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  School	of	Social	and	Behavioral	Sciences
Dean: Karima	Feldhus,	PhD
Academic Chair: Colin	McCaughey
Faculty: Robert	Stevens,	Jodi	Titus

                                                                                                                                           C O U R S E S
Curriculum                                     Environmental Studies                        Associate degree
Geography is the academic discipline           •	 Environmental	Manager                     Associate in Arts Degree in Geography
which studies the earth and its people         •	 Forestry	Technician
                                                                                            Students	must	complete	a	minimum	of	
in their many mutual relationships and         •	 Hazardous	Waste	Planner
                                                                                            60 units of credit, including the courses
regional variations. Geography students        •	 Park	Ranger
                                                                                            in	the	major	(“Major	Requirements”)	
examine a broad range of topics—from           Geographic Education                         and	general	education	requirements	
the physical nature of the earth's surface     •	 College	Professor                         (pages	43-49),	with	an	overall	GPA	of	2.0	
and atmosphere to the varied human             •	 Elementary/Secondary	School               or	better,	and	a	grade	of	“A,”	“B,”	“C,”	or	

activities which interrelate with the physi-   	 Teacher                                    “P”	in	all	courses	to	be	counted	toward	
cal environment and result in a distinct       •	 Overseas	Teacher                          the	major.	A	minimum	of	12	units	must	be	

                                                                                                                                           P R O G R A M S
spatial imprint on the land. As a result of                                                 completed	at	Irvine	Valley	College.	See	
its interdisciplinary nature, geography        Physical Geography and Earth Science         pages	34-35	for	further	information.
is an outstanding discipline for students      •	 Coastal	Zone	Manager
who wish to integrate the physical and         •	 Hydrologist                               transfer Preparation
social sciences.                               •	 Outdoor	Guide
                                                                                            Courses	that	fulfill	major	requirements	
                                               •	 Soil	Conservationist/Agricultural
                                                                                            for	an	associate	degree	at	Irvine	Valley	
Major                                             Extension Agent
                                                                                            College	may	not	be	the	same	as	those	
                                               •	 Weather	Forecaster
An undergraduate major in geography                                                         required	for	completing	the	major	at	a	
can prepare the student for a professional     Regional Geography                           transfer institution offering a bachelor’s
career in urban and community plan-            •	 Area	Specialist                           degree.	Students	who	plan	to	transfer	to	
ning, resource management, earth and           •	 International	Business	Representative     a four-year college or university should

atmospheric sciences, cartography and          •	 Travel	Agent                              schedule	an	appointment	with	an	IVC	
geographic information systems, educa-                                                      counselor to develop a plan of study

                                                                                                                                           d E P A R t M E n t A l
tion, and regional analysis. With careful      Urban and Regional Planning                  before	beginning	their	program.	It	may	
planning, students who complete a four-        •	 Health	Services	Planner                   be helpful to meet with the department
year degree in geography are discover-         •	 Transportation	Planner                    faculty	at	IVC.
ing an expanding variety of employment         •	 Urban	and	Community	Planner

Career Options
Examples of careers for the geography                                         Associate in Arts degree
major include the following:
                                                                 Major Requirements: GEOGRAPhy
Cartography/GIS (Geographic
                                                  Complete the following courses:                                           Units
Information Systems)
                                                    ANTH 2	       Cultural	Anthropology	                                       3
•	 Cartographer/Computer	Mapper
                                                    GEOG 1	       Physical	Geography	                                          3
•	 Geographic	Information	Specialist
                                                    GEOG 2	       Cultural	Geography	                                          3
•	 Remote-Sensing	Analyst
                                                    GEOG 3	       World	Regional	Geography	                                    3
•	 Surveyor
                                                    GEOG 38	      California	Geography	                                        3
                                                                                                                                           M A J O R S
Cultural and Human Geography                        GEOL 1	       Physical	Geology	                                             4
•	 Community	Developer
                                                                    TOTAL UNITS:                                               19
•	 Map	Librarian
•	 Peace	Corps	Volunteer                          Recommended electives:
Economic Geography                                ANTH	1;	HIST	10,	11;	MATH	10;	PS	14
•	 Location	Expert
•	 Market	Researcher
•	 Real	Estate	Agent/Broker/Appraiser
•	 Traffic	Manager	(Shipper)/
	 Route	Delivery	Manager

