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                               Hall of Fame Headlines
Quarterly Newsletter                                                                                                                                0026         Winter 2007

         Highlights from the 2006 Honoree Induction Ceremony

                   Honoree Class of 2006: (L-R) Klaus Dibiasi, Tom Dolan, Kieran Perkins, Jim Press, Igor Milanovic, Flip Darr, Alison Streeter and Jane Asher

                                                                                           old record. Susie, who just became a
T    he 42nd Annual Honoree Induction Ceremony was held the
     weekend of May 9-11, 2006 in Fort Lauderdale.                                         mother for the third time could not get
                                                                                           half way around the world to be here in
Saturday evening, May 12, 2006 was the culmination of the                                  person. Australia was well represented
ISHOF Honoree Ceremonies weekend. The induction of athletes                                though, by new ISHOF Honoree,
took place at the Broward County Convention Center amid the                                Kieren Perkins and Australian
largest ever turnout, over 500 attendees and more Honorees                                 Swimming's Vice President, Colin
returning than ever before!                                                                Davis. ISHOF Board Member and Honorees Donna deVarona
                                                                                                                                    and Buck Dawson
                                                                                           Honoree Donna deVarona enjoyed
ISHOF Honorees that were officially inducted include:                                      reminiscing with ISHOF Executive Director Emeritus, Buck
Jane Asher      (GBR) Honor Masters Swimmer                                                Dawson. Diving is always well represented because of the FINA
Joe Bottom      (USA) Honor Swimmer                                                        Grand Prix Diving going on in Fort Lauderdale on the same
Flip Darr       (USA) Honor Coach                                                          weekend. Greg Louganis flew in from California with two
Carlo Dibiasi   (ITA) Honor Pioneer Coach                                                  VIP'S: His Olympic medals and his dog, Nipper! Klaus DiBiasi
Tom Dolan       (USA) Honor Swimmer                                                        was in attendance to accept the Pioneer Coach Award for his
Igor Milanovic (YUG) Honor Water Polo Player                                               father, Carlo DiBiasi. Klaus was joined by his wife, daughter,
Susan O'Neill   (AUS) Honor Swimmer                                                        sister and teammate, Honoree Giorgio Cagnottto. Honor Diver,
Kieren Perkins (AUS) Honor Swimmer                                                         Ulrike Knappe of Sweden was in town for the FINA Diving
Alison Streeter (GBR) Honor Open Water Swimmer                                             Grand Prix. She also assisted with Carlo DiBiasi’s induction.
Xiong Ni        (CHN) Honor Diver                                                          Sharon Finneran was able to attend her first induction in more
                                                                                           than 20 years! Glad to see the Finneran Aquatic Dynasty is still
                                The 42nd annual Honoree Induction                          alive and well! Lyle and Vicki Draves are always a favorite, and
                                Ceremony was emceed by Honoree,                            make the trip across country every year. Lyle at 92, is still gung-
                                John Naber. The crowd was the largest                      ho, and loves to make the yearly trip to ISHOF. Seeing Vicki's
                                ever, at over 520 people. Speedo, ABB,                     twin sister, Connie is a plus! They were in good company this
                                Pinch A Penny, DHL, AutoNation, Vonage,                    year with Sammy Lee and Pat McCormick, who hadn't been back
                                USA Swimming, Tyco International,                          to ISHOF in many years. Olympic Diving Gold Medalist, Micki
                                Kendall Toyota and Lexus and JM Family                     King and Bronze Medalist Cynthia Potter attended the Induction
2006 Honoree Kieran Perkins and Enterprises sponsored tables for local ath-                Ceremony and the diving meet of which they have both been par-
Honoree Mary T. Meagher Plant
                                letes to attend. Madame Butterfly,                         ticipants and television commentators. Former ISHOF staff
Honoree, Mary T. Meagher (Plant) was in attendance hoping to                               member, Honoree, and 10 meter silver medalist Michele Mitchell
induct Susie O'Neill, the first woman to break her 20 plus year
                                                                                                                                                      (Continued on page 3)
                    ISHOF at USAS
                                                                                        January 2007
T    his year's United States Aquatic Sports Convention was held in Dearborn,
     Michigan, September 10-18, 2006. ISHOF was on display in the exhibit
hall, front and center. A very special thank you, ONCE AGAIN, to the great,
Mr. Tom Gompf, our booth sponsor. Tom has been called ISHOF's biggest                     President / CEO
cheerleader and those who know him would certainly agree. (See special fea-             Bruce Wigo, Ext. 213
ture article below on Tom Gompf).                                                      brucewigo@yahoo.com

                                       The convention began with a cocktail
                                       reception in the exhibit hall,               Executive Director / Curator
                                       Wednesday evening. Elvis and Tina               Bob Duenkel, Ext. 226
                                       Turner impersonators really livened              bduenkel@ishof.org
                                       up the reception. Elvis was found in
                                       the ISHOF booth in between his
                                       sets……..Who would have known                 Accounting / Facility Rental
                                       Elvis had a love of swimming?                 Brenda Venderley, Ext. 200

                                       Speedo also played a monumental
                                       role in the success of the booth.               Director of Operations
                                       Thanks to Stu Isaac and our friends at     Art Director / Pro Shop Manager
                                       Speedo, ISHOF had a large flat screen           Membership Director
                                       TV to play our historical DVD's for all      Laurie Marchwinski, Ext. 207
the convention to enjoy. The favorite DVD of the convention had to be the                lauriem@ishof.org
Laurie Lawrence/Duncan Armstrong, “Eight Days to Glory”. It stopped peo-
ple in their tracks and Laurie's exuberant personality gave everyone a great
chuckle!                                                                            Assistant to President / CEO
                                                                                          Honoree Liaison
Many friends and Honorees came to the booth to say hello. Graham Johnston,               Meg Keller-Marvin
Tom Gompf, Jonty Skinner, Ron O'Brien, Alice Kempthorne and Carol                           954.474.7010
Zaleski to name a few.                                                             marvingardens840@comcast.net

And a big thank you to Deb Turner who puts up with us, our crazy ideas, and
special requests and lets us keep coming back to USAS!                             Assistant to Executive Director
                                                                                      Ivonne Schmid, Ext. 211
                       Tom Gompf                                                          ischmid@ishof.org

