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									Job Description : Finance Officer
The information provided in this Job Description outlines the expectations of the post holder.
It is not intended to be prescriptive in every detail and as such it describes the main elements
of the role only.

Job Title           Finance Officer

Responsible to      Deputy Chief Executive

Objectives          The post holder will:

                       1. Provide a comprehensive accountancy service to the
                          charity. To be responsible for the preparation of the
                          accounts to final balance, an annual budget, and
                          management accounts.

                       2. Administer the finance and related functions ensuring
                          that all banking, cash handling and payments are
                          managed in accordance with the charity’s financial

Tasks & Duties      1. Management Accountancy

                    Produce management accounts as required by the
                    CEO/Senior Management Team(SMT).

                    Provide the information required by the CEO to prepare an
                    annual capital and revenue budget with cash flow

                    Advise the CEO and Finance Sub-committee on financial
                    matters, and ensure that the charity complies with relevant
                    legislation and other requirements (e.g. SORP).

                    Manage the audit process to completion (including
                    preparation of final accounts) each year.

                    Provide the information required for the management of the
                    payroll, PAYE, tax, NI and pension, life insurance
                    arrangements for employees by the payroll services

                    Maintain and up-date the charity’s financial procedures, and
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                    keep abreast of and recommend accountancy changes as
                    required to comply with legislation.

                    2. Finance Administration

                    Maintain the charity’s finance IT systems and the ledgers
                    including data in-putting, and all postings.

                    Keep account of all income and expenditure.

                    Manage and maintain all ledgers and records including
                    banking, cash handling and payments systems, and
                    undertake checks on all statements, oversee credit control,
                    and undertake bank reconciliations on all accounts.

                    Maintain and manage a system for the payment of invoices
                    within 28 days of receipt back, or sooner, and post correctly.

                    Process all petty cash claims in accordance with financial

                    Raise and process routine invoices (e.g. ground rents) as
                    instructed by the CEO.

                    Provide returns for all statutory bodies and funders such as
                    Charity Commission, Inland Revenue, etc and submit the
                    audited accounts to the relevant bodies.

                    Ensure that all donations and covenants are processed
                    correctly and tax recovered under CAF/Gift Aid etc.

                    Deal with all taxation matters (including VAT) relating to the


Work in accordance with the staff competencies, Charity's values, policies & procedures and
Customer Service standards.

Understand and advance the aims and objectives in the Charity’s Business Plan.

To ensure the implementation of the Charity's equal opportunities policy in all areas of work.

The post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above. Such
duties, however, will fall within the scope of the post at the appropriate grade.

This job description will be reviewed annually.

January 2011.

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