CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO
                         HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY
                  REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ) #385


      The City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) is seeking
      interested organizations to:
           Participate in the Housing First Master Lease Program, providing property
              management and/or supportive services
           Provide appropriate services to assist families or individuals at permanent
              supportive housing sites that are currently under development with support from
              the Mayor’s Office of Housing, and/or will receive HSA support for operating
              and support services.

           The Housing First Master Lease Program (formerly, the SRO Master Lease Program)
           provides housing to formerly homeless single adults and adult couples (without
           custody of minor children). Other housing programs will provide housing and/or
           support services at sites serving formerly homeless adults and/or families.

           Selected respondents will be expected to provide property management and/or
           supportive services at buildings that are under a Master Lease, or other housing sites.

      The main target populations for these HSA Housing Programs are homeless adults and
      families that are using HSA-funded emergency shelters or being assisted through other
      City initiatives serving homeless adults and families. Depending upon future City
      initiatives/interests and upon funding source requirements, the housing and services to be
      provided at specific sites may be targeted to any of the following subgroups:

              Homeless adults (including adult couples) and/or homeless families (one or more
               adults with custody of one or more minor children).
              Chronically homeless as defined by HUD – unaccompanied homeless individual
               with a disabling condition and who has either been continuously homeless for a
               year or more, or has had a least 4 episodes of homelessness in the past three years.
              Homeless persons and families with a combination of medical, HIV/AIDS, mental
               health and/or substance abuse issues.
              Homeless persons who are seniors (defined as 55 years of age or older), or young
               adults (between 18 and 25 years of age), and/or very low income wage earners.
              Homeless persons who are illiterate, whether English or other language.
              Homeless persons who are proficient in a language other than English.

      The services may begin as early as May 2008 and is expected to go through June 30,
      2009. The Department may elect to renew the contract if the funding is available and

RFQ 385                                                                                              1
      performance is deemed satisfactory.


      RFQ issued                            April 8, 2008
      Respondents’ Conference               April 15, 2008, 9:30 AM
      Proposals due                         May 1, 2008 3:30 PM
      Commission approval                   May, 2008 or later
      Contract Period Begins                7/1/2008 or later

      Please note: Dates are subject to change.


      A Respondents’ Conference will be held on April 15, 2008 at 9:30 AM, at 1650 Mission
      Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA, to answer any questions regarding this RFQ.


      The winning Respondent(s) will be expected to provide the following services in either
      Property Management Services and/or Supportive Services. Therefore, Respondent(s)
      can apply to qualify in one or both parts of this scope of work.

          Property Management Services
           Housing eligibility verification/certification (income, homelessness and disability)
             and applicant screening protocols.
           Rent Collection
           Maintenance and Janitorial services to ensure that the building common areas and
             units are kept clean, safe and in promote a healthy environment
           Front Desk services 24 hours, 7 days a week
           Security services
           Property Leasing (not in the case of all sites).

          Supportive Services
           Tenant/Property management mediation services, including assistance with
             income maintenance to sustain housing.
           Promoting building community through events
           Information and Referral for off-site services as requested/needed by tenants


      Respondents must meet all of the minimum qualifications listed below. (Organizations
      planning on submitting a joint response must clearly identify which organization is the
      lead, and identify the organization(s) that meet each minimum qualification listed below.)

RFQ 385                                                                                        2
      Supportive Services
      1. At least 3 years of experience providing the same supportive services (as described in
         Section D: Scope of Work of this RFQ) to the general target population (Section A of
         this RFQ).
      2. Demonstrated knowledge of the continuum of supportive services available to the
         target population. Please specify:

             a. To Homeless Adults (and couples), and/or
             b. To Homeless Families

      Property Management Services
      3. At least 3 years providing the same property management services (as described in
         Section D: Scope of Work of this RFQ) to the general target population (Section A of
         this RFQ).

      For All Respondents
      4. Respondents must be (or demonstrate the ability to become), a City Vendor in good


      Submissions in reply to this RFQ must be in the form of a “response package” containing
      the response and all required supporting information and documents. Respondents are
      required to provide all information requested below. In your response, please indicate
      “N.A.” if the statement is not applicable to you and explain why it is not applicable.

      Respondents must submit one original response package and four (4) complete copies
      (total of 5 packages altogether). The responses should be double spaced, with at least
      one-inch margin and a 12-point font. All information requested must be presented in the
      following sequence:

      1.     Clearly identify the populations that your organization proposes to serve, the type
             of services your organization is interested in providing (property management,
             supportive services, or both), and the housing program, either the Housing First
             Master Lease Program, at new permanent housing sites, or both.Provide detailed
             information to clearly demonstrate that your organization meets all four minimum
             qualification criteria listed in Section E. A simple statement attesting that the
             Respondent meets the minimum qualifications will be deemed insufficient and the
             response package will be rejected. As appropriate to your submission, describe
             the populations served (please refer to Section A for general target
             population/subpopulation information), the type of supportive services provided,
             and/or a brief description of properties managed with the types of property
             management services provided. Based upon the organization’s experience and
             understanding of services available to the target population, include a description

RFQ 385                                                                                         3
             of San Francisco’s continuum of services that are available to support potential
             residents. Provide the organization’s vendor identification number, or a statement
             indicating that the organization will become a certified vendor prior to award, if
             the Respondent is tentatively selected as the winning bidder.

      2.     Provide resumes of key staff for supportive and/or property management services,
             or job descriptions for vacant positions that would work directly on this program.
             HSA expects that the persons represented in the RFQ will be the same ones who
             will oversee this program.

      3.     Provide a table listing all contracts (both public and private) relevant to services
             solicited, which have been completed by the respondent during the last three (3)
             years. The table shall include the following information: the name of the
             contracting entity, description of the services provided, the result of the work
             (positive outcomes); and a reference with contact information for each contract.
             The statement must also list any failure or refusal to complete a contract,
             including details and dates. If there have been no failures/refusals to complete a
             contract, then state this clearly in the proposal.


      A contract manager must receive response package in hand no later than 3:30 p.m., May
      1, 2008.

      Delivery address:             Human Services Agency
                                    Office Of Contract Management, G400
                                    attn: Kimberly Fergison
                                    1650 Mission Street, Suite 300
                                    San Francisco, CA 94103

      Respondents must allow for adequate time for parking, locating the office, obtaining
      approval through security staff to deliver the proposal, and other possible delays.
      Responses not received in hand by a contract manager by May 1, 2008, at 3:30 p.m., at
      the Office of Contract Management, will be rejected. Postmarks will not be accepted in
      lieu of this requirement. Submissions by fax will not be accepted.


      The selection process will include an initial screening of the responses, based on the
      preferred qualifications. All qualified written responses will then be evaluated by the
      technical review panel. HSA reserve the right to conduct oral interviews as part of the
      evaluation process, if deemed necessary.

      If the Department opts to conduct interviews to assess respondents’ ability to provide the
      services, the Department may elect to interview only the most qualified respondents

RFQ 385                                                                                             4
      (based on the minimum qualifications), if the number of responses is high. The final
      selection, based upon the written application (and possibly an interview), will be made by
      the HSA Executive Director.

RFQ 385                                                                                        5

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