M      icki King once described Tom Gompf as
       ISHOF’s biggest cheerleader…..nothing could
be more true! Tom has been a friend of ISHOF since
                                                                                       Eileen Malone, Ext. 219

almost the beginning when he was coach at the                                                Librarian
University of Miami. Tom has been Chairman of the                                         Marion Washburn
International Selection Committee, served on the
International Congress, helped bring the International
Diving Meet, now the FINA Grand Prix, back to Fort
Lauderdale. He was also a clown diver in the 1970’s                                          Comments
during the Hall of Fame water shows and sponsored the                                   please email or write:
ISHOF booth at the United States Aquatic Sports
Convention!                                                                      International Swimming Hall of Fame
                                                                                        One Hall of Fame Drive
Tom has gone above and beyond what anyone would ask for or ever expect.                Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
We just want Tom to know how special he is to all of us at ISHOF! Tom we
cannot thank you enough!                                                         Call 954.462.6536 Fax 954.525.4031

     2                                               INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
(Honoree highlights continued from page 1)                                                             in Fort Lauderdale for the FINA Grand
                                                                                                       Prix Diving Invitational. The water Polo
came back to show her support for ISHOF!                                                               award went to Gianni Lonzi of Italy,
                                                                                                       President of the FINA Technical Water
The ceremony began with the introduction of the class of 2006.                                         Polo Committee. Gianni
The clear show-stealer of the evening was Marathon swimmer,                                            flew in from Italy to
Alison Streeter. Her exuberant personality and the fact that she                                       accept his award. Don
swam the English Channel three times without stopping (over,                                           Kane was presented the
back and back again!) made her the crowd favorite. People                Paragon recipient Georgia Paragon Award for syn-
seemed to be in awe, even the Olympic gold medalists! Fellow             Fyrigou (c) wtih ISHOF’s chronized            swimming;
Brit, Jane Asher was inducted as an Honor Masters Swimmer                Bob Duenkel (l) and Aquatic Safety expert,
                                                                         Paragon’s Tom Saldarelli (r)
into ISHOF, following her induction last year into IMSHOF.                                             Shawn DeRosa was given
Tom Dolan graciously accepted his award among his clan of 20                                                    the award in the
                                                                                                                                     Paragon recipient
plus. The Dolan Group, led by Dad, Bill and Mom, Jaf, have                                                      Aquatic     Safety Shawn DeRosa
supported Tom and traveled around the world following his                                                       division and Ed
swimming career and cheering him on every step of the way.                                                      Kahn, Editor of Pool and Spa
They all came together once again to watch Tom be inducted as                                                   Living won the Paragon Award for
an Honor Swimmer. Igor Milanovich traveled from Croatia with                                                    the Recreational Swimming catego-
his wife Natasa, to be honored as an Honor Water Polo Player.                                                   ry. Congratulations again to all
Coach Flip Darr was inducted as an Honor Coach for the USA.                                                     these deserving award winners.
Joe Bottom and Xiong Ni were not able to be present, but we              Yutaka Terao Award recipient Coach Other awards were presented Friday
look forward to seeing them in years to come.                            Eddie Reese (c) with Aaron Peirsol (l) evening as well. ISHOF has given
                                                                         and Coach Peter Daland (r)
                                                                                                                the “Yutaka Terao” Award in years
The 2006 ISHOF Gold Medallion                                            past. The American Swimming Coaches Association also gives
Award was presented to Jim Press,                                        a Yutaka Terao Award. ISHOF decided to honor ASCA's win-
Chief Operating Officer of Toyota                                        ner this year: Eddie Reese, ISHOF
Motor Sales (TMS) USA. Jim’s                                             Honoree and Coach of the Quadrennium .
love for swimming began as an age                                        Eddie has always been a great supporter of
grouper and continued through                                            ISHOF and has recently come on board
high school and college and is still                                     full force and ready to help ISHOF out in
going strong. As an avid Masters                                         any way he can! One of the greatest swim-
swimmer, he can be found each                                            mers of today, Aaron Piersol made a spe-
morning before the sun comes up, 2006 Gold Medallion recipient
                                      Jim Press (c) with previous Gold   cial trip to Fort Lauderdale to support
swimming laps. In addition to com- Medallion recipients Tiger                                                                            recipient Ed
                                                                                                      Eddie. It was excit- Paragon with Paragon’s
                                                                                                                               Kahn (l)
peting in Masters National Holmes (l), Jim Moran (r) and                                              ing to have a current Tom Saldarelli
                                      with Olympian Dara Torres.
Championships, Jim enjoys com-                                                                        swimmer amongst
peting in triathlons and long distance ocean races.                                                   all the past heroes!

The weekend began with the Thursday evening, International                                        The ISHOF Service
Business Council Reception. The reception gave local mem-                                         Award went to Diane
bers of the international business community a chance to mingle          Paragon recipient Don
                                                                                                  Brennan.     Diane is a
and meet with Olympic divers from around the world, who were             Kane (c) wtih ISHOF Financial Consultant for
in Fort Lauderdale competing in the FINA Grand Prix Diving               President Bruce Wigo (l) AXA Advisors, but it was
                                                                         and Paragon’s Tom
Invitational. A special thank you to all of those businesses who         Saldarelli               her volunteer position as
donated food and drinks to help make the night a success. The                                     President      of     the
                       biggest thank you of all goes to Diane            International Business Council that got her
                       Brennan and her committee who works all           involved with ISHOF and now we wonder how ISHOF Service
                       year long on this event.                                                                                   recipient
                                                                         we ever lived without her? Diane has introduced Award Brennan
                                                                         ISHOF to the international business community
                          The annual Paragon Awards along with           in South Florida. They have been so wonderful and supportive. If
                          the ISHOF Service Awards and other var-        we haven't said it enough, “Thank You, Diane!”
                          ious awards were present-
                          ed on Friday evening,                                                               The 2006 President's Award went
Aaron Peirsol (l) con- May 11 in the ISHOF                                                                    to coach Tom Lamar, a South
gratulates Paragon recip- auditorium.   The 2006                                                              Florida legend!
ient Coach Peter Daland
                          Paragon Award winners
were quite a distinguished class. Swimming                                                                    Tom Lamar has coached at Fort
honored ISHOF Honoree, Peter Daland, who                                                                      Lauderdale High School, the
had not been back to an ISHOF Induction week-                                                                 University of Miami, Pine Crest
end in over 15 years. The diving award was pre-                                                               School and Lake Worth High
sented to Georgia Fyrigou, FINA Technical Paragon Lonzi of
                                                                         ISHOF President Bruce Wigo (l) and   School.
Diving Committee Member of Greece who was Italy                          Coach Jack Nelson (r) presents the
                                                                         President’s Award to Tom Lamar (c)                 (Continued on page 4)

     INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                                              3
(Honoree highlights continued from page 3)                                Al Schoenfield Media &
Most importantly, Tom is an unsung hero of the International                   Other Awards
Swimming Hall of Fame. As Assistant City Manager, he helped
pass the bond issue that got the ball rolling for ISHOF. Tom
even travelled to the 1962 AAU Convention in Detroit to lobby
for Fort Lauderdale to become the selected city to host the
                                                                     O    ne of the highlights of the weekend had
                                                                          to be Bud Greenspan who was at
                                                                     ISHOF to accept the Al Schoenfield Media
Swimming Hall of Fame….and the rest, as they say, is history.
                                                                     Award. Bud has been called one of the
The 2006 ISHOF Grande Dame recipient is Mary Oppenheim.              world’s leading sports historians, through the
Mary was a volunteer of ISHOF and an original Hall of Fame           use of his films. His name is synonymous
                                                                                                                    Bud Greenspan
“Dame”. Mary has always been very involved and supportive of         with the Olympic Games and sports docu-
the Henning Library. It was a great loss to ISHOF when Mary          mentaries. On hand to help Bud celebrate the award were some
moved back to New York in the 1990's. Although she keeps in                                 of the sports heroes who Bud has pre-
touch with ISHOF, she is missed.                                                            sented in his documentaries: Greg
                                                                                            Louganis, John Naber, Klaus DiBiasi,
   Largest                                                                                  Sammy Lee, and Pat McCormick.
Collection of
   Olympic                                                                                     The John K Williams. Jr. Award for
                                                                                               adapted aquatics leadership was present-
Diving Medals                                                                                  ed to Phillip Conatser who for 20 years
                                                                                               has been an adapted physical education
T    he weekend was
     full of activities
and excitement, but one of the most popular things of the week-      (L-R) Phillip Conatser,
                                                                                               specialist in the aquatic fields.
                                                                     Jane Katz and John K.
end was the Olympic Diving Medal Collection. Since the FINA          Williams Jr.               Terje Stakset received the Virginia Hunt
Grand Prix Diving Invitational was being held right in out back-                                            Newman Award for teach-
yard, we had quite a few Olympic medalists attending the meet.                                              ing infant swimming, using
Then, with the induction of Carlo DiBiasi and Xiong Ni, we                                                  the non-traumatic, non-
decided we might never have                                                                                 forceful method. Stakset’s
this many diving medalists                                                                                  Swim School, located in
together in one place again.                                                                                Olso, Norway has been the
                                                                                                            site for teaching thousands
So, we went to work, made                                                                                   of boys and girls to swim.
some phone calls and surpris-                                                                                He is an international speak-
ingly convinced all Olympic
                                                                     (L-R) Terje Stakset, Steve Graves, Rob er and has produced baby
Diving medalists coming to                                           McKay and John Spannuth.                swim videos promoting safe
Fort Lauderdale to bring their
medals with them.                                                    swimming.

The medals were displayed in (L-R) Sammy Lee, Greg Louganis,         The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induct-
                              Ulrika Knape, Laura Wilkinson, Klaus   ed 12 individuals who have excelled in competing in or pro-
a newly constructed wooden Dibiasi, Vicki Draves and Micki King
case (thanks to Duffy Dillon                                         moting Marathon Swimming. Inductees included: Sid Cassidy
and Fort Lauderdale Aquatics) with an armed Fort Lauderdale          (USA), Coach and Administrator; Silvia Dalotto (ARG),
Police Officer. The group of medals was unbelievable and they        Administrator; Peter Jurzynski (USA), Swimmer; Marcella A.
included:                                                            MacDonald (USA), Swimmer;
                                                                     Susie Maroney (AUS),
1948 Olympic   Gold Medal, Springboard, Vicki Draves                 Swimmer; Daniel Eulogio
1948 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Vicki Draves               Caprio Massioti (PER),
1964 Olympic   Silver Medal, Platform,    Klaus DiBiasi              Swimmer; Sally Anne
1968 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Klaus DiBiasi
                                                                     Minty-Gravett (GBR)
1968 Olympic   Silver Medal, Springboard, Klaus DiBiasi
1972 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Klaus DiBiasi              Swimmer; Joe Smith (GBR)
1976 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Klaus DiBiasi              Swimmer; David Smith (USA)
1976 Olympic   Silver Medal, Platform,    Greg Louganis              Swimmer; Freda Streeter
1984 Olympic   Gold Medal, Springboard, Greg Louganis                (GBR), Observer/Trainer; Marathon Award Winners (L-R) Marcella
1984 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Greg Louganis              Duncan Taylor (GBR) MacDonald, Carl Walker, (ISHOF) Honoree
1984 Olympic   Silver Medal, Platform,    Michele Mitchell
                                                                                                         Streeter, Freda Streeter, Joe
                                                                     Pilot/Administrator; and Allison Anne Minty-Gravett and Smith,
                                                                                                  Sally                                Peter
1988 Olympic   Gold Medal, Springboard, Greg Louganis                C a r l Wa l k e r ( G B R ) Jurzynski
1988 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Greg Louganis              Administrator.
1988 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Michele Mitchell
2000 Olympic   Gold Medal, Platform,      Laura Wilkinson                                                        (Continued on page 8)

      4                                                 INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
          2007 ISHOF
        Honoree Induction
           Ceremony                                                  "Spizzerinctum,             the      Ray
                                                                     Bussard Story,"           a new book by
            May 10-12, 2007                                          Marvin West, is a celebration of Ray's life,
           Ft. Lauderdale, FL                                        from the backwoods of Highland County,
                                                                     Va., from bib overalls and a one-room
                    Class of 2007                                    school through an often interrupted col-
                                                                     lege experience, to his National AAU all-around title as a track
                                                                     athlete, through a spectacular 40 years of coaching, to the
T   he 43rd Annual International Swimming Hall of Fame
    Honoree Induction Weekend will take place, May10-12,
2007 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
                                                                     International Swimming Hall of Fame and into a not-so-golden

                                                                     Ray's Volunteers dominated the Southeastern Conference for a
This years Honorees include:
                                                                     decade and won 85 consecutive dual meets. Bussard was twice
                                                                     national coach of the year. He was coach at the 1984 Olympics.
Sydney Battersby    (GBR)   Honor Pioneer Swimmer                    He was generally recognized as the world's best sprint and turn
Manuel Estiarte     (ESP)   Honor Water Polo Player                  teacher. His training techniques were challenged, debated,
Bob Helmick         (USA)   Honor Contributor                        cursed, copied and acclaimed.
Penny Heyns         (RSA)   Honor Swimmer
                                                                     The book is not all beautiful balloons and fluffy cotton candy.
Mikako Kotani       (JPN)   Honor Synchronized Swimmer
                                                                     Dr. Edward J. Boling, former president of the University of
Debbie Muir         (CAN)   Honor Synchro Coach                      Tennessee, says Bussard could turn most any little issue into a
Ratko Rudic         (YUG/ITA/USA/CRO) Honor Water Polo Coach         full-scale war. Don Gambril, former Alabama swimming coach,
Sun Shuwei          (CHN) Honor Diver                                says Bussard, of all opponents, was the most fun to beat. One ex-
Amy Van Dyken       (USA) Honor Swimmer                              Vol grumbles that the coach never did learn to correctly pro-
                                                                     nounce his name.
Gold Medallion Recipient:
                                                                     "Spizzerinctum" is a Bussard choice word. He never could spell
                                                                     it but he had some idea of the meaning and was absolutely cer-
Esther Williams     (USA)                                            tain he had some.
Set aside the weekend now! This will be one you won't want to        "Spizzerinctum, the Ray Bussard Story," is available
miss!                                                                by mail from WESTCOM, PO Box 38, Maynardville, TN 37807.
                                                                     The cost is $22.

