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Managing Difficult Conversations



CMNZ was set up in 1997 as part of the Conflict Management Network arising out of
the Harvard Programme on Negotiation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This network
hasaffiliated companies and agencies in many countries including, Canada, uSA, Europe and
Australia. The purpose of this network was to establish internationally recognised centres
of professional excellence in conflict management, interest-based negotiation and influence.
Over the last 10 years CMNZ has become a leader in the market, developing greater                Conflict Management New Zealand Ltd presents:
awareness of innovative and appropriate methods to manage difference, influence others
and secure high-valued outcomes.

CMNZ Operations/Speciality areas:
1. Training – in conflict management, conflict prevention, negotiation and influencing skills,
                                                                                                 Managing Difficult
   and relationship management, from introductory courses through to advanced skills
   training and training people to be certified trainers.
2. Consulting – providing independent advice on difficult organisational issues, disputes
   or negotiations.
3. Third-Party assistance – we focus on mediation, and multi-stakeholder consensus building.     2-Day Interactive Skills-Based Workshop
4. Strengthening Organisational Capability – helping organisations to manage relationships,
   solve ongoing or recurring problems, deal effectively with conflict and build internal
                                                                                                 Based on research at Harvard Negotiation Project
5. Coaching – working with staff, managers and senior executives to take a leading role in
   their organisation by role modelling consensual problem solving.                              Do you have difficulty:
                                                                                                 •    Dealing with sensitive or contentious issues?
                                                                                                 •    Managing specific behaviours, tactics or strategies?
 WHO yOu SHOuLD CONTACT ABOuT THIS COuRSE:                                                       •    Trying to maintain a constructive conversation and relationship?
                                                                                                 •    When people say “no”, or you get deadlocked?
                                                                                                 •    Providing bad news?
Conflict Management New Zealand Ltd (CMNZ)                                                       •    Managing your own emotions or responses?
St John House, Level 13, 114 The Terrace, PO Box 2855, Wellington                                •    Avoiding conflict or escalation?
Phone: 64 4 499 7300                                                                             •    Working with your own conflict style and not securing good results?
Fax: 64 4 499 7301                                                                               •    Engaging in a collaborative conversation in a difficult context?
                                                                                                 Over the last 10 years CMNZ has refined and customised the work developed by colleagues at
                                                                                                 the Harvard Negotiation Project on managing difficult conversations. People like Doug Stone,
                                                                                                 Sheila Heen, Bruce Patton and Roger Fisher have been leaders in rethinking how we manage
                                                                                                 conflict. CMNZ provides professional presentation, using the same Harvard material at much
                                                                                                 less cost, with trainers who have worked with the above authors.

