MySQL installation with PHP5 and Apache Server 2.2 by NeelamDadhwal


									MySQL with Apache server and

    Download mysql-5.5.11-win32 from

Configure Apache Server And PHP5 on your
        computer system as given at
          server-on-windows-xp/ .
Click on mysql-5.5.11-win32 to start
         installation wizard.
After agreeing on the End-user agreement, Click
        on Typical button as Setup Type.
Next click to start Installation.
During installation, you will require to include MySQL Enterprise which
 includes services to help create your database or try some examples
              with already prepared examples. Click Next.
 Next, MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service lets you access the
performance metrics of your code across all your servers. This
helps to optimize your code in case you are building database
                    intensive application.
 This finishes the primary installation. See the checkbox at the
bottom. It should be checked to start configuring the server for
                      use on your computer.
Follow the instructions on the wizard.
Since you will be installing MySQL for the first time,
          choose Standard Configuration.
 Using as Windows Service is easy. Select from the drop down
 box, the service name. It depends on the SQL syntax you are
going to use in the application. For the latest, choose MySQL5,
                  otherwise, choose MySQL.
     This step in configuration is very important. You are here asked to set
    password as root user. Remember this password because only with this
 password, you will be able to log on later. Also, if you reinstall after a recent
installation of MySQL Server, you will still require to log on with old password.
 This is last step in the configuration of MySQL
Server. Click on Execute to finish the installation.
Now open up the MySQL Command Line Client
           from the Start Menu.
Enter your password.
         Start with creating database.

• Type create database student; at the command prompt mysql>
• Press Enter and see the above message that your database is now
• In order to create table, you need to select the database. Do
  as below.

• Then, type create table command as below and press Enter.

• Fill your table test with values as below.
• To see the inserted values, type select * from
  test; at command prompt.

• Next, type \q to quit the mysql command
• Open up notepad.
• Type the code as
  appear in the window.
• Save the file as
  sqltest.php in the
• Make sure you select
  all files as type in
  notepad when saving
  the file otherwise, it
  remains a text file not
  a PHP document.
Start your Apache server in Console from the
                Start menu.
See the PHP file being executing on local
   host connected to Apache Server.

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