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          of ISHOF                                                          ISHOF Launches
T    hanks to our friends at Speedo, all membership gifts and
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                                                                     O     n behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of the
                                                                           International Swimming Hall of Fame, we are pleased to
                                                                     announce the launch of our new website. Over the next several
ISHOF, this is a book of color photographs and eighteen inspira-     months, our staff will be adding more virtual exhibits, vintage
tional profiles celebrating the accomplishments of Olympic,          videos, photos and other educational and historical materials that
Masters, open water and disabled swimmers who have overcome          will bring the heroes and the great moments of swimming to life.
great obstacles to achieve their goals. Members will also receive    We hope you enjoy it and that it gives you a taste of the exciting
the 2007 yearbook.                                                   new exhibits on display at ISHOF.

     INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                                5
In Memory Of . . .
                         Dick Smith                                  in Australia and DocCounsilman while as a student at Indiana
                         The diving community was saddened           University in the USA.
                         by the death of ISHOF Honor Coach,
                          Dick Smith of Phoenix, Arizona. Dick       Upon swimming retirement, Kevin became the picture editor of
                          passed away on January 2, 2006. Dick       the Sydney Morning Herald as well as Head of Sport for the
                          was known around the world for his         Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He could be found with a
                          diving knowledge. He developed the         camera in hand. He presented many of his photos to ISHOF over
                           Smith Gym in Phoenix, a world-            the years. He took the photos at an ISHOF Honoree Ceremony
                           renowned school for physical educa-       only a few years ago.
                           tion, diving, swimming, gymnastics,
                           martial arts, dance, scuba and much       Kevin was a kind-hearted man who gave 100% effort to his pur-
more. After serving as Olympic Diving Coach, he was a mem-           suits whether they be family, swimming or special events like
ber of the U.S. Diving Olympic Advisory Board and was                running the press room at major swimming competitions. He
President of the World Diving Coaches Association from 1976          was always ready to help the next person. In 1991, he played a
until his death. Dick won many awards for his sport and his          key role in the organization of the Perth World Championships.
humanitarian efforts through physical education. Smith was           He was the author of 2000 Things You Don’t Know About The
revered worldwide for a lifetime of dedication to diving. Dick       Olympic Games and was keenly sought after as a motivational
was presented the Sammy Lee Award in 1991. The award is pre-         speaker.
sented only once every four years to one individual who, in his
lifetime, has done the most for diving through his examples of       Said Glen Tasker, head of Swimming Australia, “Humble about
world friendship, knowledge, skill and dedication to the sport of    his achievements but very proud to be an Olympian, Kevin will
diving. This award describes the life and work of this diving leg-   be sorely missed by his teammates and the broader swimming
end, our friend, Dick Smith.                                         community”.

                         Kevin Berry                                 Neville Alexander, O.D.
                          Kevin Berry, ISHOF Hall of Famer and       1925 -2006
                          Australia’s only man to win Olympic        ISHOF Board of Trustee and
                          gold in a butterfly event, died            Jamaican swim coach extraordinaire,
                          December 7, 2006, at the age of 61         Neville Alexander died on May 20.
                          after a fall at a nursing home where he    2006, at the age of 81 in his native
                           had been living. Kevin had suffered       Kingston, Jamaica. Living on an
                           from an undisclosed illness in recent     island surrounded by the sea,
                           years.                                    Neville’s love for the water took him
                                                                     from his full-time furniture business
                            At the age of 14, he placed sixth in     to coaching swimming to many
the 200m butterfly at the 1960 Rome Olympics. One of seven           boys and girls in the Kingston area. He started out
children from a devout Catholic family, he and three other           using his 20 yard backyard pool and built an age-group team that
Catholic Aussie swimmers had a memorable audience with Pope          by the 1960’s, was competing in international exchanges which
John XXIII while in Rome. It was this meeting and his faith that     included meets with Coach Bob Ousley’s Pompano Beach team
carried him through all the pressures of international competition   in Florida. Ousley went on to serve as the first executive direc-
and pressures of life. Four years later in Tokyo he won the          tor of the American Swimming Coaches Association and Neville
Olympic gold medal in his favorite event, the 200m butterfly. He     as a member of the ISHOF Board of Directors and then Board of
was also a member of the 4x100m medley relay bronze medal            Trustees, an honorary position he held for 33 years.
winning team.
                                                                     In 2000, Neville’s wife, Susan, an accomplished artist and sculp-
From 1961 to 1968, he set 12 World Records in the 200m, 110y         tor was honored at ISHOF as the Artist of the Year. At the con-
and 220y butterfly events. At the 1962 Commonwealth Games,           clusion of her exhibition, Neville and Susan gave her bronze
he won three gold medals in 110y, 220y and 4x100y medley             sculpture of Greg Louganis to ISHOF for permanent display.
relay, all swimming butterfly. Kevin’s coaches were Don Talbot
                                                                                                              (Continued on page 7)

