Great Race by emsecommy


									Themes:            World of stories
Focus:             Writing
Topic:             The Great Race
Content Standard:  1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
                   understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts.
                   3.2 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write
                   using appropriate language, form and style for a range of purposes.
Learning Standard: 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by:(a)
                   asking and answering questions; (b) giving main ideas; (c) giving supporting
                   details; (d) sequencing; (e) predicting.
                   3.2.1 Able to transfer information with guidance to complete: (a) linear texts;
                   (b) non-linear texts.
Objectives:        Write the name of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac in sequence.
Time:              30 minutes
Teaching Aids:     LCD, Computer, Internet access,The Great Race Story, The Great Race
By                 Nazmin bt Abdullah and Eileen Jessie Ah Guan

 Activity                                                                                  Teaching &                      Notes
 1. Teacher asks pupils about their birthdays.                                             Listening and
 When’s your date of birth? (This is your birthday,
 including the year you were born.)

 Teacher can get pupils to line up in order of their
 birthdays - give pupils a time limit of say 1 minute.

 2. Teacher asks pupils whether they know about the                                        Listening and
 Chinese zodiac.                                                                           speaking

 Do you know your Chinese zodiac sign? If so, what
 animal is it? If not, explore the topic of the Chinese
 New Year and you can find out.

 3. Teacher displays The Great Race Story on the                                           Shared reading                  http://learnenglishkids.british
 projector. Pupils listen to the story and read the text.                                                        

 4. Teacher asks pupils to fill in The Great Race                                          Writing                         http://learnenglishkids.british
 Worksheet. Teacher may have to play the story again.                                                            

 Assessment: Fill in the blanks correctly and write the                                                                    http://learnenglishkids.british
 names of the animals in the correct sequence.                                                                   

 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
Remedial: Pupils points to the problematic words.                 Vocabulary    words: dragon, emperor,
                                                                                Zodiac, intelligent

Enrichment: Pupils pick the most intelligent animal and           Discuss and   http://learnenglishkids.british
draw it in the worksheet, exercise 3.                             draw.

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