Guide to Using Wireframes

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					Quick Guide to Wireframes
 A Beginner’s Guide to Website Design
                                Quick Guide to Wireframes

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How Wireframing Fits into the Overall Process                         1

Determine the Flow of Your Site                                       1

Develop the Site Skeleton                                             3

Tips for Creating a Functional Website                                6

Appendix A: Worksheet for Determining Functionality of Your Website   7

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                                Quick Guide to Wireframes

Wireframes are design tools that are used as visual guides to demonstrate the proposed
functionality, content and structure of websites. Wireframing is done to give your web design
team the ability to see how you envision your users interacting with your website. This
treatment will walk you through the basics of developing a wireframe that can be used to develop
your website.

Site architecture works much the same as classic architecture – a classic architect sees a finished
structure, but he or she must somehow convey the specifics of their vision to those who will
construct it. Those who have worked in that industry understand all too well why there is
frequently tension between the architect and the construction manager. The architect wants
everything to work the way it works in his or her head, and the construction manager needs to
make it work in reality – these two things are not always compatible.

Such is sometimes the case with building a website – you may have dreams of all sorts of
features and functions of your site, but the person who actually builds the site must be able to
feasibly make them work. This is not always an easy task, and this is where proper wireframing
comes in – the architect of the site works with the construction manager to create the dream of
what the site needs to do.

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Description: A beginner's guide to set up wireframes for website design, a crucial early step in designing and developing a website.
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