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									                                        Fascinating Sikkim Tourism

Discover Sikkim
Sikkim is a bright jewel entrenched in the Eastern Himalayas. It is the ultimate holiday destination for
travelers in search of tranquility and enchantment combined with some adventure. It’s rugged terrain encloses
several myths and mysteries that never fail to fascinate and amuse the tourists. Mount Kanchendzonga is its
guardian deity. It not only dominates the dramatic landscape of Sikkim, but also casts a charisma that
influences the territory and the lives of the residents. Once celebrated as the last Shangri La, this place has
shown speedy development since it has become one of the states of the Indian Union.

In Sikkim, you get a chance to discover Buddhism from a closer perception. Sikkim is renowned across the
world for its Buddhist shrines that not only play a significant role in the spiritual and cultural life of the
locals, but also captivate every vacationer by demonstrating primordial rituals and customs. About 200
'gompas' (monasteries) adorn the mist-clad sleeves of this state.

Bagsful of Fun and Adventure
Sikkim trekking will be a memorable experience for those who love adventure. The sight of the snow-clad
mountains, that seem to touch the heaven, offers matchless exhilaration. You will experience an adrenalin
rush when you trek to about 14,000 ft or above. It will be a pleasure to watch misty rains enveloping the
slopes in lacy clumps of clouds. Undoubtedly, it will be a dream holiday. Consider yourself lucky, if you get
to see shy musk deer or red pandas on your trek. Yak safari is a must-try adventure sport during Sikkim
tourism. For another unforgettable incident of a lifetime, take up a cruise over the rocky hills to reach up to
the primeval monasteries in Sikkim. For those who want to indulge in water sports, Aritar Lake in East
Sikkim will be the perfect place for them. Explore the rustic and rural aspect of Sikkim by escaping into
Assam Limzay. You will see simplicity at its best here. Pick up some enchanting bamboo souvenirs and other
decorative local artifacts.

Spring up your spirit with merriment by being a part of the colorful festivals of Sikkim. The esoteric
costumes and incredible play of armors will leave you amazed. See the mask dance, which is known for its
exceptional footwork and poise. Dressed in painted masks, traditional swords and glistening jewels, the lamas
sway to the tempo of echoing drums, loud horns and reciting of the monks in their monastery courtyards. The
Kanchendzonga festival and the Sikkimese New Year Day are the two most prominent festivals of Sikkim.
The 'Singhi Nach' (Lion dance) performed during the celebrations of Kanchendzonga festival is a must-watch
for those who visit Sikkim in September.

Apart from blankets and handicrafts, Sikkim Tea is a definite buy for its interesting flavor and taste. Shop
until you drop while you are in Sikkim.

Today, Sikkim has evolved into one of the most well liked holiday hangouts of India. Travel to Sikkim to
discover a clean, politically stable and a naturally beautiful Indian holiday destination. Undoubtedly, Sikkim
tourism offers the tourists a dream holiday experience.

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