                                                                                                 Presented by senior trainers at:
                                                                                                 Conflict Management NZ Ltd, Level 13, St John House, 114 The Terrace, PO Box 2855, Wellington
                                                                                                 Phone: 64 4 499 7300 Fax: 64 4 499 7301 Email: Website:
 WHAT THIS WORkSHOP OFFERS                             WHO SHOuLD ATTEND?                                In general every difficult conversation requires    WORkSHOP FACILITATORS
                                                                                                         both understanding and skill in dealing with
Managing “differences” (tensions, disputes,        A difficult conversation can occur at any             each of the four specific conversations            Colin Mckenzie (Director of Conflict
arguments, or conflict) is something a manager     time, with any person, over any issue.                outlined above. We add preparation and             Management NZ Ltd, CMNZ) has over thirty
has to deal with every day, both internally with   This course is suitable for:                          implementation because this is what needs          years experience in training and consulting in
colleagues or managers and externally with         •     corporate and public sector executives          to happen before and after the difficult           conflict resolution. He is a qualified mediator
clients or customers. An important question is           and managers                                    conversation. CMNZ has had a lot of practical      and has worked in a wide variety of countries
how to use these situations as opportunities       •     HR professionals                                experience in applying this methodology            with both public and private sector clients.
to maintain good relationships while at the        •     lawyers and people dealing with clients         to complex and contentious conversations           His background is in natural resource and
same time ensuring that the interests of all             or public                                       where conflicting issues, perceptions or           intra-organisational conflict. He continues to
parties are respected and addressed?               •     any professionals dealing with complex          interests are at the very heart of the problem.    work with the Harvard Negotiation Program
                                                         and/or contentious conversations                                                                   and other organisations in Europe. His training
Managing difficult conversations is not just                                                                                                                specialties are influencing/negotiation skills,
                                                                                                             WHAT yOu WILL LEARN
about how to respond to tactics, this often                                                                                                                 conflict prevention, difficult conversations
                                                       WORkSHOP DESIgN                                       AT THIS WORkSHOP
fails to deal with complexity. Neither is                                                                                                                   and mediation.
managing difficult conversations just about
                                                   The course is structured around one day of theory     While we are flexible to the needs of
what happens in the interaction, this often                                                                                                                 Madeleine Taylor (senior trainer for CMNZ) is an
                                                   and practice using generic cases and a one-           participants we are also completely confident
fails to deal with the context and wider                                                                                                                    experienced people skills consultant, having
                                                   day clinic, working on actual difficult situations    that this workshop will empower you to be
strategic choices. CMNZ presents difficult                                                                                                                  worked in social work and organisational
                                                   or conversations that participants bring to the       more effective in the following areas:
conversations through a systematic lens that                                                                                                                development since 1982. She contracts to
helps participants make better choices in          course. In some modules you will be working           •     Provide a systematic framework for           both public and private organisations. She
difficult situations.                              with just one other person in other modules you             preparation and design                       is currently providing a range of training
                                                   will be working with the whole group. We put a        •     Recognise and test the power of your         programmes such as conflict management,
In our view conflict or difference is not the      lot of emphasis on review and application of the            own assumptions                              negotiation skills, managing difficult behaviour,
problem. The real problem is unresolved            concepts into your work environment.                  •     How to better diagnose the “problem”         facilitation skills, grief Issues and developing
difficulties that linger and fester in a                                                                       or situation                                 emotional and social Intelligence.
team, organisation or company, affecting                                                                 •     Managing your own conflict style
                                                       CMNZ FRAMEWORk
performance, morale, relationships, turnover                                                                   and how others perceive it                   Tamuna Mckenzie (co-director CMNZ) has
                                                       (THE 4 LEARNINg CONvERSATIONS)
and costs. Our workshop provides guidelines                                                              •     How to manage different perceptions and      20 years experience in managing projects in
on preparation, design, and the methods                                                                        conflicting interpretations                  conflict resolution and negotiations for both
to effectively engage people at the right                           PREPARATION AND DESIgN               •     How to initiate and engage a person          the public and the private sectors. She has a
time, the right level and with techniques                                                                      into a difficult conversation.               background in Asian studies and international
that are relevant to both the issues and the                                   1                         •     How to effectively respond to behaviours     conflict resolution, and has worked for
organisational culture.                                          MANAgINg THE RELATIONSHIP                     you find difficult.                          various international agencies in Europe,
                                                                       (The interaction)                 •     How to build rapport, trust and creativity   Asia, and uSA. She is now managing the
This is what some of our participants                                                                    •     Managing emotions and negative feelings      CMNZ international programme and training
                                                                                 4                       •     Better listening to ensure understanding
have said about this course.                                           MANAgINg MYSELF
                                                                                                                                                            in conflict resolution.
                                                                                                         •     How to provide difficult messages and
                                                                         (Identity issues)
“Very good blend of theory and practice.”                                                                      feedback
                                                                3                             2
                                                                                                         •     What to do when you get stuck                “I would definitely
“Excellent training, you held my attention              MANAgINg THE                    MANAgINg THE
the whole way through.”                                   SUBSTANCE                       PROCESS
                                                                                                         •     How to make strategic choices in
                                                                                                               influencing others
                                                                                                                                                            recommend this course
                                                        (The facts, issues               (How to have
“Common sense approach that we can                       or perceptions)                 conversation)   •     getting ownership in your idea or proposal   to my organisation.”
all use.”

“Gave me a different perspective on everyday                  COMMITMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION

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