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Q1 Fiscal 2006 Results
July 21, 2005
Forward-Looking Statements

  This presentation may contain forward-looking statements, including the statements regarding
  Logitech’s expected sales, operating income, gross margin and effective tax rate for Fiscal
  2006 and product plans.
  These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause Logitech’s
  actual performance to differ materially from that anticipated in these forward-looking
  Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include:
       Our ability to timely introduce successful products
       The effect of pricing, product, marketing and other initiatives by our competitors and our reaction to
       them on our sales, gross margins and profitability
       Our ability to match production to demand and to coordinate the worldwide manufacturing and
       distribution of our products in a timely and cost-effective manner
       The sales mix between our lower and higher margin products
       Our operations in China being adversely impacted by strains on Chinese energy, transportation, or
       other infrastructures
       Changes in consumer purchasing trends
       Fluctuations in exchange rates
  More information about these and other factors affecting Logitech’s business and prospects is
  contained in Logitech’s periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission,
  including its Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2005 available at www.sec.gov.
  Logitech does not undertake to update any forward looking statements.

Income Statement Summary
Q1 FY06
 Best Q1 ever for sales, operating income and net income
 27th consecutive quarter of double digit sales growth
 Fastest quarterly sales growth in over three years
 Total sales increased by 26% with strong market response to wide
 range of Audio products
 Retail grew 27% (+$61M), OEM increased 17% (+$7M)
    Retail sales driven by PC speakers & headsets, console gaming, corded mice and iPod
    Rebound in OEM resulted from strong growth in mice and cordless desktops
 Gross profit up 18% with gross margin at 32.1% (-200 basis points)
    Audio share of total retail sales mix doubled but audio gross margin improved
    Roughly $800K in one time costs for factory move in Suzhou (24 basis points impact)
 Operating expenses grew 19%, in line with gross profit growth
    Slowest operating expense growth in the last five quarters
 Operating income grew 17% with operating margin of 7.5%

                                                       Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise   3
Balance Sheet Summary
June 2005
 Cash was $299M, 9% ($25M) higher than the prior year
 Days sales outstanding at 55 days (up 4 days y/y)
     Unable to fulfill stronger than expected demand for a number of retail products until late
     in quarter leading to higher revenue share in the month of June
 Inventory at $189M
     Up $9M y/y and $13M sequentially
     Turns at 4.8, better than 3.9 in June 2004
 Cash flow from operations was negative $4.9M, down from $55M in prior year
     Lower sequential reduction in accounts receivable
     Sequential decrease in accounts payable vs. increase last year
     Prior year accounts payable balance included significant purchases of components made
     late in the quarter
     Days payable outstanding at more reasonable 61 days this year vs. 80 days last year
 Reclassification of convertible bonds ($138M) from long-term debt into short-
 term debt to reflect June 2006 maturity date
 Share repurchase update:
     Repurchased 1,031,000 shares (on a post split basis) during Q1 for CHF 38M ($32M)
     Own approximately 8% of our shares outstanding
     CHF 45M ($35M) remaining under current share repurchase program
     CHF 300M ($232M) program to be implemented upon completion of current program
                                                         Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise   4
Retail Region Summary
Q1 FY06

  Americas retail sales increased by 41% with
  units up 31%
  Europe retail sales increased by 21% with units
  up 26%
  Sales growth in both regions driven by PC
  speakers & headsets, console gaming
  peripherals, and corded mice
  Asia Pacific retail sales increased by 19%
    Particularly strong performance in Japan
    Investments to return to sustained growth in China starting
    to pay off

                                     Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Retail Product Summary
Q1 FY06

                          Y/Y Change
                        Revenue Units
   Cordless                  -2%     0%
    Cordless Mice            9%     4%
    Cordless Desktops      -10%    -5%
   Corded                   26%    30%
   Video                     6%    22%
   Audio                   155%    79%
   Gaming                   27%  32%
    PC Platform            -15% -23%
    Console Platform        84% 156%
   Total Retail             27%    31%
Retail Audio
Q1 FY06
 Best quarter ever for sales and units!
 Sales increased by 155% to $55M, units up 79%
 Speaker sales and units nearly tripled, both reaching an all-time high
     PC speakers benefit from strong adoption of digital music in the home
     Initial contribution from portable speakers for iPod
 PC headset sales more than double, reaching all time high
 Solid contribution from mobile phone headsets and initial sales of Wireless
 Headphones for iPod
 On the way:
     More speakers, headphones and other devices for iPods, MP3 players and PCs

