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					                   Andy Skunberg

           Conducting a Needs Assessment

CTE 792, Sp Topics: Instructional Technology & Design

            South Dakota State University

           Professor: Denise Peterson, Ed.D.

                   October 4, 2006
       In this ever growing world of technology, it is very important for teachers to keep up

with the latest technological advances that are available today. Many students are well aware

of the use of technology weather it be using an ipod or even a computer. The students use

many options that the computer has to offer. They use the internet for many uses to further

their education weather it is used to type out reports or to look up information on a subject.

Teachers need to make sure that they are well versed in the use of the computer to keep up

with their students. Students in the elementary are even using the computers so it is important

for all teachers to know how to use it. One way teachers can keep up with technology is by

having a personal website that is used in their classroom. My needs assessment is for the

teachers on staff along with the administration and the aides to be able to create a website and

use them effectively in their classroom teachings.

       When talking with the staff, I found out that not too many people have or use their

personal websites for various reasons. Some say that they found that they just don’t keep it

up to date. Others say that the students don’t use it much anyway or as teachers, they don’t

know how to effectively use them. The rest just said that they simply don’t know how to

make one. After hearing why the lack of using a personal website by the staff, I thought it

would be good to have training sessions on how to not only build a website but also how the

teachers can incorporate them into their classroom activities.

       Since many of the staff are at different levels of knowledge on how to make a

webpage, there will be a schedule that is set up so people know what is going to be talked

about and when. The topics will vary from setting up your website to what can we put on the

websites that will have students using them frequently. The teachers that will be involved in
this training session would be both from the elementary to the high school. Also the

administration and aides can participate in the sessions because there are many things they

can do to have an effective website.

       The hardware and software that is needed to make the websites are readily available

for all teachers or staff that wants to make a website. Since all teachers currently have a tablet

and connection to the internet, which is all that is needed to make a website. As for the

administration and the aides, any computer at the school will work. A scanner will be

available for any pictures that might want to be added to the websites. As for the software

needed, all the tablets and PC’s are equipped with Front Page which will help in making our


       There are many reasons to have a personal webpage to use in your classroom. As a

student, it is a good idea to get to know your teachers before heading to class. So for teachers,

it would be good to have information about yourself and your family. Another thing you can

in clued in this part is your phone number in case a student or parent may have a question for

you. Also it is good to have your class schedule so students will know when you are available

in case they need some extra help. For each class, it is good to have a syllabus so the students

know what to expect throughout the year. They can be made aware of any major projects that

are coming up in the class. Each teacher has their own set of rules so it would be beneficial

for teachers to post them on their websites. That way, students will always know what they

are and follow them. Along with that, the grading scale should be posted for the students and

parents benefit.

       Many times students will miss class for one reason or another weather it be for an

appointment, sick, or an extra curricular activity. In the teacher’s website, having the weeks
lesson plans and even the class notes posted can help the students from falling behind if they

have to miss. Finally, having the state and national standards on your website would be good.

This shows anyone who checks it that you are following them and they will also know what

will be taught throughout the year.

          Not only will the website help your students but also it will keep the parents well

informed of their child’s education. The parents can occasionally check on what is due in

their child’s classes. Keeping the parents involved with their child’s education will not only

benefit you as a teacher but also will benefit the students. So teachers may have the option to

posting the grades on the website. In order to do this, you need a different program and the

parents will have to get a password from you so they can check out their son or daughter’s


          Having a website not only helps the students and their parents but it gives a chance for

the public to see what is going on in the local schools. A good thing to have is a pictures link.

Teachers can use this link to post some of the projects that the students are doing throughout

the year. Putting pictures on the school website will allow people who visit it a good idea

what goes on in the school and around the community. It is always good to keep the

community informed and involved as much as possible.

          Finally, the last thing I would tell the staff to put on their website are links to different

web pages. As a teacher you can put links to different sites that are educational and could

help the students with their homework or even some good places to look up information that

they are trying to find. Using links is a good way to help students so they do not have to

spend much time in surfing the web for information. You could have it for them in your

       In talking to the teachers, the one drawback to using the websites is that not every

child has the internet at home. If we use our personal website as a tool for our instruction it

would not benefit all of our students. The good thing about the website is the children have

access to it all day and could get the information they need before they leave for the night.

       With the addition to the tablets in our school, there is a push to use them as often as

possible. One way of doing that is having a personal website. As a teacher, it would be fairly

easy to incorporate them in the classroom. Using a webpage will not only keep yourself

organized but also gives your students a chance to do better in your class. All of the

information that they need is right there. The training for this could vary in length. Since I

am at the school, teachers could pretty much work on this anytime they wanted to and I would

be available for any questions that they might have. I think having teachers use their own

website would not only help your students but also it does a good job in promoting your

school as well.

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