site for consumers to view online. The
                     searchable database lets buyers “pre-shop” the show, contact
                     dealers and schedule appointments.

                   Funds and promotions support and enhance NMMA’s consumer and
                   industry efforts.
                   • Secured more than 97% of sponsorship dollars needed for
                     the American Boating Congress event.
                   • Launched and tested the new Green Boating Zone at NMMA boat shows,
                     which helped drive media impressions and engage the consumer with
                     new green marine accessories and innovative boats.

                                                                     TRADE EVENTS
                                                                     Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show (MAATS)
                                                                     MAATS 2009 was held July 15–17 and moved from Las Vegas to
                                                                     Orlando, with an emphasis on attracting boat and accessory dealers
                                                                     from the Florida area. In light of the year’s brutal economic conditions,
                                                                     the show performed better than anticipated. Marine dealer and retailer
                                                                     markets attendance increased more than 200% from 2008.
                                                                     • Exhibiting companies finished at 211
                                                                     • International participants numbered 196 representing 28 countries.

                                                                     International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX)
                                                                     IBEX 2009 took place October 12–14 at the Miami Beach
                                                                     Convention Center.
                                                                     • Nearly 500 exhibitors took part in the event with more than
                                                                       4,500 total participants.
                                                                     • International participants numbered 579, representing 63 countries.

The U.S.A. Pavilion was successfully organized for the 2009 Dubai
International Boat Show held March 3–7. Six NMMA members
participated in the Pavilion with more than 50 NMMA members

The Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) 2009 was a successful
event for NMMA members. This was the largest METS to date.
The U.S.A. Pavilion moved to a new hall, closer to the Super Yacht
Pavilion, which resulted in great traffic and a fantastic response
from this year’s participants. Seventy six NMMA members
participated in the METS U.S.A. Pavilion and more than 130
members were represented throughout the show.

                                                                                                                     SPONSORSHIP             15
 NMMA oversees industry best practices in quality, safety,
 consumer satisfaction and training to improve the boating
 experience for the public.

                       • NMMA Certification continues to set the bar for quality and safety,
                         certifying 250 boat and yacht manufacturers at the close of the
                         2009 model year; many new manufacturers are also pursuing
                         NMMA Certified status. All certification model applications are
                         now online, where manufacturers can securely submit required
                         data and save time though the user-friendly online application.

                       • The three-year strategic plan to bring all NMMA member trailer
                         manufacturers to NMMA Certified status was completed at the
                         close of the 2009 model year, with 100% participation and member
                         retention, bringing the total Certified to 37 manufacturers. NMMA
                         Trailer Certification has partnered with the National Association of
                         Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) in an effort to help manufacturers
                         save time and money, offering both inspections during one visit
                         by a single inspector.

                       • NMMA Engineering Standards increased the number of products              • NMMA introduced a new oil certification program to address the
                         and publications available to help manufacturers with their risk           specific needs of marine oils used for 4-stroke cycle engines with
                         management and informational needs. NMMA introduced a semi-                exhaust after-treatment. The NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible™
                         customizable label required by the EPA Evaporative Emissions               specification is intended to support the industry in providing long
                         regulations, and has added this required compliance statement              term durability, power and overall consumer satisfaction with
                         to NMMA Capacity tags and Yacht Plates. Two new brochures                  marine engines using catalyst after-treatment.
                         are also now available: “You’re In Command” and “Green Boating.”

                       The NMMA Marine Industry CSI program announced the recipient of the
                       2009 Marine Industry CSI Awards in July. A total of 72 manufacturers in
                       17 categories were recognized for excellence in customer service, having
                       achieved and maintained an independently-measured score of 90 percent
                       or higher in initial customer satisfaction for the year. The 2009 Marine
                       Industry CSI Awards manufacturers were presented at the 2010 IBEX
                       Industry Breakfast.

                       More than100 manufacturers participated in the 2009 Marine Industry
                       Program and more than 41,000 surveys were completed by consumers
                       during the 2009 program period. In addition, more than 20 manufacturer
                       training programs were conducted to support the usage of program data
                       by participating manufacturers.

                       For 2010 the NMMA plans to enhance the Marine Industry CSI Program
                       with expanded services, survey design updates, and improved reporting.

NMMA collects, analyzes, tracks and delivers industry-wide
and niche-specific data critical to decision-making in today’s
dynamic marketplace.

