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                      (Also find this on:   http://ffa.umn.edu)

                   What I need to start - WinZip
     Before you can open the Excel membership roster you must have WinZip
     installed on your computer. WinZip allows you to download compressed
    files. To get more information on downloading a trial copy to use with your
             roster go to: http://www.ffa.org/documents/ffa_accessffa.pdf
    It is recommended that you contact your local network administrator and IT
                           staff to secure assistance if needed.

• The website location of your membership roster is: https://access.ffa.org
Choose the Membership Support Link
Select the Access Rosters menu button
Enter chapter number, for example, AZ0020. (State code must be capitalized) Select
  the Click to Download button. This next page, User Name: Enter your chapter
                 number again. Enter your state supplied password
              * Remember Passwords are case sensitive! Click OK.
       NOTE: You will use this same password again to open the Excel file.
Choose Save.
Select Save in Desktop. Click Save. The zip file will be
downloaded to your desktop.
     When download is complete,
close Download and Explorer windows
       to return to your desktop.
Double click on the zip file located on your desktop.
         Inside you will see an Excel file.
Double click on the Excel file and a password window will
 appear. Enter the state supplied password that you used
        earlier in the password box and click OK.
    * Remember that the password is case sensitive!
                 Select “Enable Macros”.
This will allow the Excel template to sort information and
             transfer data from sheet to sheet.
  Once the file opens, click on File and Save As from the
       toolbar and save the Excel file to your desktop.
        * Make sure you name the file (ex: AR0000)
              and save it as an Excel workbook.
Close the file you have open, then close the zip file window.
You will now have two files on your desktop.
    Delete the zip file you downloaded.
After deleting the zip file, you can open the new
   Excel file and begin work on your roster.
    Double click on the Excel file to open.
      * Remember to enable macros again.
The Excel roster has several sheets or pages. The page tabs are
 at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you check each page!
     Instructions Tab: This page contains a link to the FFA
membership website and help documents. Please contact your
     state staff for other instructions specific to your state.
To navigate from cell to cell in the roster, use the tab key on
your key board. Some cells are locked and protected. If you
     see this warning click ok and then use the tab key.
Chapter Tab: Primary, Shipping and Billing fields help us contact the
correct people. Note: The billing and shipping fields are used only if the
        information is different from the primary contact/address.
         Use complete name and address as required in each cell.
Enter one name as your membership contact. Enter one name for billing
           contact. You can have the same name in both fields.
Supplying information: Some cells are open for the addition of specific
program, school or individual information. For example: Chapter Name,
Address, Phone number and so on. Some cells require a specific type of
  response. These cells have a dialogue box and a drop down selection
 menu. This will allow you to choose your response with a click of the
Upload Chapter Data button is disabled and labeled National
     FFA Use Only. Other pages have this same note.
School Tab: This page collects demographic information relating to your
 school. Use the tab button to navigate and the dialogue and drop down
  menus to supply requested information. Note: Ethnic percentages are
      based on total school population. Use whole numbers only!
  Staff and Partners Tab: 1) Use this page to supply necessary information
for all agriculture teachers who teach in your program. 2) All individuals or
   businesses who wish to receive a copy of the New Horizons Magazine.
  3) Other school staff, administrators, counselors who you wish to receive
   specific FFA information pertaining to their positions. Upload button is
      disabled. Sort by Name button is available to look for duplicates.
Staff and Partners Tab: Do not enter a new name over top of an old one;
DR the old record and add a new line instead. Addresses and other
information can be changed.
AR status code + K member type = Active Staff/Partner with magazine
AR status code + N member type = Active Staff/Partner, NO magazine
DR status code = Inactive Staff/Partner, NO Magazine
                  (National FFA to remove from roster upon submission)
Status codes: Staff & Partner and Roster pages utilize the
following codes to indicate FFA membership/database status.

• AR = Active, Renewing
       (creates an active listing in the FFA database)

    Inactive Codes:
•   DR = Do Not Renew (National FFA removes from roster
    or mailing list upon processing)
•   DE = Deceased, Do Not Renew (Removal from mailing
    lists and active membership database)
•   DS = Disciplinary, Do Not Renew (Removal from mailing
    lists and active membership database)
•   M = Moved, Do Not Renew
  Correlation Between Status and
       Member Type Codes
• AR + K = Active Non-member with a magazine
• AR + N = Active Non-member with NO magazine
• AR + M, T or F = Activates student FFA
            membership and magazine subscription
• DR = Makes everything INACTIVE
  Magazine will continue to run until subscription expires
Roster Tab: Use this page to renew, not renew or add new members. Use
the tab key to navigate. Complete necessary information. Some cells will
have dialogue and drop down menus. Click on appropriate response. Sort
 buttons are active. Upload button is disabled. Force Uppercase button is
              for National Use. Required fields are marked *
Membership Roster Tab:
AR Status Code + Member Type = Active Member
DR, DE, DS & M Status Codes = Inactive Member
The student’s name & member # remain together throughout their FFA career.
Make address/other changes by changing the old data not by adding a new line.
Birth date must be entered as MM/DD/YYYY
  Totals Tab: This page automatically computes the amount of State and
          National Dues. Totals are tabulated from earlier pages.
This serves as a record of your dues (print and use to secure dues payment).
                  Make sure your TOTALS are correct!
 Student AR status code + Member Type = member, you need both codes!
           Staff & Partners AR status code + Member Type K =
      magazine subscriber, you need both codes on the proper pages!
                        What do I do next?
•   Download the electronic version from this Site: https://access.ffa.org
•   Enter Your Chapter #--MN0???            Your Password: MN0809MEM
•   Only the Green-highlighted 2008-2009 Roster can be used. Additional
    members template will be posted December 1st.
•   Please COMPLETE ALL PAGES of the roster to include the CHAPTER AND
    SCHOOL information pages.
•   You need to make sure that the information on the Excel templates Staff and
    Partners tab, has been updated and active so that when uploaded in the system
    anyone pulling information from people soft from any National FFA
    department, will be pulling the correct information for mailing addresses.
•   Chapters that are not receiving mailings, go in to the People Soft system under
    your user name and password, and check to see in the menu box and under
    Membership Systems, Use and Chapter information, put in chapter number and
    see what address is in the system for particular chapter, and you can make the
•   On the Rosters Page: Use Columns A to AR=renew or DR=Not a member.
•    Do NOT Delete any names.
•   Column C - M for a 1 year member=$9.00; F for 3 year member$25.50;
•   T for 3+1 member-$31.50.
•   For all New members, enter the name, address, city, zip and grade.
•   Save the copy to your desktop and Email the roster and the info below to me:
•   Chapter ________________
•   Chapters Contribution to MN FFA Foundation $_________
•   Number of Members____________________ X $9.00
•   3 year @ $25.50 $__________
•   3+1 year @ $31.5 $_________
•   Extra Magazines from the Partners tab_______________ X $7.00
•   See the Totals Page for correct Dues.
•   Please add AG MERIT SCHOLARSHIP Assessment per chapter $5.00
    Due (This scholarship is awarded at the University of Minnesota for an
    Agricultural Education student and former FFA member).
•   Total Amount Due $______________________________
•   Please DO NOT SEND CASH--------Send payment by CHECK ONLY along
    with the Totals page.
•   MN FFA, 1500 W Hwy 36 Roseville MN 55113
•   You should also make a second copy to submit with your regional dues.
•   Thanks,
•   Jim Ertl

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