     6                                                 INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
In Memory Of . . .
(Continued from page 6)                                            Nel van Vliet
                                                                   1929 -2006
Neville and the Alexander family have had a wonderful, lifetime    1948, 200 meter breaststroke Olympic
association with ISHOF. We will miss him as will the thousands     Champion and Hall of Famer Nel van
of youngsters who have been under his tutelage. Said ISHOF         Vliet died at age 80 in her home in
Executive Director Emeritus Buck Dawson “I loved his West          Naarden, the Netherlands, after a bat-
Indies accent – the way he annunciated his words – “Swimming       tle with cancer. She didn’t start swim-
is a grrrreat sport.” He was a man of real character and he and    ming until age 16 but in less than a
his family were an inspiration to us all.”                         year and a half, she was winning the
                                                                   Dutch national championships in the
                          George Haines                            200m breaststroke. In more that 100
                        1924 – 2006                                meets, she lost only one race and
                        From Huntington, Indiana, where            that was at the beginning of her career. Between 1946 and
                        George was an age group YMCA               1949, Nel set 18 World Records in breaststroke and on the breast-
                        swimmer under Glen Hummer to               stroke leg of three World Record setting medley relay teams. She
                         Santa Clara, California, where he         gave credit for her success to her coach, Hall of Famer Jan
                         developed one of the first age group      Stender at the Hilversum de Robben Swim Club. “He worked us
                         swimming teams (Santa Clara Swim          very hard”, she said, “and when I complained that I could do no
                         Club) and one of the most successful      more he’d say: “Come on Nellie! Just 100 meters more - and
                          high school swimming teams (1950-        fast.”
                          1974, Santa Clara High School)
                          George Haines was loved by all,          Nel swam the traditional orthodox breaststroke at a time when
                 even by the swimmers and coaches who              the butterfly arm recovery was becoming popular and she still
George’s swimmers beat.                                            beat all her competitors. She remains the Netherlands’ sole
                                                                   Olympic 200 meter breaststroke winner. Later in life, she taught
A swimming coach for over 50 years, George brought out the         thousands of kids to swim during a 25 year period in which she
best in his swimmers. From the grass-roots level, he developed     was a swimming instructor in Hilversum. She will be remem-
53 Olympic swimmers winning 44 gold medals, 14 silver and          bered for her inspiration of determination in sport and life.
ten bronze medals. Enshrined in ISHOF with George are 15 of
his swimmers, more than any other coach. He was a seven-time       Paul Blair
USA Olympic coach, three as Head Coach (1960, 1968, 1980)          1955-2006
and four as assistant coach (1964, 1972, 1976, 1984). In 2000,     The ISHOF family is saddened by the
he was selected from an ISHOF international poll as the            death of Paul Blair, Owner and Head
Swimming Coach of the 20th Century. He coached both men,           Coach of Arkansas Dolphins, Little
women and swimmers of all ages equally well as evidenced in        Rock, Arkansas. The Dolphins were
his other coaching positions as UCLA Head Men’s Coach (1974-       the 1989 U.S. Men’s National
78), Stanford Head Women’s Coach (1982-88), Foxcatcher             Champions and Arkansas Age Group
Swim Club (1979) and De Anza Swim Club (1980-81).                  Champions, winning almost every
                                                                   title since 1979. Paul was the 2004
We will miss his wide grin-of-a-smile, his relaxed demeanor, his   ISHOF Yutaka Terao Award Winner,
sharp wit and his caring attitude. Every swimmer with whom         coaching award for character. Paul
George came into contact was important to him and he was           passed away after a severe bout with cancer.
important to them. When you became a friend with George, you       ISHOF staff members Laurie Marchwinski and Meg Keller-
were friends for life.                                             Marvin fondly remember their last visit with Paul. We were at
                                                                   the 2005 USAS Convention in Greensboro, NC and Paul stopped
George died in his sleep on May 1, 2006, in Carmichael,            by the booth to say hello. Paul was so positive and upbeat and
California, from complications of a stroke suffered four years     was so clearly at ease with his fate. “I can’t ever remember see-
earlier. But at the International Swimming Hall of Fame, George    ing him so at peace and funny!” said Meg Keller-Marvin. He
will live forever; nestled amongst all the great swimmers he       told stories and made fun of the side effects that the cancer was
coached who are Hall of Famers. His smiling face, wacky pool-      afflicting on him. He didn’t feel sorry for himself for one minute
deck antics and other scores of swimming articles, photographs     and he didn’t want you to either. Paul was a special person and
and antidotes at ISHOF will adorn his display and keep his         fabulous coach and he will be dearly missed in the aquatics
memory alive so that he may continue to inspire others who will    community.
come and learn about this great man. He will live in the hearts
of many – forever.
                                                                                                             (Continued on page 8)

    INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                              7
    Financial Turn Around                                          From the land of Hall of Famer and FINA President Ante
                                                                   Lambasa, Sandic learned to swim at age 4 but it was not until
                                                                   age 16 that he began playing water polo for club Partizan, a
         In Progress                                               member of the second division of the Yugoslav Water Polo
                                                                   League. As a member of this club until his retirement in 1974,
I  SHOF made a significant turn around in its fiscal year finan-
   cials, which ended on June 30, 2006. In the prior year,
ISHOF saw a decline in its net assets of over $425,000. By
                                                                   Mirco played in over 1000 games and won 11 Yugoslav
                                                                   National Championships, 7 Yugoslav Cups, 5 European Club
                                                                   Championships and several Friendship Tournaments.
reducing expenses and increasing revenue, we were able to end
the fiscal year on a positive note. It was a very difficult year   Following his retirement as a player, Sandic worked for
and much remains to be done if ISHOF is to realize its great       Yugoslavian Airlines which led to stints as water polo coach of
potential as one of the best sports museums in the world. The      National Teams in Singapore, Malaysia and Egypt.
FY2006 annual audit is available on ISHOF’s website:

www.ishof.org                                                      In 1972, he received the Presidential Medal of Honor from J.B.
                                      2006        2005             Tito, the Best Sportsman of Belgrade from the Lord Mayor, the
Public Support                                                     1971 Sportsman of the Year, and the 1997 Statue of the
Contributions                         251,986     180,252          International Olympic Committee for achievement in the
Contributed services and materials 360,000        360,000          Olympic movement. He also served variously as the President
                                                                   of the Yugoslav Water Polo, a member of the Yugoslavian
Revenues                             611,986      540,252          Olympic Committee and as a member of the LEN Technical
Merchandise Sales                    264,432      283,926          Water Polo Committee. (1998 – present). Sandic was elected
Pro Shop Expenses                    -208,586     -259,392         to membership into the International Swimming Hall of Fame
Admissions, Dues and Fees            34,112       18,045           in 1999.
Rentals                              100,496      62,436
                                                                   Mirco Sandic stood as a giant in the world of water polo and the
Rental Expenses                      -59,823      -62,232          Olympic movement. His personality and contributions to the
Fundraising Events                   157,881      68,223           sport of water polo around the world will be surely missed.
Less: Fundraising expenses           -95,590      -111,882                                                (Continued on page 13)
Miscellaneous Income                 -1,041       19,025
Investment Income                    48,518       19,331
Total Revenues                       240,399      37,480           (Honoree highlights continued from page 4)
Total Public Support and Revenues    852,385      577,732
Program                              617,930      550,832
General Administrative               134,472      324,136
Fundraising                          34,948       130,911
Total Expenses                       787,350      1,005,879
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                 $65,035      -$428,147

