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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Loading Instructions

Current CoM subscription PDA software available in iPhone: Clinical Evidence, Epocrates Essentials, PEPID, Dynamed,
Harrison’s Practice, Pediatric Care Online, Geriatrics at Your Fingertips, Shots from STFM, Medscape, Mobile
MerckMedicus and ePSS. Essential Evidence Plus is available via a PDA formatted web page viewed in a browser.
These instructions assume that you do not have subscriptions to any of the following products. Do the following before
you start:
STEP 1: Get an iTunes account. Have your account
username and password handy. Every time you install a
product from the App store, your phone will ask for your
iTunes password.
STEP 2: Find your CoM Username and password so you can
log into EZProxy.
STEP 3: Get your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on a wireless
STEP 4: On a computer go to the medical library, log into EZProxy if off campus, and
                                                                   Mobile Resources linked from Library Homepage (if released)
click on Mobile Resources, which is the page with links to all
the software registration sites.

Epocrates Essentials
Register and purchase Epocrates Essentials Online:
STEP 1: On the library click on Mobile Resources, click on Epocrates Essentials in the
left column to go to their site. You must use this link. The FSU CoM ID is embedded
in this link. Another screen comes up with more info. Click on button to take you to
the Epocrates website.
STEP 2: DO NOT SELECT YOUR PLATFORM YET ! Click on “My Account” on the top
right of the page.
STEP 3: Login to Epocrates if you have and know your Epocrates username and
password. If you are new to Epocrates, you must Register
Now to create an account. If you already have an account
but don’t remember your User ID & Password, request that
it be sent to you via email under Forgot your login
information? (New to Epocrates? If you create a new
account, write down your new username and password,
then please start over at Step 1 above after you have
created your account.)

                                     Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011
STEP 4: Go to “Products” tab click on “Buy Now” by Epocrates Essentials. Now select your platform. Check 1
year and click on buy now.
STEP 5: You should now be at the shopping cart, and the
price should be discounted 100%, from $159 to a total
of $0. Click Check Out. [If it is asking you for money, do
not put in your credit card #. Go back to the beginning
and start over. Make sure you are logged into EZProxy
if off campus before you start, and get a $0 Total.]
STEP 6: The next screen confirms the order, and
requests that you update your email address if it has
changed since you set up the account. Click on
CONFIRM. And Complete Order
        Switching your existing Epocrates subscription to your NEW device (you are only allowed one license per
        person/email address)
        STEP 1: Go to Click on My Account on the top right of the screen, and log in.
        STEP 2: In your list of product subscriptions, under the Platform column, click Change.
        STEP 3: Select your new platform.
On your phone/iPod: go to App Store on your iPhone, search for Epocrates. Click on FREE, then Install the free Rx
version. It will ask you for your Epocrates username and password. When you log in, it will download the entire
Epocrates Essentials.

Register: This is the only product that you don’t need to follow
the link on the library web site. To create a new account, in
Internet Explorer, type in the URL and hit GO.    
Click on My Account, then click Create Account and fill out the
form getting a username and password. Write down this username and password.
Get a Dynamed serial number: We will provide one for you. Ask the regional campus IT coordinator for one.
On the iPhone/iPod: Go to the App Store. Using the search box at the top, find and Install the free Skyscape Medical
iPhone App from the App Store. After you have installed it, launch the Skyscape App on your device. A login screen will
ask you to log in to Download Free Resources. Do this. These are nice free resources. Select Tools at the bottom of the
screen. Then tap Install Resource. When prompted, enter you Skyscape login credentials and your Dynamed serial
number. Select Register And Download. Assure DynaMed is checked and select Register And Download again. If WiFi is
not enabled, Skyscape will ask for confirmation that you want to download over your data connection, select OK.
DynaMed will download and is about 60 MB in size. This may take a while.

                                      Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011

Register: Go to FSU CoM library’s page and click on
Mobile Resources, select PEPID. You will get to the “PEPID
PDA Usage Agreement” page. Click on the link. You will
be prompted to log into EZProxy. Log in with your FSU
College of Medicine username and password. Once you
log in, the PEPID registration will pop up. If you have
registered before, make sure to use the same email
address and password to re-register. Do not forget to
select faculty or student and also make sure iPhone is
checked before submitting. [If you already have a PEPID
account do not remember your password, you will need to
go to in Internet Explorer and click on “My Account” tab on the top right of the home page and
select “Forgot User Name or Password”. Put in your PEPID registered e-mail and you will receive your password in the e-
mail very shortly.] After you submit, you will see a message that says; “PEPID Subscription Sign Up. Your PEPID
subscription has been processed. You will receive an e-mail shortly with more information.” At this point, you DO NOT
have to wait for that e-mail to install PEPID. You are finished registering your product and have obtained your license
for your mobile device.
On your phone/iPod: click on “App Store”. Search for PEPID. Select the one with the blue caduceus. Click on “FREE”
button on the top right and it will turn into green “INSTALL” button. Click on it and enter your iTunes password and free
version of PEPID will be installed on your device. Once it has installed, find the PEPID icon and click on it. You will see a
blue “+” sign on the top right of your screen. Click on it and enter your e-mail and password registered with PEPID. This
will take you to “Product Download” page.
Select “PEPID: DICT Suite” and install your dictionary. Say “OK” once installed and now select “PEPID: CRC Suite”. The
amount of time for the installation varies with the speed of your connection. So please be patient while PEPID is
transferring the medical databases from their server. Say “OK” again and you are finished installing PEPID on your Apple
Mobile Device.