                                                 Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Retail Gaming
Q1 FY06
  Sales increased 27% to $21M, with growth driven entirely
  by console peripherals
     Continued strong demand for cordless controllers for PS2 and Xbox
     Strong growth in console wheels
     Solid contribution from Playgear Pocket, our protective PSP case
  Of Note
     Console units more than double
     Successful launch of PSP accessories line

                                            Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Retail Corded
Q1 FY06

  Revenues grow by 26% to $72M
  Corded mice sales grow 24%
  Corded keyboard sales grow 29%
    Explosive demand for the MX518 gaming grade optical mouse drive
    gaming mouse sales to nearly same level as Christmas quarter 2004
    Success in corded keyboards primarily in Asia Pacific
  On the way
    G-series gaming grade performance products for the serious gamer
    Increased segmentation of corded offering targeted at notebooks,
    gamers and kids

                                          Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Retail Video
Q1 FY06
  Mix shift towards mass market webcam offerings, where unit
  growth was particularly strong and where we continue to
  generate healthy margins in line with overall category
  Video conversation feature in MSN 7.0 attracted over 4 million
  unique users in first two months
  Sales increased 6% to $48M but units increased 22%
  On the way:
     New webcams for both desktops and notebooks will strengthen our
     high end offerings, complementing momentum in mass market
     Integrated tools to make internet communication an integral part of
     consumer’s daily lives

                                                  Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Retail Cordless
Q1 FY06
  Sales decreased by 2% to $75M
  Cordless desktop sales down 10% due to major impending product
  Cordless mice sales increase by 9%
  On the way:
     New cordless mice for desktops and notebooks featuring more laser and more
     The world’s first intelligent mouse
     Exciting new desktops featuring advanced options for controlling digital content

                                                  Note: Growth is Y/Y unless noted otherwise
Q1 FY06

Sales grew by 17% to $50M with units up by 15%
Best quarter ever for mice sales, with sales up by 18%, as
mouse business outperforms PC industry
Cordless desktops also contribute with sales growing 41%
Core OEM business as healthy as it’s ever been
Pursuing incremental opportunities in mobile headsets,
remote controls and console gaming

                                   Note: Growth is Y/Y unless otherwise noted
Near Term Indicators

 Retail order backlog entering the second quarter was
 higher than prior year
 Retail bookings through first two weeks of Q2 well ahead
 of the same period last year
 Channel inventory looks good
 Lots of new products set to launch across all key retail
 Continued strong demand for hot retail products
    PC speakers
    PC headsets
    Wireless headphones for iPod and MP3 players
    Cordless controllers for PS2 and Xbox

Fiscal 2006 Outlook

 Priority and strategy is delivering sustainable
 operating income growth by driving top line
 Goal for both sales and operating income is to
 deliver 15% growth
 Gross margin at high end of target range of 32%
 to 34%
 Tax rate at 14%, with potential for variation on
 quarterly basis

                               Note: Growth is Y/Y unless otherwise noted

 We delivered our best Q1 ever for sales, operating
 income and net income
 Highest quarterly top line sales growth in over three
 years with both retail and OEM achieving double-digit
 27% growth in retail led by the Americas
 Strong market response for retail Audio portfolio with
 more exciting products on the way
 Well positioned to take advantage of the expanding
 opportunities for digital music peripherals and internet
 Q1 is the smallest quarter of the year, but Fiscal 2006 is
 off to a great start!

Investor Day Update

  Logitech’s Mid-Year Investor Day is scheduled
  for November 2, 2005 at the Langham Hotel in
  Meeting focused on providing a mid-year update
  and further insights into our strategies and
  business processes
  More details to come
  We look forward to seeing you there!


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