                                                                   (L-R) Marathon Award Winners Sid Cassidy, Marcella MacDonald, Peter
In Memory Of . . .(con’t)                                          Jurzynski, Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, Freda Streeter and Silvia Dalotto

                         Mirco Sandic                                                              The 2005 International Marathon
                         1942–2006                                                                 Swimming        Hall   of    Fame
                                                                                                   Certificates of Merit were present-
                         Yugoslavian water polo legend Mirco                                       ed to: Tim Johnson (USA), Author
                         Sandic, 64, passed away suddenly on                                       and Historian; Brendan Chapel
                         Sunday, December 24, 2006. He was                                         (AUS); Georges Delgado (ECU);
                         64 years old.                                                             Paulo Frishkencht (POR); and Laura
                                                                                                   La Piani (ITA).
                           Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now
                                                                   Dale Petranech (l) with David
                           Serbia) on May 9, 1942, Mirco           Smith (r)
                           Sandic played water polo during the                                The Irving Davids / Wheeler
                   years when his country was a dominant inter-    Memorial was presented to Dale Petranech (USA) for his many
national team. Wearing number 10 and being the tallest and         years of service towards the promotion and success of marathon
biggest player, Sandic was considered to be the most prominent     swimming. Dale is the Honorary Secretary of the International
player contributing to his country’s 1968 Olympic gold medal       Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.
performance of Mexico City and the 1964 Olympic silver medal
of Tokyo.                                                          Congratulations to all the award winners!

     8                                                INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
     International                                                                2006
 Masters Swimming                                                          American Swimming
                                                                           Coaches World Clinic
Hall of Fame Induction
       Ceremony                                                       F    or the first time in almost ten
                                                                           years, ISHOF returned to the
                                                                      ASCA World Clinic. The clinic was a
              September 28, 2007                                      huge success for ISHOF. Thanks to
                                                                      the generosity of John Leonard and the
                 Anaheim, CA                                          ASCA, ISHOF passed out our 2006
                                                                      yearbooks to all attendees. Honorees,
I  SHOF has decided to host the 2007 IMSHOF Induction
   Ceremony in Anaheim, California, in conjunction with the
United States Aquatic Sports Convention. After meeting with
                                                                      Eddie Reese and Mark Schubert intro-
                                                                      duced ISHOF at the general assem-
                                                                      blies and informed the coaches of our
top officials of U.S. Masters Swimming, it was agreed that the
                                                                      status and yearbook gifts.
convention might just be the perfect arena to host the IMSHOF
with the greatest opportunity for Masters to attend. The date has
                                                                      Clearly, the highlight of the convention
tentatively been set for September 28, 2007.
                                                                      was when future Hall of Famer,
                                                                                                               Greg Eggert (l) with Michael
                                                                      Michael Phelps, stopped by the ISHOF Phelps (r).
The class of 2007 includes:
                                                                      booth to pose for photos with staff
Woodrow Bowersock (USA)          Honor Swimmer
                                                                      members, Meg Keller-Marvin and Laurie Marchwinski and
Jean Durston           (USA)     Honor Swimmer
                                                                      ISHOF Advisory Committee Member, Greg Eggert. Thanks to
Carol Fitzsimmons      (CAN)     Honor Synchro Swimmer
                                                                      Greg, Michael came by the booth and even signed some posters
Sally Galletly         (USA/GBR) Honor Swimmer
                                                                      for the museum.
Tom Hairabedian        (USA)     Honor Diver
Suzanne Heim Bowen (USA)         Honor Open Water Swimmer
                                                                      On the final day of the convention, Speedo had Michael, Katie
Ron Johnson            (USA)     Honor Swimmer
                                                                      Hoff, Kate Ziegler and Ian Crocker signing autographs for the
Karlyn Pipes Neilsen (USA)       Honor Swimmer
                                                                      local swimmers, and there were hundreds of them lined up. The
Judy Wilson            (USA)     Honor Swimmer
                                                                      foursome signed posters for the ISHOF Museum too!

                                               LIBRARY NOTES
          The ISHOF/Henning Library
                gets a face lift!

                                              T    he last two weeks of September,
                                                   ISHOF staff members spent days
                                              cleaning, filing, organizing and cataloging
                                              the ISHOF/Henning Library. With the col-
                                              lection of Bob Helmick, Dick Smith and a
                                              few other large donations that came in, the library was over crowded and unorganized.
                                              Led by ISHOF cleaning guru’s, Laurie Marchwinski, Ivonne Schmid and Eileen Malone,
                                              the girls got it back in order! Former staff members, Marion Washburn and Ann Cannon
                                              even came in to help get it straightened out. Marion will now be coming in once a week
                                              or so to keep it in tip top shape! Thank you to all who volunteered and came in to help!

    INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                                    9
                                         ISHOF Press to Publish -
                                     Swimmers: Courage and Triumph
                            “This book is an inspirational photographic and written exploration of some of swim-
                            ming’s most compelling stories.”

                   Fort Lauderdale, FL – November, 2006 – The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) announces it will
publish Swimmers: Courage and Triumph, a book of 18 stories of swimmers, some famous, some relatively unknown, who have dis-
tinguished themselves in swimming - from winning seven gold medals in Olympic Games, to overcoming physical handicaps. The
book has captivating photos and images that bring their stories to life.

Swimmers: Courage and Triumph profiles many Olympic swimmers including Mark Spitz, Jenny Thompson and Natalie Coughlin;
Open water swimmers Lynne Cox and Marcy MacDonald, Masters swimmer Rich Abrahams, and Disabled swimmers Jeff Keith and
Melanie Benn. Renowned sports writers Phil Whitten, John Lohn, Bill Volckening, Kari Lydersen and Jeremy Shweder have con-
tributed courage and triumph written profiles. Color photographs are by Larry Thompson The book is photographed and edited by Larry

The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) is the official sponsor of this unique book that will support the 2007 ISHOF
membership drive.Water is the key to unlocking healthier and happier lives for thousands of people. Partnering with the ISHOF opens
the door for others to see how water enriches lives,” explains Tom Lachocki, CEO of the NSPF®. “Everyone who achieves has a story
where they were influenced and inspired by others. We are thrilled to bring to you eighteen profiles that will inspire swimmers and non-
swimmers alike,” says Bruce Wigo, President/CEO of ISHOF.