Harrison’s Practice
Register: From on campus or thru EZProxy off campus, follow the
link to Harrison’s Practice on the library PDA web page. Click on
Login on the top right corner. New users must REGISTER NOW
and create your own Username and Password. [If you have had
this product, but don’t remember your username and password,
click on Forgot your username, or Forgot your password and they
will send them to you.] They will then email you a serial number
which you may need to use to activate your PDA. Write down
your serial number, username and password.
On the iPhone/iPod: Go to the App Store. Search for Harrison’s
Practice, Free. Install this. Run it on your device, and it will ask
for your username and password. Put them in. It will load all the content.
                                      Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011
Geriatrics at Your Fingertips (GAYF)
This resource is currently only available for Apple devices with our subscription.

   1. Request a Subscription Key (serial number) from the
        IT Help Desk or your regional campus IT
        coordinator. Once you get the email with the
   2. Go to If you are off
        campus, log into EZProxy.
   3. Click on Mobile Resources and then click on the link
        to Geriatrics at Your Fingertips, iPhone version.
   4. A registration screen comes up with a place for your
        Subscription Key. Enter that.
   5. Under Create an Account, put in your email and
        create a password. Hit Submit.

                               On your iPod/iPhone/iPad:
                               Go to the Apps Store. Search for Geriatrics. Find the Free Geriatrics at Your Fingertips
                               Lite version and install it. Run the program. It will ask you to Sign In. Put in the email
                               address and password you created online. It will say that Updates are available. Install
                               the updates, and the full content for the resource should download. Check to see. If only
                               the free content downloaded you will not see Formulas and Reference Information. If all
                               the content did not download , delete the program, wait about an hour, come back and
                               reinetall, sign in and try to get updates. So far, you may install on more than one device
                               with the same username and password.

Pediatric Care Online
Register: If you have an AAP membership, you will need your AAP
ID number. If you are not a member yet, you need to register and
get an AAP ID number. We have discovered (9/1/2011) that the
registration form only works in Internet Explorer. Follow the link from the library>Mobile Resources web page to
Pediatric Care Online. On the PCO main page click on MOBILE at the top.If it asks if you want only the contect that is
secure, say YES. If you are a member already, put in your AAP ID number and click on REGISTER to re-activate your AAP
ID. If you do not have an AAP ID number yet, click on REGISTER without filling any information and select new customer
registration. Fill the form and they will email you a AAP ID number. WRITE THIS DOWN! Put in your email address and
create a password (write it down somewhere). Create a password question and answer. Then click Continue. You will
receive an email with your AAP ID in it. Save this so that you can get back into the site when you need to renew this
On your phone/iPod: go to the App Store and search for Pediatric Care Online. It says it is free. Install it. Run it. It will
ask for your userID which is your AAP # and your password. Put those in and log in. It will download all the content.

                                     Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011

Clinical Evidence
Register Online: Follow the link on the library Mobile Resources
page to Clinical Evidence while on campus or after logging into
EZProxy if off campus. Click on PDA at the top of the screen. New
users must REGISTER and create your own username and
Password. They will email you a serial number. Go to your email
account and find this serial number. Write down the serial
number and your new username and password.
On your phone/iPod: go to iTunes apps store and search for
uCentral Medical References. . Click on blue “FREE” button on the
top right and it will turn into green “INSTALL” button. Install the
software. When it asks you for your userID and password, put the
one you just created in. It should install all the software you have            Clinical Evidence Registration page
subscriptions for in Unbound. If it asks for the serial number, put
it in.

Essential Evidence Plus
Register: You have to access this online, while you have a signal/wireless. They haven’t created an app, but instead, a
PDA formatted web site. You need to register and set up a username and password with them while on campus either
at one of the regional campuses or at the main campus. EZProxy doesn’t work. Here are the instructions for that.
        Step 1: Go to the Essential Evidence Plus homepage
        Step 2: Click on “My Account” in the top menu
        Step 3: Click on “Register” in the “Access Your Personal Profile” box
        Step 4: Fill out the “Personal Profile Registration” form
        Step 5: Confirmation
        Once you have established a Username and Password, EE+ can be accessed anywhere on your mobile device by
        simply logging-in on your iPhone web browser Safari.
On the Phone/iPod: You can set up a shortcut icon on the desktop/Home Screen. Open Safari, and go to , then hit the + and select Add to Home Screen. Change the Essential Evid…. To EE+. And put it
with the rest of your medical apps icons.

Free Resources:
ePSS (free resource)
No Registration is necessary. On your phone: go to the App Store and search for AHRQ EPSS. Click on blue “FREE”
button on the top right and it will turn into green “INSTALL” button. Click the Install button. Put in your iTunes

                                   Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011
Shots from STFM (Free Resource)
No need to register. On the phone/iPod: Go to the App Store, search for Shots, click on the Free Shots from STFM,
and click on Install.

Medscape (free resource)
Register: go to and Register, creating an
account, username and password.
On the phone/iPod: Go to the App Store, search for Medscape
and install. Run the app and put in your Medscape username and password.

MobileMerckMedicus (free resource)
Register: go to and Register creating an
account, username and password.
On the phone/iPod: Go to the App Store, search for Mobile MerckMedicus and install. Run the app and put in your
username and password.

Other free resources suggested by students and faculty:
      3D Brain [for M1s, recommended by Dr. Ouimet]

                                    Loading the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2011

                                             Backing up your Device
                So that you can restore all the applications in case your device breaks and you have to
                get a new one.

Once you are finished loading all your programs, connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your personal computer/laptop with
the USB cable and run iTunes.
     Then right click the iPhone/iPod touch icon on the left side of the iTunes window
     Click on the Apps tab at the top and check Sync Apps
     Click on the Sync button on the bottom right corner.

This takes a LONG time (20+ minutes) the first time. So you might want to kick this off before you go to bed and leave it
running or do it in the background while you work.

Every time you add an app to your device, you should connect the device to your computer to back up the new app.


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