Curriculum Vitae of Christopher Williams_ born in San Diego by qingyunliuliu


									Curriculum Vitae of Christopher Williams, born in San Diego, California, June 14, 1981


English, native spoken and written
Spanish, fluent spoken and written
Catalan, fluent spoken and written
French, basic spoken and written


Participant in the 30th Festival Acanthes Composition Workshop, Metz, France (July, 2006)
Participant in the 41st and 42nd Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt, Germany
                                                                               (July, 2002 and 2004)

Part-time postgraduate study in composition, L'Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona
B.A. in Music with Honors, University of California at San Diego              (June, 2003)
Private studies in composition with
         John Rahn, Professor of Music, University of Washington              (Oct. 2003-Feb.2004)
         Chaya Czernowin, Professor of Music, UCSD                            (2000-3)
         Benjamin Boretz, Professor Emeritus, Bard College                    (July, 2001)
         LaMonte Young, Guggenheim Fellow                                     (June, 2001)
         Erik Ulman, Ph.D.                                                    (1999-2000)
         Eric Dries, Ph.D.                                                    (1998-9)
Private studies in contrabass performance with
         Bertram Turetzky, Professor Emeritus, UCSD                           (1998-2003)
         Donald Palma, Professor of Music, Yale University                    (Apr., 2003)
         Dennis Trembly, Principal Bass, Los Angeles Philharmonic             (Aug., 2003)
         Uli Fussenneger, Cofounder, Klangforum Wien                          (July, 2002)
         Mark Dresser                                                         (June, 2001)
         Bob Magnusson                                                        (1998-9)
Private studies in electric bass performance with Josquin Des Pres            (1993-1997)


Scholarship, Festival Acanthes Composition Workshop, Metz, France             (2006)
Scholarship, 42nd Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt        (2004)
Sayer Prize for most outstanding performance of classical music by an undergraduate, UCSD (2003)
Stuart Prize for outstanding creative work, UCSD                              (2003)
Erickson Prize for excellence in research, UCSD                               (2002)
Stuart Prize for outstanding creative work, UCSD                              (2002)
Nee Prize for most outstanding member, La Jolla Symphony                      (2001)

Selected Publications
In Memoriam Derek Bailey/ Book Review: Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation.
Forthcoming.                                                              (2006)

Concert Review: mínim. The Improvisor <>                (2004)
KIVA (no colon). Open Space Journal of New Music, no. 6                       (2004)
On the Piano Music of Ben Carson: A Correspondence of Essays (with Benjamin Carson).
Open Space, no. 5.                                                       (2002)
List of Works, Commissions, and Performances

Damn Everything but the Circus, com. by Mary Oliver and Rozemarie Heggen, Amsterdam
[w.i.p. for vln. and cb.]                                                (2006)

The Hispaniola: a webradio play for flutist, com. by Barbara Held, Barcelona [w.i.p.] (2006)

The English Dancing Master leads: or, Mr. Bailey’s Maggot, (with visual artist Tanja Smit)
com. by ensemble chronophonie [for fl., e.h., bn. or hn., tpt., perc., tpt., and vln.) (2006)

         Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg                                        (May, 2006)
         Wechselraum, Stuttgart                                                 (Oct., 2006)
         Radbrünnentor, Breisach                                                (Oct., 2006)

¡Okupa! ¿Resiste?, com. by qng Recorder Quartet, Berlin                         (2004)
[for fl./ picc., b. cl./ cl. in Bb, and pf. OR recorder quartet]

         trigger ensemble für aktuelle musik. Festival Internacional de Músiques Contemporànies,
         l’Auditori de Barcelona                                               (Feb., 2005)

Lyrical Variations On(to) the Authority of the Ear, UCSD Short Attention Span Series [for 4 bn.] (2003)

Molto Bardo (in memoriam Kenneth Gaburo) [for solo cb.]                         (March, 2003)

         Mandeville Recital Hall, UCSD                                          (April, 2003)
         l'Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona                    (Feb., 2004)

Without Loss of Generality, com. by NOISE Ensemble, San Diego [for gtr. and perc.] (2002)

         NOISE Ensemble. The Athaneum, San Diego                                (Oct., 2002)
         Sadahiro Otani and Jaume Prat. La Passió, Esparreguera, Spain          (Dec., 2005)