Swimmers: Courage and Triumph will be sent as a gift, free of charge, to anyone who joins ISHOF at the $35 membership level, begin-
ning December 1, 2006. Books will be shipped early 2007. Those who become members of the Hall of Fame play an important role in
helping us expand society’s participation in, and appreciation of aquatics. For more information about joining ISHOF, visit

About NSPF®
The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) is a non-profit organization founded in 1965, committed to improving public
health by encouraging healthier living through aquatic education and research. The foundation works towards its mission with educa-
tional products like the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® (CPO®) training, Certified Pool-Spa Inspector™ (CPI™) training, the new Pool
Math™ Workbook, the Aquatic Safety Compendium™, eProAcademy™ online training center, and the World Aquatic Health™
Conference. The NSPF® funds grants to help reduce risk at aquatic facilities and has funded the CDC's Healthy Swimming Project for
three consecutive years.

The foundation also is the largest funding source for grants to study aquatic health benefits in swimming pools and hot tubs. For addi-
tional information on the NSPF, contact Margaret Smith, 1-719-540-9119 or email margaret.smith@nspf.org.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame, established in 1965, is a not-for-profit educational organization located in Fort Lauderdale,
Florida. Its mission is to promote the benefits and importance of swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and the
water safety of children. It accomplishes this through operation of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, a dynamic shrine dedi-
cated to the history, memory, and recognition of the famous swimmers, divers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers, and per-
sons involved in life saving activities and education, throughout the world, whose lives and accomplishments will serve to inspire, edu-
cate, and be role models for all those who participate in the Hall of Fame’s experience and programs.

ISHOF Press is an imprint of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

     10                                                 INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
Vi s i t o r s t o t h e “ Ha l l ”

         Olympian Brendan Hansen (l) and brother Sean                    Haverford School of Haverford, Pennsylvania

         Since September of 2006 ISHOF has been offering a field trip to all schools in Broward County. The educational pro-
         gram includes three parts: A guided museum tour where the kids learn about the history, present and future of swim-
         ming and a beach and pool safety syllabus, where the students are introduced to basic water safety and rescue skills.
         They are introduced to water safety personnel and inspired to learn to swim.

         In October we had our first field trip of home schoolers (age 4-10)     At the museum the kids are enjoying a Disney video about water
         to the museum                                                           safety

          Cape Henry College, Virginia Beach, VA                                  On the beach lifeguard Gio explains the functions of the rescue
                                                                                  and tournament boat

 INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                                                      11
                           International Masters
                  Swimming Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
                                                   August 4, 2006, Palo Alto, CA
                                                                              n Friday, August 4th, The International Swimming Hall of Fame
                                                                         O    inducted nine athletes into the International Master Swimming
                                                                         Hall of Fame in Palo Alto, California, in conjunction with the XI FINA
                                                                         World Masters Aquatic Championships. Master of the ceremonies were
                                                                         Debbie Meyer, the first swimmer to win three individual Olympic Gold
                                                                         medals at one Olympic Games and the 1968 Sullivan Award winner.

                                                                         The International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame class of 2006 includ-
                                                                         ed: Drury Gallagher (USA) Honor Swimmer, Yoshihiko Osaki (JPN)
                                                                         Honor Contributor, Katherine Pelton* (USA) Honor Swimmer, Walter
                                                                         Pfeiffer (USA) Honor Swimmer, Rita Simonton (USA) Honor
                                                                         Swimmer, William Specht (USA) Honor Swimmer, Dr. Floyd Stauffer
                                                                         (USA) Honor Swimmer, Lavelle Stoinoff (USA) Honor Swimmer,
                                                                         Nancy Hunt Weiman (USA) Honor Synchronized Swimmer.
IMSHOF Class of 2006: (L-R) Drury Gallagher, William Specht, Yoshihiko
                                                                At age 35, Drury Gallagher jumped back into the pool as a Masters
Osaki, Nancy Hunt Weiman, Lavelle Stoinoff, Rita Simonton and Dal
Stauffer                                                        swimmer after a 15-year absence from high school and college swim-
                                                                ming. He is considered one of the most versatile swimmers in
International Masters swimming, breaking World Records in events as varied as the 50 meter breaststroke and 1500 meter freestyle.
Since 1975, he has competed in 6 age groups (35-39 thru 60-64) and has recorded 27 FINA MASTERS WORLD RECORDS. Yoshihiko
Osaki has played a significant role in Japanese swimming ever since his days as a swimmer at Waseda University in the late 1950s.
Born in 1939, he swam during his high school years and was trained by the great Yoshiyuki Tsuruta, 1928 and 1932 Olympic gold
medalist (200m breaststroke). In 1960 he won the silver medal in the 200m breaststroke at the Olympic Games, finishing behind Bill
Mulliken (USA. In 1984, he became the director of Japan Masters Swimming Association establishing the basic format of Masters
Swimming in Japan. In 1992, he was elected president and under his leadership, Masters Swimming has grown to over 40,000 mem-
bers and has become one of the most well managed organizations in the world. In 1985, as meet director, he initiated the great success
of the first World Masters Swimming Championships in Tokyo. In one of the more touching moments of the evening, Bill Mulliken
presented Mr. Osaki with his induction plaque. Katherine Pelton competed in four age groups until her death in the early 1990’s. From
1986 to 1992, she set 34 FINA Masters Word Records in four different age groups (70- 74 thru 85-89). Walter Pfeiffer learned to swim
at four years of age and went on to swim in college. He returned to competitive swimming at the age of 55 and has competed in seven
age groups (55-59 thru 85-89) and has set 31 FINA Masters World Records.Rita Simonton learned to swim in the 1920’s. After rais-
ing her children she was reintroduced to swimming through a masters program in Long Beach California. Rita has been swimming for
over 30 years in Masters swimming, competing in seven age groups (50-54 thru 80 – 84). Mainly a freestyle swimmer, she has accu-
mulated 35 FINA Masters World Records (all in free except 4 each in breast and I.M.). Since first joining a YMCA program as a young-
ster, William Specht has been involved in competitive swimming his entire life. After graduating from Princeton he moved to New
York, where he joined the New York Athletic Club, eventually moving into masters competition in 1988, He has competed in four age
groups since joining the masters program (30 – 34 thru 45 – 49). Specht has held world rankings in backstroke, butterfly and freestyle
events and has held 30INA Masters world records.Dr. Floyd “Dal” Stauffer began diving Masters in 1975 in the 50-55 age group and
continued for 26 years. He traveled to more than 15 countries competing and promoting Masters diving. In nine FINA Masters World
Championships competitions, starting in the 65-69 age group, he won 6 gold, 3 silver medals in 1 meter, 7 gold, 2 silver medals in 3
meter and 7 gold, 2 silver medals in the 10 meter. He competed against strong competition, as a doctor provided medical advice at com-
petitions, created the Masters Diving Decathlon, sponsored divers from other countries to attend meets and has been an exemplary
sportsman in venues all over the world. Lavelle Stoinoff tried out for the 1952 Olympic swimming team, retired from swimming, went
to college and raised a family. At 39, seeing her daughter swim, she decided to jump back in, joining a Masters Swimming tem in 1977.
She set her first FINA Masters World Record in 1983 and has set a total of 36 since, many in distance freestyle events. She has com-
peted in 6 age groups: (40-44 thru 65-69). From its U.S. inception in 1975 Nancy Hunt Weiman has competed every U.S. Masters
National Championship but six, for a total of 25 competitions. She won gold medals in 21 solo competitions and silver medals in the
other 4 competitions. In 9 Masters World Championship competitions, she has won the solo gold medal seven times and the figure gold
five times. She competes and wins in all of the figures, solo, duet and team events. In 1975, when no established rules existed for
Masters Synchronized, she helped develop and write rules that were accepted into the U.S. AAU Synchronized Swimming rulebook.
She has been a Synchronized Swimming judge for over 25 years.

