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					Current Events Assignment
   Please do not talk at this time                       May 22

 Sign up for a group on the board. This group will look at a
  series of articles from a particular region we have studied.
  These articles are about things going on in these countries
  Right Now!
 Once you have a group, choose a job:
     Reader (1 – 2 people) – reads the articles out loud to the whole
     Scribe (1 – 2 people) - records important information in Cornell
      note form from the articles.
     Public Relations Specialist (1 person)- using info from the notes
      and input from the group, this person writes the text for the
      Public Service Announcement on your group’s country
     Artist (1 person)- illustrates the text of the PSA with pictures,
      symbols and images that help illuminate the most important info

 Get a set of articles on the country for your group.
 Have the readers read these out loud to the group as
  the scribes record the most important information.
 While the readers read, the group should discuss what
  the articles are saying and what should be written
  down in the notes.
 Artists should be thinking about what images and
  pictures will help illustrate this info.
 When you have read at least 3 articles, look at all your
  information and consider what is most important.
 Design a PSA- a Public Service Announcement

 A PSA is a short brochure that tells the public
  something they need to know, like how to protect
  yourself from Swine Flu or what to do during an
 You will make a PSA on your country and what is
  going on there.
 Use your PSA to answer this question: What do the
  American people need to know about this country to
  be educated and informed on world events?
PSA Looks- PSA can be posters or Pamphlets

     Title/ Pictures

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