28 private pages for piano Three-Hands                                          (2001-2)

         John-Mark Harris. Mandeville Recital Hall, UCSD                    (Feb., 2003)
         Oscar Garrido de la Rosa (ensemble chronophonie). “Unter Vier Ohren” event, Freiburg
                                                                            (Dec., 2005)

Gnot, com. by the Hutchins Consort, San Diego [for the 8 tuned Hutchins violins] (2000-1)

         Schulman Auditorium, Carlsbad Public Library, Carlsbad, CA             (Oct., 2002)

Loading Variations, perf. by Tucker Dulin. Studio A, UCSD [for unpitched sounds] (May, 2000)

One Member of One System Being Transplanted to Another, and What Happens,
com. by the UCSD Carillon [for electronic carillon]                     (Sep., 1999)

Dedications Received as a Performer

Persephone, Erik Ulman                                                          (2003)

At Once by Other Ones, Cristyn Magnus                                           (2002)
(recording available at <>)

Détaler, Benjamin Carson                                                        (2001)
(recording available at <>)

First Spectrum of the Contrabass, Christopher Adler                             (2000)
Selected Performing Experience

Trio performance (with Steve Noble and Tom Chant) of Christian Marclay’s Screen Play, Play Festival,
La Cassa Encendida, Madrid                                                 (March, 2006)

Duo with Harald Kimmig, Barcelona                                             (Dec., 2006)

Accompanist, improvised dance classes with Martin Sonderkamp, La Poderosa, Barcelona (Dec., 2006)

Duo with poet Léos Ator, Festival Yuxtaposiciones, La Casa Enciendida, Madrid (June, 2006)

Duo with Jack Wright, Barcelona                                               (April, 2006)

U.S. West Coast Tour with Tom Djll and Matt Ingalls                           (Aug., 2005)

“Womb”, recording with various artists for Eclipse Records                    (July, 2004)

“Howdy”, duo recording with Derek Bailey for Incus Records                    (June, 2004)

Various Concerts in Duo with Derek Bailey, Barcelona                          (Apr., 2004-6)

Soloist and Co-organizer, Accidents de l'Espai i del Temps, l'Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya,
Barcelona                                                                       (Feb., 2004)

Soloist and curator, Music of Kenneth Gaburo, CNMAT, University of California Berkeley (Aug., 2003)

Duo with Travis Sullivan, ACME Observatory, San Francisco                     (July, 2003)

Member, SONOR Contemporary Music Ensemble, dir. Harvey Sollberger, Donald Palma (2002-3)

Guest Soloist, Sounding the Margins: A Retrospective of the Music of Pauline Oliveros Festival,
San Francisco                                                                 (June, 2002)

Soloist, Southern California Computer Music Exchange Concerts

        Stanford University                                                   (May, 2002)
        California Institute of the Arts                                      (Apr., 2002)

Duo with Charles Curtis, South x Southwest Festival, Austin, TX               (Mar., 2002)

Soloist, University of San Diego Faculty Recital                              (Feb., 2002)

Concert with LaMonte Young's Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble, New York (June, 2001)

Guest Principal Bassist, Orquesta de Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico         (2001-3)

Guest Soloist, Noise at the Library Series, The Athaneum, La Jolla            (Apr., 2001)

Member, La Jolla Symphony                                                     (1999-2003)

Recording for Steady Beat Records, Los Angeles                                (1997)

Bertram Turetzky (Contrabassist; Professor Emeritus, UCSD)
429 9th Ave.
Del Mar, CA 92104
+1 (858) 755-3129

John Rahn (Composer, Theorist; Professor of Music, University of Washington)
School of Music Box 353450
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3450
+1 (206) 543-2291

Chaya Czernowin (Composer; Professor of Music, University of Music, Vienna)
Weyrgasse 5/12
1030 Vienna
+43 1 710 18 12

Benjamin Boretz (Composer, Theorist; Profesor Emeritus, Bard College)
29 Sycamore Drive
Red Hook, NY 12571
+1 (845) 758-5785

Charles Curtis (Cellist; Professor of Music, UCSD)
4657 Long Branch Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107
+1 (619) 222-5109

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