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					Themes:            World of stories
Focus:             Grammar
Topic:             The Cold Planet
Content Standard:  5.1 By the end of the 6- year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use
                   different word classes correctly and appropriately.
Learning Standard: 5.1.1 Able to use nouns correctly and appropriately: (a) common nouns; (b)
                   collective nouns.
Objectives:        By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to :
                   i. identify the common nouns in the story.
                   ii. Use the common nouns correctly.
Time:              60 minutes
Teaching Aids:     LCD, Internet connection, The Cold Planet Story, The Cold Planet Activity
                   Worksheet (optional)
By                 Hong Sook Yai, Ng Ming Fong and Jill Ewe Choy Choo

 Activity                                                                                  Teaching &                      Notes
 1. Teacher shows the title of The Cold Planet and asks                                    guessing,                       http://learnenglishkids.britis
 puplis to guess what the story is about.                                                  listening and         
                                                                                           speaking                        stories/the-cold-planet

 2. Teacher explains what common nouns are and why                                         identify, listening             http://learnenglishkids.britis
 the words are common nouns. Common nouns stand                                            and reading           
 for a person, animal, place, thing, or idea and do not                                                                    stories/the-cold-planet
 start with a capital letter. (Proper nouns start with a
 capital letter)

 Teacher plays the story and asks pupils to identify the
 common nouns that are in the first screen. (miles,
 earth, side, universe, planet, sun)

 3. Pupils are given a copy of The Cold Planet Story.                                      identify and                    http://learnenglishkids.britis
 Teacher asks pupils to circle all of the common nouns                                     reading               
 that they can find in the story.                                                                                          attachment/cold-planet-

 4. Teacher discusses the common nouns answers and                                         discussion                      http://learnenglishkids.britis
 any questions or doubts with pupils.                                                                            

 5. (Optional stage) Teacher gives pupils The Cold                                         writing                         http://learnenglishkids.britis
 Planet Activity Worksheet and asks them to order the                                                            
 story and then create and describe their own planet.                                                                      attachment/cold-planet-

 Marks given based on the correct answers.

 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
Remedial:                                                      listening   http://learnenglishkids.britis
Teacher gives clues by telling the examples of                   
common nouns found in each paragraph.                                      stories/the-cold-planet

Enrichment:                                                    writing     exercise books
Pupils make five sentences about Malaysia from the
common nouns in the story.

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Thousands of miles from Earth, on the far side of the universe, is a small planet. It is dark
and cold, far from the sun, behind a much bigger planet. Little green aliens live there. They
use torches to see.

One day, a young alien, Neila, put the wrong batteries in her torch. Suddenly there was a
dazzling beam of light. It went up into the sky, around the Sun, and hit planet Earth.

The light hit a boy called Billy and his dog, Splodge. Neila quickly turned the torch off, but the
pair were sucked up by the light. They flew through space and landed near Neila.

“Hello”, said Billy. Neila waved.
“Wow”, said Billy. “Everything’s made of ice cream!” Splodge licked his paw. “The ice cream
never melts, and nobody eats it. It’s too cold here,” said Neila.
“It will in my tummy,” thought Splodge.

Neila looked sad. “Can you help us?” she said. “We need sunshine to make things grow.”
“No problem,” said Billy. “Can you get us home? I have an idea.”
“Wait there!” said Neila.

She got her torch, put the wrong batteries in again. ZOOOOOOOOM!
Billy and Splodge were speeding back to Earth.

Billy pointed his bedroom mirror between the sun and Fliptune. The sun’s rays bounced off
the mirror and up onto Neila’s planet.

Thanks to Billy, Fliptune is not cold any more. Splodge moves the mirror each day to keep
the sun shining there. Now, Neila and her friends sit in the sun and enjoy all that free ice

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