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					Subskill # 1        Vocabulary/Words in Context I

This is a resume from Deborah Greer. Study the resume and choose the best
possible answer to the following questions.

Deborah Greer                       1 Rylan Way,
                                Anywhere, Florida 33111
                                                                   (305) 255-5555

Objective           To work with a company that will allow novel ideas, groundbreaking
                    innovations and inventive methods of business to improve the overall

Experience          1990–1994             Arbor Shoes                      Southridge, WA
                    National Sales Manager
                     Increased sales from $50 million to $100 million.
                     Doubled sales per representative from $5 million to $10 million.
                     Suggested new products that increased earnings by 23%.

                    1985–1990              Ferguson and Bardell            Southridge, WA
                    District Sales Manager
                     Increased regional sales from $25 million to $350 million.
                     Managed 250 sales representatives in 10 Western states.
                     Implemented training course for new recruits — speeding profitability.

                    1980–1984             Duffy Vineyards                  Southridge, WA
                    Senior Sales Representative
                     Expanded sales team from 50 to 100 representatives.
                     Tripled division revenues for each sales associate.
                     Expanded sales to include mass market accounts.

                    1975–1980              LitWare, Inc.                   Southridge, WA
                    Sales Representative
                     Expanded territorial sales by 400%.
                     Received company’s highest sales award four years in a row.
                     Developed ―Excellence In Sales‖ training course.

Education           1971–1975              Southridge State University     Southridge, WA
                     B.A., Business Administration and Computer Science.
                     Graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Interests           Southridge Board of Directors, running, gardening, carpentry, computers.

Vocational Preparatory Instruction                                                Reading
Subskill # 1           Vocabulary/Words in Context I

Now choose the best answer to each question.

   1. What is Deborah Greer’s overall            5. All of the years listed under
      experience?                                   Deborah’s experience indicate:
          a. Managing                                  a. Her time between jobs
          b. Representing                              b. Her time working at that job
          c. Selling                                   c. Her time looking for that job
          d. In charge of districts                    d. Her time spent improving
                                                          her education

   2. As a national sales manager, which
      one statement best describes what          6. Who did Deborah work for when
      Deborah did with regards to the               she received a sales award four
      sales representatives?                        years in a row?
          a. Helped them suggest new                   a. LitWare, Inc.
             products                                  b. Duffy Vineyards
          b. Helped them to get better                 c. Ferguson and Bardell
                                                       d. Arbor Shoes
          c. Helped them better
          d. Helped them increase their          7. What is the best meaning for the
             productivity                           underlined word? Expanded sales
                                                    team from 50 to 100
   3. Which one word best describes the                a. Salesman
      word excellence in the following
      sentence, ―Developed Excellence In               b. Legislator
      Sales training course‖?                          c. Councilman
          a. Fineness                                  d. Board member
          b. Mediocrity
          c. Delicacy                            8. Which of the following best
          d. Precision                              describes the words,
                                                    ―groundbreaking innovations‖ in
                                                    Deborah’s objective sentence?
   4. In Deborah’s objective sentence,                 a. Advancement
      what does she mean by the word
      novel?                                           b. New ideas

          a. New                                       c. Imagination

          b. Book                                      d. Novelty

          c. Unusual
          d. Unoriginal

Vocational Preparatory Instruction                                        Reading
Subskill # 1         Vocabulary/Words in Context I

   9. In Deborah’s resume, the word            10. In each of Deborah’s jobs, she:
      ―associate‖ is most closely related             a. Received awards
                                                      b. Decreased the sales force
          a. Representative
                                                      c. Became top sales
          b. Partner                                     administrator
          c. Companion                                d. Augmented sales
          d. Subordinate

Vocational Preparatory Instruction                                      Reading
Subskill # 1        Vocabulary/Words in Context I

Answer Key

1. C

2. D

3. A

4. A

5. B

6. A

7. A

8. B

9. A

10. D

Vocational Preparatory Instruction                  Reading

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