                    • Initiated and was awarded a $275,000 grant from the USCG for
                      two years worth of analytical work on the USCG National Boating
                      study to be conducted in fiscal 2010.

                    • Published the 2008 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract in
                      PDF format for members to download, thus saving approximately
                      $80,000 in printing and mailing costs.

                    • The 2008 US Boat Registrations report was released to
                      members in early September in PDF format, four months
                      earlier than the last two years, as well as being the earliest
                      release in the past 11 years.

                    • Summer 2008 Boat Usage/Effects of High Cost of Fuel study
                      conducted last fall and published in the 2008 Statistical Abstract.

                                                                                            INDUSTRY DATA & SCIENCE   17
 NMMA affiliates provide an important forum for exchanging ideas and news while
 establishing a unified voice for specific businesses on critical matters such as product
 standards, public policy advocacy and regulatory issues.

                        At the 2009 American Boating Congress Trailer Round Up attendees were briefed by senior House and Senate Small Business Committees staffers
                        on how Congress is working to help small businesses deal with the economic crisis. In addition, SBA outlined the new Floor Plan Pilot Program and
                        answered BTMA and NATM member questions. Department of Transportation staff also provided an update on the latest lighting and safety regulations.

                        NMMA was successful in getting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to raise the threshold for submitting quarterly
                        Early Warning Reporting reports for trailers from 500 trailers per year to 5,000. This change provides relief to nearly all boat trailer manufacturers.

                        The NMBA finalized work on three broad elements of its new Loan Awareness Campaign. The first element, an Educational Tutorial
                        targeted to manufacturers and dealers, is complete. This tutorial guides marine businesses to find loan sources, and covers the basics
                        of finding prospective lenders on a local or regional basis, including how to approach them and what to request to encourage them
                        to extend credit services to consumers and businesses.

                        The second element, a White Paper, was produced with NMMA to encourage interest in entering the marine credit industry as
                        a new business, and distributed widely among the banking industry.

                        The final element, an updated and improved Consumer and Industry Website promoting the availability and affordability of marine
                        financing, has been developed.

                        PFDMA was instrumental in getting a pointed resolution passed at the April 2009 National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC) meeting
                        directing the Coast Guard to make significant changes to the way life jackets are regulated, and in getting the Coast Guard to agree to these

                        • Influenced language in the Senate Coast Guard Reauthorization bill (S.1194) to allow PWC access in the Intracoastal Waterway in Biscayne
                          National Park: In July, the United States Senate Commerce Committee adopted an amendment to the Coast Guard authorization bill that
                          provides PWCs with equal access to the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) through Biscayne National Park. Currently, all other vessels are
                          permitted in the channel. PWIA continues to work to ensure the language remains as the bill makes it way to the Senate floor.

                        • Established the first-ever partnership between the PWC industry and the National Marine Sanctuaries (NMS): Working in concert with the
                          Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), PWIA developed the Blue Rider Ocean Awareness and Stewardship Programs to promote ocean
                          awareness, environmental stewardship and boating safety. The program brings FKNMS, PWIA and rental businesses together to achieve a common
                          goal: improve the visitors’ experience in the Florida Keys, such that they return and encourage others to do the same. To ensure adequate funding,
                          PWIA applied for and received a National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Ernest F. Hollings Ocean Awareness grant.

                        • Enhanced the industry’s commitment to boating safety: PWIA placed an op-ed by its Executive Director in The Miami Herald advocating
                          mandatory boater education for all PWC operators. The story, published during National Safe Boating Week (May 2009), led to an invitation
                          from the Miami-based Monica Burguera Foundation for Ms. Healey to serve as the keynote speaker at the foundation’s inaugural charity gala
                          to raise awareness for boating safety. Ms. Healey delivered remarks at the September gala, as a boating safety advocate, emphasizing the
                          need for boater safety and proper boating behavior in our nation’s waterways.

                 S O R G A N I Z AT
                                              STATES ORGANIZATION FOR BOATING ACCESS (SOBA)


                                              SOBA’s long-awaited DVD entitled “Construction Techniques for Recreational Boating Access Facilities” is complete. It is a completely revised
    O                                         and updated version of one of SOBA’s most popular resources (“Building a Better Boat Ramp”).

        R                             S
            BO                     ES
                  AT I N G A C C

                                              This educational DVD visually demonstrates current best-methods for the construction of boat ramps, and provides critical, up-to-date and
                                              easy-to-use information about building a safe and effective boat ramp. Full information available at

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