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					Mildura West Primary School
Ninth Street Mildura 3500
Principal: Brian Young
Telephone: 5023 1336. Fax 5021 3501.
Email Website:
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                           Partners in Print has arrived!!!
                         Commences tonight at 6:00 in the
                          Prep and Grade 1/2 classrooms

                  19th May 2011                                Working Bee

Dates to remember                                              From time to time our school needs a tidy up. We
                                                               are organising a working bee for Saturday 28 of
19th          5/6B’s Johnsons Bend Excursion
                                                               May from 9:00am – 11:00am. A flyer with more
20                       Walk To School Day                    information and asking for parents and students to
26                             Book Club Due                   help out will be sent home within the next couple of
28th                            Working Bee                    days.

                                                               Sending Money To School
Notes Home
                                                               From time to time students bring money to school to
Book Club                            Every child               pay for book club, excursions etc. To help prevent
(Sorry, this wasn’t sent home last week!)                      lost money parents are reminded that notes and
Snag & Play Exc                       Yrs 3 & 4                money must be sent along in an envelope with the
Johnsons Bend Exc                          5/6B                child’s name, reason for the money and the amount
                                                               enclosed, eg: John Smith, 5/6Z, Excursion to
                                                               Johnson’s Bend $1.20. A new procedure has been
From the Principal’s Desk……                                    introduced where money will now be sent to the
                                                               office for checking. Clearly labelled envelopes will
A change to our Sunsmart Policy                                ensure this a smooth and accurate process.

We have been talking to our students who have                  Join in Walk Safely to School Day: Tomorrow,
been discussing ideas in the SRC and class                     Friday 20 May.
meetings and they have asked for the school to
reconsider whether or not it should be compulsory to
wear a hat all year. After taking this to School
Council we have decided to amend our policy to
allow hats to be optional during winter. The weather
is then suitable for students not to have hats as the
UV radiation levels are low. From the end of this
month to the end of August students can decide if
they will wear a hat. Caps are not to be worn
instead of hats.                                               The Walking Bus will start at Washington Drive and
                                                               Riverside from 8.30am on the 20 of May. The
School Council News                                            deputy Mayor, Councillor Sue Nicholls along with
                                                               local police will be walking with our students.
The School Council are considering a change to our             Parents are most welcome to join the ‘bus.’ We will
school uniform. We value our students wearing our              walk along Riverside to Ninth Street and then walk
uniform and want to make it durable and fashionable            up to the school.
and modern in design. To ensure that, we are
having a review and would like the views of our                Regular exercise like walking with your child not only
community. This includes parents, students and                 helps them (and you!) beat chronic problems like
teachers.                                                      obesity, heart disease, behavioural and mental
                                                               health issues and diabetes. It also gives you a great
To start this process we are forming a committee of            opportunity to teach your child safe ways to behave
school councillors and interested parents to look at           around roads and traffic.
the design and colour of our existing uniform and to           For more information, visit
look at alternatives.
                                                               Rubbish Free Snack/Lunch
If you wish to be part of this process please contact          We would like to see every class reach at least 50%
the office and we will organise a meeting in the next          by the end of Term 2. Last week we had 136
few weeks.                                                     students rubbish free for snack and lunch. Mr.
Cavallo’s class 5/6B was in 4 place with 41% and           Mrs Saunders (Art)
third place went to 5/6E, Mr. Hall’s class. In second    
place with 46% was Prep B, Ms Darkin’s class. This         Prep A Miss Lisa Allen
is Prep B’s best score for the year. ...And taking       
                                                           Prep B Miss Darkin
home the trophy with 63% was Mrs. Thompson’s             
class. Congratulations 1/2C!                               Prep C Miss Megan Murray
Maddy, Paige, Jeremy and Cooper                          
                                                           1/2A    Mrs Brennan
Environmental Quiz                                       
 Answer the following questions, include your name                 Mrs Mott
and class on your entry and put it in the                
Environmental Quiz box in the Office. Prize: $2.00         1/2B    Miss Attwell
voucher at the canteen.                                  
                                                           1/2C    Mrs Thompson
NAME: ............................... Class: ......        1/2D    Miss Kolpin
1. Do River Red Gums self seed?                            1/2E    Mrs Carol Allen
2. What bin does a chip packet go in?                    
3. Why is natural light the best?                          1/2F    Miss Bethell
4. What percentage of Earth’s Water is fresh? 10%,       
3% or 20%                                                  3/4A    Mrs Brown
The Winner for last week’s Quiz and the $2.00            
                                                           3/4B    Mrs Buckley
voucher at the canteen is Dylan Veal in 3/4A – well      
done!                                                      3/4C    Mrs Windmill
                                                           3/4D    Mrs Rogerson
                 Cross Country Results
On Wednesday 18 of May, 29 children from our                       Mr Kerridge
school ran in the Sunraysia Primary Schools Cross        
Country championships. Thanks to Neville Smith for         5/6A    Miss O’Connor
assisting on the day. Any child who placed 1-10 in
                                                           5/6B    Mr Cavallo
their age group has the opportunity to take part in      
the regional cross country to be held at Lord Nelson       5/6C    Mrs Smythe
Park, Heritage Road, St. Arnaud for a 10:00am start      
on Thursday 9 June. Our 11yo girls team were the           5/6D    Mrs Cockfield
champion school in their age group. This is              
achieved by adding the score of the first three            5/6E    Mr Hall
placegetters. Thanks to those parents who come           
along to support our children.                             Office Marg Armsden
                                                                   Maeve Fraser
Geoff John                                               

                Using email as one form                                           Canteen
                   of communication
                                                           Dot’s Deal: Small spaghetti, moosie, and flavoured
                                                           milk for $5.00
Last week we included all teacher emails in our
newsletter and asked that parents email their
                                                           What’s in Rainbow Rice? Rice, onion, peas, carrots,
child’s teacher indicating that emailing is suitable for
                                                           corn, ham. Have with or without soy sauce.
you. If you have not already done so please respond
to this request.
                                                           Roster: Mon: Leanne Benton, Tues: Wendy
                                                           Cochrane, Wed: Nola Hall, Thur: Merryn Cox, Fri:
Teachers will attempt to reply to any email within
                                                           Leanne Benton, Tina Daglass, Angela Yates.
twenty four hours when possible. We have listed
our emails below once again for your information:
                                                                            Stars of The Week
Brian Young                 Prep A Kiesha Taylor       Prep B Tiarna Corrie
Anne Robinson                                              Prep C Daniel Muir         1/2A   Chloe Richardson                1/2B Lara Telfer           1/2C   Jonty Purdue
Ms Hudswell (Science)                                      1/2D Nina Ciszkowski       1/2E   Alex Nesbitt              1/2F   Grace Tupou         3/4A   Thomas Muir
Mrs Vorwerk (Science & Enviro)                             3/4B Nicho D’Aprile        3/4C   Torin Crouch               3/4D Kiara Connolly        5/6A   Leah Geering
                                                           5/6B Bronnee Loy           5/6C   Ashlee Thomson
Mr John (PE)
                                                           5/6D Alex Cattermole       5/6E   Jenk Oguzkaya                Music Jessica Murphy       PE     Annabel Martin
Miss Pullen (Music)                                        Mrs Vorwerk: Tiarna Corrie             Ms Hudswell: Vanessa Rodi & Damon Sylvia