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									                                          Publishing industry – what CMS?

                 There is a large print and online media publishing house that needs a content
                 management system (CMS). It currently has multiple publications running on
                 different platforms, and wants to bring all of that under one CMS portfolio. What
                 should it choose?
                 The choices are plenty, so it all depends on what needs to be accomplished and
                 how the internal teams are structured. If you look at it, CMS for the publishing
                 industry goes beyond the vanilla stuff like content creation, workflow, and
                 approval. Instead these companies demand a whole load of features in order to
                 interact with consumers and monetize content.
                 On the technology side, one needs to evaluate CMS from different angles: platform
                 (system administrators – do they have prior experience in certain platforms),
                 technology (internal web developers – what skills do they have in
                 Java/PHP/.NET), and usability (for the ease of non-technical staff to make
                 changes). Evaluation in regards to these parameters will allow you to save a lot of
                 time and money on training and increase overall buy-in from staff for successful
                 If you are flexible in terms of skill sets and existing expertise at your organization,
                 choosing Drupal would be a smart choice. Drupal is probably the only CMS that is
                 used extensively by the large publishing houses in the world, so you would
                 certainly be in good company. There are also many 3rd party components available
                 that are specific to the publishing industry that can be leveraged. There is a lot of
                 support and opportunities to learn in the groups and forums on technology issues
                 related to this industry.
                 Resource availability is certainly not an issue as there is a fair amount of
                 developers with knowledge on the Apache-MySQL-PHP stack, and it is easy to
                 find them to develop and customize the Drupal framework for your needs.


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