Irvine Valley College Catalog 2009|2010 ——————————————————————————————————————————                             165
                          GEOG 1: PHySICAL GEOGRAPHy
                          3 Units
                          3 hours lecture
                          Transfers: CSU, UC
                          Physical	Geography	is	the	systematic	

                          study of the dynamic physical environ-
                          ment of the earth as the human home.
                          Topics	include	the	sun/earth	relationship	
                          and energy balance, the character of the
                          atmosphere, weather, climate, vegetation,
                          the composition of the earth, plate tecton-
                          ics, landform development and reduction,
                          water,	and	the	modification	and	pollution	
                          of	the	earth	by	humans.	NR
d E P A R t M E n t A l

                          GEOG 2: CULTURAL GEOGRAPHy
                          3 Units
                          3 hours lecture
                          Transfers: CSU, UC
                          This	course	explores	the	kaleidoscope	of	
                          human	activity	which	takes	place	on,	and	
                          interrelates with, the surface of the earth.
                          Geography, a holistic science, investi-           GEOG 38: CALIFORNIA GEOGRAPHy                 GEOG 102: GEOGRAPHy FIELD
                          gates	such	topics	as	population	growth;	          3 Units                                          STUDIES: WESTERN UNITED
                          economic	development;	human	migra-                3 hours lecture                                  STATES
                          tion;	the	variety	of	agriculture;	political	      Transfers: CSU, UC                            1.5 or 2 Units
                          organization;	cultural	and	ethnic	conflict;	      This	course	provides	a	broad	overview	        1 hour lecture, 2 hours lab; or
                          the	origin	and	diffusion	of	language;	world	      of	the	state	of	California	in	terms	of	its	   1 hour lecture, 3 hours lab
                          religions	and	their	distribution;	the	history,	   physical landscape and cultural environ-      Transfers: CSU
                          growth	and	patterns	of	settlement;	the	rise	      ment.	The	state	is	divided	into	specific	     Limitation: Students must be able to
                          of	industrialism;	and	the	result	of	human	        geographic	regions;	and	those	regions	are	    hike cross-country on narrow trails
                          activity on the land, water, and atmo-            analyzed	in	terms	of	their	physiography,	     and camp (tents, sleeping bags, cook-
                          sphere	of	the	earth.	NR                           climate, vegetation, water resources,         ing, limited showers).

                                                                            human history, agriculture, mineral           This	lecture	and	laboratory	field	course	
                          GEOG 3: WORLD REGIONAL                            resources, manufacturing, transportation,     studies the cultural and physical geog-

                             GEOGRAPHy                                      economic	development,	urbanization,	and	      raphy	in	the	western	United	States.	
                          3 Units                                           geographic	problems.	Students	learn	to	       Students	observe	and	analyze	the	effects	
                          3 hours lecture                                   interpret and construct basic maps, the       of weather and climate on natural vegeta-
                          Transfers: CSU, UC                                foundation for spatial analysis. Attendance   tion;	use	topographical	maps	to	interpret	
                          World	Regional	Geography	provides	a	              at	field	trips	may	be	required.	NR            land	use	and	terrain;	explore	economic	
                          systematic study of the major geographic                                                        and	political	systems	of	the	region;	and	
                          regions	of	the	world.	Specific	countries	                                                       evaluate the interrelationships between
                          within various regions are investigated                                                         the physical and cultural environment.
                          in terms of their physiographic features,                                                       Thematic	emphasis	will	vary	depending	on	
                          climatic conditions, natural resources,                                                         location.	A	required	course	fee	must	be	
                          cultural heritage, population characteris-                                                      paid at or prior to the orientation session.
                          tics, agricultural practices, transportation                                                    R-E-3

                          systems, economic development, and
                          future	prospects.	NR

                          166     Irvine Valley College Catalog 2009|2010 ——————————————————————————————————————————— GEOGRAPhy

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