The dinner and induction ceremony was attended by over 250 people. Family and friends of the inductees, as well as many aquatic ath-
letes who were in Palo Alto to compete at the World Championships enjoyed a spectacular evening showcasing some of the World’s
greatest masters swimmers, divers and synchronized swimmers.

       12                                                        INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES
(Continued from page 8)                                                                 Cullen Jones
                                 ISHOF                                  World’s Fastest Swimmer
                               Chairman                                  Spoke to 500 at Carver
                              of the Board                             Ranches Boys & Girls Club
                              Reed Ringel
                                        1923 – 2006

                            L    ong-time ISHOF Treasurer and
                                 Chairman of the Board, Reed
                                                                      A     fter a tour of ISHOF and taping an interview for ISHOF’s
                                                                            website, Bruce Wigo introduced Cullen Jones, to an enthu-
                                                                      siastic crowd of 500 at the Carver Ranches Boys & Girls Club in
                             Ringel, died December 28, 2006, due      Hollywood, Florida on January 5, 2007.
              to complications from a fall sustained a month earli-
er. Reed served as the ISHOF Corporation Treasurer for most of        The fastest swim-
the first 25 years of ISHOF’s existence and provided ISHOF with       mer in the World
outstanding hands-on leadership. At the demise of ISHOF’s             in the 50 meter
Chairman of the Board Frank McKinney in 1991, Reed assumed            freestyle      and
the Chairmanship, a position he held for three years. During that     member of the
time, he dedicated the newly re-molded Hall of Fame Building          World      Record
and the newly constructed, street-side museum building at the         breaking 4 x 100
entranceway to the complex. He also participated in the Hall of       freestyle relay in
Fame ceremonies in Nagoya, Japan, in 1995.                            2006, gave a
Reed had a love for swimming that went back to his high school        very motivation-
days in Detroit, where he was a nationally ranked swimmer.            al talk which
During World War II as an officer in the Army Air Corp, he            was followed by
formed a squadron swimming team which won most of the com-            an exhibition in the Club pool, that included a race against mem-
petitions. As a Statistical Control Officer, he was a 2nd             bers of the local Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Swim Team.
Lieutenant, trained at Harvard and Yale, stationed mainly in
Natal, Brazil. In 1958, he opened his own CPA firm in Fort            "One of my big goals is to have teams with Blacks and Latinos
                               Lauderdale.                            and other minority groups and have them swim against the big-
                                                                      ger [clubs]," Jones said. "I swam on a minority team, but it wasn't until I
                                 Reed always found time to            swam against the best that I found out what I needed to work on.
                                 swim, throughout life. On New
                                 Years Day in 1972, he swam in
                                                                      "I also want to help kids get from high school to college and let
                                 ISHOF’s First Masters Swimming
                                                                      them know there is a future in swimming. You never know where
                                 Meet at the Hall of Fame Pool
                                                                      it might lead. If somebody had told me I would sign with Nike,
                                 along with Jack Kelly and oth-
                                 ers who wanted to help inaugu-       I would have laughed. Keep training and you might get to go to
                                 rate the Masters Program,            the Olympics and sign a deal."
                                 which today has grown to be the
                                 most successful of sports pro-       By USA Swimming accounts, less than one percent of 232,000
                                 grams for people over the age of     competitive swimmers in the United States are black. In the
                                 25 years. Reed was a very mod-       Olympics, the U.S. has had just four blacks participate in aquat-
                                 est winner of events and com-        ic sports in the Olympic Games -- Anthony Ervin in 2000 and
                                 peted in many national champi-       Maritza Correia in 2004 represented the USA in swimming and
onships including the first two nationals in Amarillo, Texas. He      in 2004 Genai Kerr and Omar Amr represented the USA in water
swam a mile almost every day of his life.                             polo.

Reed was the “Gerry Ford” of the Hall of Fame. He served with         Jones’ appearance will also included a preview of the upcoming
integrity and had a way of keeping things sane around him. He
                                                                      Lionsgate film “PRIDE,” starring Terrence Howard and Bernie
had a command of mathematical figures, always had a smile and
                                                                      Mack, based on a true story about Jim Ellis, a black swim coach
always had something good to say. Reed liked everyone and
                                                                      in Philadelphia in the 1970’s, who overcame racism and other
everyone liked him.
                                                                      obstacles to build a championship swim team. To see a trailer of
We will miss him. His family asks that memorial contributions         the film, to be released in late March, go to www.pridefilm.com
can be made to the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

     INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME HEADLINES                                                                                       13
                                                                                      Tim O’Brien
      Every Child                                                                       Retires
                                                                                     im O’Brien, Head Diving Coach of the
                                                                                T    Fort Lauderdale Diving Team has
                                                                               decided to leave coaching for a job in the
                                                                               corporate world. When Tim’s Dad, eight time
                                                                               Olympic Head Coach, Ron O’Brien retired
                                                        in 1994, it was Tim who continued the O’Brien Dynasty at the Fort
                                                        Lauderdale Aquatic Complex. The O’Brien name has been syn-
                                                        onymous with diving in Fort Lauderdale and they are certainly
                                                        going to be a hard act to follow!
      A Swimmer                                                   Good Luck Tim, from all of us at ISHOF!

                                     The ISHOF is a not-for-profit educational organization.
The mission of the International Swimming Hall of Fame is to be the worldwide focal point of swimming and its many disciplines.

                International Swimming Hall of Fame                                                             Non-Profit Org U.S.
                One Hall of Fame Drive                                                                                Postage
                Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316                                                                              PAID
                (954)462-6536 / Fax (954)525-4031                                                               Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 2257

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