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									This is a template that outlines the roles and responsibilities of a website designer within
a web design company. This template includes a company overview, job summary,
roles and responsibilities of the position, preferred skills and experience, job
qualifications, salary, and benefits. This template can be used by small businesses or
other entities that offer web design services and want to provide their newly hired
employees with more information about their duties.
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       Website Designer/Developer Job Description Template
Use this template to create a tailored job description for attracting and hiring a website
designer/developer. The template will help you define the roles and responsibilities of the
position, as well as the skills and qualifications required of the candidate to do the job.

Position Title:      Website Designer/Web Developer
Posting Date:        [Posting Date]
Position Reports To: [Specify who this role reports to at your company]
How to Apply:        To be considered for this opportunity, please send your resume and cover
                     letter to [Contact information]
Company Overview
Here, give a high level description of your company. This should include what industry you are
in, how large your company is, where offices are located, and a bit about your company culture.

Job Summary
Example 1: Our company seeks a web designer/developer to assist in the production of websites
for our brands. Responsibilities include: designing page layouts and custom graphics, formatting
content, creating CSS, quality assurance testing, converting HTML files from Photoshop
documents. Must be able to work in a team environment.

Example 2: The web designer will be in charge of designing and maintaining the company
website, using consistent branding and colors across all company properties.

Example 3: We are currently seeking a Web Designer & Developer to assist with a site build.
Preference given to candidates with ecommerce site experience.

Position Roles and Responsibilities
The selected candidate will:
   ●   Divide their time between Web Development and Web Design.
   ●   Be the team leader in the entire development process.
   ●   Develop web applications/pages using Flash, CSS, ActionScript, XML and XHTML.
   ●   Provide technical advice during product development stages.
   ●   Design user-friendly and visually appealing websites.
   ●   Work with client to ensure goals and needs are met in the design process.
   ●   Provide design and logistic advice to client on what each website will need.
   ●   Manage company’s intranet - employee communication and information sharing portal.
   ●   Design and manage newsletters and other marketing materials for the intranet.
   ●   Give presentations at conferences as well as internal events on web design and intranet.
   ●   Test functionality of websites in various browsers for quality assurance.

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        Website Designer/Developer Job Description Template

Preferred Experience & Skills
    ●   Strict XHTML and CSS
    ●   Website development and design
    ●   Adobe Master Collection CS3 (Photoshop, Flash, & Illustrator)
    ●   Creative design
    ●   Analytical and creative skills
    ●   Team player as well as independent worker
    ●   SEO
    ●   Project management
    ●   Documentation and communication

Job Qualifications
    ● 3 years in designing/developing websites in variety of formats
    ● Expert in ActionScript 2 or 3
    ● Advanced work with XML and CSS
    ● Advanced proficiency in Adobe Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and
    ● Skills in PHP, XHTML, Javascript or AJAX is preferred
    ● Strong communication skills in person, on phone and over email

Salary & Benefits
In this section, discuss starting salary, as well as employee and health benefits that the new hire
will be entitled to.
Example 1: [Company Name] offers its employees a competitive base salary, as well as stock
options and health benefits. Our comprehensive compensation package includes: health
insurance, dental and vision insurance, 529 college savings plan, 401(K) contribution, flexible
spending accounts, short term and long term disability coverage, tuition reimbursement, paid
vacation, adoption assistance and a generous stock option plan.
Example 2:
This role is entitled to:
    A competitive base salary based on experience
    Medical insurance, including Dental and Vision, as well as Life Insurance
    Disability, Short- and Long-Term Care Insurance
    Dependent Care Assistance & Adoption Assistance
    401(k) contribution
    529 Educational Savings Plan
    Access to complimentary online education
Example 3: This position, which is temporary (6 month contract) and part time (20 hours a
week), offers compensation commensurate with experience.

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        Website Designer/Developer Job Description Template

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